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Teleprompter Apps Ltd
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6 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teleprompter

4.82 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
7 years ago, kellyhedger
I used this for a class presentation, and got a 100! This is the way the pros do it (news people), so why not college students, too. I was very pleased with the app. I could set the speed to the amount of time I was supposed to speak, to ensure I didn't go over or under and lose points. Also, it helped with slowing down the nervous talking in front of an audience. It was a great experience and I only wish I'd known about it in my freshman year - could've saved a lot of stress and anxiety over trying to memorize speeches! I'm recommending it to everyone in college. It's free, so there's no risk; just practice at home first! I'm going to upgrade though, because I had to have a friend hit play for me from the audience. Next time, I'd like to control it remotely, so with the premium version I can do that with my iPhone.
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3 years ago, 2707437786
Amazing app! Thank goodness it exists!
I’m only using the teleprompter few times a year for some projects but when I need it, I REALLY need it. I used to use this app called Parrot (it used to be OK but something changed with on of the updates), so it became unusable and buggy, I didn’t know what to do. And then I saw and downloaded THIS app. It saved me. Thank you. What an easy to use, clear, professional looking, and neat app this is. You can edit, change font, do the mirror view, have a remote, etc. And the developer has a friendly email system set up, so you get an email right away that encourages you to ask questions and send suggestions if you have any. Man, this is what I call a great work. Wonderful app, great presentation, and wonderful service.
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2 months ago, JustSweetEnough
I love love love my teleprompter! Not sure why it took me so long to get it. Memorizing my lines and getting frustrated with myself for going all the way through, only to mess up at the end of reciting several paragraphs. Ugh! I used the teleprompter last week for the first time and was able to finish up four short commercials in less than 20 minutes!! I recommend this for anyone who is taping several shows on camera who have witnessed burn-out toward the end of the day. The teleprompter is such a huge help to cut your taping time in half. Less "do-overs", less time having your Director yell whatever your topic is "Take 10!", and no more feeling badly because you're holding up progress. The teleprompter is a lifesaver!!
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6 years ago, fishmouth500
Awesome. Simple. No frills- and no tricks
I needed to get some talking head, and wasn’t very thrilled about the experience because it had to be my talking head. Screwed the Handicam onto the tripod, taped the iPad with TelePrompTer Lite running, below it and done. Spent a few minutes ahead of time tweaking the text, (learned I don’t talk how I write) - and practicing it, I found I needed to adjust the speed in TelePrompTer Lite - very easy. Then because I needed 10 seconds between turning the camera on, walking out in front of it, standing on the mark I put on the floor, and trying to keep a straight face, I just hit returns ahead of the text so it created a delay. That was good because you get a few seconds composure time and with practice you’re actually letting the text scroll up until you’re ready. TelePrompTer Lite helped me get out of the Discomfort zone, and I’m feeling OK about having to do it again. I tried a couple of other Free TelePrompTer Apps before TelePrompTer Lite but got bogged down in not being to store separate short scripts without upgrading. Can beat simple& straightforward when only half of you wants to get out of your comfort zone in the first place!!
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7 years ago, Sharpstone Guy
Definitely a handy app!
I am a retired college administrator and will be using the App as a tool during a few speeches coming down the pike. What a handy app so I don't have to swipe my iPad screen while speaking!!! Practice runs proved to me that I wished I'd picked this up sooner. I also wanted to let the developer know that the follow up thank you once I downloaded the app was a nice touch. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I've never seen this before and I salute you for your professionalism AND of course, for the ingenious tool that you've created. Be proud that you understand that customer service counts. Perhaps this extra step may have not impressed others but it sent a message to me that you're on top of your game!
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4 years ago, iw2sasys
Love this App!
This App worked exactly as I had hoped. The app is so easy to navigate and top features include ease in loading content to the app. I appreciated that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time figuring how to get the script loaded. I also appreciated the ability to control the scrolling speed. The editing feature was also stellar. I made multiple edits to the content for flow right from the app and it was intuitive and easy to navigate. I also loved the ability to quickly advance back to the start-I did this numerous times as I practiced my script and it was grateful for this feature. This is the first teleprompter app I’ve used and it was so good, I have no interest in looking at others.
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1 year ago, GentleGiantEd
Excellent Replaced SmartPrompter
Today I opened SmartPrompter and low and behold they made significant changes…all leaning towards a subscription. Most importantly I could NOT figure out how to make it work. Even the online help files didn’t make it really simple for me to figure it out. Well my needs are very basic. Just scroll and make it easy to mirror. I had remembered downloading Teleprompter on my desktop so thought what the heck maybe they have it for iPad. Within minutes I was running again. No directions needed. These guys understand. My loyalty has switched. Look forward to using this in the future for all my tele needs.
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2 years ago, Interglactic Explorer
Basic features for free
I was looking for something to automatically scroll as I practiced singing a song to sing for a worship service. This free app allows you to control the rate of scroll and options to allow manual dragging your script up or down. It allows you to control the borders and size of the text area. It also has option to allow you to pause/resume the script by tapping your finger anywhere on the screen. It has other features to record a video that I haven’t fully explored yet. For a free app, I am very impressed that it had all the basic features that I needed and a good user interface.
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3 weeks ago, Knelson27
Great Teleprompter
Ive worked in the video production field for over twenty years and have worked with many teleprompter systems. When I recently needed to help my daughter shoot a video, I needed a teleprompter that would work with devices I had on hand and didnt require specialized gear. I simply downloaded the app to my iPad Mini and off we went. The app was very intuitive and easy to use. I copied and pasted the script and operation was great. I was very impressed with the capability and features of this app. I want to shoot more videos just so I can use Teleprompter more often. I highly recommend this app to anyone in need of a teleprompter.
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4 years ago, National Exchange Club
Essential Speaking Tool for Today’s Virtual World
I have an upcoming Convention in which I will be leading. I performed a Dry Run last weekend where I had to read my notes as I have yet to memorize. After the meeting, I knew there had to be something better. I was able to find this wonderful app. The ability to speak directly to the camera without looking down to read notes and also control the cadence makes this a very valuable app for professionals who speak in today’s virtual environment. This tool is extremely well-designed and thought out, as it is so easy to use. I look forward to sharing this app.
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1 year ago, Jamesof99
Great app and features!
I like this app, it has a lot of free features that are valuable to making a good speech while looking at the camera. The text actually scroll on the left side so that you can keep your eye on the camera. It has cueing which helps you read to pace and keep you on the same line so your eyes don’t wander. It’s great for iPad and iPhone. It’s just user friendly. I also had a question about use of the app an customer serviced gave me an answer in less than 24 hrs. Great app, great service, and I haven’t had or seen any glitches yet!
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2 years ago, Rrumfelt
After 10 minutes this is already my favorite app!
As a professional trainer, I create and deliver a lot of content. Most of that is live but I also do a lot of video. Until Teleprompter, I had to printer dozens of pages of script and either have someone manually change the pages as I read them, or tape them behind the camera … which obviously didn’t work well for long scripts. Now with Teleprompter, those methods are ancient history! As someone that has worked in commercial TV in the past and used the same technology there, I love, love, love it!!!
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4 months ago, TomSeaG
Top of the line Teleprompter app
Review: Teleprompter app (free) is a feature enriched app that is used daily for social media videos. I highly recommend this app to everyone. Teleprompter Premium offers a user-friendly interface and robust features for creating and controlling scripts on the go. Its customizable settings allow for easy adjustments of text size, speed, and scrolling direction. However, occasional glitches in syncing between devices and limited font options are minor drawbacks. Overall, it’s a reliable tool for professionals and amateurs alike.
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3 years ago, Jake rock10923109
Better than I Imagiend
I had an opportunity for a scholarship, but it required a video. Great. I’m not the best at speaking, especially when I know someone is going to be reviewing what I’m saying and how I say it… So I decided I would search for an app that I could read off of while videoing and, believe it or not, I downloaded Teleprompter. I didn’t know what to expect, but Teleprompter surprised me and actually was perfect, and just what I needed. The adjustable speed of the words and the ability to actually video was essential for the scholarship video. Glad for Teleprompter!
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3 years ago, karmakarla1188
LOVE THIS APP ❤️- it was a Life Saver!
I was so lucky to stumble across this rare find. I saw it had the most reviews, really high reviews & was FREE so I was like ok let me try this. I had a video interview to submit and Teleprompter honestly saved the day. I had to answer all these questions using a video app with limited editing features so I wanted to be able to just read my interview off as a script. Teleprompter was so easy and fun to use! It was a flawless experience. It also helped me to ACE my video interview submission. Thanks again to Teleprompter for providing this great service! 👍
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7 years ago, Edzlinx
Lite version is perfect
I'm just have occasional need for a teleprompter, and the lite version meets my needs perfectly. I really don't get what's with the negative reviews because for me on my iPad Pro it works exactly right every time without fail. I especially like the ease of text editing without having to go to another app, I love the fine degree of easy control over scrolling speed, and I really appreciate that I can keep multiple scripts listed in the app. Sure, the developer wants people to buy the premium version, but personally I can't see the need for it.
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3 years ago, HRNinGermany
Speak like a pro
I have produced television programs in the past. Any TV presenter will tell you that to sound and look convincing, there is nothing like reading from a teleprompter. There are times when speaking off the cuff is best, but for delivering an important message with the right words in the shortest time, a script is vital. And since eye contact is critical on video, there is nothing like reading from this Teleprompter app. It is very easy to use and totally reliable. Give the highly functional unlimited-time free version a try.
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3 years ago, hayden jv
Super easy to use
Over all, this is a fantastic app, and it has made my life so much easier for recording a video with a script, it took me a minute to get the speed right, but everyone is different, I really like that you can scroll manually as well, one thing I would like to see in the app though is a go to the top button so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top, but that’s only a minor inconvenience in the app. (Update): oh and did I mention the fantastic support!
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5 years ago, old Linux user
Great App
This a app is great, not just for use as an actual teleprompter, but also for any quick notes that you might want to to read hands-free. The paid version has a few extra features, but the free version is fully functional for most uses. It syncs beautifully across different iPhones and iPads, but once a script is loaded into a device you don't need any internet connection to use or edit the script (although of course the changes won't sync till you're connected again).
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2 years ago, FernSusi
Incredibly useful!
I have worked on television, and this is as close as it gets to a professional teleprompter. It works the same way, and is incredibly user-friendly. You can speed-up or slow-down the text to adapt it to your speaking speed. You can make it larger, smaller, import the text from a file, and other amazing options. Also, it allows you to move the text up or down. What an incredible app!! Very happy indeed!!! 😊
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2 years ago, plgf
Excellent App!
I installed this app to help me record some music videos - so I can read the lyrics without having to use printed material or other devices. I love the fact that I can use this with a clicker or page turner - I haven’t tested it yet, but it seems like the app offers a lot of different features, and options to configure scrolling, text formatting, etc. I am excited to use it. For now I don’t need the paid version, but who knows if I’ll need it later on.
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3 years ago, kmikemoo
Excellent! Very Intuitive
I really like this app and I use it for almost all of my videos now. I’m confident that it has more features that I haven’t tried - because it already does what it’s supposed to do. I got so tired of re-recording stuff because I was relying on memory or because you could clearly tell that I was reading something off screen. Teleprompter allows me to look at the camera and speak - like I would in normal conversation. It’s awesome. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Csalil
Easy to use
I used a teleprompter for the first time and was very easy to use. 2 features I liked are the ability to control the scroll speed easily and ability to edit easily as one practices. A minor ask is if a feature can be added like controlling start, pause, speed from a remote device like phone in case the device used as a teleprompter (iPad in my case) is awkward to reach during a zoom/webex/teams speech.
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5 months ago, SW Satisfied
Video Teleprompter is easy to use
I am relatively new to teleprompters. I have one in my PC but the camera is nowhere near the one in my IPhone. This app is easy to use. I was able to change the font size and speed to make it match my normal speech cadence. Since the speed in infinitely adjustable, I can speed up just a little to be able to meet the time requirements for posting a reel or video. It is also nice to be able to change the text color to be easier to read with various backgrounds.
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4 years ago, IS-1
Great new app
Just starting out creating short videos, but was having trouble following my script and having acceptable eye contact. When I tried this app ... it solved so many for my problems. I am still fine tuning, but the quality of the videos has improved greatly. I so like that I can adjust the Teleprompter to the desired speed and sound and look more like a pro. If I continue to create these videos after the pandemic ends I will look to the more advanced versions. ONE OF THE VERY BEST APPS THAT I HAVEDOWNLOADED!
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4 months ago, Figarogarcia
This App made my life easier!
"The teleprompter app is truly exceptional, providing a seamless experience that significantly speeds up my work process. Its intuitive interface and customizable features allow me to effortlessly navigate through scripts, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery. With this app, I've been able to complete tasks in record time, making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to enhance their productivity."
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2 years ago, Collage pic's
Best App of making my life EASIER
Oh my gosh it’s a breath of fresh air you can’t believe how easy it is literally you write your script and you press record and it just gives you the all that you need to say in a perfect way and you can go slow you can go fast you can make it perfectly in tune to who you are and how you speak and whatever you’re recording about yourself you don’t even see it it’s just brilliant
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6 years ago, CaseyCoool
Rock solid. Pro quality. Reliable.
Just used it to perform a radio play with live orchestra. I tested everything else out there and this was head and shoulders above the rest. Easy to paste text (script) in. Easy to edit. Great range of scroll pacing. I registered the cloud sync (free) so I could sync the script across devices and test the size of iPad that was best for the job. Painless. Also, the Start and Pause actions, the fingertip drag to scroll action, jump to top action all were intuitive and smooth. Great app!
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5 months ago, Hamrdul
Life Saver
I was about to start my music class when suddenly I couldn’t remember the lyrics of a song I’d known for years. I downloaded and mounted this app and in five minutes I had a teleprompter for my lyrics which was easy to read and control. The speed setting was intuitive and helpful. Problem solved. I will look forward to the continued use of this app to help my forgetful old mind in the future.
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6 years ago, Mister Lee
Best free teleprompter app
Well, this is my second teleprompter app I tried and this one is much more intuitive so easier to just get started without. Features I like (compared to other lite/free app): Easy to create a new script. Easier UI to touch/place cursor for editing. Saving is much easier/quicker because when you click “Save”, the Save As... window pops up. I’ve only tried 2 different apps but this one does exactly what I need it to do. I have a bluetooth keyboard and an iPad and it’s great - so I have no need to search around for any more.
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3 years ago, Mike.Co
Impressive- just what I was looking for
This app is perfect for filming. I have used it for virtual presentations, appointments, and meetings. The ability to record oneself and speed up/ slow down the scrolling is fantastic! I was able to sound natural while maintaining an even cadence. Great job all around. One feature suggestion I’d like to offer is to add Apple Watch capabilities/app and/or utilize the Bluetooth functionality as a remote via Apple Watch (to start ,stop, rewind etc.)
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6 years ago, RobynJoy76
Lyric notes
This is a pretty rad app and I am using the free version! I use this on my iPad mini on a small music stand that attaches to my mic stand. I have memory issues and even though I write my lyrics I often can’t remember a song all the way through. I also get to make notes on song dynamics that I can refer to as I am practicing or performing. I can choose from basic font styles, sizes and functions and the words can stay static and be manually scrolled or I can set the pace for it to auto-scroll. It’s exactly what I needed!
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7 years ago, Birkmanisback
Incredibly Easy To Use!
I am so pleasantly surprised at how well this app works. It's easy, works as promised, and is up and running in minutes. I am able to make script changes on the fly as we are working on set, as well as adjust timing to my speakers comfort level in real time. This is so perfect as I always know where we will stand within our timeline. If you are looking for a TelePrompTer that works well and sets up with quickly - you found it here!
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7 years ago, Royce2152
Saved me from A LOT of Frustration
I had to deliver a video presentation and I could not memorize the script. I was frustrated beyond belief. I couldn't figure out how to deliver the presentation without all the annoying hmmm and ahhs...and pauses. I didn't even know this app existed and found it by accident and voila! life was simplified immeasurably. I did my presentation, it was flawless thanks to the app and I passed my class and earned my MBA....whoo hoo....thanks Teleprompter Lite.....awesome app....easy to use and customer support was great.
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1 year ago, Alsvideo
Best in class
I tried a few of the other apps but none can compare to the intuitive interface of Teleprompter Premium. I use the web interface connecting my iPhone to the iPad by hotspot and the control is extremely smooth. You could learn this app in 2 minutes. I do wish they add color text in an upcoming update. This app is hard to beat in both price and design.
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2 years ago, Pumasalad
Just what I needed!
I had to officiate a wedding last week and this app was perfect for helping me through it. It was easy to set up, easy to understand, and easy to run in front of forty guests. The adjustable pacing and the cue marker kept me speaking at a reasonable pace, and helped make me look comfortable in a public speaking environment. And best of all, it was free for what I needed it for. I will definitely keep it around and use it in the future.
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7 years ago, Cmcmahan
Wonderful App
This app is perfect for my needs. Scripts can be copied pasted into the screen from oother apps for students to read. Being able to enlarge the text is great. I also like the ability to adjust the speed of the scroll. We have been using this app with students as they make videos and it it perfect. We are able to copy the script in insert it into our video editing software to create captions for the film. I'm so gad I found this app.
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2 years ago, ART_TIME
Art Time
I have and ART channel and I love to draw but sometimes it’s a little difficult to remember everything you wanna say over and over again and so having this teleprompter really helps me out a lot it’s like … what can I say this is the best thing that anybody could ever have it’s awesome it’s great and it makes your life a lot easier when it comes to recording so you guys get it …. Oh yeah did I mention ITS FREEEEEE.
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4 years ago, CarolinaMama86
My Favorite New App!
I was struggling to give an introduction for a taped book reading. I knew in my head what I wanted to say, but I inevitably flubbed a line and had to start over. I was thrilled to find this teleprompter app. It is so easy to use! I typed in everything I wanted to say and adjusted the speed of the teleprompter to what worked best for me. I have already recommended it to a fellow teacher. This app will help me so much as I create videos for virtual learning.
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3 months ago, ElectricSoulStudios
Download This App
This is hands down the best iOS teleprompter app. Feature-rich and packed with everything that low or no budget productions need to express their creativity. And on top of all that, it’s completely free. The other teleprompter apps can’t compete. If you use this app, leave them a great review. Spread the good will because they are the *only* teleprompter developer doing right by their users.
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3 years ago, Vanessa05555555555
This is a great app that I like since being able to record a video and see the text no matter how long it is based on the free version of this without having to pay for premium like other apps that are teleprompters do hopefully this way of being free version, based on unlimited text and time stays like this and doesn’t change! 🤞🏼
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5 years ago, Write Time of Day
Easy, functional. Download and go.
I’ve used several TelePrompTer apps and traditional teleprompters and this seems to be one of the simplest to use. Even without any in-app purchases you can instantly use the app positioned perfectly next to the smartphone camera lens. Practice a couple of times looking into the lens and reading and soon no one will know you are reading. Upgrade for all the components at a reasonable cost. Try it!
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1 year ago, XRProud
So Simple, Fast Setup!
I’m age 70, media folks said they were coming to record my first YouTube:Instagram, so just downloaded app, imported Word file with my spiel, adjusted scroll speed, could edit in app, auto save, all done without any trouble. Not sure I’ll need the other features of the app, but I’m grateful for how intuitive and smooth this was, right from the beginning.
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7 months ago, Walker Wagner
Wow! Teleprompter was SO helpful perfecting the timing on my video
I was doing audio over a video I created and I was able to adjust the speed to ensure I wasn’t speaking too fast and also to match with particular images throughout my video. I plan to use this app for many videos where the end product will look like I’ve memorized a script. This is a GREAT app!
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3 years ago, nick blut
Save Your Money On Hardware. This Is Professional A Product As I Have Seen
I give speeches and presentations every day. I stumbled on this app and it’s amazing. It will change your life. If you use an iPhone it’s like magic. No more sheets of paper. No more white boards. Best of all you can control the speed manually or let the timer pace the words. I hope everyone uses this so the developer can keep going.
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1 year ago, BettyJaneFa
Teleprompter helped me with a school assignment
I had to make a PowerPoint video presentation and this app saved me. It allowed me the ability to write out my speeches all while looking at the reader. I was able to make a well-scripted, professional presentation. Thank you for giving me the right tools for my assignment, allowing the presentation to look and feel appropriate.
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9 months ago, Shinkendo
Intuitive and useful in its simplicity.
The free version meets my initial needs perfectly, and now I’m starting to see ways the upgrade may be valuable. Multi-device editing is very handy, though having more visual control of the script may prove useful too. I’ll update my review if I end up paying for the pro version. Nice work Teleprompter Team!
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2 years ago, PepePedraza
Easier than any teleprompter
I used to work for a News TV station, and always admired the teleprompters they use there. I used this Teleprompter app as soon as I downloaded, for an audition that I had to sent. It was great. It is similar to the teleprompters in the News station. So easy to use, the script was rolling at the timing I really needed. Nothing better than this. The best!
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4 months ago, chuckv2021
Very stable, works
I used the teleprompter for a quick narration I recorded. I found it to be stable, no crashes, worked the first time. Also, very intuitive to use, I was able to paste my script, set the timing… and got my narration finished without any hassle. If I did this more than 1x year, I would buy the paid version. Very happy.
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3 months ago, Stories by Elena
Love it
I am a children's book author and I have been using this app to add stories to my channel. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that has greatly enhanced my work. The interface is clean and user-friendly, making the process of uploading content a breeze. I have tried other platforms in the past, but I have found this app to be the best by far. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to share their stories with the world. Stories by Elena
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