Teeth Whitener - Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (554)
252.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovative Software Solutions, LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teeth Whitener - Photo Editor

4.76 out of 5
554 Ratings
3 years ago, FunSizedGirl
Works great and worth it!
I’m the kind of person that NEVER purchases an app, but I made an exception for myself this time. It’s worth it. I was skeptical because most of the reviews sounded lowkey fake. Now I can say that they’re all legit! No one in my family can afford professional teeth whitening and the best we can all do is white strips but they’re just so expensive to be using them all the time. This app helps so much for pictures at least. You can zoom in really close and draw on your teeth with your finger and it kind of “knows” if there’s a border where your lips begin and your teeth end. That being said, if you’re zooming in REALLY close and the definition is blurry, you should try to be more accurate with drawing on the blue “toothpaste”. Bottom line: Great app! Does what it says. Let’s you save your pictures at no charge. Much better than stupid apps that want a subscription.
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4 years ago, Jonyuken
A great self esteem booster!
Easy to use, wonderful results. 1st, you zoom in on your photograph, brush over the exact tooth areas you want whitened (which shows as blue, and can be adjusted with an eraser tool so it doesn’t whiten your lips) then you adjust the whitening of your teeth to your liking with ease! 5 stars through and through. All of the 1 star ratings just didn’t take the simple few minutes to learn how to use the app!
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5 years ago, willoweee20983728
Awesome app
Was looking at several apps, and most of them want a high pay for it, and it doesn’t let you whiten the teeth in the right place, like it’ll whiten your lips or miss a spot or something, with this app you can zoom in so it makes it perfect and looks super natural! Love it 1.00 worth spent
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3 weeks ago, broo_kie8
Teeth whitening effect is not free
I understand paying for certain things in apps, y’all need money. But to advertise your app as an editor for teeth whitening and not having that MAIN EFFECT be free is mad wrong in my opinion. Only 2 of the 8 effects are free to use and it’s “teeth blur” and “filters” which is not helpful at all for what I downloaded the app for. Also, if you screenshot the photo with any of the premium effects it gives you a warning and puts a watermark on it.. which is kinda funny.
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4 years ago, yy4u2rel82
It Works!
Finally! Every beauty app out there wants a subscription for filters an Instagram account can do free. I just needed teeth whitening! This does it perfectly. No annoying ads and a simple interface. Thank you!!
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6 months ago, C. Licht
Was great til they started charging for the most basic feature
I only use this once in a blue moon, so I can’t justify paying $25/year for continuing to use the normal teeth whitener feature that was free for the longest time (with tons of ads of course). Sorry guys. Ads were fine. A one time fee of a couple bucks would be fine too. This is defintiely not worth the $40 one and done app fee either. Devs got greedy and earned themselves an uninstall. ✌🏻
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5 years ago, 03cobrah
Good price for what it is
I don’t normally write reviews but I appreciate that this is just one dollar and it’s easy to use. Just make sure you zoom in close so you don’t whiten the lips. It’s very simple
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2 years ago, Jennibear34
Such a great App!!!!!
I am totally unskilled at this and this App makes it so easy. All I have to do is select the picture, hit auto and boom the App automatically whitens teeth :) Excellent
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6 months ago, dancer-mom1
Paid subscription 👎🏼
I bought this app for the teeth whitening and now it changed to a “premium” feature that you have to pay monthly for. I would have NEVER paid for an app only to find out months later it had changed to a monthly charge for the entire reason I bought the app.
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5 years ago, cade carl the savage
What it do baybeee
Just used it and it’s great! All the other dumb apps want you you to subscribe for x dollars a month. This app is tight bc you literally just pay $1 and then it’s yours to keep.
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4 months ago, DER130463
Now have to have a premium subscription to do anything
Was using this app before they made you pay a $2.99 monthly subscription..it was good but dont want to pay just for a teeth whitening app. However all you can do for “free” his highlight your teeth and use filters…lame.
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12 months ago, Lisastar121
So easy
This is so easy to glide over. Thankfully I don’t need much. It’s a perfect app.
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6 months ago, Ghughes4317
Just removed.
Suddenly, the basic feature to whiten teeth —which is the premise of the app- is now premium and you have to subscribe and pay. For years it wasn’t. Would not recommend unless you are willing to pay for something you never had to before.
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2 weeks ago, lostgoldielox
They make you upgrade to premium
You cannot use the whitening feature without upgrading and purchasing the premium which for I think it was $2.99 a month you can use it… All the ads and description say free… Totally misleading
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5 years ago, completed smile
I love this app, adds that extra white exactly natural looking
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3 weeks ago, ltnuke
Reduces quality of image
App is really easy to use but upon exporting the fixed photo, the image quality was substantially reduced - making it unusable for what my use was intended.
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12 years ago, Britt-0018
Does not turn teeth blue! Love it!
I have read several comments stating that this turned your teeth "blue". It does initially but only so you can see where to put the whitener. After you have put the blue on and click done, the blue goes away and it will allow you to adjust the whiteness of your teeth. If it were already white you wouldn't know where to put it!! Duh! To the people that gave it a bad review bc they don't know how to use it, Im not sure how you function lol. This app is super easy to use and I <3 it! I redid all my facebook pics using this app and it makes a dramatic difference in your appearance. You don't realize the difference white teeth make until you use this app! =)
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5 months ago, f&$#nickname
Loved it but
Used the teeth whitening all the time… up until it became a need to pay app. I’m 67 and have no use for all the other stuff(filters, etc), just the whitening. Deleted app. Oh well…
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1 month ago, itunesmoviemogul
I already paid for this app
I already paid for this app in 2020, now I can’t use it because your forcing me into the subscription model. Shame!
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12 years ago, zMisT
This app works!
If you don't believe it, trust me I took the risk and I colored my friends teeth white, and mine. It didn't work like I wanted, till I zoomed all the way in on our teeth and colored each tooth individually, and it worked wonders, if you don't think it will work try it again till you get use to it. I didn't whiten all I did it very smoothly on each tooth and it worked.
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12 years ago, Bjricker
I was scared to buy it because I saw that people said it makes your teeth look blue...it dosnt. you put toothpaste on and that is blue then you press done and you have a arrow that you make your teeth whiter and I was impressed! well worth 99 cents
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12 years ago, rhanna92
Ignore the negativity.
This is a really great app no matter what others may say. Since Picnik closed, I've been looking for an alternative way to edit photos; mainly in the teeth department. It works well for me. Yes, if you whiten to the maxium it appears a little light blueish, but if you only up it one or two notches it looks completely fine.
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12 years ago, Jojo4n
It does make your teeth blue grey in the final image!!!
It does make your teeth blue or greyish - and I am talking about the final image not the blue 'toothpaste' that you apply to 'whiten' your teeth. If you only whiten a couple of levels it is not too bad but if you try to maximize the whitening you will get blue or grey teeth. You also have to be careful when applying the 'toothpaste' to not get any on your lips do or your mouth will look odd and the whitening application/edit will be very apparent.
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10 years ago, It was ok,50/50
I promise you that this app works! It's amazing! It lets you "apply toothpaste" in the areas where you need to whiten your teeth. I looked at the original and then at the modified picture and 😳😁😳 I need to brush my teeth more... Ew. But this app is amazing!!!!!
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12 years ago, Bailey Sherwin
In the beginning I didn't think it worked but when u press the compare button it worked so well!!! Get this app it's worth it!!
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12 years ago, FamouS AmoSS
Get the perfect smile in all your pics!
App works perfectly to whiten you teeth and give you a movie star smile in all your pics! No need for whitening strips, just download this awesome app!!
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12 years ago, KatieBenz
Easy to use
Very easy and fun to use. I was able to whiten my teeth in seconds! I recommend this app!
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9 years ago, A.lut
Defiantly worth the money!! It works great and looks real! Here's a tip: tap it on instead of trying to rub/ draw it on. It creates less of a mess trying to erase the extra
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12 years ago, Enhhhhhhh
Must have, my yellow teeth friends!!!!!
This is great it really worx and it looks real you must have this
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12 years ago, Sunshine lovee
Deserves 0 stars!
I should have read the reviews, (which i hope your doing right now.) It Does not do what it says it will, should be called teeth blue-ing! Turns your teeth blue, and makes your photo look worse! If the people above me who gave it 4-5 stars actually used the photos they edited, they probably got laughed at. SAVE YOUR 99 CENTS! IT COULD BE SPENT ON SOMETHING BETTER!!!!
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11 years ago, Evastar5
If you mess up on the teeth and get the stuff on your gums it makes it look weird and it doesn't really make a difference it would not recommend this app.
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10 years ago, Aaaasmanda
Love it
It's not a fake app, I use it all the time even though my teeth are pretty white. Works good too.
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11 years ago, mkelseyr
Awesome app
Whitening looks extremely realistic (as long as you don't overdue it) I really really like this!!
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12 years ago, Cgmartinez
What a realistic change
I absolutely love the app!! It's definitely worth it!
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12 years ago, Eemia76
Great app!!!
I have a very yellow front tooth and this app made that tooth along with all the other teeth look nice and white. Photo looks great!!!
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10 years ago, MsCatherinePer
Very real - and wonderful - app
This app works incredibly well. It lets you "brush toothpaste" on the areas of teeth that need to be whitened. A+
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12 years ago, Ulfemon
Pretty good
Hahaha it makes your teeth blue in the first part when you're picking what part to whiten theennnnn prt 2 makes it white
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12 years ago, Alwbabayyy
Ignore the negative comments
It doesn't make my teeth look blue? it works great for me 👍 great app
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12 years ago, Kdawglove
I have always been super self conscious about my less than perfect teeth. This is the best app I ever bought!!!
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12 years ago, chrome_poet1
I use this to whiten my teeth in all my photos, buy it.
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12 years ago, dcifh
Great app
Works great. Used it on old fade photo. Gave the gal in the picture some pearlies. She loved the results
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12 years ago, gibsonhero
Great results
Great app! - Transformed my not-so-white-teeth to pearly white teeth!! Very easy to use and results are great
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12 years ago, Carrie Nannie Hendrix :)
I've had this app for 2 days and I'm already obsessed! Ahhh, perfect!
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11 years ago, Mojo403000
Once you get the hang of using it, it works like a charm!
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12 years ago, Surf gurl 0729
Bad app
Don't listen to the good comments trust me it's not worth it it makes your teeth look light blue not white I say don't buy it or waste your money
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12 years ago, bladyblue
Now I have pearly whites!
This was a app I hoped existed and it did. Works great.
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10 years ago, Sarahleanne62213
So many bugs with this app.
So many bugs, app closes down as soon as you try to upload a new picture. Used to work fine now it doesn't.
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12 years ago, Tammy 😁
This app is okayyy... It doesn't do much whitening but it does make a little difference. They should have made it free!
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12 years ago, RPX999
cool app
works great for more devious purposes. Btw,seriously, it's $0.99, calm down, Perhaps you need to poke a little smot.
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12 years ago, LoveEditing
I use this app for all my editing photos! I simply love it so much
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