Texas Trust’s Mobile Banking

4.8 (13.1K)
101 MB
Age rating
Current version
Texas Trust Credit Union
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Texas Trust’s Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
4 years ago, barbiedollintexas
19+ years and loving them more & more!
I was a member since I was15 years old at my first job and open my account that was when they were considered Qualtrust credit union however since Texas Trust has emerged in taking over which I was initially a little worried about if I’m being honest, I could not be more pleased and more thrilled. The staff makes you feel like family and at this point they are and they never ever fail to let me down to frustrate me to disappoint me never I have always always been able to get a hold of somebody who is kind with prompt answers when working with me and my elderly parents as well, not to mention I also first had my 3yr old son open his own saving account as well and he gets so excited about it as they regularly post informative information on how to raise financially literate children! Did I mention all of the perks and low interest rates should you ever need an auto loan, house/mortgage/or personal loan? They go way beyond the call of duty and then some while also giving back to the community! Because of TexasTrustCU, my credit score has more than doubled in the last 14 months and was in the 740’s within the first 3 months from horrendous credit post divorce. Well on my way to that 800 score....I’m coming for you! :)
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2 years ago, Cele~<3
Service is king
I have been banking at Texas trust for quite some time now and have never had a bad experience. As a matter of fact the employees there have gone above and beyond what one would normally expect from a bank. As an example, I once signed up for what turned out to be a subscription for dietary supplements and when I realized it was a subscription I tried to cancel it with no luck. I called in and your team was able to cancel the subscription and refund the money that was removed from my account. Bravo! On another occasion someone had gotten a copy of my card and was trying to purchase hundreds of dollars at a pharmacy in another state. Your team immediately contacted me and alerted me to the fraud. Keep up the good work!
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10 months ago, Dalton Estein
Important deposit.
I deposited a check a couple of weeks ago for $10,000. These funds were from the sale of stock and I was using it as a down payment for a car. The young lady who took the deposit told me there would be a 5 day hold. I explained to her I was needing the funds in 3 days, but she just didn’t seem to care. So I had to find alternate means to come up with the down payment. A couple days later I look at my account on my phone. Found out that less than half of the funds we’re going to be released in 5 days and the rest would take until the 16th to be released. This cost me frustration and money because of the delay. The young lady made no mention of the multiple hold on my funds. I guess your organization does not know what means to be a credit union. A credit union exists to assist its membership. Not to take advantage of hard working people. I feel as if I was taken advantage of by the young lady who “helped “ me that day and by the CU as a whole. I’m thinking the management could not find employment with a big bank so they settled for working at a credit union and keeping the attitude of BIG BAD BANKERS
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6 years ago, Squaredame
Likes vs dislikes!
I like the new app. It is better than the Qualtrust app. I also appreciate the friendly staff at the Irving branch. That said, I do not like the unreasonable fees. Qualtrust never charged for money transfers. I always set up my savings as my account to draw from when my checking acct got too low. Now, if my account balance fall in the negative, instead of the bank transferring the money as needed, I have to transfer it myself, if not, TCU charges me $5.00 for every transfer they make. Also, Qualtrust never charged me for copies of my statements when needed. Now my only option is to go and print them out myself. This is very inconvenient. These fees are very unreasonable. I will have to start looking for another bank. Ok so
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4 years ago, D-Reag
Good App
2020 Update: The only thing I wish the app had was the ability to enter a travel alert without calling the credit union. I went to Atlanta in March, forgot to call during business hours and had to wait until the next day. Luckily my card was not declined at the hotel. Usually the credit union declines my transactions in another state without the alert. I appreciate the protection. It would be good to have Travel Notification abilities on the app. I enjoy the app. I appreciate the morning updates of my balance. I also like that I can open the app with my fingerprint. So far,so good. I have had the app a few years now.
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5 years ago, k1ngrich
Shazam, Bazinga ...
I just switched all of my accounts from BofA to TxTCU as well as lots of experience with their app. This app has most of the features I would expect ... that being said I won’t fault you for something that isn’t available or that has nothing to do with the app (complaints of fees, issues with phone tech, etc.). The app works perfectly ... fingerprints and all! I do have a couple of suggestions for the app and online banking ... to be able to mark transactions as cleared so I can keep my register and account in sync (for all accounts: credit cards, savings and checking) - it makes reconciling a lot easier when the statements become available. I would also like the ability to see my full account number and routing number via the app and online so when I’m getting my taxes done or working with family/friends to provide details on how to transfer straight to me.
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3 years ago, Hummer47
Great Service
I have been a member since 1985, love my credit union, they have numerous branches to serve me, professional service and stay up in the latest technical advantages. I love Mobile Banking, take a picture of check front and back and it is in my account. They offered this long before a long list of well known banks, way to go Texas Trust.
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6 years ago, bosslady1954
Great app but has drawbacks
Works well most of the time and I love they got mobile deposit and bill pay. Though bill pay is missing much of the functionality of the full website like viewing scheduled payments. It loses my saved password and ID and doesn’t recognize my thumbprint often and I have to redo them. That gets tedious. Tech help just tells me to redownload the app and start over. Every app has failings though it’s not good to have them in your banking app!
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7 years ago, Jrevel26
Great! Always staying ahead in member service!
Over the years, I have seen this app become one of the best I have ever used and seen with any other financial institution. User friendly and very easy to navigate. Everything that any user would like to have in an app. I can do all my banking needs with this app. Kudos to the Hurst branch for their excellent Member Service! The tellers aways knock it out of the ballpark!
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6 years ago,
App Good, Fee’s Bad
Overall, the app is good. It is a better app than what QT was using. If I was just rating the app, than it would be a five star rating. But since I’m rating the overall experience with Texas Trust, I’m giving it a three star. QT never charged fee’s to transfer money from savings to checking, unfortunately, Texas Trust does; and because of this, will be looking for another bank. Sorry TT, but we already have the government milking us for every dime they can get, don’t need a bank that does it as well.
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6 years ago, Nail Slave
Greatly improved
I've had an account at Texas Trust for years. When they got this app I was very excited. It has improved and things are amazingly easy now. When it started out it didn't have bill pay or mobile deposit. Now it does. It's much better than some other bank apps. All around great app. Couldn't live without it"
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4 years ago, NewToPrimal
I can’t close my account fast enough.
It is absolutely ridiculous that your tech options are so unreliable, especially when you’re already missing so many standard banking features. To suggest that it’s more within your abilities to block my account from future overdraft transactions to spare me repeated overdraft fees totaling now well over $100, than it is to selectively block singular transactions, is utterly ludicrous and all the confirmation I need that you do NOT care about your customers. You’re just after my money. I’m done with Texas Trust and I’ll be warning the others.
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6 years ago, DPErnie
App is fine but the tech support is terrible.
The mobile deposit part of this app has gone down days ago now and there’s no sign of it being fixed in the near future!! It’s really the only reason I have this app. Come on Texas Trust, let’s get this deposit system working! It seems like there is no body working on this problem!!!
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5 years ago, Walltx
Top notch app
I am new to this app as my previous credit union recently merged with Texas Trust and this app goes far and above my expectations. Fast, intuitive, accurate and excellent in all comparisons, TTU app is superb. Keep up the good work! I wish I could access my images of cancelled checks like I can do on a computer. I don’t use it often but when I do then I really need it. Thanks!
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6 months ago, Arglarblargleahardert
Always good to me.
I’ve been with Texas Trust since 2013 and they’ve always been great to me. I’ve since moved and had no reason to switch other than not being able to just go to a branch when I need a replacement card. But aside from opening a branch in Austin, I have no critiques.
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6 years ago, Melissa61
I like it!
Convenient, easy and secure. It’s a little cumbersome that when you make mobile deposits that you have to choose the account with each check instead of choosing an account and then depositing multiple checks. Also, the specific endorsement requirements involved buying a new $30-40 endorsement stamp.
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5 years ago, BoHeroman
Better but still needs...
Have used this app for 2+ years and it’s passable. Graphics have been recently updated and looks better + support Face ID, but animations are still choppy and functionality is generally low and performance generally slow compared to other banks. Also would love to be able to use Apple Pay. Please? Still better than a big evil bank!
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5 months ago, Dav Barr
My Credit Union-TTCU
I a member of TTCU previously with Texas Federal CU since 1979. I am very pleased with TTCU. The transition was fairly smooth, took a little practice getting used to but survived. The TTCU -Cedar Hill personnel were very courteous and friendly. TTCU has been there every time I have needed them. You couldn’t ask for more. Thank you everyone at TTCU - Cedar Hill
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7 years ago, Stacyhop
The app would be great if I didn’t have to delete it and re-enroll Everytime it doesn’t recognize my user I’d and password. I don’t know why but from time to time it just loses my thumb print sign-on and it will say my log-on is in correct. Ok, I’m asked again for my feedback. I now have the iPhone X and again it will not automatically open with my face id as of just a few minutes ago. When my key secured information is filled in the app just starts jumping like it’s stuck. So frustrating, it never holds the thumb print and now the Face ID with iPhone X.
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2 years ago, Grandma Gail W
My husband and I used Texas Trust for over 10 years and never had any problems. Since my husband died it’s been nothing but trouble. From being unable to access the account, to being given incorrect information (Yes, they Do need a copy of his death certificate!), to being frozen out of the account even though my name is on it, this has been a nightmare of epic proportions! I don’t know if they are stupid, incompetent or just plain lazy but there is no way I would recommend this bank to Anyone.
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5 years ago, YesiCas
Convenient but with some issues
In the past I never had problems with the app. However, lately some off the setting that I have set disappeared. For instance, I activated the Quick Balance setting and it works fine for a few days and then the next day it’s gone and I have to activate again. It’s happened a few time per week lately.
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5 years ago, velvet6
Keeps losing ID - FIXED!!!
Each time you do a new version it keeps losing the saved IDs. Also would be nice to be able to add memos to transfers like you can on full web. Bumping the rating back to 5 since you added the memo. Thank you. I have also not seen the issue with the Touch ID missing with an update.
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6 years ago, Akabigd1895
The app is easy to use. The mobile deposit works great. I’ve never had problems logging in. I wish I could print my monthly statement from the app. There’s probably some reason why I can’t. That’s my only suggestion if it’s possible. Other than that, I use it all the time.
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3 years ago, Poor radar graphics
Customer Service
I had a problem with my Biometric interface with the TexasTrustCU mobile application. Valarie Williams took the time to help me get this resolved. She has helped me in the past and I really appreciate her support. A big thank you to Valarie is in order. Great customer service!
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4 years ago, sjyfhhgffjjgffhh
Transfer Incorrect
I just transferred money to my son’s savings account and he never got it. I tried it again just to find out it went to another persons account and it’s Sunday and nothing I can do about it. You aren’t even prompted with the name on the account. I am so annoyed. This isn’t the first time I have been annoyed since the migration from Qualtrust. I’ve been with you for over 20 years and 2 incidents in one month. Now, I have to call you tomorrow to straighten this out. Can I charge you a fee?
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3 years ago, staceyenterline
We’ve been members for a while! Always get treated very professionally and things always get handled no matter the situation! Thank you for helping our community get through COVID-19 and beyond! Proud members of the Texas Trust family
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6 years ago, Fizhnchipz
App will not recognize my password it keeps saying invalid entry. Tried so many times u til I was locked out. Had to call customer service. If it’s not that then it’s either shaking up too when I try to use my thumb print because it’s not accepting my password. I’ve tried to delete and reinstall... with no avail. So if I need to check something I have to log into my computer and input my so called “invalid entry” of a password. Which btw works just fine on a computer.
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11 months ago, soylie
It’s easy, extremely convenient & best system ever. There’s times that I physically have to visit my local branch office (San Angelo)to clear any mis communications whenever I call the main office out of Dallas. I really could avoid going to my bank if long distance (Dallas office) customer service were more efficient rather than creating a mass.
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2 years ago, asvhigh
My account
I had a problem accessing my account . Your financial officer, Ariel Franco helped me solve the issue. Ariel was very courteous and professional. He solved the problem and I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Don gentry
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7 years ago, AbigailHannahMary
TX Trust cares about each individual
1. You have helped me improve my credit score. 2. I'm not charged to get my own money from other ATMs. 3. I was promptly alerted that thieves had made purchases to my account because TX Trust recognized my shopping habits.
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4 years ago, GreenAkersEnt
Happy With TT
I have to say Texas Trust has the perfect name. They are a bank I can fully trust and am glad I have my business and personal accounts set up with them. More to see going forward in the near future! Thanks!
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7 years ago, Mayhem250
This app makes life better.
Mobile deposit is the best. And contrary to someone's negative review, if they had read further down, you can still choose to receive paper statements.
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6 years ago, CTBax
This app is so convenient and helpful. I can stand in line for the register and transfer money with the touch of a finger. Plus, the finger print scanner keeps me from having to remember my password.
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7 years ago, Vishousrhage02
Love this simple app
I love I can access all my accounts and loans also on this app. I have yet to go to a teller because all the functions on this app. Great app, never had a issue using it and it’s been a few years now.
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4 years ago, Msattitud001
After banking with several other banks, I finally found a home at Texas Trust. I would recommend this bank to the people that deserves customer service. Excellent Bank
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2 years ago, KDanvers
Love Texas Trust
I love this app and this bank they are the best Bank I have ever felt with never have problems with my accounts. The app is easy to use and meets all my needs. Keep up the Great Work Texas Trust
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3 years ago, Jazzer59
Just started using the app and I love that I can check my balances daily. Not sure why it took me so long to use it.
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5 years ago, jots1
Great Customer Service
The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is I like the other banks apps. However, customer service is through the roof. I will slowly be changing all my banking needs over to Texas Trust. Big shout out to Tiffany Basher at the Grand Prairie location.
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5 years ago, Ridiculousallnicknamestaken
A tiny bit annoyed
I like Texas Trust, except the debit cards are quick to fade in color and stop working. A teller at the branch said, creating a more durable card would take two weeks and customers don’t want to wait. She’s half right. We don't want to wait, however we also don’t want a cheap debit card.
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5 years ago, Tripl3_T
Easy to use
I’m able to check my balance and it’s always sending me notifications when I’m slow
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6 years ago, chrwhr
Very Pleased!
Love this app! Very user friendly! Mobile deposit has SAVED numerous trips to town, just to make a deposit!! Eliminates the hassle of logging into a computer or making a phone call to transfer money!
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4 years ago, kay hathaway
I called on June 2 to meet with the branch manager about the arbitration email we received from you all. Sam and I need it to be explained to us. We want to turn in what is necessary before the deadline. I left a message on her phone but have not gotten a reply. Please help us get this taken care of.
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6 years ago, goblindeliveryswervice?
If you can work the app it’ll work for you
I don’t have a singular issue with the app, does everything I want it to, couldn’t complain if I took all day to try.
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5 years ago, ttcu fan
Easy to use!
The app works well. I can do everything I need to do without going to the credit union or the full website.
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2 years ago, Wine cruiser
My home bank.
I have been a member of Texas Trust for many years! It is well managed and very convenient for me. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Your Awesome Boy
Really Friendly Employees!
They opened my account in just a flash, and whenever I was having problems, they gladly helped me out. Keep up the good work Texas Trust Credit Union 👏.
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5 years ago, AprilKnowsAll
Very convenient
Love the app. Any time I had an issue it was on the bank’s end due to limited access, but it was resolved quickly.
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7 months ago, browniebear
Great info
I appreciate having updated information on my account.
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6 years ago, Domer85
Constantly logging me out & requires ID & Password
App is great but the most frustrating thing is I’m constantly having to re-log in using ID & Password and reactivate the biometric screening - thumbprint log in. Extremely annoying
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5 years ago, perotmuseum
Thx Trust App
I really like the ease of the app and the access to it. I have really not used many of the features as of yet so I don’t have much to comment on other than I can check my account easily!!!
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