Tech CU Mobile Banking

4.7 (12.6K)
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Technology Credit Union
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tech CU Mobile Banking

4.74 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Pittytabbils
Great app-need to fix the deposit amount functionality.
This app has eliminated the need to go to the bank in person for sure. Need to send money to your kids, pay for your half of lunch, check your balance, this app offers that at your fingertips. Next time the developer does a bug fix they need to rectify the issue of not being able to deposit amounts that do not end in .00. If your amount does not end in 00 and is $1000 or more and you enter the whole amount it automatically adds a double zero to the end and your amount then is “beyond the app limit. You can then correct the amount and it will take it but it’s confusing. Simple fix let us have a decimal point option in the number pad.
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3 years ago, ryanhosmer
Not a great banking app
Got this app because they’re managing my Tesla solar loan. I was surprised by the experience given that they’re a Bay Area based company who is obviously endorsed by Tesla. You can’t setup external accounts for payment in the app and the web interface where you can setup external accounts looks like it was built 15 years ago and the setup process took 3 days. They sent two transactions that I had to remember to look for and then enter into the app after they arrived. I haven’t had to do that to make a payment in a decade. It’s like they don’t want to receive your payment. Even after I setup the external payment account, it still didn’t appear as a choice in the drop down menu in the app when I went to make the payment. Had to do everything in their backwards looking web portal. Ugh. To be fair, another credit union I work with is equally bad. I guess CU’s just don’t have the resources of the big dogs to develop a world class banking experience which is probably partially why people stick with traditional banks. It shouldn’t be this hard to move money in ‘21.
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2 years ago, blastfromzepast
Great bank, garbage app
Let me start this off by saying this bank is great. I will continue to be a member. Now to start the review, the app always has issues, been months. Always lagging, unable to log you in, always has maintenance issues. It’s so unreliable, as much as I like this bank, everyone has a breaking point. Fix your app!! You will lose a lot of members this way. No matter how great your CU is, there will always be another great CU with a functioning app.
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7 years ago, Rocketman RH
Hooray Hooray Hooray
I had my wife's reimbursement check sitting on my desk this morning and was trying to figure out how I can find the time to drive to a credit union today, costing me at least 45 minutes. After an unrelated call to Tech CU to ask about getting new checks, they told me about the recent update to their mobile app, which now includes the ability to deposit checks via your mobile phone and the ability to pay someone via PayPal. Hooray! I immediately jumped on iTunes App Store and updated my Tech CU application. 60 seconds later I was taking a picture of the front and back of my check (make sure you get all 4 corners in the pic) and 10 seconds later, it was deposited. It was super-simple and it worked perfectly. Hooray! So in 90 seconds, I took off a 45-minute job from my to-do list today. Hooray! I'll be using the PayPal app at my co-worker lunch today... Thanks Barbara Kamm and the Tech CU team for making this happen.
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7 years ago, Foodnit
One of the Best
Tech CUs apps for the iPad and iPhone are some of the best I've used. They're easier to use than the Tech CU website and they work every time with just a password sign-on. All that's lacking is the capability to view a cleared check -- and now, with the latest upgrade, even that capability is available. And the improvements go on: the very latest upgrade adds a Stop Payment capability. I say again this is a great app that keeps getting better.
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9 months ago, Donny 777
Can’t deposit checks with this app
90% of the time I cannot get a check to deposit using this app. I take the photo of the front and the signed back with a black background And tap the submit button and I always get: “ Check cannot be read. Please retake photo. Four check corners must be visible.“ I take the picture with the flash on my camera on, with the flash on my camera off and the room light bright and I’m even taking it outside in the sunlight and taking a picture there with a black background. All four corners of the check are visible and when I tap on the picture I can read everything CLEARLY but it still will not except. no matter how many times I tap edit and retry I get the same thing. I belong to another credit union and my checks get deposited first try every time! If they don’t fix this I’m going to close this account and just open another one at the other credit union! I cannot drive down there and deposit a check every time I need to make a deposit. PLEASE FIX THIS!
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2 years ago, Flying ponies
Love this app
Great app! Helps me quickly get in to see my accounts, paid bills and more. Love that I can make a deposit right from my phone. The one thing I don’t care for is that If I want want to see a picture of a check that I paid out to a vendor, most times it say’s the picture isn’t available! It will let me see maybe 1 or 2. I want to see all my checks! Other then that it’s easy to use and I can do most my banking safely and securely from this app.
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5 years ago, Muñeka de Cardenas
Best ever
I’ve been with TechCu for over 25yrs. I did some banking with other popular banks but always had a bad experiences with each and one of them. Always getting ripped off. I was tired of all of that. Luckily my husband was offered this credit union through his employer. Since then I been the happiest customer ever if TechCu. I have recommended to my family and friends which they are super happy bankers as well. All I have to say is.......THANK YOU TechCu!!!
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3 years ago, caddisfisher
IPad thumbprint detection is too sensitive
The idea of being able to log in with a thumbprint is great. The reality is that your app hardly ever accepts it! Other apps on my phone have no problem, but yours has about a 30% success rate. Very annoying... Also, on my MS-Windows laptop, the Home Screen has a banner that obscures the login area. Makes it almost impossible to log in sometimes. I have to click around the periphery and hope I get lucky. Changing the screen size doesn’t help. Please get this fixed!
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6 years ago, NizzleDizzle4Shizzle
Great when it actually works
I have a lot of problems with the bill pay feature of the app. So many times I try to make a payment and it automatically sets the date for the earliest possible payment date, but even if you push it out a couple days it will give you an error saying you need at minimum two days. Today I have been trying to pay bills and every time I get back an internal error. I would expect “Technology” Credit Union to have a decent app where you can actually make bill payments.
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6 years ago, Pteet1
Love TechCU
We have been loyal TechCU members for many, many years. We couldn’t be happier. They provide superior customer service in all areas if banking, especially financial management. Big shout out to Fred Abajelo!! So incredibly happy that the members voted to remain a community credit union and didn’t allow them to turn into a large, commercial, typical banking institution. The members have spoken. Long live Technology Credit Union!!
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6 years ago, Crossroads Slumber
The best I ever had
TechCu is my first and only bank/credit union I have ever had. And it might be the only one I ever have. I had never heard of TechCu, and so I wasn’t expecting the best. But my experience has been outstanding and TechCu has exceeded my expectations. I am happy to have a TechCu card. And the App makes everything easy, along with looking very professional it runs professionally also. Thank you Tech Cu.
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6 years ago, Gartz7
Good, clean with a few bugs and clunky UX
The login is broken and don’t let us use the password manager from iPhone, if you try to use it, first it won’t find the app automatically like others, then after it fill the user and pass the screen gets clunky and you need to close the app, the only way is to type or paste the pass. The design is clean and simple a Star for that. Probably this is a converted app, the caching is awful, it request data everywhere you go even if it’s repeated or data that it already loaded. When loading data it locks the UI, that is unacceptable for nowadays, it’s a slow freezing experience, not nice, just load in background and give a non intrusive status. It has great potential to be an awesome app, way ahead of other credit companies, but they need to apply some good development practices and standards to get there.
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5 years ago, SF International
Great Service
I first used Tech CU for direct deposit for my 1st job after college in 1988. Wish I didn’t leave Tech CU when I moved to Carlsbad Village in San Diego County; would still have a five digit account #. Once my wife & I returned to the SF Bay Area, we immediately opened accounts again. So glad we came back. We missed the excellent Customer Service. Thanks for doing a great job consistently.
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7 years ago, GolfingBearBear
mobile app is great
This apps has continued to get better and better. Online photo check deposit was a little temperamental when first released but is rock solid now. Because I use a password manager (Dashlane) with very strong passwords having the option to use TouchID was terrific. The app works better some from the big banks! Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Samuraixaq
Works fine for me...
I use the app every day to check my balance. I like the fingerprint login option and that I can see if there are any pending charges coming up. I do wish that checks deposited over the phone were cleared into my account faster but that's not really a limitation of the app itself. Works well for me, thanks TechCU.
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6 years ago, gat-tu
Finally this app started to work for me
I was unable to login in my account for 6 months through this app. I lost all the hope. Finally one fine day, Development team fixed the server issue. Now it is working fine. No issues whatsoever. Suggestions: user interface can be improved.
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1 year ago, chang4worse
Bigger is not better
When techcu was smaller (10-20 years ago) it was much better. Nowadays it’s a hassle to even deposit a check from another bank into my techcu account. The last time I did this a week ago, I was in there one hour. The tellers and managers don’t talk to each other, they email or message on their computers which takes longer. I have been banking there for 35 years. Now some of the people I pay and have been paying for many years are not being allowed
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4 years ago, RonicaXRay
every time I go into settings to change to use Face ID it keeps my credentials and goes right back to not selected. It was working before and it is annoying to type my password every time because I forget it and then have to always change got. When will this work again?
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6 years ago, Amol C
My most reliable banking app
I use many services offered by technology credit union, and I prefer them over all other banks I deal with. That includes BoA, Citi, Chase. According to me, TechCU mobile app beats all other apps too. The bill pay experience could be a bit better but just love everything else about the techcu app!
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6 years ago, gagliajn
Save money with TechCU
I was a long time customer of several large California banks and got killed on bank fees. I consolidated all my accounts at TechCU and save a considerable amount in fees. I also appreciate their customer service fees and community outreach events (shredding, saving for immigration, car sales, etc). Plus their mobile app is smooth as silk.
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6 years ago, Phamers
Best Bank!
TechCU has been taking care of me since I was 16! Now that I’m 43, they have made my busy life a whole lot easier with Mobile Banking! Thank you for always improving and all the safety measures you put to protect our finances! Our family appreciates everyone at TechCU and especially the mobile banking app!
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3 years ago, ufodewd
New Version breaks Face recognition authentication
Upgraded to the latest version and the biometrics cannot be enabled as well as face ID authentication does not work. It allows you to set it in settings, but then will not work when logging out and trying to log back in... are use long password so typing them in with my thumbs is a terrible option.
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3 years ago, indiequick
Face ID an issue
Love the app, love the bank. Everything I need in one place. Reached out in the app through a message to tell the admins that Face ID no longer works, ever. I turn it on inside the app, the app turns it off. The admin told me there was no problem. So I’m coming here to say there absolutely IS A PROBLEM, so maybe they’ll fix it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2 weeks ago, Irene##47
It’s always easy to get what I need or questions answered when I call for help. So nice to speak too a representative that knows the ways of my Cr Un… never in a hurry and at 77 it makes me feel like they want to help me until i understand. Thank you employees for all you do.
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6 years ago, iamdeft
Works perfect, No problems!
I just wanted to take a second to review TechCU, I've been a member for years and they've always been an amazing place to bank with. The app has every feature one could ask for, and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I use it every single day.
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3 days ago, Richardf5567
Mobile Deposit Broken, I’ve Received No Help
Since the recent update mobile deposit says I need to allow the app to use the iphone camera. However it never asks permission to use the iphone camera so it’s impossible to allow the app to take photos. Which means no mobile deposit and I have lots of important checks to cash. I’ve asked for help, received none. What’s the point of having this app if it’s main feature doesn’t even work.
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6 years ago, Miss Halfro
Intuitive, convenient and reliable
The app is great! I’ve deposited checks, transferred funds and paid bills within a matter of minutes. All of the options are easy to find. I think this app could easily compete against major nationwide banks. I’m much happier using this app.
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6 years ago, Carpinteria, CA
Perfect App
Most people my age (30s) are doing all their banking online, but I’m cautious, waiting for companies to get it perfect before I join in. Well techcu has a perfect app and I use it often. I deposit checks, move money, check on balances and more. Never had a glitch. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, Salty_Doug
Very Useful App
The app gives me everything I need to manage my money. It is easy to use and shows the information in an organized fashion. The only suggestion would be to remember account numbers from previous transfers like the Web Banking.
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6 years ago, Thisislarry
Great banking app!
I really appreciate how I can pay bills, deposit checks, and check my banking on my phone. Everything seems to work just fine, and every version gets a little better. If it weren't for the ATM I would never need to find a physical branch :)
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2 years ago, lisaB&Smokey
TECHNOLOGY Credit Union - my favorite
Tech Cu has always been a great back fit my Needs for Uber 35 years. When I was younger I used. HEILOCs and cars loans. They were accommodating when necessary. Snell enough to be personal but big enough to keep up with the bigger uncaring backs!sissLisaBSf
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1 year ago, hacked and disappointed
Used to be 5 stars
Recent change to depositing checks is reason for only 3 stars. The camera used to automatically snap a phot if the check. Now we have to do it manually and the frames are really long and narrow. Difficult to get check inside frame without picture being small.
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6 years ago, Oldskewl8
So far, so good
Remote banking app makes it much easier to keep track of your cash flow, deposit checks and do remote bill paying. Now, if you could figure our a way to dispense cash from my phone, that would be pretty handy!!
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6 years ago, Mr. F reviewer
Great! But the Locations feature is subpar
Overall the app is very simple, easy to use, and direct to the point. The new look is a great improvement. 👍👏 But the way it shows nearby locations is weird. Having to scroll the map with two fingers is not a thing in any app that has a map. The Apple Watch app is great!
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5 years ago, Stw_FTL
App recently got worse
Ive been a satisfied user of this app for years, but they recently changed the mobile check deposit function, and the new version is junk. It takes 10x the time to deposit a check than before. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact the developer to give feedback. Please bring back the old mobile deposit system!
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1 year ago, syncTony
New bugs and no response to requests for help
I clicked “app support” in the App Store and was sent to a page advertising TechCU. The iPad version fails to process a log in and the iPhone version switches to Spanish when I attempt to deposit a check. I have used the internal email (via a browser) to report these but get no reply. The previous bug report which also got no reply, was in 2013 concerning secure messages. Still fails.
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6 years ago, OpalmeshST
This Is Perfect
The app makes online/mobile banking very easy. The ID touch makes log-in simple, and transfers and deposits are of no problem. I haven’t run into any problems or glitches yet, either. Overall, the app is excellent :)
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6 years ago, sweetbpf
Great app!
It was a little hard to get the app access at first because I had an old email address on file, but once I got in the app itself is easy to use, and very quick. I prefer it over the website.
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5 years ago, John Ha----
Consistently great
I’ve been with Tech CU for almost 30 years. They are consistently the best and most technology equipped banking organization I’ve ever dealt with. They have never disappointed. For me, I’m solidly behind Vanguard for all my investment needs and Tech CU for my banking needs.
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2 years ago, smcomment
Invalid access token error is so annoying
This app on iOS 15.x keeps giving very frequent, and seemingly random “Invalid access token” error. This is so annoying especially when it happens during the last stow of a mobile check deposit transaction. I have to repeat check scanning steps all over again, still not knowing for sure if the transaction will go through. TechCU please fix this annoyance.
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11 months ago, elZeon
Doesn’t let to log you in if not updated
Hey TechCU team! You roll out an update to the app, I understand it’s important. But why you don’t let users to log in into the previous version of app without forcing customers to update ? Imagine the situation where the user can’t download because of the traffic limitations and still needs to use the app. Let your developers know that this is a real life scenario.
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5 years ago, 314steverino
Pretty great
Of the several online banking apps I have used, this stands out in its excellence. My only wish is that it would mirror more closely its web brother especially with regard to the bill paying function.
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5 years ago, The Jeremy
Just as bad as their website
You can’t pay your bills on a loan. Why? No idea. No way to pick the bank account I, painfully, set up on the website. No way to set it up like new, either. And, just like the horrible website, you can’t find anything. It’s not designed with clients in mind. No other way to put it. I extremely dislike both the app and site at this point.
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7 years ago, mimifish
Always been helpful!
I’ve been a member of Tech CU for close to 40 years, from National Semiconductor, to AMD as Technology Federal and now Tech CU, and they have always been great. They have stuck with me, helping me through various problems with the utmost patience and kindness.
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6 years ago, aef2020
Super Easy
And convenient when the options to pay bills and deposit checks can be done in a few minutes. Great!
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7 months ago, beckytheboring
Useful but can’t do everything
You can check your balance and loans ,deposit a paper check, and move money around. You cannot transfer money bank to bank. That has to be done on the website.
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5 years ago, SEWbIT@Southbay
Helpful and convenient
Thank you for providing this app! It is very convenient and easy to use. I have an older phone and it still works for me!
Show more
3 years ago, geesophree
Tech has always been number one in customer service.
Show more
5 years ago, KatBlatt Mama
Love the App
So nice to see my balances without making a phone call, doing simple transactions while away from my computer, bonus! Transfer and deposit money with ease. What can I say but I Love Tech CU
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