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User Reviews for Tesla

3.75 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
1 year ago, greygoose904
Glaring bug still not fixed after 5 updates and numerous reports
I love my TM3 more than any other material object I’ve owned, but the support us lacking. There are no avenues for several types of support. I’ve reached out everywhere I can think of and phone support said to write a review here MIGHT be read. WILL THE USSUE BELOW EVER BE RESOLVED? Thanks. Ever since iOS app version 4.8.0. You can no longer see how many estimated miles of range you will have as you adjust the charge limit slider. This data point is absolutely crucial for planning trips. You can see your current estimated range and you can set a charge percentage limit, but you cannot see how many estimated miles that charge limit will yield. This bug is driving me and several other owners nuts. It has been reported over the phone, via chat, on Twitter, etc., but with little to no response. There have. Even 4 more app updates se then. Is there a fix planned? This is a critical piece of information lol obviously it would be useful to know what kind of range you will have in order to set it accordingly. Is there a fix planned?
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4 years ago, Krahnin
Good App, Few Suggestions
Update: Dropping this to two stars. All of the below still stands true. I have the lovely added benefit that whenever my car goes to sleep, the widget used to display “asleep”. Now it displays an error icon and says “please open app”. This has been an ongoing issue now for months. All in all the ability to cool/heat my vehicle, remotely open doors, honk the horn, and view where the vehicle is at at any time is amazing! Light years beyond my last car. That said, a few things I think would add a lot of benefit. 1) When setting a charge limit, let me see percentages on the lines. You guys recommend a specific percentage for extended battery life. Don’t make me guesstimate where that is. 2) allow me to either pick and choose or show more options on the widget. Currently, if I want to open the frunk I’m good; swipe right and tap widget button. If I want to open the trunk I have to open the app, tap controls, then open the trunk. Minor, but if I use the trunk far more than the frunk, it gets frustrating. 3) Allow me to view WiFi connection and signal strength from the app. I have a detached garage. I’m trying to find a better location for my router so that my car gets more than one bar of WiFi. Currently I have to move the router, walk to the car and get in, check it...rinse and repeat over and over. I may end up needing to get an extender, but the app would save me a lot of headache if it just exposed this data.
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4 years ago, s_b_3
Lousy solar app
This is a review of the solar energy tracking part of this app. I don’t own a Tesla car. The app works, so I have to give it more than one star, but that’s about it. It has three major problems. First, while it has options for showing energy data on a year, month, week, or day period, when you select one of those options it brings you to the current day, week, etc. If you want to see data from 2 weeks ago, you have to view the current week, then hit the back arrow to go to the previous week, wait for it to get and display the data, and then hit the back arrow again. Repeat as necessary. Suppose I want to see the data for the summer equinox 2 years ago, I repeat these steps some 700 times?! Second, when it is displaying e.g. the days of the month, one would think that tapping on a particular day would bring up the data for that day. Nope, it does nothing. (Granted, tap and hold will show the total generated for that day, but if I want to see the day in detail, it’s back to selecting “by day” , and stepping back day by day.) Third, the algorithm for scaling the vertical axis is brain-dead. Here’s an example of the tic-marks chosen: baseline=0, 1st tic =182, second tic = 364, then 546, 728, and finally topping out 910! I mean really, you couldn’t have figured out to use 0, 200, 400, .. to 1000? The coders for the now-retired browser-based display could do it!
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2 years ago, Charge23
One step forward 5 steps back
For Tesla energy users this app is confusing and a downgrade. I see what Tesla is trying to do with the energy destination interface and it’s slightly clearer where your energy goes now. If you click the solar, for example, you see which proportion goes to the house, grid and powerwall. That’s nice, but it could be another screen rather than replacing the old screen. Another nice upgrade is the powerwall status in SOC by time of day. I miss the energy destination page on the old version. It was instantly understandable and informative. The new one with the house takes too long to see where the little green bolt goes. Why in god’s name do you need a house picture? It adds nothing. Please take away the house and give back one of the clearest and cleanest designs in the old app. Also the app loses info it seems, the powerwall goes to zero SOC at some point later in the day and I know it’s not zero based on my other phone which has the old app. Please don’t take functionality away with your updates. It seems like this app was created by a focus group not including consumers of the info. Give us back what you took from us. Add if you want to. And fix what’s broken rather than breaking what’s working. Please give better download capability. Bulk download of detailed data. Better peak period data clarity that is downloadable.
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3 months ago, allgamenab
The app is useful and convenient but needs more
The Tesla app is useful and convenient for owners given that it is heavily integrated into the daily use of the vehicle. However, it needs additional features, such as: — Allow users to remotely monitor their active supercharge session on the app by showing the cost estimate that is visible in the on the in-vehicle screen while charging (this would allow users can see what they are spending when away from the vehicle as it charges) — Provide added information in the supercharge location system (on app and in-vehicle) such as the property that the superchargers are located on (i.e. Wawa, Sheetz) Currently, users have to Google the address to find information on where the superchargers are located to better decide if that’s the location they want to stop at on their roadtrip — The MY battery seems to drain faster when the app is left open on the iPhone running in the background compared to force quitting it until I want to drive the car. It would be great if something could be done to improve the overall vehicle energy/battery management while the app is running in the background to better maintain the battery level
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2 months ago, Beth Boozer's iTunes
Decatur Tesla Service Center was excellent
It was one of those adventures in the north Georgia mountains. Everything was perfect until the first morning I went out and found my Tesla sitting on one of its back rear rims with a flat tire. Long story, but ended up with AAA towing my car on a flatbed to the Decatur dealership. Thank goodness for my AAA membership. Tesla Road Service had wanted to charge for any miles over 50 and said they were too busy to help out otherwise. Anyway, the tow truck came from South Carolina and dropped the car at Tesla in Decatur on a Saturday. By the time our Family Reunion was over Sunday and I had a ride back to Atlanta, Tesla service Center in Decatur called Monday early to ask for permission to install a new tire. I gave the permission and by the time I got there, the car was ready. Thank you especially to Gabriel for how thorough and helpful he was at Decatur Tesla Service Center. He went above and beyond helping with my problem. Things there were so well managed, I want to give them all accolades. P.S. I hope Elon’s new honeycombed tire which won’t go flat will be out soon.
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7 months ago, Mgannon
If you ever need any support from Tesla and you think that you should call and get an answer, YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN. Tesla's customer support does not meet our expectations. Their phone system is not efficient, with nobody answering the phone and endless recordings that do not provide any solutions or answers to our problems. This lack of responsiveness is so frustrating and time-consuming for customers who need assistance with their Tesla vehicles. Additionally, the service center's staff can never provide us is any immediate solution or assistance needed for an immediate problem unless we have an appointment, which by the way, TAKES DAYS TO GET IT. The service they provide is NEVER quick, it takes days to get the service done, and they treat us poorly, it feels like they are doing us a favor. This is unacceptable customer service, as customers should be treated with respect and given prompt attention to their concerns. For instance Overall, my experience with Tesla's customer support is disappointing, and the company needs to work on improving its customer service processes. If they continue to provide inadequate support to their customers, it could negatively impact their reputation and sales in the long run, ESPECIALLY WITH THE NEW EVs COMING TO MARKET.
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3 years ago, flybone89
Waking up... Vehicle Connection Error
This is an ok app when it is actually able to connect to the vehicle in that it does provide some nice features such as the ability to set the cabin temperature before a trip or check/set charging. It does generally improve the vehicle experience although the app’s UI is only ok - there a lot of settings buried in a long and ugly top menu. And one key missing feature is the ability to control charging with the same granularity as the car such as changing the charge schedule. But this app is very unreliable connecting to my vehicle, whether it is on WiFi or cellular. I frequently get “Waking up” messages where I have to wait minutes watching a spinning arrow for it to connect or in about 1/3 of the time results in a “Vehicle Connection Error.” I have to reboot, recycle, and most of the time it finally connects. But several times I had to go out to the vehicle and get in before the app finally connected - kind of stupid don’t you think for an app that is supposed to allow for remote access? I do like having the app a lot and when it connects it really is a good experience overall. But I can’t in good faith give it more than a few stars because it is just so frustrating to get it to connect.
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4 months ago, Whywouldiwantanickname
Good functionality for the most part, but mileage estimations always off
When typing in travel from one point to another, Tesla estimates the miles or battery left over upon reaching the stated destination. This is vitally important of course, so one does not run out of charge and become stranded. In my 2022 Model 3, the estimations are off 100% of the time, and always off on short side. Example - traveling from point A to B will result in me arriving with 15% battery left. But in reality, this estimation is full on bogus 100% of the time, and I will constantly either arrive with very little battery left or in some cases it’s so incredibly off that I will need to find a place to charge in the middle just so I can make it to my destination. My driving style is not aggressive either. Why the constant misrepresentation? Why not provide honest, real-world estimations that could actually be useful rather than detrimental? I mostly like the Tesla experience, but this part desperately needs to change. Thank you for your consideration.
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5 years ago, Model 3 Mike
Great app, keeps getting better
Tesla keeps improving my driving and car management experience regularly, through this app. Being able to adjust and readjust the climate remotely from my phone, including individual seat heaters, defrost, cabin temp, has been great this winter. Being able to remotely open the two trunks and charging port, flash lights and horn, etc., is nice to have when you want it. Being able to schedule a service appt, control the charging sched, map out nearest superchargers, and find pretty precisely where my car is at the exact moment, is really convenient. Only issue is the time it takes to “wake up” (connect from the app to the car), while it is only less than a minute, takes longer than I would like. When I’m standing in my house next to the router and the car is 20 feet away, also on the router, I would think it would be almost instantaneous. Would really, really like to be able to remotely activate any/all cameras and see the view from my phone. Thanks, Tesla!
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3 months ago, ImposterSyndrom
A good app but
I think the app has potential but the user experience is severely lacking. 1. There are no descriptions to anything so the only way to find out what something does is to click it and see what happens. I shouldn’t have to Google everything like this. 2. There doesn’t seem to be a “just turn it off” button that locks the doors, rolls the windows up and turns off the AC. I’ve had to do it all manually. 3. It’s hard to distinguish what is a button vs what a list item with sub menus. 4. Not a lot of stats about your vehicle at all. Can’t really tell anything beyond the PSI and that was a bit tricky to find. 5. Video audio won’t play unless you take your phone off silent/vibrate mode. I had to Google this to figure it out. 6. The app itself doesn’t really provide much of anything really. There seems to have been more thought out into the store section than the app itself. 7. My wife also has the app and can honk the horn while I’m signed in as the profile using it about to drive around. She was about 15 miles away. There should be limitations to this.
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3 years ago, danlemire
Solar Time of Use Schedule Still not good enough
I use the Tesla App to control my solar and powerwalls. I’m quite happy with the app except for two things: 1) storm watch doesn’t seem to work and 2) time of use price schedule adjust. Storm watch doesn’t seem to trigger when in a sever storm watch anymore. This wasn’t a problem until recently. My electric provider has a setup that is not accommodated by the existing price schedule when using time based control. We’re in the fall billing schedule and that means that prices are high from 6-8am and then are lower until 3pm to 8pm. The price schedule doesn’t currently support separated windows and I can only represent this higher price schedule in the morning by using a price shoulder (which is not accurate and leads to unnecessary battery use on during the day on rainy days. I would like to ask for a more flexible price schedule ability so that I can properly inform the equipment on best times based on price. We only have two priced to accommodate; peak and off-peak. It’s only the time setup that I would need changed.
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9 months ago, Aeth77
Better than any other app for other brands.
See many complaints about the app and Elon. I’m no Elon fan per se’, but objectively I think people forget, and maybe can answer this, what app does any other car maker have that is anything close to Tesla? None. My BMW app does like 3 things. It’s garbage. I’ve had pretty much a 99% positive experience with the app. Things just work and new features have been rolled out the last 18months that we didn’t have. Like remote camera viewing which requires premium connectivity subscription. Plus a host of other improvements. Yeah they aren’t perfect, but they are still literally miles ahead of any competition for the App and technology in the electric car market. The 400k cars a quarter they are producing and selling should be evidence enough. But this is the App Store and people love to hate. Good luck to you. Kia has some interesting electric cars, maybe that is more up your alley? The app is trash for that brand. Look it up.
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2 years ago, campkeith
Suggestions for making charging cheaper/cleaner
I am on a variable day-ahead hourly rate plan with my electric utility. I prefer to buy more electricity during selected hours when it is cheaper. In Illinois this is typically when wind is blowing at night, but obviously this varies from day to day. Cheaper electricity also tends to be cleaner electricity. It would be nice if I could set two state of charge levels, a minimum charge level and a maximum charge level and have the app/car automatically (i.e. using a pricing arbitrage-like strategy) select the hours for charging that minimize electricity cost subject to the above charge level constraints. During cold weather, this strategy would ideally also take into account losses from battery heating. Finally, it would be nice to have away to just heat the battery without heating the cabin. While heating the battery uses energy, it also enables regenerative braking which help to recoup some of that energy loss while greatly reducing brake wear.
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4 years ago, zephry0222
They took away the solar city app
You took away a functioning app that provided us with useful tools to monitor our solar systems installed in 2 homes. Also had the ability to make payments. You forced us on to this app where only one home can be monitored, to a very limited degree. Can’t make payments. Can’t get assistance. Forced into a website, that still gives no detailed information on the system in order to make a payment. Why would you take away a great tool and replace with something that is of no benefit. If you haven’t noticed, the world runs on apps. Update. Received an alert that the gateway wont communicated with Tesla. The email didn’t state which home. App and website are still no help for multiple systems, and no customer support phone number listed. Had to google search for it. 2.5 minutes through and annoying IVR to then wait on hold for a representative. 16 minutes until my call was answered. The app, website, communications and customer experience are terrible. The customer service agent agreed when I mentioned the app and website. Pretty sad when your own employees acknowledge the problem. Went from a company I enjoyed doing business with as Solar City to a complete disappointment with Tesla.
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2 years ago, 19373?; zjckdhs
Horrible user experience
I find the entire experience, end to end, with Tesla to be consistently horrible. First, getting an appointment early enough is not possible when I had an emergency with my tire almost being broken. Then the day before my appointment the service center said they can’t do loaners so basically I was on my own without a car. Ther is no service center number to call and talk to someone because they want all of it to be done via the app. I’m a digital business app development person so I know the modern channel preferences of apps. When I got to the service center, the front door was locked so the app scheduling isn’t synced with facility location times. Then I entered through the work area and every mechanic saw me and just ignored that there is a customer in the work area. Then I went to one and told them I had an appointment. Finally someone came and took the car. They sent me a message the car is serviced and I should pay but the app messages take forever to load and when I click view to pay it gives me an error each time, so I can’t pay. I called them again but there is no way to pay via phone. I have no idea how I will pay them.
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5 years ago, Tech_hed
I don’t have any problems that these others are
My experience has been great with no occurrences of issues that others leaving bad reviews mention. I think it is very device and location specific, meaning phone make/model, cell tower connectivity between phone and vehicle, WiFi/internet service (if involved in the connection equation), and potentially needing to reset the mobile phone altogether. Specifically, I have never had username/password/logout issues, so it can’t be the app is poor or my experience would be consistent with theirs. Coming from a Camry XLE and the Toyota Entune app (which is a total joke and worthless piece of crap that literally makes you type username/password EVERY time and no option of TouchID) the Tesla app is used DAILY almost hourly, whereas I would open Entune once a month to see if it had actually become useful or even worked yet. (It never became useful or worked). For the one user who mentioned they wish it would have Siri or other automation, just buy the “RemoteS” app in the App Store. You can create Siri shortcuts and literally tell your car what to do. Tesla shouldn’t be the sole developer of mobile app enhancements, just core functions. They just need to provide the capability and documentation for developers to access core functions, which they have done and are available on the web. Learn development or start a campaign to acquire the development. Otherwise use the feature request function in the car.
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2 years ago, Pedrojf1
Buggy version for powerwall
Please correct this last update. Power failure notifications are not being sent. This is critical in our area due to the many outages we are experiencing. Power failures updates are now being received since I upgraded to iOS 15. The power failure history is once again in the app and no need to reinstall it since the iOS upgrade. If iOS was required it should had been advised so as not to upgrade to this app version. The history of power failures is still only to one year back whereas on the old app it was since the initial installation of the Powerwall, if needed be please provide an option to be stored in the phone as an option to downloading the data manually. I also agree with some users that the font used to report the Energy is too small. The graphing also should allow to add the sun, house, powerwall or grid without having to click on a button, it should be as it was on the prior version. Last the screen background could be allowed to be set to a lighter color.
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2 years ago, djbky
This app just gets worse and worse
I used to love checking the status of my solar panels and PowerWall with this app. Now it’s just a big, confusing mess with less functionality. For example, the graph used to let me select which components (solar, battery, grid and house) that I want to see. Now I can only see a single component, or else exclude a single component. And while I appreciate that I can download data (several years after requesting this feature), all I get are a few data points corresponding to the graph that’s on the screen. There is apparently no way to get what I want, which is all of the actual raw data, down to a one-minute resolution. And by the way, when “Storm Watch” came out, I thought, “Wow, this is fantastic,” except it didn’t actually work when we had power outages from storms. Storm detection is all false-positives and false-negatives. During our worst storm, when the grid was down for 10 hours, the battery started out at 20% and only lasted for a few hours with a minimum number of appliances turned on. It’s unfortunate that that this app has turned to crap, because the underlying tech is so good.
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5 months ago, Cheapwash
Scheduled Departure Doesn’t Work
I like the app, but as other reviews stated there is no support. I am forced to do a review in hopes of getting support for my issue. Specifically, scheduled departure doesn’t work as expected. For example, I listed 8am on weekdays as my scheduled departure with off peak hours ending at the same time. Yet on Fridays (a weekday) it charges at any time including during peak electricity hours. Also, if you enter the actual off peak end time (i.e. 2pm) with a departure time of 8am, the car will start charging if I plug it in at 3pm. The logic is extremely fickle and confusing. Bottom line, when you enter a scheduled departure, it should wait to charge such that charging completes right before your departure, period! If you add off peak electricity, it should still do the same thing, while also avoiding peak time. To do this it needs to know the start and end times for peak electricity rates. Just that simple.
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2 years ago, thegodal
Used to be useful Last update killed it.
I use the app strictly for solar power and power wall. The interface used to be useful, I could easily see power consumption and production etc, but now it doesn’t allow me to go off grid without going into the back yard and messing with the switch. That’s the problem with computer programmers they like to change things for the sake of change. I am a very old computer programmer and the cardinal rule is if it works don’t fix it. Change and improvement should happen in the background. The UI should gradually evolve. To use a car analogy do whatever you want under the hood, but the steering wheel and the brake better be where I expect it. Is it more intuitive ? No it’s not. Does it work Any better? No it’s worse. Taking the clean simple interface and making it look busy is not an improvement. Main screens should be simple , options should be clear. Details should be accessible only when sought for. No one wants to look at a power plant schematic unless they drill down to it.
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2 years ago, Jerksareyou
Please please Please roll back home energy app
Please roll back Solar portion. Users:Do not update. Cool update for vehicles. Poor for home energy management. The newest update needs to be rolled back. It was always easy to know the system status at a glance. Going on or off grid was simple. Now, your phone has to be paired with your power walls. If the new home page states “Go on Grid”, one would assume they are off grid. Um….maybe. Been operating the same system for two years seamlessly. Today, the app allowed my batteries to get drained during off peak hours. Guess what was left for peak. I have not paid for peak since day one. Why? I’m guessing it’s Tesla’s idea for their virtual grid. The new home page puts the opt in option in your face. And, somehow my battery reserve was changed to 0%. Nice! I get their goal. PG&E gives you pennies for your excess energy. In turn they sell it at a huge profit as “Green Energy”. Their justification is infrastructure cost. Yeah, like magic fairies installed and maintains my system for free. Tesla wants a cut of that profit margin under the guise “Help support California’s grid”. Yeah yeah…let’s go with that! Rant over!
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1 year ago, msiniscal
Expected more from Tesla
So many great things about driving a Tesla, but there are some features that makes one wonder if there are development processes are in place or if it’s random. 1) Why do I have more control over scheduling days/times to run my robot vacuum cleaner, than to precondition my car? You can only set the time of precondition when you’re AT the location of that time: and only for weekdays or everyday - stop trying to think for people and give us proper controls 2) Of all the alerts given, why is there no alert for “car not charging” which is critical if you plan to use your car to drive somewhere. ****Update: last night 1st time app notified that charging stopped. And did again tonight- seems like if the car is hot from highway and garage is already 120 degrees, it won’t charge. Thank you!****WISH LIST: can we get a “precondition now” button with a notice when it’s at the desired temperature. Does everyone leave the house at the same time everyday.
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5 years ago, Two year owner
Worse after v9
When I plug in the car to charge I no longer get a message saying charging scheduled for 11 PM or whatever time you set up for. it just says charging stopped. Therefore when I go to sleep I have no way of verifying that my charge is set and ready to go like i used to. Also, I no longer get an error message that the cord is plugged in incorrectly or there is a fault or whatever might impede my charge that is going to start a couple of hours after I go to sleep. The old app gave that info which you could check at a glance before retiring for the night. This is quite a downgrade from your previous version which gave all of that information and more. If you’re going to start annoying people with updates that take away actually useful features in the real world, you’re just like every other tech company. Now just to be sure I don’t wake up in the morning without a church I have to manually start my charger at about 10 PM before I go to bed confirm that it’s charging correctly and then go to sleep charging when electricity still very expensive rather than starting later in the middle of the night. Thanks Tesla.
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2 years ago, Jsnyc212
A Good company turned
I had an early build model 3 with all the options including FSD. Years later I found myself wanting a Model Y for its slightly larger interior space and the AWD. But FSD- which is just software, as the car is capable, is non-transferable. Even though I already purchased the upgrade when it was only a few grand, I lose it with the old car and they want me to pay $10K to have it again. Any other car I could remove an accessory and put it on my new car. Any other software I could uninstall from my old computer and bring to my new computer. Imagine having to re-purchase every app on your phone at 5x the original cost with every new phone release. Now they’re limiting me to 80% charge limits at select super chargers when I’m on long haul road trips- the entire reason I got a Long Range was to have the distance. Not cool. Don’t get me started on build quality. Tesla lost its soul in its attempts to finally turn a profit. Tesla is ahead now but as soon as a legacy brand has a better or similar EV to Tesla, I’m out.
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1 year ago, Private Pilot 99
Constantly Improving!
I woke up to a power outage this morning after a wind advisory. Nothing unusual there but Tesla did not trigger a storm watch so my batteries were drained. Three days later and it looks like storm watch is now triggering on today’s wind advisory. Great work on the quick resolution! Thank you Tesla. Tesla solar and power wall are a great solution in high cost power areas with unstable grids. Update: the above problem seems to be resolved. I would like to see Tesla manage the power wall to minimize time in a discharged state as well as power cost. For example during high power cost times it will drain the battery as soon as possible rather than draining at the last possible moment for the same benefit. This would maximize backup since there is less time in the day that the batteries are in a discharged state.
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3 years ago, Ro00100100100
It never works
It’s shameful that this application never works. A company like Tesla, which has done and accomplished so much in our modern times, now cannot fix the commuication issue that this application is having. Everytime I launch the application, it unsuccessfully tries to communicate with my 2018 until I get the void message “Network Time Out.” The application would only work when I launch it while on Wi-Fi. And on the other hand, a third party application, Tesla Stats, works fine and connects to the vehicle without a single glitch everytime, which leads me to believe that the issue lies in the Tesla apllication, not the AT&T service. And I’m not the only one with this problem. Multiple other Tesla owners are experiencing the same problem. One last thing: when I purchased my Model 3, the application worked perfect up until a recent application update made in the first half of 2020. What goods can you find in the convenient Summons feature, or the climate control, etc., if the application does not work? It is really about time for Tesla to solve this problem.
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3 weeks ago, Play On 04
Limits functionality. Get updating
1. Add ability to edit the price of a specific charge session. Sometimes my “other” charges are free, other times they are paid. Maybe have a set price and one setting that toggles on/off for free. 2. Can’t view and clear sentry videos in the app, don’t want to sit in car and do that. That should be easy app functionality. 3. If I live in an apartment and get free charging, let me set my home charging amount to $0.00 4. You should be able to schedule multiple pre-conditioning times throughout the day. Add more tabs to set more times. 5. Schedule sentry to turn on and off at specific times. For example, every night from midnight to 6am it could be scheduled to turn on. 6. If I move and my cost or home charging changes, it shouldn’t backdate and change my stats. I should be able to adjust price going forward only. Or I switch electric plans, it should only impact cost savings going forward.
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5 years ago, DocStitz
Heavy background activity and battery use even with “Background App Refresh” off
I’m a new Model 3 owner, and have been using this app for a 8 days. I like the convenience of the effortless lock/unlock functionality the Phone Key option offers. The ability to control so many of the car’s features remotely is great too. But something seems a bit off with this app’s background activity. At default settings in iOS 11, it used 11% of my iPhone 7’s very healthy battery (97% max charge from new, replaced by Apple earlier this year) in the first 10 hours I had the car, and there were almost 2 hours of background activity that day. And that was with spending 4 of those 10 hours in the car. I’ve since turned off Background App Refresh, and it’s helped decrease the battery usage to about 4-5% per day. I use it a few times per day for keyless entry and maybe once per day for remote climate adjustment. But even with that setting change, it’s still had 8+ more hours of background activity in the past 7 days. I’ve written to Tesla Support to try and get details of the heavy battery use and reason for so much background activity, but haven’t heard back yet. The app does offer a location tracking feature for the car, so I would guess that’s the main drain? It also offers notifications for car-related alerts. Hopefully they can optimize things further, as other than the heavy battery drain this app is great!
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4 years ago, WALL-E3000
Sentry Mode Request
Sadly, our Model 3 got backed into while parked overnight, and unfortunately, that was the one night we forgot to activate Sentry Mode. Fortunately, the other driver left a note but that could have easily resulted in a hit and run with no info on the driver. It would be super helpful to have a preference that would allow Sentry Mode to auto-engage whenever parked, possibly with an additional setting that would only do it away from home (for those with garages). Maybe also a preference that it would disengage below a certain battery threshold? In the event of an accident, you’d very likely record the plates of the car that hit you. 5/7/19 edit: thank you for adding this feature!!! However, here is a suggestion that could take things to the next level and prevent some mishaps altogether. Since you are already monitoring surroundings with the low-power ultrasonics, could you not also distinguish a car moving too close while parked (a more uniform motion pattern than a pedestrian)? If a car gets too close, a quick honk of the Tesla’s horn could provide enough warning for the other driver to realize just how close they are. Not sure if that’s technically feasible but, if so, that would be huge! Accident averted! Thanks for the consideration and appreciate all the great work you devs at Tesla do!
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5 years ago, NCJohn
Phone-as-key needs more flexibility
As a I write this, key fobs are sold out. They are a bandaid fix to this issue anyway that I am guessing can be fixed with software. ISSUE: Currently I cannot walk up to my locked Model 3 with my iPhone X in my back left pocket and open my driver’s door. I’ve reset both car and phone. I mean it could be my phone, sure, but I played around with it and watched the app’s phone key signal bars go from 1-2-3 bars at various points of distance and in/out of my back pocket. Looks like 3 bars of signal is necessary to unlock. I have 3 bars holding the phone even half-way out of my pocket standing next to the door in my natural position, but the signal level drops to 2 bars once my phone is 100% in my back left pocket like I normally wear it. If I rotate my body 90 degrees to the right so that the phone is literally closer to the car it gets 3 in the pocket and allows the unlock. All the band-aid fixes of awkwardly turning my body, unlocking with the app manually before I reach the car, buying a key fob, or wearing my phone in my front pocket are unrealistic IMO. I’m an average athletic male at 5’11” and 180lbs, not a corpulent hambeast. PROPOSAL: allow either calibration of the key signal strength to be 3 bars at a given distance / situation OR allow a setting in the app / car to allow unlocking the car with less than 3 bars. “Phone key unlock distance: near, medium, or far” seems intuitive. Thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, jludwick
Beware the Edit
I am currently in the process of ordering my Tesla. As you order, you have a flick-left to-do list. One of your to-dos is to fill out your financing paperwork via the usual series of entry fields. My app froze twice while I tried to enter simple information like my phone number. In the upper right, there’s an Edit button. “Edit” typically means an a la carte revision of your information - but it actually resets ALL your info, and erases your loan contract. I’m still waiting for the new loan contract a day later. The button function needs to match the label, or the label needs to change to “Restart Application”. I am very excited to own a Tesla, and hope you take this review as an attempt to improve your product. It has now been 2 months, and my loan paperwork is in perpetual “we’ll notify you when….”. Despite my excitement about owning a Tesla, I’m frustrated that the customer service I receive for a 5-figure purchase isn’t better than Amazon’s for a 2-figure purchase.
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2 years ago, erinys62
No app support, so requesting an enhancement here
The app is generally pretty good and updates fairly frequently. On its own merits I’d give it probably four stars. I’m just frustrated by the lack of any clear way to communicate with the app dev team. The App Support link on the App Store just takes you to Tesla’s main web page. There’s no way to report a bug or other limitation, or request a feature or enhancement, or otherwise communicate with the app developers that I can find, other than possibly writing a review and giving a low star rating to get their attention (if they bother to read these). So that’s what I’m resorting to. The feature to set up custom electric rate plans is pretty cool. Took me a bit to figure out the UI, but I managed after a bit of futzing around. The one problem I have with it is that it assumes your utility has one set of rates for weekdays (M-F), and one set for weekends (Sat-Sun). I’m on the Seattle City Light time-of-day rate pilot program and their Saturday rates are the same as for weekdays, and there’s a different rate plan just for Sundays and certain specific holidays. If there’s a way to set this up in the app, I sure couldn’t figure it out. I get that this is a pretty “edge” case, but in my experience as a developer, edge cases once ignored don’t get the priority to get handled unless enough people complain about them loudly enough. And this is the only way I could find to complain.
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5 months ago, rgkeaney
Overestimates savings based on gas cost
Until this app lets you manually set the average cost of gas for your area, this app will consistently overestimate your savings which is a huge disappointment. Look, I know Tesla wants everyone to think they are saving money by charging vs using gas, and In general it’s true. But until you give the user the ability to manually change these assumptions, you are making yourself look more like a marketing company by pushing false claims. Your current fuel cost for Florida is using $4.25 per gallon as the assumption. There is no place in the Orlando area that I have found which is that high. The average fuel cost of all the stations that I historically use is currently $3.79 per gallon. That’s a big miss Tesla. So these numbers you force me to look at at false. Why not allow the user to set their own estimate? The only possible answer is you want to skew the data.
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2 years ago, johnnyflewerty
First I want to say I am a huge Tesla fan but this experience with Tesla solar has been terrible and I would not recommend. It’s not worth the headaches or the money. Shading billing practices and hidden fees have cost me thousands. My quote for solar noted free installation but the night before install Tesla slid in a 3k line for installation into the final bill without telling me. The way they present bills is confusing and I did not realize it had been added. They will not return my calls or emails asking for clarification on why I was added to the final bill. Tesla came out to my house two times to decide on a location for the powerwalls but during install they decided to put them somewhere else which I had not agreed to. What I learned was that Tesla does what they want and they do not want any input from the homeowner. Tesla also broke my gutters with their ladders but they will not return my calls to fix them. In their eyes the job is done. In short, communication is non existent and they take weeks to reply to any question if they even reply at all. I expect more from from a premium solar company especially with the cost. They get back to you when they feel like it. They are out to get as many jobs done as possible and they don’t care how they are done. My project was supposed to take 3-4 months and it took over 8 months to complete. I expected a lot more from Tesla and this has left a really bad taste in my mouth. BEWARE!
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2 years ago, -ZBB-
4.0 update needs work
There are some nice new features in the 4.0 update, and the overall look and feel is a good improvement. Love that the phone key works with all cars without having to switch to each car. But… the Solar/Powerwall changes need some work. The redesigned power flow visualization is not as simple or clear as in 3.x, with some very small fonts that use gray on black text that is difficult to read. Please bring back a simpler design with the numbers in a + pattern! The graphing feature also has some design choices that make this harder to use and read, for example the vertical axis now takes up nearly 25% of the screen width, giving less room for the graph and the icons to switch source are much smaller touch targets. The ability to combine multiple sources in the graph was removed — making it harder to do comparisons. Don’t sizes are very small and hard to read. Please fix and refine this design!
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2 months ago, Chris Stockton
One star until you stop pestering me when I close the app
This app gets one star until you stop pestering me about closing the app. I’m not leaving it open at all times and you don’t need a reason why. What you need is to stop bothering me with a notification every time I close the app. Since you’ve abused your right to notify me I’ve revoked your permission, which means you’ve robbed me of notifications that may be more crucial and important all because you are trying to pester me into using my phone a way I don’t want to. The desperate measures you’ve taken with spamming me to leave your app open means there are serious business goals / wants driving your behavior. If someone closes the app every single time it’s obvious they don’t want to leave it open. Yet you persist. This means your business is desperate to track me 24/7. Why? Also stop begging to get on my home wifi network it’s another thing that will never happen. Also the privacy policy for your cabin camera is vague and unclear misleading wording of “your cabin camera is not linked to your VIN.” - okay it’s not linked to my vin- but what about my Tesla account? You may not be lying that it’s not directly linked to my vin, but you telling me their is no way to discover the identity of someone on a cabin camera? If that was the case you would spell it out. Instead you use careful word smithing to mislead consumers. I’m embarrassed for you. Get some morals.
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2 years ago, B1Bmbr
I don’t like this new version
I use the app solely for solar and power walls and the previous version was more useful. I could see a graph that overlaid home use, solar generation, power wall charging/discharging, and grid consumption/feed at the same time. Now I can only get a few per graph and it tries to be cute and give me net power instead of individual power info in reports. What I mean by that is I used to be able to see power pulled from grid and power fed to grid separately, now, it sums the two and spits out the result but that’s not helpful for understanding if there is a problem somewhere. I used to download the reports and import them into my own excel file to track in comparison with PG&E and now I have to manually enter three rows of data for each day because they switched the reports to net instead of gross. The Home Screen graphic is now busy and hard to read—if the app developers read this, please revert to previous version.
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9 months ago, luckybuck7
Ok, but not amazing
A lot of the conscience features of using your phone remotely to control your car are snubbed by a bug where my car will not update in the app. I will open the Tesla app and it shows my car from 3-4 hours when I parked. It will spin and try and update. I cannot input climate controls or do anything of the sort. I know the car is in sleep mode, but this will be stuck in the limbo update for 3-5 minutes. That’s not convenient and not the same story I hear from other Tesla users. I’ve been told their experience is near-instant connection. I’m assuming this is a bug because I can go to my phone settings and disable Bluetooth (not disconnect and leave the radio on, fully turn it off) and I come back to the app and it works instantly. Seems like there’s a hang up with the always allow Bluetooth and the connection to the car.
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3 weeks ago, Randylaw67
Clean it up…
I have always loved the Tesla APP for the functionality and access to the car and we have been a Tesla owner for a long time. After suggesting the ability to see the car cameras remotely, they added that feature about a year ago and continually improve the APP features just as they do the cars software… But this ridiculous new “Refer and Earn” banner that is on the main screen has to go!! It is taking valuable screen space and you can’t get rid of it even after opening the item. Any owner know about referrals and the toy box, so please get rid of the annoying “in your face” banner. I will certainly give back my 5-star rating to the APP once you get back to the basics and get rid of the advertisements that are cluttering up the user interface screen!!
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5 years ago, hdc1388
Love the app!
In the world we live in today, who doesn’t love having the control of everything right at your finger tips? Love that I can use the app to control the garage door as well, it saves from having to install a wireless connection for it and use a different app for that feature, so it’s awesome that you can do that. What I would like to see is the option to add or remove the widgets on the main screen, right now it has the A/C, frunk, and locking widget. Being able to add the trunk as an option, or turn on sentry mode since it’s not a default, or the garage control, would be an awesome update. Also I want to be able to access the additional camera views, after all, I did just spend over 50k on the car, you’d think I be able to use fully what I purchased
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2 years ago, Jerryi99
The new charge stats feature is great
For a while there wasn't a charging tab to see how much your charging cost at home and with the new update they have the feature to select your time of use plan with your electric company and it automatically sets the schedule for the days of week and even the season which is really nice! Now I can see how much it costs per night to charge at home during off-peak hours. Although I wish there was more detailed controls. For example the app tells me that my window is open, but doesnt say which window. The Tessie app can do this though, which is what I use more often than the official Tesla app. I can only set scheduled departure for "all-week" or "weekdays" there is no "custom" tab to set the days where you actually work...
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2 years ago, Fuvb
I love this app and my Tesla
This app allows me to enjoy my Tesla even more, the ability to remotely check on my Tesla and communicate with it is unlike no other vehicle I have ever owned. For this reason I will never not own a Tesla! App developers, of course there are always ways to improve this app over the years!! I have now changed my 3 stars to five starts from only one year ago. Thanks you so much for the additional improvements to this app! I really really wanted to be able to adjust the charge rate from the app and now we can because of the awesome app developers!! Even better would be a history of your previous battery charges and kWh amounts! You all are truly bettering peoples lives and creating new happiness! Thank you all and Elon! : )
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6 years ago, asegar
No indication that we’re running on backup power!
When I purchased our Powerwall I specifically asked whether there was a way to be informed when our utility power failed and we were running off the Powerwall. I was told the app could be set up to send a text message/email when utility power was interrupted. Now our Powerwall is installed, I discover that this alert system has been removed “because there were problems with it”. I live in a remote rural area with no other dwellings in sight. With no indication that utility power has failed I have no way of knowing that I should reduce my power consumption when this occurs. So I rapidly deplete my Powerwall whenever there’s a power outage! Yes, the app indicates when the power has failed, but I can’t keep my eyes glued to the app all the time to see if the utility power is off! With a text and/or email alert, I’d be able to turn off my water heater and other high-power consuming devices and just run essential devices for days. Instead, my Powerwall is exhausted in a few hours! This is simply not acceptable, and not what I was told would be the case when I purchased the unit. All you smart Tesla engineers, please make it a high priority to fix this essential need for your otherwise cool product/service. If you can land two Falcon Heavyset simultaneously, you can fix this! Until you do, my Powerwall is of minimal use. Please help.
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12 months ago, Bald Norske
Missing elements
I am using this app for my new model y. For some reason, Summon is no longer available. It is discussed in the user manual and evidently was on home page. Also, upon notifying me of an open window and prompting me to select close window, it notifies me that that option is not available. Also, it is not clear what time parameters are for preconditioning. If I set departure for 9:AM, will it begin reconditioning before that time and if so, how long before. There is also no notification when preconditioning is complete. So, if I want my battery set up for speedy charging, what time should I set departure? I am a condo owner who will be routinely using superchargers located so close to me that battery reconditioning is still active when I arrive at the charger, insuring that it will take longer than it should. For my situation it would be much more desirable to be able to remotely start preconditioning with this app.
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3 years ago, davberk
Great car app
Updating after 5 months: I would give this app 6 stars if I could. It’s so rock solid reliable! One thing I didn’t realize at first is that I can send addresses to the car from Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp etc. It works every time, and when I get in the car it’s already navigating me. Coming from BMW I was used to a slow, badly implemented, constantly unreliable app that really only carried out a few simple functions. Reviews of MBz Toyota apps etc looked the same. I’ve had my car a week and am blown away by the difference here. Super reliable, quick, well designed and thought out. I really enjoy controlling and checking on my car with this app! I can tell that they have a great team of iOS developers who take real pride in making this app nice.
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2 years ago, Spencer5927
Best App for Car Control
I use the app every single day, have the extended widget for it, and am always happy with the regular improvements that are made. Let’s be clear that this app is better than all competitor apps. HOWEVER, there are features I would still love to see. As a back-seat camper who loves taking advantage of the seamless connection between trunk and cabin, I would love to see an advanced media control. Something to help me browse through Tesla Theater, Arcade, and my music all in one place. I often find it a struggle when I get comfortable and have to reach up to the infotainment screen to rewind, browse through video options, or even select the streaming service I would like to use. Using my phone as the infotainment remote would be amazing and I genuinely hope the members on the software/embedded team agree! Non-App-Related Note: When camping out in the back seat, the screen will shut off unless pressure is applied to the driver’s seat. So this is indeed another hurdle in of itself, but it would be awesome to see a little more of a tailored experience to us back seat campers! This could be useful for any passenger in the vehicle as well, but camping out in the back is my personal scenario.
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7 months ago, rsailer
Getting Better
I use the app only to manage my solar panels and powerwalls and the app is quite good for that. It is also a little addictive to monitor. A couple of suggestions: The recent change of the power flow lines is an improvement. You may want to consider swapping the location of the electric meter and the powerwall/inverter since that is really the heart of the system (all the electricity flows through that). Also, it would be nice to navigate directly to different days, weeks, months or years rather than having to scroll through dozens of weeks or hundreds of day to get to a specific one. You could do this by allowing a “drill down” functionality from years to months to weeks to days. There are probably other ways. When down loading data, some way off differential naming when downloading would make it easier to find specific data. Even a year-month-day format would be good. It would also be helpful to download a whole years with of weekly, daily or even hourly data at a time. Finally, providing a comparison to previous days or months (January 2023 compared to January 2022) in graphical form by day would be great.
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4 months ago, Loki-NV
Improper financial transactions
So in the process of purchasing a new car. Most irritating part is the estimated delivery date is a complete joke. Arguably note the apps fault but it’s still reporting unreliable data. Got to the step of providing payment after providing info for a bank loan. They had an old account listed in there so I re-logged in with plaid to add a current account. Then realized the number on the financing was too high. So I go back to the financing step and change it to the correct value. Get to the ACH pay screen and it’s now just listed as paid. No confirmation of the amount I wanted to pay. Doesn’t even tell me what account it was drawn from. Text Tesla and they say it appears to have been paid. So I guess we’ll find out in a few days if they pulled the money from the new current account or the old account. With an amount I never explicitly agreed to pay.
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7 months ago, Mom spy
Missing buttons and functionality
This app seems to have been forgotten. In attempting to submit a service request, I provided details and clicked next, entered my address, which “current address” had wrong as our neighbor’s house. Clicked to edit address, but once corrected, there are only Back and Close icons. Clicking Back (arrow) reverts to previous value, clicking Close (x ), takes you out of the service request and you have to start again. Also, when trying to troubleshoot the error I was having by opening the troubleshooting section, I tried to search for our error using “authentication” in the search bar. There is no submit button to activate search, only an X, presumably to cancel the search. After being forced to scroll endlessly and search or my issue in a randomly organized list,I was disappointed to find it wasn’t there.
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