TDECU Digital Banking

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11 months ago
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User Reviews for TDECU Digital Banking

4.58 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
3 weeks ago, feed my child
Great helpers
I went to the bank in the heights the assistant manager and the second and in Miss Ann help me so much with my bank account and getting it in order and showing me and teaching me how to do things to keep control of my account and my funds to eliminate overdraft, I was so happy when I left after talking with them I don’t remember their names all the way, but I do remember their faces and their kindhearted and their spirit. Tiffany new spoke to each and every person that came into her bank at doing her shift. She was amazing. Everyone should take notes from her and her helper, Annie, I think that’s her name. She was in the front office, taking notes and also helping me, and I can’t think of that. I am so glad that God put those two angels in in my space at the right time even though I know God never does anything wrong and he’s not a man to lie my God I thank him and I thank them for being so good to me thank you Jesus and continue to bless those two ladies and everyone that works at her bankin Jesus name amen love always
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3 years ago, Unsatisfied 2021
Unsatisfied Customer
I have had nothing but problems with the current bill pay, I have made my views known to TDECU and they always say they are working on it but nothing changes. Every month for some reason or another bill pay has trouble get my e-bill, they always tell me that I need to contact my biller at their website, when I do they cannot find any reason for the issue. You cannot trust that your bills will be paid, The last thing that happened was that my February mortgage payment was 30 days late, when I contacted bill pay (which is a joke, at least 45 min on hold), I was told that it was sent out in Feb. but my mortgage company didn’t cash it until March, 30 days later. When I called my mortgage company they checked their records, and they verified that they received the check dated for February, 8th on March 10., When I called TDECU back, they blamed it on the post office, bill pay claims they mailed it on time, I know the post office has issues, but 30 days from Lake Jackson, to Sweeney, really! I am looking for a new bank with good customer service and definitely a different e-bill company, I have better things to do than wait on hold when I have banking issues, and I work hard to make sure my bills are paid and now I have to worry every month about my bills and credit being messed up. Thanks for nothing TDECU.
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3 years ago, Ria N Oscar
TDECU is like Family
I’ve been with Tdecu for over 10 years now. I was with other banks since I was 16 years old I am now 50… But the last 10 years have been the most progressive in the way of my banking the way I handle my money the way my credit has changed. TDECU gave me a chance after a terrible divorce, they bought my first new car EVER! TDECU gave me a personal loan when I needed it. And my personal banker help me through my financial situation and she tutored me on how to better my score and she help me by taking time with me. And now I’m on my second New Truck !!! And walked right up and bought it straight from the dealer… And I just had to call my TDECU ..And just like that I own two vehicles with a great credit score… And a big smile on my face! I’m forever grateful! THANK YOU TDECU Maria
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3 years ago, baboperez
On the Decline
On the decline since you’ve decided to expand. Bigger is not better. Bigger clogs the arteries(Customer Service). Bigger puzzles the mind(Board of Directors). Bigger slows down progress(Unreachable/Hour wait on the phone) literally. I’ve personally experienced over an hour on hold. Multiple times. Very disappointed in the last several years with this Credit Union. You have abandoned your People for a fat bank Acct. Lost your way. Our relationship is not working out. I have practiced grace with you for a long time and not sure my heart can live through this much longer. There was a day I used to brag on you. No more. When others bash you I just listen rather than defend you. You give me no opportunity or reason to take up for you. Turn from your ways and look to your first love. Which is the People that made you. It is only the People that can revive you. When I look at you I only see you on Life Support. Turn now before it’s too late. The Competition is good and will devour you. Just a matter of time. Sincerely, Your First Love!
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11 months ago, scottsapprovednickname
I have to say that I am very happy to have found TDECU. I actually went into a chase bank, trying to get a loan, and was told that they do all that online now, so I needed to apply online or I couldn’t even talk to anybody. As I was walking out the door, a girl stop me that works for chase bank and told me about TDECU. I walked into TDECU looked a human being in the face, and I was able to complete the loan process successfully in less than an hour. Technology is great but it’s not great for everything. Big thanks to all the gals that helped me out in the Houston Westheimer location.
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1 week ago, Johne154
If it ain’t broke, break it. Resolve and repeat. IT mantra
Through years of changes, the app works basically the same. The best new feature is Zelle. To those reporting problems making credit card payments, skip the Payment “feature” and do it through Transfers. That has worked flawlessly for years. I used the Payment feature once and I’ll never use it again. Annoying new message harassing me for a secure phone number. Both my phone number and email are already in the system. If this was the same app as 10 years ago with very minor changes, such as Zelle, I’d be just fine with it. Please, make your security changes behind the scenes, transparent to the users. Focus on central bank security, that’s what hackers want—all the money in the bank—not just my money!
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1 year ago, Cynthiatx
Horrible! New customer, can’t make a payment
Got a loan through this bank for my daughter & the app is Horrible. Can’t figure out how to make a payment at all. Took me over an hour just to get anything to work so it’s not late. Handed it over to my daughter, so she could make the payments directly (cause it’s technically her loan) and even she could not figure out how to simply make a payment on the loan. I make a lot of online payments to a lot of different banks & credit cards… this is the worst one I have EVER encountered. Fix it TDECU! Glad this isn’t my main bank. Never will be. Not user friendly, confusing, illogical, & almost useless. Can’t say enough bad things about how frustrating his bank is to deal with. I hope this isn’t a trend on how the future will be dealing with this loan. Might try to transfer it to my own bank at some point.
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1 year ago, Tinyhouseinprogress
Not up to standards of other banking apps I use
Your banking app does make it more convenient, but sometimes it is frustrating. I am used to using Wells Fargo banking app that is very user-friendly and the TDECU app is not as much. One of the things that I don’t like is that when I click into an account or loan on my app, it does not show my payment due date. I have to go searching for it when in my Wells Fargo app, I click into an account/card/loan, and it shows me all the information in one spot, my payment amount, the next time it to due, etc. I also don’t always get a payment, confirmation screen, which has caused me in the past to make a double payment. Your app could use some improvements.
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2 years ago, Agent Negative Zero
Was once great and user friendly, hardly works now
Ok, so. This app used to be awesome. Almost instant (within the hour) updates, simple to use features, and everything you’d need in your banking app. Now, for over TWO MONTHS I have been unable to transfer money from any one of my accounts to any other without walking into a physical location, which I’d be fine with, if they actually had a bank teller for every teller window. My balances are often inconsistent in the app, and transactions come in out of order frequently, leading to believe that you have access to more or less funds than you actually have. I have brought these issues up at physical locations to no avail. I don’t know what happened to TDECU, but I sincerely hope things get better.
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5 years ago, robthematrix
Please Upgrade Features.
I love this bank and I am happy you guys have developed the app but I really feel like the app should be consumer friendly. A lot of people like to be able to control their features from the palm of their hand. Such as, being alerted when you have transactions take place within your account or with your credit card, being able to disable or enable your card from within the app. Just these 2 simple features will help consumers feel like they have more control over there finances, which may even help with timely payment arrangements. Being able to see what’s going on with your account is always a good idea but, being able to control what’s goes on with your account is an amazing feature.
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2 years ago, Kak_n_balwz
Great app!
Handles funds transfers, ATM location searches, mobile check deposits and the addition of the account linking feature to monitor balances with other institutions or active credit card accounts. Everything one could need from a mobile banking app. With the account linking feature there still appears to be some network synchronization issues but that may be on the 3rd party institution’s end. App is still great as a banking app but the account link feature still needs some work.
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2 years ago, Hydradeska
Everything about the App and the TDECU BANK is amazing!!!... but the app at the beginning was awful but after years of improvement it has become way better as for the year 2017 until 2019 for me it has become my best app for managing my finances for shopping online for the things I love too and the supermarket for only the things I need the most... I hope the app gets more weekly updates to improve it more. The app has become more responsive and useful for other stuff. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Mik3Mask
Functional but missing a few good things
It works alright for your every day, not too challenging activities. Like checking your balance or transactions. However, it is not robust enough. It is not user friendly or too intuitive to navigate. Looks way too archaic and the website and app both look the exact same, which seems like an opportunity on it’s own. I switched all my banking to TDECU recently and am having a lot of issues with processes they don’t support, like Venmo (my bad for not doing enough research prior). They have also been working for 2 weeks on an error transferring money to another member that they haven’t been able to figure out.
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3 years ago, Ext237
There is always some problem or bug
Every time I try to deposit a check, there is always a problem. If you try to deposit more than one check per login, it apparently “saves” the first image in memory, so the second check image looks like a duplicate in their system and it gets rejected. You don’t know it is rejected because they don’t inform you of rejections. They send 100s of emails and letters, but rejected checks due to their buggy app goes without any notification. To deposit multiple checks, you have to log out and log back in on each check. NO ONE ever responds to the chat feature, your phone will run out of battery for someone to come into chat, we are talking HOURS before someone comes into chat.
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3 months ago, FarenWalk
Great Team
I really enjoyed TDECU because they are very family oriented. Every time that I get on the phone with them there’s always a pleasant voice. Even when it’s almost closing time they are really great about answering the call and getting things done. And of course there are times when I have to wait for the service to be done but I have never regretted waiting, because they have always gone above and beyond when fixing and taking care of my account.
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3 years ago, Tdecu customer
Tdecu customer
The credit card app isn’t working. I posted a payment and it does not show as made or pending. New posting: 2020 January. Tried to make a payment again today on credit card. Really you need to fix the app. Still not working. July 2021: Would you kindly fix your app on depositing checks electronically? The app does not respond adequately to light and you can try room light, under a lamp and even outside light by the time you deposit a check there is nothing but frustration because the light to deposit just has to be right.
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12 months ago, thewifedontknow
Customer service
I’ve had banks and credit unions for about 20 plus years. TDECU makes me feel like I’m not just a number but they make me feel extremely comfortable and if i am not understanding what they’re trying to say they break it down so that i can understand. I’ve had my account since 2002 and I’ll be sure to keep them as long as their customer service keeps respecting their customers 10/10 i would and i have recommend their services
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3 years ago, Spiritually Trying
Hello, I have been with TDECU for almost 10 years now. I have never felt more secure in a bank before. Whenever I feel the need to call them, and I’ve had a lot over those past years, it’s almost like calling home to Aunt Bea’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. They are just like that to me, Family. I pride myself of my independence, but we have always found ourselves needing help from time to time and with TDECU, I’ve never felt alone. I know that I can always count on them, just like I count on my Aunt Bea.
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2 years ago, Citrazine
Great job tdecu IT TEAM
An amazing and careful job has been done when it comes to making this up… I love that they tell you when system updates are about to hop in so you don’t have to freak out with how crazy the world is if there’s a malfunction with your account or if they’re just updating things before anything goes wrong. I also absolutely love the facial recognition and the immediate help option, always been a great credit union but this is top notch.
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3 years ago, Bexy89!
Easy to Use
Easy to navigate through. There are two things I don’t like about it though. 1: If you have a TDECU credit card, it randomly switches from being easy to difficult to view your credit card transactions. You will have to register your card separately when it gets this way and will have to filter to see what you want. 2: I also thought if you link your account with someone that it was just easier to transfer money to them, but recently found out that if you log in online on your computer, you are able to see how much money that person has in their account.
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2 years ago, phil montgomery
TDECU online banking
The app is not intuitive or user friendly. I use the app routinely for online bill pay and even with my experience as an IT manager, I find the user experience cumbersome at best. It clearly functions from a developers perspective which only makes it difficult for the end user. Access to credit card data is difficult. When trying to pull my data for the year, for tax purposes, I found I was limited to three months. My other non-TDECU credit cards did not prevent me from pulling the past years data. I find the online app is more of an advertising media than a banking tool for the end user.
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2 years ago, DaPiepeps92
I was originally with Chase Bank sometime ago. I had been so tired of the bad attitude they had about the money that I had my account. I eventually had enough and I had pulled all my funds out and close my accounts with Chase. Some time had passed until I remembered that I had an auto loan through TDECU and decided to bank with them. The amount of time, energy, and the overall headaches that they have saved me is just phenomenal. 10 out of 10 best CU
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3 years ago, Gil2021
Lacking in comparison to Bank of America and chsss
The outdated styling of this app is miles behind the other big banks. You can’t tell what your running balance is or when is the due date of your credit card payment or see the credit card balance in app. I hope it improves cuz the bank is great. Maybe they can take a look at chase or BOA apps and do some similar quality improvements. Also to would be nice to have zelle to do bank transfers is miles ahead of what the Bill pay can do. They have made some improvements and I will give them points for that but come on it’s 2021 and this app is at 2010 quality.
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7 months ago, Happy 1957
I love this credit union
It’s amazing how much time TDECU saves me!! I’m so glad I made this move. I never see a face of an employee that isn’t smiling and looking like I am the best customer they have. Almost every time I need a problem solved, everyone seems to be anxiously waiting to help. Then they prove that with an answer in no time at all. Most businesses now days takes forever just to talk to a human being but not our TDECU. There’s no problem to big that I dred today because I know I’m in good hands. Thank you TDECU. Your the best !!!
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3 months ago, Sam's I Tune
Improved platform
When the credit union made the transition from the Access one account platform for MasterCard management to the in-house method, there were some bugs, it took a while to work those out on my account, but after getting the problems resolved it's working very now.I am well pleased with the functionality of the website and app now.
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2 years ago, --Sarabella--
Easy to Work With
TDECU has really come through for me with car loans and personal loans! The app is easy to use and has all the information I need to do my banking. The only problem I have is that I can’t transfer money from my TDECU account to other banks. (Edit) I don’t like the flag that pops up now at the top of the app when I open it. It’s just another thing I have to scroll past. Also what is the point of having all my accounts linked if I can’t transfer money to them. Quite frustrating.
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4 years ago, Away from Home Alot
Good App, but got “updated” and went backwards
This is a very good app. I would give this a 5 star rating, but on the last upgrade they made it where the TDECU credit card is no longer a part of your account. This means instead of transferring money from main account to the credit card account to pay the bill, you have to use the Bill Pay app. Also you can’t just open up the credit card to monitor charges (had false charges). They “upgraded” away a very good ability. Otherwise this would be a 5 star app.
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2 years ago, j01072021
Update literally made the app worse/can’t pay credit card bill.
Before the update you could access your credit card statement and submit a payment from your linked accounts(other bank accts outside of TDECU). After the update you had to go through the app, once you attempt to pay the only payment source is the TDECU checking account they make you open to get the card, the linked bank account I had is no longer available to use. This is great to find out the week of needing to pay your credit card bill. So now I’m attempting to reverify the outside bank account that I have been using for years due to their incompetence.
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3 years ago, Selenaa20
Digital deposit is a joke.
Over all the app is great my only issue is digital deposits. Signed up for digital deposits because bank is closed by the time I’m off work.. I’ve tried multiple times to deposit and it keeps giving me an error “cannot process deposit”. Pictures are clear as day, all 4 corner of check are in the box, I have a light right over it so the lighting is good while keeping a steady hand. Don’t understand what the issue is here.
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2 years ago, Nobody Important, I guess
TDECU is not like family, That’s False & WRONG
During my struggle with divorce and hardship. My experience was the opposite. I was rejected for a house, car, loans, and everything else. Even with a six figure salary. They found every reason to say NO! I moved my direct deposit to a large bank and recovered immediately. TDECU is not friendly to people of color (specifically BLACK people) and it is very disappointing. I spent years with them and wasted my time depositing my money. Most of my friends had the same experience. My other credit union is far more willing to actually lend and offer credit cards to people with deposits than TDECU. Deposit your funds elsewhere.
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8 months ago, Juniah
A few features short of perfection
One thing I hate is that it doesn’t give me more control of what notifications I want and how I want them I wish they’d alert me when certain transactions post but it only leaves it very vague. I like having precise functions so I know what’s happening and when. Other than that the app seems to run fine, I don’t know if someone keeps hacking my account but sometimes it’ll say I signed in when I didn’t and I know no one guessed my password because I had just reset it.
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3 years ago, K802022
They have made great improvements. It’s easy to have all of your accounts displayed with balances. Even your credit card shows on the main area and how much is due that month. Easy to track purchases and income with accurate dates and times. If something is pending it deducts from available amount to avoid confusion and helps if you are a super busy person that likes to do a quick check on their account.
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5 months ago, West235
Bank App
I like the new app it’s very user friendly and makes it easy paying my loans and transferring to my to my savings account. I like the credit card I have as well they call and check to make sure all transactions are mine and not fraudulent activity occurring. If you call for any loans or other services the staff has always been super helpful and very friendly.
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8 months ago, Latefeemomma
It works good enough
The only problem I encountered is the available balance. They will show the last few transactions as clearing but the difference between the Balance and the Available Balance isn’t always calculated correctly. If you don’t spend every dollar before payday and rely on that information then you should have nothing to worry about. Just keep the calculator handy. They always correct it.
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2 months ago, T.Bull35
My review
The app works great I did have a new number on my cell phone and the new number was an old TDECU account user and it was a bit of trouble changing that over to my name so I could use the app but once that was taken care of it's been great to be able to check at any time what my balance is as well as transferring money from my fiancé's account and back-and-forth
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5 years ago, Nacho mammy
Needs sone work
The app really needs to be simplified. How about just saying Balance. Make Deposit. Activity. Deposits. Withdrawals. It’s just confusing and now when I make a mobile deposit, the screen goes white and locks up. In fact it locks up so tight I have to uninstall the app then reinstall. And of course then I have to backtrack to see if the deposit went through and it’s not same day posting so really really inconvenient. But...better than spending time at the arm or the office. It could be really good because I like TDECU. Show us some love please.
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5 years ago, Vkklynn
This app is so easy to use it’s amazing! I can transfer money to multiple family members at any given time or transfer money from my checking to saving or even pay loans/credit cards with just a few clicks!!! I work all day with limited access to my phone and I can’t tell you how much time and energy this app has saved me, not to mention less stress!! I don’t see myself with any other bank other than TDECU!
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1 month ago, LucyLindaLynette
Easy to navigate! I can access several options for the credit Union in one place. It’s been years since I joined the credit union. I accidentally made it my primary payroll deposit account. I briefly thought about changing it back. I didn’t and have never regretted that decision. I actually ended up closing my account with the other bank.
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4 years ago, Spartonml
Unable to make a mobile deposit for months!!!!
I have called customer support about this, I have gone into the bank in person about this, but for the past 3 months I have been unable to make a mobile deposits since the app had gotten an update. I haven’t been given an answer as to why and have only ever been told to “wait one day and we’ll contact you” but I’ve never gotten anything, no email, no phone call, nothing. I’ve tried logging out and logging back into my account, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I’ve even tried restarting my network settings on my phone, but nothing works.
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5 years ago, Tonya Stewart
Pretty good
It’s a pretty good app. It’s just a bit confusing that when searching for a check that may have cleared or deposited is in a totally different spot then the rest of the tools that you use. And doing a Mobil deposit is sometimes frustrating when a check is not accepted you don’t get any kind of notice or email most of the time I end up taking it to the bank anyways because it’s such a pain and well where’s the convinces in that.
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1 year ago, Andille
Fraud prevention
I received a phone call give me details of possible fraud activities multiple questions clarified my card had been used in a area I had not been to or was at, they locked my current debit card and offered options to have new card mailed or going to local branch to receive new and replaced debit card, Thank you TDECU.
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3 years ago, KMLIAN
Excellent app
I’ve used the app for quite some time now and over the years it’s always been reliable and I only had one problem: The personal information wasn’t updating after trying many times and it actually telling me the info had been updated. Much later (weeks later) my address was updated in person at the bank. Otherwise, it’s a well designed and very user friendly application
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8 months ago, Trisha67!
Good Company
I have enjoyed being with TDECU for the last year. The staff is very friendly, the way they adapt is awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was that the Port Lavaca chain couldn’t make me a debit card on the spot. But maybe that has changed now? Many other Banks give you Perks to use your card with them. Where does TDECU do that? I am also looking to refinance my car loan. I will be going in soon to discuss things.
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5 months ago, All stupid name not taken
It's ok. Online banking through app or otherwise has set up that has caused me problems. When I go to certain account and go to make transfer I have to go to drop down and choose the account again. Missed hat at first leading to problems. Shouldn't have to go to an account and say transfer or make payment and then have to choose account a second time when you think that's the account you are addressing.
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1 year ago, Hurt'em Harvey
Amazing Service
I just moved most of my money to TDECU after being with another bank for over 25 years. I did not realize how much I was at a disservice until I moved to TDECU. The banking options have more benefits than my previous bank and the service and ease of the app is way better! I’ve been missing out all these years.
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1 year ago, Beautyroc
Love Mobile Banking - some Inaccuracies
This app is great but there are some inaccuracies in credit posting, true Balance, and true Available Balances. Also, the line of Posting is very inaccurate as to when the transactions were made, and when the transaction is posted. Therefore, I am not sure of the transactions cleared and True Balances.
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3 years ago, Redfish@66
Transfer screen
The app works fine. The only odd thing is when I do a transfer between accounts. When it’s done, the screen pops up saying it’s done. There’s an X at the top but it doesn’t work. Then I have to cancel the screen that still doesn’t take back to my Home Screen. I have to tap the home button to get back to where I was. Seems a bit inefficient to have to do so much to get out of the transfer screen.
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5 months ago, hotellocate
#1 Credit Union
If you’re just starting to learn about finance. TDECU is the best place to begin your financial future. Excellent customer service. Staff is always available for all your questions or concerns. They will give you the best information based on your needs and keep you informed along the way of your progress in your financial goals.
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2 years ago, DMathilda
Texas Dow Credit Union
Love this Credit Union! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The credit Union grew from a small place to a larger chain, but the Credit Union tried to keep it more personal. I am not that tech. savvy! I can still figure out how to get around on the App. The family Credit Union works hard at updating and keeping us safe. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Leftylofty
Highly Unappealing
I may just be a tech savvy 20 year old, but having to bank online with TDECU just isn’t appealing whatsoever. It truly feels as if I am searching the web on a computer in the library in 2005. Don’t get me wrong, it provides ease of access to the tools that I need for mobile banking. I just dread having to interact with an app that seems so behind compared to my other online banking apps. I would love to see an updated version of this app so that I could actually desire using it instead of preferring to just go to the bank in real life.
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