Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo

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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Tattoodo - Your Next Tattoo

4.7 out of 5
7.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Noob232
Still checking it out
When you are entering pictures- You can only do one at a time- so before and after a should probably be set up in a different app and saved. There doesn’t seem to be an auto correct or a cut and paste feature- Big downvote- As I’d like to make posting quicker- they charge you right away without being able to choose options- so that’s alittle scarey- But they did respond to emails.
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4 years ago, Avw0999
I was hoping this app would help me find an artist that could execute my idea with the fit my style I was looking for. So unfortunately I was very disappointed that I had to leave the entire thing in the apps hands instead of being able to find the perfect artist for me for myself. The BIGGEST problem I have with the app is that I cant figure out how to search for an artist in my city that can do a specific style. All the artist profiles should be required to select the styles they like to tattoo, so it could help us find the right artist and studio for the specific piece we want done. When I click from the apps style list, it shows me only pictures of tattoos from random places. I dont want to have to scroll through EVERY single artists profiles in my city to find a select few who do the "new school" style. Its extremely tedious and besides the point, otherwise I would just browse on instagram. There should be a sub category in the "artists in your area" tab where I can narrow down the results to what I need, rather than scrolling through every artists portfolios separately (extremely annoying process).
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4 years ago, amanda blacklist
I should’ve listened to the 1 star reviews
Well, it seemed like it would’ve been super helpful and for some people I’m sure it is. So my negative review is based off of my personal experience with it. After I made my account and people tried to search me to make sure it was set up correctly it said I needed to finish setting up my account to get verified, but it would never show me what I needed to finish. It wouldn’t allow me to create an @ handle either it kept saying that my name/username didn’t exist. Then it kept deleting all my information through the app, but through the website it would stay. It wouldn’t allow me to place how much my hourly rate was at first then after an hour of messing with it it placed it in there, but then wouldn’t allow me to select USD for the currency. It was nothing but problems and with having to pay the monthly subscription upfront to get the pro with that amount of problems, I would personally not sign up or redo load this again.
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2 years ago, Mattfisch22
Not Helpful in the Slightest
You’d have better luck just searching Instagram hashtags to your local area. Asked for help finding a certain type of color artist (new school / Neo traditional) and they connected me with the local Los Angeles guy who was to help. Great!- I thought… In turn, he sent me multiple black/gray color artist instead. After rejecting a shop for they primarily do black/gray, they sent me another artist from the same shop who again was only black/gray. Third time they finally sent a color artist (same shop again which is odd as I know LA has 100+ tattoo shops, why send just one shop) and the color work was watercolor, nothing close to new school / neo trad I pretty clearly requested. Went to instagram, searched some tags and found a neo traditional artist within a day who can do the job. Definitely cannot recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Hades. M/B🔥🔥🔥
Improved booking flow
i am saddened by the new path Tattoodo has taken “…we’re partnering with studios in these cities and providing booking assistants to help manage conversations and schedule appointments…according to the above changes to our service, meaning access to client leads will no longer be open. If your studio wishes to apply for partnership…” i am an independent artist in new york and i was using the pro subscription of the app to connect to clients in which the turn out i would say was a fair % of my work since i have no support from the studio i am in and barely any walk-ins. Now with this recent change there is nothing much left to do with this app i have been cut off from potential clients requests
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5 years ago, teianne
It’s an okay app
Two small things that are kind of bothersome: 1) the locations services are terrible. When I search my city, it doesn’t show it as Richmond, Va. It shows as Richmond, US making it so I have to filter through tons of results and even then none of them are for Richmond, VA? 2) none of the tattoos I like show up in my liked section and when I was registering, if I selected one tattoo I liked it selected all the ones in similar style even if I didn’t like them. Couldn’t unlike them without unliking the original one. Real frustrating. Won’t be using this app because the location services are out of wack so I can’t find tattoo artists’ work in my city anyway
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5 months ago, jlza
This app is a scam to most artists (I think we know which category of artists). Spent about six months going back and forth with the support team that I’m a real artist and would like to actually use the “special” services I was promised after I purchased monthly subscription. (while paying the monthly subscription). long story shorty they never gave me access to those features. Even after paying them for at least 6 months. The support would just keep going around the bush. Telling me to make a website, then telling me the shop I work for need to have a website. To then being told the website hasn’t been up long enough to verify my position at the shop. Which has been operating for 25 YEARS!!!
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4 years ago, Cas -
So far so good
Write this review from a tattoo artist far I’ve been using Tattoodo for a month now and I’ve been able to secure several appointments, 2 of them are full sleeves. I like the tattoo leads features although I believe there should be more fields for the client fill out to give us artists more information. I’m giving this app 4 stars because a few little things I wish I could do. Like rearrange the order of photos in my gallery, edit times on my calendar and couldnt figure out how to edit the shop address but all and all I believe this platform has potential.
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5 years ago, TehTank
Crazy Big potential
Feels like this app is still in its growing stage, but has huge potential. Couple of things I noticed: 1. Biography? I don’t know if anyone else can see my full Bio but I can only see a limited portion of it. I would recommend either creating a word count on it or fixing it. Great concept though! 2. Artist Artwork Style. I’m a person looking to get my next Horror & Surrealism tattoo, I wanna know which artists specialize in that! And the pics to prove it! There should be a feature to look up artists that specialize in a certain style or even a certain topic! That’s all I’ve noticed so far.
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6 years ago, MarcelineTheVampireQueen
Pretty good, but it’s in Spanish?
I got this app a few months ago to plan out my tattoos. It’s got a clean interface, a pretty good search system, and a really cool daily tattoo showcase. But sometimes.. the language goes into automatic mode, and for me that makes the app into Spanish. I’m not sure how it chooses what language is automatic, but they were right since I do speak Spanish. Still weird though. Nice app, 9/10, will continue to use
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10 months ago, Shiny snake
Should be better
The app has a pretty good layout for searching tattoos but viewing them is where it falls off. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not but whenever I get to the bottom of the pictures it sends me all the way back to the top. I’ve got no choice but to scroll however far to get back to what place I was at. It’s pretty annoying as I mostly use the app to look at tattoos for inspiration. The variety and quantity are there I believe, it’s just this weird interaction that makes me not want to use it
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2 years ago, unknownuser098
Great concept, mediocre execution
The idea of finding a tattoo artist in the modern day with an app makes sense. Unfortunately the app seems to only have a very few or select artists / shops. The app also regularly freezes when going from looking at an artist back to the map view. The design of the app makes sense and is easy to use. I think if they spend some time and clean up the bugs and knock on doors to get more artist on here then it can be a great resource.
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3 years ago, wasetwo
It has potential but...
This is the first time I’ve ever made a review and this app has a lot of potential but it’s kind of annoying how between the desktop website and the app there are certain differences that make it a bit painful to keep using. An example being saving some thing to a folder on your desktop but then checking the app and for some reason it’s not there and vice versa. Another annoying thing is how you will save or like things and how your save or like folder will be missing certain things or will be nonexistent entirely yet when you manually look for the thing that you saved or liked it still indicates that it’s saved or liked it. This ad genuinely has a lot of potential but these shortcomings make it somewhat annoying and painful to use.
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4 years ago, isoog
Great but could use improvements
I absolutely love the functionality of this app! It is super accessible and amazing to help you plan your upcoming tattoos or figure out what styles of tattoos you love. I think that this app could improve in one simple way; Adding the feature to describe a tattoo board that you’ve made, I really like to explain what symbolism a tattoo may have OR share where the specific tattoos I’m composing in the board would be. I feel this feature would make the app ideal!
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3 years ago, FrauFeuerengel
Great resource for the uninitiated :)
This app is fantastic! I knew next to nothing about tats before I got mine and had no idea what to look for in a good artist. I was steered towards Tattoodo by my friend Joe Letz and I ended up getting two amazing small wrist pieces done by Brittany Rusznak at Black Fern in Cincinnati. They had great personal significance to me and I wanted them to be perfect, and she delivered—I’m so glad I found her through the app!
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3 years ago, T.H. Lore
Decent So Far
I have made some progress on a tattoo I’ve wanted for awhile. I discovered a good shop near me with some great artists. But I have yet to pull the trigger. I thought artist responses to my tattoo proposal would be more personalized and sincere. However, all artist responses so far are 100% generic and likely what they send to anyone with a tattoo proposal. As a middle-man in this process, I’m not sure Tattoodo has given any real value to get a $$$ cut off a project, etc.
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4 years ago, WanderingHotPocket
Poor user interface and difficult to maneuver imo
Can’t check on the status of your profile to see if you’re a “pro” account or not. I also find it difficult to find where the classes are which is frustrating since it’s the only reason I did subscribe
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3 years ago, Thickjunkinthetrunk
It’s manageable at best
The artists work sometimes come up on my feed but not on their profile aswell as when I save something it doesn’t show in the folder I place it in aswell as has a terrible refreshing mechanism when trying to refresh folder to bring in new saved images. I’ve read the same issues from reviews in early January. Going into March and having the same issues is quite sad with how much potential this app has for new comers and artists alike. please fix!
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6 years ago, ja.chav
Cool App, could use some work.
The app is cool! My only two complaints is that for some reason, the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen are half way cut off. At first glance I wasn’t sure which button did what until I tapped them and found it. Another complaint I have is that if I am browsing the images and switch to a different app for a short period of time and return back to the Tattoodo app, it refreshes me back to the home screen. Kind of a pain, other than that, it’s dope 👍🏼
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4 years ago, hehanvi242
Used to love but lately been disappointed
This app was absolutely perfect when I downloaded it. I’m not sure what happened but it won’t load more than a couple pictures on anyone’s profiles so you’re forced to search by tattoo or areas. This includes my profile and all of my saved pictures. Hope this can be fixed soon as I would love to give u guys 5 stars. Please look into this issue. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Vigo the animator
Great idea but underdeveloped app
I love the potential for this app. The feedback I have is the responsiveness of tattoo artists as well as support in the chat is so far, nonexistent. I posted a job with no response. Also wanted to add additional photos for inspiration for the tattoo and can’t. Support chat has been open for days with no response. Again, this has sooo much potential to be the perfect app for tattoo canvasses looking for their perfect tattoo done by local artists, just not there yet.
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6 years ago, BgmKskn
Liked photos & Filtering
There should be a section where you can see the tattoos you liked before. Also, add option to filter when you’re searching such as colored tattoos or minimalist and such. When users add their tattoos they’ll specify whether it’s just a black tattoo or whether it’s greek, mythological, religous etc. or they can just leave those options blank.
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6 years ago, emtattoofan
Hidden Gem
As a lifelong tattoo enthusiast, I love Tattoodo. It’s my favorite place to look for inspiration and amazingly talented artists. My only complaint is that it can feel like a smaller pool than some other major social media tattoo posts. That being said though, the app is very easy to use and has beyond incredible content, definitely my favorite spot for tattoo content.
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6 years ago, madhqueen
My favorite new app!
I love this app! I’ve had it less than a day and have already found multiple tattoo shops near me and found many ideas! It’s a must have if you love tattoos or have a tattoo craving but are unsure of what you want, this app is for you!
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5 years ago, Dani4Sho
Great app, miss the old search system
The app is amazing, I use it a lot to get ideas and there are a lot of great ones here. But the new search system makes it a bit harder to find. Before you used to be able to actually choose what body part to too look for but that feature was removed, I think they should bring it back, it would be 10x better!
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2 years ago, cryptinker
No functional and no support
Artist perspective: I got this app and a paid account back in October. It started out great, tons of leads, consistent booking. Since December there have been zero actual leads. Not a single one. Not in LA or New York. And the few “leads” that do pop up are bots or d*%k pics. This service is waaay to expensive to not work. I contacted support, 3 times actually, and no one has responded to me, not once. Such a great idea for an app and such promise in the beginning. Sadly now, it’s a totally worthless hunk of junk. Save your money and your time, don’t bother.
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3 years ago, tdavis616
Can’t sign up for classes...
I was super stoked when I saw this app. The main thing I’ve been excited for was the drawing classes once you upgrade to pro. Unfortunately, this app has been sitting hardly opened because there is no way to upgrade your account without going to the safari version, when I try that I get stuck on the loading screen once I put in my credit card info. I’ve tried this numerous occasions with the same results...
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2 years ago, drewhannes
I use this app all the time, or at least used to. Nowadays when I try to click a picture the app will freeze until I close the app and reopen it. I did try uninstalling and reinstalling but it helped none. I’m sure it’s just a bug that will be fixed but until then I’m not using the app. Too frustrating with it freezing.
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2 years ago, ElOtaku
I wish the pin feature which resembles Pinterest wasn’t as buggy my app usually freezes when I try to pin something. So far having a decent experience with this app and currently trying to enjoy it but that’s the one thing really bugging me other than that an interesting idea that just needs some kinks worked out.
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1 year ago, MostGenericNameBryan
Terrible Support and Overall System
Customer support states they will reply to you within a few days and then gives you the run around for months. Had to cancel an appointment weeks prior and both the booking managers and the tattoo artist acknowledged this and said I'd be refunded, its been more than a month and im being told by the booking manager Dan that its still pending and they no longer reply to emails or messages.
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4 years ago, wrote a review for an app
The app is a great idea, I’m ngl. It’s like Pinterest but for tattoos specifically, I love the idea. BUT! I went to look for ideas on a “black queen” or I mean I just searched “black girl” just to get an idea, and NOTHING came up!! I searched black girl, and a ton of cute but not related anime girl tattoos came up!! How is this app supposed to be for everyone around the world, when all the “canvases” and skin colors are light and white?? Hopefully they get more inclusive in future, because I can sense the potential but it’s not there at all!!
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5 years ago, Derek Livez
I’m not sold.
I tried it out and found that 99% of people are just cheap, don’t understand tattooing at all and are getting a poor representation of how we do business, and most of all, they’re all price shopping. It’s not good for tattooers... it’s not good for the industry or the General public coming into the tattoo world for the first time. If there ever was an overproduced systemic hybridized version of consulting with tattooers that completely dumbed down and removed the integrity that accompanies showing face, this app is it. It’s another avenue for non tattooers to profit off this industry. it’s more catered to the clientele side and doesn’t really help people understand how we as tattooers do business, rather enables them to completely side-step that process and take the entitlement approach.
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4 years ago, Diesektor
Kinda makes you feel your desperate for clientele..
Some user that may seem like they are looking to get a tattoo are actually spammers. As they state the reasoning budget . You reach out and they sent a message they found a better artist with a better quote and still have the same post asking the same picture since weeks later . Clientele are marketers for this app to make you believe these are customers looking to get Tattooed. This is just my review.
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6 years ago, Mr.NobodyInk
Why is my app opening in spanish?
Not really writing a bad review but can one of the app admins or developers help me understand, why on a browser its english but the app is spanish? Like... i even deleted to redownload it but its still in spanish.
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5 years ago, Johnpaulww
Auction style tattoos
I listened to an interview with Ami James stating that he got rid of the likes to make this app less like instagram but there are likes and comments very similar to instagram. The worst thing ive noticed from this app is the bidding style tattoos that customers ask for. They put up cheap quotes on tattoos that they have no basis for understanding the price and rates of and theyre gonna get cheap artists or scratchers responding to them. Seems like it just is a place for cheap tattoos to be auctioned and found 🤷🏻‍♂️
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3 years ago, Whateverrrr2220
Artist sign up nowhere to be found!
I just downloaded this, & it has no way to join as an artist. Very 1st page upon opening it reflects to options “continue”, “already have an account? Login”, & “skip”. Being new, I click continue. Which prompts: the comtinue with: apple, facebook, google, & email options. Nowhere on this page is there a choice of account type. I choose how I want to continue, & upon making my account see there is also no option to choose 1 or the other account type in the settings either. Idk if this is a glitch, bug, or oversight w a recent update but IMO it’s not what it should be. I would like some help rectifying this.
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5 years ago, Vtomatoes
Not happy
As an artist on here the tattoo inquiries are somewhat of a joke. They send pictures with out descriptions and among those pictures I’ve received completely non tattoo-able images, pictures of men in their underwear(no tattoos) and even a picture of what looked like someone’s dinner. Among inquiries that seemed serious and I replied to, there have been no client responses. The problem here is that there are barely, if any at all, serious clients. All the serious clients are on Instagram.
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3 years ago, Dade-C
Leary subscriber
I just updated the app and signed up for the 14 day free subscription and I’m not having a good experience already. Making several attempts to reply to potential clients and app keeps freezing and crashing. If this keeps up I don’t think I’ll be continuing the subscription if the issue isn’t fixed.
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3 years ago, greasybrad
It's crazy the amount of inspiration
I love looking at human art, regardless if I'd put it on my body! But with Tattoodo you can't see what you love and what other people have done!
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6 years ago, nguyenm23
Almost Perfect
The only issue I have with this app is that it doesn’t take into account the screen on the X, the Xs’s and the Xr, so sometimes the back button will be located at the top of the next with the time, making navigating the page impossible.
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2 years ago, brooke120
Been paying for 3 years, no service!
I’ve had an account with tattoodo as an artist for 3 years, paid. I can’t access it at all. Site keeps taking me to a normal client account. Years of work posting and working with clients gone and they are still taking my money. Go to the site and press any link to sign in as an artist or sign up and it will say “oops something went wrong “
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2 years ago, RadNj
Please add an hourly rate filter
It’s a near app. I really wish we could get a filter that lets us sort via hourly rate so I could easily find an artist who works in my budget. It would make the process so much easier.
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3 years ago, markyvarna
Love the app, but bugs bugs bugs
I love this app and have used it for over a year now. I’m not sure what happened but the app used to let me create multiple custom collections and now it does not. Also it’s a bit laggy when saving tattoos to collections.
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6 years ago, Ea5ter55
App is great. Especially the concept on it. It’s like a dream tattoo social media. Just wish it wasn’t so laggy and more streamlined. Also wish more people and artists knew about it. It would be cool if it had a timeline style
Show more
2 years ago, Jon30423
Was better before
Seems to be updated to connect you to a artist as its primary goal. When I initially downloaded this awhile back, I used it mainly to search and get tattoo ideas based on keywords. I would contact the artist who do the the tattoo I liked and would go from there. That function appears to be replaced by genre severely broadening the search. Not a fan.
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5 years ago, Weedopos
It’s good and lots of art but...
I like the app and how I’m able to see so many different types of tattoos but the app buttons don’t work half the time on my iPhone. Really frustrating that I can’t easily go to the previous page.
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10 months ago, Tony Toscano Jr
Great App! Wish there was a way to delete projects and drafts!
Great App! Wish there was a way to delete projects and drafts! That would be a big improvement!
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8 months ago, HayKay47
Downloaded, redownloaded, killed app, tried everything.
You can’t save projects, schedule with artists, submit a public project, or do anything on this app. It lets me fill out entire projects and won’t save them. I’ve deleted the app and tried again, still doesn’t work. I’ve tried different locations and etc. Useless
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3 years ago, yuuuuuuuuuuuupp
Buttons won’t work
The app is a little buggy when I try to click on the buttons. I usually have to exit out of the app and hope it works next time I open it.
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5 years ago, Retro8214
As a consumer, this app is fine. You can download someone else’s tattoo and steal it. That’s fine for you, but as an artist, that’s not cool at all. If you’re an artist and you want your designs stolen, this is the place for you. If you delete your pictures, the fake emails start rolling in. No one responds to them. I have gotten ZERO clients and/or business from here. If you’re an artist, don’t waste your time here
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