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User Reviews for Teleprompter for Video

4.86 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Big Antler 1968
Just got this app today for our company because our CEO had to make a video using a script and we couldn’t figure out how to let him read the script but not appear to be reading the script (make sense?) Well, we were hanging his printed speech off everything, even taping it to people. LOL 🤣 He was getting frustrated as he dislikes doing these types of things. I quickly googled something like how to read a script when making an iPhone video (modern searching for all you SEO lovers❤️) and this app came up in the search. We were making the video on an iPhone 11 plus max. We were a little skeptical about the teleprompter but at that point we were willing to try anything. So we did, and we loved it. All I had to do was save his speech to Dropbox and upload it! Easy!!!! I honestly cannot believe how easy this whole process was. We immediately bought the premium version after a quick trial video bc the speech was a long 3 minute script. It worked great. Yay!!!! A big thank you and shout out to the developers of this app. 💞😍🥰 we are now excited to figure out all the ways we can use it especially for social media. We’re trying to make more video content. One more YAY for this app!!!🎉 Great for business - not just kids making social posts. Ps I love this app so much I didn’t even wait to be prompted to write this review!! 😊😊😁😆
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1 year ago, vendery
Great product and support
I haven’t used a lot of Teleprompters but I researched which product others recommended and I found this one highly recommended and is one of the best out there. I’ve been using it for two years now. Not a complaint, but a praise, I have an issue with my external Sure 88 microphone connecting with my iPhone and not showing it is recording in stereo. I’ll spare you all the details but it is rec in stereo even if settings says otherwise. Support has continued to be in contact with me regarding my issue. I am impressed that they are still trying to track down the issue between my mic and their app. Many companies would simply have written me off long ago and moved on. In two years I’ve had the app, they have continued to make improvements. The only improvement I would like to see them make is finding the recordings you don’t save to photos easier. If you record, but don’t save the recording to your photos, the recording is under scripts - click on an existing script and scroll down to find them. This is still a huge improvement from a year ago when if you didn’t save your video, they were simply lost. Just needs a little tweaking. Otherwise, it really is a great app, and I would recommend purchasing this if you need a Teleprompter. Thanks to the developers for the great work you’re doing.
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5 years ago, TGGAKUSA
Thank you for this APP!
Omg! You saved me! Having to do 2 company presentation assignments had me stressed! I’m a sales rep and I know my business but when we were all required to record a presentation we offer I was overwhelmed with how am I going to pull this off with an iPhone and terrible memory. I made cue cards on my laptop but when I filmed I wasn’t looking right at the camera which was super awk. After googling app that has cue cards and video this app magically appeared. I downloaded it and was able to upload my script via Dropbox in seconds. My video is awesome!! I mean totally nailed it and it saved so much time. Thank you for creating it. I gladly gave my $11 to upload my scripts and it was worth every penny. I am going to definitely use this more but you guys saved my day. Thank you!
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3 years ago, alignment guru
Simple Elegant Solution
We purchased the full blown version of this app for what it would cost for just a little over a month’s use of other similar apps. We weren’t expecting much except the basics. WRONG!!! This is an amazingly simple to use, full featured app that let us produce high quality promotional videos. It makes importing scripts a breeze and even color coding portions for different speakers. You simply can’t go wrong buying this app . . . And no, i am not compensated for my comments here in any way and i am not associated with the company either. They just deserve kudos for a great product at a very reasonable price!
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3 years ago, SAGordon
Frustrated ‘One-Star’
UPDATE: Very thankful for the most recent update and fix for the AirPod Pro problem. Thankful for the communication as the problem was focused on. After the latest app update, this app no longer will recognize my AirPod Pros as a microphone. I can set it to specifically use these, but no sound comes through with my video. Contacted “customer service” and got one email reply asking for device specifics and update, and iOS update timing in reference to when this started happening. That was almost a week ago now. No second email or any kind of follow up! This app still won’t record sound from the AirPod Pros on my iPad Pro. I like this app, but an apparent lackadaisical approach to customer service on a problem like this is troubling.
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9 months ago, Sammyboyboy1321
Needs option to shift text higher on screen, especially the lines being read during voice scroll
Could you create an option to have the voice control scroll higher in the screen so that I’m looking into the camera when reading? This app is really well done otherwise. The only advantage Bigvu has on this is having the text running all the way into the camera. Also the text is not centered around the iPhone camera (which is slightly left of center). Can you create an option to be able to shift text not only towards or away from center, but any direction on that axis. Looking towards the camera when reading makes a big difference for a teleprompter. Will update review to 5 stars if changes made because it works great otherwise.
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2 months ago, t.h.omar
Works well except for two major issues
Please provide an updated version this app where I DO NOT need to have an active internet connection in order to use the app which I am paying for access to. If I am in a location without internet access on my phone or WiFi the app locks up and can’t be used. Or is there a change to setting I need to make? This is needed because sometimes a person needs to make edits and record in remote locations without internet connections. The other issue is that for some reason when I try to use the app on my iPhone 12 mini I am only able to record in portrait mode with blurred background when NOT in 4k mode. I have reinstalled several times and it doesn’t make a difference. In 4k mode it works fine, but that generates really large files which I don’t need. How to fix?
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3 years ago, 𝕵𝖔𝖘𝖍𝖚𝖆
Significantly shaves time off contact production
I love this app. I started creating content for social media a couple of weeks ago doing one video every day. It would take me at least 45 minutes to record a 60 second video because I had to memorize all of my script so that I could record seamlessly. I just used this app for the first time today to record videos to publish next week and I recorded four days worth of videos in less than an hour. This app has drastically reduced the amount of time I need to record video content. This app is definitely a must. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Premier Consulting
Excellent App
The Teleprompter App has been very effective in assisting me with creating videos for my website. Prior to purchasing the app, I would have to memorize my lines which took up a considerable amount of my time. Using the teleprompter app has enabled me to free up my time, produce effective videos for my website and has helped me to create professional content with ease. The teleprompter app is very user friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to create video content for their website or for their social media accounts.
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2 weeks ago, rkc16
Voice control is so glitchy.
I had such huge hope for this teleprompter. It has some great features and I really, really want to love it. I paid for the premium subscription, so it’s not just an issue with free version. The voice control is incredibly glitchy. I’ve done two videos with it and they’ve taken me sooooo long to do because the screen keeps freezing then jumping way ahead to catch up, but it ends up passing where I was in speech. A few times it’s even jumped all the way back to the beginning. It’s incredibly frustrating. Again, I want to this, because features will be great if they actually work the way they’re supposed to. Please fix it.
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11 months ago, Amor poder y Gracia
My personal assessment
Hey guys, if you were thinking of getting a program that’s going to give you a Teleprompter that you can put your ideas in your thoughts and different platforms. I would say that in my experience this has been the best. I’ve been using it now for years and I’ve recommended it to so many different people and I have not gotten that one complaint from anyone, so go ahead and an old confidence purchase this program and I believe that you will get lots of use for many years to come. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Logans Mum
Great app but needs a bit of tweaking
Really really easy app to use if you need it for self tape auditions like I do BUT when I manually type my scripts or copy them in I can only scroll down so far and then I can’t see what I’m typing. I’d also love it if there was the option for it to auto scroll up when it hears me say the dialogue instead of auto scroll or if it had an option to slow the scroll or speed it up etc... but all in all I love this app and I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. I’ll upgrade if they fix the issues and add those other options.
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4 years ago, 5hifty64
TelePrompTer is wonderful and Phil’s support is even better.
TelePrompTer is a wonderful app, especially considering it’s ONE time fee of $12. That’s less than the MONTHLY fee ($14) of its leading competitor. Sure, the competitor has more bells and whistles but nothing I don’t already have in my Windows Movie Maker, so why sign up for monthly fees for redundant products? Phil’s support was phenomenal as we exchanged 4-5 emails quickly to troubleshoot MY mistake. I downloaded the app to my iPad using one email (that I never otherwise use) but signed into using my usual email. If you’re looking for a TelePrompTer, this is a GREAT value.
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1 year ago, DLFA62
Great app that checks all the boxes for creating rapid content
This is a great app. It is priced well, and it is very feature, rich and easy to use. You can not only use it as a teleprompter, but it will also add your logo, provide captioning, and allow you to remove a background with its green screen function. You can also change the image size and shape and add a music track. Would definitely recommend buying this app, especially if you were looking for a way to create rapid content social media.
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2 years ago, ProdigalJim
Good, Useful…But Needs Work
Overall this is a pretty good app. But a few tweaks could eliminate two extremely annoying quirks. One, when scrolling in voice-activated mode, sometimes the script freezes…kinda defeats the whole purpose. And two, it’s far, far, far from intuitive to figure out how make the script scroll faster or more slowly. Eventually I learned that the large plus and minus signs in the upper right corner made that adjustment…but it was hard to tell because a couple of clicks didn’t appreciably change the speed. Much trial and error and annoyance. Lastly, no matter what I did it would not recognize my external microphone.
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6 months ago, RD8555
Updated from previously frustrated review
Apple won’t let me update my previous two star review: I was frustrated that the app was crashing every time I tried to add captions or save a video to my phone. I was very pleasantly surprised when the developer replied to me two days later offering to fix it— and then they did! The app is the best I’ve tried in terms of how easy the teleprompter function is to use, that you can add captions, etc. and moreover the company is very responsive to customer issues!
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4 years ago, Adirosh
I’m frankly pretty disappointed with this app. Despite purchasing the all inclusive package, the script would randomly stop scrolling, and literally failed to save videos I had recorded a few times. The failing to save was intermittent, meaning that I would record 4 videos, for example, and the fifth one would randomly fail to save. These kind of errors make filming take much, much longer than it should. I couldn’t find a number to contact either, which makes things difficult when you have a scheduled shoot, because you can’t wait until tomorrow to get the tech issues resolved. I’d expect a little more support for paying customers. I’m open to chatting through these issues and resolving them.
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4 years ago, Keke p
Has bee helpful
I really appreciate this helpful app. I was using hand written notes and was not doing very well with my videos! This app has helped me to look more natural and to quickly record content that I needed to upload into a course that I’m teaching. Thank you so very much for creating it and for making it affordable and user-friendly for people like me. I would encourage people to make sure that they have dropbox so that they can use their scripts and for people to purchase the entire thing so that they can have unlimited scripts.
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2 years ago, JWoody48
It Delivers Every-time!
I make small movies for my office’s social media. They aren’t very long, but they’re full of detail that’s hard to remember. I’ve tried several teleprompter apps over the last year, including some that use voice recognition. This is the first I’ve used that’s consistently delivered. The voice recognition works well, even in the large room where I’ve been recording. It’s syncs with a wired mic seamlessly. To be fair, I haven’t used the video editing functions. But as a teleprompter, I’m sold!
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4 years ago, Duncan Mok
I almost never write reviews...
I almost never write reviews... but seriously, this is a brilliant app. I was sitting thinking about a video I needed to do, and that I should write an app that could record video and scroll the script right next to the iPad camera. And then I thought, surely someone else must have done this... and there you were in the App Store. I typically do pretty short videos, so I could probably get away with the free version, but I just paid for the full pack because it is just that good... Highly, highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Mz Pool
I like this teleprompter a lot. I had an issue though where I couldn’t get my script to turn horizontally. The developer contacted me and I sent in a request to support. But in the mean time I read the apps questions and answers and found that the issue was not the app but my phone. So if you are having the same issue go to your phone and swipe up... there should be a little lock icon with a rotation arrow above it. Click on it to unlock it and your script will now go vertically!!! I’m so happy the developer reached out to me. Great app!!!
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4 months ago, Smile@Sue
I’m trying so hard to like this App
It looks like this App has some good features but not sure if it can do what I’m needing it to do because the free version is so limited. The script starts so close to the edge of my IPad screen that I’m still not looking at my viewers, my eyes are way off to the side. This defeats the whole purpose for the App. Plus, it doesn’t look like I can slow down the script. I’m tired of spending $ on Apps that turn out to be worthless so the free version needs to include a few more features before i can decide if I want to buy in. I don’t mind paying for a good App so don’t be so skimpy on the free version. I’d buy right now but your free version hasn’t convinced me it will meet some of my greatest needs.
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2 years ago, darinepmp
It worked once
It worked one time. I loaded one script into it and it worked great the first time that I used it. I even upgraded to the paid version. I have spent the last hour and a half trying to load a new script for my next project and it keeps crashing the app. I’ve tried deleting the old script. That didn’t work. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. That didn’t work. I tried loading a short script (below the 750 character threshold of the free version). That didn’t work. It is a waste of time and money. More down sides to it, it is very clunky trying to navigate around inside the app. I was going to live with that but, since it doesn’t work anymore, I want my money back.
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4 years ago, cool hand13
Just what I needed
I’m a pastor and during the Covid 19 outbreak I needed to record some of my sermons from home. This was such a great tool to do this. I was actually able to do it on an iPhone because it lets you choose text size. My only request would be to somehow make it remote control compatible so that I could pause it if it got a little ahead of me. Maybe you could use another iPhone or the Apple TV remote as a remote, but that would be the only request I would have. This is a great little app!!!
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2 years ago, wchwoxnt gyhebw
Love this app!
Does everything I need for a teleprompter, and I also really like the payment model. It’s free for short scripts, so you can get around paying for it if you’re not a heavy user but I did want longer scripts, so I payed the $13 or something to get the full version forever. I simply would not pay 6.99/month or whatever the other apps charge you. So nice app and nice business model! Also recently got a much needed update.
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2 years ago, Lauren Lives Again
Took my 10 minute blabbers down to 4.5 minutes
Very satisfied with this app and was happy to pay for the pro version. Love the option for the teleprompter to move with your speaking speed rather than trying to speak at its speed. The only thing is I wish the script could start at the very top of the screen closer to the camera instead of the middle of the screen because it makes me look like my eyes are half closed and I’m not as enthusiastic as I am. All around would 100% recommend though!
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2 years ago, Savvy Sirivie
Basic App, Frustrations
For some reason, doing multiple takes is difficult because of the font size/scrolling speed constantly changes. Can’t it stay at my default? Having to reset it, in a different screen, every single time I want to start recording over again is rather tedious. (Given how much background noise and other things can disrupt the recording, this is a constant frustration for even a 2min video) Also, the scripts in the free version are extremely short. It’s extra steps to break down a 2min video into many separate scripts.
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3 years ago, Theran King T / Mind Scrambler
My hat off to the creator
I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this app possible and bringing into the marketplace. This morning I couldn’t wait to sit down in front of the camera and push record. And I didn’t have my breakfast yet which has taken me out of my routine this morning. But no regrets. I see a good future for me recording all of my videos. Thanks once again.
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12 months ago, Bold Goldie
Use to love this app & recommended it to friends, It’s now trash!
Why doesn’t the script rotate horizontally like it use to? This is horrible!!! I’m trying to record something for my cousin’s graduation & it’s not intuitive like it use to be. I want a full screen so I would turn it horizontal and record. The words don’t rotate so I can read them. How do you make this work like before? You have made this app trash!
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2 years ago, Uncle Kerry
Loving it so far
I got this for use in my English class for when we do speeches. I save the videos for later review. The voice recognition works fairly well, but not when there is a lot of background noise, but this is to be expected. However, when I try to add subtitles, the app closes. UPDATE: With the latest update, they fixed this issue. Awesome.
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3 years ago, steve kazan
Search no more!
I have tried almost a dozen different teleprompter apps. Trust me, this is the easiest and best one yet! Plus you can film before a green or blue screen and it will allow you to add your custom background. Everything about this app is exactly what I need to share my messages on social media. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to script out their message as opposed to improv.
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1 month ago, jackiecharm
Having Fun with my teleprompter
Just starting to shoot videos, and the scripts have helped me tremendously move forward with recording my videos faster. I like that you can edit the script on the fly, and that you can adjust the speed of the prompter. Not having to memorize everything allows me to have more fun recording.
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2 years ago, Victoria from NJ!
Saves tons of time + more professional
Love how this has saved me time so that I don’t have to memorize scripts and do SO many takes. And my posts are now so much more conversational and seem effortless, which they are! Love this app. Was looking for something exactly like this. Worth paying for the paid version!
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3 years ago, Bisack
Paid & did not work on iPad
Paid for full subscriptions but only activated on iPhone, when trying to switch to iPad it did not recognize my subscription and requires me to pay again. I am not happy at all. Should be a button to restore license on the setting. User don’t have to contact developer for an instructions. Searched in scripted video help for license restoration and could not find a single article. I revised my review to 3 for app.
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4 years ago, Deckvent
difficult to use
When editing, app will lock and not allow you to scroll down to view text you are writing. You have to keep saving and come back in to see your full text. But once you begin editing it locks up again. There is no pause feature, or ability to change speed of text while filming. No way to go from front facing to rear facing camera on the fly, you must choose one or the other for the duration of your video. If these could be addressed, it would be a great app!!
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1 year ago, FitnessBabe
Stops voice scrolling randomly and other issues
Currently looking for another teleprompter software to use as this one just stops voice scrolling randomly even when the actor is reading it in the same tone and levels throughout the script. I. Addition, god forbid you put a space in between lines! Then it will add a huge space. For instance, write a sentence, add a double space, this app will add 6 spaces! Please help!
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1 year ago, Mosan Life
Works well and is easy to use!
This app is such a lifesaver. I’ve recorded a few videos with it so far and I am in love with it. I still need to try out the captions feature but if it works well, I can cancel my subscription for the other captions app that I have… But so far, I am a happy camper ☺️
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3 years ago, Gern Blasnton
If Only More Apps Were This Good!
NO MONTHLY RENTAL FEE! A great useful solid app at a great price! A one app solution to produce solid content that looks and sounds great. Kudos! It would be nice to see more buyers reward developers that don’t charge monthly rental fees. It seems like everything on the App Store is moving to adding more debt and less ownership and stability to their apps.
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2 years ago, Djdannybhhhhh
Okay - I’ve had this app for a while, but I don’t use it often. Needed it today and saw there was an update. Did the update and now it has voice recognition. Shot my first video in one go. Voice recognition saved me so much time. Thank you, developers!!! Highly recommend!!!
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1 year ago, Seasprite00
Outstanding App for Creators!
I’ve been helping small businesses use video for 13 years and this app is the most useful one I’ve found to improve that process. It’s easy to load scripts, it works flawlessly, and support is superb if you have questions. Strongest recommendation!
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8 months ago, Dejha2
I highly recommend
I’m a content creator and would stumble on my words whenever I had to a video and should take a lot time. This helps me write out my script and I’m able to read it without anyone knowing I have a teleprompter on my phone. It’s a true life saver.
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4 years ago, Gbenga771
You guys are short of miraculous
Was working on a video and trying to memorize lines. It occurred to me that this stuff shouldn't be this difficult. So I came across the app, so the reviews. The five-star line was significantly longer than the rest in the ratings so I went for it. Made a nice video that I added my logo on. This is great!
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2 years ago, Laughing Goddess
Love this app.
I’m nearly completely illiterate yet have managed to use this app. So empowering! However, what I’m wondering if you can help me to send those videos to friends without paying. This is nearly 7 minutes. Any suggestions? Thank you
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1 year ago, Bebert l'Hirsonnais
All included
Everything you need to make to perform videos like a Pro. Easy, totally intuitively, step by step, pedagogic approach of the App, trust without any question. I recommend as well because of a genius and very prompt customer service. Love it.
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2 years ago, snowman7800
Will give 5 stars if you add ProRes HDR
This app is exactly what I need. I am a full time YouTuber with an iPhone 13 Pro and I prefer to record in ProRes 10 but HDR. My phone supports this in the native camera app (yes even in selfie mode) but I can’t seem to find the option anywhere on this app. Please add this feature and I will happily change this to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Khhjyicdehkol
Good but reduced camera quality
This app does just what it says and it’s pretty easy to use. My only complaint is that the video and sound quality from videos taken in the app are significantly worse than my regular phone camera. Please fix because otherwise it’s great!
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3 years ago, UnboundNow
Purchase Issue - Resolved
Issue resolved - Love the app! Somehow this allowed me to purchase without creating an that I created a login, it disregarded my purchase and tried to make me purchase again. Update: Support helped me resolve the issue with a click of a button.
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4 years ago, 💗🖤🖤
this is so amazing i had a final do last minute for a drama class and i didn’t have time to memorize the whole script in one day and so i downloaded this app and i was just so amazed how perfectly it worked and it was so easyyy !!! i got an A so thank youuu this is literally amazing y’all should totally download this !!
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3 years ago, vicarWil
Easy to use. Great tool. Just used it for my FB videos and my online courses. Love that this app recognizes an external mic and I can adjust the font size and scrolling speed. Very intuitive app. Highly recommend.
Show more
4 years ago, robbywu
A must have App especially during covid
My wife had to record a video and we were trying to hold up paper to record this when I said there’s got to be a better way. Phil, your app is a winner and saved us hours!!!!
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