Text Scan : Image to Text OCR

4.6 (8.9K)
64 MB
Age rating
Current version
Govarthani Rajesh
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Text Scan : Image to Text OCR

4.64 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Weaselx1503
Hands down best scanning app
I’ve downloaded prob a dozen or so different text scanner apps n this one is THE best one out there 100%. Doesn’t BOMBARD you w RELENTLESS ADs like many (MOST) of the other scanner apps. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, can’t even use it there’s so many ads but not this app! SO RELIEVED finally found this one and was able to actually USE IT (what a concept!) and get my work done. Easy to use, intuitive layout. Does what it claims n does it well. ONLY text scan app worth having. I would know! ( Literally Downloaded EVERY single free text scanner app available, tried EVERY single one of them. The rest are COMPLETE n utter GARBAGE. You’re WELCOME for saving you all the time n hassle I went through finding this gem of an app! ) 🙏🏼🥰✅💯💙💜💚🤓😎🥹👍🏼👌🏼
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2 years ago, lopear
This app is brilliant!
Friends share images of long recipes because they never typed them out to begin with, but my recipe app won't display them. This last one was going to be a pain, so after a couple of moments of frustration, I thought, “Surely, there must be an OCR app that works with things in Photos.” I don't need a lot. I'm happy to “pay” by looking at ads. This seems to be a very powerful app, but for basic use, it's very straight forward and easy to understand. Select your image, select the language, press the checkmark, see your text. I was able to copy from there and paste right into my recipe keeper, without extra steps. SO easy! LOVE this!
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4 months ago, TimBsTechTalk
Amazing but...
By far the best OCR scanning app I’ve used (and I’ve used a number of apps over the years). My main concern is the attempt to normalize subscriptions for mobile apps. The ecosystem for iOS is too varied and plentiful to warrant such a pricing model. I also do not plan out my usage of apps by time periods. If you offered an option for a one time purchase, it would be more appealing to me. Since this kind of app is not something I use routinely, I’m only using it for a month and canceling my subscription afterwards.
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2 years ago, Sa1nt Christopher
Lots of room for improvement
This app does (mostly) perform OCR for Japanese text, but I’ve noticed several deficiencies. First, the converted text is often out of order from the original. The time needed to correct this is sometimes greater than the time needed to manually type the text myself, which makes this app pointless in those cases. Second, sometimes there is missing text. The text both before and after will get converted, but the text in between is simply missing. It’s not an issue with photo quality, so I don’t know why this happens. Maybe it’s related to the first issue above? When the original text is incorrectly reordered, maybe some of it is reordered out of existence? Third, the folder functionality is insufficient. Scans can be moved into a folder, but it seems to be one-way only. I haven’t been able to move a scan out of one folder into another. I’m also not able to manually reorder the scans in a folder the way I want. Overall, this app has potential, but the current functionality hasn’t really improved my efficiency. With all of it’s deficiencies, this app takes about the same amount of time as manually typing the text myself.
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2 years ago, NumberCounter17
Works perfectly fine but 1 problem.
This is a lifesaver but when I work at Walmart the limit per day will increase, I will get my phone incase I see text to send to someone, then I use this to text messages 50x faster. This is a life saver, I can even send descriptions for skills in Clicker Heroes much much faster instead of having to look at it and type. This is extremely helpful, useful but useless at the 5th one, and immediately important.
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5 years ago, Molly across the golden gate
Ad interruption devalues OK experience
This is the first OCR on my mobile that I've used, so cannot compare to others, but what I've seen isn't awesome. Seems to get most words correct, although there was an odd switching out of a phrase from its original place to another, and one typo (not present in original). It also doesn't recognize fractions, which is a bit annoying when reading a recipe. What is super annoying is the interstitial ads that pop up when moving from one screen to the next. For that reason, I'm deleting it from my phone. The more subtle location at the bottom of the home screen is fine-- doesn't bother me so much.
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2 years ago, Elqueced
Accomplishes my needs
The advertising doesn’t bother me in this app because it will not cut in front but is showing after the job is done. I don’t scan a lot so limit of 5 for free is ok FOR ME. If I need extra I can wait patiently until the next day. Thanks for developing this tool. A previous bug I reported was fixed so again thank you.!
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4 years ago, john the survivor
Terrible App - Extremely Disappointed
Firstly, the OCR is subpar and works only half of the time (I have a great camera and ensured that the lighting was perfect). Second, after every action you are bombarded with ads that just get annoying. Thirdly, ONLY 5 documents per day? What???? That is insane. Why would someone pay a ridiculous amount of money for a subscription if they have to scan more than that?? Finally, people monetize everything these days, there is no more open-source free-to-use apps anymore, very disappointed with this app.
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2 years ago, LiBee57
No more limit?
I already loved this app! Probably the most accurate and easy to use for text book → device text. But recently I wasn't charged or anything and I was able to scan more than 5 images. So thanks you! Can't appreciate or rate this app high enough!
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2 years ago, sharona2.0
Really Helps me with Grad school
This app is really helpful for transferring text in my textbook to a word document. The reason I didn’t give 5 starts is because it can be a little finicky with words near the spine of the book. Where the page curls towards the spine- the app seems to add or miss text near the inside edges. This can take some time to go through and correct, but still a very useful app.
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3 years ago, DelAware61
Great for Quick OCR
I had photos (jpg) of various pages of document and was able to quickly use this application's OCR ability to generate text files -- which were impeccably accurate -- from those jpg documents. Simple to use. I downloaded it and five minutes later, the OCR was all done!
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5 years ago, Bobbo445577
Almost excellent, but...
Great job capturing text. So why 2 stars? THE ADS!!! Even after paying the monthly fee for unlimited scans, every time I send the text via message, I have to sit through an ad. Every time now. And we use this app to record all of our business text messages to bill clients for our time. Therefore, we’re searching for a better app that doesn’t shove ads at us and slow down this process, a process that needs to move quickly or else we lose money.
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11 months ago, PFargot
Serious flaws
Doesn’t remember which camera was last used, just defaults to the main one. After you take a picture, you have to take a useless step to press a “use photo” button before you get to the text extract screen (a ‘cancel’ button could be here if the image is not good), and you only get 5 scans per day(!) unless you pay to upgrade or waste time watching another ad. Uninstalled. (My review didn’t seem to be saving, hopefully this doesn’t result in multiple entries)
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5 years ago, Duskydog26
Simple OCR just what i need And its small.
This app does just what i need it to convert image to text. The other app i was looking at has a download size thats 70MB BIGGER than this. Its like come on. Thanks for staying optimized. OCR isn’t something i do often but when i don’t want a monstrous app sitting on my phone. LOVE IT, its small and powerful. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Hippytrip1
Makes photo to text super easy, you do have to double check the wording, but nothing more than a quick skim for myself. I crop photos of physicians orders with my phone, then upload them without PHI, then I’m able to just paste the text directly into the patients chart. LOVE this app!
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3 years ago, Ariel J. Transparentpseudonym
Paid version not worth it
The only thing you really get for the paid version is (1) no adds, and (2) more scans per day. There’s no batch upload—you still have to add the scans one by one. It is tedious and boring and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do more than five of these a day. Just use the free version.
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1 year ago, No, No, No, Yes this is it
Image to text
Works perfectly. Might take a bit because there are lots of ads. Also I wish we could crop pictures we take to reduce extra words. But still it does what it’s supposed too!
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4 years ago, 1775
I have downloaded and tried many apps that purported to offer OCR functionality in their scan applications, only to be extremely disappointed. This app is simple (as in, not complicated) and very intuitive. I wish I’d found this app long ago. Works great!
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12 months ago, JuanesJurado
Works good, ads are not that much annoying
It works good, have ads on the free version but is what you expect nowadays, I was able to convert image to text on an iPhone 6s so I guess it works even better on modern iPhones
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10 months ago, CPMH_CR
Terrible app - scam?
I just paid for a month which allegedly gave me 50 ad free scans per day. WRONG! I got ads after even my first scan and after my first 4 tests, it made me watch an extended ad to scan anymore. Why 4 tests, because even after zooming in to scan only one paragraph at a time of my handwritten text, it comes out as absolute gibberish, maybe recognizing one sentence out of every six. This is terrible and I will be requesting an immediate refund.
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2 months ago, Raymond Arking
Text Scanner
This App scans text with 99% accuracy. It even can scan pages from books where the pages are not flat but curve because of the binding. Really GREAT App!!! It’s also very user friendly!!!
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5 years ago, KNGKWAN2019
Beyond Exoectations
At first I thought this would be a clumsy barely usable app. But it turns out it works super well . It has fantastic language support and is overall very good. The only drawback is the ads but I’m not burgers by it. The practicality of the app far outward the annoying ads.
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1 year ago, Ehs@n
Very practical
and professional. I used many applications to convert photos to text. But none of them were like this. It is especially great for the Persian language. I am very satisfied.
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2 years ago, Viejo44
The free version of this app is remarkably accurate. It’s convenient that you can either use an old image OR tale a fresh photo. You may never need anything more. One of the best iApps ever! Try it: You’ll like it!
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4 years ago, Dog lover!🐶🐶🐶
This needs to get better
So, I got this app cause my shoulders were hurting sitting at my computer reading stuff for school, so I got this. I really liked it at first because I just had to take a picture and it would do it. But, I took five pictures, and when I wanted to do another one, it said it only lets you do 5! Like seriously??? That ruins everything! I was gonna give this 5 stars, but it’s so not fair. “Only 5 per day.” Like no.
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3 years ago, happyHappiy
Best application love it but
Love the app. Only feedback I have is to make selection box not expand all the way to edge of the iPhone screen. It makes it difficult to select all the left side and the right side of the letter/photo.
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5 years ago, BrooklynChris
Clumsy & Disappointing
We can put a man on the moon, but why can’t anyone invent a batch OCR program that works? This sounded promising, but ... - Can only access photos from the main camera roll ONLY. - Can’t access albums - Can’t access Google Drive - Can’t access Photos - Doesn’t seem to see the latest photos on the camera roll; only those from yesterday. - Force quitting & restarting app doesn’t fix. - Selecting multiple photos in the camera roll doesn’t allow them to be sent to the app. - Maybe if I wait until tomorrow, the photos I want to show up will show up? Or maybe they won’t? Or maybe I’ll look for another all that’s more fully thought out?
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4 years ago, Smallkern230784
Absolutely Great
This app works just the way I expected. I haven’t had any problems since installing almost two years now..... imagine that. I use it daily. It does what it needs to do and that’s exactly how I like it.
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4 years ago, jlodin
Scan from photos or camera
Works great, as expected! Came back to give the five stars it deserves (I’d said three when it interrupted a session with a “rate us now” popup) but wanted to say how much we like this app.
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3 years ago, sheepish76
Incorrect text
I used this app to extract my Italian notes from pictures I took. I don’t have bad handwriting but it wasn’t able to extract the text correctly. I made sure the language was Italian but it didn't seem like that was the issue. I tried it out with different notes and it still didn’t work. I normally don’t write reviews but this app was very disappointing and not helpful.
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5 years ago, Extreme NY'er
Impressive recognition; annoying whitespace
The text recognition of this app is pretty good. However it has an annoying tendency to add lots of whitespace / carriage returns after the text, which is a huge nuisance when copy-pasting. Please either remove the trailing CR or provide a setting to remove it. Only thing that’s stopping me from leaving a 5-star review!!
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3 years ago, ALegospartan
Does exactly as it says
Great for extracting all writing from any screenshot. Saves a lot of time if you're trying to write something out that you don't have access to
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2 years ago, Thomomys
Ok, toooo many ads
There is a new ad every time you touch the screen (not exaggerating). That said, it’s pretty simple and the OCR semis to work very well. I could not get the original scan image out of the ap, so you should take a separate shot if you need the original.
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1 year ago, $tacie
The Eff’N BEST!
I love this app!! It’s so easy to use.. I hate reading in the worst reader.. so I just scan, select the text I need to read and then I have Read Aloud or my translate app read it to me!! I’m in love..💕
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3 months ago, Alaa Y. Khoshnaw
Scanning texts on photos
Good job, just we need to scan the text of the photo, with no enter lines, it needs to import some smart touch to different enter lines and no enter lines. With all respect to the app staff ♥️
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7 years ago, njnotekeeper
functionality restored- almost----now ads interfere
the app's functionality was restored with the 9/19 update: but now ads block the work screen and are intrusive and obnoxious.I gave this a 3 due to the rapid correction of the prior non functionality issue: the ads are a great blight on this app and may soon make me revise the evaluation to a 2.
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2 years ago, Kento Miura
It’s a helpful app, but I hope you make the arabic words starts from the right because we right it like this.
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1 year ago, Abossygutlol
This app Is free and it works well enogh
I love this app it do's it's job perfectly and if there are any mistakes just fix it use chat gpt I recomend this app from the others.
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1 year ago, rjb12345
Thank you Text Scanner!
I take notes on everything I read and any poem I find inspiring. This will save me SO MUCH TIME. I am really grateful for this app. It works very well.
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4 years ago, Just Another 90s Kid
Choose the area to read!
This is great you guys! I am studying IPA symbols for diction so I only need descriptions read aloud. This is great so I do not hear the same word over and over between spelling and phonetics. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Electrical Radio
Great but Expensive
This app is accurate and easy to use. It would be nice (read "honest") if the publisher clearly indicated this "free" version is only a trial version. The fully useable edition of the app is an auto-renew subscription.
Show more
10 months ago, akronpianoman
This app has made my life easier
I’m thankful for this app, especially considering that it’s free; I’m perfectly ok with an ad-supported model like this one.
Show more
2 months ago, Rdhrjsjc
Awesome app converts old text to work with ease
Have some old docs I needed to tweak and this app allows me to scan and update to new word docs
Show more
6 months ago, HaythamTemplar
Absolutely worth it!
Dead simple to use and wow such accuracy. I enjoyed this app. I hope they continue pushing such good quality app.
Show more
4 months ago, GrandpaCooksCOM
Easier than retyping
It’s not perfect, but scanning apps seldom are. This takes a lot of the burden off of me though.
Show more
4 years ago, joegu
Limited to five scans then subscription
No thanks! No one is going to continuously use this to scan documents. So the subscription is irrelevant and inappropriate. There are apps out there with more features and one time payment. Not worth the $7.99 a month subscription. More like rental fee to use. The app will never have new content for it to be worthy of a subscription. Do not support.
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1 year ago, Dallen Hartshorn
Works awesome
It works awesome! I just take pictures of the slides up front and put them into my notes
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4 years ago, Bogiebox
Works but annoying
The free version has the same annoying ad video playing LOUD every time you use it. So if you have to convert several pages in one sitting, YIKES! Does the app work, however. Yes it does. But if the developer has to shove this many ads down my throat to use, sorry, but I don’t trust you to buy the premium version.
Show more
3 years ago, Jason Nicolais
Amazing app..
Works perfectly... gets the job done. Would pay $10 for it.
Show more
4 years ago, sarah.lolas
this app will save you tons of time
I recommend this app to all of my friends and colleagues. I especially appreciate it for capturing the content from non-highlightable .pdf and .jpg files. And being able to export the text directly into an Evernote file is really helpful. Awesome job to the creators and developers behind this app. Thank you for all the time you save me!! :)
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