TD Bank (US)

4.8 (246.4K)
177.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
TD Bank, N.A.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TD Bank (US)

4.83 out of 5
246.4K Ratings
2 years ago, jjjjjjkfg
Best bank ever
Update still a great bank I had a major issue with my card a few weeks back Iam a over the road truck driver and my card and bank are vital to me while I was asleep my bank account was hacked while I was 400 miles away from home around 2am everything happened they set me up with a new card/Apple Pay for the mean time now fast forward mid day fuel time 400 dollars for some reason Apple Pay couldn’t go through time after time went from card okay to use to locked no one could figure out what was happening one lady Joan amazing she tried everything she could but couldn’t crack it and let me tell you she gave it her all she then told me since fraud was handling it she could only dig so deep (understandable) she was pregnant so is my girlfriend so she understood what I was going through and how fast I wanted to get home told me to get in touch with fraud and they will figure it 100% hour later finally through this women Danielle when I tell you gave it her all tried everything even had the best in her department stumped until she realized where I was getting fuel from the loves truck stop she tried giving back past over draft fees and she cracked it and explained what happened and why it happened honestly I was impressed and out of all the banks I’ve banked with TD BANK goes above and beyond for their customers and will do everything in their power to help this is my forever bank they both deserve raises
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6 years ago, It'sMeMel
Love the app and Adore TD reps.
The app is in constant use for me, I’d be lost without it at this point. It’s always worked perfectly. I absolutely love and appreciate the ASAP call feature. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between this version and the old version, but it’s still working great. There are glitches on the app and across TD since the updates, however I know TD will get them all worked out, so patience is all we need to have and taking the time to ask for supervisors to say thank you for the reps above and beyond help if you have to call them. I do that all the time. Every call, a rep gets a thank you directly to a supervisor because they deserve more gratitude and patience over angry calls. Top notch, exceptional company, online banking and people. No I don’t work for them. I’m a customer who’s been treated like a human being for years by the most wonderful people and I’m sharing my gratitude here also. Re: Reply to JC. So happy to know the reviews are being seen and hopefully you know how much you’re appreciated. TD has been amazing with me through ‘so’ much. The app is perfect. Thank you greatly for your reply, JC. Wish I could express all the why’s for my comments about and apart from the app. Both are exceptional!! Best to you :)
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1 year ago, #PlayboiTrey
TD Ameritrade is dying!!! Leave while you can!!!!
What a joke of an app and a joke of a company .. I am writing this as a declaration of me taking my business to another bank such as Discover or Bank of America who are ten times better. Let’s start with the fact that the recent update has made the app terrible. I spend 2 minutes sitting staring at my phone with Face ID spinning multiple times trying to log me in to avail. Extremely frustrating and time consuming for no reason. On top of this… I have been a TD customer for years and recently it has just been very non satisfactory dealing with them. Going to their multiple banks in person isn’t much of an experience to say the least .. only thing they have to offer is Lollipops. I’ve had more terrible customer service experiences with them in person and on phone than good ones. I have a checking account and savings account with a lot of money and let’s just say there is pretty much no benefit to banking with TD. On top of that I recently signed up for two credit cards and basically nothing was explained to me. Realized they are going to turn out to be more of a detriment than a benefit. Signed up for a Discover credit card where I got a much higher limit and 0% introductory APR. I didn’t even know about such a thing because TD has crappy set up Credit Cards. Greedy bank with terrible service and terrible app quality. Just bad around the board. I am very disappointed TD Ameritrade.
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1 year ago, Stormie 2018
Love Love Love TD Bank
TD is, by far the best bank I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot due to my frequent moving for my job. I’ve had some past issues… fraud… a creditor I allowed to deduct payment each month (AT&T) who kept taking money out over and over during one month! It was crazy! They took close to $1,000 and when I called them, they said it would take about 5-7 days to fix! Unbelievable! I’ll never use them again! When I called TD, they placed a 3-way call with me and AT&T! When AT&T told them the same thing, the TD Rep argued with them, even said they would stay on the phone while the transactions were reversed so they could apply to my account immediately. AT&T said they can’t do that! They basically stole my money! So, TD put the money back in my account immediately and the cut them off from my account. I was so impressed. HOWEVER, now I’m sad because I’ve moved again to an area that doesn’t have a TD bank. Now, if I want cash-I have to pay for it. 🥲🥲🥲 Will need to switch soon. I’ll really miss TD!
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4 years ago, Corykku
Can’t access anything
Opened my account, TD made 2 credits and 1 debit to my Schwab account for verification. I could not verify because the app (and website) wouldn’t let me log in anymore. It said to visit a branch or call. So I went to the closest branch in Pinehills Massachusetts, told them I had just opened an account and needed it verified so that I could get online access (and made a physical $1k deposit). Next day, still no access. Called TD bank and was told I needed to go to a physical branch to verify my identity. That was the whole point of me going to a branch yesterday! Especially with Covid going on now I have to leave my house 2 days in a row for what should be an unnecessary trip. The two stars for the app are because I set up the account, created a user name and password that worked for about 3 days, but suddenly became unusable without any sort of notification or explanation. “Reset password” and “Forgot Login” didn’t prompt any email action either. Just instructed to call (where I sat through several minutes of “did you know you can reset your password with our app?) If more physical verification was required I could have been told in the first place, instead of waiting 3 days for a ACH transfer only to be locked out of my own account immediately afterwards. Makes zero sense; not a great start with this banking app.
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2 years ago, 106606
App won’t load
The app won’t load, TD is a great bank but the app won’t load on iOS 15.5 the newest version, another complaint I have with TD online is that it doesn’t have time stamps next to your purchases. Also they have a $15 fee every month which no other bank has if your account ever dips below $100 at any time for any reason. I’m not rich and live paycheck to paycheck so I basically get this fee almost every single month. So here are my 3 complaints because I’m rating the app not the bank. 1. Put time stamps next to my purchases so I can tell a merchant the time and day in case I have any problems. Every single other bank does this except TD. The charges are not in chronological order that is why it is important to put a time stamp of the purchase not just the date. 2. The app won’t load I deleted it and reinstalled it and still will not work, have been having to use google or safari in order to access my accounts 3. The $15 fee shows up out of no where a day after my billing cycle ends, I think that fee should be removed, as I have had this bank for about 2 years now and have used it exclusively for direct deposits and all my banking needs in which you guys make money from.
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4 years ago, Gabby061418
My girlfriend and I went today to TD bank a little last minute. They close at 5 today and we went around 4:25 and even though they close soon they still put in so much time and effort and stayed after hours for us just to set up a checking account! We had a sweet lady named Stephanie, if you get her when you come in trust me when I say you’ll have a great experience especially if you’re a new member! She is so sweet, kind and patient. She walked me through absolutely everything and went beyond by giving my girlfriend and I a “refer a friend” piece of paper which we both get $50 if we agree to the terms!! I mean seriously the BEST experience we’ve had. Not to mention before we came in we were upset about our other bank that we have and wanted something different that was gonna help us now and our near future. Besides the point, amazing first impression and experience I am so excited to continue with this bank! Thank you so much Stephanie and all the other workers there as they are so kind!!🌸❤️
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9 months ago, Mike13lea
Worst credit card EVER
Friendly public service announcement: if anyone is thinking about getting a credit card with TD bank, or have a different credit card that starts being serviced by TD like what happened to me, end it! I never missed a payment until their app and website stopped allowing me to, and wouldn’t allow me to make a payment or even see my balance. Tried their online customer service secure messaging after spending hours on the phone, getting NOWHERE, and they kept telling me the same thing that I could just log in and make a payment, after I told them at least 4 times that it wouldn’t let me do that and requested a snail mail way or anything to close the account and pay the balance. They lied and told me my account was closed and it would stop building up fees, and even credit karma showed the account closed, but after spending more hours on the phone just now I find out it was still open and racking up charges. The nightmare is finally over for me and I already filed a complaint with the BBB that does absolutely nothing, but I just wanted to say to anyone and everyone that will listen that TD bank and credit cards will only lead you to the brink of insanity. Rant over..
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6 years ago, Antny83
Hardly ever works
Total garbage. I like TD Bank as a whole, but this app is complete garbage. They take it offline for a complete weekend so you can’t access your accounts at all. Sure why not. Come Monday, I had the same issue as many others. The app said I needed to update but when I went to the App Store, no update was available. (I saw TD was responding that it wasn’t directing the correct download, but mine was on the right one and still showed “open” instead of “update” I had to wait until Tuesday to actually get in. The “update” was suppose to make things better. Since then, the app has been down CONSTANTLY. It’s down right now. Try to sign in you get “Hmmm something’s not quite right” with “access is down at the moment” below that. It’s RIDICULOUS. Your a bank. People need to get at their money at anytime day or night. Makes it impossible to do so when the app/website is down consistently. In closing, I’ll be switching banks Because of this, But I won’t say to which one. Some people leaving reviews saying other bad reviews are plants for other banks to leave bad reviews just because they are naming other those reviews are spot on. It’s the people saying the app is great that I find fishy. PLEASE, avoid this app like the plague. Run far away.
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4 years ago, feed well
Drive Thur and picture of check
Denise that works in the drive Thur she is great she is super nice it is always a pleasure to pull up and see her anytime I have a question she takes the time to answer she told me about the photos of my check to go directly into my personal account and she said it works as if you went through the drive-through she said it’s not that I don’t want to see you she said because I always wanna see you but this would help I’m busy days she is awesome and I don’t think you could ever find another one just like her do you need she’s a keeper and someone that you really need to give her a nice thank you for all she does and maybe even give her a nice bonus which I probably figures she gets she’s been with you for so long thank you for taking the time to listen to me and just tell Denise she is doing the Great job and an awesome job that no body could do it as good as her. Thank you for all she does From Elizabeth and Ronnie Yates and also From Ronnie Yates Cleaning.
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1 year ago, Vagina lov'ah
Not good app
The bank is decent. However being in the military and being overseas it’s terrible. No cell service but have internet too bad you can’t check ur bank account unless you have cell and data. This new 2 step verification system is terrible and is costing me 100$ a month because I need to pay for an international service plan for my phone. I called customer service and they said they can temporarily disable it or add something else for a verification. Capital one has a tap card option and that works perfectly! If they don’t fix it soon I’ll have to change banks. 1 month tops. I can’t deal with paying for internet service 150$ a month on top of my $70 phone bill, on top of a $100 international service bill. $320 a month just to check my bank account is too much and can’t do it anymore. If TD Bank can add a new option that uses Wi-Fi to verify me I’m all set. Email, tap card, or an option to opt out of the 2 step verification process that would be great and help those who don’t have access to cellular service.
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5 years ago, BBJBR
I have had this app for awhile now and have fully enjoyed the convenience and ease of use. However, over the past month I have run into problems. Today, I tried to access my statement via the mobile app. It opened fine, but as soon as I tried to expand the screen— the app closes! Tried this several times, same result. I deleted the app, cleared my cache, turned off my phone. Then re- downloaded the app. Tried going in again and downloaded my statement and expand the picture— again— app closes! I tried doing it via online website on my computer only to have it tell me my access info is incorrect. So I try to recover the info, give it the info they ask for— and it tells me it can’t complete my request. I called customer service just to have the woman tell me she can’t help me with the mobile app stuff (it’s your phone, she says). And also tell me that I have to use Google chrome for a web browser on my computer because the website likes that search engine better. Are you kidding me?!’ You May have lost a customer, TD!! Very disappointed!
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4 years ago, Createanicknametheysaid
Fantastic App!
You can really tell TD is working hard behind the scenes. I’ve seen so many things addressed within the past year that I’ve loved. Bill Pay is truly amazing, credit cards being added to Accounts is a huge plus. The only issues I see (and maybe this is me being a detail oriented person) is the slide out menu. Do they not notice the icons are not all the same size/style. I wish they would add some color to them too. Also, I wish I could create buttons on the home page (or at least choose) which buttons show on my homepage. Then I could get where I am going quicker. I also am not fond of pages that clearly look like they are being loaded from a webpage. They take forever to load. I can tell someone over there is taking note of what the customers want, and I’m very thankful for all the time and effort TD is putting forward. The app is truly the jack-knife of Banking apps. I’m really looking forward to what TD does next!
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5 years ago, OonaGCQ
Best. Bank. Ever.
We are currently living outside of N.J., where we had been TD Bank customers for about 15 years. When we got to our new city & home(although there is a different bank on every corner, and this city is known for banking- to our great disappointment -there is no TD Bank here), after much searching, we just couldn’t find a bank that even came close to TD Bank in financial capability, customer service and personal kindness. Our experience with TD Bank in N.J. was wonderful- we knew all of the tellers and managers, and they knew us. They not only knew us, they cared. We decided, even though we thought it would be difficult, to bank long distance. Difficult couldn’t be farther from the truth. TD Banks AMAZING team of customer service reps have made it not only easy, but an absolute pleasure! We have never dealt with a rep that didn’t go above and beyond - they are always knowledgeable, friendly & kind...that, is the reason we are and will stay, loyal TD Bank customers.
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2 weeks ago, SFea55
Excellent App & Customer Service
I find TD’s banking app seamless to use. Any updates have been proven to be necessary & an improvement to the app. I’ve never experienced any app outages that have interfered with my day to day banking needs. I find the app extremely easy to use without any unnecessary fluff. The developers have done an excellent job in creating a productive tool to my business and personal daily banking needs I have personal & business accounts with TD. I’ve had numerous occasions that have required me to call customer service and fraud departments. Each time I have been treated as a valued customer, received a quick resolution and stellar service. I have banked larger banks like Wells Fargo & Bank of America in the past. They fall short in comparison to my local branch at 7250 Rivers Ave. N Charleston SC. I recommend TD Bank to all of my clients and friends/family. Keep up the great banking experience!
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1 year ago, jessi727
Garbage app
After being a TD Bank customer with multiple accounts for over 10 years, I’m done and moving my personal accounts to the same bank that handles my business accounts. Face ID no longer works, despite doing what the developer suggests in other comments- disabling the feature then reactivating. Hasn’t worked for months now. Mobile deposit keeps giving me an error message saying the information doesn’t match, this is happening for the same paychecks I’ve been depositing for over a year now. Suddenly they’re not readable? And most annoyingly, and the reason I’m done with TD Bank, is the app now requires a text verification every single time I log in, and then I NEVER RECEIVE THE TEXT MESSAGE. Requiring a phone call verification as an alternative method of verification. I’ve changed my settings, removed 2 factor authentication, added alternative phone numbers, and still this happens. Even after only 30 seconds of inactivity. Not to mention constantly being down for maintenance during business hours. One of the biggest banks in the country, and they can’t make a functional app?
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5 years ago, Iplayyoupay
I don't know if it's the bank, the app or just both. I've only been a member for 2 months... So many snafus and mishaps from this bank and app. The bank has a very long processing time, the app doesn't keep you on top of your spending, the bill pay is just weird to say the least. I made a payment that wasn't taken until a week later but the app says the place already took the payment? I called and they said the place took the payment, but didn't cash it... for a week... okay. And then I had to un-enroll from overdraft protection because they're fees are $35 per transaction (which is absolutely ridiculous) and then enroll again because my transactions weren't clearing fast enough but I had to write a check out for my rent. I check my account the day of and of course I don't have enough now. So even after I enrolled back into overdraft protection they STILL returned my check back due to "insufficient funds" after I was told that is should be activated within 24hrs. I guess not. Don't know if it's the bank, or the app or just both, but I haven't had this problem with any other bank.
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6 years ago, The wayward review
Thoroughly Recommend the TD Bank app.
I have have online baking, and I have been the TD Bank application for at least three years now and I must say it’s one of the best application for banking. It’s convenient, easy to use, it has a nice user interface, and most importantly I feel comfortable using it. Even when I lost my TD Bank Debit Card, I was able to send a secure message quickly through the app, call on the phone, and I had a replacement card sent to my home within the next three days. The option for biometric passcode makes it very personal, and paired with two-step authentication, I feel it’s one of the safest banking systems I’ll ever have. There are a few things I would add, like the choice to have a “main” or “standard” TD Bank set, so that you can look up just the information of the closest TD Bank to you, but as I rate the application itself very highly as I have not had a problem with it at all.
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2 years ago, okey doket
TD Bank in Shirley, NY
We have always for years (since they opened) had excellent service @ TD Bank. Recently we were buying a place in Arizona and needed help before the deadline while we were waiting for our other bank to release our money! One bank could not do a personal loan without our house involved. Another bank would only lend us a limited amount even though we had more than needed of money in our account, pay our bills every month, owe no-one and our credit is in the 800’s! TD bank lent us the money very quickly without any hassle! Everyone is always friendly, willing to help and has expertise in whatever our needs. They are all notary’s.There were three people that helped us but we must say we remember Joseph Clemets as being extremely nice and very helpful👍 Yours Truly, Steven & Janice B.
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4 years ago, Dr Math 19
Synthetic, rushed progress
As a software developer, I know how the sausage is made. I can tell that there are a couple thousand hours bug fixing and tens and thousand of hours making new features. As long as it works when I want to use it, I’m happy, if not glad, that these amazing people have dedicated their hours getting a robust program out. What gets the bad review is that with the latest update which Td made brought the education and other features to the app only to find out that they caused the app to crash. It’s like saying we made the feature and corporate wants these features out now. So let the users test it and we’ll issue a bug fix tomorrow. Hey I may be wrong, it may have been there was an on going maintenance run that I may run into. Then post it on your app. It really shouldn’t to be too difficult to get an appropriate image saying yea we’re closed come back in 15. The 5 stars is for the all the devs pms behind. Sorry for losing 2 stars. Look up to the management to see where you lost them.
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6 years ago, Joey bagodonuts.
Mobile Deposit No Good
I’m giving the app only 1 Star, because 3 times now, when I made multiple deposits at a time on my phone in the past few months, it sets off TD’s hypersensitive ineffective “fraud alarm”, and puts a 12 day hold on my checks. I am freelance musician, so getting paid in multiple checks a week is common for me. It took the third time this happened for someone on the phone to finally alert me as to why this was happening. The frustrating thing is that it keeps flagging checks from clients that I deposit from on a regular basis, and never have had issues with their checks previous. The whole point of mobile deposit is so I don’t have to go to a bank on my busy schedule, and seeing as that I am self employed, I don’t have a “direct deposit” option either. Now, if I want them to lift the holds on the checks, I have to go to a branch, and wait for someone to help me and sort out the mess, which takes WAY longer than just going to a bank and depositing checks. Fix your crappy fraud alarm on this app, TD, and I’ll consider not closing every single one of my accounts with you.
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4 years ago, J. Trell
Great Experience!!!
I wanted to take the time to thank and praise a T.D. Employee!!! As this Pandemic has/had many people struggling in a variety of ways, One would hope to have good people try to help them thru whatever issues they may have. Unfortunately, I’ve been in constant contact with many businesses or companies I work with. Many credit card companies, The company we lease our vehicles with for example. In short, Their customer service has been flat out horrendous!!! Rude, incompetent, deceiving. So when I worked with Curt from a New Jersey branch today, He couldn’t have been better!!! He was Friendly, helpful, handled my issue swiftly and professionally. If every company had people as great as Curt, We’d get thru this difficult time a lot easier!!! He was the Best.
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4 years ago, Tyisha014
TD Gift Cards
DO NOT PURCHASE FOR FAMILY OR FRIENDS AS A GIFT UNLESS YOU PLAN ON TELLING THEM TO USE THE MONEY IN 1 YEAR! My daughter received a gift card for her Birthday. She held on to it to save for something she wanted. She comes to tell me that her card isn’t working. Needless to say, I can TD bank and they card her $2.50 each month for not using the card. Then I am informed that you can’t use the card for online transactions until it’s registered BUT charged my daughter 5.00 for an online game. How does a charge get on a card that wasn’t even registered!?!? First, someone purchased the card as a gift from their BANK ACCOUNT! You received your money for the card. Why are you stealing money from someone’s “GIFT” card. Do you know the definition of a gift - a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. — Why does TD bank feel they are in the RIGHT to steal from another person. I have been an outstanding customer for over 20 years and this is how you treat people. I’m disgusted! Not only for me but to the millions of customers they might have done this too! You should be ashamed of yourself!
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5 years ago, Wallabychamp
Broken on arrival
I would say a Kudos is in order for TD for at least attempting to transition us all away from the miserable tedious experience of the last app. I mean, c’mon people, that was the definition of pathetic and apathetic co-existing in the same sphere. Any-who, this app is just as pathetic. Unfortunately, I have to take back the aforementioned Kudos because this app is just flat out broken and won’t connect. I have this to say to TD: Please guys, get with the program. Live a little, and spring for a decent app developer. At least pretend that you care by putting out a basic app that actually functions. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask a major bank to bring itself into the 21st century? If McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts and every other 2-bit company worth their salt can publish an app that functions reasonably well, why is it such an excruciating chore for TD to follow suit? Maybe we will never know. Or maybe someone somewhere will read this review, wake up, and publish an app that the customers can actually use without wanting to change banks just on principle. Stay tuned.
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1 year ago, JAC Clinton
Horrible bank
I HAVE USED TD BANK FOR OVER 10 years now.I had identity theft. The thieves were able to open a checking account with ease and change my address and phone number. Td bank never contacted me to see if i opened another account. I found out and they closed that account and also my business account, checking account and savings account. Without telling they froze all my accounts. All my checks bounced and td bank would Not reimburse me for penalties., even though it was the mistake. This went on for almost 2 months. I called the main bank and begged them to at least open my business account. I went into banks with the answer “we couldn’t help you.” It has been 2 years now and I can’t do mobile deposits money transfers or anything without going into the bank. This happened during Covid so I was at risk of getting Covid because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN OR WILL HELP ME TO OPEN THOS APP BACK UP. If this happens to anyone else, I feel sorry for you. It’s a horrible feeling how td treats you.
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5 years ago, jenny0007
Love the App, but it’s missing one thing!
This app is a must for me to keep track of my spending and bill pay. I find it easy to use. One of my favorite features is being able to contact customer service right thru the app. When they pick up I don’t have to give them any information. My account populates for them instantly, which means they can get right to my question/ concern. The one thing that I really wish the app had was an app based notification system. I know there is an option to get texts whenever there is activity on your account, but for me that is a little much. I’d much rather have a notification pop up on my phone directly from the app. The lack of this feature is what kept me from giving a 5 star rating. I love working with this bank and really hope this is something they’re are working towards.
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6 years ago, Chuckiepony
Was Great Until Update
The mobile app was easy and convenient. Transferred across accounts whenever I needed and checked statements. Only problem I ever had was the mobile checking deposit was finicky about the lighting for the picture of the check (natural lighting worked best). Lately it's been requiring that I update the app in order to use it. Usually I avoided the update until today. I accepted the update and now it won't load at all. I'm going to restart my phone and see if that helps but if not well that is really unfortunate. I do like Td as a bank overall, just this update issue with the app is not the most convenient. Would've given 4 stars prior. If it doesn't end up working at all, 1 star it is. Edit: I restarted my phone and it works again. Haven't tried the mobile check deposit since the new update.
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4 years ago, Angie's list user 5
Convenient Hrs and Location. Terrible App and Online
With TD over 5the yrs. Experience with personal and business accounts. The only reasons I’m staying with TD are convenient long branch hours and locations. Online system is woefully inadequate. Allows translation history for only past 60 days. Trying to reconcile accounts at the end of the year is a nightmare. When asked for a download of activity - TD suggested looking at individual monthly statements. I find this limitation incredibly shortsighted. Most people around me left TD partly due to that. I’ve stuck around but will likely leave as well. Online system functions are not well organized. One can’t add notes to individual line items. Getting rid of the coin counting machines was a bad move. Kids loved it. Should have not ceded to a few bad articles and just admit that the coin machines are mostly for entertainment purposes not commercial exchange and thus can be sometimes inaccurate. Till recently, had no second factor verification system. Thankfully rolled out one recently. The app has seen significant improvement especially once TD merged business and personal account apps. Still. The app significantly lags apps for comparable banks such as Chase, City, CapOne. Branch staff and phone support is decent. The claimed ‘wow’ phone service sometimes takes 15-20 mins to answer but it’s 24/7 and mostly not bad. Hope TD management gets their ‘information systems and apps’ act together soon.
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1 year ago, jose qonzakez
Mr Jose Luis Quiles
I’m so disappointed with the login service of this app and the internet is so annoying that I can’t log into the account and it ask me for the account number something I don’t have get the information I have set up for the app and service of the bank is something I need to get first in order to be able to put it dawn on the service. I’m so sick about the internet and the bull crap that it’s comes with it that I don’t think it’s that easy and available for the people who what’s to used the bank services and all the things that you have for the service. I just can’t believe this is happening with everything else I want to used from the media services that I don’t think I have the privilege others do have. Have a blessed day and a beautiful weekend
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5 years ago, RitsuHaru
Missing key features
Before I opened my TD Bank account, I used Simple. I have to say, for an online bank, Simple’s app had a lot more features and was much more user friendly than TD which has more resources to put into designing a nice app. Simple’s app also offered a widget which was very convenient as you could quickly check your balance at anytime. Also, there were notifications so I would immediately see whenever my debit card was used or when payments where posted to my checking account. TD offers notifications, but only for debit card transactions, not transactions done using your account and routing numbers. These are all features that any banking app should offer, and I don’t understand why TD hasn’t implemented them. I haven’t even gotten to any of Simple’s budgeting features. TD needs to put some money into overhauling their app to bring it up to modern standards.
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6 years ago, Alcasio
Good app, conflict warning!
I’ve been using this app on my own iPhone 6 & 8 for a few years. Mostly for mobile deposits but also to track accounts, do transfers. Very few issues, except occasionally when the TD site is down. Overall, it’s a fine app, but I knocked off a star for an issue that I reported to TD and now am posting here. With all the mobile security issues out there, I decided to install a VPN app on my phone, as well as my wife’s. It’s a free app called Phone Guardian and was very pleased with its performance until I tried to access my checking account. It appeared that the TD app wasn’t working, returning an error message stating “we’re working on their problem”. Having experienced a glitch or 2 before, I wasn’t terribly concerned, figuring the problem would be rectified shortly. After about a week with the same issue, I thought to turn off the VPN in settings … TD still didn’t work. I called my local branch and the TD main CS number, but no issue had been reported. At that point, I decided to delete the VPN app, and when I did, the TD app started working again! I don’t know if there’s a conflict with any other VPN app, but I can state that it won’t work with Phone Guardian. I’ve sent a secure message to TDCS… let’s see if there’s a fix!
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6 years ago, Fitnessx
Lots of ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’
I have been a very happy TD Bank customer, it’s very convenient that they are open seven days a week!! The only thing that I don’t especially like is that there are not many branches or TD ATM’s that are close to my house, so if I need cash I typically have to resort using an ATM that is not TD. So, between fees taken from that ATM and fees from TD, it costs me $7.00 just to make a withdrawal. That’s just too much money for ATM use... Otherwise all else is great, the customer service is REALLY great, every employee I’ve spoken to in passing or has completed a transaction for me has been so kind and compassionate to what is going on in my life...when they ask “How are you?” They aren’t looking for an artificial ‘ok’, they legitimately want to try to brighten your day if it’s not going well!!
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2 years ago, JG0321
face recognition
Still a great app by a great bank. My current problem is this. I switched to a new phone and restored my apps. Face recognition no longer works. It says facial recognition is not currently available due to a conflict. I have turned off facial recognition, restarted phone and then turned on facial recognition and it doesn’t help. Aside from this my only other comment is this. The app determines your location whenever you log on. I’m assuming it does this to know where you are. In spite of this if I’m traveling and go to use my debit or credit it is declined until I call them. I appreciate the security aspect very much but you know where I am LOL. If you go to the local branch to tell them you will be traveling they tell you you no longer have to do that.
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2 months ago, Grk0312
Awesome bank
My husband and I left chase bank for TD Bank and have been with them for 6 years now and we absolutely love TD. Everyone in our Port Jervis Ny branch are absolutely amazing people. I’ve been to a few different banks elsewhere and they we not as wonderful as our branch. I live the option of being able to call TD from the portal and when you do call from there you don’t stay on hold as long. Everyone I’ve spoken to online are awesome as well. I had a problem where I was hacked and TD fixed everything and I was able to get my money back after the investigation. I will never want to use ANY other bank. Hopefully when we move down south there are TD banks down there as well.
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3 years ago, A Service User.
Horrific for other associates accounts.
Checking and savings, fine. Throw in a TD credit card? Laughable. Perhaps you have a TD checking/saving account (such as myself), trying to check your CURRENT TD credit card info? Stupid. Pending transactions or even pending deposits to pay into your TD Credit card are not updated until two days past any pending moves you made, during the week not weekend. $100 balance on your CC? Pay it, next day, still owed, two days later, still owed, third day? Oh I payed too much and now I purposely have to spend to affect my credit. TDcardaervicesd0tcom is the only live information on your credit. Apparently they’ve even emailed me that now all is right as rain and the account/credits accounts are tied together. Which they have been, yet your checking/savings is updated almost ASAP, credit? Nahh. Stick with their website.
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7 months ago, Its ya gurl
updates awful
i was so happy with the ease of the old version, everything right in front of me labeled properly. there was a lot going on but it really wasn’t difficult to navigate, even as a new customer. this new update however bunched everything together and now i can’t view my recent payments or see when/how money was transferred into my account. if there is an option it is incredibly difficult to find and it was one of the most important aspects of the app. honestly the only reason i used the app was to check on my spending and manage it accordingly. not to mention my face id to log in doesn’t work anymore, so i have to type in my long password every single time and it’s such a pain. the app has also been crashing/glitching a lot since the update, i know that’s how app updates work sometimes but this is an app for banking, not a game on my phone, needs to be fixed YESTERDAY.
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3 years ago, I Kind Essence
Financial support
I’ve been with the company for over 16 years your company I had all my money in your bank I was making decent money I wanted to refinance my property you guys turned me down you had everything you could’ve worked it out I had history with you you had all my money checking savings credit card holiday account but I wasn’t good enough for you. Then I spoke with other African-American customers and they too have been shunned by your financial support people with full-time good jobs not getting any mortgages not getting any assistance to keep us afloat. I’m going to have to assume that there’s a bit of discrimination in your practices in your banking practices and it’s a shame but all truths are coming out now we understand better
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2 years ago, lizzy grooms
My checks
This makes things so much easier I love it and it always seems to work except when I’m at work because of bad service in that area Wellington thanks so much for this it’s also awesome that I don’t have to worries about making it to the bank but to beHonest I pretty much always made it to the bank because TD Bank is the best and they are open late and they have the atm there to so they don’t even have to be open I really do love TD Bank there’s so much more nice things I could say but this getting long thanks for everything I will never go anywhere else I have been a customer for many many years and I will always be a customer sincerely yours Elizabeth Culmer
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5 years ago, UltrVioletOne
TD seems to have fixed a lot of frustrating things about their online app. For example, I used to get locked out of my account quite frequently, even after answering the security questions properly. I would then have to waste a lot of time calling them on the phone. Then they would ask me questions about the date and how much was my last transaction, and I could not answer the questions because I was unable to get access to my back account. But that seems to have been resolved. The one thing that still happens on the app is I am sometimes unable to add a new company for online bill pay, and I have to go on my computer and do it with no problem. They have added things like wire transfers which is very convenient.
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5 years ago, cbertrand 1967
Paying off and opening a new account
I went to the TD bank in Rochester NH today to pay off an account that was overdrafted and closed in 2011 and see if I could open a new account. I dealt with Mrs. Locke in customer service. This was the most professional, comfortable easy experience I ever had. Mrs. Locke walked me through every aspect of opening and setting up my new account after paying off and closing the other very nicely and clearly. I honestly felt like a real deadbeat waiting so long to pay off an old account and she did not make me feel that way at all. It was a very pleasant experience and I will highly recommend your branch to other protest I’ve customers. Thank you Mrs. Locke and TD Bank
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4 years ago, beh57
I have been a TD bank customer for over 7 years and the app has caused way more stress and frustration than convenience. There is always maintenance being done, keeping me from being able to log in for days, yet I have truly never experienced any improvements with the app. It is especially inconvenient that during this pandemic and quarantine that the app and website are under maintenance and I cannot check my exact balance unless I want to wait on hold for a while. Far too often when I try to log in it tells me they are experiencing issues and to try again later. I am a college student and having access to the app and my online account is extremely important since it is the only way for me to keep track of how much money I have and for my parents to transfer funds into my account when needed. I was honestly shocked to see any good reviews...
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7 months ago, WallyBallou
Terrible app
This new app is terrible…no menu choices should be at the bottom of the screen..logout specifically. One has to scroll down to find them. But most importantly, I have to receive an id text number every time I log on…a real pain to have to do this everytime…how about using a random number of times. I don’t always have my phone with me since I use the ipad mostly. I don’t understand the need to have a user name and password if one always has to confirm its me with a text message. Was just in the local branch for an in-person visit to withdraw some cash. I even needed my phone for that transaction…which I had left in the car. What was the point of handing my debit card to the teller…she could have asked to see my DL to confirm my id instead of dealing with the id text thing again…This whole thing makes should have been tested by real customers before rolling out…
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2 years ago, Irina_Iri
Bank is good but the app functions are very limited
I’ve been using this app for years. TD bank has a good customer support and it’s reliable, however the app is quite mediocre. Here’s what I hate about it: - The virtual chat bot doesn’t give you the answers to the question actually asked; there’s no option to chat online with a person, only to leave a message. - I’ve updated the phone and my Face ID stopped working for the app (while it’s turned on I the phone settings) and getting technical help with this issue is almost impossible. (I don’t like calls and waiting) - sending a SWIFT payment abroad for some isn’t possible through the app or web version while it’s a standard for many other banks. You have to go in person for that! Even if you want to send like $200 - Zelle while being the convenient way to send money has absolutely horrible interface in the app. You’re unable just to copy paste the email of the phone number of the person you want to send money to and you have to enter those manually. - Once you’ve created a contact in TD Zelle it’s impossible to rename it (or I didn’t find how to do it tho I looked several times)
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5 years ago, DEashBabs
The app stinks and so does the bank
Let me first say that I’ve been a member of TD since way back when it was Commerce bank. The wheels really started to fall off when it became TD and it’s getting worse not better! They literally froze my moms account with Zelle and her actual account over the past week for her trying to send me $6 to get something for her as we are now sharing a car and I was out with it. The rep Cory was completely rude and his behavior and line of questioning was unacceptable. As for this app, I recently switched to an iPhone XR and am finding that I have to log in manually every time. Why? Because TD has no Face ID login! Never mind the constant downtime of their online banking period! Never mind the stupid monthly fees that many other banks don’t have (when I started with commerce checking was free, now it’s $5.99/mo with TD). Mobile deposit is also hit or miss. Bottom line is the app is low rate and the bank as a whole is even worse.
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1 year ago, Metro Rock
I have been a TD Bank customer for many years and cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the staff at the Lynnfield St Peabody Ma branch. When I go there there I am always greeted with a warm and friendly hello from each and every person working, always calling me by my first name. Recently I celebrated my 70th birthday and was shocked that when I went to the bank I was welcomed with birthday greetings from all of the staff and was given a very nice card with well wishes from all of the employees. This really made me feel almost like family what more could I ever ask for from a bank. Thank you TD Bank Lynnfield St for making me feel special whenever I visit.
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6 years ago, Mytusense
Don’t upgrade to this version. Online bill pay not intuitive and I found it hard to see as each biller is laid out like scrabble tiles. You will be forced to accept new terms and your only option if you do not accept is to forfeit online bill pay. This is a major decline. They offer rush service but for a fee. You can do the same rush payment if needed but online yourself at billers web site. If you choose a pay by date, they’ll state after the fact it will take 1 day to send payment (electronically) and deduct the payment 1 day before you choose. This should be stated up front , before you choose the date. Developer rushed this version. No wonder millenials go directly to website to pay. I get it now. You also forfeit paper notifications and must accept email notifications. Not sure how that works if you change your email address. So many issues with this bank. Go elsewhere!!
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3 years ago, Jakerbob24
Overall satisfaction
I’m not too fond of banks. I find them misleading, there’s always some hidden fee for something and just walking in to a bank makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve been cashing checks at TD Bank for several months now and because of the way they treat me and the environment of every branch I’ve encountered, I have opened a checking and savings account with TD about a month ago and I actually like them very much. The app is easy. Going to a branch for any reason, has been easy. My next step is to use TD to help rebuild my credit and buy a home. I actually trust this bank. I don’t write reviews for ANYTHING mind you. Thank you TD Bank.
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6 years ago, wojo5150
Awesome customer service.
I had A issue with my TD debit card it kept coming up denied when I used it I mediately went to my local TD Bank in Marlton New Jersey when I entered the bank I was greeted with a hello and how can I help you today I spoke with the young man and explained that my card was coming up declined when trying to make purchases he immediately checked the card to see what the issue was and told me that The fraud department saw some suspicious activity with my card I was very happy that TD bank watches closely and made me feel much more confident with the service I was immediately issued a new bank card and will continue to do my banking with TD bank thank you and keep up the great work sincerely John Wojceichowski.
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4 years ago, lindas loves
First deposit by app
I tried to deposit a check the other day for the first time and it kept being rejected, so went to the band to deposit it in person. Asked the teller why I wasn’t able to deposit it and he said that perhaps it was because the signature on the check went through the printed dollar amount. He gave me a check from the bank made out for one cent and told me to try depositing that check. I came home and bingo it worked effortlessly. This was so easy to do and it saves a lot of time not having to make a separate trip to the bank. Thank you for giving me this check to try it again!
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2 years ago, .... secret Admirer
Great experience in the app
This is my first bank in which I opened an account in 2016 and ever since then it’s been a smooth ride with the bank only thing is that they don’t have a lot of branches in the country due to which it’s a little problem if you don’t use the bank for 6 months or so they make the account inactive and then it’s a problem to activate it again since there is no branch of td where I live now I had to call a favor from someone to go and deposit some money in my account to make it active since there was no other way to make it active as per customer service representative.
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