TeamViewer QuickSupport

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TeamViewer Germany GmbH
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TeamViewer QuickSupport

2.51 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Pifflin
Isn’t used for scams if you don’t let random people connect to your device
When using remote support software, it is important to understand that it’s never a good idea to invite strangers and when using any remote support services, it’s vital to review the security settings. Education on how to avoid scams is the best way to protect yourself. I have never had a security issue and started using TeamViewer because a government CIO recommended it 6 years ago and it’s been essential when I need to help my 72 year old mother with her computer and phone issues. No offense to those who got scammed by people via this app but the app isn’t the problem; it’s scammers using the app.
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3 years ago, John SC.
Don’t Be Confused
I know it most likely won’t do much, but as a technician that has used TeamViewer as a service for years, I’m leaving this review in hopes that some people will realize this app is legit. Yes, there are malicious individuals that will abuse the features of this app to scam, but this app is designed for people to get assistant with various functions of their device. It is not the banks fault that you handed a random person the key to your home, so please don’t hate the company or the developers all because a malicious third party that is completely unrelated to them tried to scam you. Their product is solid, and does what it says. Like I’ve said, I’ve used TeamViewer for years and never have had an issue. Just don’t give personal information to absolute strangers that you haven’t verified and you’ll be fine. Also, when you search “Apple Support Number” and tap on a number that belongs to apple, in the small box that pops up asking if you want to call them, it will even say “Apple Verified” on iPhones running iOS 13 or later, so I don’t know why people keep saying “I called the first number I saw and got scammed”. Anyways, stay safe, and ALWAYS: 1. Verify 2. Verify 3. And most importantly, Verify.
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6 months ago, CotyWK
Works perfectly
Anyone looking through these and seeing a bunch of negative comments need to realize that those commenters ego is hurt and they’re mad that they were scammed by individuals that didn’t create this app. I just found it and was able to successfully use it to help a client 100 miles away without any fuss. From a support perspective, having an app that an end user can easily install, without being IT literate, is a huge plus. I do wish there was an option for the end user to relinquish some level of control, but considering the negative reviews I doubt that will happen. If you don’t want to be scammed, think before downloading remote access software based on a callers word. I don’t know any business that would need access to a non-employees phone. When in doubt, turn on airplane mode to disconnect the call, in a way that looks like the call was dropped, and call the public number for that company’s support line to verify.
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3 years ago, girlygirl120345
Watch out for scammers
I got a call from Apple, saying that someone was trying to buy stuff from my bank account. Freaking out, they told me to download this app. I noticed it had a 2 star review. I started to wonder, “wait, y is APPLE calling about suspicious activity. Isn’t my bank supposed to call about suspicious activity? Also, I’ve never had to download an app before, when Apple helped me”. I decided to read the reviews. (Just in case it was legit, I told the woman that it was taking a long time to download, so I could buy time to investigate). I seen a bunch of people saying that this was an app scammers used. I then said to the woman, “Sorry ma’am, but I seen that the reviews were talking about scammers using this app. How do I know ur really apple?” She immediately hung up. I called apple, & my bank, to make sure all my stuff was secure. My bank said everything was ok, & big surprise, Apple said that they had no records saying they called me. About a year ago Apple called me & I asked if they were legit. The person talking to me was super nice, & gave me lots of proof. If u get a call, don’t hesitate to ask, “how do I know this isn’t a scam”. & if things aren’t adding up, hang up, & call the company (to see if they really called u).
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4 years ago, SoKool71
Works Great, Stop Giving Access to Unknowns...
This app works perfectly fine. It’s from Team viewer and IS NOT a scam app. Unknown people use it to scam you guys out of your money, t doesn’t make this app bad. That’s like saying GMail is a scam app because you allowed account access to that Nigerian Prince who wanted to hide his fathers money in your account lol! Be smart people and use some common sense. This app allows you to give screen access to someone who can help you on your phone trouble shoot your phone or help you walk through something you might need help with. ONLY allow people you know this access, or they may gain sensitive information about you if you allow them to view your info. I can use this to help my father in law in another state setup or help learn something on his iPhone just like I do for his desktop! Learn to use the tools and stop Lamont them for hitting yourself in the face with it. NEVER GIVE STRANGERS ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNTS OR SEND THEM MONEY.
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3 years ago, Thatoneguy08
Don’t be a stupid user and allow malicious people in....
TLDR: Don’t be a stupid user. App works great! This app works great! It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s not the apps fault you are a stupid user. ****The reason for all the bad reviews is completely user error.**** If you don’t let them in they cannot get in. Simple as that. If the link looks shady don’t click it. If you didn’t request support don’t click it. If you don’t use the account i.e. PayPal then don’t click the link. If you don’t recognize the sender don’t click the link. If it asks for permissions on your device stop what you are doing and close out immediately. If it is sent from a generic email that is garbled don’t click the link. If the logo looks off don’t click the link. If there are grammatical errors don’t click the link. If you have never heard of this feature don’t click the link. If it asks you to log in don’t, go to the app or navigate to the webpage outside the email or communication. If you were not expecting it, don’t click the link. If it is asking for money stop what you are doing and close out immediately. Go to the manufacturer’s app or the company’s website from a browser by typing the address in manually or google it and verify the claims in the email or whatever form of communication you are getting scammed on today.
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4 years ago, Rodspug
PayPal Scam
This app was used in a PayPal scam. When I tried to call about an erroneous charge in December from The Best Franchise Store the customer service people had me log into this app to take over my phone and have full view as I logged into my PayPal account. When I started asking questions they got hostile. At this point I knew it was a scam but I kept going to see how they were going to “help” me. They wanted me to open up an app to pay in Bitcoin? I laughed and said I didn’t think so and they hung up on me. I was scammed out of $229. dollars from The Best Franchise Store that posed as Dyson. Please do not listen to ANY Customer Service agent that asks you to log into this app. It is a Scam. DEVELOPERS - You clearly see a trend here! 95% of these reviews are telling you that they got scammed using Your App including me. CAN YOU ADDRESS THIS AND OFFER ANY KIND OF SECURITY OR HELP TO INNOCENT CUSTOMERS? All you do is praise the reviews of people saying your app works great. It’s probably coming from the Indian Scammers that you support! This is ridiculous! Please reply and offer any solution and security. Rise up and be accountable.
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4 years ago, stupigvxgtvfs
Scam for sure
I was scammed using this app I thought I was on the phone with Apple support getting help (I googled apple contact and clicked the first link they fouled me it looked like a real apple web page)on some charges so the guy told me to download this app so that he could see my charges he then asked me to go to my bank account so he could see my account number that was charged I thought abt it like wait a min first of all why would Apple even have me down load a app like that and why would they want me to log into my bank account to see my info that was a sign and he was very hostile with me on asking for help on how to get to where I needed to be which was also a clue so I hung up before he even could see my account info this was very fishy another this he told me to put my phone on to never lock so after I hung up I made sure I changed my screen lock timer back and deleted the app I just pray he still doesn’t have access to my phone even after removing the app and resetting my phone my mom always said technology is the devil and she was right!
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3 years ago, SingleMomSuzie
Scammers Request u 2 download this
I got a call from someone saying that they were Apple on my home phone which was a red flag now that I think about it but they freaked me out because they said someone was logging into my iCloud from an international location and they wanted to see if it was me and then they said that they are trying to do fraudulent activity using my information and then they asked me to download this app and wanted to share my screen and when I asked why they said so that they could make sure whoever is trying to use my information for fraudulent activity overseas is stopped. I told them that I would call them back Because I was busy and they tried to keep me on the phone and said they would call me back I hung up and called Apple and they said there was no one from Apple that had called my phone that day or even that month. Now that I’m reading the reviews it seems like this app is a common app used for scammers so I highly suggest no matter what you don’t use this app it was probably created by the scammers themselves
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3 years ago, Severj
BEWARE of Scammers!
Like other reviewers, I also received a Robo call claiming to be from PayPal. Nothing about it felt right, starting with the hold music! The customer service rep informed me I had two charges for $500 and $900 that had been made in the past day. (Google Play gift card and a bike shop in CO). I declined to authorize the payments. The service rep then said he needed to pass me onto security to complete the claim, but that I needed to download this app to work with them. Red flag as I was already in the PayPal app. I did go to the App Store and looked at the reviews. When I told him it looked like this was a scam tool he was very quick to defend himself and provided all sorts of identifying information. I got a name and badge #. Who has badge numbers? Also, while possible, I questioned that a guy with a thick Indian accent’s name was Eric Wilson. Bottom line, another red flag. I hung up and called PayPal and they had no record of any charges. I changed my password to be safe and passed on the scammers # and info to actual PayPal. BEWARE!!
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3 years ago, seniorcitizengotscammed
I GOT SCAMMED. I got an email from Apple that looked legitimate, but to be safe I called the number at the bottom of the message rather than hitting reply. They answered the phone “Apple technical support” and they asked to access my all devices. So I stupidly gave them access until they started asking about my Social Security number and my bank account numbers (which I gave them, because they said they were processing a refund — which I had, in fact, asked for) and they thanked me for being so cooperative. I was flattered until they asked for the PIN number to my bank account. At that point, I had a panic attack and hung up because I realized this is a SCAM. Now I will probably have to delete the hard drive on my home computer, monitor all my credit cards accounts, and go to my bank on Monday to put a freeze or change my account number. Do not allow anyone into talking you into downloading this app. APPLE, if you’re listening, take it OFF the app site!!!!
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4 years ago, Retracnire
Scammers Use This!
I googled Apple Support and thought I was calling a real Apple tele numb. They had me download this app, and claimed they were walking me through steps to secure my Apple Wallet. I was suspicious but I had called them so kept telling myself not to be paranoid. They stole over $3,000 from me. Claimed because I was compromised they had to secure my Apple wallet, and I had reasons to believe I had been compromised that is the reasons I was calling. ‘Apple’ but it wasn’t Apple must have been an add. All I knew was it was the first number that came up for Apple. So since I was calling them I was soo trusting. This app serves very little good and should be removed. There should be a warning to people when you down load it that reminds you to only screen share with say a relative. If this company was responsible there would be a flag that points out even if you call a company such as Apple or EBay they will not ask you to use this app and you should run as soon as they mention Venmo and Cash App etc.
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1 year ago, SireCuckith
As an IT tech this is a very useful and RELIABLE app to use for customers/clients. This application is functioning as it should and it is doing well. This app will not scam you. I repeat, THIS APP WILL NOT SCAM YOU! IT IS NOT THE APPS FAULT! The rest of these ratings bombing this application is because users don’t understand that scam artists or individuals can manipulate less knowledgeable users into providing the necessary information to access your personal information. YOU ARE CONSENSUALLY ALLOWING THE SCAMMERS ACCESS TO TO YOUR PHONE. DO NOT BLAME THIS APP! IT IS MEANT TO FUNCTION AS A REMOTE ACCESS UTILITY TO ALLOW INDIVIDUALS TO TROUBLESHOOT OR MAINTAIN DIRECT CONTACT WITH CLIENTS DEVICES! Please use common sense and understand what the application is used for BEFORE ALLOWING ANOTHER STRANGER INTO YOUR DEVICES UNLESS IT IS A RELIABLE SOURCE. Use your critical thinking skills people.
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3 years ago, abba shola
i got a call saying that my apple account ID had been breached and i pressed 1 and then a man came on the phone and said that my account had been breached from russia, china, and mexico. i believed him because i had made the mistake a few weeks ago and gave my info out to someone by accident so i thought this was the result of it. he told me to download this app and walked me through it and it started recording everything on my screen. i was even paranoid seeing the bad reviews and he said it was “because it is a new app and covid” i got scared and hung up. even more terrified when the app continued to broadcast (record) my screen and i had to hit cancel and i restarted my phone. this is an app that scammers are using so that they can broadcast your screen and gain access to your information. if you get a call about someone breaching your apple ID, call APPLE INC to make sure it’s legit. this was a scary experience because i had trouble with scammers in the past. please be careful!!
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4 years ago, Scam0009823)
Please don’t download this app they are SCAMMERS. I googled Apple support trying to find my missing phone and just clicked on the first number that popped up. I called and they took me through some weird process. At a point I wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing. He asked I open my cash app or zelle I told him there’s no need for that. I opened my bank app and he went through it claiming that he wants to dispute the transaction. Again Apple support doesn’t dispute transactions the bank does that. Immediately I suspected some fraudulent activities and blocked my card while still on the screen share with these scammers and he said I actually don’t need to block my card i replied that’s none of your business. Immediately I stopped the screen record and ended the call. These guys called back with another number and I told them they are scammers and shouldn’t call my number. Told them I will visit Apple store myself. I was lucky they didn’t get money from me but someone else might not. PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.
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3 years ago, DrD71306
Apple owners beware!
Today I received a phone call sounding like a legit recording saying that my Apple ID and password have been compromised. It directed me to this call-center and right away I knew that it had to be a scam because it sounded like a telemarketer scamming room with a whole bunch of foreign voices . Don’t get me wrong I know call centers are now all outsourced but this was just not your normal fraud call where usually when a fraud detective calls you you can hear them very clearly on the phone and this one sounded like you were calling an outsource telemarketer phone call. They wanted me to download this app like the other review stated I was very apprehensive because why would Apple fraud department asked me to download an app when they have all my information when I started looking at the review..And then quickly the guy changed his tone of voice and said that I was probably just buying time because I didn’t believe him why would a fraud detective say that I am mediately hung up
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1 year ago, Drain0110
Be smart don’t blame the app
All of these 1 star reviews are ridiculous. The app works great for consumers and for businesses. Just because you’re gullible enough to think that apple is going to call you about your bank account doesn’t mean the app is a scam. It’s such a great tool that yes, scammers will use it. But, it has nothing to do with the company. If you were on a computer, they would have had you just go to a website and still your information. On your phone it’s a little harder. But, yet people are easily fooled that Microsoft or Apple is going to call you directly… Read up on scammers and how they work and don’t blame/1 star an app for technical naivety.
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4 years ago, nagahs
yes this is real ...This app was used to scam me too , I was having issues with my location and I googled "Apple support number" and clicked on the first thing that popped up. The guy that answered the phone told me to download this app to screen share, then proceeded to have me open up my Settings on my phone went through my Apple ID and wanted me to go into Apple wallet asked me to open up my Cash App because "Every app is connected to your Apple ID and we just need to verify your Apple ID." and when I said no this is not right he said ok go for Home Screen and find anything work with Zelle or any app you pay money with it.....After arguing with him about why he needed to go to CashApp and against judgement telling me there was no reason for this I opened the app for just a second. I then got a terrible feeling when my routing number popped up first thing so I quickly exited ended the call and deleted this screen sharing app. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT IS SCAM.
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4 years ago, AllisonR0215!
This app is used by Scammers do not download if asked by the supposed “support team members” I was scammed out of $700 yesterday. I got an email from PayPal trying to confirm a purchase for a $500 Iwatch that I did not order. The email had a tech support number to call if you need to cancel and refund or check on the purchase. I called that number and the first thing they had me do was download this app then proceeded to walking me step by step on how to get my money back. I unfortunately didn’t catch on to it what they were doing until afterwards. I had to go close my checking account and open a new one due to this. I also have to go get my phone scrubbed and cleaned professionally to make sure they didn’t leave anything behind that can compromise my phone or sensitive information. I’m so mad at my self for not realizing what they were doing before they stole $700!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP IF THWY ASK KNOW IT IS A SCAMM AND HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY AND BLOCK THE NUMBER!!!!!!
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4 years ago, awesomuge
Scam- do not download Protect Yourself!!!
First of all, I was not scammed out of money but they attempted to. I was trying to call Apple support when I reached some tech guys (I spoke to 2 different ones, the last one gave the name of Ben Thompson) from India asking me to download this app so they could screen share and fix my problem. After doing so, they prompt me to scroll “slowly” through my apps. (Now I know this was so they could see that I had an online banking app on my iPhone). After sending Apple verification codes to my email and text message, they tell me they are unable to verify my identity and must complete a “demo” payment through my Chase app. When I tell him, I’m not doing this and I will take my phone into the Apple store he becomes irate and yells that all Apple stores are closed and I must complete this on the phone to fix my problem. Needless to say I did not fall for his scheme. Please protect yourselves and your hard earned money!!!
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4 years ago, C Farber
App does what it says it’ll do
I’m purely leaving this review to offset the geniuses that are rating it poorly because they were fooled into letting someone view sensitive information on their devices. Not too smart if you ask me. Just like you should not tell someone personal info over the phone, clearly you should not SHOW them this information either! And then turn and blame this app?! Wow That is in no way the fault of this app. This app does exactly what it says it’ll do. It allows someone to view your iOS device screen. This can be very helpful if you are trying to help someone with their device. I tested between my iPhone and my iPad, my iPhone and my MacBook. It works
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4 years ago, RyanTheTechMan
NOT a scam
This app is NOT fraudulent. People are just being dumb and not noticing that they are being scammed. Sure, this is a way you can get scammed, but come on, USE YOUR BRAIN!! Don’t ever show your password to anyone! It’s yours! Plus, Apple NEVER CALLS YOU! Stop being dumb, it’s a good app. Don’t review it negatively for being bad at noticing that who your talking to is scamming you. For its use, this app works perfectly fine and I recommend it for anyone wanting to share their screen for help from a friend. Just don’t connect with a stranger! STRANGER DANGER! Isn’t that what you have been taught?!?!? I mean really.... how much more do I have to say. Use this app if you are wanting help from A FRIEND. It is a perfectly fine app.
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3 years ago, CJ's Iphone
Beware this was used by a PayPal scam
I called what I thought was a PayPal number regarding unauthorized charges in my PayPal account. They had me download this and then got access to mirroring my phone while I transferred money to them from my bank account!! So they saw it all. I had to close all my accounts etc and I don’t know if this leaves a marker in your phone to continue monitoring it. At the very least if this is a legitimate app used the creators should come in here apologize and realize they are being used by scammers and research it. Don’t. Download. This. App. it will be a nightmare for you!!! I don’t blame the app or developers but they could at least address this with everyone that fell for these scams. To just say thank you to the ones it works for us not very customer service oriented and shows they could care less. Again not their fault but take some initiative to at least appear like you care!!!
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3 years ago, byte sized bookworm
As an IT tech, this app is great
I’m really sorry to the development team that so many scammers have made use of this to take advantage of poor folks. Stay safe and stay vigilant. Don’t give out info to people without proper verification. I use TeamViewer and Splashtop side by side every single day in my line of work. So as soon as I needed a way to control my iPhone 11 from my Linux laptop I searched up teamviewer. I have to say that functionality and reliability of connection is perfect (especially since it’s usually while my phone is on the charger in the next room) and I find that it performs exactly as advertised. Thanks guys!
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3 years ago, bll_rh
Great Remote Access Tool, Not a scam
For those review bombing TeamViewer QuickSupport because they got scammed or were asked to download this app during a scam, they are directing their frustrations at the wrong party. This app is a remote access support tool. Key word being “tool”. Falling for a scam is not the developer’s fault. I’ve used various TeamViewer application on various platforms both professionally and personally for years. They are great tools for remote access, management, and support. I recommend using TeamViewer applications for such purposes. I would also highly advise to use these applications with caution in mind when dealing with unknown parties.
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2 years ago, MJBbuddy
A great support tool
This is a great way for our help desk to connect to our users to assist with work related issues on personal devices. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be confused about what this is and what TeamViewer is for. A lot of reviews rate it poorly because a scammer attempted to trick the user into downloading it as a phishing attempt. That’s like giving an email app a one star review because you fell for an email scam. TeamViewer is a legitimate app and service, but YOU are responsible for your own online safety. If someone directs you to install it, and you do not 100% trust that they are who they say, DO NOT!
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4 years ago, Bkbsplash
This app was used to scam me! I was having issues with pairing my Apple Watch and I googled “Apple support number” and clicked on the first thing that popped up. The lady that answered the phone told me to download this app to screen share, she then proceeded to have me open up my Settings on my phone went through my Apple ID and wanted me to go into Apple wallet which I do not have set up thankfully. After these red flags she then asked me to open up my Cash App because “Every app is connected to your Apple ID and we just need to verify your Apple ID.” After arguing with her about why she needed to go to CashApp and against my intuition/better judgement telling me there was no reason for this I opened the app for just a second. I then got a terrible feeling when my routing number popped up first thing so I quickly exited cash app, ended the call and deleted this screen sharing app.
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3 years ago, sabrina iris
I was trying to get ahold of Lyft consumer service 1800 number and my google put this 1800 number at the top of the list. When I called they asked me to download this app so they can help me get into my bank account to give me the money back into my account that was over charged for one of my Lyft rides. When I was speaking to this fast talking scam artist he told me it had to be a big time bank not just a banking app like Current which the charge was placed on through my apple. Once they told me it doesn’t matter if it is mine or someone else’s account I knew something was up. I turned off the screen recording and hung up they called back to back until I blocked their number from calling my phone. I’m honestly surprised they don’t delete this app from being downloaded since it’s apart of scamming people. Watch out I wouldn’t fall for it if I was you.
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1 year ago, Veta93
Clarify Scam
I have real all your reviews and I want to say that this is a very good app and had been very helpful for me for a long time as long it is used for your personal purposes. Also NO LEGIT COMPANY will call you to provide any sort of support through this app. There is the big confusion about it! You alway have to make sure that you are not proving no access to your personal device to someone that you don’t know and remember to not trust anyone that calls you and ask for it. This app yes! Is designed to provide support and assistance but you only can provide access to someone that you really know and trust! Myself I use it to have control over my other personal devices (full control)this is very scary, yes! But this is only for my personal access end never to provide access to anyone else. Be safe! Never trust someone that you don’t know specially if they call you to offer some “help” that you never ask for or to offer reimbursement any kind.
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5 months ago, KUSO SAN
App is not a scam. Stop blaming the developers for your own failure.
The app and developers are legit. People need to stop these ignorant 1 star reviews because they failed to develop critical thinking skills. These morons writing 1 star reviews would not get rid of their phone if they fell for the any of the phone scams so stop blaming the app and take responsibility for your idiocy. The app itself is alright and works well for what it is. It just shares the screen and lets you see it which is handy for people trying to help users that are having trouble with their device. It doesn’t let you control
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2 years ago, rauseoj89
Remote Support App - No Scam
If you receive a call from Appel/Microsoft/PayPal or any company and said you download this app for do a “support”, it is not the app who scam you, you are letting the people who want your information access, this is a great app for remote support, if you do not know much about IT stuff please do not rate something could help a lot. I use a lot this in my work for help customer WHO DOES NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT IT WORLD, and all of them are really happy with my service. Recommendation: think a little bit when you receive a call, do not panic and verify first if the person could be legit.
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4 years ago, guzman47
Im kinda dumb ngl but I didn’t double check the Apple support website since I haven’t really used it that much. Anyway I clicked on the number and it called and it didn’t give me a robot at first like it normally did but I was like oh well, then this guy with an Indian accent answered and spoke like an Apple customer service employee would so i was like nah it’s fine and like while he was telling me what to do I was like he’s probably a scammer but I felt like I was being racist because I mostly based that over his accent and I was like omg stop and then so I listened and I stopped right as the app downloaded onto my phone but I didn’t use it or anything I just hung up. Anyway, this gets used by scammers so don’t use it if you get told to by some Apple support company or whatever, can’t believe I almost fell for it but oh well.
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4 years ago, scamaaritust
Don’t download prevent fraud or scam
Hi download this app because I was told that I was being hacked and in order me to prevent this I had to screen share with a person that called me and I end up doing that and they got into my cash app and sentMoney to another cash app which I lost $100 and now I can’t get them back and they said I would have to buy a Google play or iTunes card over $100 in order to get my hundred dollars back so I think this is a really big scam I told I thought PayPal that people are using that to get into peoples accounts throughQuick support so please do not answer any phone calls and do not use this app ever
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3 years ago, Memememee!
If I could rate this app with ZERO stars I would! The developers have configured the app so that criminals reign supreme and they don’t have to actually deal with those of us who are actively victimized by their passive aggressive allowances of theft! Someone impersonated a reputable company, told me that they needed to interact with my device to ensure that there was no fraudulent activity and proceeded to clean out my account! Teamviwers phone number and online chat automatically disconnect you if you have not paid their licensing and membership fees. They don’t allow victims to express their disconcert yet they keep taking money from criminals. SO NOT OKAY! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT under ANY circumstances download this app! It should be removed from the App Store and Google play and the developers who do nothing should be considered complicit in each and every act of theft that they allow.
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4 years ago, babalopi
Do not download this app if you are with apple support. They are not real Apple support. This app allows them to see everything thing on your account. Total scam!!!!!They’ll hack all your details through this app and make your life hell. BIG TIME SCAMMERS! They made me download an app called Quick Support which gave them access to my phone. They were able to read text messages between me and my husband. They got omy husband’s checking account details and transferred 2000$ from our account using Zelle. Later on the made my husband buy 2000$ worth gift cards under the pretense of identification. Thankfully we ended up not giving away the gift card detail. The scammers also said that the reviews of this app are not real and Samsung is trying to spread negative information about Apple and this is why there are negative reviews! THESE ARE SCAMMERS !!!!!!!!!!! If you are reading this review, then you have already lost some of the money.. In the end, the so called apple support personnel got annoyed after trying to convince my husband to give Gift card details and started saying abusing when he realized it is going nowhere. Hope this help. Good luck!
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4 years ago, bradleythegeek
Works as advertised
The app works as advertised. If you’re too stupid to use it or you call random tech support numbers off a google search and get scammed that is YOUR FAULT not the fault of the app. The developer should petition Apple to have all these ridiculous reviews from people too stupid to work an iOS device removed. Why? Because I’m a real tech support person and it’s hard to get my customers to trust a product when they see all these bad “reviews” by idiots. Let me help. Here’s how to use TeamViewer: download and give access to your device ONLY to technicians you know and trust. Problem solved.
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3 years ago, dzd857
Scamed with this app
I was scammed thought this app. I was calling xfinity for tech-support the operator convinced me to download this app so he could work from my phone to diagnose my issues-anyway he asked me after I downloaded this app go to my Home Screen. I thought this was unusual to leave the page he was working on but we continued to talk, he asked for my bank authorization for somethingThat’s when I knew I was being scammed .when I questioned him he told me I was the one that called him and not to worry, this is what’s needed for xfinity to help me. He said I was connected to their server and even if I deleted the app we were still connected the only way to disconnect was to keep the phone off. Not sure if any of that is true but beware if you download this app.
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3 years ago, HutchCBC
Finally for apple!
people have this app all wrong! its not teamviewers fault that todays scamers and hackers r lazy and untalented. this app allows remote access to ur device, and if u dont know that, u shouldnt b installing it unless told to by a trusted source who u would like to give remote access to. this app does exactly what its supposed to and its a great app, people shouldnt b 1 star-ing it because they were fooled into using it to give a scammer access to their device. sorry this is my first review and i only did it because i saw how badly this app was getting reviewed by people who shouldnt b reviewing it and dont know what it does
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3 years ago, Cali4646
Hang up Immediately!!
Luckily I caught a glimpse of a review saying this was a scam. The caller said he had my friend on the other line . He also said her new account was not verified yet and that he needed to send her money to me?! Luckily I heard my neighbor ( the meth headed cuprit )say something about cash app fraud that she was involved in. Glad I was paying attention. Why would Venmo support use some other company’s app to issue so sort of refund?! Yeah rite! I hung up and shut off my phone for about five minutes then turned it back on to delete the app. Super duper sketchy !! Beware!!!
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3 years ago, Hauteknits
Great app, ignore the 1 stars
I love using teamviewer QS for my IT Clients, and I also use it w/ my grandma to help her with her iPad, she’s elderly and I’m a state away, and it makes life so much easier to see her screen rather than tell her what she sees. To all the people who have been scammed, you should educate yourself on basic Internet Safety, someone asking to take control of your screen or even Apple or your Bank calling you is a common scamming tactic. It’s a shame that they use legitimate tools, but this awesome FREE app deserves all the praise for the great tool it is
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3 years ago, liban195
App is great! Users are dumb
The app works great and it does its job! I use this app to help my mom and grandpa learn how to use their device when I’m not near them. They have to allow for me to see what’s on their screen. The users are dumb and fall for fake scammers that use this app for the wrong reasons. You leaving 1 star review for the app does not hurt the scammers feeling cause they don’t own it. You’re hurting a legit business that’s makes it easier for us tech savvy people to help computer illiterate family and friends. If you got scammed you deserved it for being so gullible 😂😂😂
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4 years ago, Pirate1976
There is nothing wrong with your computer.
This is a scam not a virus like they want you to believe. They make you think you have hackers. They send you to the store to purchase 500 dollar gift cards. These cards are to buy security cards. Don’t do it. The money goes right into there pocket. They ask you for the last 4 digits to your credit so they can deposit money into your acc. You get emails showing you have 2000 dollars in your account. But you don’t. If you install this program beware. They ask you to delete all financial information. Now you have no way to check your accounts until it’s to late. If this happens to you, have your devices cleaned by a professional. I’m stupid and they got 5,000 dollars from me. But I’m the one that did it. It’s a scam. Hope this helps you.
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3 years ago, mollilammers
Do not download this app !!! SCAMMERS use it to try & steal your info !!!!! I got a phone call from “apple support” saying my iPhone had been hacked & some foreign guy answered & said he was apple support & told me to download this app so he could help solve my supposed iphone hack problem luckily I saw the previous reviews about this happening to other people with iPhones & hung up the phone call & deleted the app off my iPhone before even opening the app & giving them an of my info !!! & called apple to confirm that this wasn’t them calling me & that it was a scammer trying to get My info!! Do not answer your phone if a call comes in with the same phone number as yours apple confirmed with me that scammers have been cloning phone numbers!!! Apple will not call you unless you have called them first !!!
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4 years ago, honesty98!
Scammers! ❌
Do NOT download this app, use it or continue the phone call with these people. After looking at reviews after the fact, I was also told that my phone was hacked, but they are the hackers! They got to me after I called Apple support because I seen a suspicious $50 taken off my card which I did not add for a subscription. They ask you to download this app to share your screen! Again do not listen, HANG UP THE PHONE ASAP! I let the situation go to far and they ended up taking all of my money from my bank account. They have access to your whole phone(working through your cashapp) and can also see you through your camera which is very weird. I will never let another situation go this far. Be careful.
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Don’t get this app, scammers READ PLEASE
If anyone calls you saying they are here to help you while you are trying to get help with your account for an app, hang up if they tell you to get this app. Rate it 1 star as well. They will basically have you screen record thru the app and say they sent you money to your bank account, then if your bank account is showing they will hang up and take ALL of your money out. They just took my boyfriend’s mother, his brother, and his money out of their account. ALL of it. They tried to take mines but I didn’t have my account information showing so they just hung up on me. I’m glad I didn’t or I would be in the same boat as them. This needs to be deleted from the App Store.
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3 years ago, Ranma246
This app works as intended from all reviews
From all the reviews why do you folks let anyone access your phone remotely? Which means every single one of you have said this app works as intended. This app is very secure it's up to the user to let anyone access it. I use to use this app for instacart to share my screen with my Gf so we can grab things at 2 different areas of the store because grabbing per item is timed. My only issue is my phone and iPad runs hot with an hour or so use. But this app is securely and works perfectly.
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3 years ago, Oakster95
What is wrong with you all?
I have never leaved a review on anything before, but for this app I just have to. I want to offset all the negative reviews that idiots that have been scammed made. Seriously it is your fault for being an idiot and you are blaming this app? This app works perfectly as described. Don’t blame them because you were a moron that let random people access your phone. You want to be mad at someone? Be mad at yourself. I’m sure I’m saying what the developers are thinking.
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4 years ago, Trixie710
I agree with previous reviewer! Dangerous scam!! I called number after googling “Apple Support”, and got a Very Rude guy on the phone who told me to download this app, then he saw my phone screen and asked me to go into my banking app! I started to, then said I was comfortable so he asked me to sign into CASH APP!! It finally hit me that this was too suspicious, so I hung up! He called back even ruder, so I told him he was very unprofessional and was not going to talk to me in that way. He started raising his voice and yelling and whining in my phone again saying that he represents Apple and is just trying to help me! Yes, I hope and pray that he doesn’t have all the information off of my phone because of this app. I didn’t remember the app until about 12 hours later!
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7 years ago, spence.p
Functional screen sharing between iOS devices!
Screen sharing works well, even though it’s limited to viewing with no direct interaction. This is a HUGE upgrade from previous versions of the app! Finally, a reliable way to remotely see what my clients are doing on their screens! Too bad that iOS requires such a convoluted and complicated procedure to make it happen - I’m worried that my oldest iOS users won’t be able to initiate a support session without already sharing their screen with me!
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5 years ago, Kernian
I have used TeamViewer to assist my elderly parents on their computer, and now on their iPhone and iPad through quick support. This application works flawlessly however it is not very intuitive, but once you set it up, it works perfectly. Someone rated this app at one star and then put instructions on how to make it work, so that anyone experiencing difficulty would be able to read how to set this up properly. Please go to the one star ratings and follow the instructions.
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