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User Reviews for Taskrabbit - Handyman & more

4.8 out of 5
36.7K Ratings
1 year ago, jcap617
I love the app. There’s is only one downside
The app is great if your a customer, however speaking from experience they do not value the Tasker as much as they should. I get customers keep the lights on but so do tasters. I was a Tasker Once. I provided excellent service to all my clients. I had plenty of great reviews and repeat clients. As a multi service professional a find it ridiculous that all it took was one grumpy client and a miss understanding to have my account deactivated. When trying to contact someone about the issue it is impossible to get through to someone. It was my main source of income and they were able to take it away in a blink of an eye. Never mind all the great experiences I left clients with. Having kids to take care I was devastated. Since then I have learned new skills in the home improvement sector with plenty of 5 star reviews on thumbtack & HomeAdvisor. I still refer people to task rabbit regardless of how I was treated so that others can have the opportunity to make money. Thanks for everything
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4 years ago, Pervasive Mediocrity
I can no longer pick taskers of my choice
I was trying to book an assembly request in SF a few days in advance, but I was unable to select a tasker that I’ve used before. I thought they may be unavailable, but then I remembered they sent me a direct link to their profile. Once I clicked on the link it showed me that they were actually available for that timeframe I initially selected, which was contrary to what was displayed in the app. So needless to say I booked my preferred tasker for the assembly project. Once they had completed the project, I asked them why I was unable to select them in the app. They informed me that Taskrabbit change their algorithm to prioritize taskers based on the location of the cities where they reside, instead of all the taskers that service the area. They also mention that they have been getting less work as a result of this update. I noticed during the checkout process that Taskrabbit was willing to recommend less experienced taskers with lower ratings, instead of my preferred tasker of choice. This seems unfair to both customers and taskers alike. It forces mediocrity on the customers while taking work away from quality taskers. Taskrabbit should really provide customers with a better selection of taskers that provide a higher standard of service and not penalize taskers just because of their proximity to the service location. I hope that they will take my feedback seriously and not continue to peddle such mediocrity.
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2 years ago, adam-2222
Long-term bugs. iOS app development cycle needs to be reviewed
I would be giving this app a higher review if it were brand new and still experiencing first year growing pains. However: the Taskrabbit app is 10 years old! I have been using the app for several years, and have seen bugs persist for months if not years on end, even being passed on from one head of development to the next. One of the most frustrating ones is sorting Taskers by positive reviews. What gets returned is something barely resembling any kind of sort. Taskers with both numerically lower ratings and fewer completed tasks routinely appear above Taskers with higher ratings and more completed tasks. If a user asks for a sort by positive reviews, that is what should be listed. Either the development team hasn’t been able to fix this very basic and core app function for several years, or they are using some incredibly obscure and un-asked for secret sauce to rank Taskers by parameters other than average rating + completed tasks (ie substituting what the user wants with taskrabbit’s own ranking preferences). An app that has been around this long should have 100 % of its long-term bugs ironed out. If the development team has too much on its plate to work on existing app issues, then that is a sign that Taskrabbit HQ should invest in its own product and expand the iOS/app development team so that it can properly handle all aspects of app development, including UX and quality control.
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6 months ago, Drl621
Major issues with payment & crazy high fees.
Overall, it’s a good concept, but I’ve probably used this app for the last time. In the olden days, their “trust and support fee” was very fair and reasonable. But now it’s like 35% and they’re difficult to get in touch with or a response from. There is no phone number. Using the chat rarely gets you live help and sometimes they respond to emails and sometimes they don’t. I think 35% for a platform with poor service, is unreasonable - especially given their biggest job is computers processing payments and them just deducting more fees. I hired someone to help move some furniture. The labor for this last job was about $75. There was a truck rental fee for $87. With the fees it totaled $191. The fees are just on the labor (I think??) But the real kicker was when I tried to send a tip the only way to do it is to choose from 5 options: no tip, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25%, ON THE TOTAL!!! Why no custom percentage and no custom dollar amount options??? I was happy to tip 20% or even more, for the labor, but not on the Taskrabbit fees (obviously Taskrabbit thinks they deserve this tip) and a tip on the truck rental. The “help” section says “ Taskers receive 100% of their tips” which probably means that Taskrabbit must keep the tip on their service fee and probably on the expenses and taskers probably just get the tip on the labor. I find this abominable and utterly lacking in integrity. What a massive scam.
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11 months ago, MagsF
From Overjoyed to Furious
Review is for TaskRabbit itself, not the app. Past experience with TaskRabbit was wonderful. Very nice gentleman who was way overqualified for the job. Gave him a substantial tip and hired him again and recommended him to others. He’s no longer doing tasks so I hired someone else to help with a move out cleaning. 1st person I hired for approx $26/hr. She cancelled 11 hrs later. No biggie- it was still 24 hrs before Task. Then I got a message from TaskRabbit that a guy would be able to do it for approx $37/hr. Got a message from him confirming. Sent him a message 30 mins before he was to be there, asking for an ETA, but told him no rush. 45 mins later (15 mins after he was supposed to be there), a message saying he cancelled. Get a message from TaskRabbit saying someone can start at 10am (15 mins ago) for $50/hr. Twice as much as what I was originally going to pay. I’m not completely blaming the taskers (well, maybe the guy bc he confirmed yesterday, read my message at 9:26am, then waited 45 mins to say he couldn’t do it.) I understand that life happens. Even just a “sorry, didn’t mean to accept this task,” would be nice, but it appears that the conversation is closed as soon as they cancel the task. I’m rambling. That’s what I do when I’m mad. So I’ll end it here. And no, I didn’t hire a 3rd Taskmasker and doubt I’ll use this service again.
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5 years ago, Functionality over Design
Shocked at the negative reviews
Just used TR to move shelving units from my friend’s apartment to mine. The whole experience was great and the app was easy to use (and I work at a tech company!). The notifications work properly (important!) and you can leave/read reviews for potential suggestions. I read almost every review before deciding on a TR and I had a really easy and efficient time with my task. So I’m shocked at all the negative reviews on here - take a minute to do your research and you won’t be disappointed. That said, because this is the App Store, one feature/UX suggestion I have would be to move the search to the header rather than at the bottom on Home as I actually had no idea it existed for most of the time I’ve had this app downloaded. Also, I wish you could set your TR results to sort the same way every time (I wanted price from low to high instead of recommended - it was annoying having to toggle that each time I searched a new time or date). Lastly, it would be more convenient to enter any promo codes in settings vs. after you’ve booked a task and are ready to checkout - especially since other sharing economy apps have conditioned us to do it this way. Other than those three things, can’t really complain and would use again!
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2 years ago, Gpezon
Terrible Integrity- DO NOT support this company
Task rabbit actually robbed me. I have proof of a conversation I had with a tasker who convinced me they had the experience to move and set up a Murphy bed and help me move my 1 bedroom apt down the street- they mentioned they were going to come WITHOUT DOLLIES and just bring a friend who has more experience. At this point, I said, excuse me? I’ll just find another tasker- and they said, no we will get dollies and be just fine!! They showed up and took the entire day to move my Murphy bed, broke the bed and made it not functional (a $2000 bed) and then I was left to hire another company to fix and install the bed, then I spent the rest of the day myself moving my own stuff to my new apartment. Task rabbit hurried me to pay for the task and then said they can help me investigate the case- I spent $1200 on task rabbiters for the day and task rabbit refunded me NOTHING because the taskers spent the entire day working on my Murphy bed, which in the fine print they say they don’t cover any expenses for damages to Murphy beds.. so i was out $1200 for the time if the taskers, $500 more from another company to fix my bed, and wasted my whole day moving which is what the taskers were hired to do and convinced me they were qualified to do. NOTHING from task rabbit- a disgrace for any company who treats customers like this. I will never use task rabbit again- please do not support this company!
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4 years ago, Kirstynlia
Technical Issues + Unresponsive Tasker left me scrambling on my wedding day
I booked a tasker to help transport and set up chairs/decorations for our small wedding ceremony. From the beginning, my tasker was super unresponsive. Then there were technical issues with the app which caused the tasker not to get a notification about my request, in spite of the fact that on my end, the request showed as received. Not sure if this is some kind of software bug, but long story short, we needed the tasker at 2:30 and couldnt get the issue resolved until after 1, by which time, the tasker had stopped responding to my messages all together and left us scrambling. Additionally, there were no other taskers available in our area on such short notice. Husband and MIL ended up setting up everything themselves and as a result, our wedding was late and everyone had to spend the afternoon scrambling (as they of course had to go home, shower and change before the ceremony after setting up chairs). Bottom line, this app may be okay for getting someone to help out with some random task that can be done whenever (like raking leaves) but if you need help with something that requires help at a specific time (like event set up or moving) id say this app is a hard pass. Im extremely disappointed and will definitely never use this app again.
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4 years ago, unsatisfied cuatomer
This company has total extravagant prices . Some charge over $100 per hour work and require a minimum of 2 hours. I used a Jospeh B the first time I was new at task rabbit he is young and wanted to help so I put a nice review. He became my handyman after and took over 18 hrs to mount simple staff bed. Dresser desk and a rope for curtain in bedroom was mounted wrong 3 times in 4 hrs. Another handyman came yesterday and took him 15 min to mount same rope . This handyman was cheaper $32 per hour and took so long to do the smallest job. He is stubborn is his way even if he has no clue what he is doing . I ended up paying him more than all the furniture I got cost wise and still mostly in boxes . Don’t use him. He needs to hook up with an experienced handyman for serious time before he can take on jobs adding that he is NOT A HANDY MAN . After 5 visits he finally said he will bring the right drill since he could not make a hole in a cement wall and blamed the wall for that. The issue is that he doesn’t have the drill and holes were not properly made. He did not used anchors so all gave in open and all walll had to be fixed to add holes again. Unreal . Task rabbit is not even aware of the personal experience. Anyone can apply to be an employee at task rabbit. My building handyman does much better for a tip and they were amazed how poorly the work was done
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10 months ago, llewsilla00
My experience with TaskRabbit has been terrible. I’ve been trying to hire someone to pick up and deliver an exercise bike (less than a mile away). You can’t start chatting with a Tasker or confirm their price and availability until you actually book the job (at which point a hold is placed on your credit card). The Tasker wrote back to say he would read the job description and get back to me but he took two days to reply (even though I sent him polite reminders). When he does get back he quotes 5x his hourly rate. I cancel the task and go through the same steps with 3 other taskers until I find someone whose quote is more reasonable (only 2.5x his hourly rate). The job is booked and confirmed and I’ve got the guy at the pick up address all ready to go and then hours before the job the Tasker cancels with no explanation. So I’m back on the app trying to find someone else and it’s the same problem with having to make the booking before price and availability can be confirmed only to find that they’re quoting 4-5x their hourly rates. I wasted hours and hours on this app for nothing. I ended up picking the bike up myself and grabbing an Uber which cost $15. Very disappointed experience with TaskRabbit and no option to leave reviews for taskers who cancelled last minute.
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8 months ago, 09Porsha
Task Rabbit is Top Notch
I’m having an amazing experience so far with Task Rabbit! So far I’ve had three tasks performed. Chaya, the first person that came was an organizer who was so efficient and helpful . The second task was performed by movers and they made the impossible possible. I will never forget Bootur M, and Donald T. The last task was performed by a cleaner. Everyone has been so professional, and nice. I am so impressed! When I hired the movers, I was skeptical about whether they could move my huge pieces of furniture around an impossible space but they did it, by separating my bookcase into two (which was crazy because I thought it was a one piece). They also took off the crown of another antique armoire and carefully put it back. Booter M also removed a wooden doorway to make this move happen, and of course drilled it back. I don’t think regular movers would’ve done this for me. The care and attention that I’ve been receiving from your staff has been outstanding!!!
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5 years ago, Sam941bklyn
Rating the app, not the service
I’ve known about task rabbit for years now ever since I first moved to New York City about five years ago. The idea of the service is really great and I even made some money myself when I was working for TaskRabbit early on. However, since TaskRabbit is owned by IKEA, it’s a little disappointing seeing that such a large company with the kind of revenue they have put so little effort into making sure the user experience with in the app itself is seamless. Checking Tasker reviews for example is not seamless because the reviews tend to carry over from one Tasker to another and so I may be wanting to see what Tasker Anthony is all about but Maria and her reviews are still showing up. Or in another case if I am trying to book a cleaning task and I want to look specifically for deep cleaners to be sure that they have their own equipment, the app doesn’t give me an option to actually choose deep clean it it’s only displayed by time expected to be spent on the task. So it’s a great idea for a service overall and my experience with individual taskers and their jobs have been great but the execution of the app still has a lot of room for improvement.
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4 years ago, help here please....
Damaged my apartment then made “offers” to compensate
I have been a user of this service for ~5 years. I’ve forgiven a significant amount of mistakes or damages over that time, including when I was woken up by the Gas Department because a Tasker left the gas on in my apartment the night before or when their massive data breach exposed millions of customers data. This week was the first time I ever complained to them that I expected a refund. My closet was completely destroyed by one of their reps. The shelf, bars, and everything on either collapsed after the Tasker loaded my entire wardrobe on two bars because she couldn’t reach the other level and never told me. I asked TR to refund me the cost of the cleaning and for $100 to hire a new Tasker to organize my closet since my building already repaired the hardware. Instead of providing any assistance, they continued to make “offers” to reduce the amount they would pay me. Their “final offer” is only equivalent to the cost of the Task which was never completed. I originally hired them to save me time from having to clean my apartment, but now it’s 10xs worse and I’m going to have to pay more for someone to fix the mess resulting from their incompetence. TR lost a loyal customer today because I will never trust your service again.
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5 years ago, coralfiend84
Horrible customer service!
I am not at all the type of person to leave a review— especially not a bad one! But I downloaded this app with the hope of delivering a cake to a loved one. I schedule the task days in advance and communicated with the tasker. However when it came past time that the cake should be picked up, no response from the tasker— I called the bakery, who said no one had come. Then I checked the app and the task was cancelled! I tried to desperately contact their slow and cumbersome customer service and spent a good 30 min trying to solve things. Their customer service was horrible, some of the worst I have experienced! There is no call In number— and if it is an “urgent matter” they want you to email (which I did— and that took 24 hours for them to respond). They offered to call, then refused, abruptly leaving the chat and saying they would have to talk to a manager. A second chat representative attempt again ubruptly left me, saying that I simply should re- request the task— and completely Ignored my plea that this was time sensitive and a request for repeat task would be at best three hours away. Finally I had to leave work early and go take care of the delivery myself. Worst experience! Save yourself the heart ache and use a different app!
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11 months ago, ")"("
TaskRabbit is great!
I have used this app a couple of times now and found it to be extremely helpful. There are some things you think you can do and never get around to, especially if you have ADHD. This app removes all of the procrastinations a person like me goes through. It feels like I accomplished so much in so little time and that is worth the reasonably priced fee and expense. What I did was go through the list of people that were available and wrote down their star rating, number of jobs and price per task then picked the one that had the reviews that related the best to my situation. The only thing I would add to this app is the ability to select a few talkers so I could compare them within the app. I also like the fact that all the money stuff is online.
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4 years ago, $Evelyncita
Disgraced Don’t be freaking shocked about reviews
They don’t tell you ahead of time about the Trust and Safety fee it’s ridiculous. I allowed my daughter to use my credit card because we could not find any help from any family or friends to help her move. They charged $200 per hour then they added the trust and safety fee of $65 way more than tax wow. Then my daughter needed her air conditioner installed and one of the movers said to my daughter that she can use the same app they supposed to only charged her $80, all he did was take 20 minutes not 2 hrs but no they charged $200 his name was Calvin Xavier F. Over charged in currently disputing This now. I can’t believe this company. I’m glad it worked out for others but it didn’t work out for us at all. I’m giving this app horrible reviews stop stealing honest hard working people’s money this is insane!!!!!! I am not a happy customer. I need you to reread the email my daughter did not see any of those fees in the beginning it was seen after wards had we known that those charges would be assessed we would not have hired you guys at all. Now stealing an hour Mr. Calvin-Xavier F he didn’t work for two (2) hours he worked for 20 minutes I want the full hours reimbursement for the extra hour that he lied about doing.
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4 years ago, professional cleaner
Cleaner position
I have private clients and thought I could find more through this app. When I arrived, the first customer I got on task rabbit expected more than what was possible for one professional cleaner to do in only two hours and I made sure to tell her that it was not possible for the amount of cleaning that was needed for her space. I worked hard and did the most I could in the specific time she told me I could be there. She also was under the impression that I had “rescheduled” my appointment because task rabbit makes it seem like the client can book a time for your services before you, as the worker, even gets the request. I had a job the same day she requested and shared that before accepting her booking. But like I said, task rabbit makes the client feel like they have already booked you before the booking is even sent to the cleaner, so she was under the impression that I had “canceled” her booking. She then proceeded to not pay the app, so I had to wait almost four weeks to receive my payment for that job while getting a lot of unprofessional emails from task rabbit regarding why I hadn’t received my pay yet. Please do not waste 20$ applying for this job. Use any other form in order to get yourself clients.
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2 years ago, CameronRowe
Meh, good I guess
The taskers we’ve used over the last year or so have been great. That alone could’ve gotten a 5-star review. However……….the app itself is awful. I don’t feel like the organization of all the available tasks is in proper functioning order. There needs to be more categories or sub-categories within. But the only reason I’m even writing a review is to tell the company to PLEASE fix/adjust how you close out of taskers “portfolio” photos. I was looking at an electricians photos of his past installs, and there’s no “X” to close out, and so far about 98% of the time you can’t touch or swipe out of the photo, so each time I’ve had to just force close the app and go back and find what I was looking at before, then squint to see the photos because I can’t open them without being stuck there. I’m no app developer by any means, but I did take a website design/building course in college and I know it is IMMENSELY easy to add buttons to a website, and that was 2013. I assume for developers, adding an “X” to close out of a photo should be a cake walk. Please^27 add that, or make a gesture accessible to close out.
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1 month ago, Pregirl
Can’t rate no shows
I tried to use Task Rabbit, painstakingly went over each person’s profile and history, looked through available times, and chose “Abby B” for cleaning. I wrote a very long and detailed explanation of what I needed done (just a deep clean for my kitchen). I spent way too much of my personal time making sure to include every detail, because I was going to be at work when she would arrive. I received a call from my husband that she never showed about an hour after the scheduled time, which was 11am. I proceeded to go to the app because I hadn’t received any notifications that something was wrong. The app gave me a screen that said my tasker couldn’t do the task at 12:04pm, showing the current time, not the scheduled time. It offered a link to find a new tasker. All I can say is that I’m super frustrated that I’m unable to let others know that this girl is a complete flake. This is a serious problem with this app and (lack of) service. I do NOT recommend using Task Rabbit for any task. There are plenty of other apps out there that have methods in place to ensure your job gets done by someone in the event of a no-show or cancellation.
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1 year ago, WinterKnight21
Hit or miss
Listen, I would give less stars but I had an absolutely amazing first experience using task rabbit. I moved a peloton from the lower east side to uptown without any issue, and my tasker was a really really good guy whose number I still keep on file. But since then, the quality has dropped off almost entirely. In the last week alone I’ve had three people cancel on me last minute after confirming their availability with me both within the app and via the subsequent text messages. The app does not allow you to reach back out once a tasker just arbitrarily cancels, there is no recompense, and the most I can do (and have done) is flag the tasker for cancelling last minute. Today was the last straw as a gentleman confirmed and scheduled a time with me officially, prior to cancelling within an hour and providing no warning. I am only moving a handful of things 13 miles. I have spent upwards of an hour on hold, with no indication that anyone is on the other end of task rabbit’s customer service line, there’s not even a friendly line order announcement, just elevator music for over an hour.
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3 years ago, ginabeets
Disappointing rip-off that rewards bad workers
This app has some truly terrible workers who will do the worst job ever and even if you dispute it, they’ll still get your money. I’ve used this app in 3 different states and most of the people on here do a poor job (despite charging A LOT) and just do them as fast and as sloppy as possible, resulting in poor work. Task rabbit is always on the side of the Tasker and NEVER on the side of the consumer. I’m doing really hard work in my daily life and if I was as sloppy as the men on here, I’d be fired from my job right away. And people don’t rate them correctly. They’ll write a tear-down criticism while giving 5 stars, which is cowardly on the part of the consumers. People pleasers who are afraid to be honest are making this app sound way better than it is by giving good ratings yet writing tons of criticism in the description, which makes zero sense. The only good worker I had in here was a kind man from Ghana, a fellow immigrant like me. The entitled white guys on here have male fragility and get angry when I ask them to be more careful when moving fragile objects. Their huge egos, blatant disrespect and misogyny are offensive and revolting, and their work ethic is nonexistent.
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1 year ago, Adrian Milewski
Abysmal customer service
I used the app to hire some taskers to help my gf move about 6 furniture pieces and about 10 boxes down the road to my house. Not only did they take 4 hours to do it, they broke 2 out of the 6 furniture that I had. The taskers apologized and claimed TaskRabbit could reimburse us. TaskRabbit refuse to give us any sort of compensation for the broken furniture because we didnt have a receipt of the furniture! They refuse to let us speak to a manager and nobody wants to talk to us about the furniture. I have been leaving emails only to be resent the same message that they cannot help us. Absolutely horrible customer service. Avoid task rabbit. I will strongly advocate for everyone I meet to avoid using task rabbit. Horrible. Edit: Response to task rabbit. My renters insurance doesn’t cover accidents done by your contractors, your company is a fraud, your insurance should cover what happened since this was your mistake. Your contractors broke my furniture , and you refuse to help me. At least compensate for something? this is the very definition of not being accountable for your actions. You are a star shining example of companies that do not care about customer services.
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2 years ago, PhillDonohue
Very High Admin Fee
Tried this app on a friend’s recommendation as I’ve broken my arm and my partner is recovering from surgery and we need help around the house. Task Rabbit is charging 35% on top of the hourly wage you pay to the helper, and that seems very high. That encouraged me to get my helper’s phone number and just hire directly from now on. I’d rather give her more money for her elbow grease than pay an ambiguous venture-capital-funded entity for your hard work. After trying this app I’m reminded of what’s happening as we try to make every single thing easier without realizing it actually comes at our expense in the end. You can hire a neighbors’ kid or a college student from a free campus message board or someone from a Craigslist or Facebook listing or any number of places. Anything makes more sense than paying 35¢ to a corporation on every dollar you give to your hired helper. It’s as if corporate vultures haven’t sucked enough blood from the veins of the population and they feel entitled to troll for every last drop. This opinion is based not on the concept at heart but rather the large percentage of corporation is demanding which seems to only undercut the workers.
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2 years ago, cwiren
Awesome Taskers, Horrible App
The app is horribly buggy and useless!!! The taskers I've hired have been great, but it’s difficult to hire them when the app is so buggy!!! I want to hire someone I’ve hired before, but every time I go to complete it, it wants me to add a payment method (even though I had just paid for her services two weeks earlier), but then it would accept any payment method (credit card, Apple Pay, etc) and I couldn’t confirm the hire. I have another task for another tasker, but it only lets me reserve her time for 30 minutes. It takes longer than that to clean any home! It’s a large cleaning project and I wanted to send a photo in the chat to be sure she can manage it with her availability, but the photos don’t match the albums and are random from over many years, so I can’t add the photo I took. These are just a few flaws in the app and from just the last few times I’ve used it. The other reviews tell of many other problems. Also, it doesn’t include until the fine print towards the end of the booking process that there is an additional hourly rate that goes to the app (which varies based upon unknown factors), so you can’t tell until after almost the entire process to see if that person is actually within your budget. With this extra hourly rate, you’d think the company could afford to fix their app! How much business do they lose when people can’t schedule services? Flawed app. Flawed app. Flawed app.
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5 years ago, Shadow917
TR is a train wreck!!!
Abhorrent company. They have no moral standards or professional ethics. And, they are the epitome of utter greed and contempt. After I was painfully vetted following a glacial period of time, I was instructed via an email, it could take months before I was able to begin working due to the high demand of taskers in my limited area. I live in NYC. Manhattan. Not in the mountains of Montana. I find it incredibly difficult to believe there were no tasks available. I find it also incredibly difficult to accept that they essentially command over 30% of your wages. That’s so alarming. I finally reached out to customer service and they responded with a simple statement. Essentially, that this process could take months if not years to start acquiring jobs. At that point, I completely deleted my app, accepted that I was going to lose $20, and call it a day. I’ve had other friends in similar situations with TR. Honestly, this app and this company are a waste of your time. They are an absolute train wreck and I would not be surprised if they went out of business within the next year or two. Avoid at all costs. Good luck actually talking to a real, human person.
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3 months ago, Mirsfm
Disappointing Experience and Unprofessional Behavior
I rarely feel compelled to leave negative reviews, but in this instance, I must share my experience.i have scheduled 3 taskers at 3 different times , always picking the ones with 5 star reviews and highest rate. None of them actually showed up. The last tasker in question has shown a complete lack of professionalism and respect for my time. After three postponements, they failed to show up for the scheduled appointment. What's worse is that I had specifically taken time off from work to accommodate them, turning this into a completely wasted day. The icing on the cake is the audacious move of charging me for an hour of work that was never completed - a flagrant example of unfair practice. Now, I find myself trapped in a cycle of seemingly endless calls, trying to secure a refund for a service I never received. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience, and I strongly advise anyone to think twice before engaging this service. Their disregard for the client's time and their lack of responsibility leaves much to be desired in terms of service standards.
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9 months ago, Rhizopusstolonifer
Misinformed and disrespected
This app was difficult to navigate and provided misinformation about pricing and the roles of gaskets. The security fee in order to reach any tasker is unnecessarily high. My first tasker cancelled on me without any explanation. The next tasker I booked it charged me an additional security fee. This tasker was unwilling to compromise on pricing or accommodation. He charged me full price for a very small move of a couch that took 45 minutes total. Within this price he did not include help moving the actual furniture. Not once did he get out of his van. I had to find strangers on the street to help me move the couch because he did not have the heart to help me. His self-interested, money-oriented transaction style left me feeling hopeless for the kindness of humanity. I am upset at my experience with this app and my tasker and do not recommend. The experience left me frustrated and disappointing instead of relieving me of a burden as it is intended to do. Maybe the app should require basic training on how to be a kind human being for its tasker, or at least make sure the listed price matches the tasker’s price.
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2 years ago, Tiff708
Use at your own risk— try Thumbtack instead
Things happen. Home improvements are a messy but common needs that are usually headaches depending on who you work with. I scheduled a service for simple mounting of shelves. Tasker didn’t show up. Ok maybe something happened. The craziest part is the customer support. I chatted with a Jesmine about the situation and all she could say was oops you may have lost the entire morning waiting for service but we aren’t in control of the contractors who use our app and we certainly can’t hold them accountable to best practices on the app. No remedy, no help with finding someone else, no consideration to a user like me who is paying for service. USE THIS PLATFORM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Expect contractors to upcharge significantly for service due to platform use fees. I was thoroughly surprised by the hourly rates that were nearly 30% more than what would be charged using an app like Thumbtack. Disappointed is an understatement. Now let me go find some competent and reliable help for my very common household installation needs. Yikes. Terrible experience and poor customer service.
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3 years ago, jamesadamshelley
Beware of TaskRabbit if something goes wrong
Beware beware beware!!! It’s all good until it isn’t with this company then you won’t get any help from them! I hired a guy for 1 hour to caulk a bathroom. The Tasker showed up almost 2 hours late then did not know what he was doing. The Tasker messed up the project and had to redo it twice then charged me for the whole time he was there also the Tasker took an hour and a half break and still I got charged. I called task rabbit customer service and they said there’s nothing they could do and that they would review this and get back to me in the next few coming weeks. The customer service during this process as been terrible. I had to call my credit card company and block task rabbit. Update: customer service said there is nothing they can do for me. The tasker came over but didn’t do the job he promised and charged 600$ and customer service won’t do anything. This is insane. I showed them pictures and receipts of things the tasker ruined in my house and still customer service is saying they can’t do anything. Never use this app again!!!
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4 years ago, AngieMcFarlane
Lacking what I needed.
I recently had surgery and needed some help with simple things like folding laundry, so I tried the app. I was not satisfied. When I went to sign up and put in my info, I changed the keyboard to landscape bc that is how it is easiest for me to type on my phone. But then the fields I was typing in were totally obscured and the top half of the page wouldn’t scroll, forcing me back to portrait typing, which is harder for me and I make more errors. Please fix the landscape typing. Next, it asked to use my location and pinged me as over 50 miles from where I was and told me it was not available in my city. I manually entered my location, but if an app is going to use location services, get it right. Finally I am able to describe my task. I input all the details and it says there is nobody available but I should try a different day or time. I go back and change the day/time at least 20 times before finding an offer. I suggest a feature where the app asks if you want to see when taskers are free when results come up empty. And finally, after ALL that searching, the SINGLE Tasker available wants to charge over $30/hour for light housework! Insane! You don’t need a master’s degree to fold laundry, which is literally all I needed help with. I was willing to pay minimum wage plus maybe a tip if they did well for this extremely basic task, but not more than I make in an hour at my own professional job. Overall, quite disappointed with this app.
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3 months ago, jayymillzz
I like it but could use some tweaks
TaskRabbit is an incredibly useful app that connects people with local professionals who can help with various tasks and chores. The app's interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to find the right tasker for the job. However, while I appreciate the app's convenience, there are a few areas where I feel it could be improved. Firstly, I find it frustrating that TaskRabbit requires users to agree to a price before any conversation takes place. In my opinion, it would be much more helpful if potential clients could discuss the task with a tasker before agreeing on a price. This would allow for a better understanding of the work involved and could lead to a more accurate price estimate. Additionally, I find the extra fees attached to the services to be somewhat annoying. While I understand that TaskRabbit needs to make money, it would be nice if the fees were more transparent and clearly explained upfront. This would help users make more informed decisions about which tasker to choose and could prevent any unexpected costs from arising. Despite these criticisms, I still find TaskRabbit to be a helpful app for finding local professionals to help with various tasks. With a few improvements, it could become an even more valuable tool for those seeking assistance with household chores and other errands.
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2 years ago, NW23
Booking process is HORRIBLE, better apps out there
This app concept is a great idea but TaskRabbit’s booking system is just not conducive to finding someone to do a job quickly. Instead of letting you search for specific times and blast your request to whoever is available at those times to vet Taskers, the system makes you search them one by one, then see what times they’re available on the day you want, then request a job. When you finally find someone available and confirm the time you get a message “You’re booked!” but you are not actually booked which is just ridiculous UX messaging! The Tasker can review and reject your job hours after that message and then you have to start the process all over again. After a few rounds - and days! - of this I went to another app. Shout out to Thumbtack that lets multiple businesses see your job request so you can move on quickly if one doesn’t work out. On Thumbtack I got immediate responses and was able to book same day. TaskRabbit is a turtle in comparison.
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1 year ago, Nae4477
The Tasker never showed up and still has a five star review
This app was working OK for me for a while. But my last experience with Highland and Tasker was unacceptable. I hired the person and we did a chat via the task rabbit app to confirm the details of the cleaning task. The next day the Tasker never showed up or called or messaged. The app informed me that the person was scheduled to show up but when I went to leave a review all of a sudden the entire event was removed so I can’t even share my experience. Now this Tasker still has a higher rating but clearly should not because she was a no-show. Wondering how many other clients she left in the lurch by not showing up yet still has a five star review review on their app. Contacting support was a complete joke, no one was able to assist. Now I am requesting that they close my account and that is even a hassle. I would recommend staying away from this app completely because it is not working properly, the reviews are misleading on their app for the taskers, and their support is a waste of time.
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9 months ago, artsonggirl
Many aspects work well, several key ones don’t
Booking a task and communicating with new taskers works really well. The trouble comes in when trying to chat with Taskers with whom you’ve previously worked and would like to set up future work. There is no consistent way to chat with someone once the job that you initially hired them for is done. “chat is disabled” comes up most of the time, then sometimes miraculously you can get through. Putting a tasker in your “favorites“ should theoretically remedy this, but when you try to rebook them there is frequently an error which does not allow you to see their availability or hire them directly from the favorites section. Finding and maintaining good people to help with household tasks is, to me, the number one thing I would like out of this app. Since I can’t communicate with Taskers with whom I would like to continue to work, the app fails in this goal.
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2 years ago, Mtamul22
User and Tasker
I have been contemplating becoming a Tasker because of all the negative reviews that there are. But what I realized it’s all people complaining about something they didn’t take the time to read. I highly SUGGEST to read that fine print before anything. Nothing is actually hidden it’s all in writing and the additional fees ALSO vary in certain states as well so you should probably read that too. As for the Tasker that don’t show? Well again contract states use at your own risks and when you sign up and accept terms it states they are not responsible for the taskers and if they sho up. We all know you can’t trust everyone but I do hope there are others out there that are good trustworthy people. Taskers- don’t accept jobs if you know you can’t do. Users- ask your questions on capability or just hire a professional at double the cost
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3 years ago, medic1942
New User
I have known about TaskRabbit for a few years. I even knew a Tasker. I moved to Miami Beach two months ago. I needed a number of different taskers. I had trouble navigating the site. I was becoming frustrated and feared I would never get the help I needed. I called customer service and Kenny turned my frown into a huge smile. I was being quite dense. She never lost patience. She walked me through everything, and she did not stop until she was assured I was being served well. She actually completed the assigning of a Tasker for deep cleaning the very next day. She explained how to request the same Tasker and how to secure other Taskers. She ended by telling me to call at anytime if I needed any help at all. If Kenny and Estella (my deep clean Tasker) are representative of TaskRabbit’s work ethic and the quality of its services, then TaskRabbit is a stellar service company indeed.
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1 year ago, Jill149
Got cancelled on repeatedly
While I finally ended up with someone great, it wasn’t an easy process. I started communicating with 2 different people. All of a sudden, the first guy just cancelled on me with no reason. I started the process over and got a 2nd guy. Apparently he didn’t like that it took me 20 minutes to respond back (all I did was jump in the shower) so he cancelled too. Very frustrating. And once they cancel you have no way to reach them. I tried calling customer service and after 20 minutes of being on hold I finally gave up. These “Taskers” should be accountable too. We, the customers, should somehow get to share feedback on people who aren’t good communicators or who cancel with no reason. I believe I saw high ratings on both of these guys, yet they would’ve gotten 1-star ratings from me if I’d had the chance.
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4 years ago, Tex92
Horrible Experience- ****DO NOT USE****
My tasker James M canceled at the last minute the morning after I spent the weekend making sure that everything was here and ready for his arrival this morning. I booked the appointment four days ago and thought everything was lined up and ready to go. I even had received several text alerts from James on Friday asking me questions about the various jobs that I need to have done so I thought if there was any other questions or issues, I would have received a text alert this morning, but instead he emailed me asking for directions, and when I didn’t respond within 15 minutes, he canceled the entire job. Please note that the appointment was for 9:30am this morning and he canceled at 8:45 so there was more than enough time for me to still respond and get back to him with the directions, plus I had booked him for 2 to 3 hours, so there was more than enough time for him to still get here. The experience and the service is just INEXCUSABLE!!! Save yourself the Hassle and frustration and hire a contractor the normal way.
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3 years ago, Greatness at its best
My goto for quick work that needs to be done around my place.
When I couldn’t find handyman help anywhere else, I could find help here. I’ve gotten three jobs done on here so far. I like the transparency in pricing. You kind of have an idea of roughly what the cost will be. I like that platform it isn’t too complex with a million features and options, the platform is simple enough to understand. Now I will say, I did have an issue with a customer service rep hopping into the middle of a chat with a Tasker and myself, but after I called customer service and let them know it was distracting, they stop doing that. So I like that they were open to constructive criticism and they fixed the issue. As a finders fee, they charge an additional 15% on top of whatever your Tasker charge you to do the job.
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2 years ago, sickofyononsense
Love the service, hate the app.
The idea behind task rabbit is great. I have hired taskers to help me with all kinds of stuff and have largely been pleased. There have been incidents where taskers cancelled last minute or added on fees without my consent, but I had the power to say so in my review. I have been less pleased with the app. The booking experience doesn’t flow well, it is difficult to view a tasker’s reviews, and there are frustrating glitches. I just spent 5 minutes writing a review then I went to submit it and I got an “Oops, something went wrong message.” I tried to figure out if my review was posted, but could not even find a way to see the reviews for the tasker in question. The app then had the audacity to ask how I was enjoying the app. The people responsible for ensuring this app works correctly should seek other means of employment. Web developers, if a previous Task Rabbit IT employee comes to you seeking employment, I encourage you to take a hard pass.
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3 months ago, PracticallyIritated
Task rabbit is a scam. I wanted two tasks done, 2 hours each, the first is weeding and the second was heavy lifting because we planned on cleaning out the garage. Got a cooler and everything together for our tasker Corey near Vacaville CA. And he never replied the day of, and canceled 40 minutes past his assigned meeting time. And you aren’t able to find a new tasker the day of. So we decided we’d still have time the following day to get someone to do the weeding especially after my mother in law and I did all the heavy lifting that day we definitely wouldn’t be able to bend down to weed. We’ll Robert (who of which has his profile saying he’s done 37 different yard tasks) said he’d get back to me, never did, I tried calling and leaving messages and he no showed. So the only thing task rabbit has done for me is block of a time frame to wait for a tasker to show up that never will even though they claim to be hard working. Do I have to book multiple people at the same time and hope one of them shows up??
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3 years ago, keeper5689
Would give zero stars If I could
Very disappointed in there service, or rather lack there of. I needed my small front yard mowed which typically takes less than 30 mins. Of the 6 Taskers in my area, only 2 had even remotely reasonable prices. Most Taskers were asking for $100-$200 an hour for yard work (the minimum you can hire someone for is one full hour). First tasker cancelled my task moments before he was due to arrive because he didn’t have a lawnmower (Taskers are supposed to provide the tools). Second guy, after chatting with me to confirm the details of the job, was a no show. Not only did he not show, but I was charged for 2 hours of service. After talking with customer service (who communicated in broken English), I was supposed to receive a full refund because there was a “mistake” on the Taskers end (Umm, pretty sure that charging me for 2 hours for no work wasn’t a mistake). I still have yet to receive my refund. If it’s not corrected soon, I will dispute the charge with my credit card company. Will never use this company again.
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5 months ago, Ninjutsuski
Good Concept, Poor Execution
The ability to review multiple types of jobs for one contractor is very helpful and should be industry standard. However, I’m surprised to learn that clients cannot communicate expected hours of a job in a form that is clear for contractors. We’re told to communicate hours in the job description or expect the contractor to negotiate hours after reading the job description. No popular contractor is going to take a job without a clear communication of expected hours from the client upfront. There’s no way to do this easily in the app, therefore jobs that would be taken if there were a clear communication of hours are ignored; even if the hours are stated in the description. If it doesn’t stand out in the description, don’t expect the task to be taken. Frankly, this should not be a trial and error process for clients to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Jazzorela
TaskRabbit is life-improving
I have a gigantic list of home repairs and to-dos. I always thought I could do it myself, but recently acknowledged the need to hire someone for help. Unfortunately, I hesitated because I have trust issues and didn’t want a stranger in my home. TaskRabbit’s easy to use app with tasker ratings, reviews, pictures of past jobs, and vetting helped ease my worries which allowed me to book my first job EVER. My tasker was phenomenal. He was prepared, professional, and extremely thorough. Even though the work was done by a tasker, seeing three things removed from my list in one day made me feel so accomplished. I can’t wait to see my to-do list dwindle with the help of TaskRabbit and the positive effect that will have on me and my family.
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1 year ago, Best app I love this is cool
Poor Customer Service and Regulations
Let me preface this with the fact that I NEVER leave reviews!! I just wish I would have had someone warning me before the following incident. My tasker canceled on me 2 hours before I needed him to help me move out of my apartment, which I had to be out of that day. His canceling on me made me have to take off of work for the full day instead of the half day I had planned on taking. I see in the guidelines that if I were to cancel someone's services within 24 hours, I would be charged for an hour's work from that tasker. If a tasker cancels on me though, they don’t get penalized for inconveniencing me? I also find it odd that I cannot leave a review for this tasker canceling on me last minute. I was so displeased over the stress and time this situation took from me that I contacted the app and I still have NO response after 6 days…. Horrible way to run a business. Use extreme caution when using this app or save yourself the struggle and just hire movers/help elsewhere!
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4 years ago, ShewitTR
Inherently unsafe
This app and its workers are inherently unsafe. That became apparent to me after a dispute with a “Tasker” about a cancellation, who then threatened me by coming to my home (TR gives your address to anyone on their platform). There are no guarantees that “Taskers” have gone through background checks, making the app even more sketchy. It would not have occurred to me this would have been an issue by reading reviews (all of them extremely positive of the Tasker in question), until he threatened me and my family. I called TaskRabbit to help. They told me to call my local authorities, ‘who would look into the matter.’ I asked what sort of information could/should I give, and TR said that I could give a first name and first initial of the offender’s last name. That was the only support they would give. Less it to say, I will never use TR again and will not only be calling my local authorities but my local newspaper, lawyer and friends too. It would be a shame to see anyone hurt by such a platform that has so little regard for safety.
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5 years ago, moobini
This app is garbage, the customer service is worse
The app stores your credit card info (you are unable to delete CC info unless you delete the app), charges it without your authorization and by the discretion of their employees ONLY, double charged my CC when an employee was impatient with his internet connection, and then it took three weeks for customer service to respond to my numerous attempts to get my money back. Their response, by the way, was not a solution. They needed me to write my complaint from the email account associated with my task rabbit profile before they can even read my complaint. By the way, they have a customer service line whose only function is to say “sorry, we don’t use telephones, email us.” So you will NOT be talking to a person, ever, even if you manage to contact someone. As of today, they have not acknowledged the double charge on my credit card, or the duplicate invoice in my app, and I cannot delete the app until I get this resolved. As soon as I do, this app is trash.
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2 years ago, Awesome cheese man
Hard to find handyman
I recently moved to a new house and needed some help with furniture assembly. I scheduled someone and they seemed very capable of the job with the positive reviews. The day came for my appointment and he said that I was to far out and that he would not be able to make it. Which I understood and he advised to possibly find someone else, which I was about to do. Then he advised he would be able to make it another day, which I replied, “if he was sure that he could make it then I would still be happy to have his service with helping assemble furniture. The day we rescheduled for had come, he canceled without saying anything and blocked me from any further service with him. The app would not let me leave a review and completely blocked me from even interacting with him anymore. I am discontinuing any more use of the app. I typically do not care to leave reviews, but I thought it was in bad taste to be blocked for no reason and I was fully cooperative to what the contractor needed.
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1 year ago, Big T-Rod
Outstanding job assembled Barbie dream doll house 96 pieces
This company is amazing referred me to Mr. James who assembled our daughters Barbie dream doll house and 96 pieces. Also they have a large variety of a similar‘s in the area near you. Highly recommend this app and I highly recommend Mr. James for the outstanding service he provided my family and I assembling a Barbie dream doll house 96 pieces in 45 minutes. It was a two hour minimum and the cost was $70. Heads up the company does apply taxes and a 15% fee but at the end of the day it was worth it not to have to deal with 96 pieces stress-free. Next time I will probably reach out to the assembler directly to avoid overhead fees. But grateful for this app and for the networking provided. I highly recommend this app to family and friends.
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4 years ago, Turtlewiththedashingmustache
Terrible service
On a Thursday, I scheduled an appointment for furniture assembly for Saturday at 8:00am. I paid $409 to TaskRabbit that same day, and received confirmation that Id be receiving services that Saturday. Great right! Seemed easy?!? I received a message on Friday night at 8:12pm, stating that my worker will be there Sunday at 8:00am. When I tried to find out what was going on, he did not respond until the next morning, 30min prior to when the task was supposed to be completed!!! He stated he that had other work at my requested time and took it upon himself to reschedule without even asking me if I was available on Sunday. He canceled his appointment for Sunday and put in a request to the help center. Meaning, I didn’t get my scheduled service due to a workers error, and wasn’t able to book a new worker for my time because it was so last minute. I tried calling customer support, instead of speaking to someone, I heard an automated voice saying “ due to a high volume of calls, we are unable to take your call today.” Imagination my frustration! So I sent an email on the app, where I received another message saying they are too busy to currently help me. Hmmmmm?! What type of business does not have a support center for errors! This is horrible customer service, you will not speak with anyone and best of luck actually getting the job done that you need(as my furniture is still nicely wrapped up in its boxes). Do better TaskRabbit!!
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