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Last update
2 weeks ago
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12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Tetris®

4.55 out of 5
376.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Tattatot
Okay so when the app first came out it was amazing. You opened it and you played Tetris. Then they added a bunch of stuff in the menus and I didn’t touch it for a while but now it is complete. If you want that old experience, then simply turn on airplane mode. Now, however, this is the greatest. EA Tetris was crowded and kind of junky but all in all, it was good enough. This Tetris is so much better. Swipe controls will never be perfect for Tetris but these feel fantastic most of the time. There is the option for buttons which work fine, but are small and slightly awkward. They are also unscalable and immobile. If you grew up with Tetris on a Game Boy or DS like me they feel marvelous and are in a similar configuration, but their cramped size hurt my thumbs after a while. The micro-transactions are still there but they aren’t going to ruin your experience. It is kind of scummy that the premium pass needs renewed and the thirty second unskippable ads before every game are unpleasant, but understandable. There is the classic marathon Version that finally got level select. There is Tetris Royale which is kind of fun and a three minute mode for when you are in a rush. A fantastic thing that they added were local and global leaderboards. Tetris is one of my all time favorite games and this one retains everything that made Tetris amazing in the first place.
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1 year ago, HeyRed95!
Could be better…
I’m a long time Tetris fan. I just recently downloaded this from the App Store and have only been playing it for a few days. I’ve come to find that while this is great if you like classic Tetris, there are some issues to this app. Here’s my biggest problem with this app. As you progress in the game you are rewarded with coins or points. Now in other games, you would save up your points to purchase different skins or textures or power ups. When I went to the “Store” section of the menu, all it gives you is the option to buy more coins with real money. I looked all over this app and there’s nothing you can purchase with your points. So that means all your rewards from completing levels are completely useless. It literally does not matter. I don’t know if this is something the developers are currently working on? But why put a cash system in the game if there’s nothing to spend them on? My final complaint about this game are the ads. Yes I know most mobile games have ads in them. But you get hit with ads after every level. And it’s always the same Gardenventures ad. So that’s it for me. It’s not a bad app at all, but if they fixed these 2 things I’d give it 5 stars. Edit: I just found out what the points are for. You can use them to get gift cards or money off at hotels. Which I think is kinda weird for a mobile game. Like I said, make it so you can use the points to buy textures or something to use within the game.
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4 years ago, haha nope sorry
The devs listened and they delivered. Wonderful take on Tetris.
Old title: EA did better This one will never live up to the EA version. Sure, it’s fine, but there’s multiple ways it could be improved. One is the controls. They could be improved a lot. They’re super slippery and I constantly lose control of the bricks. Next, you should have an option to save and pick it up later. This is one of the reasons I really liked the EA version. If I need to do something or if I’m just tired I can pick it back up later. In this one I can’t do this. It’ll reset whenever I leave and it always pisses me off. Next, please remove the tacky leaderboard thing. Instead make it high scores. Leaderboards show scores compared to other players. It’s just annoying. So yeah. Please fix these things. Please. Edit: This is now a five star game. They actually listened, which is impressive, and I really thank you for that! The controls are better, it’s less of an eye strain, and most importantly you can pick it back up! Thank you so much for actually listening to the feedback of your players, not a lot of devs do that, and I have high hopes for you company as a whole because of it.
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1 year ago, xp2_882030kgz010602
Not the best app, but has great potential.
I have four requests for you. 1. Cut back on the ads a little. I understand that you profit from ad revenue, but if you stuff so many ads into your app that people abandon it to look for something else, you're actually going to get less ad revenue than you would have gotten otherwise. 2. More control customization would be great. I have a different app on my phone called Techmino that has a high degree of customizability on its controls, and I've been able to find something that lets me play a lot faster on said app since I'm able to adjust button placements, shapes, and sizes to fit my hands better. The tiny buttons you have make intuitive sense, but they don't work as well when you actually try to use them. 3. Add on-screen controls to adventure mode. It is very difficult to pull off tucks and spins with swipe controls. 4. This one is a much smaller issue than the other three, but it's worth noting since some players may be caught off guard by it. The "up arrow" button on the controls hard drops the piece instead of moving the piece up. I'm not asking for a button that moves a piece up, but instead for this button to be retextured in a way that suggests a hard drop. I can imagine a lot of new players accidentally hard dropping pieces when they didn't intend to, and a lot of new players soft dropping every piece into place because they thought there wasn't a hard drop button.
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11 months ago, Multiplayerrrr
What happened to this game?!? It feels like every time tetris does something on mobile, it always involves bribery to the players in some way. There was that gambling tetris game, then when N3twork had this, they had prime time, then you can literally get coupons and reservations to hotels now?!? What happened to gameplay and you know, playing tetris??? I wouldn't be upset if the game was good, ok let me take a look at the game ok it got worse. At least when N3twork had it, you could play royale mode and prime time was a pretty fun event battling with players all around the world for the best score. The main event of this game now, with playstudios, is this level thing where to be honest every level is super easy and is just a way to stuff the players with ads. It feels like once playstudios got their hands on this game, they just took away everything good about what n3twork had, like what happened to the screen controls? With buttons and such, I'm not saying it's better but it was an option and now its not? Also they took away royale which, WHY? When will we get a good mobile tetris game (Thinking about it, n3twork was probably peak, as a competitive player it was the only time we got to play mobile tetris against other people. Also at first it was just multiplayer marathon, but n3twork changed it to actually send lines which I really appreciate) 3 stars because marathon still good
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2 years ago, Asian guy from Kansas
Clever Business Practices =/= Good App
It’s genuinely sad to see developers make slight changes that sacrifice playability for profits. I was excited when they introduced the Tetris Pass and monthly seasons, as it added a fresh breath to an otherwise timeless game. And you know what? It’s been fun! The challenges (though repetitive) make things interesting and though I don’t care much for the pins, the satisfaction of completing all the challenges is worth the time spent. It reminded me a lot of Fortnite a few years back, especially the way that I would spend real money one time to buy the battle pass, and then through completing challenges and playing the game, I would earn the necessary V-bucks to purchase the next battle pass. Call it cheap, but I felt it was a fair system that rewards the player for investing time into the game. The past few months worked that way with the Tetris Pass, but today I open the app to find that not only does this month’s season not include any coin rewards (not including loot boxes), BUT the Pass this month can only be purchased by paying $5 REAL MONEY. Gone is the satisfaction of purchasing this month’s pass with the coins I earned all last month. I get that they went more revenue, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who won’t be purchasing the Pass this month, or any following months that require actual money. Poor decision on their part, but I get it. Whatever brings in more money, right?
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1 year ago, BywaterG
Used to be better
To be clear: you can still play tetris, as designed. You don’t need to do royal mode or anything, so if that’s all you’re looking for you’re probably fine. BUT it used to have this fun feature where you win skins and various customization options by playing more and playing better, it made the game fun and easy to pick up time and time again. They got rid of it. This is my main grievance, especially since the art was genuinely good and varied. This isn’t my only grievance, though. It feels more gimmicky and fake, I think there are more ads and the loading times are way worse. The main screen is kinda ugly and working for challenges feels pointless because your only rewards are essentially power-ups for royal mode. I’ve seen people complain that it’s pay-to-win, which is entirely fair because the easiest way to get said really important power-ups is to pay for them. I can’t really speak to this but what i do know is it used to be easy to watch a short ad and get enough to last you through a few rounds and it felt balanced. It doesn’t feel like anything worthwhile anymore. Idk maybe I’m just caught up on what used to be, but it seems a lot of people agree with me and the number of players you’ll see with customization from the last true round of earning them is staggering. It just doesn’t feel worth holding on to or coming back to anymore
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4 years ago, COOLLBEENZZ
Too many ads, play area is very small, players should be able to play using a remote
Every single time I’ve lost a game was due to thinking I’m pressing one of the onscreen buttons, but in all reality turns out I’ve been missing because the UI and the rest of the play area are both unnecessarily small. As of now I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the play area is smaller than my little brother’s iPhone 5c. I don’t have the greatest vision which makes this problem a bit more frustrating, but I think there should be an option to make everything larger. I currently struggle and feel very uneasy with the given controls and would very much appreciate if players were allowed to use a remote as I’m sure the game could be played with fewer mistakes. I would also like to ask for the option to have a different menu background rather than hearing the guy talk as soon as I open the game. The last thing this game needs is to cut down a little on the ads. There’s usually somewhere you would go to remove ads, and I’m not sure if there’s a spot I missed, but I’d definitely buy that in a hurry. Other than that, I think this game could be a lot better with these changes. I really love this game, but I will unfortunately be taking a break until at least one of these features are implemented. I hope this game grows and I look forward to rating higher soon.
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5 months ago, Purple Qi
Updated: Absolute Garbage
Update #2: Just in case, I tried to give this another chance in 2023. Unfortunately, it is just no good. I can’t believe this abomination exists in the same universe where we have the awesome Tetris Effect game on the desktop. Seems impossible, but here we are. There are much better ways to monetize, and much better ways to bring in new players with a fresh new approach, but these developers are unable to honor the enduring legacy and appeal of Tetris. How on earth could anyone screw up Tetris?! It takes a special talent to ruin an easy win, but they did it, somehow. Uninstalled again. Three strikes and done. Shame. Update: Just tried to play this again and the ads and other nonsense were too much. I get that they are trying to get my money, and I would gladly pay, but this is not the way to gain my trust and open my wallet. It’s just garbage now. Scrabble has been ruined and now Tetris. Wow. Previous review: This new Tetris app is good. I like it, but the price for removing ads is too high. I have paid $5 for higher quality games but this is not worth $5. Maybe $3. So far, the only thing that puzzles me is why the actual play area is so small. Seems like there is a lot of wasted screen space. I could take or leave the themes. Overall, minus two stars for the wasted space and the fact that it is overpriced, at least in its current form. Fix those two things and we’ll have a winner.
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4 months ago, Sirens Of Wisconsin
Good but needs some improvement
So don’t get me wrong for a game that was originally on the nes and now is on mobile, it isn’t to bad. But there are a lot of flaws. First it kinda feels like almost a candy crush type game, adding a thing called “moves.” This ruins the entire game because the point of Tetris is having unlimited moves while getting a whole row of blocks. Also, I almost feel that the levels sometimes get really unfair at times, or maybe it’s just a skill issue. For example, 13 lines, 40 moves, sounds easy enough right? Wrong, if your an og Tetris player like me you know that one of the best ways to play the game is by stacking blocks as much as possible until you get the long piece so you can snag a Tetris or 3 rows. But with the new move feature this completely ruins the gameplay of the game and has made me rage quit multiple times. Now don’t get me wrong, there is the marathon which is basically the original Tetris but almost feels like the blocks come at you way to fast. Also, ads kinda get annoying, like maybe put them at the end of every 2 rounds but nope, after every single one. This game isn’t bad it just could really use some improvement, especially to the entire move system.
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6 months ago, Sherbz373
It’s ruined now
I have big feelings about this and I hope the game company reads this. Listen, this app USED to be AMAZING but they upgraded it so much that it doesn’t even feel like you are playing traditional Tetris. It is LOADED with ads, and the game play levels are frustratingly short (so that you have to sit through more ads that are longer than the game play itself). All of my old progress was deleted out of no where and now it forces you to start from scratch, whether you are a seasoned player or not. Nothing about the way the levels are built now make me want to play anymore. I used to love the marathons and competing with other Tetris players. I’m not able to do any of that now. I have always been a die hard Tetris fan so this is very disappointing. I know I’m not alone here. Tetris is supposed to be relaxing and they stripped all that was good away from it. Im not anti-ad..I get that they need money to have this available online but it’s not even playable now. The old ad structure was annoying, but it was easier to deal with. Now you can’t even get out of the ads half the time. This app and “game” is complete and utter garbage now. I promise that the majority of great reviews on here happened when the game was in its hey day and before these upgrades. Don’t waste your time or money here, you are better off grabbing the 89 Gameboy out of storage.
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2 years ago, elmosman82
Ads, pay to win, a disgrace
I love Tetris. Since I’ve started it allows me to think at a higher level than normal, almost meditative. But this app brings out so much anger. I know this review won’t don’t anything to change the entirety of modern society that causes the problems found in this app but it may help someone decide to spend their time more wisely. I deleted this app about a year ago and I forgot why. I consistently place in the 1% on the leaderboard yet I get knocked out of the royale mode by the majority of people with perks. These perks are very hard to get without paying for them. In the past 10 games I’ve played, the app has also crashed at least 4 times. The one game I was able to win, I had to sweet in order to win and be rewarded by an add that paused my music, took about 30 seconds, and crashed the app in the process. Oh and if you want to skip that ads, that will be $5 a month or $60 a year for a app that barely functions. For that money I can go buy an original nes and play the best version of the game. This app takes a game that has been proven to be able to increase cognitive function and induce a zen like state and makes it into a way of getting as much money as possible out of the new and old players effectively damaging the games reputation. Don’t get this app, if you have it, delete it and get a different version of the game.
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10 months ago, Elijah H. Kirkland
Rather play “Block Puzzle”
This game is absolute garbage. The game used to be good, harboring a fun, new battle Royale mode and eventually a battle pass, and even though they weren’t original it kept the game fresh and made it stand out more from it’s predecessors. However, soon they removed the battle Royale mode and made the pass only usable if you payed for it, and it was no longer accessible if you simply grinded. Eventually it somehow managed to get even worse, with the same pass still being available for over a year now without any rewards or progression at all anymore, even if you paid for it. Not to mention the developers pretty much seemed to have sold their souls away to some terrible company called “My VIP” which allows users to grind to get points in order to participate in rigged stakes for a trip to some casino or vacation that only the developers could actually go on. Or to mention whenever you grind to get said points, if you got to the shop with enough to actually get something other than a digital Tetris background it literally halves the points you have so you can’t buy anything worthwhile. I just want to play simple Tetris, but I can’t really even do that anymore. This app is an utter and embarrassment, and it makes me sad to see a universally loved game turn into a heap of garbage. I would rather play “Block Puzzle” than Tetris.
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2 years ago, BsongK
Newly Acquired- November 2021- explains so much
PLAYSTUDIOS acquired the license for this app in November 2021. They don’t read any of the feedback/reviews on here from any of its users, clearly. I’m trying to let anyone who is wondering WHAT HAPPENED and WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THIS APP KNOW- THIS is what happened. Our Tetris team (who plays daily within the app) noticed a major shift, in everything. It ALL started going downhill in the app as soon as this acquisition started and has continued to get worse and worse and worse and more $money$ hungry than any of us thought imaginable. I played this game as a kid in the 80s/90s. I found this app a few years ago and enjoyed it.. Then PLAYSTUDIOS came in and took over and ruined everything! Just read the recent reviews! It says it all. NO care for user experience or feedback or decency. NO new updates to anything to help the gameplay/user experience. ADDING ads in every possible area and corner of the game imaginable. And horrible shady ads, I might add. If you enjoy watching shady ads more than playing Tetris, then this app is for you. It has become absolute garbage since its acquisition. SHAME ON YOU PLAYSTUDIOS. You ruined what used to be a good thing. All of the 5star ratings are from BEFORE you came along and ruined this game on this platform. 1 star reviews have come POURING IN since your acquisition and destruction of this classic game. What a sham.
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4 years ago, r u i n a t i o n
Built up good will to mask bad faith
I’ve said to myself for the past few weeks that if the game wasn’t free it would be unplayably terrible because of their method of delivering adds. Finishing a royale game would deliver a video add you’d have to mute individually since they don’t give you the option to default mute. The way you found out you won a royale game was that you were given an add even though you weren’t even close to topping out. But now they introduced a “ticket” system for EVERY MODE OF PLAY. You have to spend one of only 5 tickets to play BY YOURSELF. The only way to play without having to spend a ticket is their “together” mode but they purposefully made it so you can’t play by yourself in a lobby. There’s also “Primetime,” where you supposedly play for real money, but the entire time they’ve offered it they’ve always made it sound so shady, like some hyped-up unwinnable carnival game. First of all, if you aren’t a literal grandmaster playing on a MacBook you have literally no chance of ever doing well in Primetime. That is all not even to mention that the background is a loop of a live action add specifically for Primetime and I just really want to ask whoever thought that was a good idea what the heck they were thinking. What makes it so annoying is that they had a relatively good thing going for amateurs and casual hobbyists but then they introduced these ridiculously broad pay to play features.
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4 years ago, Every cool name is taken
Great game but could be better.
This is a very good game but it also has lots of potential. I’m, like most, a person who played the EA version. This game has improved that version in many aspects as we have a version adapted to new phones. My problems with the app are mainly four. The first problem is that we can’t see the quantity of lines needed to pass to the next level. The second problem is the fact that I believe that there is a maximum of 15 levels, as, even though I have completed in level 15 many more lines than in level 14, I can’t seem to pass it. The third problem is that the colors of the pieces in the waiting room, aren’t very noticeable which doesn’t let me see very well which piece will come next. Lastly, the ratio of screen to screen where you actually play in feels very small. I understand this is a very early version and the app will probably keep updating so I gave it a 5 stars but I still wanted to put the problems of it to see if it can be improved. Moreover, the gameplay isn’t laggy at all and it is very fun.
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2 years ago, Jasolak
game is an ad machine. tetris is such a simple game yet you managed to butcher the game anyways. some of the concepts are decent such as the battle royale mode, but the execution is god awful, as you will be able to see after playing only a few rounds of this mode. i am consistently within the top ten players in my region yet i get eliminated very quickly from battle royale. this is a good time to bring up the fact that the game is now pay to win. pay real money for extra power ups. also pay money even just for the chance to play battle royale. they claim to offer an offline mode, but you can’t even use that because you will get a disconnected notification every fifteen seconds while your pieces fall, making it impossible to play. so there is literally no way to play tetris on mobile without having to suffer through ads before every new round. i deleted this game a little over a year ago, when battle royale existed and was decent, but before your ridiculous battle pass. some time since then, your entire app has turned into a money machine. it is no longer about the love of the game of tetris. it is about getting the user to watch as many ads and make as many in app purchases as possible. Alexey Pajitnov would be rolling in his grave if he ever was so unfortunate to play this bastardized version of his game.
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1 year ago, Matan Yussman
My complaints
This game is ok. I like it before all of the myVIP stuff came in, and that is probably a scam. You can literally win tickets to a concert or to a cruise ship, and those tickets are probably really bad. I wish they used some of the features before they moved to the myVIP features. Also, it takes really long to level up. I had the game for six months and I only got to level six. Plus, during the update, it erased my progress. I also wish that they would use some of the features from the old Tetris Blitz game, such as a Blitz game mode in which you can use power-ups from the old game. Also, I don’t like the new adventure mode. It’s not really an adventure, it’s just Tetris but with different amounts of moves and block placements. I think the only good game mode is Marathon. I’d like to see an online multiplayer Marathon mode soon. The last thing I’d like to talk about is the themes. When I originally got the game before the myVIP update, I had four themes, including the original one. After the update, when it reset my progress, it was absolutely impossible to get themes. You had to pay REAL MONEY for them. So, I’d like to see that in a future update. Tetris is Tetris, however, so I’m giving this 3/5 stars.
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3 years ago, SkellaRad
Ads, pvp, skins
Its fun but there’s too many ads, it feels like you cant do anything. If you want a gift, watch an ad, if you want to play, watch an ad. if you accidentally started the wrong mode and need to go back you need to watch an ad first, then quit, then pick the other mode, and watch an ad to play that. I wish there was a pvp mode without the power ups. Another issue I have is that some games I have no attackers, and the next I suddenly have two from the start. I’m not sure what determines that or how it works, but its hard to keep up getting tetris’d twice in a row at the same time, if they decide to use the power ups it’s an instant death right from the start, which has happened to me before. Another thing I have issue with is the previews for event skins. Soo, I really liked the way the valentines event “love letter” looked, it was so pretty with the roses, however the preview doesn’t show you *everything* so I didn’t know about the animations or the music. When I got it, I was disappointed by how terrible the elevator-ish music was and how distracting/hard it is to play when a million rose petals block the screen when you get a Tetris. The previews should be little videos or animations or even let you try it first so you don’t waste your time on getting an absolutely terrible background.
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3 years ago, Dude(2+8n+4n)=26algebruh
A Downgrade from the 2017 Version
The older version of this game that was on the App Store ran significantly better than this newer one. From the moment I open the app I am staring at spinning Tetris pieces. When I try to click on anything whether it be the store tab of the play tab I have to stare at spinning Tetris pieces for 20-30 seconds before anything happens. Most of the time it gives me an error message saying it couldn’t contact the servers even though my internet connection is fine and other apps have no issues with it. I haven’t even bothered clicking on half the stuff on the main menu because it never loads. My phone is listed on the compatible devices yet the app runs terribly. The older version from five years ago worked just fine up until they shut it down in favor of this heaping pile of garbage. Also in the options tab you can’t adjust volume levels you can only toggle them which is embarrassingly pathetic. Players can’t customize how they want to play? This game is so simple and they’ve made it hundreds of times yet they can’t seem to just put all the good parts of each together. What a disgrace... I’d have a much better time running a ROM for the GBC version of the game and have a better experience.
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4 years ago, 1234567876544321
Solid, recommend, not perfect
I come from the EA Tetris, like many others, and will likewise be comparing to that version. First off: this is a solid take on the game. I’ve already played this version a good bit, and am happy that it’s done as well as it is. I would recommend this app if someone asked. I echo what I’ve seen in other reviews though, particularly, the feeling of inconsistent controls. I occasionally feel the sting of a tetrimino locking into place far sooner than others. Buuut I will admit, as annoying as it is when that happens, I generally feel the controls are well implemented. So here are the two things I really wish were better: 1) the option of a larger UI and 2) more levels. There’s a lot of unused space on the screen on my phone, and yet the small UI makes it difficult to nimbly pause or switch a held tetrimino. I also get bored of the game stopping at level 15. I reach 15 pretty quickly, and I know there’s the high score, but that just doesn’t do it for me. On the EA version, I would usually start at level 16 and push to reach higher and higher levels. My failure was just as inevitable, but it was so much more thrilling to replay.
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3 years ago, doodleman2045
Pretty Fun Game
I’ve been playing since July and the game has changed a lot, some for the better, some for the worse. The royale game mode was fun but now it’s very complicated and some what pay to win as you can buy power ups to help you win against others, but you can also buy them with points. That’s why I stick with normal marathon mode, which is just plain simple Tetris. It’s fun and simple, but annoying to play with ads. I bought the ad free version but it’s only for a month?? I love Tetris but cmon-ad free should be a one time purchase even if it’s higher. They added a ticket system which I think got a negative feedback from the community as people didn’t want to have a limit to the amount of matches they could play in normal mode. The developers actually fixed this and made it so tickets where only for royale mode, and I applaud them for actually changing it. Overall a very addictive and fun game but I think they should make the royale mode back to what it was like in the summer and just change the ads thing TL;DR: A fun game and worth it but it’s much better without ads. Just a couple recommendations
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2 years ago, Wisteriashade
So difficult! 😩
So I’ve been playing Tetris for a couple weeks now, and I enjoy it, really, but I reached level 58 and oh my gosh. The blocks only leave a 2 block gap in the middle, and on top a 3 block gap. I don’t know what it is, perhaps I’m slow, but it just doesn’t give me time to react and get the blocks in the rotation and position I want it to, and I get a blockout several seconds after I start the level. I’m not writing this to be critical, like I said, I really like this game and I still give it 5 stars, but what I’m asking is that maybe please add something like where someone could skip a level at the cost of some coins, if it’s just too difficult for them and don’t think they’ll be able to beat it ( people like yours truly, for example). I’m really hoping you consider my suggestion, because I am pretty close to losing my sanity and rage quitting and deleting Tetris. Or perhaps I just need to take a mental health break from Tetris. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks and bye!
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3 years ago, Jackt750
This Used to Be So Simple and Good
I got this app before they added all the extra features like the Battle Royale, Primetime and whatnot, and it’s been a while since I played on the app but I came back to it recently and it’s changed so much. For starters, there are so many more features and what seems to be an always online functionality. Yes, the game will ask if you want to go offline when not connected to the internet, but immediately after “going offline” it says it couldn’t connect to the servers and won’t allow you to do anything until it does. I tested this on a plane and I couldn’t play a single game of Tetris. The other thing that frustrates me is how cluttered everything feels. They seem to have favored the money over the game because playing classic Tetris seems to be almost nonexistent now, replaced with all the battle Royale and other features. Back when I was first on the app, the only thing you could do was classic Tetris, with a few different themes and music. It was honestly great, and I wish they could’ve just kept that simplicity without adding all of the extra things. Or at least keep the simple classic game in the first place. 3 Stars might be a little generous.
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4 years ago, Downes 12
Overall good, with a few complaints
Don’t get me wrong, I love Tetris. I am at almost every primetime and have received money from it (it is legit). But when I first got it (around a couple months ago) there was a 10,000 dollar prize pool and I won a lot. I wasn’t very good, but I was still winning and having fun. Then I show up one day and there is a tickets system which you needed a ticket for everything. You could go offline and play just fine, but any other time it required tickets. I absolutely hated it but they did only make it so tickets are now only for Royale, which I like more. But they also dropped the prize pool on primetime to 1,000, which is one tenth that and almost never winning. One note, a lot of people complain about the ui and how small it is. I disagree, a lot of the time it is hard to tap the hold button or it sometimes doesn’t turn right. But there is a reason behind this. If you tap on the left side of the screen, it will turn left and vice versa. You can overcome the hold button issue because if you slide up it will hold for you. Nevertheless, I will still show up to primetime and continue to love the game.
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4 years ago, huntbuddy
Good but with a flaw
So I’ve been playing Tetris for a while now and I’d consider myself to be pretty good, but there’s only one thing that the added recently and that’s tickets. Tickets are dumb and serve no purpose in my opinion. It limits how much you can play and it’s frustrating. I’m happy that they made it a lot better but in my personal opinion they should remove it entirely. Just think about it for a second, they made it so that you can play against people online 24 times, 25 if you counting the event. That may seem like much but this is throughout the day. On average I play against people roughly around 36 times a day before the patch and that’s only in a 8 hour limit. You see wear I’m getting at. When you play against people it’s competitive and fun, that’s one of the main reason why I play Tetris in the first place and they basically removed it. I actually stopped playing for a while for this exact reason alone. So please if you are seeing this do something about tickets. Maybe 10 or 5 minute timer delays, it just feels like I’m not free to choose if I can play competitively or not.
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4 years ago, ArlynTheAwesome
Good game with some super annoying flaws
I’m going to keep this short, I have nothing to add to the positives said about this game, it’s a solid Tetris app for killing time on your phone. My problems revolve around the games inability to handle your phone doing anything aside from Tetris while playing. I’m on an IPhone XR, and when I’m in marathon mode or Tetris Royale, the game will lag a horrible amount, borderline freezing for a short period of time, whenever I get a notification from another app. This makes it almost impossible to play the game in the faster speeds because if you get one notification, the tetrimino will have fallen on its own by the time the game can recover from this attempt on its life. A smaller gripe but more understandable, when I’m wanting to manage a notification, I have to swipe down from the top of my screen, and this will almost always drop the current tetrimino on screen. This isn’t an issue in marathon mode, I can simply pause, but if I’m in a Royale or in the Prize games it can really mess up what I’m doing if I need to check what the email I just got is for. Simply making the top 5th of your screen not be affected by swiping would be a clean and easy fix to this.
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3 years ago, Eiraneth
Come on, you did this to Tetris?
I remember playing this a while back, just Tetris with the ability to unlock stuff like new music. Then they added the battle royale thing, and from there I just quit. I just came back, and this is abysmal. You need to watch an ad to start a singular game of tetris, every time you play. Better yet, the two stage system of ads(show a video, then follow it up with a crazy oversimplified, potato version of the game) means that half of the time I try to start a game I have to restart because the game started at the end of the first ad, a full 15 seconds ago, and now there’s 3 garbage pieces in the middle of my board, which means a restart, and another ad, and possibly another restart. I’m writing this immediately after watching an ad, then the game bugging out and showing another ad, then me “losing the game” while still in an ad. I tried airplane mode to get the offline version, but they even added something in that makes it so that if you are in airplane mode it prevents you from using offline mode just so it can show more ads. This is disgusting, and I guess I’ll just play some low quality web version or something. At least those work, if clunky.
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9 months ago, garb0nzo
A massive disappointment
This game is bad. There is an abundance of ads in every mode, but royale mode is on another level of ads. Royale has items known as boosters. Boosters are power ups that can help you in Tetris, and in theory, they’re a pretty well made and unique mechanic. Adding complex items to a simple game is a good idea, and all three boosters and unique and well balanced. However, there’s one giant issue, and that is the way you get these boosters. To get them, you have to watch ads. These are very annoying, and since boosters are so powerful, you have to be have them to have any shot of winning the game. Royale also has another massive flaw, which is the number of players. When the game was popular, there were usually 80 players per game, but now it’s around 20. While these issues are mostly about the royale mode, this is mostly because the royale mode is the most unique game mode, and the only one that cannot be found in many versions. In addition, the guild system has you complete tasks, and the royale tasks are much harder than all of the other tasks. This game was a great concept, but the execution was so terrible that I unfortunately am leaving a 2 star review.
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2 years ago, Zleetx
USED to be good, Not Anymore
I downloaded this app a year or so ago, played it for a long time before uninstalling it to make some room for a bit. I come back to see they’ve completely changed it. Looks different, even plays different (which shouldn’t be possible for TETRIS). For one thing, they have a crap level system for some random reason, which just feels completely unneeded for Tetris. But whatever, I can deal with that weird change. What I can’t deal with is the fact that they force you to watch an ad every time you start a new game. And I mean Every time. I would say to just go into airplane mode to work around it, but it won’t even allow you to do that. If you aren’t connected to some form of internet, you can’t even play because god forbid you not watch an ad. To top it all off, they Don’t allow you to pay to permanently get rid of ads. You can pay every Month, it seems, to get rid of ads, but it’s just not worth it. Greedy developers leads to a bad game. Find a knock off Tetris game that doesn’t have ads every time you wanna play, or at least one that lets you permanently get rid of them. Do Not waste your time with this Diamond quality game that’s been shattered and tossed in microtransaction garbage.
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6 months ago, katiebrotten
Constant ads with no reasonable shut off
I have played Tetris for about 35 years. Great game, good for stress relief and unwinding, helps organize the brain. I loved sitting in front of my NES in the late 80’s or early 90’s and playing for HOURS. It’s my favorite game. This apparently is the same company? I spend 4x as much time watching ads than playing the game. I’m not going to buy other games, so the ads are useless. I just want to play Tetris. And the ads happen after every level, or almost every level. Once you feel like you’re getting into a rhythm, BOOM! Another huge ad sequence. There is no reasonable option to turn them off either. You can pay $2.99 for 30 days without ads, but then that just means that in order to play Tetris without ads, you’re paying $2.99 a month. no thanks. I have other bills in my life. Tetris has been shown to reduce symptoms of PTSD. I’m a therapist and suggest Tetris to my clients all day long. But if I knew I was suggesting them to watch ads? No way. Tetris is a multi-million dollar game… the creator must have so much money. And yet we have to watch stupid ads instead of playing this beautiful game? This is what’s wrong with the world. Gross and greedy capitalism instead of art and culture and creativity.
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1 year ago, Jesslea
Do not play this; More frustrating than fun!
I’m quite surprised by the 4.5 rating. I was looking for a way to PAY to have the ads removed. The in app purchases section of the App Store sell page for Tetris suggests there is a no ad option; I could not find it anywhere. The FAQ and chatbot are not helpful. There are slow ads after each Tetris round PLUS the “claim your prize” boxes may contain an ad/promo before you get your prize- this takes all the fun out of the app and just leads to frustration. I am pretty sure I spent more time waiting for ads to run their course (or waiting for the opportunity to bypass them) than playing Tetris. If the option to pay for the ad free version is there, make it easier to find. I have submitted a request to delete my account just out of frustration and even that was a headache. All I want to do is play Tetris, my gosh. AND I’m willing to PAY (a reasonable price) just to play it without the ads. I get you have to make money, but figure out some other way without assaulting customers with ads. Was the company thinking more about the bottom line than the end user? I wonder if they would play it with all these ads? This app is trash, I’d give it zero stars if that was possible.
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7 months ago, Coldstones@Love
Frustrating to play
I will echo what i’ve seen other reviewers say about the game—especially concerning the incessant ads and coin distribution/usage—but i’ll add something. And this is pretty small, and seems dumb until you play it, but the blocks don’t turn in sequential order. I remember playing this game on my home desktop as a kid, and I could always count on the blocks rotating clockwise, an essential component when you factor in time. This game, for some reason, can’t manage that basic feature. Also, if you want to build up coins so you can bypass ads? You’re better off quitting the level when it gets tricky. The absolute most coins i’ve gotten for a level is 56, and it costs 200 to skip ads and get ten more moves. I usually get something more in the teens-early twenties, idk why. Im not the best player but I'm alright. Anyway, you automatically get at least five coins when you quit as an incentive to try the level again. If you need to do that a couple times, then you just potentially doubled your compensation. I have had this game for less that a week, and i’m deleting it now because it is so frustrating to play. Please fix this classic game!
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4 years ago, Fruit bather 33333
Ticket system will kill this game
Coming from someone who only plays the offline modes on this game, this game was great at first because of how much better it’s controls were than any other mobile Tetris game. But this new ticket system literally puts a limit on how much I can play this game. I’ve gone from playing 7-10 games a day whenever I’d like, to only playing 5 games that I have to strategically spread out in order to be able to play it all day. This is not sustainable because the reason I’m playing Tetris on mobile is for the convenience. Putting a limit on how much I can play destroys that convenience and will simply cause me to find a new way to play Tetris, rather than pay to play more on this app. I think many other people will agree with this statement. This ticket system was not thought out as it not only kills the major reason use this app, but also limits how many ads that you guys get from the game. If I play less games you guys get less ad revenue. That ad revenue will not be made back by people paying for the game because those people will simply find another place to play Tetris. This new system was put in place without considering any of the things that made people use this app and will 100% kill this app if it is not removed
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1 month ago, Cobiemc
First ever time getting into Tetris and what I love about this app is that it gives you an ad every 5 seconds I mean it’s really helping me learn the game and it’s making me feel like a Tetris god am I on your dev team bro why do I gotta review your ads it’s an outrageous amount of ads and you got little X at the top right always making me tap it and then I go to the ads page also there was an option to use coin for an extra 10 moves or watch an ad I chose to use coins… guess what I STILL HAD TO WATCH AN AD this games fun until you get into the infinite ad loop also there’s no reward system so you basically work for nothing other than playing Tetris which gets really boring after some time cause I want to earn stuff like a background or different colored blocks but no there’s nothing this game is basically one of those ads where it has a finger showing you that you can play the ad and you move your finger the same way but to your surprise it actually works and your like wow this is actually a little neat and then when the 5 seconds are up it hits you by bringing you to the App Store you know what I mean and having to back out of all of it this game is ad simulator 1/10 wouldn’t recommend
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4 years ago, B1g b0ss
Needs changes
I’ve been playing Tetris for about 12-13 years and the biggest problem with this game is it has a cap on the speed. I played one classic marathon, got to the max level around a couple hundred thousand points, then made it all the way to 2.4 million until I had to go to sleep. I tried to save and quit but it lost my progress. Could have gone on forever at that speed, really pointless to play. Then I tried the BR mode, and capped at level 15 again. I played a few games and won them all, but once me and the last few people were past level 15 for a good 10 minutes it became incredibly boring. I got to 2.6 million in BR mode, with one guy left finally dying at 1.5 million. The game felt like it must have taken around 30 minutes. I was also growing the lead but there was nothing I could do if he was just good enough to survive the game would go on forever. Also I’m not sure if I had died before him would he have won, or needed to get to the points I was at? I will not being playing this game until they remove the speed cap. My thumb hurts, I lost over half my phones battery, and it’s just a huge waste of time.
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10 months ago, quasiwarm
New ownership is destroying everything that was good about the app
Playstudios is a vulture feeding from the rotting corpse of n3twork’s app. This version is garbage for new users. They added nothing of value and made the whole experience much worse. Some of us Tetris nerds still have access to the teams, Royale and QP features, but I don’t expect that to last. They want to kill the community/competition that developed around the classic part of the game and focus on casual users. To that end, they created the adventure mode monstrosity, a generic block game that certainly isn’t Tetris and has zero appeal for anyone remotely interested in the real game. The whole thing is a train wreck run by casino app developers. The original app wasn’t perfect and obviously didn’t generate enough cash, but in hindsight it was a special place that fostered real competition and community. If any young person reads this, take note: nothing which has become a public good will last on the open market. One person or a small group will come along with money and terrible ideas and will destroy it. It’s inevitable. Twitter is another example. Good things must be protected from markets or we will lose them to the greed and stupidity of wealthy people.
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2 months ago, Zorbeez
Really good game, brings me back to the old days
Back in my day, all we had were small handheld Game Boys that I would play Tetris on. But when I lost I would rage and throw the Game Boy out the window, and the Game Boy would accidentally hit a bald man in the head, leaving an imprint of the handheld. The man then came up to my apartment then commited defenestration (act of being thrown or throwing someone out of a window). When I hit the ground, I would pick up my gameboy and run as fast as I could away from the follicle-challenged man chasing behind me. As i looked behind me, I saw the man put on a red Cosco uniform signifying that he was a Cosco salesman. He used his powerful Cosco salesman powers to sell me on many products: a bottle of blue olive oil, 32 gallon chair, and a blue and yellow, green block of cheese. In my dream the same day, I would see Tetriminos falling down, but the block were shaped as bees and Kirkland Signature signs. Then I woke up to the sound of Herbert Hoover building the Hoover Dam in Arkansas. The movie was nice. Chicken men.
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3 years ago, Jonny say whaaaat
Don’t bother
The amount of ads is unbearable, even trying to start up the classic Tetris mode forces you to watch an ad. The ads themselves are awful too, often being shady, misleading ones. The royale mode is a waste of time too, summing up to be not a battle of skill, but of who saved up enough power-ups or sank enough money in them to win the match. When you can use the 3 power-ups to get rid of the bottom 8 rows, get rid of the garbage sent your way, and also send 3 rows of garbage at your enemy and increasing the amount sent form you in quick succession, it’s no wonder people that don’t appear to be review bots rate this game low. The music is unpleasant, the controls are shoddy as well, being to close together and being unresponsive as well. There also seems to be times when the game will do something I didn’t want it to, like during a royale match the blocks I was placing dropping suddenly when I didn’t press the button for it to fall. You’d have more fun buying a Gameboy online or finding one, finding a copy of Tetris for it, and playing it on that, or even on any other platform besides this app. Don’t waste your time or money, and just pass up on this one.
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5 months ago, bcjdhdjdj
Maybe bug? Maybe programmed incompetence?
This may be a bug, but I was playing Level 714 and I realized that the level is literally impossible to complete. All tetronimos are 4 blocks placed in different shapes, and given that the goal was "lines cleared," the level is incapable of being completed. You have a set number of tetronimos that will fall, and at the end, no matter what you do, you will have 2 few to fill the final line. That being said, this may be just a bug. However, it may also be a trick to force you to use coins or watch an ad, which would mean this game could be trying to make *Tetris* pay-to-win. That being said, you're gifted coins at every level failure AND success, so maybe it's trying to level that out? But keep in mind this is only one level (possibly; I only realized it on 714). I'm obsessed with this game, and I love that it turns Tetris into more than the same thing over and over. Highly recommend it, but just wanted to mention this for any perfectionists out there!
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1 year ago, Devastaider
Whooooo Tetris!
Easy to start playing, and highly addictive, this is the best mobile Tetris game you can get. With the new level update, I love trying to beat their oddly placed block patterns to complete the objective. Marathon, 99 player versus and time attack are all here as well, for players who want a classic experience on the go. One new thing I would want is buttons, right now it is only swipe controls, and while they are very responsive and easy to use, buttons are old school and I know a lot of people using this app would prefer buttons over swiping. On top of that the new loyalty points let you get real life things, like appetizers at certain places, and if somehow you can accrue 4,000,000 points, you can go on a free 7-day cruise. Thank you Tetris for making one of my favorite games available anywhere, you are truly awesome. I hope you make button controls for me and all the old school Tetris players out there!
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2 months ago, peptide12
Where’s the features?
I’ve had this app since it released. And “themes, backgrounds, and frames” has been a optional feature on here that you’ve yet to ever release anything for. I don’t understand. Why have it as an option for over a year if you’re never going to release a feature. Tetris has been out for decades, it’s not like you guys don’t have the capacity to drop a different theme for the game. Multiplayer has also been in the queue forever. What’s taking so long? How long can one maintain just the base game? I’m level 700 and it’s starting to get super boring and bland. You guys released an aesthetic update to the Home Screen after we voted on it and that’s hardly a feature that alleviates the blandness and boring aspects of playing for someone like myself. And then the store aspects of redeeming points for prizes can’t be the main leg this game stands on. Since when is that a foundation of the Tetris game? That shouldn’t be the main focus on the game. Just release something. Anything. Show signs of life that you’re actively attempting to keep this thing alive.
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3 years ago, brittluvs
This is overall a great game (one of my favorites) but i wish you (the developers) would make it easier to earn coins. I started playing this game back when it was relatively new and the chest feature was still an option. Somewhat recently it was removed and that was pretty much the only place you could get coins by effort. Which is my problem because collecting the Tetris game themes is something I like to do but now I cant buy them because I need coins which are pretty much impossible to get (unless bought with money). Theres the lucky box too but thats not a very sustainable way to get coins. For example right now you need 1000 coins to get the battle pass (which has a variety of themes) and chances of getting coins are low. Even if you do get coins the highest amount i’ve gotten from that was 5. I understand the whole money drive but i just wish the chest feature would be brought back or that it would be changed back to when you could buy themes with medals which was a lot better as it was earnings based on effort.
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2 years ago, Manpersonguy33
Alright, considering there’s not much else out there.
I’m going to be honest, this game is pretty alright for keeping you entertained either during trips, while waiting for something or to play when you’re just extremely bored. However, this game handles pretty poorly. It took me much longer than it should have to get used to the controls, and the game gets stale after playing for less than an hour. But you also have to giant multiplayer FFA mode. This is probably the worst part of the game. The FFA is 50% how well you’re playing, and 50% determined by how many people are attacking you. This isn’t so much of a problem in Tetris 99, because you get the attacker bonus and can choose who you’re targeting (you can also target multiple people). This game only allows for one person to be targeted, meaning if you can get that person out, you’re still left with 2 other people attacking you. It’s not like you can really switch who you’re attacking either, because choosing who you are attacking is much more confusing than it should ever have to be.
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3 years ago, MonsterFkk
Dismally bad presentation of a good game
This is horrendously bad and has only gotten worse over the time I've tried to play it. Always online so don't bother trying to play without internet, and even when you do have it, the app is so slow you probably can't play anyways. When it finally starts up you're greeted with some dude screaming at you about winning cash prizes in a game mode you can't connect to. And on top of all that you have to fight through the UI to figure out how to play regular tetris, and not that survival crap or whatever other annoying game modes they have. And of course there are ads before and between every round you want to play. Want to get rid of them? 3 dollars a month. Now that would be fine if the rest of this app weren't such a sh*tshow, but I'm not paying a dime for an app that won't even let me play half the time because it can't connect so I can play a singleplayer game. This is an extremely frustrating app, I'd rather just pay $10 for a classic tetris app, but that doesn't even exist. I don't recommend this at all.
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3 years ago, Jacob T.C. M.
The game is okay, all things considered. The elements of Tetris are there, but I will echo a few of the reviews in saying that the pay to win method of gameplay is tacky and unnecessary. Additionally, this game has repeatedly failed to save my progress after saving and quitting a game. I’ll return to the game later only to be forced to watch an ad, after which the game resets my (Classic) Tetris progress to 0. I wouldn’t have an issue with pay to win IF there were systems in place that helped worked around that style of play (if you could even call it that). But any opportunities to overcome that system, in addition to progress repeatedly being wiped away, are usually fruitless. The Battle Royale mode isn’t impossible if you invest enough time in other game modes to earn power ups, but the sheer number of people who simply pay for those advantages instead is off putting, making the Battle Royale mode frustrating and unrewarding. I’ll be uninstalling the app after writing this. I expect that the developers truly don’t care if one person quits their game, but hopefully this will give somebody else some guidance when
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4 years ago, Jeff2737644
Solid game but just one nit pick
So i love tetris i think the controls are just fine except the soft / harddrops are kinda finicky but anyways the only thing that i would change is how the gameboy theme works. Basically in that theme its all grey like a gameboy would look but when you get a tetris BOOM the game rewards you with a pop of color for a short while. My only problem is that it kinda hurts my eyes going from a long grey screen to then suddenly color and then switching back. I wish I could have an option to only make it grey and no color when you get a tetris or even better (in my opinion) is to add the gamboy theme with color and either making it that every tetris makes it grey or getting a tetris would only make the fireworks pop out. Now I know I can just use any other theme like the new basic theme but i really like the music and how the gameboy one looks and its just how i like it. I just want to be able to either see it in color always or see it in grey always so that it doesn't mess with my flow playing the game.
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4 years ago, TKM3000
Love it! (I also have 2 suggestions)
Could you add a training mode where we can chose a speed level to train with and the score is kept track of in-game, but doesn’t count towards the leaderboard? The earlier levels are easy to pass but once I get closer to speed level 10, it requires lots of precision. A training mode would help with players who want to get better at performing at the higher speeds. The second thing is a bit harder to get in, and if your team of developers decide it would inundate the app with ads to get funds, then it is fine not to implement. But the second thing is multiplayer, I mainly just want the ability to challenge friends via game-center/local wi-fi. If you can make a large multiplayer server, that would be cool, but again, I prefer quality over quantity so if it stresses your resources, it’s all good. Thank you for the amazing game! I’m glad that there is finally a solid Teris game on iOS.
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1 year ago, a.n.e.
Updated Review. Paying monthly for no ads is annoying.
4 stars- I love Tetris and have been playing since original game boy. My original review is below on the waiting time and needing internet (none in the Appalachia mts). The app is much better with VIP rewards, they sell out fast/: but understandable with it just starting. The most annoying part is paying every 30 days for no ads. Just an idea to make it ad free for those with an Apple Arcade subscription? I would play more often and not sporadically. I would then watch ads for the small prizes like lasers and shields. The ads take just as long as a quick game, are loud, and once the ad plays, I’m annoyed and close out the app. Paying $2.99 monthly is ridiculous with Tetris being a major world wide game and is free online to play. I will pull up the webpage on my phone to play instead. Lastly. For left handed mode, the controls are on the screen. Which doesn’t make sense. Original: Wish the initial loading time wasn’t so long trying to connect. Would like to just play original Tetris at times, especially when in areas where there is no WiFi or data. Working in a hospital and living in no where, there are total dead zones. The “offline” mode does not work. The screen still continues to try and connect to data. Initial title screen should have original Tetris and then option to go online. Just a thought for those who lack WiFi or live in the middle of nowhere.
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4 years ago, 1ce-3
When this game first came out, all my Tetris problems were solved. There were great themes, and each theme even had special music! I had to delete it because of storage issues, but when I come back, there is online multiplayer, and you just had to scrap all the good features that made this game feel like a huge game of bait-and-switch. Now when you play, there are no more special themes, no matter which one you choose, the pressuring Tetris theme remix is all you’ll hear. You can’t even use the themes offline anymore! You won’t even let us change the settings offline while really, REALLY pisses me off. I knew this game had room for improvement but I think you just made it worse. And what I meant about the bait and switch? You attracted people to download this game with these special themes and music, and once it finally boomed, you practically scrapped everything good and added stuff we never asked for. Please bring these old features back. The special music to each theme and the ability to use the themes and change the settings offline.
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