Texans CU

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Texans Credit Union
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Texans CU

4.15 out of 5
159 Ratings
3 years ago, you tell me a name thats free
Account names
I wish I could give my accounts names. Two of my accounts belong to my children and I like to transfer money into them but it’s confusing not being able to tell the difference besides just the account numbers. I would like to be able to give the accounts nicknames to make it clearer.
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4 days ago, Leader Bob
Some things fixed, some broken by update
The update broke as much as it fixed for mobile deposits. The orientation of the phone is cantankerous, often switching the camera upside down. The autocapture is also cantankerous. Also, review of the pictures is difficult since clicking on a picture of the check automatically leads to retaking the picture. Overall, the mobile deposit improvements are countered by poor design of the process flow.
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11 months ago, 30+ year member
Poor roll out
It appears very little testing was done prior to roll out to the members. The bill pay capability was completely down for a couple of days. The upgrade was very hard to do. The bill pay feature is missing one of the key components that was included in the prior version. When setting up a monthly payment (mortgage for example), to increase next months single payment. This will increase every monthly payment and you can not increase only one payment. All payments must be increased. So if we want to make an additional payment next month. The Texans representative told me this. You must increase all payments. Once the current months payment is made you 6hen go in and adjust down all future payments. This is ridiculous. Should have been more thoroughly tested!
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8 months ago, Sharkinstx
FaceID only works once!
You guys need to fix FaceID on the app! FaceID only works when the app is first launched. If I go out of the app (it’s in background) and then try go back into it, FaceID won’t open it again, and it goes to the userid/password screen. To get FaceID to open the app again, I have to force close the app, and relaunch it. Fix this please! This was never a problem with the old app!
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9 months ago, Max in Dallas
Please make forward progress
The new app and website portal is nothing short of an embarrassment for your company. Different options to make car payments have vanished. I tried making a payment and it scheduled it for next month on the due date, I'm not allowed to pay more than the minimum (clever way for you to make more money from interest) and absolutely nothing about it is an improvement. Start over!
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11 months ago, Juwan .B
App functionality post update is awful
I have tried for the past weeks to deposit a check through the app and haven’t been able to even access my camera because I get an error message saying please try again later. I called and spoke to someone but they provided zero help at all and I spent more time on hold than talking to anyone. Also the app update caused more issues than it was worth. Terrible service
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8 months ago, Brave Coward
No more Quick Balance
The new interface is enjoyable, but it no longer allows me to add the app to my widgets. I used to be able to view my quick balance from my lock screen- I wish they could add this feature back.
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8 months ago, KrysLew
Works great!
New app looks and works great! It took me a few days to navigate the new upgrade but once I figured it out it was sooo much better.
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10 months ago, kigcputdputdpurspurspurdpu
This app needs to be fixed
I can’t even get into the app and Face ID isn’t working. I have spent countless hours over the phone with people and going to the bank in person yet nobody is able to help me get into my account. Then I read that transactions can’t work.
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4 weeks ago, JimH-Plano
Looks pretty but super buggy
The app has a nice interface but it’s super buggy, e.g., errors when trying to setup bill pay or setup external transfer accounts. Website is better for transacting with them.
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11 months ago, Lerrface
New update but less features
The update looks ugly and they got rid of the quick balance widget which I used more than the actual app.
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10 months ago, Christina U.
Balance isn’t accurate
My balances aren’t accurate on the app. They are higher than the actual available amounts and it has caused issues. Pending charges don’t show for 48+ hours
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7 months ago, Briiiimm
I loved it until the update now I can’t do mobile deposit keeps kicking me out! Tried 10x no JOKE! It won’t let me do it and I am out of state this is ridiculously annoying
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5 months ago, NoMore42
Maximum attempts reached
Even when I try again “later” it still says this. This entire credit union deserves to go out of business.
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11 months ago, Aawesome2456"
What happened
What happen to the transfer option?
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6 months ago, NCYarborough
Overall poor app.
Not user friendly at all. I love Texans credit union but they need to do major overhaul on the ever-glitching, not easy to navigating app.
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it won’t let me deposit a check
is it letting anyone else deposit a check? it keeps saying option not available, try again later
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7 years ago, Eric Dallas
This credit union is the worst
This place is horrible too do business with. There mortgage company is a third party, banked there for five years never an overdraft, and they hold deposits for 10 days on a cashiers check. Not something a real bank would do. This app has a limit of $2500 you can deposit in a month, so you can't avoid a trip to the bank. The security is excessive, guess they can't afford any losses so you have to jump through hoops to get a cookie put on your phone every time you clear your cache. I really hated this app and the credit union as a whole. They cater to government employees.... People that like red tape.. Go figure.
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8 years ago, Goosigirl
Used to work well but...
This app used to be super convenient for me as a college student. My school is not near a physical branch, but I was able to use the app to deposit checks, transfer funds, and just check my balances. Now, I can't access my accounts; it says they can't access my account information. The most frustrating thing is I can't use the mobile deposit feature anymore. Please fix this issue! Once fixed, I'll add more stars.
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11 years ago, Bait -Switch
OK, it is FINALLY here, but deposit by camera missing
They finally got their web face conversion done, albeit full of glitches, issues, and delays. The iPhone app is out, over a week late, and sorely missing is the deposit by phone feature. C'mon Texans, not like that is blazing new ground; camera deposits have been around for at least a couple years already. And... What is with you telephone on-hold recording talking about one of your goals being to return Texans to being a financially sound etc organization. Should we be scared?
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9 years ago, ZA RT
Very convenient
It seems like this app has just about every feature you could want from a mobile banking app. I've been very impressed so far; I love the convenience of transferring funds between my accounts and have used the recently added check deposit feature. Way to go, Texans developers!
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3 years ago, k.p.claudia
Good service
I enjoy using the TCU app. It is a easy process and access. If I do have questions I call the customer service number like instructed, and the customer service representative is their to help. They are quick and will go to full lengths to make sure your issue is resolved!
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1 year ago, Manjubshiva
Loan payment using external account a hassle
The recently changed pay loan from external account is a hassle . Whoever built this app has never even tested finicity . It’s way too slow and takes forever to link the account after multiple attempts with my multiple banks from BoFA and pnc I finally linked the account . Now it takes forever to take the payment . Autopay using external bank account is a feature every bank has but this app doesn’t even let you setup Autopay with 3rd party banks .
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8 years ago, Iceman_64
Needs Updates
This is a new technology era! This app and Credit Union needs to upgrade to the available options that other banks provide. The app needs to have the option of Apple Pay. Also the Credit Union needs to show up to date pending transaction. I should be able to make a purchase and go directly to the web or app to see it, at least pending, to reflect the available balance. Having the option to be notified when the account goes below a certain balance would be beneficial.
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9 years ago, CustomerLongTime
Kept me here
I am still a customer because of this app. When branches were closing, and ATMs farther away, I hated having to do banking during working hours, because that meant I was taking time away from my job. I wanted to switch. This app alleviates all the deposit hassles. Just wish it could dispense cash!
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9 years ago, YoPaolo02
Great mobile banking app
I love this app. It makes banking extremely easy. The only problem I had was validating my login via text message. It did not work but I was able to validate myself via phone call. So other than that, I'm extremely happy with the app. Thanks guys for making banking easy.
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5 years ago, gigigigimmmm
Needs to be more robust with notifications
Based on notification settings, app needs to notify immediately when withdrawals are made via debit or credit. The notifications come in hours after activity has occurred. What's the point of finding out hours later?
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3 years ago, alimony alison
The current experience is 5-10 years behind other banking apps. I just received an email about an upcoming feature release (mobile statements & secure messaging) that are an industry standard nowadays. Promoting these as exciting new features shows how behind the mobile product is. Could you please switch to a provider that has a more seamless user experience and a clean, modern look with industry standard features? Digital Insight is a joke!
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4 years ago, DWR777300
Quick and Easy
I use my TEXANS credit union app on my phone, almost exclusively. It is a very good app, but it doesn’t get five stars because I cannot search like I used to years ago… It would be so much better if I could search for a certain transaction...
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11 years ago, Texans on line user
Texans App Review
I am really enjoying the new app!!! I have been waiting a long time. I would like to see the account balance next to the transactions and the ability to deposit checks by taking a picture. Other than those two small wishes- love it!
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9 years ago, Skyryder81
Love this app!
It's rare to have an app that works better and is more fun than the primary web site. But this is one of those. You can do anything with this app - check accnts, pay bills, transfer money, etc. is fast and works great. Very highly recommended!
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5 years ago, Odorfan73
Best banking app and bank
I was at a different credit union before Texans and to be completely honest it sucked but now that I’ve switched to Texans everything is so much easier. Especially the app it so easy to use and efficient, great job!
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8 years ago, Friendsfam
Works fine, but...
This app desperately needs an update. It does not support native iPhone 6/6 Plus resolution, does not support Touch ID, and the UI leaves much to be desired. Normally, these issues are accompanied by an app that does not work well. Fortunately, that is not the case here. However, after using apps from competitors, it feels like a very much downgraded experience.
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11 years ago, DaveTrx
Very nice app
Makes it real easy to do banking while mobile. Could be improved if you could pull reports. The icing on the cake would be if you could scan acid deposit checks using a smart phone or iPad.
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11 years ago, Farminwithheart
Texans is working hard!
I hear deposit by camera is coming soon! Also want to say that new app is amazing. Branch folks are so supportive and friendly. Texans is working hard to put the right people in and I am a very happy member.
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9 years ago, PlanoGal8
Great Mobile Banking App
I love being able to deposit checks w/o going to the bank. The ability to pay bills and transfer money via my mobile device is very handy. I have had no problems with the app.
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8 years ago, Singer1963
Works great and very convenient
The check deposit feature works great. I only wish it had a password save feature, or allowed thumbprint entry (on Apple devices) but that's a small quibble.
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2 years ago, KittyMuffinzz
Can’t pay credit card
I really wish you could pay your credit card through this app. Too bad, it would be great otherwise. I still have to use the website. What’s the point of the app then?
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11 years ago, RCreel
Does not do what it claims
App claims to be able to edit payee details, but does not offer this service. Texans mobile online service overall is much worse now when the switched to the new online provider. This app promised to amend that issue, but does not. It has the same limitations as the web app, and the full site does not operate with apple Safari Browsers.
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9 years ago, David in frisco tx
Yeah check deposit
I'm so happy they have check deposit now. Saves trips to the bank. App is great. Well designed and provides nearly everything I would want.
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10 years ago, VSTRONG17
I love love love your ipad app!!! I don't even like to write reviews,but I had to on this one! Everything right is my face! Good job! I'm going to move all of my accounts here just so I can use it more. Well done!
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10 years ago, 44Rockin'
Best Ap on my phone
I've been with TCU 30 years this year and this is the best idea they've had yet!! Extremely convenient, almost too easy!! Thanks to those who made it happen!!
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11 years ago, RG101-:;
Be scared
First glance the app. Looks good. I scheduled some payments and it was easy. Really need to add the "cash a check online". Apparently Texans did lose money. Don't have all the details but some executives were removed/replaced.
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10 years ago, Gooooooodieeeeë
Slow, shuts down
I've been banking with TCU forever so when they finally came out with an app I was excited. However, it's slow and for some reason closes itself out at random times. I also wish you had the option to deposit checks by taking pictures like with other bank apps.
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5 years ago, Loves Viva Slots 2016
True Connivence!
This allows me to stay on top of my finances. If I don’t want to leave the house I just make a deposit online, transfer funds and pay bills. Best app on my phone.
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11 years ago, GamingSherri
Great app! Secure, online banking on the go!
I can do almost everything on this app that I can do via the Internet, but obviously the app makes it easier and more convenient for me.
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7 years ago, Kal El Gaf
A functional app
This app is pretty good. I haven't tried for mobile deposits, but it takes care of all of my other banking needs
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9 years ago, nateo88
About time
I am very happy that texans credit union finally got an app it makes things so much easier and I can do all of my budgeting on my phone now!!
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11 years ago, TXCherokee08
Great app
The only thing I'd like to see added is the amount of a payment needed when transferring money between accounts to make an auto loan payment.
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8 years ago, nhovenden
Mobile App
The mobile app is very user friendly. I have been to view my accounts, make deposits and find ATM locations easily.
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