4.3 (211)
281.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kairoos Solutions SL
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.4 or later
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User Reviews for TextEdit.

4.34 out of 5
211 Ratings
5 years ago, Zhies
This Does What I Want
I am glad to find that this app does the same things I do on TextEdit on the iMAC. It works with iCloud in the standard way. I don’t use it for fancy editing, just basic documents. It is the best I have found for rtf and rtfd. Minor issues: it is easy to put in tabs but only at std spacing and there is location called “ in Files App” that is a mystery to me, but I don’t have to use it.
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1 year ago, gnosis321
Text Edit + is unstable and inconsistent in its operation.
Text Edit+ has several strengths. It saves my work regularly. Although it crashed I was able to continue where i left off after re-starting the app. The menus are pretty easy to navigate and the blue tooth keyboard works well with the App. I’m really surprised that this app is rated so highly given its basic deficiencies. The app is unstable in normal use. It has crashed several times in the course of preparing a new doc. Cutting and pasting operations have caused it to exit to my Home Screen. Choices of fonts, sizes and styles for documents seem revert back to the app defaults. Copying and pasting text from Text Edit+ can result in formatting errors in third party apps sometimes.
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2 weeks ago, SaveTheButterflies
New Update Imposes Limits
I loved this app because I could edit rtf documents from my Mac on my iPad. I could even connect to my Mac with Files App and access documents right on the hard drive. I updated today, and now there are limits imposed on how many documents I can have in the app. Even the trash on the app has limits! What's more, I can't even access documents on my Mac with Files App without being stopped by a pop up telling me I have too many documents! All because the developer wants me to pay for the "Pro" version. I am sorely disappointed in this update, and I will be deleting this app if the limits are not removed promptly. The developers should know how angry their customers will become if they suddenly impose limits on what was once unlimited. Bad decision. Time to look for a new rtf editor.
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5 years ago, Tikal Mafouz
Huge disappointment
I keep notes using TextEdit on my Mac and was looking for a way to edit them on my mobile devices. I use textedit’s Alt-Tab shortcut for creating bullet points and outlines and its Ctrl-K shortcut to link text to web pages. TextEdit+ rendering of the resulting RTF document was completely unacceptable: the indentation was incorrect, the spacing between paragraphs was way off, and links appeared with a leading “<“. And on top of that, the app claimed that it can’t edit the document because tables are currently not supported — even though my document doesn’t contain any tables. I very much regret having purchased this app, especially as expensive as this one.
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5 years ago, Royal Chowder
Filled a huge need for me
I have been looking for a way to edit TextEdit files on iOS for a long time and waited to see if Apple would do it but they seem to be too focused on Pages. This app fills that need for me and it is a better solution for me than other text editors like Ulysses and Google Docs. Thank you and keep it up!
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1 year ago, Mobile Virgin
Text Edit on iOS/iPadOS
If you use TextEdit on MAC and need it for iOS/iPad OS then look no further. Use the same iCloud folder for both apps and you will thank me later.
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3 years ago, ArchimedesMG
A simple fix they didn't bother to mention!
Bought this hoping to edit and change the fonts on stuff I had written with iOS Notes. Imports fine, but cannot edit - the keyboard never pops up! Waste of money. Update: cannot open Notes files - but you can copy/paste the old text directly into a new document. Still annoying that they couldn't just mention that!
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2 years ago, Keverw
Glitchy app
They advertise markdown support, when I press + I get an error saying unable to add document and that the app doesn’t recognize that file type. Wish I bought another app instead as this one is buggy and the file organization is weird. I was hoping it would be more like word where you could edit a file directly stored in the files app.
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3 years ago, iOS 14 Guy
You get what you pay for
Nice! It’s just like the original.
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5 years ago, CD Wyte
NOT designed to work with IOS.
This app’s general file functions, like file name change, save to files, send by text, etc. are completely alien to IOS. Just a simple task like renaming a document and saving it to a specific folder is a HUGE waste of time. What good is it to create or edit a text file if saving it, sharing it, and other basic functions are uniquely weird? Waste of money.
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2 weeks ago, AngelCityLakers
Paid Subscription Out Of Nowhere
I paid $3.99 for this app and had no problems with it whatsoever, it worked great. Now it requires a $2 a month subscription just to continue using it. Absolute rip-off, I’m furious. Hard pass on this app if you’re on the fence about buying it. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
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6 years ago, Kylex5
Great editor!
Love this text editor, great custom keyboard and text style options
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6 years ago, SouthPoleCat
Preview does not work
Full preview of LaTeX documents does not work. The app just quits on the first attempt is hanging forever if try again. Even on the included example. Also, free upgrade to NoticeWriterPro is deceiving - it tricks you to installing a free version and you have to pay to get pro.
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2 years ago, bderf
Application keeps crashing
I am editing a simple text file on my iPad and the application keeps crashing. I am not able to reset or restart it. I would not recommend this app.
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4 months ago, johnofemslie
Excellent app. Wish there was an macOS version.
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7 years ago, Writer1111
Sweet text editor.
Really great text editor, definitely worth it.. looking forward to trying out more of your apps. Scrivener pro looks enticing!
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3 years ago, phillipsdf
Maybe will export rtfs, but it won’t open them.
Piece of junk. I’m going to ask Apple for a refund.
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6 years ago, Auntk11
Crashing on iPad.
I tried to open an ods file it but it keeps crashing. Is that file not allowed?
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1 year ago, smiles748
don’t buy! Total rip-off!
Not worth a penny!
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2 years ago, JTK Awesome
Concerts TXT to RTF uncontrollably
As the title says. Major fail as there is no way to control this in the app.
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6 years ago, zugzwang
Good App, Extremely Limited Text Navigation
I like the app. it doesn't crash with large file, though the larger the file, the slower it gets. Lacks a way to move through the document, from top to bottom, bottom to top and in between. Where is the scroll tab?
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7 years ago, Dr Khalid
Specially for right to left languages
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7 years ago, Snotfiru
“Note Writer +” advertising
I don’t need to see “upgrade to” on every page. Very annoying and distracting. This app is not bad, works as it is supposed to.
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5 years ago, Mohammady7596
Old Design
Need better icon design and better in app design with more sample. App have large space try to lower MB.in app(on my iPhone) and other part, the top bar have large space, when scroll up page become better Thanks
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