Teleprompter Pro

4.7 (10.4K)
35.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Teleprompter Apps Ltd
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teleprompter Pro

4.75 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
2 months ago, ParrotVirgin
Love this app
I’m a real person and these are my honest opinions of the app. Finally, the one app every content creator needs in his or her arsenal to make videos that look and feel professional. The script’s proximity to the front camera on my phone gives the illusion that I’m looking at the viewer; no more “ah…” or “umm…” to delete in post; and a seamless monologue. Of course, you need to practice reading the script a few times before the final attempt to make sure you’re emphasizing the right words and parts. One suggestion for improvement is to allow changes of speed at different points in the script. When speaking naturally, which is what we’re all aiming for, one’s speed does change depending on what we’re trying to convey, sometimes even needing pauses. The other suggestion would be for the creators of this app to make a version for film making buffs who want a lot of control over shutter speed, exposure, white balance etc… Overall, great app. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
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4 months ago, MattMerk
Some clunkiness.
Using “cues” (a feature of the app that allows you to put stopping points in your script), is not implemented well. When moving to the next cue, that cue will stop on the center line, leaving only the top half of your screen for text. (The cue, just the text “>>>,” should really appear at the bottom of the screen, so each “page” of text from your script could occupy the entire screen. The app allows you to edit your script as well. Unfortunately, when editing scripts within the app, the format changes to make the text span the width of the screen. This doesn’t give you a WYSIWYG view of your script, showing you what your edits will look like when you later actually read your script. And sometimes when I go into Edit mode, the app DOES display the text like it will appear when you want to read from it. This behavior is unpredictable on my phone. So if you have a long script you want to put “cues” in, getting that to work is not particularly fun. But if you want to break up your long script into smaller passages and just use scrolling text, that works fine. However, you will have to import each section individually. And there’s no way to import multiple scripts.
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4 years ago, Kev_W
Exactly what I needed
I am working on launching my Patreon for a big project I am working on. So, my friend recommended this App for me to use. I downloaded it on my iPad, iPhone and Watch. It does not seem to work for my personal need on the Watch, since I record using the back facing camera on my phone. So, I used it on my iPad with a downloaded script from Dropbox I made. At first, it did not work to mirror the image on my Apple TV using my iPad, but after very quick and effective troubleshooting with the developer, I did find a good work around. In my case, I am using the free version which may play a part and with that if I copy and paste the words into the demo script, it worked exactly how I expected it to. If you are looking for a good way to read while speaking at your own pace to record videos, this is easy and wonderful to use. Layout is nice and intuitive for those that are not tech wizards looking for a great design. If you have any issues at all, the developer is on it to help fix your problems.
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4 years ago, Eujung33
Great for aspiring casters
I’ve been informally been doing school news programs for a long time now. With digital video it doesn’t take much to record, edit and post a program for people to watch, but one of the challenges is providing on-screen talent with a script that can be read easily while recording. We usually have gone the route of printing the scripts in large letters and hanging on the tripod, but usually the angle of the script and length of the script makes it difficult to look professional. With this tool, however, it’s easy to put the script on the device and cast at a speed of your choice. You can place the device at a position that looks natural, making it easier to record professional looking video. Probably easiest with a larger iPad, but even with an iPhone it works well. Highly recommend getting comfortable with saving files to iCloud in advance, so you don’t scramble to figure it out before going live. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, CaptHarlock
Just a touch away from 5 stars...
The price isn’t expensive if you research other Teleprompter products out there especially if you are using a hardware Teleprompter with your camera like I do. Just in the past three weeks I filmed a PSA with a Broadway star and two host wrap-arounds for documentaries with this program and set-up. If you have an iPad and an iPhone already you are nearly ready to go depending on your tasks. I use a Glide Gear iPad TelePrompTer accessory. There are small problems with BlueTooth connectivity if you let the controller device goes to sleep or if the script entered is very long. Neither problem is a show stopper. Easy enough to split long scripts into separate scenes and easy enough to reboot the program if the controller device goes to sleep. I find it best to open Word docs in Pages on the iPad and then directly import in Teleprompter Premium, gets rid of weird Word formatting that can interfere with the program. I have already contacted the developer about these issues, so we should see what develops in the future.
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10 months ago, KJKoncert
I was about to give up….
Look no further! If you’re like me and you need a teleprompter solution that just works, Teleprompter Premium is IT! I was so tired of dealing with glitchy, temperamental, inconsistent other apps with all kinds of ‘in app purchases’ just to get the thing to work. For most, the free version gives you just about everything you’ll need to get going and the premium version upgrade is very affordable considering the feature set. There is even a free upgrade just for using the app! - I love that there is a one time buyout option to avoid costly subscriptions. Lastly, the option to use a video game controller is absolutely brilliant and necessary as you can control the speed and adapt to different speakers. So far this app has been rock solid and without any crashes or glitches! Great job Joe!!!
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2 years ago, David L. Adams
Works but lacks key features
I tried the premium version with subscription, but found it unusable for two reasons. First, While it is possible to change the font for the script as a whole, it is not possible to change the font for individual words. My work requires me to record scripts in multiple languages, some of which are not written in Roman typefaces. The inability to change typefaces on the word by word basis makes the software unusable for me. Another weakness that I found with it is that the editing interface is simply clumsy and not well designed. I was really hopeful that this would become my go-to teleprompter app, but I’m afraid that I found it unsuitable. If your work does not require that you change typefaces within a presentation, you can probably get accustomed to the clumsy the editing interface especially if you write your script someplace else and then import it. In that case this would be a very fine piece of software. So I hope that it will work for you, even if it does not work for me.
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5 months ago, Poly Phonik
Everything* you need, nothing you don’t
Downloaded this initially to use on a shoot of Clive Davis interviewing some legendary friends of his for a TV special. The previous TPT operator was fired because they couldn’t keep up with Davis’ edits-on-the-fly to the script. I found the app very intuitive and easy to use. And the client (Clive) was happy with the performance. *[Edit] Would love file management to be improved by the addition of playlists. As it is now, there is no “master” library. To create a “playlist,” you need to create a separate folder. A file/“script” cannot be placed in more than one folder at a time. Why would this be helpful? For use as a lyrics TPT for a function band or any event with a fluid lineup which would require switching scripts up quickly. If devs are reading this: check out ForScore, a music pdf reader/organizer which is the industry standard among pro musicians for a reason.
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3 years ago, Darths_Dad
The Best Available
I tried virtually all the teleprompter apps and I kept coming back to this one. Why? It just works. The ease in getting scripts loaded and being able to easily edit makes it perfect for field production. The number of options to control it is staggering. We use an XBox controller which kind of makes it “fun”, but there are so many other ways to run it remotely. No “follow your voice” gimmicks that sounds cool but rarely works with any level of confidence, and when you have talent and crew waiting you need it to work all the time, every time. I also liked the subscription options. I was able to try it for a week at a small price to see if it worked for us. It did so next time we use it we’ll spring for the annual license, it’s that good.
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4 years ago, JZSING
Pretty Good!
I began with the free version and upgraded quickly. Mostly, the one time upgrade price is what sold me. I haven’t had the app for long, but here’s a couple things I wish It had -when you are highlighting (only available on paid version) the color does not lock after selecting. Meaning, once you are done highlighting one section, you have to go through reselecting over and over again. It’s a pain when working with a longer script. -there’s no auto save when editing your script. The app crashed after I had been working for over an hour on a script, I lost everything I didn’t manually save. It seems to be a company that will upgrade these things (especially for paid members) as I’ve received a couple emails from the developer thanking for purchase and soliciting their other apps. Looking forward to see what gets added in future updates
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5 years ago, Manny Valencia
5-star for price vs performance
I bought Teleprompter Premium for a TV commercial shoot 2 days ago. I owned other TelePrompTer apps and software but this one I’m using in a new iPad and portable beam splitter. Here’s my outline comment; - This is very easy to use. I was up and running in just a few minutes. - I used the cut and paste with MS word that my client sent through email. - It also imports from Google Drive and iCloud. Others I haven’t tried yet. - Speed adjustment works well but I really like the timed scroll. - I used the horizontal reflection and used the script editing on the fly and it works flawless even mounted on the beam splitter. - The price vs performance is hard to beat. I own several software many times more expensive than this. This does the job well. - I haven’t tried scripts more than 30 sec especially long ones that may need markers - Remote control with an iPhone worked but I had a problem of disconnecting. It’s a Bluetooth connection. This feature will make this app more powerful if I could figure out what went wrong. Especially if I could have a total control of the iPad as client. Overall, I’m happy with the app. It’s very useful. It worked smoothly and I would recommend it.
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4 years ago, Terry GR
Perfect for my needs
This is my first foray into using a teleprompter, but I was very impressed with how intuitive this app is and how easy it was to start using immediately. I especially like that I can easily write my script in MS Word and quickly import it directly into the app. Further editing can then occur in the app itself if needed. I’m using this with an iPad along with a teleprompter device and camera, but it also can function with only a cell phone or tablet doing the scrolling and recording. As much as the app itself impressed me, the support was fantastic. I noticed a minor bug that appeared with this last major iOS update (14.0). Within a few days the app was updated and problem solved. I would definitely recommend this app (I purchased the premium version).
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3 years ago, Raquel Raquel Raquel
Tedious and frustrating
This is the workflow if you're using an iPad with an iPhone for a remote: You need to go into settings on the phone's app, then go into "nearby devices," then "host a session." Then put your phone down and go to the iPad. Dig into the iPad app's settings and join the session. But it doesn't join. You need to go back to the phone and confirm that you want to let the iPad join. Then you have to go back to the iPad and close the settings window. Then you go back to the phone and start playing the script, but it probably didn't actually load on the iPad, so you need to back out and try again now that the script's open. Then the script loads on the iPad. The big problem is that going back to the home screen on one of the devices immediately disconnects the session and you need to go through the whole process all over again EVERY TIME you want to change something in the script. Maybe you can tolerate it for a one-time project, but you're certainly not going to use it regularly. And the even bigger problem is that scrolling is only smooth on the hosting device, so you're going to need to make all your edits on the iPad you want to read from, and that might mean taking it out of the teleprompter frame every time. And importing from Google Drive doesn't seem to work. All my docs are grayed out. I have no idea how this app has more than two stars.
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3 years ago, rremjr
Great app & Best customer service ever!!
I got the free version a while back for a webinar I had to lead and it worked beautifully. I did not upgrade because of the pandemic. Being an artist, funds were low. Today I saw the offer for a free upgrade and I couldn’t make it work. I replied to the email with the offer and wasn’t expecting to get a response, especially on a holiday but to my surprise, I was emailed immediately. The instructions I was given did not work. After about 6 emails going back and forth I was able to get my free upgrade. Seriously, this is the best customer service I have ever experienced and the app works great. Very easy to navigate without tutorials and my webinar was a big success! Thanks for a great service!!
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6 years ago, Knotcrazy
Solved all my problems
This is my 5th Teleprompter app. All I need are the basics, a script I can follow and easy editing on the fly. Up till this one, using a teleprompter on my iPad has been one frustration on top of another. The biggest ouch has been trying to set a proper scroll speed to match my voice. The set speed made my videos difficult, monotonous and boring. I thought that would be solved by an app with voice control but that ended up worse than no control. This app solved everything. The controls and views via a second iOS device are great (I now have the camera person controlling the speed), the speed of response between devices is perfect, the ability to edit is good and I am one happy camper. Great job. I highly recommend this.
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1 year ago, Arturiux
Great customer service
I love this app until I had an issue making it work with a Bluetooth pedal for scrolling (The AirTurn BT-200) So out of frustration I cancelled my subscription and I got a courteous message from the developer asking for feedback and offering help. I explained my problem which he solved right away. Not only he solved my problem, he immediately added relevant instructions within the app specifically tailored to pedal users like me. I have extended my subscription one more year and expect to extended for many more years to come. Worth every penny. This app combined with the BT-200 is exactly what I needed. I am very happy with it and I know you will be too.
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7 years ago, Cantautor
Good app but not enough
I am a singer-songwriter and I bought this app because I need it for on stage performances. The remote control feature is "almost" good, because I can't really control the whole thing from an iPhone. What I can really do is to start/stop the scrolling and that's it. I can't open a new script remotely. What I mean by this is that an assistant should be able to remotely select a new song that opens on the iPhone and automatically opens on the iPad. The actual situation is that somebody has to approach the iPad, which is on the stage; select a new script and run away hiding from the audience. Not a good situation, is it? All that said, I spent the money on something I won't use completely, although I recognize that I will use it at home for videos. Please, consider this for your new upgrades. It would be great
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3 years ago, brogers718
Saved me in a pinch
When I found out last minute that I needed to handle a video shoot without a production company I went to a mad scramble to make sure I had everything I needed. One thing I never thought I’d be able to find in time was a teleprompter. Then I thought there has to be an app, there is an app for everything. Well, I was right. teleprompter was that app. It saved my neck and the shoot went perfectly, the talent loved the app so much I think I convinced them to download it themselves. From full editing capabilities to font size adjustment and full scrolling speed control this app really is an all in one teleprompter that does everything a real teleprompter would. I highly recommend.
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4 years ago, +Horns69+
Perfect for Church Service Video
Teleprompter Premium really is the teleprompter software for which I have been searching. The iOS software that “came” with my actual teleprompter had a difficult user interface and poorly translated instructions. Plus, you could not just import a script (or sermon) without having to copy and paste. Teleprompter Premium solved those issues. I can easily import files and I was able to turn my iPhone into a remote in less than a minute. I had an easy time following the directions. I think users will be pleasantly surprised with the simple set-up and seamless operation. I am highly recommending Teleprompter Premium.
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5 years ago, Appletrk
Exactly what I needed
Teleprompter Premium is a well designed application with an impressive array of features that provide all the functionality I was looking for. My primary use is for presenting songs to help me practice on my guitar. I was pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail demonstrated by Teleprompter Premium. For example, once I had the timing calculated I made a note of the speed only to find out that the speed was automatically saved with the file when I filed it. It supports a full arrary of fonts, including monospaced fonts which is crucial for chord placements over the appropriate song phrase. Teleprompter Premium supports my bluetooth keyboard allowing me to make adjustments and still have the tablet at a proper distance. The user interface is superb, with everything you'd expect and nothing you wouldn't. All in all this is the best teleprompting software I've used and cannot think of any features I'd like to have that aren't already there. Oh, and technical support is top-notch. I had a minor issue with my Dropbox setup and had the solution just hours after my report.
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4 years ago, Tiff3210
As described
I wrote my script on pages on my Mac, then airdropped to my iPad and had trouble bringing it into this app. In all fairness I’m not 100% sure, it was a problem with the app or a bug in apple’s software. Anyway I solved it, by emailing the script to myself as a pdf, saving it to files and then bringing it in, which worked flawlessly. (I think it had issues with importing from pages, so just do pdf) I bought this for one time use, but it’s good to have for the future, if ever needed. Besides for my minor issue, I have to say that app works fluidly, and has a great UX. I got done what I needed done, using it with a teleprompter to shoot a video. Also the developer seems great! So happy to support his business.
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3 years ago, Missterius1
What’s not to love!
I just got this recently and haven’t used it much but I’d be happy to share my experience so far. I hated recording my podcast because if I used my computer to read the script online,I had to keep scrolling down and then I’d over scroll and lose my place. EDIT! If I’d use a paper script the page turning came through the microphone and you guessed it EDIT. Now all I have to do is read, the program advances at adjustable speeds. Your program saved my marriage because guess whose job it was to do all those edits? That’s right, poor hubby. Thank you from both of us for creating this awesome program.
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4 years ago, SqueekPhoto
Supported file formats suggestion
Importing from google drive is great, but you don’t support their file formats... which is a pain point for me. I made the switch to drive years ago to get away from stale documents and multiple files with edits and versions to track and store... but I am forced to reintroduce that into my workflow because you don’t allow for importing of google docs. I think this would be a huge improvement and asset for your professional users! Also, support for team drive uploads would be an amazing addition as well. Drive is all about live collaboration, and team drives are where documents are stored for easy team access to living those living collaborative documents... like scripts for teleprompters. 😉
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7 years ago, GT500KRGirl
Got the app installed!!! Can't wait to use it
Made a mistake myself trying to get the license key! I originally gave this one star because I thought it was not issuing me the license key. However on the sixth try I noticed instead of asking for my email address and wanting me to set up a password, (as almost any app or program wants to issue a key ) it wanted my name and my email address only LOL. So I was trying to put in my email and then create a user password, once again my mistake. The developer got right back to me to assure me they would fix the problem immediately but this was on me. sorry for the bad review previously. And A+ for the developer or tech-support
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7 years ago, zzmoviecom
Wanted to love this though confusion w use
The app itself is ok. But the in app purchases, especially when wishing to buy the video promoter tho getting something else was madness. Even more maddening when trying to tell this to the creator via email who instead of listening to feedback he just never would see the in app purchasing is confusing and problematic. Buying the other TelePrompTer video instead based on poor customer service alone. (Folks the response from the developer below is simply a lie. He never once offered me a refund. He said u can try apple though no promises. I have an email exchange of at least 4 deep that will show his lack of compassion for the confusion his app and his exchange created. I am putting together a screen cap if this exchange to show the developer is simply not telling the truth with the way this played out. I will post this link here for all to see)
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4 years ago, JGT37z
Simply Perfect in its simple perfection
UPDATE! I wish I could give this guy TEN stars. I ran into a problem with the app that was totally a user (me) error and Joe patiently and kindly walked me to the resolution (simply doing an update). Professional and immediate assistance. And the app is still awesome too. Thanks again Joe. This app is precisely what I needed. I wanted something that was robust and easy to use. I don't want to spend precious time wrestling with configuring an overly complex app. I just set it up, load a script and it works. Speaking of loading scripts, it couldn't be easier. The app connects to your iOS folder so all you have to do is use iCloud to upload the documents. Nice job Joe.
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2 years ago, BagOne#9
Non existent customer service 30 scripts disappeared
I was making an edit on one of my script like I often do. When I exited the edit and returned to my scripts appropriately 30 scripts had vanished. My content was gone. Replacing the text was a single word (null). I called Joe Allen in England and spoke to Joe. Joe said he’d look into it. I wouldn’t know if he looked into it because I never heard from him again. I sent emails and left many voice messages when I called him multiple times in England from the states. I use this app professionally it is where I store my songs and now they’re gone with no support from Joe Allen. It’s a great app until something goes wrong and then it’s not so great anymore. Mr. Joe Allen does not stand behind his product I’m going back to the Setlists app. I’ve been waiting months. Call me anytime Joe you’ve got my number. Regards, David
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5 years ago, Harpo the racer
Fast support response
I bought the app and use it with an iPad. Had some questions about how to make some features work and had a response within an hour. Very impressed with the response time! I connected a Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad and was easily able to control the scrolling of the text on the iPad. Was also given instructions on how to view the iPad from another device using QuickTime. Didn’t know I could even do that! Just need to figure out how to view the non-reversed display when using it with a reversed display while another person is operating and scrolling the text for someone on camera.
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7 years ago, High school journalism class
Customer service
Don't let the price of the app scare you away. It is worth every penny just for the customer service. We began using the app in my high school broadcast journalism class about 6 months ago and on several occasions have had a question/ needed help in the middle of class. We send an email and within ONE MINUTE we receive a reply. This is especially helpful when you are in the middle of class and need a quick reply. The app works great and the students are able to feel like the professionals with their own "TelePrompTer." We just got an iPad but used a cell phone for the first semester and it worked fine.
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2 years ago, SoSerious71
Oh NOOOOO / It’s Broken
this is a case where a perfectly good app has now become glitchy w/ IOS update I have an ipad pro w/ a magic keyboard and now when I type in the editor, the app keeps scrolling down at every keystroke... This has made this app UNUSABLE for me now.... AND THIS BY FAR WAS MY FAVORITE TELEPROMPTER APPLICATION Please please pretty please write an update for this glitch Thanks so much Also as far as performance, There is a long lag time when I open a script or start a new one … It takes like 15 seconds to open or create scripts…. None of this used to happen… I don’t know what’s going on..
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2 years ago, Some fella 101
Perfect for Making Videos Faster
I fought getting a Teleprompter because I thought it would make me sound robotic. The settings in this app allow you to adjust the scroll speed so that it runs at a pace that allows me to read and still speak organically. It’s slow enough that I can read but still speak with more inflection and performance into the camera. I have time to riff and improv a bit off my scripts. It’s also quick to scroll back up and redo a section of script. Highly recommend to speed up video production.
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2 years ago, iwannaB4
I love Teleprompter and the Developer. The app gives me the ability to work seamlessly on any device when I don't have access to my computer. I never feel as if I look like I am tied to a script because everything is so adjustable it can be positioned wherever l need to look. The transparency mode is the greatest for virtual presentations. The Developer is responsive when you need assistance with something that may not have already been addressed via a help video. If you’re looking for an excellent professional tool look no further!
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2 years ago, jbellrmr
Fantastic prompter
Loaded on my iPad mini, we use this prompter for 5-15 minute scripts to record Bible teaching sessions for our kids ministry. Adjusting text font, size and color is super easy and after setting to proper scroll speed based on our content, we have a blast acting out our teaching moments, all recorded on a tripod mounted phone and tablet. Super simple “recording studio” equipment that we set up indoors or outdoors. I’ve even built my own mount for phone and mini iPad for my selfie stick and can do active videos. Teleprompter Pro is just the best!
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7 years ago, DJgotaclue
After reading all these glowing reviews, I thought this was the perfect App for me. However, I felt like I do when I’m sitting in a taxi trying to turn off the little TV screens that you keep tapping and nothing happens. Took forever to import my script. Then I kept tapping it and it wouldn’t open, just freezes. A few times the App just closed. I’m glad I’ve tried this out weeks before my performance because I will NEVER trust this on stage in front of a full theater of people. It’s not professional. One last note: The advert leads you to believe the highlights and italics you took the time to insert in your original document will appear on the document you import. It does not. So if you were depending on seeing those things you did for your cues …you won’t
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7 years ago, mjkobb
Poor support, some stupid omissions
I bought this app to use when recording a video presentation. I intended to use it on the iPad, with the iPhone as the controller. Found a number of issues. First, I had to keep repeating the Bluetooth connection. Any time I left the iPhone app, or if I changed to one of the other script files for the different parts of my presentation, I had to reconnect. I tried using a Bluetooth keyboard instead, but there appears to be no way to skip back to the top of the script with the keyboard. If you flub a take and need to go again, well, it's irritating to say the least. To use the phone as a controller, you have to have the same scripts on both apps. But you can't just send from one to the other. You have to put them somewhere like Dropbox and manually download to both devices. Both copies of the app interrupted my high-pressure efforts to get my presentation done by putting up a screen asking me to rate the app. There was no option to "rate later" or skip the rating. Needless to say, this did not earn a positive rating. Finally, I used the support website to send questions to the developer, and I have had no response in over a week.
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3 years ago, sallys72
Great app
It's a great app. I like how easy it is to get the scripts from my computer to the app. I like how I can control the speed of the text. I like that I can make the font tiny and put it on my phone on my little promoter and still see it clearly. I can make the font the perfect size for my vlog setup. Since I'm very close to my camera, it's important to have the text narrow so that it's right over the lens, or it will look like I'm reading. This app has been perfect. I have tried this with two different small dslr telepromters and it works great! No regrets. I recommend it.
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5 years ago, JustinRigby
iPhone remote does not work
This app works great as a teleprompter and has many great features, but trying to use the iPhone as a Bluetooth remote for an iPad running a script does not function like a remote. It will mirror what is on the iPad, but you cannot play, pause, or change the speed of the text, which is the reason to use it as a remote. I put in a service ticket and emailed the developer with no response in over a week. I even contacted the App Store about this and was denied a refund. Hopefully, this is fixed in an update because it was incredibly inconvenient to have to play and pause the script on the iPad itself that was rigged to our camera during a recent shoot.
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4 months ago, CCYMAHA
Love it! Well designed and simple to use!
I give many talks in a public forum. Eye contact is so very important when reading the audience. Teleprompter is such a great tool for allowing this. I use it on my IPad to display my talk. I can control the speed of the material I’m covering and can easily pause and continue when situations require it. I’m so very pleased with the time counters it provides. It helps me to see the overall anticipated length of the talk at the selected speed of delivery. It is a dream tool for anyone giving talks/presentations.
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5 years ago, Denverdant
Just What I Needed
I am tremendously impressed with this app. I had not used a teleprompter before, and I needed one on short notice to record a short video for presentation at a conference in South Africa. This app was amazingly easy to use and had all of the features I wanted. I was particularly impressed that the app allowed me to shoot my video directly from the app, while the teleprompter was operating. I was also impressed by the fact that I could set the desired speed at which I wanted to complete my presentation. The price for these features was extremely reasonable.
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6 years ago, Digitaldescartes
Good, but not ready for Pro use
The app has a decent editor and scrolls text with the various necessary controls. What I really wanted, though, was proper remote control. With the iOS app on an iPhone, you first have to load the same script on both apps. It’s easy... but why can’t the scripts just sync? Worse, the text my talent sees on the iPad is NOT the same text that I see on my iPhone (!!!). In fact, it even be gets completely out of sync where I see one thing, the reader sees another. So I’d have to sit not behind my camera, but where I can read the teleprompter. And if I then try to scroll the iPad using my phone, it jumps to where my phone is, so I can’t make those subtle and smooth pushes and pulls that a good prompter operator would do. It makes zero sense whatsoever. Also, while you can change background colors, it doesn’t appear you can change text color. I prefer green type... but my choice is white. So, it’s a decent app, and might get there in future versions. But this isn’t yet an app suited for professional use.
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5 years ago, OnlineHistoryProf
The BEST TelePrompTer App
TelePrompTer Premium is the best teleprompter app sold in the App Store. Having downloaded several other apps before finding this TelePrompTer Premium I was disappointed with the competitors’ design and capabilities. As an online professor who records video lectures, TelePrompTer Premium provided the tools I needed to record professional lectures to provide my students with quality content. Excellent product, very fairly priced, and easy to use. I would to commend to anyone, whether an online professor like myself or a social media personality/ YouTuber. You will not regret buying this app!!
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1 year ago, Lucyferina AV
Great teleprompter app!
Simple to use and has all the features you might need such as mirror mode and enlarge or shrink the reading area. You can also set a timer and start talking right after. The text speed can also be changed to adapt to your reading speed and you can control the text movement with a Bluetooth device such as an iPad keyboard ( on the paid version). You can import your script from a document as well. I highly recommend it over other teleprompter apps!
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4 years ago, NYCSusan
Made Me Look & Sound Good
I was asked to give a six-minute, prerecorded graduation speech. No matter how long I practiced, I wasn’t happy with it. In some takes, I looked down too much. In others, I looked fake. Everything changed when I downloaded this app. I was able to read and record my speech without looking like I was reading. The app was easy to use. I typed in my speech, hit the start button, and read my speech. Controlling the speed was super easy. I loved the final product and so did the school.
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4 years ago, Tony Abs
Perfect app at the perfect time!
I am not much for app reviews, so the idea that I am writing one says about my feelings towards it. We needed to film someone giving a speech to be presented at function, which involved a very specific script, to be followed. This app not only gives many visual options, but with the premium version, lets you remotely control the flow of the prompter, from another device. This came in VERY handy, as I was the only one allowed in the room. This made being behind the camera super important, while still needing to be responsible for guiding the words across the screen. There are many other features to this app, which I have probably yet to discover. However, if they are as useful as the features I have already found, then this app is 100% worth it in my opinion, regardless of anything else I may be missing. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!! Thank you.
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3 months ago, Rivermaker
Exactly what I needed for my online course!
I teach an online course and have a LOT of notes that I must constantly refer to. I had been worried about looking down too much and breaking my connection with my students. Teleprompter Pro was very intuitive and easy to to use! It was exactly what I needed: a see-through window with my notes scrolling over my zoom window so that I never had to look down. I haven’t loved an app this much in a long time.
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6 years ago, Modomofo
Best i have tried by far
So I am a video producer and have been using an iPad Teleprompter set up for quite a long time. I have used quite a few different Teleprompter apps and this one is the best by far with the most features and is just far over and above the others that I've tried. I also really appreciate that this developer didn't charge for a new app for correcting the bugs. There is another Teleprompter app that I use for a few years that had a bunch of flies and when they finally corrected those flies they charged double the original price just to have a working app. Why would I ever trust him again if they charge to fix what was already broken? For this app it works miles above everything else and I appreciate that they took the time and effort to fix the small flies that it did have and not do an up charge for those fixes.
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2 years ago, L. Stein
Just seems to work perfectly
Any ideas I’ve had about how I wish this app would work… it basically already does (I just have to update in settings). I’m using on iPhone screen, iPad screen, and via Airplay to a cheap Roku stick that’s plugged into my promoter monitor. I especially appreciate how the airplay out is implemented, with the controls showed on the iOS screen but a nice, clean output on the external display. Kudos! Small suggestions (may be available in settings I haven’t found): - Ability to show elapsed clock OR remaining clock, not just both or neither - Ability to easily reset elapsed clock or (better yet) have it start counting when scrolling starts from the top rather than when the script is opened - Ability to set AirPlay output to Landscape rotation even if I’m holding my phone in Portrait
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5 years ago, Media Maven
The best app purchase you will make
If you need an IOS teleprompter app, this is it! I bought this for a last minute production that needed a Teleprompter software solution. I was amazed at how well everything worked- Teleprompter Premium did everything it said it could. I was able to download scripts from the Dropbox folder I shared with my client, effortlessly control the iPad app with my iPhone, and quickly set up the iPad mirroring. It is so rare to find a developer that makes this solid a product. Kudos to the developer!
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3 years ago, WillCMe
Blackout glitch
Hooked it up via HDMI from my iPad to my 42in Samsung TV. It worked for a split second then switched to a black screen with teleprompter premium font telling me to load the script. After I did that, the app showed nothing and went to a full black screen. I turned off the power to my iPad & reloaded it to see if that would help and it did the same thing. I’ve used this before on script readings and it worked fine, which is why I’m giving it 3-stars instead of one, however this is the 1st time I’ve used it with my TV. Has this happen to anyone else?
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3 years ago, Oh That One Guy
Great app…
The app is easy to use, easy to customize for a given script I want to read, and can even be arranged like an actual teleprompter. I’m not a big fan of the subscription model, but there is a one-time purchase option. Being able to quickly adjust the reading rate, or importing text from other apps is a huge time saver. I’ll be using this a lot, and I like the option to have a remote to control for when I’m recording video. I look forward to getting a lot of use from this.
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