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User Reviews for TaxAct Express

4.35 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, LoveliestLeo
Mrs. Owens
All in all the process was really easy to navigate. I don’t, however appreciate being forced to pay for the deluxe that I did not need or want. If you’re not going to offer the free filling option, don’t promote it. And yes, I noticed at the beginning where it said choose now or I will choose later. Please change this, thanks in advance.
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1 year ago, NoCoolNickNamesLeft!
No help after a fraudulent filing
I had finally made my way through the bugs & multiple kicks & restarts. When i finally got to the end I was glad to see I’d be getting a fed refund & a little from the state. I chose this one because it advertised free filing. Being on a fixed income i needed this option. Hence me fumbling my way through vs PAYING a preparer! After everything was finished i was presented with a charge & fees to file. I was upset, but I’d spent so much darn time that i just coughed it up & decided what I’d do without this month. I pay, it all gets submitted electronically. Next Day, Federal REJECTED citing my SS number was already used in a filing! Well, it wasn’t me! Because the Fed was rejected in turn it automatically REJECTS the state. I was lead to believe I’d had help available if anything went wrong. Well? Where’s my help? I emailed them using the link in the app, it bounced back saying it’s not a functioning email address anymore. I called & was told they can’t find any records of my filing despite having the bank charge!! What did i pay for then? I’m completely lost, don’t know what to do. And there’s no guidance or live help. Don’t use this app. Mine was a simple filing but this app made it difficult, pricey and a very unsuccessful nightmare!
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2 years ago, yyyy11224
It was a breeze last year. I filed for federal AND state completely free, no extra charges. However, this year, I am being charged way extra to file for state which wasn’t clear until I finished putting in my information. I called the “free xpert assistant” to ask why I was being charged and she told me I was going to have to pay no matter who I filed through EVEN if I filed it on paper myself, which obviously is a lie. I wish I wouldn't have made the mistake of e-filing my federal with them because i ended up looking to see if I could file only state through turbo tax and it was 100% free for both. At least I know where to go next year. I also was looking through the app and came across a separate form I had to fill out to request that they didn’t sell my personal data so I don’t know what that’s about. But it is just way more complicated and shady than it was last year which is upsetting, but oh well, now I know for next year.
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6 months ago, The Peab
How Does 3 Out of 100 = 4.4 of 5?!
Looking at reviews under "Most Recent", (the best way to vet software before downloading), there are only 97 out of 100 reviews that have more than two stars. That's almost two complete years of reviews and the overall ratings come out to 4.4?! How's that?! I've never used the app, (other than downloading it), and from the looks of it I probably never will use to actually file. But, I have used TaxAct for the last 10 years or so and I can tell you that they are not great to work with. Three years in a row they offered me discounts for purchasing the next year's filing, early. Three years in a row when I went to claim the discount at tax time, they claimed they had no record of my early commitment to purchase. (They don't actually charge you until you file or complete your return.) So, I paid full price. That was the last time. I still use them only because I always have problems getting TurboTax to run correctly on Safari on my Mac, or on my iPad. So after two years of that I went looking for something else. TA works, technically, but they push product - hard. I've never used their mobile software, and as I said, it looks like I never will. Oh and, the cost of filing a Fed Return ... $54!!! What the heck is this highway robbery. Anyway ... as many have already noted, use at your own risk. Happy Tax Time!
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4 years ago, Chilindrina4
Good for simple taxes
Tried this app this year after a very long time and sad to say don't think it's very good for anything more complicated than a student working part time. I live in NY and work in NJ and the state taxes section couldn't be any more confusing. There's no specific guidance no matter what plan you choose so what's the point of paying more? They charge you for the paperwork involved that you are doing YOURSELF because their tech support are not allowed to advice you in anything just spit out what's already written and there's a charge for each state separately on top of the upgraded plan charge one is forced to take because of the forms involved. Disappointed. Ended up going to a tax agent, it's cheaper and less stressful.
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6 years ago, aroepke
Excellent improvements!
The new version of TaxAct Express has vastly improved and made starting my 2017 tax return super easy. It appears that all of the available products are now accessible in the app (different from last year), and you can file your return no matter what forms you need (2016 version was limited). It also allows you to estimate your taxes, which is a nice feature to have at your fingertips. I’m not sure if I’ll complete my return on the app, but it’s nice having the option to switch back and forth between it and the website product on my laptop.
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8 months ago, TreviFarr
I have sat here for the last 2 hours in what looks like to be a chat area, just wanting to move from box to box and file my taxes like normal. It keeps repeating the same info I’ve already put in and won’t let me move any further. I’d love to be able go opt out of the stupid chat function. It’s dumb. Bring back the ease of clicking on a box and entering information. I’ve sat through the same review of info like 20 times and been unable to fill in new info. Like seriously??? I go online on desktop format everything is still paused. What a waste of time. I could hav filed with turbo tax and lost substantial money from their algorithms instead if I didn’t want to wait this long.
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3 years ago, Freefall2009
Rip off company
I only downloaded the app so I could leave this review. I used my computer and the TaxAct web site to do my taxes. I chose the free version as my wife and I only have SSA and a little retirement income. As soon as I entered all info and started to print the returns, as I wanted to mail them in, not do electronic filing, TaxAct forced me to upgrade to the $54 version. It said that was Federal + State so I agreed and entered card info. They charged the $54. When I went to print the State, they charged the $54 again. This used to be a good site and I have used them for many years. Never again. I have already made a complaint to the IRS and will follow up on the Federal site as well. They have become the biggest ripoff tax company available. Please find someone else. Stay away from this one.
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7 months ago, SoFreshSoQueen
Terrible app
I’ve used TaxAct for years and decided to try the app. Never again and I’m so mad I’ll probably file elsewhere this year. The app wouldn’t take my credentials, so after a reset I went through the majority of the process of filing my taxes with mostly no problems (the investments section wouldn’t connect to institutions like it should have). While hitting continue from one screen to the next, I suddenly get kicked out. When I try to log back in, the app won’t accept my new password. I go through the reset process two times before giving up on the app. Quickly logged in the web browser only to find all the information I spent hours inputting is completely gone. Infuriating.
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4 years ago, Mcluvin42day
New techs pls.
Last year wasn’t so hard filing. I didn’t do the snap a photo thing, I manually put it no problem. Also , the only thing is that I found it complicated to see if I had completed it and it was accepted after I paid taxact. A few days went by thinking I was done and taxact emailed me stating to submit it. Submitted it after a few minutes wondering around the app on where to go to submit it to them. That was how it went for 2018. This year I filed and nothing but bugs. Blank screens and to keep going back. I’m hoping they will fix this next year. Best wishes.
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4 years ago, Nogera
Watch out!
I knew my return was going to be simple this year so decided to try Tax Act to file a free return. Fairly nice program but I did wonder why they had me enter my bank info in one of the first steps. They said it was to on direct file IRS would use it for Direct deposit. Entered all the info and started the review of the return and at that point they say Need toUpgrade to Deluxe version $35 because I had interest income. Well they ask for the infomation and provided the forms for Interest income and computed the tax with it. It’s a bait and switch, you think it’s free then they hit you at the end with a charge if you want to do anything with the information.
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5 years ago, Fifachamp7986
First time using TaxAct!
I downloaded the app out of curiosity and ended up filing my taxes! From the upfront pricing to the easy navigation, this app was all I needed. I did have to wait a long time when I called customer support, but the rep’s great service easily compensated for that wait. I felt like writing this review because the app has the ability to use a password manager. I wish more apps added that feature.
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3 years ago, Patient Beyond Belief
4 Hours, 30 Minutes for Simple Fed & State E-Filr
App kicked me off REPEATEDLY during my painstakingly long “tax return filing”. Every time I got kicked off, the app came back to MY home page and began asking questions like I just started a return. This game was on replay throughout the WHOLE process. Finally, at the very end, I had already PAID (confirmed by bank), pushed SUBMIT, and app said “processing,” then it kicked me off twice. I ended up on the Submit page THREE TIMES before Submit button really submitted my return. Two stars instead of one because I used to like Tax Act. This app ain’t it.
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5 years ago, Jkirby96
Very glitchy app
After trying to import last year’s return you can’t update all missing personal info. Screen glitches and jumps around keeping you from selecting everything that needs updating. Taking a picture of your return doesn’t work. Picture comes out disfigured even if you try to take your own picture and upload it. Either way the picture isn’t legible even if the picture you take is legible. I have to keep closing the app and reopening it to move along in my return. App didn’t check for deductions. Horrible. Ended up using another service.
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1 year ago, elsa gibbs
App is horrible
I filed my taxes (Federal & state) through this app back at the end of Jan. 2022. They never submitted my state return, even though it said they did. Then several months later, when I was trying to (re)file my state return on a different site, my refunds were different. My federal refund should have been almost 3x what I got. I've been filing my own taxes since my first job (in the late 80's), I have never had any issues. Save yourself the headache, and get your full refund, by filing through another group. 🤬
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3 years ago, smck611
Glitchy and crashes
Had to restart the filing process more than three times to finish filing, as it would randomly sign me out of my account unprompted. Navigating through the pages to add a W2 was confusing. The app looks clean but the UI could improve on navigating through your return and many general crashes. It wasn’t very easy to complete my return because it kept signing me out. Frustrating considering I spent over $100 on their products. Won’t be using this app next year.
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4 years ago, $TiffRed83
Free, Simple, Fast
I absolutely LUV this site! I’m not all that computer smart, but with this Website here it actually walks u through each and every step!! This is my second year using this and it’s TOTALLY FREE!!! Only thing u hAv to do is follow the questions and fill in the blanks, which all the answers is on ur W2’s so u fill in the blanks and it does the rest!!! Thanks so much Tax Act!!!
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3 years ago, Desertdwllr
They Made A Mess That Is Going To Take A LOT Of Money and Countless Hours To Fix
They made a mess of my taxes. The IRS says Tax Act redid my taxes, and Tax Act cannot be bothered to contact me. Long story short, I somehow became a single person with a $1,100 deduction which is the typical deduction when you have a minor child who works, yet you claim them as a dependent. I’m a divorced 51 year old with a disabled 10 year old. I’ve spent the entire weekend filling out forms, filing fraud and police reports, and putting freezes on my credit. Good Job, Tax Act!! If you know what is good for you, you will run from Tax Act!
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8 months ago, Rocking' Red
2023 updates glitchy and frustrating
The last update makes this app incredibly glitchy. It likes to crash. When I save, then go back to continue, it forces me to go through ALL of the basic information questions before I get to where I left off. This is not necessary and a time waster. It also created a new copy of my return - which I do not need . I’m afraid to delete in case it deletes both copies.
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4 years ago, yshzhgsshzba2332
Can’t import prior year taxes in Express
Tax act has been awesome. However, for some reason this year TaxAct Express wouldn’t give me an easy way to import my taxes from last year. I had to use the desktop version to do so.
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6 years ago, okteacher54
So easy, fast and accurate!
My phone is my only device so when I was looking for apps to do my taxes, I downloaded them all. TaxAct was the easiest to get started with and also the cheapest option. I was able to file my taxes and get a huge refund so I’m a happy customer!
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5 years ago, Mduane
This app is a joke.
Tried filling my taxes through this app and it just wasn’t going to happen. I literally had to keep making different accounts because it constantly signs you out and then won’t let me back in. I thought I would give this a try but I’m definitely sticking with turbo tax or maybe I’ll try a different app but this app is just not worth the time, taxes are stressful enough and using a app that isn’t user friendly and has a lot of issues like this does not help.
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6 months ago, briver victim
Great tax help, horrible tools
Great to get your tax forms filed out but that’s the limit. Just inputting information. Every year I have had issues where I would have to input by mobile device and print from a desktop or laptop. Then to print anything you would have to use the other device. Would be nice if you could do everything from one device.
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3 years ago, Frequentflyer50000
Not this year and never again!
Sooner or later during your return they will find a way to charge you even for the simple free return. I have a little dividend income and they want $55 plus the state return fee and of course you won’t know this until you complete your return. What a waste of time. One job, no itemizing, a little dividend income and it costs over $75 to file with this program. I have used TaxAct since 2008, Not this year and never again!
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8 months ago, yusnielescalasmith
Not the best
Process is fast if you have the info need it to file the tax return. Besides, this app is malfunctioning somehow, ‘cause anytime I’m trying to log in into my account says username/password incorrect, then I have to change the password in order to log in into my account, that happen every time I want to log in, not just once. Too bad.
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4 years ago, guessyoudonotwantfeedback
Partnership LLC
There is no easy click to see forms as you are entering info. No easy way to go back to verify that an item on the form is really right. Clunky getting back to fix something—-if an item is wrong, should have a click on the item in the form to link back to the specific questions used to create that item figure. I have used this for years and I get really frustrated with the calculated percentages when negatives are involved.
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8 months ago, Bramofon
Does NOT work on this iPad
I was really impressed with my first year using TaxAct. I only used the website that time. So I now have an iPad Pro 12.9” M1 that I began trying to use TaxAct Express on since iOS version 16.0. It has never worked. Each time I get to the point where I add the second W2, it crashes and refuses to log back in stating “There was an error”. I’ve done an awful lot of work repeatedly and it’s getting nowhere.
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4 years ago, dmo seattle
Worst Experience with an app
I filed my 2018 federal tax return using TaxAct’s web based version and was kicked offline a minimum of 7 times which resulted in a 6 hour preparation time on a relatively simple tax return. I was unable to print my 1040 from both website, even after following instructions for cookies online. I also couldn’t print from the app. TaxAct has all my information going back 4-5 years and now I’m held hostage to staying with them.
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5 years ago, joeyz33
Extremely satisfied
I’ll update this review after everything goes through but so far they seem to be able to get me $700 more on my return than turbo tax could. $10 more but well worth it!
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8 months ago, lilbibby006
Get rid of chat box!!!!
I never had this much problems filling my taxes in past years like I do now. I have to sit through the chat box thing every time I access my current return???? Why fix what was not broken???? Then the app will kick you out your return out of nowhere.
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4 years ago, King of app purchases
This is the worst company for taxes. I filed and was charged. Now they send emails saying it’s not complete. Now I log in and it says I they have no account on file. They don’t answer emails. The customer service is garbage. I took screenshots from day one of my charges all the way to the app saying no account. They say use another device. It’s your app. It’s your problem. Don’t create an app if it doesn’t work. I want a refund immediately. Taxes still not filed......
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4 years ago, elcee allen
Thank you TAXACT
I look forward to using TaxAct again for my 2019 tax returns (still waiting for my 2019 W2 form to become available). Thank you for a very easy to navigate, accurate, self guided and easy to understand format in filling out the tax form...
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5 years ago, Gerry Sorensen
Year after Year
We have used Tax Act since it became possible to file electronically. I believe this is the easiest, most accurate program on the market. They have never let me down.
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4 years ago, 6thTry2get past this screeb
worse continuity/connectivity than last year
field of camera view to photo driver’s license narrow, sideways, and difficult to aim ... why not have option to import previous information first? (return customer appreciation issue?) after initial information gathering “saving” mode went on for quite some time (I left the room etc) and logged out ... next thing I see is this evaluation survey ... how do you think it’s going?
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5 years ago, u guys are redicilous!
I was tryin to use the deduction part for contributions of items and after inputting all my info it was stuck and said it was processing and the the whole program timed out and kicked me out!
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2 years ago, VultureBait
No email support
The app gives you an email address for customer support, but when you send an email, you get a response back saying the email address is no longer used, and you’re referred to a phone number. I’m not interested in phoning someone for support, so I guess I won’t use TaxAct next time.
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8 months ago, egifford
Never again!
The chat is NOT needed. It is aggravating and time consuming when the chat restarts from the beginning every single time I sign-in. There is no option to skip it and it’s completely unnecessary. Fix it. I can’t access my actual return after I save it because “view my return” doesn’t work, but every 10th time I try. What a nightmare.
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6 months ago, Elijah Cottle
Impossible to file an extension
I spent 20 minutes attempting to file extension with this software. After telling the program I ain't have my tax Documentes I was then asked 20 questions about the tax information that I already said I didn't have. And multiple times I was asked to purchase support for $100. I downloaded turbotax and completed the extension in 3 minutes.
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6 months ago, Ozziepez88
Worst experience with zero help
I filed and never revived my refund, I looked and it says state was not filed. I asked for help they’d aid they would not show me I just need to go back and do it, when I try it says it’s submitted and won’t let me do anything. They said it was my fault and can’t help me. I’ll be reporting them and warning everyone as much as I can to stay way from these scammers.
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4 years ago, Sfblessings
Nice work
I'm happy to see that attention has gone into this app with regard to VoiceOver accessibility. There are some improvements yet to be made particularly toward the end of the filing process, but with almost no sighted assistance I was able to file our return successfully.
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5 years ago, Silverravensoap
Overpriced and requires a CC
Been using this program for years. Always sending you a lock in price email which I did. $76 to file because of 2 deferred accounts. Ridiculous, and now you have to use a credit card as opposed to taking it out of your refund.
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3 years ago, KMA03072021
App kept kicking me off repeatedly
Last year TaxAct Express made doing my taxes a breeze. This year it took 3 times as long because I kept getting kicked out of the app and had to sign back in and repeat steps 2-3 times. It took me 3 times to just get my W-2 information entered. Definitely was NOT worth the increased price this year!
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2 years ago, Tarizana
Customer service
Last year I used tax act to file with great success. This year I went through the same steps and tax act deducted their fee without efiling my taxes. I have tried numerous times to get a hold of someone with no luck.. They just took my money without filing my taxes.! Poor customer service. I would have given a half star.
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4 years ago, stkn123
File tax return
It is very easy to file tax return and very helpful to understand all of the information about all the areas.
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5 years ago, Momzilla1234
Love the website-Dislike the app!
I used the app for the first time this year. Previously I have used the website and have had no problems. Within one hour the app froze up on me four times and I had to shut down and restart. Just for a simple 1040. I will never use the app again!
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4 years ago, wannablount
First time user
Seemed almost too easy. If no issues this year, will, use again next year.
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4 years ago, Albuquerque Baha'i
No link to File an Extension
Searched everywhere in their site and the app and could not access a link to file for an extension. Other than that I’ve used their site in the last few years. It’s been good.
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2 months ago, GetUpsideDown
I have to reset my password every time I log out?!
This app is absolute trash. Every time I’m forced logged out, my login information no longer works and I have to reset my password. There also loads of holes and glitches. Save yourself the frustration and just use tax act on on computer. Trash trash trash.
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5 years ago, VOqer
Support is awful
Tried to call 3 days running but got recording too busy to take phone calls. Gave up. They didn’t reply to email either. Input sheet for foreign tax credit carryover from prior year only partially loads so had to input on different computer. Very disappointing since I’ve used TaxAct for about 12 years but not on a tablet before.
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5 years ago, incostantemoto
Crashed after a bunch of work and didn’t save
I got a bunch of work done and needed to access some of the help topics because adding additional forms in the app wasn’t exactly intuitive. After reading the help topic, the app froze. I had to manually restart the app, and when I did, none of my information saved. Thanks for wasting my evening, TaxAct!
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