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User Reviews for TaxDome Client Portal

4.89 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 months ago, Bubbles On The GLO
Accurate Express Tax Service
When they say Accurate Express baby they Name hold Weight ! Very Accurate & Very Express … Ms. Toni Jones is an Amazing tax preparer she does not hesitate when it comes to handling business. My overall experience with working with her lifted any worries, frustration, and concerns dealing with other tax preparers they have you calling all over the world looking for them , but Toni’s communication throughout my whole process was very professional, productive, and positive! Easy processing with the client portal when it comes to uploading any documents especially with the scan documents versus taking a picture and have blur . I scanned my all my documents at one time and uploaded them all in one setting! Black-Owned Business for the win I appreciate these ladies Crystal you also I just wanna say thank you for the experience and the opportunity to do business with you all , I will continue my tax journey with these ladies ! Aww not to mention I got 2 free bundles of hair last year!!! Accurate Express also offers real cash advance’s !! In December the had a special going Called December Dollars I believe if you needed extra funds for them kids & bills they was go get you right !! Lol! But again overall come file your taxes with Accurate Tax Express , don’t Play with the Rest THEY THE BEST !!!!!
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3 months ago, Baubsubsinibsuvsib
Excellent Tax Service Experience!
I recently utilized the tax services provided by Chris Lamb with Class Advisors and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From start to finish, the process was seamless and efficient. The staff members were knowledgeable, courteous, and went above and beyond to ensure that all of my tax-related needs were met. One aspect that particularly impressed me was their attention to detail. They carefully reviewed my documents, answered all of my questions, and provided valuable insights to optimize my tax situation. Additionally, the turnaround time was incredibly quick, saving me both time and stress during tax season. Overall, I highly recommend Class Advisors for anyone seeking reliable and professional tax assistance. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart. I will definitely be returning next year and will continue to recommend their services to family and friends. Thank you, Chris Lamb and your team for your outstanding service!
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2 months ago, RevDav
CEO of Newrevelations in Christ Ministries Inc
Wow! Just when I thought I was happy with my chosen CPA Troy Emery and his team know how to make you even more happy! Let me explain. A few years ago after my CPA went back to India and ceased to do my taxes. My wife and I were frantic because we have a complex set of taxes. No worries. My wife located a local CPA group called Troy Emery and Associates we decided, out of desperation, to give them a try. We were so please and happy with their work and how they were to reduce our tax liability and this was at a time that we were faced the dreaded capital gains tax. Fast forward April 2023. This year we are happier!!! We are receiving a refund from both Federal and State. If you are looking for a confident and competent professional look no further, I highly recommend, Troy Emory and Associates. Troy is all business, he even answers the telephone, and knows what to do to get the best results for their clients.
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4 months ago, Smilegoo
Excellent tax preparation experience
While it seems a strange title… it is a true statement. I have never experienced a more kind, considerate, personalized, efficient and professional tax preparation team and company. They are fast, and thorough with any questions I had that I needed explanations and meticulous with their processes. Using their client portal was so easy and it’s user friendly! This is a team of tax preparers that care deeply about the quality of the services they offer. I always felt that they were available for my questions but also they made the tax process as easy as it could be for my needs. It was my first year working with them and I am so grateful for the value they bring to this not-so-fun but necessary annual event! They have prepared my taxes at a very affordable cost and I feel confident that I am in good hands. And.. I will definitely work with them next year. Thank you!! Kathryn Shulman
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4 months ago, Time Can’t Be Wasted
Fast and Professional
This year included a home sale, investment property repairs, investment income, rent income from a different state and SS. The web site provided the upload of all our documents in minutes and access to previous years records. Our taxes were completed in just a few days, acceptance was just a push of a finger tip and a check for over payment of last years taxes will be automatically deposited in our account. This tool made our life easier with the professionals having to navigate confusing tax laws. We used our time to practice paddeling an outrigger canoe and watching whales.
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4 months ago, Worn out. Give up!
Review of seminar
Seminar helped only when staff sat with me to interpret. Mainly because of my hearing limitation. Could not follow what was said with Mike. Did get help from Rebecca Fewell, but finally figured how to use organizer when I followed tip given at seminar to hit square with upward arrow on picture I needed to download. When I punched that square with the arrow, up popped a group of options. I saw the option of creating an album, which I did not know existed, but I hit it and gave it the name Tax Dome. Viola! It was clear sailing from there. Would have helped me if seminar had given out a cheat sheet with simple steps to reach the desired goal. I found it like the blind hog finds an acorn by rooting until he comes across one,
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3 months ago, Randaddy 123456677
Tax app review
It was fairly easy to navigate. I think I have my phone settings to magnified to use it properly so I noticed I had to go back to get rid of the keyboard to go to the next and previous buttons. I just noticed that was difficult on a few of them where you had the number pad and to go up higher where the written text was hit there, so that done would show up on the keyboard, not sure how to make that easier if that’s just how it is but other than that it was fine very nice first time ever did something like this?
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2 months ago, Dad-o-8
Awesome services
This was the first time in 30+ years I have actually seen and reviewed my tax return. Normally, just sign here…don’t worry about. You shouldn’t go to jail. But hey, you’re getting a huge refund. With MTS and their secure portal system, uploading documents, reviewing my prepared return, and signing it electronically has saved me so much time. Thank you MTS and Ventur Solutions for making my life so much easier. We will be seeing each other (at least virtually anyway) this same time next year! Lastly, I know I won’t be going to jail!!! **Bonus**
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2 months ago, Paulanders118
First time customer
Having recently moved to the Kansas City area from out of state, we were very thankful and pleased to find Alliance Financial and Income Tax. Our previous tax preparer served us for 30 years, so we were a bit apprehensive about starting out again with someone new. Alliance’s history, expertise, professionalism, alignment with Dave Ramsey, and of course, our tax prep results for this year, have more than allayed any concerns about our choice. As of now, I hope this is a new relationship that will last for many years to come!
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3 months ago, Travel connections
Tax portal
The tax preparation has been relatively easy, once I learning how to work the program ( it took some instruction). Felt comfortable to send information in at any time. In person tax filing has worked well for me in the past since I had immediate information of what I had or needed to finalize my taxes. I felt a bit strung out, but most of that was not receiving my mail that contained 1099s or such to pull my taxes together. I definitely appreciate the service offered by Rich and his associates in finalizing my taxes this year. Thank you.
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4 months ago, Christine Vail
Taxdome App
I think using the app is user friendly, convenient, and saves a lot of time going into the office to drop off additional information. The only thing I would mention, and it has nothing to do with the app, is I do miss the one on one personal meeting with Derek or one of his associates for the initial and exit stages. Also Veronica and Bernice are extremely helpful and have always been professional and knowledgeable about everything that is necessary for a successful experience.
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4 months ago, _Tom_U
Smooth & Fast but needs some “Polish”
So this review is made under the basis of using this as a client of a Tax preparer and for the most part is well constructed and easy to use. However some missing critical elements are easy things like a FAQs and a tutorial video guide. I know it seems pretty obvious but some small nuances of messaging and including specific headers/message elements were missed because I misclicked or didn’t know what exactly to enter. Bottom line though this is a solid app and I will recommend trying to use it for get ahead of e-filing and other electronic tax prep or whatnot.
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3 months ago, Z designer
Filing taxes couldn’t get better!
This app has great UX and features. The best is the built-in scanner. All you need are your files to prep your folder. My accountant won’t give an appointment until the check marks are all filled in so this servers as your reminder by just logging in to see what’s missing based on you account reqs. There’s also built-in messaging messaging system. Of course, you get the most out of this feature based on your preference settings.
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3 months ago, ruby ann flores
The best Tax professional I’ve ever been to !
As a returning client of many years, I continue to be impressed by the exceptional service provided by Christy's Tax and Notary. Christy has consistently demonstrated her professionalism and expertise, making the entire tax preparation process seamless and stress-free. Additionally, I appreciate how up-to-date and easy the process is, thanks to Christy's dedication to staying informed about the latest tax regulations and utilizing efficient technology. Christy's Tax and Notary truly sets the standard for excellence in tax preparation services.
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4 months ago, Nothing less than amazing
Great service!!
MJ always does a great job and makes sure she explains everything as she is trying to make sure she has your best interest at heart but also doing her best to make sure she is able to maximize and make sure she has you covered in looking for all the tax breaks she can utilize to best meet your expectations in her knowledge of getting her job done, my husband and I have been using MJ for several years now and I would not trust anyone else with our taxes!!
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3 months ago, MarknKitty
Great Service
I’m a long term client and I must say, their service is outstanding. They’re always extremely professional and attentive to my needs. The team is knowledgeable and experienced, providing me with expert guidance and advice. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the service provided by the AGA Group. They exceed my expectations in every way possible. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and professional accounting assistance.
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2 years ago, tschilling
Could be 5 star
Everything is great however when uploading documents it should allow me to change the name of the file as I’m uploading it. I have to upload it, the screen refreshes and I have to go back to the file where I uploaded it and then change it. A lot of wasted steps. Also a final note on the web portal or app when I end up cha going something it takes me all the way back to the Home Screen. Keep me at the sub folder where I was working at please!!!
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3 months ago, sorryi agreed to review
CS Financial- An Exceptional Company
CS Financial has been preparing my taxes both business and personal for many years now. They always go the extra mile to help in any way needed and I am grateful for their financial/tax guidance. I find them totally ethical and professional with exceptional skills of interpersonal communication, collaboration, and of course financial. I have counted on them year after year and could not get through tax season without them .
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5 months ago, St Paul Hope
A few glitches but overall good
1. I didn’t make an IRA contribution for myself, only for my husband, but I was required to choose which type of IRA for myself. 2. All our docs were saved on Dropbox but I couldn’t seem to import anything from there, so I ended up having to print and use the app’s scanner to upload all those docs. Other than that, really helpful to be able to walk through topics and upload as I go. The scanner worked really well.
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3 months ago, ShoeGal6
Speedy and Convenient
Zach, my preparer, was incredibly responsive and helpful with not only my current tax year, but also with questions I had going forward for future considerations. Communicating through the portal, and uploading documents, could not have been any more convenient. I highly recommend Romig tax services to anyone, anytime no matter how basic or complex your needs may be.
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3 months ago, PaulDeanBumgarner
Functional and Easy
The app appears to work simply enough but it needs a more obvious way to change your signature from the typed version to a hand drawn style. I created the typed version then felt uncomfortable with it so wanted to change to a drawn version however I could not find any way to make the change so I was left with that option. My fault but still would like the option to change it. Thanks.
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4 months ago, Diva Nana W
Professional and Gets Taxes Done Quickly
Twyla and her team are very professional tax preparers and accountants. As they did my taxes last year and again this year, they ask and answer the necessary questions to complete taxes in a timely manner. I really appreciate the professionalism and expertise this organization displays consistently. Thank you for handling my taxes with care and for getting them done without delay. Blessings!
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3 months ago, D.G.Johnson
Awesome experience
I have had the most pleasant experience filing taxes. The process was easy but very thorough, which gave me confidence and comfort with this process. The customer service was stellar and the attention to all the details with explanations help me understand more of the process! Ms. Ngozi was completely professional and the expert I worked with and she will see me for years to come! Excellent work and very accommodating!
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4 months ago, Evercy
Miguel Matos is amazing and extremely detailed. The app also makes everything so much easier & simpler. Miguel has been doing my taxes for years now. Never had an issue & always done in a timely fashion. Always available if I had any concerns or questions. Amazing Job Mr Miguel Matos and thank you & your colleagues for a great & easy way to help file my taxes on a yearly basis. 1 less thing I have to worry about.
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1 year ago, bozopriester
Faulty at the moment
I am trying to use the app right now on an iphone. Face ID is turned on, and it validates, but then it flips to the pin entry page, then shows the face id validation again...over and over and over, looping endlessly. I turned off Face ID in app settings and tried again. After entering the correct pin, nothing happens; I see nothing but a blank screen. I would submit a bug, but you can only do that from within the app...which doesn't work at the moment.
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3 months ago, capmeeg
Easy to use
Easy to upload onto platform, didn’t need a separate scanner, 6 pages of questions and you’re finished! And it was a process that I could work on incrementally, I didn’t feel the pressure to finish in one sitting. The only way it could be better is if it didn’t require you to fill in boxes for spouse info if you don’t have a spouse.
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4 months ago, Snook14
I come from a small town in Michigan where everyone knows everyone, so it’s easy to find a trustworthy CPA. When I moved down here I was scared in this big city. I have never done and H&R Block and I didn’t want to start now. I stumbled upon Jason and I am forever grateful. He’s been A1 from day one! Highly recommend. He’s very knowledgeable in the direct sales industry as well! You won’t be disappointed.
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5 months ago, Nurseleigha
I r been using travel tax for 10 years. When they were switching from paper to electronic I wasn’t happy because I’m not tech savvy. This app is super easy. They even have a document scanner in the app to easily scan all your paperwork! I hardly ever leave reviews because I forget. However I thought this one was worth giving 5 stars because of the ease.
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2 months ago, M@dScyntisto
Excellent, Easy, & Miminalistic User Interface
Love to use this app as a Client Portal who is using TaxDome as their Client Management Tools! This is SO SIMPLE, REFRESHING, and CONVENIENT compared to having to commute or setup an email to get the documents to Williamson Tax & Bookkeeping who is completely amazing taking care of my Tax Returns! Th aka for the amazing and easy to use client portal interface and fully interactive document upload process.
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5 months ago, Ugotobkidding
Takes awhile
This app has real potential. However, it seems that some app designers value simplicity over easy comprehension by the user. After playing with the app for awhile it becomes simple and easy to use, but at first the directions forward are not intuitive. However, now that I worked through it should be easy to use next year (and quick).
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3 months ago, user 109-8592
Tax Returns made easygoing
Thank you for making my life a lot easier. Rosenthal and Kaplan have been excellent and very professional. I have appreciated the portal and all of the work that they do to keep me and the IRS happy. Thank you for all your efforts and your hard work. I have enjoyed using your portal and know that in the future, it will make things so much easier.
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1 month ago, Eatitnow
Very satisfied with the service provided
I was a little leery having to select another company to prepare my taxes, but something in the name drew me to Tax Happens LLC. Ms. Turner and Ms. Dibble provided quality service well within a timely manner and I couldn’t be happier with the service provided. I would recommend to others to check them out. I know I found my new tax team.
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5 months ago, SherbRat
A little frustrating
When going to take pictures of docs using the phone camera to upload on the app, then going back to the app, the organizer goes back to the beginning. Really frustrating trying to get back where I left off. Also, None of my pdf or jpeg docs will upload to the organizer when on the tax dome website. Again frustrating
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4 months ago, ToniLynn
New world
It’s hard for me to use computers and all the new fangled apps sometimes. I understand we have to change with the times. I am so glad Tristar has patience with me when it comes to the new way to do our taxes. They are the best and I have gotten used to this app now and appreciate the simplicity in submitting my documentation.
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8 months ago, M3libra
Can’t pay invoices
I enter my email, full name, routing number, and account number with confirmation. When I tap the big blue Pay button, all I see is a red line under my account number (which is correct and confirmed). There is no error message or other explanation. Just a red line. The app is stuck, and all I can do is close it and call my accountant to explain why she will need to wait to get paid. (This is the person paying YOUR invoices, by the way.)
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5 days ago, acs149
Great Service
We moved to Randy from another firm because their rates were high and our tax refunds were not as high as we were expecting. Randy and his team have improved our refunds by over 25% and their fee is much lower than we were paying previously so we are very satisfied with their service.
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2 months ago, A&M53
2023 Federal & State Income Taxes
We are not computer experts but this app was so easy to use. We were able to send our information to John and he completed our taxes and called us to explain how to sign and submit payments and fees. It was simple. We will definitely use John and this app for our 2024 Taxes. Thank you for such great service!
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3 months ago, Happy Phone-Happy Life
Finally a REAL Tech Tax Solution That works!
every year I get stressed out about having to accumulate all of my tax information and make sure that it is sent over in a neat and timely matter. This app streamlines everything direct to my tax guy and saves me so much time in having to schedule meetings and show up in person.
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5 months ago, Netta 33
App review
I must say this app for tax team services is amazing. It’s is so easy to navigate around. The response are more faster turn arounds on the app. They make uploading your documents a smooth stress free process. I love the app I would recommend this app and Tax team services to anyone looking for a smooth easy yet very professional tax experience
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2 months ago, Leeda M
The app is really easy to use. I have been hesitant to use it because I felt it would be difficult plus I’m old and maybe a little stubborn. But it was again, really easy to use, pretty painless and now my taxes done. I truly recommend using the app.
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3 months ago, Travel Max Meadows
Travel tax was understandable and, so far, has been easy to complete. Very clear, although there seemed to be so many steps at first glance. The guarantee is fabulous and comforting as well. Thanks! By the way, where do I submit the lady I spoke with who strongly recommended your service to me?! I’m thankful for her, too!!
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3 months ago, margirn22
Fast and efficient! No judgement.
Mrs Yonge is such an excellent accountant. She is straight to the point in a nice way. She knows what’s she is doing. I feel grateful that she takes such good care of me especially at tax time. Face it we all need a person that can handle the IRS. I am so happy my taxes are finished. Yay! Thank you Acorn Accounting and Angela Yonge. See you next year.
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3 months ago, Thill Companies
This was our first year using Jonas! And he was amazing! Helped us set up my husbands s corp for his business and made the whole process super easy and was very helpful with it all! Also responds quickly with any questions we had which was super nice! Highly highly recommend!
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2 months ago, cc twins
Evan was very amazing. I appreciate that he answered my 100 questions that I had. Evan was quick to always email me back quickly, kind, and very nice. I feel he went over and beyond to help and made everything really easy while I was stressing. Thank you thank you
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3 months ago, 98 Eclipse
Best Accountant Ever Period.!!!
Would Never Think of going anywhere else Period.!!! I have recommended My Accountant to everyone I know including Friends and family members in and out of my state because she is that good. And so far everyone I’ve recommended to her are Extremely Happy with her.!!!
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4 months ago, ?starz?
Easy to use!
TaxDome, with the organizers set up by Sapphire Bookkeeping, has clear instructions & has been easy to use. I used another type of Tax preparation software this year, helping my parents’ with their taxes, which was similar but less clear & streamlined. Thank you Sapphire Bookkeeping!
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5 months ago, acebdat1
Amazing company!! Great Service awesome team!
I have always filed my taxes through Rocket Tax Services. I have always received great service, timely and efficient assistance with everything needed! Rita and Shaun always take care of their clients! I will continue doing business with them! They treat everyone like family!
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9 months ago, Super Qualified Reviewer
3.0 Update is Pretty Slick
The latest update seems solid. I like the scanning functionality, and how it puts my to-do items front-and-center. I saw previous complaints about rebating files being a problem, but the devs seem to have fixed that.
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3 months ago, eviljoan1
Best way to do taxes…EVER
I don’t even need to scan documents or take photos of them and upload them separately. The app takes automatic photos and uploads them simultaneously! I can chat with my accountant, so that I know what I’m missing. Where has this tech been all my life??
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4 months ago, Pink berri
Tax Satisfied
I was degrees by a formed and of mines and I must admire I was slightly skeptical. I will say this, Ms. Sharon did not disappoint from the time I walked in to the time I left. My professional, informative and social engaging. As long as I reside I GA, I believe this will be my next Tax home. She is apparent, authentic and genuine. She stand on business and will get business done!
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