TaxSlayer: File your taxes

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TaxSlayer LLC
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5 months ago
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User Reviews for TaxSlayer: File your taxes

4.76 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
5 years ago, chilibowlwillie
Great app
For basic 1040 ez returns hands down the best app available. Took me less than 30 mins to get my info typed in and saved. Took longer to try and setup my wireless printer and sync with iPad to print return. Very user friendly as always will help guide you step by step. You have to be a complete moron to not be able to use this app. My only complaint would be that after wasting over an hour setting up my wireless printer the print button in the app would not allow me to print from my iPad. So I’ll just get on my laptop to print no biggie. Yes TurboTax is very quick with there scan and go but they will overcharge the crap out of you. As always no surprise fees with TaxSlayer. I used TurboTax once years ago and paid over 120 to process my return, as always taxslayer charged a fair flat rate 53 dollars. Thanks again for the fast fair tax service Taxslayer.
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4 months ago, GrydOrDie
App not working trying to log in
Each time I try to log in the app, it shows the loading screen and never comes off of that loading screen no matter how many times I restart the app, phone, or even uninstall, and reinstall the app. Plus the whole deductions and write offs and health marketplace 1095 situation they don’t have every single corresponding document type like 1095-B or 1095-C all they have is a 1095-A. I can see they tried to fast track the selection process for the taxes but the app and the website was super confusing. I expected a learning curve/learning time to get some understanding of the system. But a lot of times my taxes were being kicked back because the system used not the IRS. It took me 5 or 6 times to correct it and I hope they follow through on the package I purchased too with the tax help after the fact. The only thing I appreciated was the schedule C page and the ease of the process to enter the amount. But your IT department has a lot of room to cover to make it easier to enter certain deductions or build a search tool that will automatically go to the correct page to enter said amounts ex. Mileage, utilities purchased to perform the job.
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4 months ago, 28272827$2
Tax Slayer
I tried other tax services like H&R Block and Intuit. However, Tax Slayer got me the most money back and was fairly easy to use. However, Tax Slayer really needs to make it easier to delete a dependent and to be able to view your dependent. I uploaded my taxes from last year which had my daughter on there that I couldn’t claim this year. Tax Slayer automatically added her to my taxes this year and there wasn’t a place on here where I could delete her or even review that part of my taxes. I did check some boxes by her name but for some reason they still included her. I ended up having to go and email them and wait almost 24 hrs for a response and then they was able to take me to that section and allow me to take her off of my taxes. So I hope tax slayer will make this process easier in the future and have a place where people can take their dependents off. I would also suggest having a box you can check on each thing that explains what it is. Other then that it was pretty easy to use.
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2 months ago, Xic0rn
Cheaper and Better than TurboTax
Every time I used TurboTax I always felt like I was cheated from my tax returns or it was a struggle to file my taxes with them. I’m glad I found this app! The whole process is way easier and from my experience it wasn’t glitchy at all. I can go back an edit my information and the app notifies you of any missing information or if you entered incorrect information. If you did the app will give you a detailed explanation of why it is incorrect, which I really appreciated. Going forward I will be using Tax Slayer for my future filings. This is a real review. I just finished my taxes, which included multiple forms in 30 minutes or less! I never had this experience using TurboTax.
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5 years ago, Turbojacket
Taxes. On your phone.
This couldn’t have been any easier on a mobile device. I jumped into it on my MacBook a few months ago to see what my tax situation was looking like and easily just wrapped up the loose ends on my iPhone in a matter of minutes. Seriously, a few years ago I would have never done my taxes on a phone, but TaxSlayer is ahead of the curve with mobile-first optimizations. I did do diligence and ran my numbers through other software just to see if the money I owed was less. Nope! TaxSlayer got everything. Taxes done been slayed!!!
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3 years ago, wesleyg94
Would not recommend tax slayer to anyone
I have had nothing but problems with Tax Slayer. They made an error on my tax return, causing me to file an amendment, and paying an additional $1,200 that I wasn’t expecting or budgeting to. I also had to pay tax slayer an additional $45 for the amendment in March. I was able to move on, until my account was charged for a NSF fee for $86 for tax slayer, who took over 4 months to charge my account for the first time I filed taxes in February. I logged in and I can’t find how to make a payment anywhere, either. I am a student, on minimum wage and live paycheck to paycheck. I am happy to pay my bills but there is no excuse for tax slayer to withhold a payment for over 4 months. Their poorly executed business has cost me more than it would have to have taxes filed elsewhere and caused much unnecessary stress and anxiety for myself. I would not recommend this tax preparation software to anyone.
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1 year ago, Domecile
Still happily using it
March 2023: 2019 tax year was the first time I used TaxSlayer, and their system had a problem regarding a fairly unusual form. It was a real hassle to get it done correctly…but it was eventually resolved. After I filed, I got a call from TaxSlayer apologizing, promising to fix it for 2020, and refunding my fee. As a result, I raised the stars from 2 to 5. And, even in 2019, every person I talked to was very was just a system problem. So bottom line is I am still happily using TaxSlayer.
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3 years ago, danielle8380
Self-Employed taxes made EASY!
For years I’ve used turbo tax but for some reason this year was wonky even though my situation hasn’t change, not to mention the cost had went up again. Anyhoo- I figured I’d venture out and try something different. I was so pleased that all my info from previous years with turbo tax was easily downloaded in no time and e-filing was a BREEZE; best part is it only cost me half of what I’ve paid in the past. I truly am impressed with this service, app, etc.... I think their name represents them very well!
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4 months ago, stinger90
Painless filing.
I have used Taxslayer since 2003. I took a break and used a tax accountant for a few years. What I found was I did a better job using Taxslayer. I appreciate the way data is inputed, just like a checklist. I have a paper checklist of everything i need to gather, and as its received I input into Taxslayer. Less and less deductions are available with new tax laws in effect. Having Taxslayer on top of the changes is immeasurably calming when I prepare our taxes. Lastly, the price is a bargain. Forever customer, Andrea.
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3 years ago, kdb4459
There were too many glitches when trying to check out it took me almost 2 days to complete the check I have due to website getting hung up in different areas. I had already entered so much information I did not want to have to completely redo on another site however I probably would not have use this site if I do known it was going to be this many problems
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3 years ago, Ravenna Snow
You guys are frauds
You guys just lost a customer and I hope everyone leaves this company because I didn’t get my second stimulus check and other tax companies have paid their customers the $600. The fact you open up an account that’s closed and the IRS sent it to that so I don’t get my money when all my bank info hasn’t changed in 10 years!!! You guys caused me to not have money for my daughter and I to eat!!!! I was planning on that money so I’m done with you frauds and you don’t care about your customers. No one has reached out to me at all nothing. So inconsiderate goodbye. Telling everyone I know to stay away from you people. I’m a combat veteran too and I needed that money. You guys don’t even care about the military.
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1 year ago, DebbieA52
Excellent website
This was excellent and the easiest taxes I have ever done myself! We have been paying a tax accountant three times what it cost for this return. We also bought the will that was offered for both of us. The help sections were great and though it took me days because I needed to keep getting things needed from the IRS page, my bad, not Taxslayers. I highly recommend this service it is really easy and through!!
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2 years ago, yahtzee tom
Thank you!
You made this much more easier than I imagined. I appreciate having a phone number to call and discuss with your team as well as email to send questions. The team is accommodating, professional, and offered answers quickly. Thank you again - Tom
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11 months ago, xfdfgghg
This absolutely was the worst tax company ever. The bank They use ,where they take their fees out, has been holding my refund . For 15 days fraudulently. If I would’ve known what I know now I would’ve never use this company. If you’re going to do your taxes, please don’t use this company I called to check to ask to see why my funds are being held and they were extremely rude to me. It’s not tax slayer per se it’s the bank they use to take the fees out and distribute funds. I may never get my income tax refund back. The IRS can’t expedite my funds out of their bank account. So if you want to lose all of your money, do your taxes with TaxSlayer👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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1 year ago, Hazanne778
My tax return experience
I had a difficult time this year with my filing. It was easier in the years before. I do my taxes each year and just seemed to get lost understanding the wording of information needed. Will probably need to go to another tax site next year and see if that helps. The fees are more if after certain dates can’t understand why that is. I was once paying 99$ plus now today it jumped to 109$ plus. That’s just not right to do people that way. Oh well. Who cares Right.?
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1 year ago, Sandy beach 342
Easy to use
This year my old computer didn’t like it using safari or Firefox so I downloaded the app which was fine. I had a glitch when I didn’t have my bank routing number and when I went to log back in it was not allowing it but did after a short wait. Also if you’re not careful you may end up adding extras at the end like paying for preparation of a will.
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1 year ago, Maritza Valdez
Printing does not work
Filing was okay but not thorough. TurboTax is better in a way that it makes to ask all questions while TaxSlayer does not. TaxSlayer is cheaper than TurboTax. The printing was not working and I’m sure others have had this problem. I needed to print my forms out and the print button was not working. I waited a couple minutes and signed out, nothing was working, including printing on their website. The printing help did not work on the Q&A. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, Dj55106
Awesome and easy to use!!! Thanks Slayer for helping my with my taxes!
TaxSlayer makes it easy to file my return. Being a return customer they had my information on file and my taxes were done in a snap. I also like the added piece of mind (for a small price) that they will help me if there is problems with my refund. Great product, great company!
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2 years ago, LiIiLiIiFlOwR
Much more user friendly
It is much easier to file now. This is the first year I did not run into any issues while filing. It is a much easier layout than before very strait forward. Thank you to the developers you have done a excellent job.
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2 months ago, Ciofalo1
Website technical problems cannot print or access return
I am about to tear my hair out, trying to get my 2023 tax return printed and put in my files Your website has a drop-down for having trouble printing or viewing your return click here and it doesn’t do anything. It just goes to TaxSlayer logo. Totally ridiculous not acceptable and TaxSlayer used to be really good. I’ve used them for years and now all of a sudden problems.
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6 years ago, JulianSecks
Works great.
The interface could use some minor improvements, but overall an easy and free tax refund calculator/ submitting tool. I was able to submit my federal and state taxes and saved the $250 I paid liberty last year. The app is secure and uses Face ID before showing any personal information, even if the phone is unlocked and you are using another app. I loved that feature. The app also was not clogged with a bunch of advertisements or annoying pop ups. How refreshing! Overall I’d recommend this to anybody who was filing their taxes and had a simple return they felt comfortable doing themselves. Great tool.
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1 year ago, Snaver
$94 for a 1040 EZ???
I just took a standard deduction. I just have one W-2, and that's it. But it forced me into the "Premium Edition" and offered no option for the simple version. Of course they don't tell you that they forced you into the premium edition until the very last step. If you're going to force someone into the premium edition, at least be up front about it. Don't try to hide it until the very last step. If you had, at least, been honest about it, I wouldn't have been forced to do 1 star.
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1 year ago, Anti orbital
Don't check the boxes
Switched from intuit to taxslayer last year because intuit tried to trick me, repeatedly, into agreeing to allow them to use my info for purposes other than tax preparation. Requiring you to do so is illegal, so they allow you to decline, but not without presenting the opt in as though it were regular boilerplate required to proceed. This year, taxslayer picked up the same garbage behavior. Plus like 15 screens trying to get you to sign up for other garbage addons. If I qualified to use the IRS tool, I'd be there in a heartbeat.
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5 months ago, UnrealTime
App Issues Galore
Dead links, weird loops and surprise routing is abundant. Used them for years, but cannot even access prior year returns in the app anymore- just dead links. State return for 2023 cannot be accessed after initial entry, and per tech support this state return is inaccessible via iphone or safari! No real benefit to the app. Unsure if certain state credits are even allowable to enter. Even saw some guided step noted as a "Less comman" deduction. Yikes. Maybe need to find another vendor at this point for the money they charge.
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1 year ago, LovelyH1342
I had a lot of trouble with getting other tax services to work, but this app made it so much easier to understand the whole process and gives you helpful tools if you’re missing any information
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3 years ago, Nana948
Filing taxes
This is a great app and site for filing your taxes.. I had previous used turbo tax but they were very very friendly about it this year.. I also tried the opirs website but that was the same. Then I tried TaxSlayer and was immediately impressed with the service. Ian’s I’m going to get more than last year’s refund.
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1 year ago, Made1698
Best service
I will never use another tax service! Taxslayer is easy and very efficient. I get the response as I’m going through my tax information and deductions. I love this app and I just can’t express how relieved I am to use this during tax season
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3 years ago, LisaJaebug
Why is everyone so sneaky?
Tell people up front that the streamlined pay with your return bit involves you guys getting a $39 "processing fee". It could be right there next to the offer so people can make an informed decision or perhaps they could be sure they've got that the filing costs on hand and avoid the hidden fee. I only gave you my business cause I'm tired of inputting info manually, tried TaxAct and they were sneaky about the state return cost if you don't qualify for free file. I'll never use either of you again.
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4 years ago, IrrelevantSwag
Turbo slayer
While this still IS NOT COMPLETELY FREE it's way cheaper then turbo tax. TurboTax free version tried to charge me $120 after lying to me that my return was $30 lower than I knew it to be. Taxslayer gave me the correct return and only charged $30. But even paying $30 to prove to my state that I don't own taxes and they don't owe me a return is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. Gotta love living in the only country to do this to their citizens. Woo merica.
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2 years ago, tomcat11984
Price of state return
The prices for state return is pushing me to consider a different online program. Pricing on state returns should be more inline with if it’s a simple return or has additional forms required for it to be filed. $37 for simple state return versus just the price of the classic federal option shows where you are ripping people off.
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1 year ago, kmadamz123
No complaints other than it upgrades you from free to having to pay $100+. Had I known that and not spent the amount of time that I did doing my own taxes, I’d have just gone to a professional at that point. Otherwise it was fairly easy to use, time consuming but I got my taxes filed and accepted by both federal and state.
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4 years ago, AshleyyReedd
Love TaxSlayer
I have been using TaxSlayer for probably about 10 years now and it never lets me down. Quick, easy & simple to use every year. I don’t think I would ever go any other way then TaxSlayer. It’s not that expensive either! Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, Tricked and deceived
Bait and switch
This company says it’s free then when you get finished filling out all the forms and you’re ready to file they tell you there’s a charge and when you actually see what all the charges are it’s almost $100 This company says it’s free then when you get finished filling out all the forms and you’re ready to file they tell you there’s a charge and when you actually see what ALL of the charges are it’s almost $100
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2 years ago, Oddcheese14
Love it!
I’ve been using this service to file my taxes for the last several years and each year I come back to use it again because it’s so easy and fast to use. Love it! Thanks!
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2 years ago, happysadcustomer
Return customer
We should not be forced to only use the Premium package while others have options to use less expensive services. Some of us are on a fixed income and the $74 charge that I just received was not appreciated!!!
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2 years ago, Official Charly's Taqueria
Basic Return
I've been using taxpayer for the past three years and I have been pleased with the quality results . Try it it's worth the money and time to get your taxes done.
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1 year ago, i know what im doing
Actually gives you the option to file for FREE
TaxSlayer is great and beats turbotax and their other competitors easily! Awesome, straightforward and easy to use! You are actually able to file your taxes for free if you want to.
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4 years ago, toneall
To the better of the two
I have admit I started my return with Turbo Tax and when I got to the fees.....I hit DELETE. I put in all my info and numbers got a good return and 1/2 the cost on fees. TURBO TAX wanted to charge me for deducting the fees from my refund. $40 this is STUPID go with TAXSLAYER and you won’t go wrong. Thanks Tony
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3 years ago, chiefs fan 2020
The worst
I would never recommend this to a friend. I’ve never been more frustrated doing taxes in my life. Horrible experience, called several times for technical support and received rude responses and zero answers. If you’re looking for a hassle and waste of money and time get tax slayer. Note: I very rarely write a negative review. My 2020 taxes have been one of the most frustrating things I’ve dealt with. Will be looking elsewhere next year.
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5 years ago, Jaie
Quick, seems correct
The tax app I usually use increased prices dramatically this year, and I set out to find another one. TaxSlayer gave me the same results as the app I’ve been using and saved me about $70. Which I will need, as I owe some on federal taxes this year.
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2 years ago, Pnw Stylist
Self employment must
I was very impressed with how it walked me through, and I didn’t have to restart an entire section as I was editing. Very user friendly- some bugs with new iPhones
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3 years ago, bigtimin28
Honestly better than a agent
If you just fallow the boxes you can file so easily through tax slayer. It made my taxes easier to file than going through a agent and paying a extra 350$$
Show more
2 years ago, Flight#2021
Quick and so, so easy
This was so quick and easy to file both State and Federal returns. The amount I paid was priceless and beats going to any tax preparer. Will be using again next year!
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1 year ago, Nanyb
I’ve been using TaxSlayer for years. But it is much more expensive than other services. I’ll probably change next year.
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3 years ago, wvjeff21
Easy to use, price it getting ridiculous
Have used for a few years and being a repeat customer, forms carry over from year to year, making it much simpler. The price has risen year after year as well, which has gotten absurd.
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4 months ago, egg igvbii
I have went threw many different tax preparation programs. This one got me over the max I was getting with other companies. I used premium and file on the go ! Worth the money !
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2 years ago, CountryPrince
Have to log in every time
I can’t stay logged in because there is no option to “remember me” and Face ID does not work. Settings revert every time I close the app. Developer needs to work on this. The whole point of having a mobile app is to stay logged in.
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4 months ago, zoethahoe4
Get the app
The best , i just learned if i have a Ira I can put it on my taxes I know it sounds dumb like everyone should know that but I didn’t until I got here I learned so much in 40 mins
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1 year ago, Ashmede
Bait & Switch
Like so many of these tax programs, they are not free as they claim. They are actually outrageously expensive. If you have a single dependent, they will charge you an outrageous filing fee of about $75 and yet another fee if you want to actually print out your tax form. We ended up wasting a bunch of time before driving to the library to pick up paper forms. They should pay me for wasting my time.
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1 year ago, cdog!!!!3
The entire app is crap
I have problems with this App every single year I use it. You’d think I’d learn and just stop using it but I haven’t lol. But I will for sure now. It keeps skipping past the edit AGI part to fix my return and I can’t do anything about it. Quite annoying. Good thing after years of using this app I finally figured out a different way to edit those numbers.
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