Team Tactics Tool

4.2 (41)
48.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Koality Game LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Team Tactics Tool

4.2 out of 5
41 Ratings
7 years ago, Mr.Knowall#123456789
Great but not perfect
When I first got this app I used it to learn maps and figure out how to play with operators, now I use it to try and experiment with plans and share them with friends. The screenshot function may be a little buggy, and I do wish I could zoom in and out a little more to get more detailed. Overall good app, as of this time still waiting for Operation Blood Orchid map, operators, and gadgets to be added to the app.
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7 years ago, BlobBlobshdjfjf
Pretty good
This app is actually really great for strategy but there needs to be a way to do it online with friends watching on the spot. And there also needs to be a way that you can save your strategies. The app doesn't have an eraser button so if you change your mind you have to scrap the whole thing or press undo a bunch of times
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7 years ago, Grapeshot1313
I got this before I got siege I thought I could get a little insight before I started playing so I wasn't screamed at by rainbow six veterans. It's great no ads that I have seen and it's all free I would give five Stars but my only problem is that it's a little hard to figure out maybe a help butter could well... help but besides that it's great keep up the good work
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7 years ago, yoboydoc
Pretty good
Very pleased with app. Very user friendly. However, it does get hard at times on a phone to move stuff around. Also, the new theme park map needs to be added.
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7 years ago, Jet Rover
Hey! I love your app, and I was wondering if you were open to creating an eraser icon, that allows you(when selected) to drag your fineger across anything and erase it. It would also be cool if you could send your finished strats to people. Have a good day!
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7 years ago, Jugde_Dredd
R6 combat app
Did you ever think of making a rainbow six siege app that allowed you to play out your combat tactics to see how it could play out not every plan will play out the way you want it to I know from personal experience
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3 months ago, fredwallacexoejiejdjt
Awesome game but two questions
This is a awesome game but I have two questions which are how do I upload an image on a map and how do play each map
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7 years ago, Nobberrobber
Incredibly detailed app
like the title of my review suggest, i am impressed with the detail of every map and objective in this app. for sure useful for new players and people who want to assign specific operator roles
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7 years ago, pd help
It’s better if you
It’s better if you can test it go on FPS and play as a main character to chose is better
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7 years ago, DaRealCJB
This helps significantly when I play so I can be much more cautious of my surroundings! It also helps my skills develop!
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7 years ago, Tripdafan
Needs an online mode
It would be cool if you could invite your team and draw up tactics in the app with in some sort of a lobby
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7 years ago, Thereviewer1212
Excellent app
Great quality, and good for finding cam locations and plotting attacks. Even has new maps
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7 years ago, Mrred1
Great app
Pretty good, some of the controls feel a little clunky but otherwise a fantastic app.
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7 years ago, Andy_Goalie24
Love this app
I am a fan of Rainbow Six and always have been, and this a great app for coming up with strategies. Love all the content and its free!
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7 years ago, LittleWiss
Thank you
Great to have up while you're playing. Nice job.
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7 years ago, Kade A fox
New map
When will theme park be on here? It's a really big and confusing map.
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7 years ago, UnstableTWO
To the person complaining about the screenshot thing... screenshot on your phone goon.
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7 years ago, Dark Daveon
Is there going to be an update for the new maps
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7 years ago, GtaCreeperVids
Need a Operator update
The app needs to update for the DLC-Velvet Shell. So Mira and Jackal would be included plus the map Coastline!
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4 years ago, That guy Carl
Outdated. I wish it wasn’t!
None of the new maps or operators are included since like, operation Red Crow or something. Now I have to use the laggy official Ubisoft desktop version if I want any layouts.
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7 years ago, Zachgaming2145
Update the app
I want to review the new maps but I can't because they haven't updated the app so I'm tempted to delete the app
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7 years ago, A Crusty Guy
Look at all dem fake reviews
This app is obviously trash just by looking at the first picture and the fact that 95% of the reviews are made by the people who made the app. Lol that's sad.
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7 years ago, g0omba
Neat tool but is lacking.
Neat tool, I get an error when trying to save the screenshot after I marked on a map saying "image unavailable".
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7 years ago, DJrocker1101
Pretty Great for New players
This app is a lot more beneficial to newer players to Siege so they can get to know the maps. It's got all the locations for cameras, breachable walls, and the name of each and every room. All round it's very ideal for people who are just starting out or even people who are more experienced and they want to learn names of rooms to make call outs. My only gripes are that doesn't include the new map Bartlett University, but that can be easily implemented. And that the graphic quality isn't the best and in some instances it can be difficult to read the names of rooms. Furthermore, I don't particularly see as much of a use for the actual strategic planning because of how the game plays. I'm not saying it's a bad feature or anything, but playing the game for as long as I have I don't have any use for this. But regardless this app is wonderful.
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7 years ago, AverageJoe425
Should have jackle and Mira but great app
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7 years ago, MrLanguageDood
Great app for tactics
Its cool. Can you add the Operation Blood Orchard operators, gadgets, and Theme Park?
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7 years ago, Skansnjfia
Nice app!!! Very helpful
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7 years ago, Zackdillman
Pretty cool app
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7 years ago, Hlhs1
Really Useful Info
I'm very surprised at how accurate and smooth the app actually is. The only problem I had was using the app controls to take a screenshot which caused the app to crash but I know I can just screenshot it using my actual phone controls. Maps are accurate and tools are good too
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7 years ago, giluv$
A breeze to use and extremely useful.
This app is literally what I've been asking for since I got into the game. I am an avid Rainbow 6 Siege player and this app is literally exactly what I've been looking for. There is a Ubisoft version on the official Rainbow 6 website, and this app blows it out of the water. 100x better than Ubisoft's version. The only complaint is that there is some missing information when it comes to map layout (what walls are marked as destructible or line of sight walls) but hopefully that will be fixed soon! Otherwise, very user friendly, exactly what people are looking for and up to date with almost all its info. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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7 years ago, Parabellum1990
I love it but it needs more maps then just the one that is available.I love this idea! I'm trying to contact Ubisoft to make a similar app but as an add on connect to the game. For example, When controlling the drones or cameras in the game, you can use your supported tablet to view and control your drones and cameras while in the game. Also you able to bring up a tactical map with tactics that you or your team leader came up with and can share among your teammates.
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7 years ago, Mikfent
Exactly what we need!
This is fantastic! I'd even be willing to pay a dollar a map to keep updates coming! Kind of wish you had the option on the main start page to choose from some small thumbnails as well rather than the carousel for efficiency, but GREAT WORK!
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7 years ago, Downthemiddle
Great App!
I gotta hand it to the developer of this app! It looks fantastic, is easy to use and works great! I use it all the time and it has made me a better player because of it. I hope the developer adds the year 2 maps when they come out!
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7 years ago, JapharDM
This is probably the most useful things I have ever downloaded thank you for creating this Justin! I hope you will creat more of these types of tactical boards for other games! P.S this is also like on the internet but works offline! Again this app is AMAZING 🙂🙂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃
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7 years ago, Frost. Echo, Hibana.
This is definitely a 5 star app, when updated.
This is a great app that has potential. Just update if with other maps and I'll rate if 5 stars. I'll even throw some cash to the developers if they added a donation button.
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7 years ago, Baseballer321
This app is awesome! Finally an app I can have on my phone that I can set up strats and share them with my team. I have always wanted this and it has finally happened. A must download if you are a rainbow 6 fan.
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7 years ago, BSC Insanity
Surprising amazing!!!
At first I thought it would be a bad app. But it's actually amazing!!! It works smoothly and the tactics work! Me and some of my friends tried it and we got on a 7 win streak in Ranked! Buy this app it really works
Show more
7 years ago, TinoGhini
Great looking app and works great! Only thing I wish, is that you could draw on the map and your friends could see it as you draw it in real time (or a little delayed haha) either way great app!!
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7 years ago, SilverBullet1933
Perfect for Beginners to R6S
I'm just getting the hang of this game, and I've been looking for map overviews to understand and strategize better in the game. This app is perfect as it titles rooms, shows all floors, shows breakable walls/ trapdoors, shows objective rooms, and cameras!
Show more
7 years ago, nathan_ferrelli
Add saving maps
This app is really good but it would be better if we could save our maps so we don't have to re-create them each time
Show more
7 years ago, MeXDweiner
Good. Close to perfect
Of course with the new maps it will be awesome. But if you can you should make a way to send or save the whole thing. Maybe through the app itself? And then teammates could get the app and just share layouts!
Show more
7 years ago, Dogman12101
I'm glad to see this app! However...
The app works great!! I know that they just released Mira and Jackal, but they are not present in the app yet... I hope they are able to add them soon!
Show more
7 years ago, Fuddg
Amazing App!
This is an amazing app with an amazing purpose... update the app with the new maps and I'll rate 5 stars. Thank you Edit: perfect app now that the maps are on there, I use this every time I play the game
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7 years ago, Neoetm
Very helpful!!
I'm using this on my phone right now and can't wait to use it on my iPad with the larger screen. Thanks for putting this together.
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7 years ago, PRODIGYPLAYS616
I am new to this Game and this has recently become one of my favorited app, and I am very addicted, to this app and have been looking for a serious RB6 Strategy app. So very impressed highly recommend
Show more
7 years ago, GSR559
Nailed it
They really seemed to make this app perfect. I would even go as far as saying it's better than using Ubi's website version
Show more
7 years ago, Eric Babic
This is great for people trying to learn the maps
Everyone should get this app it amazing and help me play at the highest levels of the game
Show more
7 years ago, Liesejunh
Awesome App
Exactly what I needed. Please update for the following features. -camera angles -different objective locations for different game modes -more maps
Show more
7 years ago, FIFA 13 Suggester
My prayers have been answered
I've waited so long for a Rainbow Six Siege app like this. It's so streamlined and simple: I love it. Thank you so much for creating this.
Show more
7 years ago, jgonzaba
Simply perfect and handy
This app is perfect. It really helps understand the map and helps your gameplay.
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