TeamViewer Remote Control

4.7 (36.1K)
134.3 MB
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Current version
TeamViewer Germany GmbH
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TeamViewer Remote Control

4.65 out of 5
36.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Seth_Thomas MD
Best of the best remote access
Have used over the past decade at least five different Remote access product. my use is for remote access to my 2 home iMac’s if when I have elsewhere or out of country and need to access documents. Stranded in the Dominican republic for six months during 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and was able to access my tax information so I could file in the receive the government relief checks, which saved me. You really only need to access one desktop or laptop, as you then can access all other devices on your home network via screen share. TeamViewer is by far the Best and most reliable product out there. Works perfectly and easy to set up and use once you get familiar with the controls in their settings, which are so well laid out and able to tweak to most anyone’s liking. There are many controls that you don’t necessarily need to worry about or use, unless you’re in a work environment with others that may share or have access, then you need to pay closer attention to the controls and set up. This product is absolutely secure in that regard, although that is not how I use it. These folks have always been most helpful and cautious, which is clearly necessary, and do not try to abuse their generosity if using solely for home use. Do not try to Connect to more than two Desktop devices, or it will set off an alert. Play fair, and so will they. Best, Seth
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3 years ago, One Of Many Disgusted Users
I don’t know but in recent months this TeamViewer has gone from being good to being the worst! I have been having a problem with using TeamViewer in recent months and have sent notification to TeamViewer about the same. I go on TeamViewer and 1 to 2 minutes after being on I get logged out because TeamViewer flags me and accused me of commercial use. I have never used TeamViewer commercially and my many year history will show that. Today, I was on for 1 minute and got logged out. Why can’t the powered that be at TeamViewer correct this problem? It is absolutely annoying. At this point TeamViewer really only deserve a half star. 😡
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4 years ago, Lazzy2332
Awesome program.. if you pay.
I have used teamviewer FOREVER helping my mom, brother, uncle, aunt, friends, totally for free, never charging anyone for any help I gave them, I hardly use it, a few times a month at most, then out of no where a few weeks ago I got a nasty message when I connected to my friends computer and it was in Spanish and when I clicked on it a teamviewer page (legit teamviewer website) came up in Spanish telling me I had to buy it, I brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal, all of a sudden EVERY SINGLE COMPUTER I USE now won’t let me use teamviewer and says that I AM in fact using it commercially, I am not sure how they determine that but I don’t have a hundred dollars a month to help my friends and family for free for minor issues. So I reached out to support and they gave me a link to dispute it, the dispute took about THREE WEEKS and they sent me an email back saying that they have determined that I am using it commercially and that I would have to pay or prove I’m not using it commercially. WHAT THE HECK??? Teamviewer you guys really do have a wonderful program but you have ruined it by assuming everyone is using it commercially. If you had a cheap plan (like $5-$10 a month for individuals or something) I wouldn’t mind paying it but a hundred dollars a month is very excessive for someone who isn’t using it commercially. I will be finding another program and I’m not turning back, you have lost me and my business I want to start in the future.
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6 years ago, steven1075
Used to be great
I have used TeamViewer for over a decade and used to love it. But now it seems they either want you to pay for it or not use it at all. They have accused me of using it commercially and limit sessions to 5 minutes. I have had a account with them for almost 11 years and used to have no problems and would love being able to remotely connect to my desktop on the go. Now they say I’m using it commercially and give me no opportunity to contest this. It is despicable and now I will never use them again and never recommend it to another person. If they want money for their program I would gladly spend $50 for a year of service because of how much I like it. But accusations of me using it commercially has turned me off. I have never written a review in my life but this has soured me on them so much that I feel I need to make others aware. I have been a loyal user of theirs and suggested it to dozens of people and stood by them a couple years ago when they were hacked and everyone’s computers were susceptible to being remotely accessed by hackers. Now I’m done, there are too many other programs that do the same thing. I suggest everyone looks into alternatives, they’ve made it clear they only want their software for companies that fork over a ton of cash to them.
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4 years ago, Deucalion1010
Money Hungry
I’ve been a TeamViewer user for a few years now but today I am done. The company has downgraded themselves to a level to match the bad money grubbing fellows at LogMeIn. I have 2 paid accounts with TeamViewer on accident. I recently purchased a full account not realizing a year ago I signed up for a previous account. I received an email yesterday that my previous account auto renewed. I was like oh snap that’s not good. $655 isn’t chump change. I emailed them a few hours after receiving the notification to request a cancellation and refund on the charge and explained that I had just recently signed up for another account forgetting about my previous account. They responded a few hours later with a contractual statement that I was outside my contract deadline and that all they could do was cancel the auto payment for next year. Seriously? I have no computers on the account and probably haven’t logged in for 7 months...and you can’t help me? Nah. While I can appreciate contractual agreements, I can also appreciate the fact that they can disable my account on a whim and I just signed up for another account! To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I’m going to move back to Zoho Remote Support. They are cheaper and their support is great.
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6 years ago, sc00frend
Right-click by long-press
I like the interface, and I love being able to wake my desktop remotely. Since I often use drafting software remotely, I find the right-click feature could be improved in “Mouse interaction” mode where tablet touch acts like a fancy trackpad (here, I’m not discussing touch mode, where click/touch signal is sent for the spot you touch on the screen). If the user could press and hold (in the same place) for a long time, forever even, and no right-click command be sent Until the finger is lifted, That would be Awesome! Then, if the user touches the screen for 5 seconds or even more, moves the finger (still touching the screen) the app could respond as though I’m trying to move the mouse pointer, rather than trying to right click. I suggest this as opposed to asking that the right-click delay be longer; I’m not trying to slow everyone and myself down. I would just like it to wait until I lift my finger (without moving it around) before it sends the remote computer a right-click command. Thanks!
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3 months ago, micro4jkl456
Failed to mention old version was discontinued
So… I like TeamViewer but they should fire their PR team. This app works fine but caused me to run down a phantom issue. Why? TeamViewer created a new version of the TeamViewer software and quietly discontinued the old one. The old version never gave me a “hey we are deprecating this software” message, nope. Instead it would just disconnect me and tell me I had the wrong software version after 3 mins. This is a freaking joke. Your product is free for personal use and I am using it as such. I use it to do remote home server maintenance if I am on the road or away from home in some capacity (wife doesn’t know how to exit windows nag screen after restarting Plex server) Now I thought I had a bigger glitch. NOPE! Just had to uninstall and find out they created completely new applications on both ends to do the same freaking thing they did before…. Until you fix this mess I am leaving this rating at 2. You are fooling people into paying obscene money for the pro version using this tactic (nearly $500 dollars a year!)
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3 years ago, My 32 Nickname
Don't waste your time / Bait and Switch Software
Despite what they say this software really is only free trial software that you must pay for after a certain amount of time/use. As all the other reviewers said, the software will work great for a few weeks/months then even though you are using it for personal use, your account will be flagged for commercial use. The developer typically responds to reviews like this saying you can fill out some paperwork for the opportunity to have them review your case and possibly reverse their systems automatic decision. Besides the hassle of that, if you read the reviews on here it will work for a little while, then do it again. So, no I won't bother to go through that awful process. There is a truly free Remote Desktop option from a major tech company that is tied to the most popular web browser. Do, yourself a favor and just use that for personal use. They will never flag you for no reason as their product is completely free with no paid version. And IMO it works just as good as not better. Good bye TeamViewer for good.
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2 months ago, Kevin 72638393
Shameful Practices, False Positive, Use Splashtop
I'm extremely tech saavy. I have been using TV for over a decade to help my mom and dad use their computer. Maybe connected to 3-4 PCS. Ever. I used to think all of the people complaining about falsely being flagged as commercial were lying - until it actually happened to me. I got kicked out of a session helping my mother. TeamViewer dubbed my mom's old home laptop as commercial (LOL). Same one and same network I've been doing for years. TeamViewer dispute process to remove the flag was frustrating and the refused - they do effectively call you a liar, ask you to pay for a business subscription or provide a "personal statement" (what the heck do my angry emails count as??) and don't seem to have the technical skills to confirm either way. It's a shame TeamViewer operates this way. It is unethical, accusatory, and just technically inept. I have since bought a Splashtop Personal subscription and that does everything I need for the right price, without the constant hassle from TV. Switch to Splashtop and put the captive audience upsell of TeamViewer behind you.
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6 months ago, bonemamxeno
Not worth while
Update - 2023 - Keep trying to make this work but it just doesn’t. Every time I log in from the school I work at while on break it identifies me as commercial use. It also is not recognizing my credential after I recently had it reset… again. It is asking for passwords that do not exist. In addition, the only tech support I can get to their issues are form emails and 1 article about how to tell them I am not a commercial entity. DO NOT USE FOR PERSONAL USE. Kept getting disconnected when trying to use and could never get them to verify my account as an individual and not a business. Not worth downloading. *update - I was contacted by the seller that I can contact them to have my account unblocked. I did this 3 times and was never unblocked. There was no apparent way to contact them more directly. I just reinstalled the app to try again and was denied access in the app because you think I’m not a free user. I can’t find a way to submit a ticket without paying the user fee to fix this issue. So is this free to use or not? Seems to be a lie right now.
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2 years ago, Dude Manhonney
Good while it lasted… too bad your time is up
Well I keep getting stupid message every time I try to connect to my church‘s computer that runs their security cameras it says the maximum time session for this ID has been reached … now it did this about a year to go on my desktop and I’ve been using my iPad to help them out what’s the same TeamViewer ID … The church even offered to buy the license until we found out how much it costed but I still fall under the personal use thing so it’s really not fair to make them pay after all they are a church and I don’t charge them for what I do on their computer with TeamViewer it’s just kind of ridiculous I also helped many friends with it as well but now I can’t even stay logged in For a couple of seconds and then it tells me to try again after a minute then it just extends it to the next minute, stupid really I was on with tech-support a year or two ago and they said there was nothing they could do to figure out how to fix that I don’t know why maybe I just have to make another account… kinda stupid really.
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5 years ago, TheEnemy37
Does not work on iPad
[UPDATE: They seem to have fixed this since my original review. I have updated from two stars to four now. Would be five stars if they gave us the option to move around the way LogMeIn does where the cursor stays in the middle of the screen and the background moves around instead. Much easier to work that way.] This works normally on the iPhone, but it does not work at all on iPad. You can’t pinch/zoom, and it’s like the left click is always active no matter what you do. I just tried in on my iPhone and it worked normally. I wanted to send an app support ticket, but they don’t allow you to do that unless you’re a paying customer... but they charge $50 a month, which is just not something a once in a while casual user will do... So, unfortunately, they get the bad review until they fix it. Hopefully someone is looking at these, but I won’t hold my breath. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!
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2 years ago, DaFuzzyMan
They will try to force an upgrade
I wish I could give fewer stars. So I have this for my personal computer at my home. I travel a lot and check stuff on my computer at home. Nothing about what I need it for is work related. That’s why I have a laptop. That is a fact that the team for this app have seemed to forgotten. Because they seem to think they know what you are doing and will tell you “it looks like you are using this for work related tasks” and cut your connection after 30 seconds and lock you out of trying again for another 60 seconds. But if you try to reconnect after that minute, the lockout timer is reset. So, in short, they will assume you are using their product for business related purposes with no way of actually knowing and lock you out. The only solution they will give you is to tell you to upgrade to their business plan. That plan will cost you SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. So save yourself the aggravation. Go somewhere else. Use a product that won’t try to rob you.
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2 months ago, Kapnbanjo
Used to be great, constant frustration
I have been using TeamViewer for years, easily over a decade. I have recommended it everywhere I’ve worked and many times been key in getting it implemented. I’m actively looking for an alternative because while it works, I constantly get flagged for “professional” use when I assist a family member. I have to fill out a form 1-2 times a year confirming I’m only using it to help friends and family, and that I’m not using it to make money. Yet here I am again 6 months later getting kicked out and blocked in the middle of helping a family member with something. I used to have a couple dozen, but now I have like 5 computers on the account and I still get flagged. So be aware, you can’t rely on this and expect to get accused of business use if you have more than 1-2 computers and you use it from anywhere other than home, which is the whole reason people want to use it.
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5 years ago, justinharris171185
conflicts with Voiceover and key pass through when using a physical keyboard
First off, the main interface of the app is reasonably accessible. However, once connected to a computer, there are major issues, as when using a bluetooth keyboard on the iPad, special keys such as Windows don't get passed through. Thus, it is pretty much impossible to navigate the os, switch between programs, etc. Also, with Voiceover, it reports a text box, which is a bit odd, but as you try to type on the windows machine, VO on the iPad also starts reading stuff out and there seems to be a conflict. It would be nice if there was a way to suspend VO when connected to another computer, and have it resume automatically upon leaving the app. Also, any controls in the interface after one connects to a remote pc are voiceover accessible. Whatever accessibility improvements you can make, along with better physical keyboard support, will be much appreciated.
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6 years ago, Lei gets
I’ve only got a couple problems.
Overall, this app is really nice for being able to access your computer from a distance. The problems I personally have is that there is no way to properly transfer pictures from the computer onto your iPhone so that you can see them. You can’t place them in the Camera Roll at all. Instead you have to place them in the directory that contains the overall photos file, and that cannot be accessed through the Photos app on the phone. The other thing is when I do go to open the Camera roll folder itself from within this app, I’m guessing because of the large amount of photos inside of it, the app either takes forever to open it up properly, or the stress causes it to crash. If this can be improved, this app would be even better.
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5 years ago, Jordanmac
Used to be great, no longer a functional app
I have been using this app to control my computer (which I use as a media server so is always connected) when away from home or just in the other room and it used to work great. Now it thinks I’m a commercial user and doesn’t work anymore - I haven’t changed my usage and if anything hadn’t used it much at all in the last few days so was surprised to be notified that my use ‘appeared to be commercial use’. Extremely disappointed that this went from an awesome app to completely useless just like that. The options are free for personal use (i.e. what I am doing - I am absolutely not a commercial user) or $83/month. That price could make sense for a business where IT is using it (I initially learned about TeamViewer because the IT at my work uses it) but for personal use that is insane. I guess I’ll have to switch to something else - especially annoying since I am currently out of town so can’t do anything about it until I am home.
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3 years ago, maybeekaity
If I could give 0 stars, I would
I literally tried to log on and use the app for the FIRST TIME EVER, and the app cut me off after 15 seconds of black screen with the mouse moving around and wanted to charge me $600 to use the software after one try with absolutely no results? It also said my connection was timed out and I’d have to wait until I could try again. Spoiler alert, I couldn’t ever connect and kept getting that same message over and over and over again. I was trying to help my 90 year old grand mother with parkinson’s set up facetime on her laptop. I’m DISGUSTED at the way this company runs this business. To charge that much and not deliver a functional product or service is ridiculous, and akin to robbery. If you claim to allow personal use, how about actually ALLOWING PERSONAL USE?! I will be deleting this horrendous app and warning everyone who thinks about using and/or downloading it how money hungry and repulsive this company and product is. AVOID THIS APP AND COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!
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3 months ago, TheRidgeChannel_YT
Restricts access even though it says I’m allowed
I’ve been using TeamViewer to connect to my personal computer and help my friends and family, which all abides by the free subscription terms. I have my friends download the quick support since it’s easier than having them set up all of teamviewer just to uninstall it once they are done, and then teamviewer said it was being used for commercial services. Since then, I have had a max connection time of 5 minutes to other computers and 2 minutes in between. To my personal computer, I get disconnected in less than 30 seconds. In an attempt to get this fixed, I went to go open a ticket, but it’s permanently locked to paying members only which is $500 a year for a 1 seat 1 session business plan. I will be switching to a new service, like any desk, permanently. At least they don’t refuse service if you aren’t paying $500 a year
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6 years ago, Garrett Jasek
A dream for controlling multiple computers!
This is a game changer for the IT world. I can leave my home PC and work PC on in their respective locations, while remotely logging in and having full access to both at any given time. I have reset servers as well as preloaded games on my personal PC all from a red light in the car. I am no longer tethered to a desk. The only thing preventing me from giving it a 5 star rating, is the fact that on IPhone, I cannot add or save a computer list. I have the option to do so, but every time I try and add a PC to the list, the app crashes... The second this is fixed, there is no doubt this will be a 5 star app! Edit: I have found a work around. If you add the PC you want to save on the desktop app, it will appear in the mobile version as well!
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5 years ago, Cheapskate01
20-Sep-19 - Delevoper response
20-Sep-19: I received developer response for my 15 and 18-Sep-19 reviews. Developer response is: They are not allowing version 13 to operate without a purchased license; for free use, they are requiring the upgrade to version 14. This makes Team Viewer pretty much useless for me. So, one star it is; I can no longer use Team Viewer. Should Team Viewer have a change of heart for us iOS 9 users, I will gladly change my rating. My review from 15-Sep-19: I am now on the "five minute" list with the rest of the folks who are complaining. Unlike the others, it appears that, in my case, it is that I refuse to upgrade from v. 13 to v. 14 that is the issue. But iOS 9 devices cannot upgrade to v. 13 and cannot remote into computers running v. 14. Therefore, Team Viewer is now disabled and useless for me. I'm lowering my review from two to one star. My review from 15-Sep-19: My issue is, last week, I was presented a message that I would be shut off at five minutes if I didn't upgrade from v. 13 to v. 14. The reason I froze my computers at v. 13 is that v. 14 will not download to my iPad 2, iOS 9. My iPad is stuck on v. 13 and if I allow my computer to upgrade to v. 14, then my iPad 2 cannot talk to my computer. To upgrade to v. 14 would disable Team Viewer for me. It would be of no further use to me. I would have to delete Team Viewer in its entirety from my system. Please explain.
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5 years ago, jessese
Good most of the time
I’ve been using the app for quite some time to remotely access my computer and even to remote into a friend’s system to help him with his computer programming class. It was instrumental in allowing me to help late at night so that he could get his homework finished on time. The reason I took a star off is because the app for some reason thinks I’m a company now for the past two days and disconnects me from my computer after after 5 minutes. I’m sure it is just a temp problem and very well could because I have a vpn on the system the client is installed on so it probably shows that my computer is in a different location every couple days. I just hope it comes to its since soon. Luckily most time 5 minutes is more then enough.
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6 years ago, Bham Res
FIX IT!!!!!
We have a corporate account on TeamViewer 12 with 4 concurrent connections, so we paid quite a bit to them last year. With the last update (about a 2 months ago) it keeps saying “we suspect commercial use, you will be logged out in 5 min” on all of our mobile devices. Well, it’s more like 30 seconds. BUT WE HAVE A CORPORATE ACCOUNT!!!! A representative even told me that there was a problem and they would be releasing an update soon, that was a month ago and still no update. He added my cell phone to force it through, now it won’t connect most of the time, simply says “can not connect, an error has occurred”. TeamViewer has gotten greedy and want you to switch to their expensive subscription plan on TeamViewer 13. Hopefully I can talk my company into switching back to the better remote software we left because it was subscription based and kept going up. At least with them we could LogIn to help our customers.
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4 years ago, ElizabethanE
Run around
We’re a healthcare facility in a pandemic. We don’t have 30mins to sit on hold to get access to submit a second ticket, be refused a supervisor and chase our tails. We’re out here risking our lives to save others and they’re trying to get us to pay $600 for another year of a device we’re unhappy with because they make it incredibly hard to cancel service. The quick and dirty functions we all use to help our parents work pretty well. Once you buy their service, however, the service is cumbersome, not reliable and support is terrible. I’ve been trying to notify them of our cancellation. They seem to have figured out that if they can string you along or make it hard enough to contact them, you will miss the “deadline” for canceling and owe them for an entire year’s worth of a service that doesn’t meet your needs. I won’t play. The last company that did this ended up with a class action lawsuit.
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2 years ago, broot@l
Honest and brutal assessment
Your service is all good and everything, but it’s your administrative functions which are a tremendous let down. I have had my account active since 2005, yet every once in a while your system flags my account as a commercial account without stating what prompted this to be characterized as a commercial account. My activity on this account can hardly be accounted as even a regular average home user, with perhaps occasional connectivity to my home PC to turn it on or off remotely, yet your system flags is as commercial. To further rub salt in the proverbial wound, there is no recourse to even contact customer service to address this issue. Please fix your processes to make this service more accessible to average users so that we may also benefit from it. Your service is no doubt very user-friendly, but know that there are other alternatives also.
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2 years ago, ABurro
Works flawlessly between Ipad and Macbook Pro
I sometimes want to share what is on my laptop screen with another family member who may not be computer savvy. I can mirror the screen with teamviewer and give them the ipad to share the information with them. Since everything is on my wifi network there is basically no latency. I have also used it to help other family members with computer problems (I work in tech, so I am the go to person for questions) and again, never had a problem connecting or using. Thank goodness it isn’t often. It’s nice that teamviewer is free for personal use. If my company permitted it, I would use it with my work computer so that I could be far away from it, but still get my work done, even though that would be a paid license. To me it would be worth it. Sometime I and going to take my laptop with me on a trip and try connecting to another latop at home. Maybe even Mexico to U.S. As long as the connection on both ends is good I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
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5 years ago, hlevolve2
Teamviewer seems only interested in charging you. They say their app is free for non-commercial use but they banned my account when I attempted to set it up to help my grandmother with her iPad stating that it appears that I am using the app commercially. I contacted their support which pretty much said tough luck they weren’t reversing it and that I could file a bunch of paperwork if I wanted to “try” to appeal the decision. In other words they want to get you into using their app, ban your access to your personal devices and then make the process so complicated that you will hopefully just buy their services instead. Sorry but I’m not running a business and there is literally no way I can afford your insane pricing for my personal use to access my PC and help my family which is COMPLETELY within your guidelines for personal use. I’ve already found a free replacement for your company that works just as well. Good riddance, since you like to stab your customers in the back like that. I was praising your app to all of my friends that they should use you over the competitors but not anymore. My friend told me they had done the same thing to his account when he was using it to help some friends and his parents. Use at your own risk, you’ll likely just get banned if you use it for more than 1 PC/phone.
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2 months ago, Ali Pasadena
Sending to collection wrongfully for ended subscriptions
If you cancel their subscription after a month, they refuse to refund you for the rest of the year. My credit card company approved my claim and dispute and refunded the rest. Then TeamViewer sent the entire yearly subscription to the collection agency (not the refunded amount) asking for even more money. The collection agency doesn’t respond to you via phone and email. I ended up paying the whole thing fearing they ruin my credit because of $100. TeamViewer makes lots of money through these collections because when you call the customer service for support, they have a dedicate number for collections on the first menu! Avoid this product at all costs and do not contribute to their unethical way of doing business! They are based in Germany and you can’t do much when it comes to small claims, etc.
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3 years ago, Etmakesmovies
new version has major unwelcome changes
My ipad just updated to the latest version from a week ago. The touch interaction has been overhauled. I no longer get touch feedback on a windows desktop and the scroll windows now behave backwards. Basically I have spent years using this app and having touch functionality behave the same way it does when I am at my touchscreen monitor. But now it reacts differently and that's not a learning curve I was expecting or that I'm willing to change to. These might be welcome changes for phone users but the ipad experience is vastly different for me. The worst thing? My ipad's physical keyboard no longer works with this app, though it works great with everything (I'm writing my review with it). Basically this app went from one that I relied on to do my job to one with this update that has me dead in the water. For $800 a year that's no good.
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8 months ago, ECJB
Great on iPadOS, less great on desktop, terrible web UI
TeamViewer on iPadOS is stable and works flawlessly,, especially when using my Magic Keyboard. This Apple keyboard essentially turns my iPad into a laptop with a keyboard and trackpad. It passes through some special keys, but the CMD/Windows logo key does not appear to work or the Option/ALT key. Control/CTRL does work. The desktop version I have had problems with it dropping the connection or outright crashing. The web interface for TeamViewer does not seem to pass special keystrokes through properly or handle clipboard transfer and is too broken to be useful. TeamViewer is a great solution to remote management of other devices (desktop and mobile) - the best I’ve used. However, the license fees (now a subscription) are fairly prohibitive for an individual service provider. If I were a company with enough volume to have a dozen employees, the license fees might be more in line with my income. Their current professional license for one user is about $1K per year.
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3 years ago, Sarraan
What is customer service? Eventually just want your $$
I used this for years to help my mom fix her pc or download pictures , then i use it to run a pc i run a gaming server on for me and a few friends so i don't need another monitor. Then one day wham. Flagged for commercial use. I jumped through their hoops to request it be fixed and still not a peep from them. Not a yes. Not a no. Not a your case is being investigated. After the submission where it said it may take a few days. I heard nothing. If you ever have an issue good luck getting it resolved. Cant even get something simple resolved. Online chat is just a waste of tour time. Nothing but a worthless bot that cant answer anything. I haven't even got a response on an issue i reported weeks ago, that when i submitted said would take a couple days. I hope they treat paying customers better but with this i would never recommend them. Looks like they are flagging everyone as commercial in an attempt to squeeze money out of people. You can deny it all you want i just read too many of the same reviews to deny it. Whatever you changed to flag commercial use is broken You have to know its broken with so many false positives so do the right thing and make it right again.
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6 years ago, 10-oh
Sometimes good, sometimes barely useable
Why is it sometimes barely useable? Well, first of all, whereas the PC app works fine all the time, when using this iPad one I get errors saying that the maximum session time, or count, is exceeded and I have to wait until xx:xx time to try again. That may happen even after I connect just once for one minute and disconnect. Totally unusable then. Plus, my employer uses team viewer on literally over 10,000 PC’s, so sometimes this app is used in that environment and sometimes I use it to connect to my handful of personal PC’s. But often it’ll bark and say that it won’t connect because of possible commercial use. Well hey, so I have my work pc in my computer list, as do I have my personal ones. Sure, but it’s all legit and done per the rules. So the app just doesn’t work for me much. It USED to be better. But until they fix that stuff, it’s 1 star, baby.
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3 years ago, Zenwulf
Great App!
Working from home, remotely operating my work desktop, using my phone! (Apple, the newest one) it works like a charm!! I am an engineer, using Solidworks primarily and Microsoft Teams a lot for internal comms and doing this from my phone is amazing!! Using Solidworks, there is a lot of left and right clicking, a lot! And the app handles this with short and long presses really well. Very little input lag, .10 - .50 of a second, nothing your brain doesn’t adjust for. I’m very happy using this app and will suggest to everyone needing remote access to their work computer , especially if their at home device is a phone!
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4 years ago, Leo of BORG
3-4 stars when “licensed”, a liability in “nag mode”
To start with I don’t think team viewer is “greedy” or anything else. And they do have a problem with scammers using their very effective app. What do? As the kids say. That aside... Team viewer is an OK remote desktop app when it is “licensed.” It’s one of the few apps that will punch through a double NAT other than google remote desktop. If you’re having the “white squares of death” with Google remote desktop then team viewer is your go to app. The problems, if not out right liability to Mac end users comes when team viewer determines that your private use is not private use at all. The nag message says you get five minutes of time, but you actually get one before being blocked for 10 minutes. I would be okay with 5 minutes if it actually was 5 minutes. The other thing is team viewer will put modal dialogs on your remote machine that nobody will see. Couple this with only 1minute of remote time and stacking modal dialogs, on older machines this is a liability, bogging down an already bogged down remote session. I’ve already uninstalled team viewer from machines that I don’t need it on. Until TV devs fix their bugs I can’t recommend Team Viewer at all.
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5 years ago, AmandaMoran
Was great then got screwed
I was going along just fine using Teamviewer for accessing my home computer that I run a program 24/7 on (accessing from phone —>computer). Like, a game actually. Used Teamviewer for a couple years for this, and today I got a pop up saying they think I’m using it illegally for business purposes but that computer doesn’t even have any business on it. Doesn’t even have Outlook! Ridiculous. Said it would limit my access time to less than 5 minutes. It dcd me after about one minute! Not enough time to even do my task. Ending popup said I couldn’t access for next ten minutes. I had to use it to set up google Remote Desktop and poof. I’m no longer using Teamviewer after using it for years. Took me most of the morning to get enough clicks in to set up the other program even though it is super simple. Teamviewer just kept booting me. Rude!
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3 years ago, LJWHITESR
Lj white
Why is my sessions only limited to 1-2 min? I am not a business. I am just an occasional user who helps family or friends remotely now for over 10-years? My actual log in to remote computers is rare and time is almost nothing yet you are penalizing me for what? I will not purchase this software, however, my brother who is IT director has purchased it for his company of over 500 employees. Please acknowledge me and explain why my session is limited again? This is only the second time it has happened im 10-years. Thanks for your attention to this and i await a reply. Larry White.
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4 years ago, TheGamer1888
You just can’t beat teamviewer been using forever to control my computer from away and it’s always been the smoothest best service and it doesn’t cost anything to use it personally I really appreciate that personally on top of the fact it works great I have no problems when I need to connect to my pc at home definitely 100% recommend for anyone that needs to use their pc on the go or maybe start an update for a game works for anything you need it to do. And They do it better than the paid services!
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3 years ago, Prime Spare Ribs
Used to be a great tool, now they are the tools.
Used TeamViewer forever to access my desktop PC from my iPad. Now, I get the dreaded “Commercial Use” warning. I even went through everything they ask to prove it’s not commercial use. I signed their affidavit, sent it in, and it worked again for awhile. Now, on iPad, the connection lasts 15 seconds, then says “You can log in again in one minute.” However, that is a lie, because one minute later, you get the message over and over again. YOU NEED A NON-COMMERCIAL VERSION AND PRICE!!! I don’t know how many bad reviews you need to receive before you’ll actually answer the call and offer a lite version for personal use at $5 per month to access three machines or whatever. These greedy tech snobs will get what they deserve...which is no one using their product.
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4 years ago, Cosmogirl1
App session times out too quickly!
Dear Team Viewer Developers: PLEASE make the Team Viewer app where it does not time out after 30 seconds or less if you switch to other application or multi-task on your phone! 30 seconds or less is ridiculous and forces you to stay in the session when many times I need to look at other documents in other apps while I am in the team viewer session. The app needs to provide much longer sessions that do not time out. Keeping the sessions available while simultaneously allowing multitasking for day 30 mins or an hour at the minimum would be ideal! I am using iPhone 11 with latest iOS software. Otherwise overall access and entry into the team viewer app is relatively easy/good.
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1 year ago, Fiddywings
Locked out - no customer service
I have used this software for years. I liked the cross platform functionality (Windows, linux, Mac). I use the software to help my elderly mom troubleshooting issues with her pc. I also use it to help my children with their homework when I'm out of town. Clearly, this falls within the original use license restrictions. A while back, the software flagged me as a commercial account and I have spent months trying to get them to reset my account to no avail. Not even a response. No help, nothing. I am being disappointed. I work in IT and influence 100s of Millions of dollars in tech spend. I won't recommend this company simply because they don't care about customer support. Either don't offer a free personal license or support it and don't cut off the product for no reason.
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3 years ago, Doug Ray
I’m on the device TeamViewer says is offline!!!
I’m on the device TeamViewer says is offline!!! It is impossible to get TeamViewer to put the device online. It is already part of my group, but there is something wrong with the app that prevents me from managing the device. I can’t even delete it and recreate it. And I am sick of having to respond to an e-mail verifying a device that is already in my group. I think I verified the same device three times today. THE EXACT SAME DEVICE. Either get a REAL QA group or take action when your users say, "it doesn’t work." Voting doesn’t count! If you have 1,000,000 users and 999,000 are working fine - you have problems! You need 100%!!! I have no idea how you can sell this if it doesn’t work. Please, please, please pay attention and fix the product.
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2 years ago, bellattrice
Zero Support… they are trying to force us to pay
I was extremely happy with this product. I use it to connect to my home desktop sometimes from even the next room when I can’t physically be sitting at the computer. I use my mobile devices and tablet to connect. I couldn’t possible get any closer to non commercial use. I don’t even connect to devices that are not my own. I filled out the reset including all the TeamViewer ids. I received an email that my ids were reset and still cannot stay connected and am still getting issues. Obviously TeamViewer did not properly reset. I hadn’t even connected since getting reset so I know it was an issue of being flagged again. But there is ZERO way to contact TeamViewer to get this rectified. Extremely frustrating.
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1 year ago, Sphinxguy
Issues with TV, Needs to go Back to Old Way
I have an iPad Pro, every time I switched between Chrome and TeamViwer, it pop’s up and asks me if I want to allow paste each and every time and it’s frustrating. Second, the HUGE delay in showing if my computers are online or not is beyond frustrating. You already know if they are online because they phone home constantly, an additional delay just frustrates the situation even more. 2, now 3 years ago, the app use to never to do that +1 and second you use to “Always Allow Paste” and now it’s no longer an option which is why I get prompted a million and one times during my session. For someone that wanted me back as a customer, you should have left it alone - it was working just fine.
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5 years ago, neal_fan
False accusations render app unreliable, company untrustworthy
Once upon a time, this was a great free option for helping elderly parents and techphobic relatives, but no longer. With the latest update, the company has decided that arbitrary, baseless accusations are what it needs to grow revenues regardless of how false and erroneous it is to label helping Grandma for free as “commercial use.” And in a revealing tactic, TeamViewer provides no realistic transition time to resolve the false accusation: the software essentially stops working, falsely (again!) claiming the session will be 5 minutes. A review of the company’s community forums reveals this is a recurring issue across a broad range of personal, non-commercial users. TeamViewer has actually made LogMeIn look great by comparison because that company gave users at least a month to transition to alternatives. Will TeamViewer learn from the blowback?
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6 years ago, Hunter S. Zombie
When it works it does the job
This app is a great way for me to remotely access my machines from home but it has some bugs that haven't been fixed in a while. One major bug is I can no longer add new computers either to an existing group or even when making a new group. I hit the + button and the app immediately crashes. No amount of restarts will fix it. Would also be helpful to add a feature where the black square portion controlling the mouse would stay the same size as you zoom in on the screen. Having the black portion zoom while zooming the desktop is counter productive since it's much harder to control the mouse on the desktop window itself.
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3 years ago, D177A17
So Sad!
I used to love the TeamViewer application. It was great for use between the computers at my home. Somehow I got flagged for commercial use, now I cannot access anything. Then you have to submit a form that takes 48 hours. Oh their support chat! Yeah no one human just a bot that doesn’t let you even ask questions. Maybe there is other competitors like Go To My PC that are better than TeamViewer. Who knows maybe someday they bring back actual human beings to answer questions. Instead of a bot that just takes you to a form to submit with no answers in quick solutions. I’ll bet if you use their pay services you probably get better treatment! I am just so disappointed with the level of service that has teamviewer is now offering! Better yet NOT OFFERING!
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11 months ago, 4SdeFB
Great app - even for those of us who are not IT Professionals!
My family had been discussing ways to make my mom’s computer easier for her to use, and a friend suggested trying the TeamViewer app for remote access. It has been a real blessing, making it possible for me to go in and organize files and set up programs for her - thank you so much for making TeamViewer available for home use (and better yet - it is even easy to use going from my Apple iPad to her older Windows PC!)
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3 years ago, crazyivan150
Change of heart
Loved and used this app both as free for home support for friends and family and completely separate for IT work at various companies several of which purchased it on my recommendation. However now my personal account no longer works and instead clams i use it for personal. I keep my work and personal equipment, networks, phones, etc.. completely separate so this accusation without evidence or an effective means of disputing is basically an insult to me. Not only have I moved on to use other software I have also recommended to the companies I have recommended this to to also move on as licensing expires. If the plan by this company was to move away from free option completely the method in use will cause an exodus of paid customers also.
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4 years ago, dallas_user
Built for criminals
Anyone foolish enough to download this app Will be turning over all personal data, passwords and financial records including data stored on websites where your credit card information is likely held. In addition to this wonderfully easy criminal tool, the app will be recording every word of your bewilderment when you find out how you have allowed access to your life and are struggling to find the place to start changing passwords and calling banks etc. hear me on this, the app will be recording every second of every conversation. If this developer we’re located in the US an FBI cyber crimes task force would be raining and shutting down their operation inside of three days. Go ahead, download this app. You’ll look back to this review and feel stupid for doing it.
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4 years ago, jvlorenzen
Don’t get, no longer useable as “free”
I am using a new iPad and the “commercial” penalty was gone, but now with an update to 15.4.1, the app does not start, it spins with a message that “TeamViewer” is starting. It cannot be used now. I have been using TeamViewer over 10 years. I found it useful when I needed to check on my Mac when not at home, maybe once every couple of months. Very low low use, but very useful when needed. I was on a public WIFI and for my security, I was using VPN based on my home router, ASUS, and it told me I was using it commercially. I was then disconnected after 5 minutes. Now I’m “using” it commercially even when I try to reach my Mac on a different floor in my house. I found it to be very useful for the rare occasions I needed it, now it is not useful for me.
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