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TenantCloud LLC
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10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TenantCloud

3.78 out of 5
619 Ratings
3 months ago, Pk198212
Good but performance issues persist
It took me a long time to get accustomed to the workflow but I’ve overcome that phase and can easily navigate what I need to get done. I’m a big fan of automation and processes and definitely tenantcloud has helped me out there. My challenge with the app is it’s performance. With every click or a touch you the little wait circle that spins in rainbow colors. That is a productivity kill. For the new VC owners, please fix performance before venturing into new features and functionality. Not looking for a developer response but a call to ACTION to get this resolved in your sw release train.
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4 months ago, Talkoftheyoc
Not worth your time.
I’ve been using this app for almost 4 years now. It was a smaller business and let you use it free if you had less than about 50 doors. It’s extremely hard to navigate the app. It’s not intuitive. Online payments are are slow and broken that we’ve given up and had our tenants just Zelle us directly. Which isn’t ideal. Now that it’s Jan 2024. I noticed that I was locked out of my account to pay a new paywall fee I wasn’t aware of. No email, no notifications within the software. I posted to their FB group but they censor and block any negotiate questions or concerns you’ll ever have. The people on their community group have fled by the hundreds. The ones who do still use their online payment system say it’s taking 5-7 days to receive payments. Good luck keeping up with bills if your tenant ever pays late. Glad we’ve been taking payments separately and instantly. No response from FB. No response from online ticket. Decided to call them directly today and they confirmed they added a new paywall and there’s no more free accounts allowed. I simply asked for my records from my account for tax season and proof of records. They told me I have to pay to get those records lol. WOOW. You absolutely lost me as a customer if you’re going to randomly lock me out and ask for payment. If you’re going to outright disregard my records for the past 3 years. There’s no way I could recommend this company. Flee and don’t waste your time here.
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5 years ago, Ziad Abulfeilat
Landlord perspective, Super excellent cloud app accessible from any device any time
I had been using application for over 15 months and witnessing great features of this platform. I am using it as a landlord to manage my 17 properties; it is really impressive platform augmented with great efforts of team making it an enterprise platform that the best out there will have great potential to grow adaption quickly. I love the features of tracking my tenants, monthly rental run, reports and ability to export them into excel and being of global support supporting my local currency and entry in Arabic. Rental due posting is automatic and at my convenience I can configure timings, lease renewal is great feature, credit and receive payment against various payment methods is very helpful and the team keep me impressed with their great support, tips and enhancements. Well done and keep the good work TenantCloud!
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5 years ago, Oakweb
The best there is, top notch support
I’m by no means an easy customer. I know interfaces and good support when I get it. I”d be lost without TenantCloud. I manage my 30 properties practically alone with the help of Tenantcloud for over a year now. Everything is rock solid and it works. They also update regularly. With this app and Textline, all my service pros are in TenantCloud, my lease keeps getting better as I adjust it, it’s easy to upload expense receipts and invoices as the months go by, when I submit vacant properties using their system to all the sites I get instant call backs, almost never an issue getting new tenants to submit an application (if they can’t i don’t want them anyways) running credit checks is easy, collecting rent online easy, the app on my ios phone is fast and professional, owner agreements and reports easily done, it does it all!
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5 years ago, LandlordKing
Great app interfacing to TenantCloud website
I happened upon TenantCloud based on a review from another website. I’ve been looking for a rental software system to replace my software I use now that was a windows based version. I looked at 3 or 4 other rental systems and TenantCloud was by far the best I have found. I have been a landlord for 15+ years with almost 40 units and have been impressed by the functionality it has offered. Every day, I find a new feature in the TenantCloud system that impresses me and makes my life easier. This app is an extension to the TenantCloud website. This year, I am going to give my tenants their very own portal, all because of TenantCloud. The iPhone app mimics the interface of the website but puts it a format that is viewable on my iPhone. Thanks for developing a great app and making my life easier.
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6 months ago, jvvfty
Mixed thoughts
I use this to manage a dozen rental properties. The interface is very good and intuitive. It has a lot of good features such as a customizable rent roll, task list for maintenance issues that replace what I used spreadsheets for. The applications and tenant portal for collecting rent online and receiving applications is good. Weaknesses are connecting to your bank, this took a while and payments received are slow. For example a tenant making a rent payment on thursday morning and on monday it still has not been put in my bank account. There needs to be a method of payment that accommodates popular apps like cash app or a label that can be assigned to how rent is marked paid by youbgvtnants that use these apps. Overall I like it but they have to improve in processing times or I'll move to one of their competitors.
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4 years ago, Littlmonty
Bad user Experience
Just bought a new building and trying to get tenants set up on the app. ALL of them have had issues setting it up, and are fed up and just want to send checks. Has been an awful first impression for me as their new landlord. Issues: - Even after creating an account, they can’t pay their rent. I have to go back in after and “share” the lease. I should be able to do that prior to them signing up, so they don’t run into an issue and have to wait for me to go back and do something. - Costs money for them to set up the account instantly. This should be a free feature. I’ve used two other rent management softwares and that was free. At least, allow that to be charged to the landlord if you’re going to charge for it. That way I can avoid the perception that right away, I’m nickel and diming them. Bad for me as a landlord. - The app is not intuitive. My tenants are not the most tech savvy, but the app is not even intuitive for me, and I do everything digitally. - I cannot see if they’ve linked a bank account, so. I can’t help them get set up. - I don’t like that every payment option is run through a separate platform. Let them pay with a card without me having to set up and pay for a separate square subscription.
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2 years ago, Tami the T
I am a new renter. I have lived in the complex for one month. I spent at least 3 hours (that I didn’t have to spend) trying to set up my account to pay my first month’s rent. I have since been in the app to request maintenance assistance. I am now needing to send in my 2nd months rent and utilities, but I am not able to log in or when I think it looked like I was logged in it says I have no active lease and a $0 balance. I am receiving emails stating that my invoice is due, but again it says I have no active lease or I can’t sign in. As with my initial sign up I have tried both the app and the website but neither are working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It appears based on reviews from 2 years ago this was the go to at that time as well - uninstalling and reinstalling… it doesn’t appear you have made any progress since that time.
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3 years ago, Hairica123
Life Changing
This program had helped me move my dad's business from being a paper landlord to being able to allow my tenants the convenience of doing everything online. We have less than 100 properties, so TenantCloud really offers most everything we need. I love having all the important information all in one spot where I can check on it from my phone or any computer at anytime. I also find my tenants who pay with TenantCloud vs with a check or money order are more likely to pay on time, which makes my life easier around the 5th of the month.
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2 years ago, Superfly11
Awful. Can I give TC negative stars?
A landlords nightmare. The interface is awful. If you go back a page its takes you to the beginning of time. If you are viewing a new maintenance request list and you then view a maintenance and go back you have to re apply filters to see new again. If you view a unit you cannot see who lives in that unit but you can see who lives in the property, however you can see what unit a tenant lives in by going to the tenant but if you dont know that tenants name you have to go through each one individually and if you are on a page greater that the first and you go back, again it takes you back to the beginning of time. This is not just in the mobile app but on the web version as well. Glad im making the switch to Buildium.
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3 years ago, Big red fisherman
Very impressed
I have spent the last three days searching software to make my landlord life easier and after trying at least two others, I stubbled across TenantCloud and I can say hands down it’s the best so far, and for less the half of the other guys. Some of the other website based programs I tried didn’t even have an app and TenantCloud makes it easy to bring your own lease agreement and streamline it into the website, one of the other websites I tried failed miserably at this. Excited to see this company grow and look forward to the journey with them.
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5 years ago, Wasobi-wan
Horrific User Experience
As a software developer, using this app makes me cringe. The only reason why I continue to use it is because it is required by my landlord. Overall, the app is buggy. There are certain features that I don’t even try to access because I know that it will cause the an error. The app is tedious to navigate and lacks intuitive functionality that most modern mobile apps (actually most apps in general) utilize. The design is reflective of the lack of effort put into the user experience. Something even as simple as logging in becomes a tedious endeavor because either you enter in your credentials each time or by using the other single sign-on options which I should add is not automated. You still have to click through a couple of screens to complete the login process.
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4 years ago, Annkath
So far so good
I’m really appreciating the application to get receipts uploaded on the go and using my phone to get pictures of my receipts. Much easier than scanning receipts on the computer. This is also a great resource for a quick way to look up contact information of both tenants and companies on the go. My one issue is it locks up at times. I need to completely force close the app and start over. Frustrating but not a deal breaker. I have hopes it will get better and better.
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3 years ago, steveZehn
Start up was not easy but it’s a good app
They are making improvements continuously. I was concerned to learn a new system but I’m glad I did. The best feature is the auto pay. The learning curve is made better by speaking to a person over the phone. I looked at other apps and all others were more expensive and only make sense if you already have more then 50 units. This app was smart. They have a minimal charge until you grow into a larger portfolio. Once you have auto pay and your vendors and tenants get used to the app life is good. My tenants like it too. No checks to mail and easier to put in a repair request. They send me photos of the problem and I forward to the vendor who can fix it right the first time. They keep improving and I’m very happy with their product.
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1 year ago, *Ra-Ven
My Prior rental is still causing me issues!!
I already moved out, but my prior rental information on tenant cloud in the app says I owe a lot of money. My building was bought out and given a new landlord last February due to our prior landlord passing away. It was bought out by the KC Metro Rentals company. While renting here, I always paid on time either in person or online through the app. I moved out seven months ago (it was early June)!! My new landlord had inspected the building before I left and signed off everything that needed to be done. In addition I had to leave when I did due to my on contract job ending and an issue caused by the rental above mine having a six day long issue. It damaged my kitchen ceiling tile. As far as I am aware I do not owe anything despite what the app keeps sending my notifications of almost daily. I have tried texting in the app for support and didn’t get a response. It’s been months. I remember texting about this back in October as well for the same reason!! Also how will this impact my rental score?!
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4 years ago, ghoulsong
Solid but buggy
I’ve been on and off using this app as a tenant as I am pretty much a recluse that likes to just pay their dues and move on. Recently I’ve noticed that the app itself can have some bugs here and there. The most recent being where the app is loaded on my iPhone X and when opening it the app itself loads for a long time but never opens the app. It’s manageable as you can uninstall and reinstall but I don’t want to be doing this every time I’m setting up to pay my rent. Please take a look at this issue and if you need assistance recreating or video of the bug I can provide. Thanks.
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1 year ago, delapNika
Could be a lot better
Last week I Completed an application and Was able to pay and submit a background check, Today I Filled out another one and Afer paying for a background check, the app Suddenly says there was too many failed attempts? how? I was just about to answer the little questionaire when it Just decided to Make me call customer service, You have to make the call and complete the call right away because after a couple hours The background request is than expired meaning you have to pay again.
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3 years ago, elavedepaso
Terrible Functionality Worse Customer Service
I’ve had this service for a few months now and, if the actual platform isn’t already hard enough to use for myself (i’m very good with computers) and my tenants, when we do reach out to customer service the responses are so slow. Their responses are only links to explanations that don’t actual speak to your situation. Money takes so long to process if you use their payment portal (one and two weeks at times). Avoid TenantCloud at all costs, I’ve now told my tenants to ignore the website and work with my directly until we figure out an alternative.
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4 years ago, JJ68$
Bad user experience
I have 5 different accounts with tenantcloud with over 250 tenants making online payments. I wish I would have known before I chose this software how difficult the user experience is. As a landlord, it is very difficult to troubleshoot issues tenants have with their account, it is hard for tenants to add bank accounts, and it is extremely difficult to connect people to their leases. On top of that, the app is absolutely horrible. It is very slow and is constantly updating and signing you out when you are on it. The website is ehh, can be very slow at times like the app and does not update unless you reload the page.
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4 years ago, nanaki0888
Added unpaid expenses not showing
So I added an unpaid ultimates bill and have it mark as unpaid for a property. It shows up on transactions as not being paid, but does not show up on my balances needed. This is a problem when I need to look at what is owed on multiple properties. I look at the “transaction” tab as transactions that have happened(paid) and “balances” tab as what is owed. What is owed shows up on the paid tab...why? Edit* Changed to 1 Star. You have to add the invoice to the tenant section and not the property section to show outstanding balances. Which is also a problem due to the fact I pay Hoa due, and not the tenant. It doesn’t show it as an outstanding balance because I put it on the property, I’m not a tenant and would have to crest a fake lease just to get this done. Worst of all it does keep track of the cost I want to keep but lumps it in transaction, as unpaid, but mixes it up with paid transaction. So I have to go through it and find what I need. It defeats the purpose of this app.
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3 years ago, Zarchen
Finally got to use this app!!
After probably about a month of trying to battle the system to let me log-in, I’m finally in. This app is actually very useful; it was incredibly easy for me to connect to my property management, my bank account and pay my rent! I would just warn first time users to try using a Google account or some other form of log-in rather than using an e-mail to sign-up/sign-in. Cheers TC!
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1 year ago, grunt03112
No way to add a work order or submit the rent payment
Not sure if it’s an app or website issue, or if the individual land lords that use this platform are removing these options. It is incredibly annoying that there is no way to add a work order and when you tell the landlord, “hey I have an issue,” and they respond with, “add a work order through the app,” but there is no way to do so. Also for my February rent, I have not been able to make the payment through the app, and of course there’s no response from the landlord. Tenant cloud really needs to work out the bugs on this app.
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3 years ago, Sirrocoh
Amazing app
Amazing app. Collects rents, maintenance tickets and also vendor tracking. Lot of poor reviews I have read is because landlord don’t know how to use the app. Some tenants are not tech saavy and blame the app. One review stated it charges money to setup account which in correct. The system does two micro deposits of less than 99 cents to verify the account and then credits it back.
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3 years ago, Wallp8int
Kinda useless, landlords don’t even respond to maintenance issues
The app constantly logs you out even when you press the “remember me” button. Constantly “updating” but nothing changes for weeks. And now currently I can’t pay my rent because your app did something with the payment button. It seems really promising on the outside but it’s really a façade. I haven’t had any of my problems fixed by using the options in this app. * edit* interesting that you say that there’s nothing wrong with the button, when I contacted my buildings manager, everyone in my building wasn’t able to pay because of this app.*
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1 year ago, jaquansa
Incredibly difficult to use
This app is in no way user intuitive. It’s difficult to find and manage issues. Thanks to the new app update, all my payment information was erased and now the new payment system will not connect with the bank I’ve been using to pay for the past 3 years or even accept payment with my card! The “error” messages do nothing to show what is incorrect. Paying Rent on time is the most essential part of an app like this for tenants and that it isn’t working is beyond frustrating.
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1 year ago, Anonymous_App_User
App stuck loading on iPhone
App is stuck on loading screen and will not do anything else. Closed reopen app and 10 times, powered phone on and off again. Can only use desktop version at this point. Been using for two weeks to screen tenants.
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6 years ago, Yeah-buddy!
Great app for the money. Really helps with tracking income and expenses and it’s it’s great that it offers online payment for tenants. The navigation on the mobile app could use some improvements as far as the overall flow and accessibility of everything.
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2 years ago, azermelda lotta cunda
Could be better
I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I still find many of the menus and sub menus confusing and less than intuitive. I understand that there is a ton of functionality and it’s designed for different players but could be better. Takes a long time for ACH transfers to get from tenant to landlord. This is not an app issue just TC in general.
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2 years ago, WV...Tan-Man
1st and only property management software
Needless to say the title speaks for itself when I say, “It’s My 1st and only property management software I’ve ever needed. Yes I have looked at other but this one is right for me. I have 39 different units from apartments to house to a Restaurant. I almost hate getting it for free. But it’s great software!
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4 years ago, alexkrush
Tenant Perspective - it works... But not well
From the tenant perspective it works. I can pay my rent. But the app is poorly built using some sort of a web browser wrapper which considerably lowers the quality of interactions with the app. Things gltich and lag, the app likes to "update" at unfortunate times like when filling out a form. Again, it works but it's not exactly a pleasant experience. I was fine having my bank send the check for me and even losing it occasionally
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3 years ago, mills.j3
Great for single family
If you are a single-family landlord or any other type of landlord TenantCloud software is a perfect fit for any style business. I personally have single families and this has been a perfect fit to help manage my properties.
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6 years ago, Tenant cloud used
Excellent service for the price
Overall 5 star for the features it provides for a fee app. Even $9/month is great price. Concerns/Room for improvement: Rental Application for applicants is confusing with not enough/easy access to sign up form. The applicant has to fill in all the details just to scroll down and learn they have to sign up. This was a frustrating experience for my applicants. When navigating from one page to another, lack of good visible buttons to navigate back. Not everyone uses android/windows phone that has a back key on the phone.
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11 months ago, B.D. Bufford
A great technology hire
When you don’t want to hire a person, hire technology. This app does everything and pretty easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. Links with my QuickBooks to make accounting easy. Not bad for $40/month (I pay annually)
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2 years ago, phil1999$653
Landlord so please don’t use this app
This is the worst app I have ever used, I absolutely dread the 1st of the month not because I have to pay rent but because I know I have to open this app and struggle to get through errors until I can pay. Took me forever just to add my bank account from the start and I knew I was in for trouble with this one. Please if you read this just let your tenants pay you by check or cash this software is just not it.
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4 years ago, I RYAN
A must for rental management
Developer gave workaround for app freeze. It worked and app has been working well since. (Uninstall and re-install) Used for years and love the app and platform for management of my rental properties. Easy to use for full service managemnt needs, records, payments & maintenance.
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4 years ago, sydneyisacat
Great App
My father and I love this app for our property management needs. One thing we would love is a good way to input an income like laundry. we have coin operated shared laundry for out tenants and would love a way to record that properly and other like incomes. Other than that we are very satisfied so far!
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6 years ago, Jjjjmoney546
Way worse than the website.
This app needs a lot of work. Doesn’t hold account credentials very long making you have to log in every time. Doesn’t properly remember two-factor authentication either. Recently, the Payment transfer process doesn’t work right. The keyboard pops up at random times while trying to transfer funds to your bank - making it impossible to complete the transaction. Needs a lot more testing and bug fixing.
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3 years ago, Life4799
It a joke
Calling it an app would be an insult to real apps. It like a cliche mobile web application enclosed in a mobile. It signs me out about every 5 minutes and usually requires signing every time. I don’t mind security if it allowed me you use my faceID. And if it didn’t log off will I’m typing forcing me to do the task all over again. And everything is clunky because you are basically on a webpage. If the company wasn’t so great in other way I would never use this fake app.
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1 year ago, ld14567
I use this as a tenant for a hair salon, the customer service people hardly ever answer the phone and when they do they’re completely unhelpful. The account verification doesn’t work so I tried to do it manually and that STILL DOESNT WORK. They’ve been blaming Bank of America for their bank app not verifying so you have to pay with card which costs an extra $50 a month. Total scam, the app isn’t even designed well.
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2 years ago, Wgara96
Very slow and issues paying rent
This months rent came due, got on to pay rent, hit submit landlord texts me asking if I paid rent sure did sir, than 4 days later texts again saying no payment is showing contact my bank to see if a withdrawal was attempted nothing showing. App is a total waste of time I’d rather pay in person than mess with the app
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4 years ago, John78 Ko.
My favorite property management app
Using it for three years already and it has been amazing. It has so many great features that we use and they just keep adding new. My favs are online payments and e-signature in the app. Best product on the market!
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6 years ago, K1ngz OF k1Ngz
App is useable now
Updating my review from last time. They finally fixed the two factor problem. I can now log in and review my information. I still wish they allowed auto importing of bank and credit card transactions. It’s pain to keep up with that stuff. I finally just gave up because I got so far behind.
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3 years ago, bizpro4u
Don’t waste your time
This software fails to be anything but user unfriendly. I’ve tried it for a year now and it miscalculates late rental Payments and many other errors including not allowing me to sign in. If you plan on wasting 9.99 a month for this service, you can send me the 9.99/mth and I’ll give you no service whatsoever but I’ll refund you 50 % if your ever unsatisfied. At least I offer a batter guarantee on wasting your money
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3 years ago, ctomao
Simply Does Not Work
Even with the newest update, this app doesn’t load. The cloud animation and “loading” screen doesn’t change no matter how long I have it open. Why make an app and allow it to be downloaded when it consistently doesn’t work and has never worked? Very frustrating. I plan to recommend to my landlord that he get a different software for rent payments.
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2 years ago, Ele20283
Buggy, clunky app
Autocorrect doesn’t work, so it’s like typing on your phone in 2007. The field for requesting repairs doesn’t adjust to the phone screen size, leaving you to try and scroll back and forth to read what you wrote. All in all an irritating app.
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3 years ago, KL 2021
The app used to be better
This app was great until recently. Now slow load times, inconsistent functionality and can’t set up anything via the app. Considering other options. Tenants currently set up in system no issues, but anyone new in the last 6 months it has been difficult.
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3 years ago, Thirdnicknametry8
Better than what I had before
Mostly a great app and website. Wish they had real time chat or a phone number as the set up learning curve is pretty steep and I am a pretty skilled finance person.
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1 year ago, Mizzlybear
My bank isn’t an option
The only complaint I have about this app is that my bank does not link because they’re not in their database. Because of this I have to pay $35-$55 more each month due to a debit card being used… Otherwise, it’s easy and simple to use
Show more
6 years ago, Sal from AFG
Using since the beginning
I’m one of the first users of this website / app and it’s the best out there. Would highly recommend no hesitation !! All the features a landlord needs
Show more
3 years ago, LeonardK85
Good software
It works great for managing rental properties. It does have a decent learning curve but once I learn everything it will make scaling up my business so much easier.
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