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User Reviews for testerup - earn money

4.26 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Carter3Boyd
Getting Paid to Play Games - Maybe
I have been using the testerup app for about 6 weeks now. I had downloaded this one and four or five others that were all similar in nature. I love the overall concept of the app. There’s a wide variety of offers available with new ones being added frequently, much more so than the other apps that I have used like this one. The only thing I dislike it that the offers are not organized in any sort way nor do they have a way to quickly find the offers that you’re currently working on if needed to. They also do not limit the amount of offers you are able to try to complete at one time, which has kept me from becoming bored while trying to achieve the different goals that are to be completed. I did read in the descriptions of the ones I am working on, that if you are not able to complete all the steps listed in the offer you are able to collect payment on those that you did complete. I am currently working on several offers and have not yet attempted to collect payment for partially finishing or for completing an offer so I am unsure how quickly or easily payments are issued. I do hope that in the next week or so I will be able to find out and will then change my 4 star rating to a 5 star.
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2 weeks ago, By NBC hhh
Tester up
I've used multiple different apps where they pay to track your progress completing levels in games. I like how Tester Up has promos where you can earn extra, gives substantial amount (more than most other apps that are similar), and has many different types of games to play to earn money. I also like how the explanation is thorough in the instructions for each app. I wish the cash out limit was less than 70$, and l've had trouble when starting a couple different games with the app actually tracking my progress. I've noticed that if it doesn't have a check mark next to "install and launch " it won't track your progress throughout levels. Which is frustrating because it has to be the first time downloading the apps for pretty much every game testing app l've done and when I download a game to earn money and it doesn't even track my progress, it takes away any possible money to be earned no matter what app l'm using to track it because it's not the first time downloading anymore. Pretty frustrating also I wish you could more easily contact customer support (instead of having to wait 48 hours) specifically from the game that's not working, so you don't end up wasting your time trying to reach levels that you'll never be paid for. Overall it's a good app with many game choices for earning money, and I would recommend it to friends.
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2 months ago, miso bored
It’s Legit ( I Think) But It Takes Way Too Long To Payout
So, I’ve had this app for over a month and spent maybe $30 or more dollars in total (not all of it given back to me with the cash back options a lot of the games on this app have), and after all that and no managing to fully complete a single game, I finally managed to reach the $70 threshold that they require for you to cash out. Now, this could be because I chose to hide my email using the apple feature but I was supposed to get an email which of course would be doable if I’d shared it with them but they also don’t let you add one once you’ve already used an anonymous method for signing up for this, so now my account says the money has been withdrawn but where is it? Did they attempt to send an email to the Apple ID email they give you when you’ve hidden your email or do they just not plan on paying me? I’ve contact their support staff but I still wanted to share my thoughts here because if I haven’t earned that money, then this app is either a genuine scam or run by people that like loopholes of which I have the unfortunate circumstance of being in right now. I shouldn’t have been able to sign up with my Apple ID hidden if they need an email to be able to give you the money. I’ll update if their customer service delivers but I’m writing this because my experience with these types makes me doubtful that they’ll deliver even though I really want them to.
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5 months ago, Chrry Coke
Amazing App!!!
I'm thrilled to share my incredible experience with the Testerup App, a true game-changer in the world of education and skill development. From the moment I started using this innovative app, I felt a renewed sense of excitement and motivation for learning. Testerup offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates interactive learning and assessments. Its extensive collection of courses spans across diverse fields, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. The app's hands-on challenges have been an absolute revelation, allowing me to apply my knowledge in practical scenarios and significantly enhancing my problem-solving skills. What sets Testerup apart is its thriving community, where I've had the pleasure of engaging with fellow learners and experts, fostering collaborative learning and valuable discussions. The meticulously curated content, personalized feedback from instructors, and progress tracking features have been invaluable in guiding my learning journey. Whether I'm on my iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, Testerup ensures a seamless learning experience with its synchronized platform across multiple devices. I cannot recommend Testerup enough to anyone looking to unlock a world of learning possibilities and embark on a transformative educational journey. It's the ultimate companion for lifelong learners and aspiring professionals seeking growth and advancement.
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9 months ago, TamaraDimsdale
Very serious but very great people
I have been with Testerup for over a year now and this app is the best game tester app I have ever used. Testerup in my eyes are BETTER than MVP in every shape, form and function for new people the payout to PayPal does take a little bit longer but after that payout you only have to wait for 3 days to receive it. I have referred every mobile gamer at my church to this app and they absolutely love it and if they have any problems with it I would fix it and show them how to actually be able to fix their phones game tracker and show them how to get the game they like through the app or fix their google account to where they can simply login through the Testerup app. The people who helped me with any issues with the app are very knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding and do care about the people using their app. I really like the games that they put on the app except for the slot machine games and the bingo games but every thing else I love! They pay through PayPal so if don’t have a PayPal account or card I suggest going through the app NOT THE PREPAID one the regular one and get it set up then get a card by the way it’s free to order through the PayPal app. If i could I would give this app 10 stars and if they ever wanted to do a commercial I would send in my application indefinitely!
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9 months ago, KatieP2085
I’ve had this app for quite some time. The app does pay you I have earned around $80. However, if you progress in a game too quickly they will flag you for cheating and you won’t make anything. This has happened to me twice now. The first time I have no clue why I was flagged and I never heard back for months when I reached out about the error and was given no help with the response apologizing for the delay and that was it. This time I progressed through a game quickly by PAYING for things in the app knowing that testerup has a reward for your first in app purchase. I bought 2 different things that helped me progress through the game a bit but due to this it stopped my progress from moving forward. I reached out to get help over 2 weeks ago. Send proof of the purchases, my app progress and everything else they asked for. They said they would pass it along to the correct party to look into the issue. However I have still not heard back and there is a time limit for how long you can progress through the game with testerup to make money. I refuse to waste my time playing a game I don’t even care for for money it doesn’t appear I will even be getting. Learned my lesson. Don’t make any in app purchases or you’ll get your progress stopped and not make what you deserve and they won’t reach back out until after it’s too late for them to give you the proper compensation they promised.
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5 months ago, A blessed life
Testers App Test/TesterUp
I’ve had Testerup for about 6 months. It is great to get payed for testing games and other apps. So far, I’ve been quite pleased. Each test has different levels to complete and those levels (or similar) are assigned a dollar amount. The total of completing all the steps, matches the earning potential found on the main/home tester up page. For each level you meet, you earn that allotted amount. Once you’ve finished that level, you’ve earned it and don’t lose it if you don’t complete the entire test in the proscribed time (30 days, 45 days, etc.) The individual test page keeps a running earnings total and you can leave the test early, if the test just doesn’t appeal. So if the potential earnings is $80 for 10 checklist items, you might finish 2 and have a $10 running total. You can choose to leave the test early, but you’ll keep that $10. My one complaint is that it is virtually impossible to complete all the tasks in the time allocated. Therefore, it is difficult to earn the full amount. I had an issue early on and reached out to customer service. They responded promptly and corrected my issue. So, the CS is stellar. Testerup won’t make you rich, but it’s a side hustle that lets you earn playing games that you’d likely give a try anyway.
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4 weeks ago, Jimmybooj
Worth it
I have been using the testerup app for about 6 weeks now. I had downloaded this one and four or five others that were all similar in nature. I love the overall concept of the app. There's a wide variety of offers available with new ones being added frequently, much more so than the other apps that I have used like this one. The only thing I dislike it that the offers are not organized in any sort way nor do they have a way to quickly find the offers that you're currently working on if needed to. They also do not limit the amount of offers you are able to try to complete at one time, which has kept me from becoming bored while trying to achieve the different goals that are to be completed. I did read in the descriptions of the ones I am working on, that if you are not able to complete all the steps listed in the offer you are able to collect payment on those that you did complete. I am currently working on several offers and have not yet attempted to collect payment for partially finishing or for completing an offer so l am unsure how quickly or easily payments are issued. I do hope that in the next week or so I will be able to find out and will then change my 4 star rating to a 5 star.
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2 years ago, Testery Reviewer
APP TEST Testery Review
I am somewhat new to this app & I am overall pretty satisfied so far. I originally downloaded the app before the rebrand to testerup, I did an offer by following the directions to the letter, but I noticed that my progress was not showing up. I gave it a few days then I emailed the support team to ask about what I was doing wrong or if it was a bug, but they never got back to me. However, after the rebrand I claimed 2 more offers & got paid pretty quickly on a short offer and I am currently working on the 2nd offer but the progress is actually tracking what I do. I wish that the support team had gotten to me and addressed my problem before and compensated me for my time & effort. Overall I think that this is a pretty good app, it has some quirks & bugs that need to be worked out, but it is pretty straightforward so far. The apps & offers will not make you rich or get the bills paid, but it will get you a little bit of money on the side for whatever you may want to spend it on. I feel like this app will work best for the people who have a lot of time to dedicate to playing the apps & games in the offers section since there is a lot of progress to make in a short period of time.
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1 month ago, Nikki120678
Has Potential
I came across this app by sheer luck and was a little skeptical if it would actually payout. Was a little upset that it doesn’t inform you that you must have a minimum of $70 before you can cash out. If it does say it somewhere then I missed it and they need to highlight it so it’s more visible. I do like the variety of games you can choose from and the payout amounts are really good but I wish they separated the games you’ve selected to work on from games you could still choose from. Currently you’re stuck scrolling through all the games until you find the one you’re looking for which becomes a little time consuming when you’re looking up your progress on multiple games. I also wish the games you choose to work on would log the date you initially downloaded the app and launched the game. This would make it a little easier to know how many more days you have left to complete the tasks. Currently you have to remember to write down your start date or you’re just guessing as to when the deadline is. So this app is OK but it really has the potential to be great with just a few added features and some adjustments to current features. These adjustments will make this app user friendly and a lot easier to navigate around and quickly find the answer to your questions.
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1 year ago, Parvani Symphony
Doesn’t Seem Promising
I was somewhat excited when I first discovered this app a week or two ago. However, that feeling has quickly changed into frustration. A few of the games are okay, but some of them require so much time to be put into them to even go up a single level. You would have to pour a lot of time into this to get anywhere on most offers. Not only that, but some milestones simply do not register no matter what. How did I get to Dragon Power Level 300 without reaching Level 20? It also didn't properly track purchases on some games. I was even kicked off of one game for supposedly participating in "suspicious activity," which never happened. I have written a few tickets into support and have yet to get a response on any of them. I finally found a game that I was really looking forward to, and it didn't even register that I installed the game (yes, I used their link). I can't progress with anything until they fix this, because I'll miss out on all of the milestone rewards. It also did it to me on another game today. At this point, I'm a very frustrated user. Now I'm in the process of trying to get at least one more game to work that will let me reach my payout goal, and then I think I'm uninstalling this app. If they can get it to work properly, then I'll consider using it for longer, but right now I'm simply annoyed with all of it.
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5 days ago, Kingpounders
For this to be a tester app it doesn’t give you any option to give feedback for any of the games or the app itself. I find that strange. Almost like this app is just a fake test site and just a way you get you to download the game and hopefully spend your money. Here’s my experience for this app. I got the app made an account turned on the app tracker in my phones settings most of the games I had down loaded at some point before and had deleted them for what ever reason. So I picked a game and followed the steps. And at first the app seemed to be tracking my progress. It marked the downloaded box and it had the spinnywheel for the next box which was level 5. I made it to level 12 and the level 5 box never checked. So I’ve been playing the game for about a week now was gonna give some feed back on it. The only feedback you can give is answering 4-5 questions like did you like the graphics, was it easy to play, would you recommend this game. Then at the bottom you have to check the box that says you want to quit . Then it says how much payout you will receive . For the game I picked the first payout was at level 5 the level 10 so on and so forth. Since it never checked the box’s the amount shown for me was $0. This app isn’t interested in opinions it only wants down loads which you don’t get a payout for.
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2 months ago, Auntiekeke
The worst app ever
ONLY GIVING 5 stars Because I want this to be seen So I’ve been using testerup for about 2 years now and I couldn’t access my old email due to me getting a new phone so I decided what the heck I’ll just make a new account WELL JUST MY LUCK. I made it to about 82 dollars because you need 70 bucks to cash out. Mind you it is very time consuming playing these games to even get the money 1 month of my time down the drain. As I Was approaching cashing out it asked me to verify no BIGGIE right I do the verification thing and it immediately says verification failed and literally suspended my account right then and there I was absolutely flabbergasted cuz all the time I just spent. So I emailed them and now waiting for a response because this is wild I am a single mom and any little extra money I make really helps. I’m completely angry with customer service because anytime the ticks were malfunctioning and I told them with proof they said i violated something but then I always got reward under the one That was malfunctioning so it wasn’t anything I did they just don’t want to pay you so please be aware they don’t care and will not compensate you any lost money
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1 month ago, JadesPoetic
Does not PAY!!!
I have had testerup app for over a year. It does give an okay payout but in order to get it you have to spend so you do not end up making much. On top of that, they have glitch issues and it does not give the correct amount because it will skip level obtained. When reading up on what to do it says to turn screen shots or videos if you can and then they will pay. Well, that is a lie. I turned in my screen shots and you can see it did not give me the amount. It gave some rewards skipped one and then gave another and then skipped the last two. I turned it in and was told that after investigating I was not following the rules by using a VPN or third party app. Firstly, they cannot see if I am using a VPN or third party app. Hence why they request a screen shot. Secondly, I took McAfee off my phone so I would not have the VPN pop up on like it was doing. So I have no VPN even on my phone to use. I have no idea on how to use a third party app either. I do not have enough technology knowledge to know how to do that. I went through testup, turned on app tracking, and when it asked for review I turned that down too since Testerup app wants you to turn on app tracking and specifically tells you not to answer in game review when it pops up. I followed all the rules and then still did not receive my payout. Testerup app owes me $40. DO NOT use them. They are fake and a scam.
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5 months ago, SlotoBroke
It’s ok but…
The concept of getting to test gaming apps and receiving compensation for playing them is actually pretty amazing. My only issues are s as follows: They give you a limit of how long you have to reach the final step to receive the full credit (ie 30days, 60days ect) Some of the level requirements are a bit much. One of the games available right now pays a stipend every 100 levels until reaching 1000. Then it jumps from 1000 to 1500 ($12 payout for this jump) and then 2000 ($30 payout for the final step) don’t get me wrong the payout amounts are great but we all know how much harder it gets to level up as you progress that high in any game. Making it dang near impossible to reach each goal in the time frame given without spending money to do so Which brings me to my final issue… the cash back for spending money the 1st time per game. That’s great and all but most of us want to make money not spend money to play these games. This basically tells me unless I spend money I won’t reach the last step in the checklist in the allotted time frame. Again, getting payouts to try games and answer a short survey after reaching every step in the check list is great. Just some thing I don’t like.
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4 weeks ago, Tayhamps
Highly recommend
I just recently started using this app just to make a little extra cash (even if you like playing games on your phone just to pass some time ) why not make some money doing it?! I have been through so many game testing apps and even survey apps and this one just blows them right out of the water. Unlike those other tester apps that convinces you of a promising payout (that takes a pretty long time to even achieve) This app stands by their word. So if you are like me, trying all different apps to make a little extra cash I’m telling you to just skip all those scammy steps and choose THIS app. It will not disappoint. Not only do they have the best payout offers I have seen, they have a variety of games for you to test from. I also want to mention that each game seems pretty fair play, meaning not like most other apps that use a fixed system so you can’t reach a certain amount to even be able to cash out. 10/10 recommend. I would have nothing to gain throwing out fibs, I just wish that I would have come across truly honest reviews during my search. Try it out and you will not be disappointed :)
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7 months ago, beccabernal
Legit and great customer service!
Y’all have to be patient, this app is legit! I had to play four different games, spaced out over a couple months, because you are limited to the 30 days allowed per game. And with the cash out set to $70 the thought that it was a scam crossed my mind but I stayed faithful and continued playing games I felt would be fun… finally reached my goal after the fourth game (I ended it early because I was so excited!) cash out was easy. There’s a face recognition which was weird but I had already come so far lol. Received the email within a day and after a few hours my anxiety kicked in so I sent an email, the response had a link to support so (again against my better judgement) took a leap of faith and found it to be real, sent a message asking about the status. They were prompt and informative and just great in general! My payment went through today!!!! Wish I could add photos! You really just have to play games that you haven’t downloaded before and that you will actually play, you know because of the month limit. But stay patient and it is a fun side hustle!! Thank you so much Testerup!! Y’all are amazing!!!
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7 days ago, chemohill
Mixed feelings
I have mixed feelings about this company. I have enjoyed the variety of games offered to test. Instructions are pretty clear what you have to do and how much you can earn money. In total, I have cashed out twice for about $150. My biggest complaint is the authentication for payment. I had three times the app did not register me passing a payment threshold. The amounts were $0.50, $3.00, $6.00. After I had already cashed out about $70, I achieved a level payout for $6, which took me about a month to achieve. When I contacted Customer support, they said “The level was not approved and credited, as we detected some irregularities in your progressing. Unfortunately, we cannot credit $6 to your account. Please note that any in-game codes or cheating bots are not allowed.” Disapproving this payment is the reason I do not use this app anymore. I told customer service I did not use in game codes or cheat, but i did not even get a response. For the other two payment problems customer service asked for a recording to prove I achieved the level ($0.50) and made an in game purchase ($3). After 10 days, customer service awarded me $0.50, but I didn’t get a response for the $3 payment.
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4 weeks ago, Zara918
my review
I love the concept of testerup. It is great and I never thought I’d actually enjoy doing this on my free time. It’s actually really fun depending on the game I am playing. I wish that customer service would get back to me sooner to help with certain issues. I wish that the minimum payout was less than $70 and I wish that I wouldn’t have wasted my time playing certain games because my progress wasn’t being tracked from the beginning although I had never played those games previously (but might have downloaded them out of interest). I cashed out my first amount to my paypal yesterday and I’m currently waiting for it to hit my paypal. I’m still earning and almost to the point where I can withdraw again. You have to mark a game as completed to receive winnings from it. Sometimes my progress will stop being tracked for some reason which is frustrating then I have to reach out to customer support with a screen recording for help. Another thing to note is that the winnings increase overtime with the games so at first you will earn tiny amounts and you will have to play many levels before it starts giving you decent winnings.
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1 week ago, less money more problems
Cool until it’s not cool
About 75% of the games I’ve tested don’t show any progress and he to stuck at the install and launch portion o TV the test… I have recently started recording me downloading the games that way I have proof that I did it correctly and that tester up support is a bunch of gas lighting dicks for brains that like to gaslight u and say that u didn’t download it via them or that it was your fault some how even though all u did was click their link and download the game… I explained this and was never given any support for those games Soo I’ll be making my first $75 and then delete this godforsaken app and use one that actually tracks stuff a lil better… emberfund is a great one if u don’t mind getting paid in bitcoin! Bottom line up front it is a good concept for an app hence 2 stars but the customer service gaslighting their customer when they have some major coding errors on their side is enough reason to say I’ll take my business elsewhere once I get my first pay out (I mean otherwise I’ve already played some games for nothing) Btw $75 minimum to cash out is a bit ridiculous… paid work (similar app) has a cash out at $10… but they seem to be just as glitchy (not with game progress but the app itself is just annoying as it likes to crash a lot)
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12 months ago, Sunny BumBum
Lucrative if you got that hustle
I’ve made several hundred dollars over the past few years I’ve been using this app. I go for months without playing at all and when the mood strikes, I’ve got an option when I’m low on funds. You can choose quick, low dollar games, or the more time-consuming games that pay upwards of $100. And if you want to stop halfway through and redeem what you’ve earned up until that point, you can. My advice is to always verify that you’ve allowed tracking. Double, even triple check. There’s nothing worse than busting out a decent app test only to discover it wasn’t tracking, because you get nada. In my experience, customer support is hit or miss. I’ve had support assist me in finding a resolution, and I’ve also had support overlook my messages entirely. If you’re going to be playing games on your phone/tablet, you might as well be getting paid for it, right? Other reviews call it a scam and warn against downloading, but I’ve made AND withdrawn probably between $600-$800 and never had anything even remotely shady happen. Good luck, testeruppers!!
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3 months ago, Acm1202
Fun way to make extra money
TesterUp seems to be a great app so far. It’s a great and fun way to make extra money while playing games, which I regularly do anyway. You have to meet the goals they’ve put in place to earn specific amounts of money, and you can’t receive a payout unless it’s a minimum of $70. However, most of the tests usually pay more than that, so you should be able to request payment to PayPal as soon as you’ve fully completed everything, or completed enough to be over $70. If you’re not really feeling a test but have earned money from a game already, you can still request to complete what you’ve done, and you’ll get paid for what you did finish. Just make sure to follow the initial instructions carefully, and make sure that the TesterUp app has recognized that the game you want to test has been installed on your phone or tablet. If there isn’t a check by it, then you won’t get credit for anything you do. Sometimes this can happen right away, and other times it takes a couple of days to update. Don’t let it deter you though.
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2 months ago, Ice Bear (KP)
Review from K. Prince (game tester)
The concept of getting to test gaming apps and receiving compensation for playing them is actually pretty amazing. My only issues are s as follows: They give you a limit of how long you have to reach the final step to receive the full credit (ie 30days, 60days ect) Some of the level requirements are a bit much. One of the games available right now pays a stipend every 100 levels until reaching 1000. Then it jumps from 1000 to 1500 ($12 payout for this jump) and then 2000 ($30 payout for the final step) don't get me wrong the payout amounts are great but we all know how much harder it gets to level up as you progress that high in any game. Making it dang near impossible to reach each goal in the time frame given without spending money to do so Which brings me to my final issue... the cash back for spending money the 1st time per game. That's great and all but most of us want to make money not spend money to play these games. This basically tells me unless I spend money I won't reach the last step in the checklist in the allotted time frame.
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7 months ago, JennyLane11
Don’t waste your time
I started testerup about a week ago give it take. The first two offers I downloaded didn’t count, so I emailed support and got a response within a decent time frame 24ish hours from my support claim but instead of fixing it, was told I didn’t download the game through there “button” which obviously I had, I mean I didn’t go into the App Store and search the games to download, I followed the steps correctly as I read before hand. I didn’t mind though, decided to try another offer. This time I recorded as I downloaded it. All went super smoothly. All the milestones were getting ticked off normally the first 2 days. I got to the next milestone which the payout for it was a bit higher than the first milestones ($2.00) and it never ticked off. Completed 2 more levels and waited over 48 hours before contracting support as I thought maybe it just wasn’t being counted yet. I waited a good 5 days before I got an email back stating I didn’t follow their rules and guidelines and used a vpn 😂 I use mobile data not Wi-Fi or anything else. Nothing different was even done for that one milestone compared to the others that had worked just fine. I’m just writing this out to let people know they seem to make excuses to not pay out. Most likely a waste of time and data.
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1 month ago, anomaly jones
Real Payout to PayPal Quick & Easy!!!
This app is great if you like to play games and wanna earn extra cash. It’s especially great if you already play games in your spare time cause now you’ll get paid for it!!! While you do have to earn at least $70 to cash out, it’s not hard to do (I earned $92 in about two weeks playing a few hours every day) and earnings are paid out to PayPal so you don’t have to get stuck with store gift cards. They have a large library of games to choose from and add new offers frequently. Also they are one of the only tester / paid to play apps that will give you earnings even if you’ve installed or tried out the game before which is HUGE. The only suggestion I have to improve the app is that it would be nice to have a way to contact support when there are random tech issues like not receiving credit for reaching goals. Since this has only happened a couple times and I noticed right away it’s not that big of a deal and won’t make me stop using this app as a way to make some extra cash
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1 year ago, ewmikehunt
Okay but flawed
First off, you can make money. I’ve made about $160 in a month and fully cashed out my balance twice. However, there are some flaws in the system here. My first issue was when I went to cash out. Attempting to cash out kept giving me error message after error message. I contacted support and never got a response (may be because they’re in Germany). Finally after trying repeatedly I was able to cash out, and got my funds in about 2 days. This isn’t an isolated incident, my second cash out had the same issues. I thought maybe the app was just messing up, but when I attempt to use the website it says my login isn’t valid. Now finally, my biggest issue with the app. After two cash outs, every new game I download is not registering on the app, and not tracking my progress. For now I’m not going to invest any more time trying to download games because of this. I’d love to revisit the app if the bugs get fixed because it was fun, easy money! But a little frustrated that there’s no way for me to earn now. All in all, if you can get your funds cashed out it’s amazing and easy money. But be aware that things will not go smoothly.
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8 months ago, hippomarjorie
Cash out at $70 , money did not arrive to PayPal
The pay for playing most games is pretty low. Even if there is a high payout, you have to invest a lot of time in order to reach a level where payout is more than $10. You can’t cash out until you’ve reached over $70 earned. So if you earn $60 you need to wait until you reach a full $70 before you can “have” it. Then they make you cash out using PayPal in a process that is lengthy and does not actually ask you to sign into your PayPal. Then after several days you receive an email saying your cash out via PayPal is complete. However there is no money in your PayPal account. Customer service is also not great. One game just stopped tracking me right after I had reached one of the higher levels worth more money and it took them nearly two weeks to respond to my request for proper tracking and credit. I’ve contacted them about my missing PayPal cash out but I remain extremely pessimistic that they will respond in a timely manner or actually give me money. If you just want to play games and want to feel good about it because you’re (ostensibly) earning money, then this app is for you. If you actually care about being fairly tracked and actually receiving said money, this app is not for you. At all.
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3 weeks ago, CJG RN
Customer service????
I downloaded 3 games. First of all, expectations are unrealistic. Get to level 5000? I played & played and didn’t even get to level 500. The third game I downloaded from testerup, the download section has a constant swirling circle, and I never got credit for anything I accomplished. So I emailed customer service, received a response, in part that said As we currently have a high number of incoming tickets our answer times are longer than usual. But please don’t worry, we won’t forget you. We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t open any further tickets on this topic - we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible! And nothing else … ever! So I deleted that game. What else will I waste my time doing? Also, they don’t have a countdown of how many days you’ve played a game, or how many you have left (goals have a finite number of days to complete). Get organized Testerup! It sounds like you couldn’t get to me because EVERYONE is complaining! Also, getting in touch with them is incredibly frustrating. You need game info, Testerup info, video, etc. A lot of go to support page, go to game, go to support page, go to Testerup, etc. And then if it reloads because it timed out, start over!
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3 months ago, Krspds
Recommend if you like to earn money & play games!!!
If you love to play games on your phone then this is a MUST and the best part of it is that you can earn money playing specific games!!! The app gives you a list of games to choose from that you can download(first time user only of the game) and then gives you a description & shows you steps that need to be achieved in a certain amount of time to earn money and the amount you will at each level. You are also allowed to download & play more than one game to earn money. Some of the other sister apps only allow one game. I’m not sure how long it takes for money to reach you since I started about 6-8 weeks ago. I have reached a $3 payout on a game that I can end and cash out at $3 or continue playing. One thing I think they should do is, allow people to earn that have already started playing a certain game/started playing and stopped for a while, etc. maybe not as high as a payout but something (earn gift cards for google play/Apple Store).
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11 months ago, SLWKPL
App Test - Review
I’ve used the app for around a year now and overall it’s been a good experience. From time to time there has been a few glitches with the app getting your progress or even the initial download of one of the apps you try to test. You can always check on that and if your progress like the download isn’t showing after 24hours you don’t have to waste time on it and you can email support and see if it can be fixed, or move on to another test. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 is the high amount you have to earn before payout and the members points punke, or something like that you earn along with any monetary award on some tests is not shown anywhere that I can find on the app. It would be nice to see how much you’ve earned and what you can use it for on your profile or something. I’ve used the app for a year or longer and have cashed out a few times and it is simple and has always paid promptly to my PayPal. I think it’s like 2-3 days after you request the payout and I have never had an issue with getting paid. S. Leedy
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1 month ago, Save2012love
No issues yet
I’ve been using this app to play three games so far, it’s tracked my progress correctly and shows the amount I’ve earned. I’ve had issues with other apps where it doesn’t track the progress or doesn’t do it correctly and I lose out on money which is extremely frustrating but this one hasn’t given me issues yet. Hopefully that doesn’t change. As far as the app itself being user friendly, I do really wish there was a better option to see what games I’m currently tracking and playing (a separate tab). Right now I’m having to scroll through all their games available just to find the ones I’m playing. If they improve that I’ll be perfectly happy with the app. I also wish I didn’t have to wait until my payout was $70 just to get the money. Other apps let you cash out sooner. I haven’t attempted to cash out yet because of that high threshold but hopefully it goes smoothly when I do. Overall I’m satisfied with the app and the way it looks. The rules are clearly laid out so there’s no mistakes
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6 months ago, AnnieD381
FINALLY! An app that does what it says!
I love the aspect of this app. You get to test games and make a little extra money. Some of the games have what seems like unreachable goals but I don’t bother. If I don’t care to keep playing and only playing for the money, I cancel it and move on. No harm no foul. But making it though a couple goals then seeing my progress not show up really upset me. I see some saying they lost progress for cheating. Maybe that’s why. I always use the in app purchase if the reward is larger than the in-app lowest price. I’ve cashed out $70 and received the money a day earlier than expected. I’m so happy to have found an app that does what it says and makes life a little more tolerable with the ability to bury myself in games and forget the world exists haha. The best part about this app is that once you accept an offer, you don’t have to finish it before you can cash out what you’ve already earned. With no penalty. I definitely refer this app to anyone that plays games and will try it out!
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5 months ago, michasene
It won't make you rich, but it's not bad at all
So I admit, I was skeptical. I saw it scrolling through Facebook and figured, too good to be true. It's actually legit and I've made some good fun money off it. Bottom line if you don't want to read on, is I'd recommend it for sure. You will make a profile and then start scrolling through different games to download. All the games are rather easy and some are the same company. They do have some big games in there and the prices vary from $26-$89 or so. They have promoted ones that go higher. You'll then see a list goals to meet and the amount for each one. The app runs a total for you. The thing I like is you can stop in the middle of a game, cash out what you like and move on. The reason I like it is it's also my complaint. It's pretty much impossible to get to the highest goal in the allotted time. Unless you spend a lot in game. Some games are very obviously trying to get you to spend in game. Regardless, it's easy, you can pick the game so it's fun and it actually makes money.
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3 months ago, Pacagawea
Solid idea, slow progress, not a money maker
Unless you are able to actively play every game in the lineup on a daily basis, this app will not get you quick cash. The idea is solid. Play and get paid. Allow the app to track your progress. The payouts feel like a lot, but they are very heavily back-end weighted. Basically, it doesn’t pay out well unless you get through the entire game’s stack, with the last couple items being $20-50 for end-game content. (For the most part, it is unrealistic in the allotted amount of time unless you are spending money on the game, which removes the purpose of downloading a cash for games app.) As a free-to-play guy, I am fine just tinkering knowing that I might scrape an extra $50 over a week that I could use on a night out or something. The chump change motivates me just enough to stick it out on games I wouldn’t otherwise play just because it’s worth a nice dinner next week. Solid app. Wish the payouts were easier to get to in a 30-day window.
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2 years ago, Prefabcat
Swim at your own risk
I think they must have deleted the original post that you see below but I’m not sure. It’s just that I scrolled for a long way, way past the date that I left the review and couldn’t find it. I still stand by what I originally said. they may delete this post. In that case I’m wasting my time. I still have not gotten a response to my complaint or any of the multiple emails I have sent. I see the positive posts that are on here but find it suspicious there are no negative or even less than stellar reviews showing. And even after the 1 star rated negative review that I posted they still have not responded to me. I don’t believe anyone gets paid but I do believe they hire people to put the positive reviews and erase anything less than that. That should tell you something about the honesty and integrity of this company. Swim at your own risk DO NOT GET THIS APP. I have had a problem with their system not ticking off the goals I have reached in several games which means NO PAY. I have sent them multiple emails about this both from the app and straight from my email account and they will not respond. NEVER USE AN APP WHERE THEY WILL NOT RESPOND. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I take it they deleted the above
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2 weeks ago, Monkey Girl 74
Testing games…
Testerup was one of the recommendations I found in an article that I googled. This had a great review and I am unable to work and am looking for anyway to make money. This has been really easy. I almost did a 4star review because some of the apps I download don’t show up that I’ve installed or played. So I’d suggest you download (through the testerup app, not by searching in the App Store), and after downloading, make sure you allow the app to track. Then you’ll see check marks as you progress. If you get 2-4 checks, it’s pretty safe to say, it will continue tracking. If not, you can submit screenshots of what game you’re playing that’s not responding to the levels you’re on through checkmarks. I’d say I’ve installed 5 games or more and had 3 that just didn’t connect. But otherwise, I’ve made money and not Pennie’s. I played 3 games in a day and just swapped between them over a couple of hours and had almost $30 I had earned. I recommend!!
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7 months ago, tracyandnoah
Doesn’t work
I have been a Software/Application Test Engineer for over 20 years. When I saw this I thought it would be a great opportunity to earn a little bit of money on the side while I decompress by playing games. I followed the instructions, which I took screenshots of and printed them out, but I’m finding that this is just a place where games are advertised and they’re just trying to get you to play the games. They most likely get some type of payment for getting people to install and play the games using their links. It’s called affiliation and it pays pretty well. If you contact one of the games’ developers (like Yahtzee), they will tell you that they do not pay the creators of “testerup” to test their game. They have their own in-house testers. So ask yourself, why would these people pay strangers to test games that they have nothing to do with? Answer is, they don’t! But if you click on a game, through their app, and play it, as the instructions tell you to, they get paid. All I’m going to say is that they better watch out because someone is most likely going to sue them real soon. As for me, I’m deleting it so that it doesn’t waste anymore space on my phone.
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1 year ago, KrystalS1991
No Customer Service
I’ve been using TesterUp for about 3 weeks. At first, the first 3-4 offers I started tracked fine. I even fully completed one, closed out 2 early, and still had 2 in process. Then, last week, I started trying to begin a few more offers just to make a little extra money before cashing out. Absolutely none out of the 4-5 I started tracked. Some didn’t even track that I had downloaded the app. I attempted to reach out to customer service regarding the issue, and sent in two tickets with no response. Then, in the process, I reached a new goal for one of the originally downloaded (and perfectly tracked) offers, but this goal wasn’t tracked. So I closed out the two original active offers I was still working on, and I’m well over the withdraw threshold. It’s been 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten an email confirming my funds were being sent to my PayPal. I’d be happy to change my review if someone reaches out to rectify this issue, but I’ve sent in multiple tickets over a week ago & nobody has responded to me at all. I spent time & money on these apps to complete the goals to accrue the earnings, and now I can’t even get someone to respond and issue my earnings.
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2 weeks ago, enjer.
It’s got possibilities, but there are bugs
I figured, like everyone else, that I would try it and see if it works. The short answer is yes. You play the games, meet the requirements and get to cash out to your app of choice for money, which came about a week after I cashed out. May be longer the first time. You have to earn 70$ to cash out, which took me about 2 months to accumulate. Now the long answer. You can only get credit for games you’ve never downloaded before. If you’re like me, there are a shocking amount of apps I’ve downloaded over the years and then deleted for whatever reason. If you try to test one of these, it’s sketchy whether they’ll register your progress (I’m talking starting over, not importing a game you’re already playing), but they’ll let you keep thinking it will catch up. I’ve had several games that I’ve played that I haven’t gotten compensation for. This is a known feature in the app, so they aren’t cheating me. It just means the games I can actually play and test are far more limited than they look at first.
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2 weeks ago, SingalS
Game Test
I've used multiple different apps where they tend to track your progress completing levels in games. Testerup has promos whch gives even more money than the already good deals that they have, and has a variety of games to play so that you do not get bored. It does have some issues though because I have had trouble with the app actually tracking my progress. After I have downloaded it, it does not give me the notification next to the install and launch which means that it won't track the progress that I have made, and it takes at least 72-96 hours in order for my progress to update, if it does work. When I have contacted customer service about each specific game, it takes well over 72 hours for any response, and it tends to waste your time as you keep playing without compensation. All in all, this is a very well made app with a high variety of games, and I would reccomend this to others.
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4 months ago, Alexia.Reed
Fun and Easy, But There’s Room for Improvement
Title: "Fun Testing, Timely Payouts, But Room for Improvement" So, I've been giving TesterUp a spin lately, and I gotta say, it's been pretty cool. One thing I like is the variety of apps and games they throw your way to test out. I’ve played games in genres I’d never think twice about getting before this app and have throughly enjoyed them. They're also pretty generous with the time they give you to complete most of the testing goals. However, it would be nice if they had a section in the app where you could easily see the offers you've accepted. Right now, you kinda have to do some scrolling and digging. You are allowed to accept as many as you want though, so that’s really cool. The description says you get your money within 24 hours, but that’s not entirely accurate. They do put the money in your TesterUp account almost instantly as you reach goals, but you can't cash out until you hit $70 (around, it may be a couple dollars more). Then it takes a couple of days to hit your PayPal, which you have to have to cash out. Compared to other similar apps, TesterUp is definitely a cut above. A lot of the others are just a hot mess with bugs or shady stuff going on, or they take forever to pay out anything worth mentioning. I’d recommend TesterUp if you're looking to make a few dollars and throw out some opinions. I haven't run into any major issues, and I've even told my friends and family about it.
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6 months ago, BCORI30
Terrible customer service is a joke
I started this app and made a few dollars but then saw it take $70 before you can get paid anything. I ended a couple games early because I wasn’t a fan. But found Puzzles and Chaos and really enjoyed the game. I downloaded according to the directions and tips they give. It was tracking my progress fine for about a week. As I was preparing to hit the 12 level my progress was erased. I gave it a couple days just in case it was a glitch. Then I contacted customer service sending a video via email because their website wouldn’t accept the video proving my achievements and my account. They did communicate quickly but then told me that my progress and didn’t count because “I didn’t download the app correctly via their link.” Well, I literally followed their directions to a T. I have done three games with minimal rewards totaling $4 out of the 4 I am currently playing only two are being tracked properly. They also happen to be the two that are hardest to reaches the next goals. I’m sure this is just a coincidence. I’m done with the app. You won’t get any further download credit from me. My perspective shows this to be a scam.
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2 months ago, 15839101835372
Fun app
I really enjoy this app. I had a few apps not catch I downloaded it for whatever reason. I emailed support and they got back to me pretty quickly. Although on their end the system didn’t capture that I even clicked the link, I appreciated how quickly they got back to me. I was bummed that I missed out on that warning but there are errors that happen beyond our control. I found plenty of games to play and still had fun. I do wish you could cash out at a smaller amount but it’s ok. I ended up cashing out and received an email from paypal with questionable activity. I figured it was because of the earnings so did what I needed to with PayPal. Then shortly after, I got my earnings. One suggestion for the maker of this app: when we submit our review of the game, it would be nice to be able to freely type what we think and if there’s any recommendations. This way you can hear the full review of each game.
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5 months ago, POPPKAYLA
So far so good!
I’ve been using tester up for a few months now and have cashed out 2 times for $70 something each time. The things I don’t like about this app are 1. A lot of times the tracking doesn’t work properly even if you follow the button they provide you to download the apps through. And when they don’t register that you’ve downloaded the app and have started playing it, support just tells you that you didn’t download the app properly with their link even tho you do. 2. You have to build up at least $70 to cash out which can take months with the ridiculous goals they require you to meet for such small dollar amount rewards for them. 3. It can take days to receive your payout to PayPal once requested. Other than those things they have sent me both my payouts I earned. But there have been more apps than not that I downloaded using one of the apps buttons and started playing just to find out it wasn’t tracking properly and they won’t allow you to re-download I just lost out on those apps.
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6 months ago, julieisverydisappointed
Testery Review
I do really like this app, i haven’t been able to cash out yet but i also haven’t fully completed any offers. it takes a really long time to finish an offer and personally i feel like they should give you more time to finish it since not everyone has as much free time as i do, and im not even able to finish them. most offers say either 30 or 60 days im pretty sure (could be 60 or 90 tbh i can’t remember), and i feel like i definitely need longer since some games say you need to get to level 100 or 1000 to complete it and get the whole amount of money promised. i currently have around $22 in my app and you need at least $70 to cash out which is a little annoying… i’ll keep using the app though because i’m not able to get a job right now. overall i like it but the offers shouldn’t have a time limit imo, and the cash out minimum is very high considering the realistic amount of money you’re able to earn on this app. it’s most definitely not a quick-money kind of deal, you gotta work hard for it
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6 months ago, PonyBoy2727
Great concept who doesn’t like getting paid for playing apps and games that they would already be doing anyways and they’re downtime. I found it pretty cool that I can get paid to play games something that I would’ve been doing anyways my downtime customer service is great. Haven’t had any issues so far the payout you have to hit $70 before you can cash out which is an impossible. Some of the milestones are hard to hit in the timeframe that they give you one when you go from the poker game they want you to go from level 100 to level 200 that takes like a lot of time so I don’t know, unless you’re buying a lot of coin, packages and stuff like that you’re not gonna make your milestones that’s just for that game I found so far most the games are pretty decent milestones to hit other than that. I enjoy the concept. I enjoy the game or the testerup app I would recommend this to users.
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6 months ago, KittysRevenge80
This app is legit
If your looking for a little extra cash, this app is it! You have to read the instructions, do exactly as it says, if you've ever had that game downloaded to your phone before, it doesn't count. If you don't download the game through the tester app, it doesn't count. If you don't allow the game to track, then it doesn't count. Just discontinue and carry on to the next desired game. Some of the games are a process, and you have to reach $70 before cashing out. But a lot of the games pay over $100. Pay out comes through paypal by two business days or less. This app is my go to every time I'm bored. And I'm making money, too. So far..Dice dreams and coins and animals are my favorites. I'm playing merge dragons and bingo journey as well. When I get through with these games, I will have made well over $500. In less than a month. In less than half a month. Definitely 5 stars!
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4 months ago, Danielle L. Moore
Concept Of The App Is Great
The actual concept of the app is great. I like the idea of playing games and getting paid to do that. HOWEVER, to actually get paid to play some of these games are darn near impossible because the levels that you have to reach are outrageous. I mean yes the lower levels you can make some change but to actually make the big money that the games offer you have to reach of double digits to even start getting into the dollars range. Then there is the issue of being able to cash out the money that you’ve earned. In the Testerup app you can’t even cash out until you have reached $70 in your account. Also, I wanted to switch the device I was playing my game on with the testerup app and when I had everything all downloaded onto my tablet and went to get the game I was playing the app wouldn’t let me download the game again so I could continue playing where I left off. So, while the concept is great and I like playing the games there is still much more room for improvement.
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1 month ago, Doseswife
Testing out app
Been using app for a sort time but so far I am quite happy with it. Easy and simple to navigate and use, helps you download the games step by step and I really like how a checkmark appears as soon as you finish each step to show you did it and it tracked your progress as it should, instead of showing pending but than never actually does and all the time you spent playing a game was for nothing like all the other apps seem to have issues with leaving me frustrated and disappointed. App has a great selection of different types of games and reward levels to chose from and does what it says for each game you try giving piece of mind about your progress. Very plesssed and happy I found a app that actually works as it should, tracks and rewards you as you progress and is realistic with the reward and game progression you can actually do in set time.
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3 months ago, cid8515
Great at first but now it’s just another scam
At first the app seemed great but the first red flag was that there is a $70 min cash out option which you aren’t told about up front. I tried it out anyways and the first two games I completed goals and earned the amounts appropriately. The next game I had to email support as it wouldn’t track (red flag 2) and they replied quickly and updated my account. From there it has been all downhill. Next couple of games the “awards” were very small and almost impossible to reach but I made $30 after two months. The next game I had to reach out which took support over a week to reply (red flag 3) and they claimed I waited to long for an award. What should have been the final straw but I tried one more opportunity with these last two games which would not track at all to which support claims I did not install the games correctly nor have the app updated which it is is. Even though I followed same methods as before and allowed tracking etc… Essentially this app will make it seem like you’re earning some pocket change but not allow you to reach the threshold to cash out.
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