Tempo - Music Video Maker

Photo & Video
4.7 (144.9K)
188.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
QuVideo Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tempo - Music Video Maker

4.74 out of 5
144.9K Ratings
3 years ago, ✨||•Editing_Queen•||✨
✨•Amazing App•✨
This has to be one of the most easiest editing apps I have ever used! Some of the good qualities about the app are if you don’t want to pay for the app you can still use it because there are some transitions that are free. The creators also adds new transitions everyday at some time. I have only had the app for about a half a month and I’ve made over 30 edits!!! All you do is select pictures from your camera roll in the order you want the pictures to go and the app does the rest for you! The app also works in the car I don’t know if that’s just for me but it does work in my car. Now every app has at least one thing wrong with it and to be fair this one has about 1 or 2 for me. I have no idea if this is just me but when I finish an edit and I want to see how it looks, if it’s a fast moving transition it will lag even if I have WiFi. Another thing is how somethings I’ll have enough storage and the app will just put a big text on my screen implying that I can’t do that edit, even if it’s an transition that’s free. That could also just be me but again I’m not for sure. Over all this app is amazing and if your thinking about getting it then get it because it’s the easiest editing app you’ll ever use! Thanks for reading and enjoy the app!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, BrieTiana
I hate it
This app used to be amazing until the new update. Now all of the templates are just trash, and pretty soon I’m just gonna delete it because I don’t know what the use of an app with trashy templates that I don’t wanna use. All the things that I liked about this app are now gone, and all my favorite templates are gone, this is a tragedy, because I really love this app, but I guess I was wrong downloading it. and now my favorite template, bring me your phone, got edited and I hate the music on it, it sounds horrible, I really hate this app now! It used to be great, but now you wanted to make your trashy updates and now I don’t wanna use it anymore. Thanks for some useless trashy update that I hate, I hope I can find a better app than tempo trash.
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4 years ago, Special Kay 1985
Please read if you really want to know about the app before you get it I think you should
It’s a nice app but I just wish that there were more African American models in the edits because so far I haven’t seen any and any time I try to make my own edit the traditions are laggy and trash so for one I can’t see my transitions really until I’m done and it’s so laggy to the point where I eventually don’t even bother and just start using the same transitions left and right.I remember when I first got the app and everything was really good the music and the transitions but everything just started becoming pro and I don’t believe in buying stuff in apps and if you don’t I WOULDN'T recommend getting this app because all of the free edits in my opinion are trash but at least I can still edit and one time my cousin came over and sometimes she has random sessions whenever she’s sees to much movement and I let her see what was in my phone and she cane across tempo and she wanted to see what it was so she opened one of the edits in there and she had an episode so that’s bad and I also would recommend it if you can’t handle flashing lights and j guess it’s kind of my fault for letting her see everything on my phone but you could at least put a Flashing lights warning Overall I don’t even know why I still have this app lol but it’s a 2 out of five really sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad
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2 years ago, N o t a
Its good but needs some work
I’m putting a four star because this is kind a like TikTok also you have to post something on TikTok then post it on tempo to get your video on the app and you should let people make their own audios plus my sister has made videos and some wont even save like 5 days ago my sister made a video and today it told her The original clip has been en deleted or moved. Delete this draft? It wont even let her see the video she made so she can post it also it doesn't have a-lot of videos . People should be able to comment and make videos and post them on tempo also you have to put in your TikTok acc and insta acc name?! No you should be able to just create and have fun and this app should have kid restrictions because they have cuss words and girls showing half of their body like on girl was wearing a tube top, plus this app needs to get rid of the ads because whenever i leave and come back on an add is there so work on the app. But i like it, it has good audios and you can make videos and save them its cool but don’t be to much like TikTok
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4 years ago, Harper Bluebird
Need more good & free transitions
I like the app for what it offers, but there’s so many good audios that you need to pay money for and transitions. The transitions are basically the same ones on Funimate. I’m looking for lots of transitions and audios where half are free and half aren’t and make the free ones good transitions and audios at least? I don’t want to use the same transition for my edit. I deleted this app after I went into it because at first I liked it because of the audios but when I went into the editing, it looked pricey and there’s only THREE transitions that are free, possibly four but I saw three. The rest costed Pro. It’s kinda frustrating when looking for a new editing app, you are disappointed. The ad I saw for this looked like it had cool effects and transitions as well as audios, and the audio part was true, but the rest wasn’t. Sure you have some effects and transitions but I’m looking for transitions that aren’t the same as everyone else’s. I’m giving it two stars because of the audio and how I liked how it was organized. The rest I’m kind of disappointed.
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4 years ago, Fathiaq
My app keeps crashing and doesn’t save my work
Hi I am a pro member on this app and I really like using the app to edit videos. I am having a few problems. As I am editing either my image or video.... the app will suddenly crash then loosing my whole edit!. Their needs to be a way for you guys to fix the crashing. you guys also need to add a save button that will save your uncompleted as well as completed work that way I can come back later and continue my edit I didn’t finish. Their should be an auto save like most apps have that way if you don’t finish your edit or the app crashes your work is still safe. I paid extra money to receive the pro extras and I’m very upset to find out that the app isn’t letting me save my unfinished work and keeps crashing even tho I paid extra. I think you guys need to also add more interesting transitions for us pros to use. Please fix the problem soon or I’ll want my money back! I hope it gets you guys fix it soon because I really like editing on this app. Thanks
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2 years ago, cookie bubbels
This is a good app but there’s some problems
So reasons why I give a four out of 10 is that whenever I see a like a trending video and I go to click on it and I like use my time to wisely to get it for the video you know like usual but and then once I’m done it gives me like this pop-up which I don’t really know if y’all really get it but it shows me “ subscribe for like three days” and ignore this annoys me sorry I’m to lazy to go back And once I click the X Mark it shows like a pop-up on the top like subscribe or like something and I really annoys me because it’s a really good edit so I would really like you to fix it but I also have a reason but like y’all have like a reason why 100% I get it but it’s just really annoying for me and please say something back I would really enjoy you telling me something yeah that’s it bye!
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2 years ago, robloxloverhehehe
I love this app but some of them cost money
I love this app I remember I deleted it but I wanted to add it back I love it there are a lot of different types of music but overall the prices aren’t good because the cheapest one is 25 or 26 I don’t remember and the height is like 60 witch is very over priced but it’s still a very good game to make edits and very easy would recommend playing this if you are into edits it’s very easy all you have to do is take pictures or get them from google is your lazy like me. I am very sorry that it was this long. Also today is a new day to make your world a better place to be. I am sorry in school it’s a meme hehehe bye have a great day and remember….. today is a new day to make your world a better play to be. Byeeeeeee
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2 years ago, horsegirlholly😘
This is what they use for tiktok 🤔
So, some edits on Tiktok are not from scratch, they are actually used from something like this that you just pick photos and then let the app do the rest. It's actually one of the best "non-scratch" editing apps ever. I actually really like it, and use it when I am very lazy and don't want to edit a video on my own. You can search videos that you want to make and this makes my friends really happy because they say they don't know how to edit and this helps them out. Thanks for making an app that I can use when I am lazy and don't want to make my own edit from scratch. This is actually very easy editing apps ever. Thanks again. 🥰
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4 years ago, gucci club all
The new templates :(
Just to let you know I love Tempo, it’s my life, but I just started noticing something today, so I started to take a break from tempo and lost on tic tok but today I decided to check and I saw some new templates like ruin my life, believer, and others, so on the first one ruin my life I put in 5 videos and 2 pictures, but when it was ready for me to look at, it only showed 1 photo out of the 7 I chose for all of the transitions on there, then the same template came on again with the second photo and only that one, it’s only the new ones that are doing this, not the old ones, but it only acts up like that when there are videos I add, so can you pls fix it or see what’s up, cause if this keeps happing with the new templates, then I’m going to leave this app and leave a bad review, and I don’t want to do that. 😥
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3 years ago, lil the cat
Really good editor app if you are lazy to edit!
If you are having a hard time editing on any other editing apps that are too hard to do or learn get this app! 😙 It is so easy! All you do is find a song and video you like and then pick a few pictures and there it is! Out comes a edited awesome video! And especially if you are lazy to learn how to edit videos with other apps GET THIS APP NOW!!! It edits it for you! All you do is pick the pre made video and pick a few pics and there you go!!! The only bad thing about this app is if you want to search a photo on google you have to get out of the app to download the picture. But as soon as I go back in the app it’s like it closed out and I lost the song 🎵 I found and I have to find it again. Anyway good app and I love it! Creators done an awesome job with this app!
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4 years ago, laurensxs
as an editor on the platform instagram, there’s sooo many people who post edits. i use the app videostar, it’s an app where you can make your own after effects, and transitions, just like funimate, alight motion and more. yet this app steals people’s after effects. people work hard on those and this app steals them. they take them as if they made this and that it’s their own, when really they stole them from some talented person who actually knows how to use after effects and know how to edit. they steal them without giving credit. at least of you want to use them, give credit to the talented person you stole them from, you try and make it look like you created it, when you really stole it. these people work hard, they do that for it just to be stolen by some app that makes more than the person actually could. this app is disgusting. actually, it’s not okay, if your going to have an editing app, make your own after effects, don’t go stealing them.
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2 years ago, Candyapple040
🤑Best edit app ever🤑
This app is a really really good app the reason why I give it five stars is because if you’re like me and your mom will just absolutely say no to paying money for it and maybe you’re broke at the time for an edit that you really want you could just do an ad for it and add aren’t the end of the world. It does have a lot of ads in it but I get it like they’re doing it for free so that probably is why there is a lot of ads but that’s OK. I don’t really mind that my cousin found this App and I’m like that’s fine. I wonder if it cost money and she said no it’s all free. Oh my god really so I had to get this app and it literally solves all your problems with editing so download now!!!
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2 years ago, ii32x
Love it but one little problem
Tempo is great! What’s the one little problem with it is sometimes it says “ Restore your video” or something like that and then you can get your video but that’s really the only problem with it. It’s a great app I’ve only had it for about a day and I love it but at first I was really confused on how to actually make videos. If you see one that you like you click and then it helps you make the video you just need to choose pictures and then the app really does the rest for you. This app is so helpful and it makes editing so fast and easy. Well thank you for reading my review!!
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3 years ago, maerkov
I hate the new update
This app was SO much better when you weren't forced to choose a template, it was easy to use and it gave you so much more creative liberties, i used to make good edits on this app, and now i cant make anything i genuinely want to because it forces you to use templates. I cant properly splice things anymore or make my own edits and the change hurt my proficiency with this app, i dont understand why you took the entire "video editing" part out of a video editing app but please bring it back, this app was SO MUCH better when you had the ability to do things yourself, and this was the only app i genuinely could understand and liked to use and now i cant use any editing software because this update removed all of the good things about this app. Please bring back the option to make your own edits without mandatory templates, i really dont think ill be coming back to this app in the meantime.
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3 years ago, MM_Potterhead
Great App!
I am very pleased with this app! I have made so many amazing edits with this! The templates are phenomenal! I would totally recommend this, and I even convinced my other friend who loves to do this to get this app! The only reason I didn’t give it a five star was because there were some great edit templates that I would love to use, but I don’t want to have to pay. This isn’t something that I would like to grow big on, and I have other things that I love to do, and just don’t think it’s worth the money. I am still able to make amazing edits using this app, but if they were able to give more templates for free, I would give this a five star! But this is a great app other wise and again, I would totally recommend it! 😊
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2 years ago, Staralina 🌟
Some things can be fixed.
First of all, this is a great app. It has a great variety of edit templates, audios, and allows you to edit certain aspects of the template freely. Not many similar apps can do this. However, it can get annoying. When I am just looking at edit templates, there’s an ad whenever I exit and enter the template. Sometimes they are up to 30 seconds with no skip button, too. I get that you need to make your money some way, but this many ads is not the way that you should. I would have made so many more edits but I didn’t because of the ads. They literally gave me a headache. I would suggest that that is fixed. Other than that, the app is great. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, ꧁𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚢꧂
What happened?!
Ok I would have gave this app at least a 4 but I have to say something so today when I opened the app it didn’t show me the vids like it usually did if u don’t know what I’m talking about I’m saying the ones where they give free edit videos where u put in the pictures, and mine was blank first I thought it was a bug and restarted the app and turned on and off my WiFi. But then again it didn’t change so it would be nice if you guys could look into that. And also the fact that all the popular songs have to be paid to get so maybe add more free songs but other than that this app was great and I used to pre made edits and they were super cute! But please fix what happened and I will come back and give it a higher rating! ~☀︎︎𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂☀︎︎
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4 years ago, madmax10846272
The app is very good, there edits are amazing. But the app itself is pretty bad. When I first downloaded it, it was working fine but after a day it was logging me out right away as I was processing the photos for the edit. Once I loaded the photos 10 times!!! And it still did not work. I thought it was just my device but I downloaded it on my other device and it did the same thing. Also my relative also had the same problem. I also delete it and reinstall it to see if that works and it did for a day and the next day it has the same problem. It’s kinda annoying cause all I want to do is make and edit, like for a friends birthday or a relative leaving to college. I’m not sure if I recommend this app but if the app works for you then it would be amazing but sadly for me it doesn’t.
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3 years ago, nope i anit tellin jo one
First of all, I love this app bc it’s kid friendly, there may be some bad words here and there but you just gotta ignore it, I’ve had this app over 5 months and it’s been great! Some videos are laggy but that’s only happend to me once 🥺💘 and I love how there new videos everyday! I go on tempo and there’s at least 2 or more videos a day the only thing I considered ignoring is the bad words. And one of the good things for people under 10 that it’s private always. 😂✌🏼 anyways, the only thing that been annoying is that some of the videos glitch only thing I consider change 😌 anyways yea I love this app so much I consider you get it!
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3 years ago, 💗🎀 Libby 🎀💗
So easy, the songs are great but I feel like there needs to be more
I feel like there needs to be more songs. I use a lot of BlackPink songs in the kpop category but I would like if there was a feature where you clicked on kpop and it showed different songs of different groups like Blackpink, Bts, Twice, Itzy, etc. There is also not many BlackPink songs I want to use for my edits. I don’t know about the others tho. Maybe add Playing With Fire, On The Ground, LaLisa, Money, Kiss And Makeup, and Gone. It’s up to you but those are my suggestions. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps in a way to users of this app and changes. 💗🎶
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3 years ago, asdfghjklopi tau fm
This is bizarre! It’s amazing! It helped with so many things I can’t even. You can do anything with this app. Create any types of awesome videos! It’s so worth the download! You can do any video with any sound. Just click and that’s it! You have a epic video. They make picture edits itself. Pick an edit and that’s it! It will also come up with a sound of that edit. OMG! I can’t get over this app. If you don’t have storage to download this app, screw! Uninstall your other apps cause it’s worth it!! I recommend this app so much, it will make your life so MUCH memorable and fun. Make memories, download tempo! Xoxoxoxo BBY
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4 years ago, KaylaCanoe
No Refunds
I wanted to try Tempo for one single 30-second project, so I got the free trial. However, I later received an e-mail from Apple reading that I had been charged $65 for a year-long subscription, and my stomach dropped to the floor. I reached out to Tempo staff through email and through the app itself, but they refused to give me a refund, even after explaining my low income and how this involuntary payment would be affecting my indispensable need to pay for my monthly bills and food. I used it for a total of 46 minutes and I didn’t like its features, but now I have a year-long subscription for an app that I don’t like and will not use. $65 for 46 minutes- not even an entire hour- of use. I very rarely leave reviews but I do not want others to suffer financially because of this company. I very strongly recommend staying away from this app unless you want to risk your money stolen from you.
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4 years ago, AlliePlus4
Sorry if this review is super long in advance! For the longest time I have been longing for an app to and edit for free on and I found the PERFECT one! I mean, there is a lot of filters and effects you need to pay for, but the ones that are free and SUPER cool!! I have seen a few tic tok songs on here like renegade so if you like tic tok and want to post edits and get more like, this is the app for you!! I love this because it is super simple. You select the pictures you want ( make sure they are in the order you want!) and BAM! And if you don’t like the order it is in the first time, you can switch and replace with ease! This had cured my boredom many many times! Thank you tempo!
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9 months ago, Jkchoeifbrifrhegirh
A lot of thing changed that I do not like
#1 back then when I had tempo I loved it because it would have the good audio and editing but now that’s all change the editing is not good or not bad but the audio is the worst tempo will take the most popular editing audio and put it I their app but do some change to it and that is what I hate and that how tempo makes me not want to use their app anymore #2the adds okay so now tempo is going to but adds whenever you press on a edit and whenever you get out of the edit you pressed on,come on tempo can you fix all does thing and stop making some mashup to the popular editing songs. I am not trying to be rude or anything but I really would have gave it a zero if I would have let me😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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4 years ago, Rainey to the Max
It looked really good and had great reviews, so I downloaded it because I love making edits on TikTok! There were many different cool templates to try, but I was disappointed when I saw there was a watermark. Most of the templates weren’t free and you had to get the pro version first, which is a complete rip-off. Plus, you only have a certain amount of photos/videos per template. Sometimes I might want more or less photos/templates, but usually there is a specific amount you have to use. I also wasn’t happy by the ending. Whenever I finished and saved the video to my camera roll, half of it turned out black and it didn’t download correctly. If you want really cheap and crappy edits, this is the app for you! But if you actually want people to see them and be impressed, don’t even bother with Tempo.
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3 years ago, slash f forces cvbbh
I like it but….
Ok ok so first off I am going to say that I have been using this app SO LONG and it has never gave me a problem….until now well um so I was trying to go and look at my favorites and it glitched me out of my phone so I was like hmm that’s wierd I’ll just try again…and I did…6 times…nothing happened it just kept on glitching me out so if y’all could pls do an update for glitches I would be really really be happy but I totes recommend this app 10/10 it is also awesome bc I don’t HAVE to pay for all of the vids so y’all are great it’s just I would like it if y’all had an update thanks! <3
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2 years ago, lollipophorses123567
My Review
Hello there! I’ve been using this app for maybe over a year now but Im kinda disappointed in somethings. The first thing is that whenever I click on an edit it says “Use” but then when I actually try to use it, it says “This Template is hot!” and says I need to buy Pro before I can use it. This is something you guys should fix. The second thing is that in seeing so many Charlie D’Amelio edits, that it makes Charlie seem a little TOO overrated. Im a Charlie fan because it seems like you guys are just super obsessed with her and Addison. Like, we get it, you want people to like the edits, but maybe try using some different models? And all I see are white models, maybe try using some diversity in your edits! My finally thing is that the app is laggy. And it’s crashed on me once or twice. And when it does I cant save my edits and it makes me so mad! Because, I use this app to make edits for my friends when they are down. And it doesn’t save any of my progress and I have to wait a while for it to actually get back up again. I know this definitely makes the app look bad, but these are the things that have happened to me. -Anonymous person
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4 years ago, whatsupnothing much
I LOVE LOVE LOVEE this app because you get to make REALY cool videos and songs but I don’t like that the gold or that thing is to much money and most video things are gold and I don’t like that at the very beginning they put the lyrics to the song and I don’t like that so I cut it out and it takes up a lot of time to do that sooo I feel like there should be a option to have the lyrics at the beginning of a video thing but other then that this app helped me edit me videos and I loveeee it so much and I recommend it to all my friends and now there using it and they love it to so I rly recommended this app to people how want a video editing app but like crazier and that’s better then other editing apps so Yasss
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4 years ago, hzbjsvsgjs
Awesome app! But Annoying....
I love this app it’s awesome and all!!! I love using this app but.... I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app but it’s just annoying to me how it keeps on logging me out of what I’m doing it freezes up turns black and takes me back to my home screen and the worst part is that it doesn’t even save the work that I was doing...and now I’m just on that for 5 seconds do logs me out don’t get me wrong this app is awesome but it’s kinda annoying how it just keeps on logging me out and I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it just keeps on doing that if it’s with that app please fix it and if it’s not your app then I’m sorry for complaining...
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3 years ago, I Wont Sugar Coat It
As an app critic, I am very honest with my reviews of apps such as these. But in my most honest opinion, I seriously am in love in as an app critic, I am very honest with my reviews of apps such as these. But in my most honest opinion, I seriously am in love with this app! even if you choose not to buy the premium, you still can have many cool templates! Sometimes I’m too busy to make my own and add effects by myself, but with Tempo you can choose a template and all you have to do is insert the pictures! It is super easy to edit, and you can upload it to your social media’s! So if you’re looking for a good editing app, get tempo!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, hi roblox is awaime
Really amazing but…..
So this is a really amazing app I love it but there are a few templets that are inappropriate so I don’t recommend for all ages but maybe like 8+ is good and tempo keeps taking down templates which I understand so you can make more but if you already made a video which that template that they took down in your videos you can’t watch it anymore so I’m asking why because they took down some of my favorites and now I can’t watch them anymore so I’m saying maybe the can fix that if so this app I recommend for ages 8+ and it’s again really really great I’ve made so many videos on tempo but that’s my only tow issues
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4 years ago, roxaneroxane
So the app worked fine before, had access to edit templates, needed pro to get the better ones ect. Really loved it and just decided to get an upgrade. Then!! After I’ve subscribed and got a premium membership to unlock everything the app is now broken and I don’t have access to anything. This is BS! The transitions won’t even load, it says I don’t have internet access when I do, the app always crashes so I loose all my progress when I am using the editor and the worst part about this is that I got the upgraded membership to gain access to the locked edit templates!! Now I can’t use any??? I just updated the app and it fixed nothing. This all only started happening AFTER I bought the subscription. Going to cancel it and uninstall soon but just wanted to let anyone who’s thinking about installing know about this.
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4 years ago, sparklingal
Read this...
I love almost everything about this. It’s so fun and addicting and just a great idea. The songs are FABULOUS. And I LOOOOOVE the idea of editing everything and all. Totally recommend it, but maybe premium was a little over the top. I think everything should be free and I have some technical issues sometimes. For example today I was doing a song on I tapped 720 for the size and it glitched and brought me back to my home screen. I clicked on the app and tried again with the other size but it did the same thing.😔That was a big issue for me and I almost deleted the app then remembered all of the fun I have on it. But PLEASE whoever made this app, FIX THAT. Otherwise, very good app.👏😘
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2 years ago, tarerbug
It’s really fun and a good app
I really enjoy the app but it keeps saying my iCloud data is failing to Like go into the edits and it’s annoying because even though I’ve checked everything that could cause the problem it’s not working, I still like the app but this is low key annoying because it always happens when I find a really good edit that I want to make. But overall I really like the app and tbh that is the only problem I have with it, honestly it’s probably my device and not the app but yeah
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3 years ago, just one thing :)
just one thing
this app is really nice, i enjoy all of its templates and music!! however my ONLY problem is with tempo pro. i understand why it’s there, but the problem is that when i use a template once and it just gets so popular and a lot more people use it..they (the creators) put it on tempo pro. because i didn’t pay for the “pro” version i’m not longer able to use that template. i understand when there are templates that are already in tempo pro and i can’t use them but if i was able to before and wanted to use it again but it got “pro-ed” it isnt very fun. thats all :) otherwise this app is very nice!
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4 years ago, flamingo 2
Cool but not so much...
This app is really cool! And good for the most part and I see you guys worked hard to do this app. But there’s some issues I ran into while getting this app for the first time,I see a lot of the cool ones and a lot of them you need to have pro and I could only make one video. I do not like this. I want more free options with some songs I know. I don’t wanna pay to do some edit??? That’s just some BS. Some other edit apps like this have more options. So please just make a handful amount of edits make this app worth it not like “Oh! If you wanna make an edit for the first time you need to pay up.” Like no. I only pay games when I’m actually into it. So make a handful of them good and actually worth the app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, MadiDoz
Great one problem
I love this app and I use it to make all my edits for tiktok but I have a problem when I accidentally click the video and it shows full screen I can’t get out there’s no x or button to leave pressing the screen dosent help it just pauses and in pauses the video I was in the middle of an edit that had taken me so long and I accidentally clicked it and I couldn’t get out so I had to leave the app and close it completely and when I loaded it back up allll my progress was gone Edit: NOW I CANT USE THE APP BECAUSE IY WONT STOP LAGGING AROUND EACH TIME I PUT IN A TRANSITION IT MAKES MY CLIPS SHORTER AND I CANG TELL HOW LONG THEY NEED TO BE BC WHEN I LOOK I JUST GET A BUNCH OF LAG!!! THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING BEFORE AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STARTS ACTING LIKE THIS I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER APP TO USE THAT DOSENT COST MONEY AND THAT HAD AN OPTION TO IMPORT A SOUND!!! I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED
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7 months ago, winyer soldier #1 fan
Past tempo
I really loved using this app during 2022 it was amazing bc it had tons of different genres of edits and you could easily find them at the top where it listed all the genres. I went into it one day and found that all those edits and genres were gone and were only left with popular, Holliday and one other. Not only did tons of genres and favorite edits disappear but the adds got way more frequent to the pint of driving me mad. It was an amazing app when I had to watch an add every time I saved an edit and there were tons of different genres to pick from but know that I have to watch an add ever time I get out of an edit and I can only pick of 3 genres it’s really not that great. CapCut completely overthrew it.
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3 years ago, bulletgregg1
I’m sorry!
I think the app is great for edit sounds, it’s a great app to start of with but personally I’ve seen multiple people get famous off of this app when all they had to do was click a button. I use video star and funimate and can spend hours on an edit better than these and get like 2 likes. Most people will shade you if you use this but it is nice for ideas! But if you wanna edit please don’t use this and expect to be famous off of it. I recognize how hard it is to edit and if you can’t do something please watch tutorials! I can help too!! I recommend capcut, PicsArt, video star, funimate, and this for ideas and sounds!! It’s not the worst app in the world but don’t except to be famous. Also after time it will ask you to pay and that can be quite annoying.
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4 years ago, XxhopediamondsxX
One problem
This would ahve been a five star rating if it wasn’t for this one tiny thing. I’ll be trying to do a cool edit thing and it won’t let me chose the one I want. I have to do that specific video to else it won’t let me edit it. I know some are for that specific creator but I thing it would be awesome if it wasn’t 💕 Update. I have gotten a response and yes I definitely makes sense. I don’t have money nor will I have money for the membership anytime soon. I don’t think they got what was trying to say, so here’s a more thought out explanation. I wish that for some of the Charli D’malio and Addison re edits that they work with other things, not just with those specific creators. I hope this makes more sense!! 💕💕
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12 months ago, gdnfchchfgfnfhc
Tempo is awesome for the most part
I love tempo! I used to use it a few years ago and loved it but then I deleted it and downloaded it again a few years later and I feel like it changed alot it use to have templates that had the real sound and not a editing feature but now they only have some of those template still and if you use those templates you have to find the audio because it’s not on their anymore but I do like the editing feature alot. I canceled my subscription for the tempo App And it never took premium away from me in the app you might need to fix this
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2 years ago, Ansleigh45682😜💄🦄
If you want a actually review read this
When I first got this app I thought it was pretty good though so of the edits to make can only be made by premium or whatever it is called which is what every single app does so I wasn’t surprised, but the more you start to go on there they are going to try to add you which means give you adds. When I tell you these adds are annoying that I got a migraine from just trying to make a edit but there are so many adds. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART!!!! They are the same everything time!!!!!!!!! And the app isn’t even good!!! The app is this little live streaming app and sometimes it even glitches so I am stuck on that little slide 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 and they need different kinds of edits. If you want to get a migraine then go ahead and download.
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2 years ago, :o is so cute :>
Great app but..
Well it’s great but the crown at the top of some of them is just very frustrating and then I accidentally bought it now I wasted all my money cause I only had 6$ left and the fact that you need to pay every WEEK. It’s pretty dumb but it’s a good app cause you get them for free except the ones with the crowns. It’s pretty cool but one thing you should make it where you can put how much photos you want to a limit not like 5-20 like if you want 6 then you can have 6 but no more than 20 you know what I mean. Anyways great app! Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this.
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2 years ago, eve of day
The membership is so fricking stupid
They have a lot of good templates in this app, but almost every single one I come across is a member template, and I feel they are pushing it with the amount of them. There was even a template that I used to use all the time (it was called That my BestFriend) and for literally no reason they made it so you could make the video but you couldn’t save it to your camera roll without a membership, it’s so stupid. And not only did it let me make the video, but it didn’t tell me till the very end, when I finished making it, that it took a membership just to fricking save it. Ot doesn’t tell you beforehand. I can’t afford the membership and even if I could Id refuse to pay for it.
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2 years ago, Wolfe UwU
It’s okay, but you need to work on it
It’s good, the edits on it that you can chose are amazing! But there’s a really big problem you NEED to fix. The amount of ads are really crazy. You can’t even save a video without joining a really expensive premium. Most of us are kids on this app, and our parents aren’t going to pay for something like that. You need to take down all the unnecessary ads. Please, you can find a better way for people to like your app. I don’t like how much ads are in it. If you fix this, i’ll use Tempo instead of Capcut. Please fix this problem. It’s not making it any better that you have to pay something really expensive to just even SAVE A VIDEO?? What the heck? You need to fix this, and people will start liking your app
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3 years ago, Chloebug 5
I honestly have loved this app from the start! It’s quick edit app and works a lot better than any other editing apps I have. However me; haveing an apple phone that’s linked to r cloud has run into problems. This app and its videos take up a lot of space, my phone just can’t hold. I only have 526 videos and photos and yet I still can’t fit the app into my phone! And I don’t have any other apps other than the necessaries and roblox and iMovie. It would help the situation if I didn’t have to save my videos and I could just keep them IN the app and not IN my phone! Thanks bye!
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3 years ago, se123409
I love Tempo but there is some issues that is making me unhappy
Honestly, I love Tempo! But lately it’s been glitching a lot! For ex: if it says I can use up to 14 pictures I put in 14 pictures and it only shows 12 of them! And it makes them out of order, then when I try to sort them out it still makes it worse! The names of the ones that have been giving me the most trouble are “Viva La Swing” and “Broken Glass” pls fix this it is very frustrating when I want photos in a certain order! Also in broken glass it’ll cut off my last two pictures and start the video over again with the little clip and do one picture that it was missing it’s very annoying!
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3 years ago, Kaleigh Rose Walsh
How Do You Create A Video?
I just downloaded this app and all my friends have it and make videos and I see YouTubers have tempo and create videos on the app, but for some reason I don’t know how to create videos. Yes, there is a video maker button, but when I click on it, it says I don’t have any videos. I do have videos on my camera app, but I don’t know how to create videos on tempo. If someone knows how, I really need help with this! But so far, seeing the videos, I like it! 3/5. Do you need premium to make videos? I don’t know, but I would rate this app more if I knew how to create videos. Still, it’s a great app and a great way to edit!
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4 years ago, lofullgod
The reason I don’t like tempo
Ok so I’m not a fan of tempo because they charge you a lot just for the one we’re you don’t have to pay anymore but that’s not what I’m here to talk about I’m here to talk about they put all the good edits the only good edits we have and turn it into a pro and some people don’t have the money for that and And we try to find good edits for ourselves and beginners see there favorite edit and the get on the app to see that it’s a pro now and I’m like I’ll just use the free 3 day trial and I see that I have to pay for next month or weeks payment and that makes me feel uncomfortable paying my money because I’m scared it can automatically pay so that’s why I don’t like tempo I might change my mind and start using it agin but ima stick with vinkle so that was my feed back
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