Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

2.5 (40)
90.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

2.53 out of 5
40 Ratings
12 years ago, TxBake
Couple of things needed
Only includes auto. Would like to see homeowners too. I have 2 auto policies and they both show up but only 1 of them will show a card
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7 months ago, WhiteShadow in TX
Better, but still….
The current version of the TXFB app is much more user friendly than in the past. Just the fact that biometrics and facial recognition have been added is a HUGE improvement. There’s a long way to go, but they are moving in the right direction.
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7 months ago, B. Nail
Poor app. Just stick with using the website…
The app doesn’t provide much. And many items just open a web browser. Also, the website is not very good so I know their email I just got about the new app is just crappy marketing. The app doesn’t have a payment option, it has a button to link to the website.
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4 months ago, thebeardedmedic
Decent app but needs work
While there have been significant improvements to the app, it would be nice to see all policies in the app instead of just auto and homeowners.
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3 weeks ago, person duhhhhhh
Terrible company
Too expensive and that is for basic coverage! I tried multiple times to switch to auto pay and it never worked. Then I got charged with late fees. I hate this company. Insurers are con artists. I don’t have money to just throw away. It’s disgusting.
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6 months ago, Twodwtr
Can’t make payment
The new app won’t let me make payments like I used to before. Can this be fixed please?
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7 months ago, Bob from the gulf
Worst insurance app
They really have to get a clue. The worst insurance app I have used. Is not user friendly
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4 years ago, russell_314
Doesn’t do much
The one thing it does is show my insurance card. That's one big thing but it's missing so much. Most buttons in the app just open a web browser because the feature isn't there yet. I don't see any way to secure the app with FaceID or even pay my bill. I would give this two stars but since it's their first attempt and maybe it was rushed out due to the current situation I'll give them a break. I'm so glad you guys made an app so please get it working properly and don't abandon it.
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9 months ago, Vbmary
Really disappointing
We switched insurance providers. The biggest difference between the apps is that the TxFB app populates very little within the app itself. You have to open another window to view your insurance card (no Apple wallet download), get your policy info, see what the member benefits are and make a payment. This is very visible in other insurance company apps. It would be much more useful to be able to view all the previously mentioned items within the app. It’s not significantly better than logging in online through your browser.
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8 years ago, HTMurf
Used to work, now.....broken
Never had all my policies on it, but the aauto proof of insurance would at least show up. Now, the app crashes everytime you try to open it, once in a while it gets open, then after a few seconds, crashes closed again. NONE of the phone numbers has anyone that knows anything about it. Crashes on all three phones, and both tablets. Agent suggested deleting and reloading app. That did not work. Their IT dept got caught with their pants down with the lates ios10 upgrade. Since noone at the office will listen, maybe they'll notice all the one star reviews....?
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13 years ago, Tgubb
Agent Tony Garcia
This app will be very useful to my insureds who need proof of insurance on the spot. Also to file a claim with pics. Also to get info & alerts. Don't forget all the good member discounts along with the codes to get the discounts.
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9 years ago, Jessg1301
Works great!
I'm guessing they fixed whatever was wrong because I can see all the things people were complaining about being broke. Works fine now folks!
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1 year ago, themightyo431
Easy to understand
Other than not being able to get your card, hopefully that’s temporary, this app is great! I’ll give 5 stars once that is added.
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11 years ago, treyhyman
Great App!
This app very is user-friendly. It's quick and convenient at providing a current proof of insurance and/or contacting your agent. Also, it eliminates one more thing you have to carry around in your wallet, purse, or glovebox.
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6 years ago, bring back the old version..
Everything is great and convenient.. except...
Love the app, super convenient but my insurance card doesn’t work? Every time I open the app and click on the card, the app crashes
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6 years ago, Hsbzbsixksz
Really like how the app is set up however I can’t access my insurance card on the app. It just says unable to load at this time and it has been like this for the past month. Please update this so I can have access to my insurance
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11 years ago, Tribeables
Any way you can make the insurance card a Passbook card? Would be more helpful then the card in the app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Sara Bearah
Authentication Error
I’ve used this app with no issues previously. Today, I tried logging in and kept getting “authentication error”, and can not go any further. My phone is up to date & the app is up to date. I deleted the app, and reinstalled and I’m still having the same error. Please assist!!
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3 years ago, Adam1106
Doesn’t work
The app shows all of my policy numbers in a drop down list but then when I select one and hit the begin claim button it gives an error that the policy is not found. This is the same policy number that my agent gave me so something is not working right with the app
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11 years ago, WonderMom :)
Needs a few things...
The app is cool but it needs a few things. I would like to be able to use it to pay my bill. I would also like to be able to view all of my policies, not just auto.
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10 years ago, Sheismoky
Can't pay your bill or change any account info. Only good for keeping track of insurance card and see what your coverage amount is.
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5 years ago, Uresti24
App not working properly
Every time I try to view something in the app it tells me I need to login even though I am logged in. When I try to re login it then says I am logged out. Any updates to fix this issue and also not being able to view your insurance card.
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8 years ago, david.hold
Feature request
How about add passbook support so we could keep our ins card and membership card in passbook?
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4 years ago, Hahahjjddgg
Inconvenient app
It always directs me to the web browser and not showing the info within the app? What’s the point of having an app when you have to go to the web browser to log in and check your info?
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9 years ago, Kelseykole
Ugh. Frustrating.
This app has potential but right now is worthless. I log in but can't see my policy or insurance card. Pages are blank. It shows my name and policy number but no card, no policy. If that is fixed then the app would be worth having.
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3 years ago, Trex368
This has to be the worst, most frustrating app on the internet. I think it was designed by children. I can log on using the internet, but not on the app. God, I hope their insurance coverage is better than their app design.
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5 years ago, Breezie2114
It is a decent app but it needs work. I can no longer access my insurance card from the app.
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10 years ago, Jcturnercpa@
Doesnt work all the time
When setting your account up and it asks for SSN or Member Number, this app doesn't allow you to enter it all the time. Seems like I had this issue on my iPhone 4 too.
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11 years ago, Niciolee
Needs work
Would be 5 stars if I could pay my bill!!! That would really make life a lot easier!!! PLEASE pay attention to your reviews were all saying the same thing!!!
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9 years ago, BlkChaosMage
Making Payments😫😫😫😫😫😫
Will you update the app to make payments through the app
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9 years ago, Mageequeen
Making insurance payment
App needs to be updated to allow customer to make a payment on the account
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9 years ago, Shalafi Gamer
The only thing that this app seems to be capable of is getting me my agents information. I cannot view my policy, nor am I able to view my insurance card - it's just blank. The app needs a lot of updates/work.
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9 years ago, Ryan & Jess
Can't see anything
It downloaded so that's one star. I can log in so that's the other star. Other than that, I can't see anything as far as my policies or card. Not worth the space it takes up on my phone. DELETE!
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5 years ago, AvaFun88
Where’s the insurance card?
I haven’t been able to access my insurance card for a while. Can you please fix this?
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8 years ago, Mowinmomma
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance app
The app keeps crashing every time I try to look at my account. Also the app does not allow you to make payments. Also is crashing when trying to get to my proof of insurance.
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8 years ago, Lala25407
Crashes 😡😡
The app will open but you can't even sign in and if you get a chance to nothing else will open and it will crash on you automatically.
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8 years ago, CariA73
Crashes constantly
Allows me to login occasionally but never anything more before it crashes. Hopefully there is a fix coming soon. Insurance is good... app needs some work.
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5 years ago, Insured 50
Rarely opens and actually works.
Rarely can get this app to work. And it’s been like this for years. Would think they would have it fixed by now, but it’s not.
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8 years ago, 😄ap37
Used to work great!
What happened?? After the latest Apple update now this app just crashes every time I open it! Please fix it.
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12 years ago, Globaster C-17
Nice Idea but needs work
Great idea but needs some work to include home insurance accounts also! Take a few tips from the progressive app! It is very interactive and informational!
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4 years ago, K20*
No manage account button, can’t change password, won’t let keychain save password, kicks me out if I look around for what I need. Incredibly frustrating and unfriendly app.
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8 years ago, TxGirl78
You cannot even login without getting instantly kicked out. It used to work before iOS 10 rolled out. This app needs an update. Do not download it's a waste of space.
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9 years ago, HT0271
Worthless App
This app worked at one time, now it's completely worthless. I contacted Farm Bureau over two weeks ago concerning this issue. I guess they are not concerned with getting this fixed...
Show more
11 years ago, Rightthrume
Useless..anyone there????
Useless if we have the app and still must go to the website..might as well just save the web page to home screen
Show more
3 years ago, DJK in TX
The one reason I got this app was to show my insurance card. It does not update to the most recent card when using the app. Worthless.
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12 years ago, AC9498
Not bad...
The app is great for informational purposes, but I would love to be able to make payments via it.
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8 years ago, nbecace1
App is broken.
The app worked great for the first month I had it (mid Aug. - mid Sept.) now the darn thing no longer opens. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help.
Show more
8 years ago, Aldcpa
Doesn't work with ios10
Either won't open after you login or crashes shortly after.
Show more
10 years ago, Melodyreed77
Trying to make an account but it will not let me add my last 4 of my ss# or member #......not able to use this until it is fixed.
Show more
12 years ago, BRFaris12
Could be useful...
This could be very useful; however, I'm unable to get the app to open. It just closes out on me.
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