Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (41.6K)
247.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tezza App LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor

4.77 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
2 years ago, aegirinereveuse
Still giving this app 5 stars because it’s still amazing, and I know that Tezza cares about the subscribers and everyone who uses it! I just wanted to flag that there are several bugs throughout the app: - 9th template under film black: when you do the 4x5 setting and download the image, it doesn’t download as it is shown. - 9th template under film white: the Polaroid behind the first Polaroid just remains blank. - 3rd template under sketch: the line for picture behind the first picture sits above the front picture. I think it’s supposed to look like one picture is behind the other picture. - 4th template under sketch: under the 4x5 setting, it’s forms a square but maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to be given the dimension change. Same with the last template under sketch. (Just flagging in case it’s not supposed to be like!) - in the regular photo editing area: after I edit a photo, it doesn’t always show the edits in the library. - sometimes the app crashes, but could be that I have too many pictures/videos in the library that I’ve edited. - not letting me connect to instagram. Tells me there’s an error. (I was connected before and none of my pictures were showing, so I logged out to log back in. But, this time there’s a problem logging in. I entered my password correctly.)
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1 year ago, Aconitum Columbianum
Good App- terrible output.
This app is very well featured and has a lot of controls and useful presets that can produce a very fine vintage look. However unfortunately it is also completely useless since the lack of control over output options means it only outputs a three megapixel file with unknown compression. I’m feeding the app 48 Megapixel Tiff files from my iPhone 14 Pro Max. With output that small there’s really no point in using this app- I can’t incorporate it into my workflow so now I have a subscription that sadly needs to be canceled. Another minor annoyance was not being able to use presets until I liked the company on Instagram- which did resolve itself when I purchased the pro bundle. However again for an app that charges a subscription I shouldn’t have to put up with such small output files and I don’t feel comfortable following a company and liking their IG even before I’ve been able to try the features. It’s clear this app is geared towards casual users that want a fast vintage look for Insta photos and not serious photographers. Too bad as it’s clear they actually put some real effort into the effects.
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11 months ago, quesoblancogirl
Glitchy and Unintuitive
I do like their edits, especially for photos shot on a higher end digital camera (honestly don’t like it for iPhone photos - these edits are best on high quality images), but the app is super glitchy. It constantly crashes when I’m in the middle of editing. I’ve edited photos I uploaded to the app and then a few days later wanted to re-edit, but at export it wouldn’t process because it said the source photo was gone. My only workaround was to reupload the original pictures, edit, and export immediately - this is very frustrating. I’ve been now recently trying out their Studio feature and it’s honestly not very intuitive to use and continues to be glitchy, having to constantly restart the app. I’d at least recommend Tezza page create lots of available tutorials on how to use their studio editing tools, but there’s very little useful content out there, and the app does nothing to explain the how to’s. Lastly I wish there was more customization built in to the Vibes special effects.
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2 months ago, Anon123456!!
I love this app! I use it every single day for work (retail/modeling purposes) and it’s been reliable. However, I’m not sure if there was an update or something, but recently the bugs are very apparent. 1. When I choose photos to import to Tezza from the camera or photos app on my iPhone, they simple do not appear on the app. I don’t like importing the photos in the Tezza app because it creates more steps, and the photos aren’t large enough on the screen to clearly see which I ones need. This was not the case four or so days ago. 2. The copy/paste settings are not intuitive. I have to select a photo previously edited, press copy, deselect the photo, select the photo(s) I need to paste the setting on, and then paste onto those. I used to be able to just select the new photos and press paste if I’ve already done it once that session. This is a small, but annoying issue. 3. The save setting is lacking. After doing all of these steps, I try to save the already selected, already edited photos, and the save button isn’t available. I have to deselect and then re-select the photos in order for “save” to be an option. I have tried troubleshooting by clearing out the entire gallery on my app, selecting one photo at a time, etc. but these issues are still happening. I understand these are small bugs, but they do disrupt my work/editing flow which I hate because I really have loved this app.
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3 years ago, pastabow
Best editing app - video works amazingly
I love the filters, there are so many diff ones for every occasion and I love that you can use them on videos too!!! I personally found the app very intuitive to use with copy and paste, but they made it even more obvious with actual words underneath the tool icons now. I also love the HSL and other adjustment settings - only thing to improve would be to allow lighting curves and better way to save videos in background bc that can take a while for longer videos. Overall, they are constantly improving the app (I remember when the videos saving didn’t have a timeilne showing how much had downloaded!) so def recommend. And of course you have to buy, the free version is more like a little test trial to see if you like how to work it.
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3 years ago, teachmissp24
Love it, but...!
I absolutely love this app & it’s my go-to for editing all my pictures & videos, but I think some additions would make it even more user friendly & helpful! I think an “undo” button would be essential! Also, it’d be nice to have a way to store and save different versions of all the filters you’ve curated. Sometimes you like certain filters with varied levels of brightness, contrast, etc. and want to be able to name/save them and have it in a queue that you can quickly access rather than sorting through your previously edited photos to see which version of the filter you want to apply to the new photo.
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1 month ago, livvxc
I never write reviews but I feel like I need to write one for this app. I loved using this app for its filters but then I used their camera. I wanted to use it to film footage from my cousin’s wedding and after reaching out to customer care about something else and was told to update my app - ALL MY FOOTAGE DISAPPEARED. I asked customer care for support and was extremely disappointed by their lack of empathy and communication. I don’t feel like they were concerned at all because I had to check in after hearing no update for a week and just got a response back basically saying they don’t know why that would’ve happened bc everything is fine on their testing environment . Nothing more. Capturing and saving memories is not something you should take lightly as an app especially when you have literally confirmed that content has been saved. I’m extremely frustrated and upset and definitely do not want to pay for this anymore.
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11 months ago, mgraceeeee
I LOVE Tezza App…but I’m starting to feel ripped off.
I have had a subscription to Tezza since the app was launched, and upgraded to the video subscription when that option launched as well. I have loved using the app and was also so excited to get pre-access to the Studio version of the app. I tried Studio and loved it, but when I tried to use it today, I got a notification that it would be +$4 to access it. As someone who already pays for video, I feel like this “upgrade” should be included in that price. Again, I love this app and will continue to use and subscribe, but I’m frustrated that a feature that includes most of the same features as the video subscription is an extra $4. I’m also frustrated that this was not disclosed to those of us who were in the test group!
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2 months ago, bswizzy22
So many bugs
I’ve used Tezza since it was first created and while it’s been a wonderful editing tool and truly a space to be creative, the bugs are never fixed with app updates. While I can appreciate new filters and tools, we *need* a functioning app! I am asked to restore my subscription constantly, 4x5 templates are glitching and do not load images properly like they do on the 9x16 templates, the app randomly cuts out and closes, the new edit button does not open the editing tools 7 times out of 10, it’s all just so frustrating. I shake my phone and send in a report when an issue arises but it’s been months with bugs and nothing has been fixed. Please please please listen to your reviews and take the time to fix the app glitches! So many creators rely on this app and pay monthly for it to work properly.
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2 years ago, mason eb
Great editing, but a few bugs.
I’ve been loving this app and recently had purchased the membership, letting me unlock a lot of filters, frames, etc. But when I tried to use the frame “softy”, though, it had not showed up once I finished editing it, and downloaded the image. It was one of the reasons that I’ve purchased the membership, so I’m a little upset about it. I know that Tezza is getting onto a lot of bugs, so hopefully if there are any Tezza workers reading this, you could get onto this one too! Besides that, it’s a great app with amazing filters, and other features. I’d give it 5 starts, but I’m doing 4 just because there has been a bug in my usage of the app. Otherwise, I recommend downloading this app, and even purchasing the membership! :)
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5 years ago, tezzafan
Great start... could be even better!
I love this app and love the addition of the video editing :) Just a few suggestions with the new feature is that it would nice to have an estimated time range for how long the video takes to download because some can greater than 10 minutes for longer clips and the screen can’t “sleep” or else progress will be lost. It would just be nice to know to gage how long it would take and plan for editing video clips. It also would be helpful to have the download time for longer clips be sped up, however am not sure that is controllable through the app. I love the filters and the whole app overall a lot and usually don’t post these but thought they would be good improvements! Thanks:)
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3 years ago, captainchanya
love the app but sometimes it crashes:/
Giving 5 stars because i love this app and the edits it has! it is my go to. the only down fall has been if i am downloading, even a 15 second video, sometimes it will crash. currently i am downloading a video and it just simply won’t download. i’ve deleted and redownloaded the app, exited out of the app, and restarted my phone several times. they just update so i’m assuming that could be why? all in all i highly recommend this app for editing. it is very easy to use and they have the cutest and most creative filters and frames. love the app!
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3 years ago, Murilo Bueno
I’d enjoy the app more if it worked
Since February I have only been able to use 3 or 4 filters. I usually have to do it manually (which I can do it in many different apps) I wanted to support a Utah local because that’s what we do. I have enjoyed the filters in the past and always use the app for my editing. Since February I haven’t had time to talk to a machine via email.. finally had the time and literally no help! I think you guys need a better team of people to take care of your customers so that our issues are taken care of. After all if I don’t pay I don’t play! But I’m paying and having no one help with an issue is frustrating. Hoping to have my issue resolved sooner than later!
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3 years ago, MissListerine
Don’t waste your money
This app has become useless. Whenever I make edits and save them the edits show up bright blue on my camera roll, I have a new iPhone and an updated app so I’m unsure why this continues to happen. I tried to reach out for a fix (which was difficult as there’s no support email that I could easily find), and after DMing them on Instagram all I got in response was a “we’ll forward this info to our team”. Since I’m a paying customer I feel like I should have been offered a refund as this bug has made my app completely unusable for months. I keep redownloading it to retry after awhile only to find nothing has been fixed, which is a huge bummer because I used to love this app... deleting for good and pretty upset I wasted my money for so long and wasn’t offered any real support or a money back.
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4 years ago, ChelsGC
Absolutely OBSESSED with this app. The filters are amazing and they are always adding new effects and filters! The copy and paste feature is my favorite and I love editing my videos with the same filters! Only bummer is that it takes up a lot of space if you don’t delete your photos in the app...hoping they can figure out a way to store to iCloud or automatically delete in the app if you save to your camera roll? Other than that, it’s perfect and they listen so much to their fans and make adjustments on the spot based on their user feedback. Go download this app ASAP, you will use it EVERY DAY 🙌🏼
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3 years ago, KAT8081
DISAPPOINTED FOR OVER A MONTH!! The only thing this app does WELL is collect their payment. The video exporting feature hasn’t worked for over a month (just sort the reviews by most recent to see how long this has been an issue). The app just crashes and video doesn’t download. I’ve emailed support and CRICKETS, yet they still deduct their payments. They’ve even disabled the ability to leave a review from the app which appears to be intentional. Do not pay to create content that you will not be able to download to your phone. I typically used this app for stop motion videos and IG story templates, but neither is working. I waited in hopes that it’ll be eventually resolved with an update and nothing. Until acknowledged and fixed - don’t waste your time/money. I do not recommend.
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2 years ago, Reggieolivia
Been great but not recently
I’ve always loved this app even only the few free filters are excellent and I love what it allows you to do editing wise. But recently I’ve been having some issues. Every photo of mine that I try to import it says something like “trouble loading, maybe the file is corrupted” and then it tells me to try again. I’ve tried this with multiple pictures dating back years. There’s no way that every single picture I have the file is now corrupted… Update: I realized it only starts to do this after I try to unlock the Cocoa filter by following them on Instagram. Before that it’s fine
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4 years ago, Cass9186
Not working
I love using the Tezza app it’s perfect for exactly what I’ve been looking for in my photos. I usually use it about every other day but right at this moment it’s no longer allowing me to access the other filters as it would normally allow me. I hope this is just a small issue that’s occurring but my next payment is coming up for this app and if it’s not fixed before the 26th I’ll have to cancel which is really sad :( I’ve already deleted and reinstalled the app and still no luck please someone help me with this!
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2 years ago, karlalun.a
Love this app, just wanted to give a couple suggestions that would make it that much better! The first one is to be able to change the date on the disposable filter so we can put the date the picture was taken. Second suggestion is to be able to place the subtitles anywhere on the picture instead of just the middle section. That second one’s not too big of a deal but it’d be great to be able to change the date on the disposable filter (:
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3 years ago, Bianca.Brito
Bittersweet - REIMBURSE US!!!
I love this app - but it’s a little frustrating that it’s never fully working…I pay $3.99 a month and kind of expect everything to work with no bugs whenever I use it but no, it’s either the app doesn’t fully load or I can’t save my edited photos/videos to my phone. What does Tezza team do when this happens to your customers? Do we receive a credit or refund because I’m trying to save pictures to my phone tonight and nothing is getting saved to my camera roll. I can’t even edit new pictures in the app. I double click on the picture and the edit screen is blank/blacked out. I hope this gets fixed soon or I will no longer be a paying customer.
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2 years ago, Hazel_Wilson
Love it.. but super Glitchy
I love the Tezza app. You can use it for stories, editing and to plan your feed… however you cannot trust the app. 9/10 when I download a story it doesn’t save properly and then I have to recreate the whole story again. There’s no opportunity to look back at old stories to save it again.. I have to remake it entirely. It’s happened twice now that I plan out my feed weeks in advance and then it glitches and makes my photos show up as whits boxes. I wish I could attach photos. It’s super irritating and I think I have to switch to something more dependable like UNUM which is a total shame because I love this app 😭
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4 years ago, cynang3l
This app changed my life!!!
I’ve been a huge fan of Tezza since before the app came out and I even considered buying her presets once, but alas they were a little too pricey for me. When her & Cole released the app I knew I HAD to get it! I’ve had it since the first release and haven’t used any other app to edit my photos since!!! I edit everything in this app, my photos and videos. And the price for the amount of premium filters and editing tools you get in this thing.... for photos and VIDEOS... DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Seriously, this app changed my life. THANK YOU TEZZA AND COLE!! ❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, sandywarchol
Not working
Normally, Tezza works perfectly but for the past week I have tried multiple times to go into the app and use it since I paid to unlock certain filters but I am prohibited from using any filters at all. When I go into the app, there is a just a picture of a model with the words “the art of life” and it does not go away. It has no option to click out of it and it is super annoying since I use this app for almost all of my pictures. Please fix this or if it’s just a glitch in my phone, I would like some feedback as to why this is happening and how to fix it.
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3 months ago, someoneyoumightknowmaybe
I absolutely love this app
I think in my entire life i’ve only ever written like one review for an app, but tezza is absolutely amazing. I love photography and everything photography but im terrible as using apps like lightroom because i find it too complicated and my photos never come out just right when editing, so i like to use presets but when i started using tezza my photos have absolutely never looked more amazing. Even with the few filters that are free there’s still more than enough to get the photo just right for you, no watermark or anything, it’s an amazing app.
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5 months ago, Julie.Rome
Studio needs tons of improvements
I really love the filters on this app. However, the studio feature has been quite buggy. I encounter issues like the app closing on its own, slow video editing, and difficulties uploading, selecting, cutting, and moving without problems. Even after deleting and reinstalling the app, the issues persist. These challenges are specific to the studio aspect of the app. It’s disheartening to notice consistent feedback on this matter in the reviews without a response from the Tezza team. I’d like to suggest considering including the studio feature in the regular subscription until its usability significantly improves, rather than as an extra charge.
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3 years ago, Marlyn L. M
Great app, crashes a lot
Love the app and filters, I pay for the extra filters as they’re beautiful. The crashing (opening, getting stuck on selecting album and then closing out) has been happening since I got the app but it’s worse now. I rarely leave reviews for apps but this one was just annoying because I couldn’t edit photos in time for something I needed in a timely matter because of it constantly crashing. Would rate it a 5 other than that! :)
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6 years ago, PLEASE BRUHh
Great presets... app just needs some updates
First of all — the presets are amazing!! I will gladly pay $2 a month for the rest of my life to use them. The only things that I very much appreciate, and would love to see updated are: 1. The sliders to adjust the intensity of the edits are barely even touch sensitive and takes up to 20 seconds to even move them a tiny bit, I can never seem to get it to the exact desired number. 2. The exposure edit seems to lower the contrast a lot — not a big problem, but could be fixable to avoid having to go back and add more contrast every time I brighten up a photo. 3. Would love to have a library within the app so that I can go back and edit previous photos, as well as copy and paste edits to multiple batches of photos so that I don’t need to edit each of them one by one, which as a photographer could take hours (especially with the glitchy/slow moving speed of all the sliders.) Other than those minor tweaks, I completely love using the app and always will!(:
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2 months ago, Cduaice
Tezza has a clear violation of Apple's App Store privacy guidelines as well as individual privacy law violations as they have denied access to the apps primary function, saving a single edited photo, to all users that have opted not to share the entirety of their photos—when the app could 100% reasonably function where the user has only granted partial photo access. Tezza is refusing to let paying users download the photos they have edited through their app unless you grant them full access to all of your photos. This is a privacy law violation and not needed. See other high performing photo editing apps for example: Airbrush, Phlow, etc., in these apps, users do not have to give access to all photos to use the app.
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2 years ago, Madisonalane
Love the Features
Love love love the features of the app and how easy to use it is, but mine crashes literally between every single photo I edit/ project I create with the template. Literally every single time. It makes it so much more time consuming to get my content created (bc I use this mainly for business use) when it kicks me out halfway through a project and I have to re-open and restart every time. But the features itself, If it would stop crashing, are awesome and relevant!
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2 years ago, Amelia Wonderer
Love the app, just needs some debugging
I absolutely love this app and have been subscribed for a while already. Lately some features stopped working altogether, hence the four-star rating. Writing here in hopes of it being fixed. My app is updated, so that shouldn’t be a problem. - when picture is added to “feed” the edit disappears, displaying the original picture. - instagram pictures don’t show up in feed. Tried deleting and downloading the app, didn’t help.
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4 years ago, KellieCage
subscription not working :(
I love this app so much. I paid for a yearly subscription back in April and have been using this app all the time since then. for some reason today it’s telling me I don’t have the subscription but when i try to purchase it says I already have it until April 2021. please fix this :(( **UPDATE** they’re working hard to fix the bug issue and i don’t want them to lose a star as a result 😹 the app the 10/10 when working properly. Thank you Cole & Tezza for communicating to get the issue fixed.
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4 years ago, @sodowntown
The BEST editing App I’ve ever used
The Tezza team sure knows what they are doing.... this is the 👏best👏editing👏app👏 I’ve ever used. Period. I only wish I came across it sooner!!!! I just launched my blog and am so beyond satisfi— THRILLED with the functionality of the App, the presets, and the capability of the App to produce stunning content. If you are launching any sort of blog like me (@sodowntown shameless plug) or just trying to spice up your own insta or social media this is a must have... you can tell this App is made by creators for creators everywhere!!!!
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10 months ago, Sayba123
Absolute favorite editing app, just a few bugs please help
Obsessed with this app. I wanted to let Tezza know that there’s issues with the video studio. My app keeps shutting down when I crop a video. It also shuts down when I try to save a video. I hope this gets fixed! Pay extra for video shop and I can’t use it because it always shuts down. I tried restarting app and starting new projects and it still shuts down.
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3 years ago, THEradAsian
Glitches in saving
Overall, I LOVE this app. It provides so many options all within one app! Gone are the days of having an app for every little detail. My only issue is that I currently cannot save videos since the most recent update. I’ve had this issue in the past, deleting and redownloading fixed it, but I really don’t want to lose all of my images. I also don’t like the feature to create stories. I find it difficult to use and I always accidentally delete my template without meaning to.
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4 years ago, melanusky
So I bought the filters and I was using them and they are amazing! But now I’m not able to use them because they say I need to “subscribe” again... So I checked in my subscriptions and it say that I’m good until June 18th!!!! So I bought this for no reason! It’s ridiculous. So I’m giving it 1 star, I paid for it and now I can’t use it. Horrible app Update: they told me I have to the software update... I did so. I have the latest update. But yet when I want to restore my subscription it says “An Issue occurred while attempting to process your subscription. Please try again.” I deleted the app and downloaded it again. SAME PROBLEM! These people are either scammers or they really need to fix this problem. But PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY FOR TEMPORARY FILTERS.
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8 months ago, SeaNat206
Great app, needs some bug fixes
iOS 16.6.1 Beautiful app, easy to use. However, I’ve noticed recently that the adjustments I make in the iPhone photos app do not transfer to the Tezza app. I’ve had to save the pre-edited ones separately in my photoshop app in order to create a new photo to use in Tezza for it to pick up those edits. I like to adjust the highlights and shadows in the Photos app itself before I go in and edit in Tezza, and would love if a new update made it possible to transfer those edits to your app.
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2 months ago, DoxiePrincess
Life changing
This is the camera app of my dreams…absolutely amazing. I have been wanting to find a camera with this vintage feel to it because my parents used to make home videos starting from when they got married throughout my entire childhood. It’s such a nostalgic feel that I couldn’t explain but Tezza quite literally created exactly what I wanted. I’m so so excited to start creating and posting content using this! 🫶🏻
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1 year ago, beck_writes
quality has gone down
I used to love this app and happily paid the monthly fee for it, the glow filter was my favorite. but recently all the filters have done is wash out colors and make any direct light in videos look completely over-exposed. the exact same videos that looked soft and glowy with the glow filter, now just look harsh and washed out when I try to use the same filter, even on the lowest setting. I’ve tried to turn down brightness and exposure, messed with every setting I can think of on my phone, and even tried on my husband’s phone since it’s a different brand, but nothing helps. I’m thinking of canceling my subscription and going without.
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4 years ago, aromero16
Problem Exporting Videos
I LOVE this app! It’s one of my go to’s if I need just a quick edit. I pay for the subscription, I love the new constant updates/ new content. However, I haven’t been able to export a video in at least 2 weeks. It gets up to like 93% done then it either crashes or it just freezes there. I’m not sure if it is just me this is happening to — but it is incredibly inconvenient seeing as this is my go to for video editing. Aside from this issue the app is great and I definitely would encourage everyone to get it.
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4 years ago, Zonogues
Help me please
I need help getting this to work. This app is awesome. I love it. I want to be able to use it but my subscription isn’t working properly. It says I need to subscribe to use the things I want to use, but I am subscribed for it all. I have cancelled my subscription and re-subscribed. That didn’t work. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. That didn’t work. I have gone online to try and reach out for support and there’s nothing. I don’t know what else to do to get it to work. HEELLPPP 🙏🏼
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2 years ago, faithygray
I literally cant save pics i have edited for days cause of constant crashing- i have reached out to their team several times- and they simply don’t respond. I honestly am very frustrated… the app is amazing and i love the filters- but the crashing ruins it. it would honestly be a simple fix if they got together and had a sit down meeting and invested more money into how much the app can handle… but clearly they don’t care. They do not even respond to their support lines which to me says that they don’t really care ab their customers- just the customers money. very unhappy and i would give 0 stars if i could. for 6$ a month that intense of a bug is EMBARRASSING.
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5 years ago, ___bbem
Cute presets, glitchy app
Been using this app for a few weeks, the presets are cute. But the video editing has never worked for me- I can edit the videos just fine but not a single one will save. Really frustrating because that’s primarily why I downloaded it! So now I have a bunch of videos loaded onto the app (which obviously I pay for) and I can’t even get the finished product into my camera roll for use. I always get an error message.
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4 years ago, Dfsupalnd13
App issues
So I was absolutely loving the filters, and i decided to pay for a monthly subscription for the photos and videos. I am totally up to date on my payments but all of a sudden the app keeps asking me to subscribe and will not let me use any filters on my videos. I just paid another payment of 3.99 last week, and I can’t access the filters I paid for. It’s honestly frustrating because I got charged for something I can’t even use. I’ve deleted the app, I’ve tried to resubscribe, and nothing it working or fixing the issue. I absolutely love the filters so that’s why it’s so bothersome to me. Maybe someone can help!
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2 months ago, Loganrae12
Constantly kicked out
The app is rad and I’m sad to finally unsubscribe because it does such great things for photos but I have to find an app that isn’t constantly making me restore my subscription. I spent a few hours this last time attempting to restore it and it never would work and I finally realized that it just isn’t worth it. Probably three times a month I spend an evening trying to get back into my account. Maybe I’ll be back when it’s less buggy! Right now it’s just a source of frustration.
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2 years ago, loonkiepoonkie
Love the app but it never works:(
I’m obsessed with Tezza and I pay for the app. I just hate that it almost never works. It I try to open a photo to edit, it freezes and shuts down at least three times before it decides to work. It also shuts down randomly while I’m using it. I don’t remember NOT having this problem. I always hope the updates will fix the problem but they never do :( praying it gets fixed one day because aside from these “bugs” or whatever causes this to happen, it’s an amazing app!!
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3 years ago, lavenderlue
i’m familiar with a handful of editing apps, but none have quite lived up to the hype as the tezza app. it’s convenient to use & the premium features are available at a low price which is nice for broke college students who enjoy cute pictures. i rly love the vintage vibe from all the video edits & the variety of film templates. i have had a lil issue with the app crashing after trying to save edited videos, so i reached out to the creator & got a response right away. it has only happened when i’ve tried to edit a video with the stop motion, but i’m honestly just so impressed by the kindness & concern i received. the app constantly goes through updates to fix bugs & i have faith the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible :)
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1 year ago, iq2
it’s fleeceware. it won’t outright steal your data, but it’s shady and will trick you out of money. lures you in with a free trial, has hidden costs, hard to unsubscribe, might even charge you after you remove it. the good reviews are not genuine. the good reviews either bought (ie, fake) or old. free trial period that comes with hidden costs. They may charge users multiple times or charge a higher amount at checkout. On top of that, once the users are subscribed, it's very tough to unsubscribe from their services, and hence they continue billing even after being uninstalled. Also, they claim that the app has been recommended by Apple, however, it's not. How to identify these fleecewear? The first tell-tale sign is they are mostly entertainment apps such as virtual musical tools or utilities like flashlights and calculator or fortune-telling apps, photo or video filters or editors, volume boosters, quiz-based games, or wallpapers. Secondly, there is a flood of paid 5-star reviews posted with bogus reviewer names.
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2 years ago, Halehalekalewale
Love the edits but…
The reason I downloaded this app was to utilize the video editing feature. Recently I edited a video in the app with a very minor filter effect and when I uploaded that saved video as a reel on Instagram the video looked spotty and kept glitching out. I thought it was my phone so I restarted it-nope. I thought ok, maybe I’ll try and upload my original video without edits to see if it’s just Instagram acting up-nope, uploaded fine. I tried this multiple times and it glitched out every time. Bummer because I did like the edits on the app!
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3 years ago, LB.Ruiz
Issues with the video quality
Love this app and have always used it to edit both my pictures and videos but as of lately I cannot use any of the edited videos because the quality is just terrible. I try to paste the same filter on to both pics and vids and the videos just don’t come out the same as it used to. Please help! I am paying for this subscription and it’s a bummer that it’s not working how it used to. Yes I’ve already deleted the app and reinstalling it but nothing happens.
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2 years ago, Kkgreenie
Simple Glitch Fix?
Hello! I do hair. I love using the Cocoa filter for my Instagram photos to make all my pictures look uniform without changing the colors too much. However I have come across an issue that makes me unable to use the app. I import a picture to edit, and then when I choose a filter the photo becomes pixelated and decreases the quality incredibly. For someone who does hair, it granulates the photos of hair and turns it into pixels and I can’t post that to my profile. Please fix this, because I love the filters!
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