Temple Run

4.4 (332.6K)
172.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Imangi Studios, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Temple Run

4.42 out of 5
332.6K Ratings
3 years ago, PlayerPro23
It gets worse and worse
I used to enjoy playing this game a few years back, but then things started to go downhill. I had this game on a previous device, and it was pretty fun. A year passed, and I didn’t play for a while. Recently, I started playing again, expecting the same experience, but it’s not the same. Temple run was fun before it was practically taken over by pop up ads. If you die, it asks you if you want to revive yourself by watching an ad. However, if you pick no, it still makes you watch an ad. Then, when you are in the menu, pop up ads keep coming. That is not my only complaint. My next complaint is that it tells you to watch an ad to earn coins. Whenever I click on that option, it says my internet connection doesn’t work, but my internet is fine. My next complaint is that sometimes in the middle of a game, it kills me for no reason. I don’t fall into the water or bump into a tree or anything. My last complaint is that the game is kind of laggy. But I know it’s not my internet. I hope you were able to bear through my long list of complaints but please fix these bugs! 😔
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10 months ago, Shiverchick
Why I think temple is sort of a good game
I think temple one is a great game I’ve been I played the first one and the second one and they’re both really good but I think the first one’s much better than the second one and my sister has been planned since she was five years old and she is now 15 and and she said that it was the best game she’s ever played before and she used to play all the time and she really loved it and I think temper one is really good too but it’s like weird what’s up weird it’s just like it’s fun and all but like like some games on its board when I’m bored it gives me a headache and like I don’t really like to play it a lot anymore but I haven’t played temper one in like a year because usually when I’m at a place with no Wi-Fi or some thing I go on my phone and I play Temple one for like an hour or something but like after like 30 minutes or an hour I start getting a headache and like it’s really bad and stuff so I take ibuprofen and stuff that’s so that’s and I think it’s an awesome game and I absolutely love it but sometimes it’s not that good
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6 months ago, Lala(Jesus loves you all)
This game is really good!🤪
My siblings and I really enjoy playing this game. We have competitions to see who can get the most coins or who can run the farthest. We sit and take turns as a family sometimes. I think it is a really good game. There are NO ads and you can play it without Wifi. It is really fun that you can basically customize the game. When you get coins you can go to upgrades and make the game even better. You can make it how you want and even get resurrection wings. My siblings also like how it has a funny little thing up at the top after you die about what happened. Like you were doing the hokey-poky or “You forgot to duck!” There was only one problem I had with this game. I don’t know if it was just my device because it’s kinda old or the game its self, but mine used to glitch. It doesn’t anymore but it would glitch so bad that once it came back you would die because you couldn’t control it. Or it would go but it wouldn’t respond to what you were telling it to do. Other than that it is a REALLY good game. 👁✌🏻❤️🐷
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4 years ago, mac andcjeese
A great game, but some flaws
I’d like to start off by saying I really love the game. The concept is fairly original, and it’s simple and fun to play. But there are two things I don’t like. For starters, the fact that you have to tilt your device to get the coins. It seems unnecessary and I feel it would just be easier to swipe left and right. The other thing I dislike is how it gets faster and faster as time goes on. It gets quite hard to use and I feel myself getting stressed. Other than that though, I absolutely love the game. One of my favorite things it that you can customize your avatar. I also really enjoy the landscape design, it seems random but it’s really beautiful and detailed and and it brings the perfect idea of a jungle. One other note I have, however, is that the obstacles become repetitive and boring after time goes on, so maybe add different obstacles each time you unlock an achievement. Overall though, I love the concept and the game is just so much fun to play. Thank you to the developers for making it!
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1 year ago, koopa. kid
Great and nostalgic game ruined by ads
Are used to play this game when I was a little kid in around 2014 but it’s hard to get worse as I came back in 2020 I was depressed at the time and needed something to cheer me up so that’s why I redownloaded when I came back and it was overrun by pop-up ads it would say watch an ad to continue I literally almost cried as the memories of playing with my favorite characters we’re ruined 😡 it makes me feel old to think how when I was like what three I was playing this game and it was so fun but also gave me nightmares because I was little but now it’s ruined by pop-up ads I literally almost cried because it was such a good game before now ruined by pop up ads thank your creators of temple run if you decided to make it through my whole complaint sorry for grammatical issues I use voice type because I’m tired and bored thank you love OCTOLING20 oh and rip Technoblade you will be missed
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10 months ago, No_Name_ To_Know
Have a suggestion please read great game !!
Please read this developers. this game is soo fun but sometimes I get glitches and a lot of times I get miss clicks so I end up losing. Another thing is that when I bought the background it was telling me to download but at the time I didn’t have internet so a week later I checked to see that I could download it but it didn’t let me . No matter how many times I tried to download it it didn’t do anything . Please help me with that . I appreciate it . And I have a suggestion to make , the game is awesome I love how when you go under you get a 3 d type of view and you have 3 different places to run. But the thing is that you don’t have any options of how to run like the environment is the same. It would be great if you could give us options. I used to play temple run before but it was completely different. So when I went on this one it was diff but really good . So I just want to say the game is spectacular and if you could help me with the downloading issue that would be a great help and please consider my suggestion. Thank you and have a pleasant day .
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7 months ago, Angel-Bun
This game did not age well
I loved subway surfers and when I saw the pictures for this game it didn’t look as good as subway surfers, which is why I didn’t play it until today. But trust me, the pictures were right. It’s not a bad game and it played well but there were some problems. 1. Its boring. The reason why I liked subway surfers is because there was more than the idea. There was power ups, seasons, and marathons to keep it fresh. All you do is just move your character. There is no reason for me to want to play it again. There are power ups in the game, but they cannot compare to subway, surfers. Maybe do with Subway surfers did and make it worth it to make me play it again 2. It did not age well. The graphics on this game come straight from early smart phones. It doesn’t look good on the eyes compared to subway surfers. That combined with the boys and gameplay is not a good experience. Seeing the pictures of the second game seems to acknowledge my criticism and I am going to play it in the future. And if it’s not good, then I’m going to stick to Subway surfers.
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4 years ago, poolkk
Amazing Game!!! ❤️👍🏻😇😃
When my friend realized that I still play "Subway Surfers" at the age 13, she decided to "tease" me about it. I was upset but I really like games like that so I decided to start looking for other games like that for "older kids". I found a bunch of games including this one. I tried them all and they didn't work very well, there were so many ads on them and too many In app purchases, so eventually I decided to try out this game, I said to myself "this is amazing!!" I love how you can not only decide what path you take, but also have more obstacles, like trees, fire, etc. I also like how there are no ads (for me at least). Whenever my mom tells me to go to my room or something because I'm too crazy from my ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) I pull out my iPad and play this for a half hour, it's really fun and does't have any annoying glitches or ads, it's easy to play, and it's just overall an amazing game! I hope you make more games like this!!!!! ❤️😇🙃😃😛😝😋🙂😊😀😄
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2 years ago, sleepingscout505
So I love this game but I just hate the adds. If you die then you have the choice to watch an add and continue. So I just didn’t want to watch an add so I decided to just start over. So when I clicked that… and ADD started playing! So there is no point! They shouldn’t even give you an option. If it says watch an add and continue, then I’ll do that if I’m willing! But if it also has the option to just restart. Then don’t put and add on it!!! Because it should be an even option. Like watch an add but get to carry on, or restart but don’t have to watch an add. Except you don’t have a choice. I want to carry on but either way you have to watch a stupid add. And I’m not even that bothered by adds! It just made me really mad that I had been wasting my time! Even though I hate that thing about it! I still think it’s a fun game…..
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3 years ago, Geareman
I loved this game when it came out, played it all the time in middle school. Just re downloaded it for the first time since 2014 and it’s lost a lot of the magic. As others have said, too many ads. In a world where every game is over saturated with stupid ads that are untrue to actual gameplay, I would’ve hoped this one would’ve stayed the same, but no it’s full of ads. Also as other have pointed out, when you die it asks “watch an ad to continue?” and when you say no you still have to watch an ad (albeit a slightly shorter one). And probably the biggest deal to me, they’ve ruined the dead screen. Used it would have a little graphic showing how the character died in your run (fell, ran into a tree, caught on fire, whatever). But in their turn to greed they did away with that so ALL you see is the “watch an ad to continue?” question. It’s sad that it’s so bad now, it’s not that interesting of a game to really overlook how annoying that is. Not worth the re download imo
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4 years ago, ✨🍯✨✨
If you want to watch ads all day and hardly play the game, this is for you.
I felt compelled to review this, as it was such a fun game when I was a kid, I could play it for hours. I downloaded it again recently and first of all, the game is overwhelming with ads. If you die, you’re forced to watch an ad even if you decline to watch an ad to continue. Second of all, the ads sometimes have music that blares through the speakers and I have my phone on silent always. I don’t need to be bombarded by loud, obnoxious game ads that look boring anyway. So going out of the app and refreshing it clears the loud ad out of the way and you can start over in the game. However, after doing this, the game will glitch and freeze, and immediately if you’re at an edge, your character runs off the edge and dies because you don’t have time to swipe to make him turn. Then once again, you get the “watch ad to continue?” And you’ll be watching an advertisement even if you decline. Feels like it’s fixed just to make you watch boring game ads. Shame.
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4 years ago, bumblebee209
not even a minute into the game....
I remember playing this game all the time as a kid and when i saw it in the app store again, I decided to give it a go again. It downloaded in less than a minute and I entered the app, like any normal game. Not even a full minute into the game, I was going through the tutorial and my player kept on disappearing into thin air and it just restarted the tutorial again. I don’t remember this ever happening when I used to play this as a kid. I still really wanted to actually play the game so i restarted the app and still, it happens once again. I then restarted my PHONE, because maybe it was my devices problem. I load the app again and still, my player disappears about 20 seconds into the game MULTIPLE TIMES. I can’t even make it through the tutorial without it crashing!!!! I’m really disappointed because like I said, this game was so much fun to play as a kid and for it not even to work is just sad. Playing this years ago I would give it a 5 star review but playing this in the present is just a disappointing 1 star review.
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1 year ago, EZE Ruthless
Ridiculously greedy developers
I had this game back in 2011, when it was actually playable. Picked it up again tonight after not playing it for years, and was completely shocked by how much the developers have ruined it. They’ve added a pop-up app for literally every single life, asking if you want to “Watch an ad to continue?” And even if you select “no”, it STILL shows you an ad. The sheer greed of these developers is staggering. Look, this isn’t a game that’s unknown, or brand new. It’s not a game or a group of indie developers who are struggling to make ends meet. No, this is a popular game that’s been around forever, and while other games like this have eventually gone free, these guys have doubled down and tried to bilk as many players as they can. Im surprised they didn’t try to charge a monthly “subscription fee” for each additional demonic monkey chasing the runner. Step aside, EA and 2K: when it comes to obnoxious gluttony from in-game ads and purchases, these developers have demanded that you hold their beer.
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2 years ago, eric the cheeseburger
I love it but…
So i really like this game, its awesome to play when your bored, not to mention the addictiveness to this video game. I absolutely love it. But there is one flaw, and it is that the gem forces you to get a treasure chest when you have to jump over a obstacle and when you die the treasure chest will make you open it up and you HAVE to press claim all there is no other option then to chose claim all and if you chose claim all it makes you watch an add. So i would advise dodging the treasure chests in the game as much as possible. If you don’t want to do that then turn off the Wi-Fi on your device it makes it so even when you have to press claim all there’s no internet so you don’t have to watch an add and you can continue playing this awesome game without adds. Other then that, i love it! Keeps me entertained.
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3 years ago, nickkk ok
This game is terrible no hate..
So when I was a kid I used to love this game, but as I got older it’s kinda bad like, lemme explain. 1st one day it forgot all my data like my power ups disappeared all my progress just GONE!!! 2nd, ok this started like just a year ago. It was just a normal day and I load on to the game like a normal person then as I started playing ads were popping up I had no problem with it, but when I died they game asked me a question it said “ do you wanna watch a ad to get some coins” and I clicked no because I already had lots of coins, and it still made me watch the ad it kinda made me mad but I just kept on playing the game until it started doing it again. It made me mad so I got of the game. 3rd, Another day, I started playing the game and it started lagging I checked my WiFi and it was just fine so I just said “ oh it’s probably just the game” until it started happening again, and again, and again it made me mad so I just got off. I will have to give this game 1 star…
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4 years ago, Littlesouthernlady
Not a good as it once was
I used to play this game several years ago when it first came out. Although simple, it was addictive and fun. I recently redownloaded it, but I’m sad there have been some not so great changes made. 1. The ads. Oh goodness, the ads. I can appreciate the need to make money with ad revenue, but this game has literally been taken over. The irony of pushing “no” when it asks if you want to watch an ad to continue playing and then getting to watch an ad anyway is not lost on me. 🙄 2. It no longer tells you your distance. I only know how far I’ve gone after I’ve lost? 3. I played yesterday and then logged on today to find that it forgot all my data. All the powerups and achievements from yesterday’s games were gone and I had to start all over. The premise of this game is great, and it’s still fun, but the changes have most definitely left it wanting.
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8 months ago, Just another reviewer 🫠
Great entertainer but needs a little work
Ok to start off this is a GREAT app but there are a couple of things that need work. For some there might be a little to many ads but ads are not the main issue.😁 Ok so when the dude is running whatever way u tilt your phone is the way the dude is gonna move ok so for example your playing the game and you want to be on the right side of the bridge so your probably gonna tilt your phone towards the right but it won’t do anything you’ll stay in the middle so that can affect the game when there is an obstacle in the way.😔 Another thing is that the turns register late so you swipe left so you can turn left, well sometimes it won’t work and you fall🙁and same thing for swiping down and up and turning right. And one more thing I would love to have more characters to choose from because all we have is that one guy I would love to have a girl or just more characters in general.😊😍 These are minor issues but it would be great if you put these in consideration. But like I said this is a great game I would definitely recommend!!!☺️ I’m so sorry for making this so very long but I hope I made my point across in a very understanding way.😊
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2 years ago, bookWormMomTCU
This is a ad that needs paying ration to! 😫
This game is and okey game perfect to play, but glitches and bugs are in this! Glitch please fix: when you run and turn some times it freezes so you fall of into the water fix the glitch please! Bug: it asks if you want to revive through a ad if you click no the ad plays any way! I’m a kid and love tubing games but this truly is a bad game. Please remove ad if you say NO I don’t want to pay 4.99 for no ads! Please improve and make this game fun and worth it. Also I have played and not got new skin just a bit in a white shirt. I WOULD LIKE A GIRL! Please please please fix this list and pay Attila to the other ads! Thank you! Also please fix the super word looking monkeys the sound effects are good but the monkeys look like running plants this is the best I can’t say
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3 years ago, #Thegameappreviewer
Ok so I haven’t played this game in a long time and I’m playing it now and there are a couple of bugs. 1. Whenever I start I get chased by the crazy monkeys like always. But on that first turn you take to get away from the monkeys I slide the person on my screen and he doesn’t turn! 2. SO MANY ADS!!! There are so many ads for everything! It’s ridiculous! When I die a little scroll pops up saying I can revive myself. I usually don’t revive myself because I know there will be an ad for that. There’s another scroll under the first scroll that says restart or something like that. And I figure that if I press the second scroll then won’t be any ads. NOPE!!! There’s still an ad! Please lower the ad range a lot because it’s getting really annoying! Sorry I said so much! Peace! ✌️
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4 years ago, Bigdave189
temple run is pretty cool
I like this game. There are very few minor things that could be fixed but other than those things, (I will list them here) it is a good game 1: It is glitchy. I guess this just comes with the fact it is old though. 2: The obstacles get a little boring after a while. They keep reapeating so I would suggest maybe updating as you get farther into the game. 3: The timing on the jumps for coins and over obstacles is impossible sometimes! It is just... terrible sometimes... 4: So when I get acheivments it will tell me after I got it. But when I go to objectives, it says I still havent gotten that acheivment so fix that please. 5: A lot of the times when there is a fork in the road, it doesnt detect it when I swipe left or right and it thinks i swiped up. 6: This is the thing that makes me the most mad. 😡 After I die it gives me the option of whether or not to watch an ad to continue. EVEN IF I CHOOSE no IT SHOWS ME AN AD!!! It is so annoying! FIX THIS please!!! Overall it is a fun game to play in your freetime. I remebered playing it when I was little and now it is something if I am bored I can just click on and have fun. Thank you for reading and considering my review!🙂
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2 years ago, layne.staley1998
Temple run is going down hill
Game use to be fun. I use to play it all of the time. Re downloaded a few months ago and the game was alright. I downloaded again recently, and they did away with the menu where everything was organized. Can’t change coins, can’t easily navigate around where artifacts are, what characters you’re using. Game is a lot more laggy then when I downloaded it a few months ago. Game was doing great and moving forward a few months ago. Whatever they did here is just ruining the game. The ads can be annoying, but the people complaining about the ads aren’t the brightest. Just turn your phone on airplane mode. It’s a shame that has to be done, but whatever. Look into brining back the menu, and the customization options into the game. Game lacks the ability to stay entertained like it did in the past. I’ll play it for now, but I’m not impressed.
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3 years ago, Badkins7145
Removing ads doesn’t remove ads
I’ve not played the game in a few years and decided to try it out again. This time my experience has not been so great. There’s an ad for when you die and if you want to keep going you have to watch it, if you don’t you still get hit with an ad. If you want to double your coins there’s an ad for that. There’s an ad for everything. So I decided I would pay the $1.99 to get rid of ads. Well that didn’t work either. You still have to watch an ad to keep going if you die. The only thing I can tell I got for my $1.99 purchase was I no longer have to watch an ad when I die and go back to the menu instead of watching an ad to keep going. The whole point of making the purchase was so I didn’t have to watch an ad when I die to keep going. Very disappointed and fell like I just completely wasted $1.99. Dont remove the ads unless you want to waste your money and still be forced to watch ads.
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6 months ago, Izzy-Ted
Pretty good game!
So, about 3-5 days ago someone recommended me this game.I decided to download it and this is how it went. So at first it asks if you are 16 or older (I’m not) But the game says 9+ which I am older than, so I pressed yes. Then, I started to play and it was fine. Decent, but challenging. Honestly, I do not know why they said 16+ because it’s just an obstacle with you getting chased by wild monkeys lol. But I guess they have their reasons. I only don’t like how the game keeps going, and J don’t know if even ends. I have played a lot and keep dying after… idk like 4-6 mins. I get all the coins in the side bar, but there’s more coins in game. Overall, I give this game 4 outta 5 stars because a few problems but it is a good game. Decent. Please say this review was helpful, and thank you for your time!
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4 years ago, Bindycatt
gone downhill
this game used to be super fun, I played it back when I got my first ipod in 6th grade. I got pretty good but ultimately stopped playing for a few years. I’m a senior in high school now and I decided to play again for nostalgia’s sake but I didn’t expect all the ads! when you die, there’s a popup that asks if you want to continue by watching an ad. if you say no, it still plays the ad! there doesn’t seem to be a way to buy your way out of the ads, not that I would if I could. they’re also the worst kind of ad on a mobile game: the kind that bait you to interact with it and after a few taps redirects you to the app store. these are 30 second ads that get really boring. I don’t want to play kim kardashian hollywood and never will. I also no longer want to play temple run. the game itself is still the OG of this kind of game, but it’s gone way down in quality due to the ads.
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3 years ago, Maha Abdalkarim
Playing Temple Run is fun and bad
Hi there, I played your game a long time ago. And then recently I decided to play Temple Run. I love playing Temple run. I have been playing with the game a lot. It’s super fun and interesting to play. But, the one thing that does annoy me is that, when I bump into to something and then I die it asks if I want to run again to watch an add. However, whenever I press the red ex button there still is an add even though I said no. And there is just way to many adds for no reason. And I don’t mind tilting your device but it would be easier just using your fingers and thumb to go left or right to get the coins. Please fix all of that. But other than that, I still love playing this game and it’s very fun & enjoyable! Thank you! Hope you have had a great morning, afternoon, evening, or night!
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5 years ago, The Bardette
Lots of fun, but too many ads
Temple Run was one of the first apps I got on my phone several years ago and I loved it. Stopped playing it for a while so after much deliberation I deleted it. Re-downloaded it today because I needed a fun game on my phone. Very happy with it, aside from ads popping up every single time you die. Yes, if you would like to continue the run you're on, watching an ad is appropriate to get that ability. However, if you press the button to decline the offer, you shouldn't have to watch an ad anyway to do anything else in the app. It's very annoying, especially if you're listening to music on your phone while playing- then every time an ad pops up the music stops and you have to resume it when the ad ends.
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3 years ago, PIZZA HEAD 101
So I hope the emojis made you feel better but I have some bad news for you I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hate this temple run because it’s so boring and I don’t like that you just can’t change your avatar do you have to wait to have certain amount of coins and I really don’t like that I feel like you should be able to customize it and everything and it’s not as fun as all the other temple runs it way less fun you know what I mean maybe you don’t cause you’re the maker I’m sorry but I really do not do not do not like this game and I think I’m gonna delete it from my phone.
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2 years ago, Bobodzhanov
Please read this review.
First off I’d like to say that I loved this game when I was a kid. But it changed and not in a good way. First, I really hate the ads. I hate them so much. It’s so annoying when it says “would you like to watch an ad to continue?” I say no and it does the ad anyway! But, I found a way to fix that. Here is a tip, turn off your Wi-Fi when you play this game. Next, the pictures when you ended the run are super graphic for kids. I really think you should just do words and not pictures. I also don’t really mind the tilting thing but it would be a lot easier to just move your finger left or right on your screen to get the coins like the game, Subway Surfers. I’d also like to add that when you play the game it gets way too hard and really fast when you really get into it. This is why I have to give this game a 2 star rating.
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3 years ago, sammyballgame24
Still the same experience I had years back I still see some people complain about these bugs but they a few and far between I have never seen any of these plus with a game that’s from a few years back your bound have some bugs, I see a lot of people complain about ads one person said “if I wanted to continue the run I have to watch ads, but if I click no I still have to watch ads anyway” well one it’s normal to have ads if you want a revive and 2 you have to watch ads at the end of the run anyways so stop complaining. Overall still a 5/5 great game not perfect with bugs but less than there once were!
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4 years ago, Mark the Rooster
Love making the Demon Monkeys fall into the water
In this game your character runs frantically from a gang of hideous demon monkeys. By simple swipes you must direct your hero over a series of random obstacles and a maze of perilous pathways fraught with dangers, where one small slip sends our intrepid explorer plunging to his death or stumbling into the jaws of the monkey horde. I enjoyed this game immensely; however it becomes an easy task to reach the end of the maze once you discover how to trick the monkeys into falling into the water. After that, you can take your time getting to the maze’s end without fear of your hero being chased. I still love watching the money’s fall into the water. The developers did an excellent job with the graphics of the monkeys smacking into the water like a parade of possessed lemmings.
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2 weeks ago, PowerUp5
Great nostalgic game
Controls are smooth and really good, character options are nice because each character has a different quote when you die along with a picture. And all the different power ups you get along the way definitely help me, and upgrading them helps even more! This endless running game makes me want to break my high score all the time and complete all the missions. And now, you can watch and ad to revive yourself! The only problem is that distance is measured in meters, and I wished feet/yards/miles would be used. I'm not too familiar with meters, so if there was an option to change that, that would be great. Thanks for all the memories!
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2 years ago, dtcubivtsrcj
So many glitches
I’ve had this game for a few years now and it used to be really fun. Now there r ads even when u say no ad for revive. There r also manh glitches for when I pause the game. When I press paise it sometimes doesn’t register and I end up dying. It also just kills me randomly when I didn’t run into anything. In the game you can get the power ups for the beginning of the game. My fav is the boost 2500m at the start. However, multiple times it doesn’t work right. It is supposed to go through obsticals and make turns for u but many times it didn’t turn for me and I just ran right off the edge. This is in them middle of the boost so I know it’s not just my mistake. Pls fix these glitches and less ads too. Other than that the game is pretty fun and I play a lot
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2 years ago, Kori Shea
Too Many Ads
PlayerPro23 was right in their review, but they gave 4 stars. I’ll give it *3*. When you fail, the game asks if you want to watch an ad to keep going where you left off or just end. Despite this, they will still show you the same ad when if click “no”. I understand that ads help pay for the game and what not, but this game is (or was, it has been 10 years since this game came out) very popular. You’d think with enough downloads, and everyone watching the occasional ad, it would suffice. I’d say it’s borderline greedy to get the consumer to watch an ad every time they end the game, regardless of if they want to keep going or not. I’ll definitely only be playing one round at a time, and I’ll just close it when I fail lol. Only solution 🤷🏼‍♀️
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2 years ago, abcdcoolgamr
Not good don’t play
Whenever you want to move it goes another way it might slide down or it might jump up it just goes anyway it’s stupid that has made me died in this game so many times and two times you make a mistake you’re dead two times I hate the game oh and when I’m trying to check how I died where there was like a diamonds and revive and stuff like that I’m not near the diamonds and then I then when I tried to swipe just to practice and see how I like died it takes a gem from me and the gems are rare and you have to pay money for them or you could just run like 1 million times to just find one gem. Whatever you do just don’t play the game if you don’t want to die if you’re like competitive and you hate dying all the time and who you were just about to beat your high score and you die because of the game then don’t play the game TempleRun2 is stupid.
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4 years ago, Player1richy
Fun game inaccurate score in stats
I really like this game even all this time after it’s release but in occasion you can beat your score and what it shows at the end of the run when you die is not what it shows in stats. I wouldn’t have noticed this until I took screenshots of this to show a friend and I saw my score in stats was lower in the middle 3 numbers. In both my score was 6,***,195 but the numbers where I have stars are different. The amount of coins I had were the exact same but my meters run was shorter my 1 meter on the stats page. It’s a tiny bug I know but that’s why it gets 4 stars. At least I was actually able to screen shot both and know I had a higher score while I was playing.
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1 year ago, loving girl temple run
Get this game!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
This game is so good you need to get it! This game catches my attention for sure I tell myself that I will only play it for 5 minutes and then I end up playing it for a hour straight! You really need it listen to me when I say that the adds are worth it I am addicted to this game and not in a bad way! If you really need a new game to play and you can’t find a good one you should get this game and to those of you who love football 🏈 there is a football player on this game! They have amazing girls, who are very strong, and independent . There are also very strong boys! if you are craving a game look no further this game is amazing, awesome, and so good!
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3 years ago, doopy girrrrrl
Awesome and nostalgic
Ok so here’s the thing. There are a lot of reviews complaining about ads, and how you get a chance to watch an ad to revive, and then have to watch one after. But the ads you have to watch to revive are 30 seconds, while the ad you watch after you die you can skip it in two seconds. And I think that people are forgetting that this game is free, and the people who made this are just trying to make money. And do people really have no attention span if they can’t sit for 30 seconds if you want a revive. Like really??? This game is awesome and don’t let the ads ruin it for you. Thanks for making this game!
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6 years ago, Otakuanimegirl1
This game will never die
I love temple run and I know there are some haters but who cares temple run is a very fun game . I’ve played this game since I was six I discovered it on my Aunty’s phone but still I will always love temple run ❤️!!! And shout out to the creators of this game you guys are going somewhere whether it’s technology or not you’ll make it in the real world and you already are !!! Let me say this one more time though this game will never ever ever ever ever die . Why won’t it die umm I don’t know probably cause I’ll be playing it . Sike I won’t always be playing this but I will what I mean is I won’t spend a day beating levels but I love this game the creators of this game your amazing #Templerunwontdie 🏃🏾‍♀️🏛
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2 years ago, malhotra81
Paid to remove ads but keep getting the pop-up still
Good app but 2 issues with this app that I’m facing right now 1. I paid $2 to remove the ads. However after every run I still keep getting the pop up saying Do you want to watch the ad to continue? When I tap the no option it does not show any ads as I’ve paid for it but why the need to show this pop up if I’ve paid already?? This is very annoying. Please remove this pop up if I’ve paid to remove the ads 2. I have 2 devices with same Apple ID. I’ve paid to remove ads using this Apple ID. However, the device I used when paying no longer show the ads. My second device still shows ads. It doesn’t recognise my same Apple ID and that I’ve paid already and wants me to pay again to remove ads.
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2 years ago, BadPuzzleGame
Mediocre ad-filled runner which is only redeemed by nostalgia factor
If you played this back in the day, you will enjoy the nostalgia factor. For people who have never played this game, you have missed the time when this game was great. Now, it is FILLED with advertisements to the point where it is OBNOXIOUS. Temple Run presents the concept of choice asking whether or not you would like to run an ad to resurrect your character after death to continue the run. No matter what you pick, yes or no, you will still get an ad. It’s extremely obnoxious. I would recommend more up to date games such as Subway Surfers or Into The Dead, games that have no aged well and the quality would at least give me an excuse to bear obnoxious ads (if they had as many)
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3 years ago, Kitten lover 🐱
I didn't download this app to watch adds...
Ok. I LOVE this game. In modern society, pretty much every game that any child and adult either introduce or throw in politics. This game doesn't. It's original, and the graphics are good. Now, listen. I played this game when I was a kid. I KNOW that I might be fourteen, but still! It was just the greatest game ever. So, I decided to download a free hassle free app. Then, all of a sudden, the game's integrity completely changed. When you die and it asks you if you want to watch a video, I normally say no. But then it makes you watch an add, even though you told it no. And it's the SAME add! Come on, Temple Run, what happened?! Thanks for reading y'all, and take care, - addhater2000
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5 months ago, Liv chip
The worst
I had this game a long time ago and I just started playing it and it is already boring when you die in the game it says you can watch a add to Resume but if you do not want to keep going it still makes you watch a add it is so annoying and stupid also sometimes it says Wi-Fi down when my Wi-Fi is fine and sometimes when I get into the game or press main menu it gives me a pop up add and then I have to wait for the adds to be over when I just want to play the dang game because sometimes the adds are so long😡!!!! Another complaint I have is that sometimes when I swipe or tilt my I pad it dose not work sometimes. So pls fix this bug soon
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10 months ago, SheaUnicorn🦄
god i love this game🩷
this is the most nostalgic thing ever. i have been playing temple run since i was like 4. those were happier days, but anyway.. this is the best mobile game! i love how it is an endless, simple and fun game to play whenever. today i played it in the car while being driven to camp. so fun. but i do have some suggestions. well, only two. the useless grunts whenever your character jumps! that is kind of annoying. also the ads! everyone else has also talked about the ad issue but it is really bad. i watch an ad after every run. it asks if you want to watch and ad to revive, and even if you click no it still plays one. like i get that you need money, but this game has millions of downloads so how much do you really need? however since the game works without wifi you could just put on airplane mode and avoid the ads. maybe just decrease it to an ad after every three runs. but other than that great game. so nostalgic and fun🩷🩷 thank you imangi
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3 years ago, Pheonyxx Wolfe
Used to be better
When I played this game a few years back, it was awesome! But now it’s getting disappointing. My first complaint goes something like this... SO. MANY. ADS. I get that sometimes you have to use them to keep your game going, especially if it’s free on the App Sore or whatever you bought it on. But seriously, can we tone down the ads here people?! When you die now, it says that you can revive or start over. To revive yourself you have to watch an ad. That makes sense to me. When you start over you have to watch an ad. WHAT?! Like, I specifically said that I didn’t want to watch an ad. Why? Something that I do like though, is the fact that you can now fall off of the rock path. Very realistic. Good job. But seriously, less ads please? 🥺🥺🥺
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4 years ago, bethels77
Constant ads and inappropriate ad content for 9+
My son apparently played this game in the school library, and so I downloaded it onto our iPad to play at home. It started by asking if he was over / under 16. I said under and they confirmed that he would be able to play normally. Less then a minute into play, when his character died, it asked “watch an ad to continue?” We said no, but it went to an ad anyway. The first ad was for a Sponge Bob game, the second time it was something else, and the third time It was a video game ad showing the back view of a woman in a bikini gunning people down with an AK47. The ads themselves in between are totally annoying, and I would get rid of this app just because of that. But the 3rd ad was completely inappropriate for a 9 year old boy. This app is supposed to be 9+, and the ads should be appropriate for this age range as well.
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6 years ago, L0veP@nd@
It’s ok but it could be better.
So, when I first opened the app I was so excited! Everyone at my school and everyone I know has it. It was really cool at first, but then there was a new Temple Run. I got Temple Run 2 and I loved it! It is so much better than this version of it. I like Temple Run 2 better because you have a choice of what kind of coin you want to have. Like for thanksgiving, there was pumpkin pie coins, and for Halloween it was candy or something like that. I rated it two stars because one, the characters are so expensive. Two, it is much more slow than Temple Run 2. Three, Temple Run 2 is way more detailed. Still, I love the game and it was the first version I ever played. Thank you for reading this and taking time to get what I’m saying. Merry Christmas!🎄🎄🎄🙂🙂🙂
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2 years ago, Have an amazing day!☀️✨
Great game
I used to play this game a lot and I remember loving it! so recently I decided to play it again, I love this game and there is nothing wrong with it I would recommend this game to anyone of any age, I just feel there are some improvements that can be made. For starters the water texture could be improved. The texture is just so- I don’t know… Boring. Also when you die there are little descriptions of how you died and a picture and those are good but could always be improved. It was hard to find things to be improved in this game, it is overall an amazing game. Have a nice day! 😊
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2 years ago, GNG1919
Good, but could be perfect
I played this game for a long time, and then sort of just stopped. I downloaded it again expecting the same experience, and it was almost it. However, pop up ads have basically taken over, and that makes it a lot worse. I also don’t like that when you are super far, there are sections that you can’t do. For example, when you are going super fast, you can’t make a short jump to save your run. Overall, I have had a great time playing, and I hope you fix these small grievances and keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Totalcatfan
Fun, but sad.
READ THIS PEOPLE: Ok, so, where do I begin? The game in general is great. Playing it is tons of fun. Wondering why I gave it three stars? Let me explain... WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH PUTTING AN AD WHERE IT SHOULDN'T BE!!! LIKE NO, YOU DONT DO THAT!!!! Basically, when you die in the game, there are two choices: either, you watch an ad to revive or press X and get out. The problem? Don’t put an ad with X if we don’t press the revive button! The REASON we don’t press the revive button is so we don’t have to watch. Isn’t it obvious?! Of course I want to revive, but it’s not worth watching an ad for it, so don’t put one when we press X! This game used to be fun, but now it’s just one of those other infested mobile games milking money from ads. Also, the bugs are hilariously dumb (but maybe that’s just my phone so I won’t complain about that) and when you do the running-power thing it sometimes stops right at a place where you can die, which is simply annoying. I used to play this game with my little bro way back. I downloaded this game for old times sake. I was disappointed. UPDATE: Hi! So, I got a response. Thank you! I will try the update, hopefully it goes well. Thank you for responding to my review.
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4 years ago, Blond Bond
If you want to avoid the 30 second ads after you lose, just force close the app and reopen it. It’s a lot quicker than watching the endless ads and you still get your coins and such. The game is now programmed to make you lose at some point to shove ads in your face. Examples include: not registering your moves and having you run into something or off the trail when you certainly made a move to avoid that happening, slowing down your character when resurrected and making them so slow that you might lose soon after because it can’t jump high enough over a tree or cliff, making the character run very fast and not giving you enough time to make the right move, adding more obstacles that are impossible to avoid (a tree stump right in front of a broken cliff, etc.). Stock up on resurrection wings.
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