Temple Run 2

4.5 (470.8K)
239.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Imangi Studios, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Temple Run 2

4.5 out of 5
470.8K Ratings
3 years ago, edcm1234
Great game, but...it is not designed for the iPad
This game is obviously designed to be played on your phone. It works great on small screens, but I like playing on my iPad and it is terrible for that. So, while I love this game and play it often, I know that I will quit playing in pure frustration after playing it for a while on my iPad. Not only do some swipes not register, but it’s not obvious what trips up the runners and suddenly I’m being chased by a monster and don’t know why. In addition, the game will often assume one thing when I tap something rather than what I meant. All in all, it is a frustrating game for your iPad. Another thing that is a problem are the ads that override Silent Mode on my phone. When I am playing someplace where I want to be quiet (doctor’s waiting room, at night when others are sleeping, etc), an ad that comes on with sound is frustrating. I actually like the ads because I have tried more than a few of the games advertised, but a game that overrides Silent Mode automatically goes on my ‘never buy’ list. Update 10/21 - You have now officially ruined this game on my phone. I hadn’t opened it in a while, so last week I did and the interface is so totally different that I can’t figure out how to play the game anymore. Can’t I get the previous screen back?
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4 years ago, AlejaWeasleyGranger
Good game, but too much paid content
I’ve been playing this game for a long time (at the very least five years) and although I’ve stopped for periods of time, I always come back. The new maps and characters are always amazing, and the global challenges are great. HOWEVER. There’s always a however. Other people have talked enough about the ads so I’m not going to talk about that. Something that bothers me a lot is that now coins and gems are practically useless besides Head starts and Save mes. Before, you could use coins to buy new characters or outfits and gems to buy new characters and maps. However, now you can only unlock the new characters on special events and you need to purchase the maps with real world money. As I said, I’ve been playing for a long time, so I don’t know if the older characters and maps are still able to be purchased with coins and gems. But Pirate Cove, Volcano Island qnd Enchanted Palace (and its characters) can only be purchased with dollars and I think that’s very unfair. I understand that you guys need to make money, but I would hope that ads, Usain Bolt and people purchasing packages and coin doublers in the store would be enough. There’s no need to block most of your users from obtaining maps and characters, they should be able to be gained by putting hard work into the game and earning coins and gems. Sorry for the long rant, but I wish you would take these comments into account and make these assests achievable for anyone.
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4 years ago, Linden B.
Ok. It’s a great app to start with. Very fun, ongoing, time consuming. I love almost everything about except I wish there were more people. There are only Guy Dangerous (with outfits magnum G.u.y, and aviator), Scarlett Fox(with outfit mountaineer, Sunyu Han(No outfits) Sara Banyan( No outfits) Maria Selva (with outfit Brooklyn) Karma Lee(with outfit shadow walker, aka my fav!) Barry Bones(With outfit outrider) Zack Wonder (with outfit Romeo) Rahi Raaja(with outfit Regal) Nidhi Nirmal(with outfit Regal) Francisco Montoya(with outfit castaway) Montana Smith(No outfit) Cleopatra(No outfit) and Imhotep(No outfit). There are also Bruce lee (with outfit tracksuit) and Usain Bolt(With outfit champion), but you have to pay for them which is ugh be cuz I bought it, ain’t worth it. Neither is the lava mountain place or the dessert! The only free places are the enchanted palace, sky summit, pirate cove, and spirits cove. I still really want more people though! And more free places! Also when it comes to performance, it glitches a little here and there, but not bad. Graphics are good. Sound is ok. I like how they added relics and hats. If you unlock a hat you can put it on anyone 😂. Gets a little boring (I’ve had it for 1 year) but I still play it 😂 imma sucker for temple run 2! I want more characters plus costumes, no more little glitches, and more free places, that’s all. Linden B.
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3 years ago, GreenGoblin0310
My review (and a suggestion)
I have always loved this game, and though the excessive ads can be annoying at times, that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I love the maps in this game, but I have one major issue with them: They’re all the same. Sure, they may look different, be set in a different location, or have different collectibles, but that’s where the differences end. The hazards are all the same, there’s always the land section and the sliding section (and the zipline section on Sky Summit), and everything is ruined and cracked in all of the maps. I understand that this is Temple Run so the ancient ruins aesthetic is an important part of what sets this platformer apart from others. But it would be nice to see a map or two where everything is pristine and modern, possibly even futuristic. How about a map that takes place on a space station, where you’re running from an alien? Or a futuristic laboratory where you’re being pursued by a failed biology experiment? Finally, I just want to reiterate how iconic and enjoyable this game is, and that after 10 years, it’s just as exciting as when I first played it back in ‘11.
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5 years ago, Don4421
Updates ruin your string, and No Ads is a RIP-OFF
Originally this was my favorite game. As time went on they made more and more variations and maps for the game, which was fine. Lately, however, now that they’re on the money grubbing bandwagon, I noticed fewer coins on runs when you needed them. And as if that wasn’t enough with all the money they must make on selling people gems and coins, they’ve added aggravating ads. I must admit that I tried to buy out of the ends and for over two weeks they still kept showing even after I received my notice that payment was received. However I must amend my previous review because they did contact me through email, and the developers gave me directions which did in fact remove the aggravating ads. The developers have since asked me to revise my review, but I had been ill for a while. The review is deserved, and I have brought it back up to a five star. I always did love the game I just hated the ads. And now for a very reasonable price, you can get rid of them too thank you so much for helping me with this problem. I apologize for the delay in correcting my review, but I have had some health issues which thankfully seem to be subsiding. It’s a great game!
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2 years ago, VeomD10
Temple run
It’s amazing how much graphics there is I honestly think that temple run could be better it could have better quality and slower rating I mean I get it it’s supposed to be fast but I think like it can be used in so many different ways like creating new characters like we’ve always had the red hair boy or the red hair girl for like years and years and years I bet like if we could like get some more characters but don’t make the game take up so much storage I mean it’s perfect as it is but just like add some more stuff like a giant monster and temple run is great I love that we can just you know add some more I think like I don’t know like get like a super weirdly I don’t know you could unlock like another level like you click it and then it goes to like a different look like a space level but what am I doing I’m just like telling the creators their job just look I feel like you can make the game way more fun if you just really try even though I love it I love the game I Played it since I was six and I’m not gonna stop now so yeah the game is amazing I give it a five out of five because I like the
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3 years ago, mrbeastboicandy
It was so easy nose lags it was fun
It was so easy no lags end it was fun very good in who created this game a five star I love it well I teach my brother how to play for two years he doesn’t know how to play so I’m trying to help him he’s been playing for three years now he is good at it but I’m trying to help him but he still bad at it so I try to help him for one year and now he’s good he never dies like me I been teaching him so long and I love this game and it needs a little update so I put it in a five star because it was so fun and I can’t believe it it was so fun and no lags that was like one piece of cake my favorite game like one of my favorite game in my life I’ve played this game for about two years already and it was good fun and great I was about to quit but it was good it was better than Minecraft but it needs a little change a new map a Halloween map or a Christmas map they need to lower the price down so I still like it and still play it but it’s good well I’ve been trying to not give up so I kept playing for about two years but it sounds kind of awkward about the lost jungle.....
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1 year ago, lelekekrk
This Game Is Great!
I’ve been playing Temple Run (one and two) since I was in first grade and I’ve gotta say, this improved a lot from the first one. The animations are better, there’s more characters and maps. The first one always started off fast in my opinion and from my understanding the speed gets progressively faster. But for this one it starts off slow and goes faster like it should. There’s just a couple things that I want to point out. People have told me that the characters are pricey IF you don’t have a lot of coins, but the maps are the pricey ones. I think there’s just 4 or 5 maps that you can play for free and I know that they do have some free worlds for events and holidays like the enchanted palace, lost jungle, and winter toy land which is currently free for me for some reason. It just gets boring over time. And I don’t like the way that you have to tilt the device just to go to the sides. But I do like that you can play with no internet which means no ads but I can’t say the same for other games. But overall this is one of my favorite games. You should really download it!
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3 years ago, EpicAwesomeGamer
Perfect, but not yet
I really think that this is a good game. But, everything has its problems and this game has some annoying ones. The GUI update. This is good but I have some complaints. What happened to the coin skin changer!? I don’t know where it went and if it’s been removed that’s just upsetting because I like to change my coin skins with different maps. Starting to run on maps is also annoying now. You have to select a map before you play, but if you’re already on the map you want to play, why do you need to select the map again? This does make it easier to play on other maps, but it’s still annoying for me. Another problem which could just be me, is the game lag and the crashing. It’ll randomly crash at times for me and when I run, if there’s an obstacle ahead, whatever I try to do, it just lags and I die. I don’t get why this is happening and it’s annoying because I can’t run on maps like this. Lack of maps makes it boring at times, but I know that the game devs are making new maps every once and a while.
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2 years ago, Teresasmeltzer
Love the game but there could be some improvements
I love this game it’s so great love the hats and challenges, but I would appreciate it there was a way to transfer coins to gems because several years ago I brought all the stuff you could with the coins and had an a lot of extra. I also miss the menu that made everything easy to find, but I’m really missing the option to change the coin skins unless that’s still here and I’m missing it idk. It would also be awesome if your games data saved to Game Center or something because when I got a new phone none of my progress saved and I was close to maxing the game out; I also lost the spooky sky summit map (by far the best map) which I bought for 500 gems, but the worst lost was all the hats I won in challenges especially the green Santa hat that was my favorite!! There’s probably no way that’s possible but it would still be nice for the future because I’m working on maxing it out again and don’t want to lose everything twice. But really this is one of my top games and I love it!!
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2 years ago, Nate EWR
Great game with WAY too many ads!
Loved this game after enjoying the original for years but the ads now are absolutely ridiculous. You have to go through long ads that take forever until you can finally close out of them, most of the ads requiring you to click on some part of it where it’ll most likely take you where you can download it from the AppStore. Honestly spoils the game and makes it frustrating to play. I get that it’s a free game and you deserve to make money off of it and you do that through your ads, but COME ON this is ridiculous! I never write reviews on games or anything really but it’s so annoying dealing with the ads in this game that it made me want to come on here and write a poor review. Like I said the game itself is nice, but the incessant, repetitive ads for other games are annoying and make me not want to play this one which is honestly really sad as many people know this game to be so good and I had believed it to be among the best mobile games ever made. Honestly so disappointed in what it’s become. If the ads were to calm down then this would be an easy 5 star review, but until then, IF that ever changes, I’m sticking with a 2.
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2 years ago, randopersono
Best mobile game ever
This is already my favorite mobile game of all time, but it could be even better. Personally, I think adding a wider variety of characters to choose from is always smart and everyone enjoys it. Then also, I’m sure you guys are aware of the coin skin issue for the recent update? If not, there’s no option to change coin skins. Also, it could be really cool if you guys added “runner animation options” for example, I like the way Kai Xiang runs, but I’d prefer a different skin while running. Like, potentially add an option that says “runner style” and offer the different styles you’ve already made. I assume that’d be a really simple adjustment, but would do so much for the game. Then, I think adding more maps would be cool too. BUT, I know those take a lot longer to make. But MOSTLY, new/more characters added would be amazing. Great game guys! You’ll always be the best in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Please read!!!
I love this game don’t get me wrong yes it is addictive to play but one thing that has stopped me from playing this game is advertisements every update it seems to be getting worse and worse so I stopped playing because I’m one of those players who easily gets annoyed by too many advertisements this would be a 5 star app easily but I can’t give this app those 5 stars just because of too many advertisements but if you guys made it so people wouldn’t get bombarded with advertisements at the end of every run I would really appreciate that and I would even be willing to give this app the 5 stars it deserves but one thing I noticed the really old version of this app didn’t have any advertisements I don’t know what made you developers think it was okay to start advertising different apps unless you developers are plotting an end to temple run I usually only start to see this many advertisements when developers are planning on ending the use of a game I saw that with a Batman game I use to have and now it no longer exists so please narrow down the advertisements a little bit so I have some hope that this app will not be discontinued I love this app and I would hate to see this app come to an end
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6 years ago, artisticdevil6801
One of the best games in the world but.....
I’ve been playing temple run for years now, I’ve played both TR & TR2. I love the fact that you get to run endlessly and there are cool things to purchase, including characters. But there is this one tiny problem which has been bugging me, the fact that coins become useless after some point in the game. Like I’ve said, I’ve been playing this game for years but now that I’ve unlocked every upgrade and every character the coins that I collect every run are gonna be useless. The only reason I collect the coins is so I can use my power up but after that it’s of no use to me. Of course I can use the head-starts but I’m not that kind of player. I hope on the next update I can use my coins for something more productive than head-starts. But other than this minor problem this game was built to satisfy the players and can be played anytime and any where, no matter your mood or age. This is a game you won’t wanna miss out on.
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6 years ago, me02655
Updated challenges are way too difficult
I have loved Temple Run since 2011, and it has been one of the only apps I’ve had consistently on every iPhone and iPod touch I’ve owned. The graphics of the new update are beautiful, and they give you more and more features, outfits, and characters to unlock all the time. The app has aged very well. However, my only complaint is that the global challenges have become increasingly difficult, to the point that it’s not fun for me to try and meet the goal anymore. They either require to run an absurd amount of meters in one round without falling or using a continue, or the require sheer screenplay of you playing for hours and hours to gain any kind of achievement on the goal tier. The global challenges have always been fun, and sometimes are a real challenge from me. But the last 3 or 4 are just insane. And this is coming from someone who has played for 7 years and has a high score of 19 million without using a continue. I will still play the game when I’m bored, but no longer have any desire to attempt the global challenges. Bummer.
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8 months ago, msisaac
Disappointed with the scam site
I love this game but I’m supremely disappointed with the latest revenue generator scheme. I buy most of the extras for this game between maps and characters and perks. But Imangi just brought back one of their best maps, Haunted Harvest, and locked it behind a scam website that forces you to sign up for special offers that you don’t want. Then after you complete an offer, they don’t unlock Haunted Harvest. So you do another offer thinking something went wrong with the first one. You complete that and they still don’t unlock Haunted Harvest. I completed two offers on that scam website and never got the map unlocked. When I emailed Imangi support, they just told me to talk to the scam website “support”. Imangi needs to allow those of us willing to pay for the map the opportunity to just buy it directly without selling our privacy to scammers with a vague promise that you might get lucky and unlock the map. Very disappointed in Imangi with this move and I will definitely think twice before purchasing anything else from them if this behavior doesn’t change.
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7 years ago, TitoRaeDaddyRileyRita
Addictive and Habit Forming
Love this game as always, and have been addicted since deployed in Southwest Asia in 2013. It’s great how the game is in continual development. I keep getting killed in Spooky Summit by getting distracted by the ghosts that spawn in the path. Their faces...Imangi personnel? I liked it better when the Artifact Treasure Chests were not numerous. Now they are more of an obstacle than a reward. The Frozen Festival map is fantastic, especially the ice caves. They sometimes can be the most challenging obstacle I’ve experienced so far. There is one serious glitch in any map. The involuntary advertisements that pop up when the game is paused sometimes fail to execute properly (on the iPad, not the iPhone). The game will then freeze/crash, and the progress will be lost. On a long rewarding run this is a huge disincentive to play. If some sort of mechanism could be coded that when an ad fails to execute, the game would return to functional play, that would be a major improvement.
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6 years ago, Lilsunshine217
No gameplay innovation
The first time through the most recent level I ran for like 15, 20 minutes till it was going to require 3 gems to respawn and I was too bored to do so. I love this game and it’s great and all but after all these years, something needs to change in the game mechanics, not just the visual appearance. I really enjoy switching over to Temple Run Oz sometimes for this reason, moving between the different levels within the game and experiencing different kinds of challenges in each is more fun for me. For example, I like how that game has obstacles that appear out of nowhere, the different kinds of power ups, and the transitional areas in the clouds. It has a really good variety of balancing tasks too and I think that being able move between levels without having to exit your run keeps me on there way longer. The Brave version also had some innovation with the archery segments. I really wish this game would change it up more, there’s so much unmet potential. Sadly once you get the hang of it it’s just sort of meh.
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5 years ago, Dndnfnje
Good, but too easy.
So I’ve decided to come back to temple run after a while and there definitely has been some positive changes. I love the new maps, skins, and characters that have been made high quality. The overall gameplay is still nice, however I wish the character would accelerate more than its current top speed. Unless I’m mistaken the maximum speed seems to be around 2500 meters at which point you stop accelerating. Considering this maximum speed isn’t that hard unless you make a mistake, it gets a little boring. I think it would be more interesting if the player kept accelerating because it would make the higher scores seem more rewarding and prevent people from getting on the leaderboards out of spending lots of time instead of skill. Otherwise, this game and the elements with it are pretty solid. I like this game and would definitely give it 5 stars with this change.
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3 years ago, MonkeyLova375
I have a suggestion
So, first of all, this is a great game. It goes well with the idea of the original game, but also has new features and characters. But I think you need to take it a step further, and make a whole new Temple Run game. Maybe more of a story mode? You could be a character, and do certain levels to get up to the idol, being chased by monkeys here and there. Then once you made it to the end of the first world, you could play regular Temple Run on that map. Then you move to world two, and you beat levels until you get to the idol, then you can play regular Temple Run on that world. After you beat a world, you can go back and play the actual game on each map. Then you get more characters, more worlds, and add in some final bosses to make the running harder. (P.S. if you make this great game, you must give me credit by my review name, please.)
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4 years ago, valesmysticinunis
this app saved my life.
so as yk, we’ve been in quarantine for about almost half a year. these past few months haven’t really been the best for me, i woke up in the morning and i wondered what’s the point if we can’t go out and if we can’t see other people. it was getting really hard to just wake up and do NOTHING the whole day. i was looking at my moms old phone that i hacked into because- actually i’m not going to go into that story but i was looking at her old phone, and i saw temple run. my mind instantly raced back to the good memories i had when i was little playing temple run 1 and the amount of serotonin my body received. so i decided to download it on my phone and to my surprise i found out that there was a temple run TWO!!!!!! once i download it, i was hooked the scenery is just so amazing to look like and it just gives me a sense of LIFE. this app truly saved my life.
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6 years ago, pluralzedalpha
Love it, but...
I’ve been playing this game since it was released and had tons of fun with it (my current daily challenge streak is 1328). Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of a couple of complaints about recent changes: 1) Gem bonus spinner disappeared with the last update; please bring it back!! (I want full value for my nonexistent virtual gems!) 2) Ads have been getting more intrusive/annoying over time. I would be quite happy to pay $5 for an ad-free version of the game; please consider changing the revenue model. I continue to admire the game’s graphics (though I wish they wouldn’t fiddle with established maps - Frozen Shadows was quite nice before all the banners and sword-hilt sculptures and such were added in, and I thought the first year’s Spooky Summit ghosts were more fun than the updated ones with people’s faces). But these are minor quibbles from a long-term player. It’s a fun game and I’m looking forward to a 2000-day streak!!
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3 years ago, piffle #1 fan
Great but glitchy
I love this game because it was one of my firsts, but it all comes down to this. I kept getting notifications that say my temple run progress won’t save, so I had to delete other apps. I eventually deleted temple run, but I lost my event progress when I reinstalled. Now, after deleting It twice, I can’t even click install anymore. help! Edit: the enchanted palace run thingy is over, but I was able to reinstall it, but it was already over. Anyways, temple run 2 and 1 are amazing and so nostalgic for me :) peace out edit: so i have 283 gems and my iPad is almost out of space. So I cant play this game right now and every time I open it, it shows just the picture but no bar that says loading. This is a sign that I may have to delete and reinstall temple run 2. It’s a shame because this means I won’t have my 283 gems. HELP!!! I may have to remove one star :/
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6 years ago, savy_b
Love it but..
I have been playing TR and TR2 for years and have always loved it, especially the Lost Jungle world. I thought that particular one was the most beautiful and fun to play, however, when the free trial ended, I figured I liked it enough to buy. 500 gems, okay, how much is that? Open the store and you have 2 options: 240 gems for $20, or 650 for $50. So even if I decided to spend $40 (which I thought was a bit steep) that would still be 20 gems too short. So you HAVE to spend another 10 and get 150 extra gems if you don’t have at least 20 already. Granted, other people might like this but I personally never use gems and that would be a waste for me. Since I have been playing for a few years now I would have enough to purchase 2 bags of 240 and get the world, I’m not spending that much... the principle of it rubbed me the wrong way too. Love the game, but disgruntled by this detail. I don’t mind the original and new desert worlds, but I’ll probably be playing a lot less
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4 years ago, Soda_Girl
Hi developers, I am not that happy with this game anymore. I do love it, but I’m mad about one thing. First, I spent weeks collecting those green diamonds, and I finally reached 60. I was so excited, the moment I realized I had 60 diamonds I quit the run almost instantly, and bought the female ninja skin. I was so happy. So happy that I played this game for nearly a whole day with my new skin. Well, I guess I got a little bored of the app after a while, and stopped playing it for a week. I can’t remember if the game got an update or anything while I was gone, but I’m assuming yes. Anyway, when I finally went back to the app, I didn’t even have my ninja skin anymore! I was so upset, I was on the verge of going rampage, and I deleted the app. I am still mad to this day. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I would encourage you guys to please update the app to make sure nobody endures what I had happen to me. I’m going to download this app again, though (because of quarantine), and hopefully you guys’ll update this, or maybe the problem was already fixed. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m still frustrated about my hard earned ninja skin just disappearing, I loved how she can front flip, and I just loved all her colors. Hopefully I can earn her back soon! -Soda_Girl
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3 years ago, Todd Roskop
Classic Goodness (revised)
Ah, yes. Temple Run 2. I’ve played this game on and off since it came out in 2013, and I have to say I appreciate what they’ve done with it. Sure there’s new maps and characters but for me, nothing beats good 'ol Guy Dangerous in the Sky Summit map. I appreciate that while Imangi continues to add new things, they still leave all the old intact. The ads aren’t really all that annoying to me (just don’t die 😉), and after all it IS a free app. This game shows what classic mobile game studios SHOULD be doing (take a hint from these guys, Rovio). Solid game, no horrific glitches, just good ol’ Temple Run. Good job 👏 Edit: I wanted to add a few things I’ve noticed recently. The objective progress can be pretty slow and I wish there was a bit more of a coherent order to it. Also, there’s this glitch where I don’t collect coins on the zip line if I tilt my phone too fast.
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4 years ago, Awesome video game dude
Hello developers, I love the game it does pretty much everything right. When I was playing I had an update idea, how about adding some bosses to the game, for example, let’s say a player is 5000 meters into the sky summit map, then they hear a screech and a giant eagle comes out. Then the player would use something like the idol to try to defeat the beast. Some ideas how where to collect certain coins to fill up a meter like how collecting coins would fill up your meter in the game. Then when the meter is full you attack the beast. After you do this a certain amount of times the beast is defeated and the player continues playing the game. I personally think this would be a great addition to the game but this is just my prospective. Continue making this game awesome for us ok? Thanks!!
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8 months ago, Advertisement 90,328
Excessive ads
I have always loved running games, and I think that this one was the first one that I ever played. Ads are what fund most of these free2play games. I mean, if you worked on a game for a while, willingly giving your time to create more entertainment, you’d want to get paid too! They are understandable, of course. But the problem comes when they get excessive. Especially if the ads are the ones with people that can’t act to save their lives! If you have to watch ads, you want to watch ones that appeal to you specifically. I personally can stand silent ads. But loud and annoying ones are just too much for me. So, developers in general should give players the option to choose which ads that they see while playing. Then, you can enjoy playing these “free” games. Thanks for reading my review.
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4 years ago, hsinahaianbajanajnsbdjjsbah
Gems and Character unlocking
This used to be a fun game. I got it and noticed 2 new characters and you could only unlock them if you ran and collected chests. I have 59 tokens and every time I get a chest it’s for some key which is pointless. I would still play even though I unlocked that character because it’s very fun to play. I think a lot of people would agree. The ads are very annoying as well. The maps require 500 gems I don’t want to pay to purchase a map, meaning I have to run for it. The amount of gems for one map is too much. You can watch an ad and play for 5 minutes on the Blazing Sands map but I think you should have it for each map to see what they’re all like. I’m still giving you a four star because it’s a fun game and it seems like you have put a lot of effort into the game design. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, MysterC
This game is still great, however
Im not going to lie i play for free and watch the ads when they make me, I spent all this time wondering what the bolt power was and beating objectives to get to lvl 13, finally get there and im like heck yea! And then i realize the character is behind a $3 paywall. Feel like i wasted my time. Make me watch a 10 min ad or figure out how to monotize it so everyone can enjoy the game. Cant even unlock him with diamonds. I think im done with templerun, this game is still great, as well as the og one, and ovcourse somone will read this and call me cheap or be upset bc “well hes not supporting the developers” etc and trust me, I hear you, but my complaint with the app store is I would rather pay upfront $5-10 for a game and have access to all of its content, and buy expansions/dlc later on. I dont support the theory that I can spend an unlimited amount of money on a mobile game or any game console included. Keep running everyone.
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5 years ago, Zay....
The monkey is still the same...
I havnt played the game in years then I come back and there’s all these new places. But in all of them Ive noticed that the giant monkey never changes (other than colors or looking dumb). I think it would look far better if you actually had different things chasing you. So like for the jungle maybe a giant tiger or something and then for the desert a giant snake and for the snow place a yeti or something. But the sky place should keep it. These would all match there places and temples very well. It may seem useless but it would really make the places seem different. Instead of seeing a giant monkey chasing you every time which makes the stages feel the same. Also the fact that it’s coming out of a giant snake head or something which doesn’t make much sense.
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4 years ago, bruhI-
Not like the one from a few years ago
I remember playin this game in my childhood a few years ago, and I’m not talking about the original temple run, I’m talking abt the already upgraded one where there were ropes and the rivers and the one where the actual setting of the story was absurd. The monster itself did not change for the better and looked childish in a sense compared to the black monster from a few years ago. Many of the other graphics were also badly put if anything and there was too much going on with the new snakes and random chests which weren’t unlockable, but were put as a hurdle. Other than that, I didn’t rly have many problems with the app itself which is I gave it 4 stars as the problems I faced were more with my dislike and interface and not with the app quality itself 👍🏼
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5 years ago, yfgxfxhvubhrxrx
So I have been playing this game for 2 days and it got so boring. You just swipe up,down,left, and right. There is no excitement in the game at ALL! And I don’t even know how to work the power up bar. Give some more instruction than just how to move and jump and stuff. Honestly, I would rather have DIY Fashion Star than this and don’t get me started on how horrific that app is. I am just saying that the app is really boring and not boring enjoyable. And what is up with all the ads now? If do one run I have to sit threw a 2 minute ad without a skip. What the heck is that about? Make an update or new skins or something to make it less boring. And the other places shouldn’t have to be purchased. If I could rate this zero stars I would. I fact I am going to delete this app right now! DELETED👎😡
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3 years ago, Night-Zod
Go back to the old UI
I absolutely cannot stand this new UI system that was introduced in early Autumn of 2021. The Haunted Harvest map isn’t compatible with the shield pickups roughly 75% of the time. Sliding crashed the game. No more coin skin options. The daily challenges are better options, but they don’t work half the time. The Daily challenge system is just rubbish now. I HATE HATE HATE having to hit start twice to do a run. Just go back to the old UI. There wasn’t anything wrong with it compared to this new UI. I’d rather have to press the hat option a thousand times rather than the new system. Just go back to the old system for God’s sake. Please I am begging. I email the help desk and post online on Facebook all the time. #bringbackoldversion
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3 years ago, Goosa girl
OK first off I love this game!I think when I was little it was amazing but I kept playing it for a little while and it’s getting kind of boring and it’s getting too easy. When you are getting chased by the monkey it disappears and you don’t se it only when you trip!!!!😐 I love this game it is very interesting but the updates ruin it! It’s great with all of the beautiful and natural scenery!🥰 There are always ads after every run! That is very annoying for me when I gust want to play the game! There are glitches sometimes that will freeze your screen.... one time it was like that for one hour! Over all I love all the costumes that you can get too. My fav is the princess but I feel there is it enough. When there are costumes they are WAY over price!!!! But over all I love the game and hope you do to!
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3 years ago, Tfroggivd
Mr Roboto
Some thoughts on the new September update: 1. Crashes within minutes every time I play 2. The slide function does not work 3. Very glitchy 4. Very difficult to navigate the new layout I played this game daily, sometimes several times a day. I had daily streaks over 700 and over 400 over the years. Like many who have commented, I have stopped playing. I tried it again 2 days ago and stopped after 2 minutes. TR2 was a great game, not the case now. Update: The game is not crashing as much, but still very glitchy and not smooth at all. The jump swipe up is a lot less responsive than it was before. Why did you try to fix something that did not need fixing. I used to play daily, not any more.
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3 years ago, Bud_Speed
Game freezes on adds
I have been playing this game for quite sometime now. Lately however whenever I use the free continue, sometimes it will freeze on the add. The only solution is to reboot the game and lose all of my progress in the process. Also the swipe controlling does not always work as they should. Swipe to jump and it slides. Swipe to go left or right and it will jump. Swipe to jump to get a power up and it won’t do anything. I really like the game but these issues make it very frustrating. A couple of days ago it froze on a pop up add for a baseball game app. It stayed there even after I left your app and went to another. I played a few games on the other game app came back to TempleRun2 and the baseball game app was still there. To get rid of it I had to delete TempleRun2 then reinstall it. By doing so I lost all my data. Extremely disappointing. Please try to fix this issue. Until then I cannot endorse your game.
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4 years ago, Allcuhsbkdohchnd
Bug Lost all of my gems
I have been playing this game for a while now and I really enjoy it. I had gotten around 460 gems and was saving up to buy one of the other maps. All the sudden about two days ago or so every time I tried to open the app it would say that I needed to go to the app store and buy it because it wasn’t shared with me. I had hoped this would just go away but when I tried to open the app today it said the exact same thing. Looking through the comments I saw that other people had the same issue but when they redownloaded everything came back. When I downloaded the app again however, all of my gems and coins were gone with the rest of my data. I am very frustrated because I had been playing for almost two months to get all of the gems and I was so close to being able to buy another map. I don’t know if I have the dedication to play again to get to that point especially if it might just happen again.
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4 years ago, jenoufan
Maps not there
I’ve been trying to locate the Enchanted Palace map for a while now. It does not show up in the map section of the app for me to even purchase but the section for tokens of the map is visible. So apparently, I’m supposed to try to get tokens for a map I don’t even have access to. I could try to delete the app and reinstall but then I will lose all my progress. Other than these things I love the game. Update: I received a reply saying the map was in the store section of the app to purchase. I’ll repeat again, no it is not. I’ve looked on every single button that can be pushed on that app and the enchanted palace map is not listed under a single thing. Once again, I’m not going to delete the app and potentially lose all my progress just hoping it will show up.
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4 years ago, Fails2Work
Once Pretty Good, Now Sad Overall.
Nothing like having a challenge that is impossible to attain. Daily Quests Change, as the name indicates. Only problem is they are often unobtainable. For instance, one of the six from today’s challenge is “Sky Summit Quest, Collect 500 Coins in the Minecart.” I’ve played the game off and on all day, satisfied the other five daily quests but cannot even get this Sky Summit map to load the minecart. I’ve run 11,500 meters without using a continue, collected 4,776 coins and have 6,560,190 points but can’t access the mine/minecart. I’ve run the water run so many times I’m sick of it, done the log run as many times BUT cannot get to the mine no matter what I do. Thus, I’ll let it pass, quit trying, put this game down and play something else. May just delete it as it’s happened before but took days before the minecart would load. I won’t be doing that again. I suggest you find a game that actually makes the goals achievable, this one does not.
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2 years ago, Chris WYC
This game is very good before updating the UI, but I don't want to play it after updating
The game UI update is a good thing, but there are many bugs after this update, which is the problem. Before double-clicking the activation skill, the characters' actions don't match. Now, clicking the pause button will take two beats to stop, and it will be the same at the beginning again. Because of this, we all want developers to restore the original UI and don't need to fix the bugs again and again. Because we don't like this UI, what's the point of fixing it? What we want more is the game experience, not countless advertisements. I know that you want to make money with games, but you can't give us the game experience in order to make money! I hope the developer can give me a response, thank you.
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3 years ago, treefrogs
New updates would be ok but there are so many glitches ruining the game. If I try to jump over an obstacle or to get a power up, half the time it doesn’t work and it just kills my character. Same with the slide feature. I dyy it d prefer the old Home Screen, new one seems to take longer to navigate and find what you need. Also, I’ve attempted the daily challenge with Montana Smith several times and it never shows that I completed the challenges. Graphics were off tonight too. It would show obstacle or something that wasn’t really there and ended up killing off my character. Please fix these issues and glitches. I’ve played this game for years and love it. But it’s a waste of time to play when I keep getting killed off in the game due to glitches and other issues. Thanks and I hope to see it working better soon. Btw thank you for bringing back the old gem bonus power up!!
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2 years ago, DemoRaze
TR2 is back!… almost.
Temple Run 2 went through a rough stretch the last couple years, but I’m very happy to say that the game is finally functioning well again. The main problems and bugs seem to have been resolved, and I’m thrilled. Things were pretty ugly for a while, but I’m really happy they’ve got it working well again. My old favorite is back! Unfortunately, during the dark months I lost many hard-earned records, coins and literally thousands of gems! That really stings. It would be great to have those losses rectified. After all, the developers have detailed records of everything each player lost. [hint hint] But at least I can play a properly functioning game again.
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2 years ago, PhoePhoe111
Good game, solid fun but limited content (for casual players)
The game is great, I have no real problems with it. However 500 gems for a map is absolutely ridiculously outrageous. Most players will never get the gems to unlock a map, which if you were to buy the sufficient gems needed to unlock a SINGLE MAP, it would cost you around FORTY FIVE to FIFTY DOLLARS (USD). It bothers me that the game has hidden content locked behind a paywall, that most casual players will never be able to enjoy. Perhaps 100 gems to unlock a map would be more appropriate, still adding grind to the process of unlocking without being utterly unreasonable. Other than that, I like the game. The ads are annoying but for a game I enjoy, $2 to remove ads isn't remotely as outrageous as $50 for a single map.
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4 years ago, RagingStorm049
Ruined the best part
One my favorite parts about this game are the artifacts. I think it’s super creative and I like them a lot! It’s cool they have little descriptions for each one and they all are unique. When the update for the tokens you can collect to get special skins for characters happened though... You’re more likely to get these tokens, half of which I don’t even care about, then the artifacts. I haven’t had the game downloaded on this device for more than 12 hours but I already got on of the token skins. This makes it feel cheap and smothers the cool idea of artifacts. Maybe give the tokens and artifacts a 50% chance each of showing up in a chest? Other then that this game has good graphics, awesome looking biomes, and a nice theme to each character to make them diverse.
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3 years ago, Iliye
Temple Run??
I LOVE how you can unlock new characters and give them costumes. But there are a few things that I don’t like. 1) I don’t like how there are only five ‘senes.’ I think that instead of decorating Sky Summit for Halloween, there should be a sene that is like a haunted house and the person starts outside and gets to go inside and stuff like that. And the same thing goes for all of the other holidays. 2) I also think that we should get gems more often and the cleopatra and some of the other characters should really get more than one costumes. 3) The last thing that I don’t like is the fact that you never get the idol. You just keep on running forever and ever. On the home screen, it says, “take the idol of you dare” what does this mean? After all we never get to take the idol. Thank you for reading this!!
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6 months ago, Redensmore❤️
It’s great!!!!!❤️❤️❤️✌️
I used to play this game on my Dad’s laptop until I got a phone, but I got me dad really far, and I hated how I had to restart! He ha almost all the characters and such, I right now only have my favorites, like the girl with the pink shirt (forgot her name)! There really aren’t that many adds, and I dislike games that over fill with adds. The animation rocks, and it’s pretty simple. Except when I’m playing and there’s a gem, I try to jump but it doesn’t let me get it!!!! And I’m not that popular with keeping those things, saying as I need them. But it’s a bad glitch, it only happens when the gem isn’t over a jumpy thing. And the chests. And speaking of them, what happens when you get more than one chest in a level? I think they combine, but others have told me “nope”, so when you get this please answer that question. Overall I love the game! Perfect upbeat running game! Oh, and one last thing. The mister thingy in the Winter-wonderland level isn’t that scary. If I saw him, id think he was an over grown reindeer. So yeah (hehehehehe 😂)! Thanks so much for this game. God bless, have a great day, love y’all! Byeeee, ttyl! More to come!
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2 years ago, DGBAuthor
So glitchy any more
Another daily reward streak ended because of a glitch. Thank you so much for continuing to screw up this game. If your goal is to make this do unenjoyable to play then take it down. You try to double tap and your player starts hopping along usually to their death. Try to slide or jump, not this time. Not to achieve some ludicrous daily challenge? Nah, the sandbar, vines, or tunnels become almost non existent. Collect 20 power-ups? Here come the chests, totems, and gems. How useless are the totems? By the time you collect enough of them to be of any use (and use is being generous) you’re about done playing. There is so much broken crap in this game, it seems like Imangi went out and hired a bunch of high school kids… sorry, high school kids could do better. Update: Completed 2 daily tasks yesterday and it still shows my daily streak at zero. Too bad I can’t give zero stars to this app.
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4 years ago, ruby_r_c
Is it just me?
I used to have Temple Run 2 a while ago and it was fun with zip lines and train tracks and all sorts of obstacles. Is it just mine or is it now like you’re basically running in circles doing the same thing over and over again? All i can do is go underground for a second and then run on the same tracks with no zip lining, only gold coins and no real obstacles. I tried deleting it and getting it back again (knowing I would loose all my characters and coins but it was worth it to actually have some fun) but it’s still the same. Do I need to get some sort of update or something because I really love how this game was and I want to play!!
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3 years ago, dophinleauge21
What happened….
I do not remember this game being so glitchy. I was expecting to redownload this and get the same experience, but I was so wrong. Almost every time you try to jump, duck, or slide to the side, it doesn’t pick up your finger movements. This is such a disappointment because the maps were very impressive and creative before. Now, you can’t even get past the first 4 stretches of them! The way that the maps look is also different. Many of them don’t seem to be as detailed as before, and so many of them look almost layered, but not in a good way. Even the homepage of the game and and the end game screen seem to be stretched out. In short, the graphics, gameplay, and overall quality of the game is very dissatisfying and disappointing. I would not recommend to anyone to play.
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