Text to Speech!

4.7 (28.8K)
57.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gwyn Durbridge
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Text to Speech!

4.65 out of 5
28.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Mothblade777
Great app
This as been one of the best text to speech apps I have ever used. I could copy and paste large swaths of an Ebook and listen throughout my work day. The voice options are broad but not anything special compared to other text to speech apps. The best feature was the ability to pause scroll and start anywhere in the text. Many texts don’t have this feature and it is very important if you ever need to take a break from your book or where distractioned but you don’t want to have to search for where you ended in the text and delete your finished reading and restart the text. The save function could be improved by creating small excerpts of the saved work as a title (like Speak4Me) as of now it is save as the whole text which makes it hard to find previous saved text. I would also suggest increasing the maximum play speed. Sadly since I got my new iPhone 14 I have had issues loading this app and won’t be using it for the near future but this has to be the number one best text to speech app I have found to date.
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2 years ago, unknown 187
One happy customer
I am so happy and grateful for coming across this app. I’m a tracheotomy patient and I suffer from a vocal cord paralysis. It has been a very difficult 4 years trying to verbally communicate with people. During the pandemic I have really been having a hard time being understood because my mouth is covered. I ran across this app yesterday and instantly started playing around with it after I downloaded it onto my phone. This app has made it easy for me to send messages to my people without them having to read multiple texts from me. I’m going to keep playing around with it to learn more. I used it at a restaurant to place an order as well. Yes, simple things like that has been very difficult, this app gives me hope….thank you.
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2 years ago, MabelatorPines
Good app, but could use some fixes.
I have been searching for an app to use for when I go nonverbal, and this one can be pretty useful. It has quite a few voices to choose from and I like that it isn’t limited with what you can say. I have been having an issue though with my saved/favorited phrases. When I search for a phrase, I’m not able to select and play it after searching. I can only play the phrases I have saved if I scroll to find them from the entire list. This kind of defeats the purpose of being able to search for phrases. I’m unsure if this is a glitch or a design flaw. It would also be really helpful to be able to create categories for saved phrases. I know this is not necessarily intended to be an AAC app, but it would be a perfect free alternative for people like me if those features were added.
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2 years ago, Joan-1227
This app was a lifesaver! I had a major jaw surgery and couldn’t talk for 3 weeks. I downloaded this app the second day in the hospital and it made things so much easier than texting and writing notes, especially when it was hard to get my family’s attention without talking or when they couldn’t read a note because they were driving or something. I didn’t really experiment with the different voices, but I loved that I could favorite phrases that I needed to use frequently. Now that I can talk again, I don’t really need to do any text to speech stuff, but this app and protein drinks got me through surgery recovery. I would definitely recommend to anyone who can’t talk for any reason.
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2 years ago, Sad_Snapper:(
App works great!
I actually 100% lost my voice and with it the ability to talk. My fiancé hates talking to new people so it was hard to even convey what I needed to say. This app isn’t perfect there are some words it doesn’t like to pronounce correctly but all and all it works! I have been able to talk to him through the app for the past week while my voice has been healing (still not completely back but I can sort of speak now). It has made what would’ve been a completely silent and pathetic healing process ever so slightly better and I do really appreciate that. It’s exactly what I needed, love it.
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1 year ago, Clemetine2
Great voices, absolutely horrible ads.
This app is very good for when you need a text to speech app that works and functions properly. Unfortunately the ads, really scared me when they popped up. Some ads contained scary images that absolutely despised. One ad, was an ad for a cult?! I felt like this was the downfall because I genuinely loved this app. It was very nice, but you need to fix the way the ads work. Not pop ups, maybe try to get ads that aren’t scary to said user. These ads I’m seeing can literally give someone a panic attack. Not only were there scary ads, but also scam ads. “WIN A MILLION!!!” Is clearly a scam, I can see some kid possibly clicking on that and get some sort of virus or malware. Either way, fix this and it might be considered good once more.
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2 years ago, AmongTheStardust
This app is great BUT
This app is awesome but it constantly runs commercials after the first day. It was not offered as a buy app and I can’t find a way to pay for it so I can have it without commercials. And I mean like a full screen take over of a Reese’s ad with music and video. The x come pretty soon to close it but if you are having a important conversation with your family about your treatments and this ad pops up while they are asking you important questions and stops you from typing and you forget what you wanted to say. It’s not great help. Also handwriting stuff when you have certain problems is not the best option so don’t come at me and be like just write it on a piece of paper. I need the predictive text to help me. But it’s a good app for what it is.
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7 years ago, full_absolution
Excellent App
This app has given me a voice again! My jaw was recently paralyzed, and I've been passing notes and writing e-mails at work just to communicate. That is no longer necessary with this app. I tried multiple text-to-speech apps, and this one is the best by far. There are lots of voices to choose from, you can save your most commonly used words and phrases, and you can even increase the font size so it's easier to read. Even though the ads are unobtrusive, I paid the $1.99 to remove them. This app is worth a lot more than that, but they're giving it away! Highly recommended, worth your time.
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1 week ago, BrenTheBuilder
Life saving application, unethical ads
I have a family member who was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS and this app has allowed us to communicate with them during the time we have left together, which I will always be forever grateful for What isn’t ok, however, are the cruel placement of ads near the key points of interaction on this application. Given this family members deteriorating motor control, they are humiliated when they attempt to speak to their loved ones and a banner ad is clicked linking to an obnoxious advertisement. As a software developer myself I understand wanting to earn revenue via optimal ad placement but this is sickening given those who use this app likely have disabilities of some kind. The answer shouldn’t be a subscription to avoid embarrassment, it’s cruel and unethical
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2 years ago, Snoozepooze
Great app
This is a great app. I like how many voices and languages I can use. This is amazing even though I don’t have any trouble talking, so I don’t really need it. I do have one complaint. I can’t figure out how to put it into phone calls. Anytime I try, the person at the other end can’t hear a thing. If I could figure out how, I think this could be good for plenty of pranks. This is one of the best free apps I have ever come across, and I appreciate all of the effort that went into it. I would like to see text-to-speech phone calls become easier in the future though.
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4 years ago, Munchkin Cadence
This app is really good! I want to see if I can ask you to make something in it Though…
This app is hilarious you can say literally anything you want and I don’t choose which voice you need and it has different languages the only thing I want in this app is that you should be able to tap on one and it should be a different voice than another one that you tapped on that’s just something that you can try making because if someone’s trying to make a movie or something and show it to someone else then I have to go and change the voices
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7 years ago, CJ-Jax
Laryngitis made this app a necessity
Having lost my voice, I needed a way to communicate with others that would be easy to use. The doctor insisted on no taking for at least 24-48 hours, and I didn’t know how I’d be able to exist without talking. This app is perfect for my needs. I’m able to type up what I want to say and I can stay a part of the conversation without having to scribble on a notepad and pass papers around like I’m in some secret society meeting. I like that I can change the font size and the speaking voice and volume, as well as the speed of the text.
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1 year ago, RobloxPlayer12543
Simply amazing 🤩 very happy customer
I tried to find a text to speech app that doesn’t just scan text and actually is compatible for social media, I have ducks and I wanted to share facts before they get ducks. I didn’t wanted to use my voice so I came across this app. It is very easy to import it to my editor to fit it in the video. Just put in some text, import it to a app and watch it do it’s magic, it is truly Simply amazing. I am one happy customer that will continue using it for other videos I love this app!
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1 year ago, warmgrapesinoatmeal
Not compatible
I love this app but ever since the new update to version 15.3.1 it's not working properly. Is something wrong with the app.. I've tried both regular and pro and both are freezing and not accepting text. Please help... I went back to 15.1 and now it works fine.. idk. Only want to give 4 out of 5 because exports take too long if they even export at all sometimes. Its worked once out of the tens of times I've tried to save the recording. Update it doesn't work at all for long text as it did before. It freezes then stops working all together. I even got the new iphone 14 pro max and it didn't work on there either. So now I know theres something wrong with the application. Please fix the long text feature
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6 years ago, 1959bassmam
Great text to speech app for those handicapped with speech issues!
I have had Speak It for years but the software has not been updated to use the latest IOS software on my IPhone . I started looking for a new software tonight because I was having difficulty being understood today in a meeting. I found Text and it is great . I have had trouble getting a voice that sounds like me but found one that is close . It would be great if there was a voice that was English with a southern accent. Very pleased other wise with this app and gave it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Sally1901
It’s great but there are bugs.
So I saw this video online and made up how I thought it went as a joke. It was a great use of my time but the app kept crashing at random. It works but crashes a lot. It’s great for people with jaw problems and people that can’t speak. Please get the bugs worked out. Other than that it’s great. Actually the software crashed when I pressed play after writing something like “sorry my software crashed” really funny. Anyways get the bugs worked out but other than that. The software is great!
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4 years ago, A H Y E S
There is just one big problem
I want to go back to the Samantha voice but it won’t let me and when I find the voice I have to download it even though I just was using it.I tried deleting the app so it could go back to Samanthas voice and it really gets on my nerves I keeps asking me I have to download the voice that is a enhanced voice when I just want the default but it’s not letting me do that. It’s really annoying and I just want to use Samanthas voice but it keeps getting me in harder situations. Please let me use Samantha again!
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5 years ago, merdarapunzul
Great app!
This app is amazing! It’s really easy to talk and just play around. I’ve been using the app just to play jokes with my family and it’s amazing! Though I wish it was a little more natural sounding, and I have a suggestion too. This wouldn’t work for people with throat issues or something for those you just use it to play around maybe put it where you could record you voice and then make your text sound like that, but besides that the app is great, and I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends!
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4 years ago, the best snowman !
Ok but one thing
So I git this app when I lost my voice and it worked really well it even works in phone calls great the only problem with this app is that you can only use one type of voice in phone calls. I mean it is not the worst but it still makes the app a little less enjoyable especially when you want to talk to friends. But I can’t complain to much since many apps like this dang have the feature to put the voice into calls.
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1 year ago, Eishun F
Annoying silence/space
I have been a big fan of this product for 4 years. I absolutely treasured and used this all the time. However, I just noticed a slight change which, in the newest version, they now generate unnecessary and very annoying space/silence/pause between sentences (after a period). This makes this app very annoying and inferior! I hope they will get rid of this unnecessary long pause in the near future and make it operate like it used to. Best🙏
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1 year ago, Mr. Ramey
Cancer treatment savior.
The side effects from immunotherapy and chemotherapy got my mouth and tongue hurting and swollen and bleeding. With excessive mucus production. This made my ability to speak inconsistent. Since this can talk through my phone, I am still able to work and communicate with family, friends and business contacts. I paid the “Ads Off” because I was so impressed and pleased. I saved as a favorite a quick explanation about how it works so the caller knows what is going on.
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12 months ago, Just a Tism Creature
Good app
I am absolutely thrilled that I found this. I’m autistic, so I struggle with verbal communication sometimes and this has been a lifesaver. It’s very straightforward to use, and everything is fairly easy to find. It’s also free, which is great. Overall, I’d say the only complaint I have is I wish there was a folder for recently deleted messages. That way I could undo my mistake of deleting the very long thing I made. But yea, I definitely recommend this app. Good vibes all around.
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4 years ago, 🥳JULIA🥳
The app is amazing!
So I saw on tik tok where ppl play subway surfers and like record “real” stories and post it so I decided to try it and it worked! I actually blew up on my first video! But one little problem, I don’t like the feature of swiping down to clear your reagent text, it’s kind of frustrating because I wrote a really good story and wanted to record it but I accidentally swiped down and it cleared all my stories except for my starred stories. But overall I think it’s an amazing app!
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2 years ago, Abe75937592
Update: app still crashing. I have to redownload it every day, please fix this instead of “capital I”! I used to use this app for hours every single day—I love it so much, and I can’t find another app that compares. However, ever since I updated my phone (iPhone 6S) to the most recent iOS (15.4.1?) the app crashes every time I open it, before I even paste any text in. When I delete it and redownload it opens fine one time, and then starts crashing again. This is devastating—I wish I could un-update my phone. I really hope this gets fixed.
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7 months ago, 3Eden
Really good, needs more options
I love this app so far, and i love how everything is custom to the person and you can save common phrases as you go! The folders are a great idea. My first critique is that I want to have some more organization in my starred menu. Being able to change the colors or maybe even the icon of the folders to a custom thing would be very helpful! My second thought was being able to create folders inside folders. Like a folder labelled food could have two folders inside labelled ‘food items’ and ‘cooking verbs’. Overall, this app is wonderful. All of these are minor things that don’t detract from it’s value. The features are intuitive and so helpful, especially the ability to mix the voice in call. If you’re looking for a text-to-speech app for communication, I highly recommend this one.
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3 years ago, Ahmed.s.j
Slow reading speed when sharing the audio file
Hello, I have a problem when I share audio files, the reading speed is slow even though I have increased the speed of speech, but when I convert the text into speech and share it to other applications, the reading speed is slow and I need it to read faster, I am a blind student and I rely on that I really hope that this problem will be solved quickly because it has caused me problems in studying, please
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4 years ago, Try any thing once...
Big help at the right time
I accidentally rated this only two stars a couple of times because I didn’t know how to use it. Sorry, my mistake! Definitely a 5 star app! I just had two teeth removed and couldn’t talk. Did a search, quickly downloaded, and problem solved! I could type my answers to everyone’s questions! Not as good as Alexa at reading things, but far cheaper— it’s free! And ads are placed where you can see them but do not interfere with using the app. Good job!
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2 years ago, Grr8198
My review
I cannot speak and use this app to communicate. The adds are very inconvenient because I use a speaker and when I go to communicate with someone they are very loud and I have to skip them and start over with my conversation. I was using a different app that had no ads at all but they did away with the aaron voice that I have used for the last 4 years. Other than the ads this app is very useful to me.
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6 years ago, thienxkim
So helpful!!
Words cannot describe how helpful this was to me. Today in school I had to participate in a voices off day for my ASL class. I’m not allowed to talk from 7 AM to 7 PM.(It’s currently 3:26 and I got out of school at 2:30. I’m almost there!) This app is perfect in every single way and there’s minimum ads so it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not good at signing at all so this was my form of communication instead of signing. I will definitely keep this app for future use if needed. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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2 years ago, laurenmiller015
I love it but i have been experiencing problems
I really love this app i have been using it for around two years now. I pretty much use it everyday. But lately i have been experiencing more and more problems while using it. The app closes itself randomly, or will play and then stop. The screen freezes a lot too. It’s gotten to the point that i cant even hit play or pause it. I really hope that whatever is wrong is fixed soon so i can continue to use this app.
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5 months ago, Mrs. Messer
This has been a life saver!
I lost my voice 12 days ago and was struggling with trying to write things out. Now I at least can communicate. It helps with my family and even a dr appt today. Yes the ads are irritating, but I learned to quickly turn down volume and wait for it to end. Fyi some of them are tricky to close. But none of them have been offensive. But overall i recommend if you can’t talk!
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5 years ago, Darth.Plageis.The.Wise
Very Funny
I have only had this app for a few hours and love it. I have used it so far only for humor, which has worked fantastically. The option for changing the pitch and rate of the voices, along with the many international accents is very useful, and allows for some very comical commentary and stories. I strongly recommend this app to people who are interested in creating creative scenarios, stories and writing in general, and wish to give it some comical life with the help of text to speech.
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3 years ago, Paul230230
Repeats texts twice, no support available
Good functions for using text to speech on phone calls except when you click on a saved phrase from your favorites, it repeats it twice and is really confusing to the phone user on the other side. I reached out to ask about this and the email provided for support got returned as failed to deliver 3-4x. Might be ok for live typing of messages on the phone but you can't save commonly used phrases that might help for a smooth conversation and then use them without it repeating twice. Unless you can type superfast and the other phone user can wait an awkwardly long time for a response, just save your money.
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6 years ago, Eccoelite
Can’t talk from surgery
This app has been very helpful as I had surgery recently and can’t talk for a while, brings some normalcy to my life without finger pointing and wannabe sign language... Only issue with this app is that it drains my battery, thankfully I’m in bed a lot so can charge it easily but I find myself from 100% to 60% in about an hour or less of not constant use... saw there was an update to run in background a few months ago... I’m sure that’s the main reason.
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6 years ago, lascott11
Sore throat life saver!
I’ve had really bad sore throats since a kid and always had trouble communicating whenever I do. Hurts too much to talk. I’m on vacation with my family now and don’t have the convenience of just shutting the world out until I get better. So I thought I’d look for an app that could help. This is it! Works great! Now I don’t have to have my husband read texts while driving, etc. This is a real life saver. Now to keep my 2 and 4 year old from wanting to play with it...
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3 years ago, Godsgirl481
I have been sick the past couple days, and ended up losing my voice so bad I can barely whisper. I downloaded this app to be able to communicate as well as rest my voice. This app has been great!! The speech is clear and I feel like I can communicate almost somewhat normally. The feature that allows me to use the app in phone calls has also been extremely helpful!! I highly recommend this app!!
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1 year ago, found a puppy
3rd best app ever...kind of.
I’m not blaming you. It’s that, when my 9 year old little sister was playing this, she got so mad. Like you have to go the SETTINGS! It was so hard that when I tried to help her, her iPad CRASHED. Idk why y’all are putting 5 stars, when it earns 4. Maybe you understand it more, OR THEIR ELECTRONIC DIDN’T CRASH. If my little sister rated this, she would write a mean review, with 1 star. This app needs some fixing, haven’t got any adds 🥰 But I mean, make it easier, please. Her space almost got full! 😡😡😡
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6 months ago, daughterofiris
No complaints so far
I’m autistic and when I’m burnt out or overstimulated I often lose my verbal language. I was looking for a free aac app that was just text to speech and not pictures because while that is helpful for many people, I felt that would likely frustrate me more than anything. I feel this app is all I need it to be, and I greatly appreciate it giving me access to language when I don’t necessarily have it.
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4 years ago, Raekitten
Great app!
This app is easy to use, easy to understand and extremely convenient. I’d strained my vocal cords and finally had to resort to not speaking hardly at all in order for them to heal. Using this app to talk to family is way more convenient than signing or typing what I want to say out on a text message and holding it up to them (especially as my mom has to go look for her glasses every time I do that.) Very happy with this!
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5 years ago, Mhuss55
As I am recovering from surgery, I’m on voice rest and needed a way to communicate with my family and co-workers. The only limitation is your own typing speed, and that’s it. I have found no faults, bugs, nor issues with the app. The flexibility and options that come with it are incredibly useful, and you don’t have to spend a penny to get the intended use out of it. Thank you so much to the developers for giving me access to a free tool that I needed in a time of vocal absence!
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12 months ago, TRGJR931
Too cool:)
My voice box was crushed by my helmet during my motorcycle accident, so I haven't been able to communicate, and this app let's me send a generated audio file directly to a email, call phone, Facebook, save it as a file, or just speak it out loud. I love this program the UI could use some work, I would like to see voice selection moved to the front page so I can change the voice on the fly.
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1 year ago, Rick i tic
Make a patients life easier.
Having been threw cancer and the removal of half of my tongue, I can’t praise this app enough. Every surgery center should have this as part of standard protocol. Losing your voice in a traumatic situation is not a pleasant experience. This app made a world of difference. Ideally it would interface over the phone in a more fluid way but all around amazing if you can’t use your voice.
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10 months ago, Izzannabell
I used to love this app.
I used to use this app all the time. But lately I’ve been having so many issues with it that I just gave up trying to use it. Which makes me sad because it was one of my favorite apps. I used it when I was cooking cleaning or baking to listen to some stuff. My main issue with it lately it is that I will try and tap to type something or paste something it won’t even acknowledge that I tapped anything it’ll sit there for a few seconds, and then immediately close out.
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4 years ago, D-V-Johnson
Convenience and ease of use
I just started using the app and it’s already proving to save a lot of time. I receive a lot of emails with contracts, reports and other documents attached. It saves me from having to physically read through each of them. I’m able to keep up with other members of the team and as a result, I’m more responsive during meetings. It’s also very convenient and easy to use. D Johnson
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1 year ago, jnbvsfnbjhvbfsjhvbsdiucbwdhcbc
One thing you should add
Hello! I’m writing this review because I want you and your development team to add a voice saver, so like by that I mean I want you guys to make a save file for the voices you make and want to save because I don’t wanna keep changing the pitch for the voices and make a new and different voice for my character that’s I’m doing, this will be a lot of help if you make a save file for that. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Hannah Stage
I have bad laryngitis right now and it drives me crazy that I can’t talk. My boyfriend suggested looking for a text-to-speech app and this one is perfect. I love all the voices and ways you can adjust them, and I love the setting that lets the app read as I type each sentence. Also, the recent texts feature is awesome if you know what you might wanna say throughout the day. 15/10, using this to DM a game of DnD tonight and I know it’s gonna be dope.
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4 years ago, Raptor7730
Nice App
Although I did not use the app for its intended purpose, (Someone had said to me that if you put your written work into a speaker than it’s easier to find mistakes in grammar and spelling) and it worked wonderfully. I loved how you could not only change the reading voice, but you could change the rate and pitch too! Which I might add, was very enjoyable. It also runs quite well! I definitely recommend this app.
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4 years ago, awilliams1985
Lost voice
I lost my voice over the weekend just before my boyfriend went out of town for the week to work. So I found this app so I could talk to my girls then found out I was easily able to talk to him on the phone! We were so excited and so amused by this app! I love it! The only thing that could make it 5 stars is if I could record my own voice and give it emotion just in case this happens again. Which I’m hoping it won’t but unfortunately you never know! But amazing app guys great job!
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2 years ago, Nim-Lake
I really like the app but late in 2021 more and more errors have been happening, freezing in the middle of a passage or the app closing on its on while in use. The app has been amazing in the past and if it weren’t for these issues that have been happening almost every-time I’ve used the app the rating would have been 4 stars. Please fix it as soon as you can.
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4 years ago, 117569923
It’s actually really good
It’s easy to navigate, you can make different folders, choose different voices, change the pitch and speed at wich it reads, and the only in app purchases are remove the adds and get more voices. The only adds you’ll see is a tiny bar at the bottom of the screen and and an add that can be skipped in like 2 seconds every 20 times or so it reads something. I highly recommend downloading it.
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