Teen Patti Gold-Poker & Rummy

4.3 (5.7K)
117.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teen Patti Gold-Poker & Rummy

4.33 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Aiamsam
This game was a lot of fun and I used to enjoy playing everyday....yes everyday. I guess because of my comment my previous comments I was banned or blocked and now they’re saying I’m in jail for cheating and I need to buy 4.7 billion chips to get out. I don’t even know what the 4 7 billion chips will cost me, but that’s what they’re saying. I have 1.1 billion or should I say a little over 1 billion in my account, but I can’t use because I am in jail I don’t know what to do I try and try but nobody wants to unlock me. I have emailed and also chatted with a gentleman on WhatsApp. I’ve never cheated In fact I have reported cheaters and partners in crime and stuff like that but apparently I got banned or or thrown in jail by the way I paid $99 to Buy 1 billion chips that I have in my account I did not get it from no one I have not partnered with anyone. Please unlock so I can play.
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2 years ago, Harun al mahmud
Make an update for iOS because we are not able to withdraw There is no withdraw option in the game
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4 years ago, Ben.cy
Feb 24: The app looks good but there is room for improvement. My first priority is a help on how to play the game. I installed it because I saw the advt and I know some card games but I don't see a help section here to know which games are here and what are the rules. May 15: I love the app. So increasing the rating to 4. I googled how to play the game. Still I think the app should have a how to where all the variations are explained with card value. When I am in the game it asks me to rate it even though it launches TPG HD app. When I try to rate, AppStore prevents me since I don't have that version of the app. May 25: Why is my profile pic not updating when I change it in Facebook? Rating from 4 to 3. May 29: Why is there a limit in friends? Why can't i play send and get cards with friends in teen patti if we are not fb friends? How i can send my teenpatti friends to join me in Facebook? Aug 30: noticed a bug. I won close to 7 M in Cricket but since i had points to play I didn’t withdrew it. It was showing the withdrawal points but after 10 days or 2 weeks, it disappeared. There is nothing to withdraw. Also an idea. Allow a deposit box where people can park the points. Rating down to 2. May 15, 2020: Deny the option for people to join friends in Poker and variety, like you deny it for Rummy. People join together and sabotage the entire table because they can see each others cards as they are playing together.
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4 years ago, Mahbubul Islam Bappy
1 Star for the Cheaters
There is no option for REPORTING CHEATERS. They enter the room, Transfer Balance and leave the room. During that time many people can’t understand and lose lot of balance. I also face the same. Not only that - they are offering me Cheap rate for buying Crores from them. That is very low Price comparing to your company offers. If we have a Reporting options then we can report them so that you can be informed. Also there is no option for fair play. There are NO LEVEL configuration Or any RANK configuration. Because of that many times I faced very High player according to me and they had a lot of balance according to me. Also there are few rooms. Switching 3 to 4 rooms again repeat the previous rooms. Many people disturbing by sending insulting gifts. You can BLOCK there messages but can’t block their irritating behavior of sending insulting gifts which occurred lack of concentration in the game. You should fix those matters. 😡
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5 years ago, bhai ali
This game teen Patti gold is only game who’s admin or game support team banned u any time especially when u cross 8 cr without any warnings they block my 2 account unless I having 8cr and 40 cr I did not broken any kind of policy rules and they blocked me I mail them near by 50 times they same reply me n not agree get back my ACOUNT I was 235 level and only get back same ACOUNT with level 1.... I bought chips officially 1000 then also all confiscated my chips .....plzzz banned this game app bec they torch n mentally very disturbed kids by using this bully acts without of broken policy rules n any kind of mistake...... kindly I request remove this game app ..... I m playing thins game since 13 years n they r with any warring and without any mistake any kind of policy rules broken they banned me and return my account with zero chips n level 1 .....
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2 years ago, Sugz_b
Very good
It’s a good app. Speed is great, the games are designed very well. Easy to play and understand. I enjoy playing flush, rummy, muflis and other games on the app. The only issue is which is with most online gaming apps is when playing games with strangers, players have the option of sending messages to other players, and most people use abusive, vulgar language. The app developers should not provide the messaging option unless it’s a group of known friends one is playing with.
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2 years ago, ankita baj
About amount
Amount of player should not be shown while playing live. Other player took advantage of it.. in my case, fraud player get login from their 2 accounts and make chaal increasing the amount each time & when we don’t have sufficient amount to make chaal then we have to stand up even if having highest card. I got into this two times and lost million of amount. This is very disappointing . I would give 5 star to this game but beacause of this problem giving only 1 star. Hope in next update this problem will be solved.
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2 years ago, NoCheatersxxxx
Players should not be able to enter rooms that they have too much money for. Two friends can rip off rest of the players on the table with not enough money. If you want to allow friends to play together they should have a room limit on amount they can enter the room with. Needs a feature to stop rude gifts. I only a child like mentally finds it funny. My apologies to children. It’s a well designed game but if you don’t address the cheating issues, eventually good people will leave.
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7 months ago, Reshamd
TeenPatti are big cheaters
They will jail you and then give you the cheater ban ( I don’t know how they can give u the cheater ban when you have been jailed ) and confiscate all your chips. They are running a big scam. We need to report them to the App Store. I have been emailing them since 2 months and all I get is an auto reply saying sorry unfortunately we cannot do nothing and followed all game rules. I have been following all game rules. You are the one cheating. Stop this scam and fix your program.
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4 years ago, Nepali808
Let us choose what boot we want to play
The game and it’s design are good but not having the option to choose what boot to play is hard. For instance, if I have 500k coins and chose to play rummy and loose 2 hands I’ll back on different table playing for 160 coins per points. Please let us have the option to choose what coins per points we want to play. That would make so much better. Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Ratna kamalalakar
Good time pass
Would have been much better if we can down grade the point value rather than automatically been selected for higher point value depending on chips we have.
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4 years ago, nflysiycvkvjlup
Fake and harmful
First you will love to play this game. But slowly you will face so many problems. If you play and win too much money the will banned you for no reason. They will say you did something wrong. And they will ask you to bye 10 million chips with $1.99. And that’s not it. I bought 10 million with $1.99. After 3 days they banned me again for 30 days. That’s how Indian games bully you.
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1 year ago, srsetu
I bought Gold Pass two consecutive months and playing normally. Suddenly while playing in a match you directly banned me!! What! Are you kidding me? What was I doing. I try to contact their mail. No response! Absolute nonsense. With a 175+ level ID and gold pass, regular purchase how on the earth can I cheat? Explain or response the mail. You are taking people’s money like this.
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4 years ago, sobrcbgbb
Very nice app
It would be great if we can downgrade the value of our chips rather than automatically get downgraded. And also if we can create our own group and play. Thanks
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2 years ago, Manresh99
Stop jailing genuine players
My id has been jailed for no reason, I have emailed support and received on,y one automated reply. All I requested was my id to be checked as I never violate any rules. Why do you have a support team when they do nothing. Unjail me and give my chips back. I have bought chips from you and won them genuinely.
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2 years ago, निभान
Fun but long wait time
I like this game but the wait time when other players don’t move is TOO long.
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2 years ago, FeedoRidi
You are not playing
The hosts are playing if you. It chips they would give you good cards but you don’t have money to play so you will buy. They decide who wins it has taken away the fun of the game even if I have a sequence I know other person will get bigger sequence then me so I loose and buy so don’t buy
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7 years ago, Raihan Sam
Fun and addictive
It's fun to play and very enjoyable . It's addictive too . Thanks moonfrog for such a funny and enjoyable game. There are some funny people also play this game . Overall 8.5/10 for fun.
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3 years ago, devilsykat
New version updated
New version updated
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8 months ago, Ali0677926
I am a you-tuber
I am a you tuber teen patti team please support me i make videos of this game on my channel i have 100K subs on my channel and i make videos of different games like war robot's pub g teen patti gold etc please support me so i can make more videos of this game on my channel and support this game as well my teen patti id is OAAX 749 support me
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3 years ago, Nur e alam Tusher
Need Solution
Why i can’t play Hazari in my account.. is any update needed for Hazari?? plzz someone give me Solution
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7 years ago, Gtyy45666
User friendly
Need to have room selection.
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5 months ago, TrexRexi
Too many ads!
i used to buy chips and play. Now even the mission has the watch ads to pass the stage, it’s getting boring. I am deleting this today. Hopefully, Devops plus the owner realize this is getting boring and initiate to urge players to play more games and enjoy.
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4 years ago, xman yman
Please open my account
My teenpatti account has hacked..please open my account and give my chips...
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5 years ago, truereview 2
Scam scam scam
I have been playing this game for more than 1 month and every time i buy chips which are in millions they are just iver in 2 hrs . Till now i spent 400 dollars on this and this is bloody sucker. It wont allow us to play pne round even .. before its one round player finishes of the game. I thought its genuine but not . I lost lot of money. Beware guys
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2 years ago, Poplu
This Game should not be allowed in App Store
This developer is a cheater. I have been banned 3 times without reason or any sort of explanations. It’s appear that if you don’t keep on purchasing the chips, they would ban you! So disappointed! Deleted the game and asked for refund.
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3 years ago, jan mohammad sultani
Solve my problems
I can not play teen pathi gold I don’t know why
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6 months ago, jackyguru
Friend, and offline issue
I can’t invite my friend even when he’s online I can’t even play with my friend and everytime I try to add it say this device don’t support idk what’s going on can u guys fix it
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2 years ago, enjoyteenpatti
Account jailed without reason
They jailed my account with lout any reason and now asking me buy chips. I have no friends on my account and never did any transfer. Please unjail my account or give me appropriate reason why it jailed. Can just force people to buy chips.
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4 years ago, cjey sikder
We are buying chips anyway so why always takes 5% of the wining hand ? This is bull crap !! Spending so much money on chips and at end what we are getting nothing out of it. So should make it cheaper price for chips and allow to play any table dont matter how rich we are
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4 years ago, manik.bff
No star
I wish to give 5 stars, but unfortunately i just disappointed due blocked me for no reason for 30 days. Also gave me seal as “Cheater”. You can’t call anyone cheater for an unproven cause. I emailed several times but no reply for solving my issue. Is there any authority to put a complaint for to call me cheater???
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10 months ago, Kashif Tahir
Bad support and chips issue
I won a game but chips received were less than a won in Andar Bahar game, i contacted support and after a week i got reply and they did not fixed my issue. I am a repeat GoldPass member which i am not going to renew because of that.
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6 years ago, Asad Abdullah
Need update version soon
Need update version soon
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6 years ago, El_Mango
It’s good to play if only the slow pokes would speed it up !! I would play it everyday !!!
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7 years ago, s bhshd
Why don’t down load iPhone 7
Why don’t down load iPhone 7
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5 years ago, jivan khadka
Let us make a choice of point value
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4 years ago, fctc tcccvv
It’s very good game
Really fun enjoy everything having in this game... It’s like truly Time passing
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11 months ago, Sajib1986
Teen Patti gold app is Scamer
Teen Patti team blocked my account with 4 bill cr they blocked my account without any reason I contacted their support mail do not respond me Apple team should remove this game from Apple Store coz they scam with many people cr that’s all
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2 years ago, Bvkthapafcb
Don’t install this app
Without reason you jailed my ID . So i recommend you to delete this app . I will never install this apps , and will tell my other friends to uninstall and never play this game.
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6 years ago, Badhan••••••
The second best game I’ve ever played in my life It’s amazing Tnx for everything
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5 years ago, mikey 01701
New rules
You should be able to go all in if you don’t have enough chips. It’s not fair to have to purchase or get kicked out cause you don’t have enough chips to match the table!! Stop people from bullying you!!
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2 years ago, alpha rodil
Developer is the biggest cheat
Google and Apple should ban such app. The developer has listed several reasons to identify anyone who plays for fun as cheater. But developer can’t provide you any specific reasons to term anyone as cheater.
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3 years ago, 983726272919019191939
For no reason
They banned me for no reason saying that I was cheating. Someone reported on me and they just believed them like that person was right. I didn’t cheat. You guys need to do more checks before banning anyone. Unban me now.
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7 years ago, Hasnain abir
I was playing the game they told me to review and I am giving them a review
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5 years ago, Hridoy Khandakar
Has some inapp purchase issue
Not bad
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4 years ago, logoisim
I wish I could cash those chips, Its amazing
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4 years ago, google classroom beware
Amazing game
Fun,great,addictive just absolutely amazing and great way to learn to play card
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5 years ago, Moyna Mdlal
Teen Patti Gold
Der sir write your feedback my all chips loss teen Patti gold game not onlyme my I’d And family I’d teen Patti gold game Playing Andor bahar table also loss please help me sir how to feedback my chips sir
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2 years ago, DoNt BuY tHiS ApP gUyS
The more you buy the more you lose, don’t get addicted to this game, you will lost money, or even you do play NEVER EVER buy chips, the more you buy the more you will lose!
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7 years ago, Faruque Abdullah
Need to add option of room selection. Otherwise not interested to play.
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