TFT: Teamfight Tactics

4.5 (58K)
130.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Riot Games
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TFT: Teamfight Tactics

4.47 out of 5
58K Ratings
4 years ago, Leon Nickname
App 5 Stars, Game 4 Stars
As far as the app is concerned, I’ve had no problems running the game. It’s crashed twice but I was able to reconnect within several seconds and get back in the game. The UI is wonderfully done for mobile. The only thing I’d like to see is a toggle to turn off “champion dmg” auto appearing after every round as on mobile it takes up 1/3 to 1/2 the screen. Now onto the game, it’s fun. That’s it for me: it’s fun. There’s a lot of randomness to the game but also strategy. A game starts with 8 players, and each player buys units from a shared pool. As each player levels up, their odds of finding “better” and “stronger” units increases. The strategy involved is about scouting other players and building a strong composition that are uncontested to get the greatest odds of the champs you want showing up in your shop. Getting 1-4 place is considered a “win”. It’s a fun game. Some people are addicted to it but the constant “rebalancing” patches put me off from the game. I don’t like relearning everything each week. The game is entirely free to play with only cosmetics being purchaseable. A solid game, that for me personally, is a good time waster when I’m out, but I have better things to play when at home.
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4 years ago, Rarachelle
Invest in Balance and Stability, not Aesthetics
Something that Riot has continually had issues with is making sure their games are balanced and stable, and ignoring those for making it pretty instead. Please for the love of god just balance the game and squash bugs. I play consistently on mobile and pc and while the bugs don’t always make me want to stop playing, the bugs plus the lack of balance really just makes it unfun. There’s the issue with trap claw where sometimes your champ will get stunned while wearing it, and the lag in the store making you either lose a roll or do too many. Also it would be cool if reconnecting to the game didn’t make the visuals different. It’s not game changing but it is annoying to be on mobile and there be visual discrepancies because the connection isn’t as stable. That’s been a problem since beta, and while items don’t turn into abyssal masks anymore, it’s still annoying. I think maybe the patches should be less frequent for the team to really be able to test new stuff on the PBE, because right now at the rate they’re being pumped out it feels as if not enough work is being put into insuring balance and FUN. This patch is more RNG/highroll based than most which tends to make it less enjoyable. Hopefully I have brought some ideas to the table and you listen, though to be honest I do not trust this company to have the players best interests at heart lol.
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4 years ago, Spancer j
I love this game for mobile
This game works very well in the mobile format. Even when you need to answer a text you can leave the app and come back to the game immediately. The only hiccup is if you take to long it has to log you back in but it doesn’t disconnect you from the match and you keep playing. I’m glad the challenge system works now and you can make your seasonal pass xp on mobile. I do however find a lack of stuff to do when I completed my season pass. I don’t really have anything to strive for so I’m at a loss after playing for probably 3 weeks straight. It’s not a bad thing, but I would like to also like more things to do on mobile. I don’t usually ever play ranked in riot games but I’m really enjoying tft since it came to mobile and Ranked is something to go for now that I know where to access it on mobile too. It’s tough for me to play computer because I haven’t put a WiFi card in so it’s a lot of setup in the living room to play but my phone works perfectly well. The new patch recently released and they made the modes more noticeable and I actually wrote a review during the prior version incorrectly saying I wanted ranked play and it was probably in the game the whole time. Whoops. Anyways, I love the app and you should probably try it if you like to win or just the battle royal or free for all type games since it’s free. Get it!
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2 years ago, JaysSoFresh
Mobile needs work…
I am a longtime fan of RiotGames, and I have to say that I’ve played most of their games. My favorite of those games being Teamfight Tactics which is why I’m taking time out of my busy day to raise my voice for this amazing game. This game is so huge for PC gamers but I feel as though the mobile community is left out. I do not have a computer so I mainly play on my iPhone or iPad Pro and I’ve noticed that the game is just so inconvenient on these devices. Whenever I want to play and listen to music on another app, the teamfight tactics app blocks off most of the “volume” on the music and dulls the sound. Same for the iPad. And the iPad is another horror story altogether! How can you make this game mobile and not make it full screen capable for the iPad? I hate have two giant black bars covering most of my screen when it has the capacity to play other games in amazing quality. I feel as though the PC community gets most of the love since of course that’s where most of the revenue comes from, but your company has loyal fans on the mobile side as well that want similar if not the same treatment. Hopefully this reaches Riot and some of these MINOR fixes can be done. Then I will happily leave a 5-Star review. Until then I can only sadly say that besides the game being super fun, the comfort and quality of the game on mobile are C-Tier.
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4 years ago, Poptartian22
It’s alright
I’m not sure if I’m just blind and not seeing the enemies having a sword breaker equipped, but 99% of the time I’m noticing my champions randomly being hit by a sword breaker the enemy team has none at all, nor any cc items. Happens a lot within blademaster/attack speed comps. Kinda makes the game really irritating to play when you know you could have beat another players team but you’re randomly stunned and all you can do is watch your team die. Other than that, the game itself is alright. Rng clearly likes some more so than others. I’ve had my share of good luck and then also some really terrible luck too. Don’t know how there’s even a ranked option for a game based on luck like that. You typically see the same exact comps every match(usually even right down to items) and it just gets boring after a while 🤷‍♀️ oh no, another blitz/ez/cait/Malphite and some variation of chrono, they’re in the top 3? Or jhin/Ashe/karma and some variant of celestial/dark star. They’re in the top 3 too? Who could have guessed. TLDR; the game itself runs smoothly, but it gets old really fast when you see the same exact “top” comps every game, and if you do decide to try something different that’s been left uncontested you lose anyways because at least 3 players have one of those two comps mentioned that are incredibly strong, or you lose because there are apparently random sword breaker auto mechanics I am not aware of somehow.
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4 years ago, askforem
It’s good just has a couple down sides
Overall the mobile app is really great and sometimes I prefer it to playing on PC. The only problems I’d say I’ve had are that at times the noise randomly will zero out between games which isn’t a big deal but it bothers me a bit when the game is completely silent. The main problem I’ve had with the app is after certain rounds with drops the item that was dropped will get equipped to a random unit which is problematic when that unit doesn’t need the item (especially if it’s already a 2-3 star unit) I don’t know if that’s happened to anyone else but it’s happened to me twice after the Kayn stage with a full item. Apart from those two things the app is great, I love that I can see what items I have from my inventory and am able to see that during carousel and how clean the set up is and easy to use everything is. It’s not overly cluttered as I initially expected it to be so I’m pretty happy with the app all things considered !! I think the only thing I’d like added but isnt at all necessary is being able to see chat in the app as well :)
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1 year ago, Master P C
Game is Broken
This game cannot be played on my 3rd generation iPad Pro with iOS 16.5. First of all, I had to try three different birthdates to create a “valid account,” which was a minor annoyance (the year wheel scrolls all the way to the year 1, by the way). The EULA comes next, and you have about half an inch of screen space to read this document, which is extremely long. Devs, I can guarantee you that no player of this game has ever read even half of that, but you’re forcing everyone to agree that they read and understood it before they can even try the game out. Don’t make people lie. Once I got to the main menu, I saw that the game wasn’t made for screens as large as an iPad. It plays in a tiny, phone-sized window in the middle of the iPad screen. I can let that stuff go if the game is playable. However, I couldn’t even get into the tutorial. There’s a box that comes up that says “Play Tutorial?” with a checkbox for ‘X’ or ‘check.’ I tried both options multiple times, but it just stayed on the main menu. I tried all the other play modes and got weird, unintelligible errors that included the words ‘name_change.’ I tried everything, Devs, and couldn’t play the game at all. Fix your game, people. I was ready to sink a whole rainy Saturday morning into playing it, but now I’m writing this review instead.
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2 years ago, Disgruntledgoldfish
Fun game, need for balancing makes it not
This is a pretty fun game and as a long time consumer of Riot game’s services I can say this one of the more enjoyable games now that I understand how to play. That is, as long as you start out as top of the lobby…. Just as Riot has a history of doing, they sacrifice balance and variety for wow factor. It’s a very tough game to get in to as a beginner to start with, but even once you figure it out, your chances of “victory” are slim. I see why top four are considered winners, because the difference between first and fourth is massive, let alone first and last. The fact that either every high tier team comp is contested or one player does so well (due to a combination of luck and skill) that there just isn’t a chance for anyone to knock the king off his pedestal, is what makes this game so unfun to me. Out of the 65+ games I’ve played so far, only 3 have felt like everyone in the lobby had equal chance of winning. Either more variety needs to be added to this game so that more team comps are possible or there needs to be more of each champ available in the community pool or bring down the top tier comps down to realistic standards so everyone can feel good about playing this game. For these reasons I’ve given my one star and I just simply have better more balanced games to play in my free time.
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2 years ago, Max08641
Don’t Trust A Review Complaining About Balance
I’ve played this game since its inception and continually find myself coming back to it. New sets every few months keep this game fun and fresh. Albeit some sets were awful, mainly the second and third, but the last few have been as fun as the first. Easy to pick up, incredibly difficult to master, and loads of entertainment to be had. It should be noted that Riot has, and always will, be focused on a patch system to create an ever evolving game. I’ve read reviews complaining about the game changing week to week so they can’t keep up, but that’s exactly what Riot’s philosophy is for their games. They do it in League, they now do it in LoR, so duh they’re going to for TFT as well. I see some people complain about certain units being way too strong or unbalanced, but as someone who has hit the Plat rank in multiple seasons, I firmly believe those comments are made by players who don’t understand the economy of the game, or are just bad at it (I said what I said). I play the game on both mobile and PC.
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4 years ago, d0000d
Great game and impressive mobile port
As someone who played on pc in set 1, I returned in set 3 for the convenience of playing on mobile. The game was actually way more polished than I expected at launch and they've listened to feedback to further improve it. They put out many quality of life updates for mobile each patch (it has its own section at the bottom of each patch notes). I wasn't sure how they were going to get all the functionality of the pc game onto such a small screen with touch controls, but I was actually very happy with the user interface. Even the higher apm moments (rerolling a lot once, repositioning, making items, pivoting comps etc.) were quite smooth. It might take a bit to get used to but so did playing on pc when I first started. The ONLY thing I would say that could be improved is that there is no chat. I understand not having chat in game (no space on the screen) but I also can't chat with anybody on my friends list (even out of game). I understand that's probably a pretty big chunk of development effort though.
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4 years ago, somedōod
Fun game but actual app needs improvement
Ever since tft was released on the pc I have always found this game fun and entertaining, and when it came on the AppStore I was a bit doubtful on its performance. However, surprisingly it worked as smoothly as the pc version and retained the same sort of entertainment which was wonderful. But I couldn’t help notice that some features on the phone where being neglected and wouldn’t work at all. For example, on the friends list it does not show the correct icons of the little legends selected, missions don’t complete right away once done, and exiting queue to look at the home page will only cancel queue making the arrow button useless. There are many other “petty” things that I could list but, I feel for a new player these small things could be confusing and frustrating. That said I think riot should improve the app more to be player friendly and less buggy and “incomplete “.
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2 years ago, L0RDJESUS
Great game, current set(7.0) kinda blows
I have been playing for many sets and have loved it. The game is amazingly well designed and the team working on it is the most transparent and active developer team I have ever seen or heard of. And yet, never before have I hated the game so much as I have this set. It feels like every patch so far for this current there is always some hyper contested comp that is significantly better than others, even after the hotfixes which feel like they occur every patch. Astral and dragons are interesting mechanics but are simply unbalanceable. Mages being balanced around CC canceling their casts is one of the dumbest things i have ever witnessed in terms of balance. I peaked GM 600 ish LP earlier on in 6.5 before decaying but I genuinely just can’t find the motivation to push for even GM this set after 50 games to get to masters, when I had initially planned to push for challenger, as every game feels as if it is either highroll, snoozefest or 8th.
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3 years ago, blazing805
Well done riot game, fan of the original lol and this allows portable fun
I want just review how this game is great. 1. Simple fun and easy play 2. Anyone who wants a feel for the moba game it allows such,best (if also disabled (physical or mental) and limited to abilities of working the champs on regular lol moba...(since I know few through working with disabled people)and myself autistic I have fine motor skills limited, so controlling a character/champ is at times frustrating to play within in the moba) So I don’t want make too lengthy of a review, just honestly felt I would give the positive impression of this version of gaming. Also how it is great to have a strong fun strategy game that challenges without too challenging of as said control play. Also it runs great portable on the phone and tablet, so I’m really loving this game a lot and loving the fact it’s in lol setting, which I started since lol first started out their game years back.
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4 years ago, a_person0129874653
Update: The app has stopped crashing mid-match for me, which has improved my experience so much. Not sure if the app or my device needed an update. I do still wish that the matches didn’t take so long and that there were more rewards for those of us who aren’t paying for the pass. - I really like this game and enjoy being able to play on mobile as I can’t always be at my PC. I’m also newish to League so this game is helping me a lot with learning who all the champs are and what they do. However, the app crashes a lot when I’m in the middle of a match, which makes it really difficult to actually win since it takes a while to reload and often causes me to miss rounds. My device is pretty new so I don’t understand why this is happening. If it doesn’t stop crashing I will probably have to give up and go back to PC. Not ideal since then I wouldn’t be able to play as often :(
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4 years ago, Shigeyudz90
Works really well on mobile, with improvements needed
First of all, REALLY ENJOY set 3 TFT both on desktop and mobile. Great work by the dev to make the mobile happen. The experience on mobile is still great, comparable to desktop. My two cents as someone playing in South East Asia Region, and playing multiple auto battle genre : - HARD TO START. Hard to invite friends to play this game on mobile. I played on desktop, I played league of legends, and have great understanding of the champions, so the mobile version is easy for me to pickup. But my friends who never touched LOL or TFT before find it hard to get on board. One big factor is lack of in-app library/information. - LIBRARY needed. Following up previous point, we need in-app library so people can easily read champion stats, skills, items, and plan before hand what team comp they want to try. - IN-GAME LINE UP OVERVIEW. Scouting is really important aspect in auto-battler. In desktop, with mouse and keybord is easy to switch between all players to scout. But on mobile, just like most other auto-battler, we need the ability to at least have the overview of everyone’s lineup. Scouting individually still great if we wanna see any particular opponent, for positioning and itemization. Hope this can be a good persepctive and feedback to bring the game more mobile friendly.
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2 years ago, Kyle Kenneth
Has a way to go
This fits super well for the mobile platform. I jokingly say to my friends I don’t like TFT because it seems silly to sit at my pc and play an autochess, but once i tried it out again on my iPad, taking it places makes it much more enjoyable and more likely for me to play it that way. That being said, it’s HORRENDOUS that there is no native ipad support?? What is riot doing this seems to have been a problem for years but this game just does not take full advantage of my new 2021 ipad screen, extremely disappointing. Game also just needs more fine tuning, better incentives and quests/events, etc. needs to still find its footing but it’s definitely a good starting few years for this game. I fear riot might abandon TFT in favor of all their new plans, or at least not put as much effort into it as people are hoping. Seeing that this was one of their first non-directly League games, not sure what they have in store for it
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1 year ago, F1nal9
Good Game Could Be Better
I am living in China and I don’t like Tencent’s Jinchanchan so I opt to play the original TFT even went through great length via VPN. I have been playing team fight tactics for over three years now it’s a very good pass time for me sometimes even too good of one that I found myself spending two hours each day after work just to play this game. The application itself was good but it could use some upgrade especially its adaptation to cell phone with smaller screens. I don’t like the constant patch updates as it was mentioned in a lot of the reviews it is a lot of time needed to learn and relearn the game for each patch updates. also, I think the visual for some of the units/the champions and not as good and the exciting as I imagined and the hoped. it would be better if the continuation between this game and the LoL universe can be imagined in a bolder manner.
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9 months ago, Danny2422
Based game
THE best autochess game to play. Not only does it have stunning visuals and fresh gameplay almost every two weeks, they are going to start doing three huge set updates every year keeping the game fresh every four months. They have the option to play casually (the normal game for ~40 minutes), a ranked mode, and hyper roll (~15 minute game) if you want something faster. This game is completely free to play as well with only cosmetics being what you pay for. You get so much value from just one game you sometimes feel like you can totally splurge on a cosmetic or two so you can support the game too. If you want to get into the autochess genre or you like rouglike games, this game is for you because with portals, changing comps, items, and augments, every game is going to be different and very fun.
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4 years ago, TimToGetSchwifty
Fun mini game mode! Brings a PC classic to mobile. With some minor issues...
While not the real “League of Legends” game, this game mode is fun, addictive and cute. This app ports the PC version of the game mode almost perfectly. There refreshes to the themes and characters every few months. It is a little tough to learn new abilities and combos, but does add some freshness and dynamic to the game. This game is a almost perfect port of the PC version. Minor phone issues like scaling text in the loading screen, health bars being blocked at the very top of the board are probably the worst examples. Because the the port is so close to the original, some bugs seems to effect both PC and this app. Such as invisible opponent pets in battle. 1 issue I seems to have is I like to see my current income breakdown, but cannot seem to find this information using iPhone X while playing.
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5 months ago, SebakunoJizuuru
Love the game. Annoyed by lack of features
I absolutely love this game. I love the gameplay 10/10 no complaints. But I wish there was an option to sort and filter our Little Legends, Booms and Arenas by owned and unowned and maybe some other options. As someone who spends money on it and likes to collect and upgrade Little Legends, it would make my life easier not having to scroll so much and making it easy to remember and see what I own. I wish there was also a button for all of them in the main page instead of me having to click into starting a game just to look through them. It would also be cool if there was a preview page of what your legend, boom and arena would look like together. I just want everything to be harmonious and seamless together. Have my money Rito just make my life easier please. 🙏🏼
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4 years ago, Oblivertator
Great game. But missing some things
I have played TFT long before the app came out. The game is great and I feel that it does have room to improve and become better but that’s not why this is 4/5. I personally feel it is missing some sort of index guide to the game modes or champions you can pick up throughout the game that would assist in playing the game to especially anyone who is new or when the game modes change or even the classes and races format changes to something else entirely. There needs to be some sort of in game guide to show you what the different champions do, their class and race combinations and a guide to the current game modes. This would make the entire game a little more self explanatory and would actually make this already great game extremely user friendly. Even more than they did when turning it into a mobile game.
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4 years ago, bigturttle12445
Game play
Overall I love the game that it’s on mobile I’ve took a break from league rank and this is a great transition but my flaws is within the design of the game play it self you have a lot of option to build within but none of them are useful except 1 or 2 builds usually brawlers or blade masters but even with that u have a few champs that are overly powerful and a few who should be buffed 5!cost champs should be the strongest meaning without a lvl 2 version should still be effective but doesn’t feel that way Kayla even at lvl 1 with 1 or 2 items is problematic I would like to see the game more balanced and me to be able to build any decent formatting structure of champs and have a chance to win it all no one builds mystic no one builds infiltrator even the decent builds like rebels or star galaxies only get you so far until you run into a Kayla team or your sitting waiting for items to make it worth while work on it pls
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4 years ago, Xievier
Most recent patch.
The newest patch made the game really boring. It went from 5 viable different builds to two. Those builds share champions. The game no longer has the options it did. It’s just a fight for those champions. It’s now has a much higher luck component. Terrible balancing. The changes to the champs feel more like someone throwing darts to decide how to buff or nerf. The balance team makes sweeping changes every week. Instead of small changes to one or two components. They increased the percentages of getting common champions to make them more viable. When that worked and people started using those champions they nerfed the common champions so people would stop using them. I have no idea what the goal is. They change their mind every week. They nerfed all viable build simultaneously while buffing underused champions. Those champions were underused because they nerfed them. I don’t think they play test changes. They must just look at a chart of data showing win percentages and randomly nerf champions and items used in those builds.
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2 years ago, 9900008989
Former challenger opinions on game/mobile
I hit challenger set 4.5 to 5.5 and occasionally smurf on mobile. On the game: the developers actually listen to the community and patch the game every couple of weeks for balance and to mix things up unless there’s something outrageously broken. This is both great and bad. If you’re looking to climb consistently to the highest level, it means you have to pay attention to these balance changes as they can greatly shift the meta. It’s nice that things are changed up often as to keep the game from feeling stale. Also know that this game has high variance as it is rng based and sometimes it feels really bad if you don’t have luck on your side. Thoughts on mobile: it plays well on mobile. Honestly, my biggest gripes is that pc has way more advantages. It’s easier for them to swap their board around quickly, it’s much easier to scout opponents boards and item components, pivot to new boards using hot keys to sell and buy xp, and it’s much easier for them to cheese with items like zephyr/shroud using hot keys. Overall, I like mobile but I wouldn’t expect to climb super high since it’s a lot harder to do things as quickly as the pc players. Mobile is just for fun
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4 years ago, helena mariee
Lots of issues to fix
I like the idea of this game and I think it would be better if a few things were fixed. First of all every 2 weeks they are nerfing and buffing champions so you always have to re learn comps/champions. Also I have noticed people have been putting all 5 tier champions in end game and literally will have like 1 of each and basically they end up wining the game and the comp they were doing goes out the window. They really need to fix that because what’s the point of a comp if at the end you can put all top champions in there and win?! Please fix this as it is very frustrating and is making me lose interest in the game. Also if one player gets a “chosen” they shouldn’t allow another player to get the same “chosen” as well because then it’s very limited when someone else has the same chosen champion /comp as you. Please fix these errors and make the game fair!
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4 years ago, Coolbeans6000
Love the game riot
Thanks for this great game. Aye i cant wait to be able to play the actual league on my phone. Would be fun. Be able to rank up in bed lol. But putting aside the laughs. Ive had fun playing the game. I enjoy the teams. Do you think you could possibly add more champs to the game? Maybe new ablities? And possibly a upgrading system? Well maybe not upgrading system. But a currency? Id love to be able to buy pet capsuls. See what i get. I would like to have my share of fun with a few ideas to make the game more enjoyable. Maybe a sandbox mode also try to see what works and what doesnt, cpu mode. Would it be possible that we could upgrade units? Like be able to power them up? That would be a nice addition. But anyway. Thanks for the game. Wanted to have a opinion and possibly ideas for the game. 🤔🤔😄😆
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4 years ago, TheAlmightySoulDragon
5 Stars with a Con
I flipping love this game! Now that it’s been on mobile and can play whenever I have down time, wherever! The game runs well on my I phone XR and you can tell by how smooth everything runs that riot put a lot of time and effort into TFT mobile. My only issue with the game is that items don’t always go onto your champion first try. It takes me sometimes two time to get the item on and this happens about 40% of the time I would say. When this happens the mistake of putting an item on the wrong champion is higher because it will slightly glitch and this issue can ruin a whole composition and sometimes throw the top four for you. Other then this noticeable glitch TFT runs great and fast and I cannot wait for next season!! Even though I love this one already!
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2 years ago, GabeP015
Game is good but
Game is great and I’ve been playing Riot games for a decade now however I mostly play this on my iPad when I’m not at home. I have the 12.9” iPad Pro and the game is only made to play on smaller screen devices. I have to use the full screen app feature that Apple, and I’m sure other companies have to play the game, On normal startup its just a small rectangular screen with big thick black borders and extremely had to play. When using the full screen mode I still have black borders on top and bottom which isn’t horrible but still annoying. I just wish that with the growth of Riot Games in the last 5 years that this game was better optimized for a wider range of devices, all the way up to and including devices as big as the 12.9” iPad Pro.
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2 years ago, GrayJediJ
Fun, but that’s the bulk of it…
Having played PC and mobile, I’ve pretty disappointed with mobile because of the lack of information available- I feel it’s MUCH harder for people starting on mobile. The regular balance patches are something of a necessary evil. The the thing I like least about the game is having to constantly relearn comps because of the shake ups- yet it’s necessary for the game to survive. Since the last time I played (over a year ago), it seems like they’ve sped the game up. This, if so, has been huge. I recall spending 45 mins on a match and barely move half a tier on a win. Games seem to close in just about 30 mins now. The LP system still needs to be more aggressive, but it’s a start.
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3 years ago, 4 Star TFT
Game is good but....
For anyone using an iPhone 8 and planning to download this game I must warn you that every time you leave the game/app and then try to get back on later, it gets stuck on the loading screen forever. It tells you that you’re logging in but never logs in, I waited for 30 minutes straight and still didn’t log in. If you have patience, you can delete the app and redownload it, downloading it takes seconds but every time you redownload it, the app itself needs to download files which take about 4-5 mins (depends on wifi). Besides this the game runs pretty smoothly, it rarely glitches and doesn’t heat my phone up so easily. If it wasn’t for the log in problem this game would be 5 stars hands down.
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4 years ago, elitENEMYsis
Devs!!! Quality of life must!!!
Please please add tiny buttons that open a “cheat sheet” and show all champion and item combinations with an option to select one for more information. The cheat sheets MUST be available in the main menu displayed FULL screen. Come on! Very great game otherwise. One other minor complaint is that it’s difficult to manage the shop, bench, and team positioning late in the game with the time allotted. Not much to be done in this area that I can personally think of. Maybe make your existing comp more highlighted in the shop: bigger, bolder, flashier text so I can cycle the shop a bit quicker. Maaaaaaybe add an auto buy to selected toggled “dream team” in the previously mentioned in-game cheat sheet. Great work Rito!!! Longshot87 here aka elitENEMYsis. 6 months of playtime in LoL... Peace and love!
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4 years ago, Optimized123
It’s fun... when it works
TL;DR lots of patching and crashing, would rather play on PC Between having to wait half an hour for the app to patch (this happened every single time I launched the app) and poor mobile optimization, TFT mobile was a headache to play. For one, well, the patching is ridiculous, each time it just required more and more of my storage space, as well as it would crash during patching (this happened numerous times, especially when the patching was 90% finished, after 30 minutes of waiting). Since TFT is based on RNG and some sort of strategy, but it is also timed - each round and in between rounds are timed. This aspect is difficult to work around when it is extremely difficult to place/rearrange champions, set items, and work around the tedious HUD. While I am glad that TFT is suited for mobile screens, the buttons and options are small... this is difficult as mobile screens are also small.
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2 years ago, J.Sargent
Mobile Needs Some Tweeks
I have been a fan and user of TFT since release. Overall, the game is great, with the consistent balancing and rebalancing after new seasons to ensure a fantastic experience. I play on mobile, and the UI has been updated over the seasons, but appears to recently be a less-important focus. There are various times where the UI does not line up correctly, there is information missing in the team planner tool when not currently in a game (very difficult to strategize if you don’t know what traits a champion has). Recently, I have noticed that the some weekly mission critters are not being counted correctly, even after reliving back into the game hours later.
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4 years ago, Florida marine
Good Game, Needs Improvement
So this is a great auto chess type game but needs improvement to be a continued viable option. 1. Add in a codex or hero dictionary to see all the heroes abilities beyond the planning team option that is ONLY available in the loading screen. 2. Similar to the hero codex would be nice to see a item codex or how things combine other than through trial and error within the match. 3. For newer players, when lining up for hero choices there is no way of distinguishing who is who unless again you play multiple games and try to learn who each hero is based on what they look like without their names and understanding the abilities they have and how they could contribute to your current line up. Adding names or ability to click on heroes in the pool to see their name and general info. 4. The requirement for the battle pass is annoying to allow any kind of individuality in the game such as going beyond the river spirit as your avatar. Anyways here’s just a few thoughts for the developers. I think riot is a great company and this is a cool new game with the similarities from League of Legends but with new twists of fate that keep it interesting!
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2 years ago, STATS FRQ #6
1 big problem
Overall, the game deserves a 4-5. However, there’s 1 thing that constantly ruins the gameplay in team matches: inactive players. There are players that would purposely do nothing and will sell all their heroes. Of course, this would lead to a loss since points are lost when either 1 or both teammates get defeated in battle. Though, interestingly, once you press the surrender button, they immediately accept the surrender. This suggests that they are not actually inactive but simply not willing to play. Please add an option to report these players and/or include a feature that allows the active player to take over both teams when being in such situation. I currently give this game a 1 star review. It may sound harsh, but I’m sick of losing due to these “team”mates. I would gladly rewrite my review and give it a 5 star if changes are made. Hopefully, an admin/moderator/developer reads this. Anyways, have a nice day…
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3 years ago, Person xxyyzz
Mobile app is bad, game is ok
I like and enjoy playing the game(despite its flaws) and it’s a good game on the pc but the app leaves a lot to be desired(like Chat, better descriptions of teams during the games and better description of the endgame screen. This games mentions ranks when you play it but there is no good mechanism of seeing that on mobile. They are quick in adding a new in game currency but no improvements to anything else. Even if you look at the other Riot games products on phone, the apps are better than this. Wild rift(another Riot games product) is just mind blowing compared this app. I do wish there was more information on why the Company(and the product team or app owner) are not interested in making a better app available. I have seen screenshots of the TFT app in china and it looks 100x better than this. Just improve the app please.
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4 years ago, Snitzerdile
It’s a solid game
I’ve been playing lots of TFT and I find their is always a new combination of legends to try out. The game is constantly getting new updates keeping things fresh and the community is much nicer than LOL(which is the reason I started playing TFT). I think the game is really fun and a good way to waste time. I love that the season pass gives u cosmetics for both TFT and LOL but I wish they would improve the loot for those who don’t buy the season pass. Lastly I don’t know if this is just because my phone is older but the game tends to drain my battery a lot but as long as u have a charger near by u can play as many games as u want. That’s my honest review of the game, I hope those who read this will give it a try and enjoy.
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2 years ago, P. Dewey
Uncap the framerate plzzz
Honestly, this is one of my favorite games to play. The RNG can be hard to work around sometimes, but the whole strategy is not just based off of a few characters. There are tons of build you can do that bring out the best in each character. There is a lot of reading at first when it comes to the mechanics of the items ,but honestly, it’s a great game. The only thing I wish for this game would have to be uncapped framerates. On my iPhone 13, the game is clearly running and at about 30 fps the entire time. For a game this optimized, I would like to see a framerate option so that it works well for older phones as well.
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4 years ago, loonarslayer
Opinion of TFT mobile from a diamond Scrub
I’ve been playing tft now for several weeks now on my IPhone, and I can safely say it’s awesome. At first I was worried to play ranked because I felt it might give me a huge disadvantage, but honestly the mobile version is very responsive, easy to use, and a lot better than I thought it would be. I think my only problem with it would be that you can’t see what round it is during the fight, but I understand that it is to reduce clutter. I also feel like you should be able to change in game settings (sound) during a game, but I’m guessing that’s either not possible or coming in the future. Overall though, great adaptation to mobile if an amazing game
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4 years ago, J Hoac
Amazing port
I play on both PC and mobile. Mobile gives me an easy way to play on the go without being tied down to a single spot so I love the fact that it exists. The changed layout makes it much more user friendly for mobile (the items and lists are displayed differently). My only issue is the lack of chat... I can see my friends but I have no capability of chatting back to them. They’ll send me messages only to not see it until I log on to my pc. The workaround is using the league+ companion app. However, when I switch apps, I’ve timed out a few times on either app which is a big problem. Sometimes if TFT times out it has to reload which is an issue if I’m in the planning phase... but overall good port of the game to mobile!
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4 years ago, A Vainglory fan
It’s a really fun experience
I’m not the best and I’m not the most into TFT so I don’t know how helpful this review is. I first started playing on pc and the transition from pc to mobile wasn’t bad. It’s almost the same as the pc version. Overall the game is amazing and really deserves high rating. There are only a few things I could really say about the game not being the best. Sometimes when placing my troops it is a little hard to get quite the right positioning that I want. It also takes me personally trying to switch troops because my big fingers. These are just personal complaints though as most other people probably don’t have this problem which is why I still gave it a 5 star.
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2 years ago, Joe Peffer
Plays terrible vs PC
So pointless to have a ranked mode with mobile and pc players. Game is so meta driven there is quite literally zero strategy and skill involved. For every top 2 wins you get forced 4 losses. It’s just a pointless game. It’s also not viable with 8 players because 2 are guaranteed to lose by stage 2. There isn’t enough variety or viable comps to allow players to adapt and shift. 8 players has never worked and they keep doing the same thing over and over. It’s not even fun. This mode needs a shop mechanic in order to balance the predetermined roll and drop cycles. Some games are literally unwinnable and that’s completely unfair to have a game so imbalanced that takes up to 30-40min. Whole point was to have shorter games, not play games as long as they are on the Rift.
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4 years ago, LilMNugget
Great Game
All in all, I really like the mobile game, but I prefer playing it on PC. I wish the zoom in/out feature was added to the mobile version, it would make it easier to see items for the carousel or some characters that look similar (I’ve grabbed Kassadin thinking it was Rakan many times). Also, I wish the mobile version had an area to tell you about maintenance. I’ve been in the middle of a few ranked games and have just been disconnected for maintenance. So the game doesn’t count towards anything even though I’d been playing for 20 mins. Lastly, I wish there was a way to chat.. at least with the people in your party before you start the game.. but it’s honestly a great game and I enjoy playing it on mobile.
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4 years ago, Kenrio
Phenomenal Mobile Game!
There’s literally nothing negative to attribute to the mobile port of TFT that can’t be nagged about in the computer version (i.e. things like balance amongst the champs). The only, somewhat, negative thing I can attribute to the mobile app of TFT is that it has a very mild lag during the champ roulette and it makes my phone pretty hot after one full play through. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so I would think that the game would be optimized a little better. But ultimately that doesn’t affect the overall gameplay and performance. So slightly more optimizing to this mobile version might be the only thing that could be improved. But even without doing that, the game is excellent as it is.
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4 years ago, giveinsightnothate
Well-done port to mobile
Harder for new new players, but considering the game hadn’t been around too long prior to release on mobile, it does a great job in staying true to the pc version. There are a few things that are difficult to translate over, but these are just faults of capabilities of mobile to “hover” prior to selecting. The benefits of having a pc screen is definitely better for new players: harder to click on champions accurately to view stats (maybe adding a stats button to click through could be easier than trying to select champs), unable to see what the galaxy effect is after the game starts. Honesty it’s well done! I just think it’s a little tougher for new players that aren’t familiar with the pc version.
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4 years ago, Enoughfafwa
5 Star Gameplay - Needs an iPad app
Like the title says, the game is fantastic. It works well on my iPhone and is a solid, competitive, and fun game. The biggest drawback to me is that there is no dedicated iPad version of the app. I would love to play TFT on the larger screen, because it would be much easier to see some of the details and be a bit easier to move around on. It would be the best quality of life update in my opinion! I can’t rate it lower just for that reason, and honestly it is playable on the iPad, but the graphics suffer from being stretched out and there are large letterboxes. Thank you Riot for the great mobile game, and I’ll be thrilled when it’s available on the iPad!
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2 years ago, bearururu
My favorite game of all time
I started playing this game during the pandemic shutdowns and it became my new favorite hyper fixation. I love playing the game, watching streamers play the game, and following the developer patch rundowns/announcements. Love all the game modes (norm, ranked, hyper and double up). So happy they allow for cross compatibility so I can play with my friends who play on their computers while I’m cozy in bed on my phone. Love that they continue to try to improve this game and keep it fun and fresh. Mad props to the development team. Free to play but i love being able to support the developers with the fun skins/arenas they put out. 10/10. So excited for this new set
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2 years ago, NoDisapointkent
Great, but, unfortunately, there is, just, one problem.
Riot Games, I like how you added Facebook, as, a sign in option, because, Game Center, at the very least, initially, just, did not even work. But, unfortunately, today, I have found another bug, with, that, bug being the fact, that, the game, just, randomly, crashes me out of it every time I try to open it up, and, play it. Can you please fix this huge, game breaking bug, as, soon, as, possible, and, that, is, if there even is a fix for it? And, also, this bud is not, and, like, at, all, how the game is supposed to be able to work, is it not?
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4 years ago, .Truff.
Outstanding game, but avoid the community
The game itself is amazing as an app or on the PC. Lots of fun to play, fun to learn especially when you figure out a #1 winning team comp for your match. Playing it at a low level is a blast. Then you get a little better and decide to start researching comps, checking forums, and interacting with other players of the game and that's when things aren't so great. This community mostly comes from LoL and they bring their outlook with them. Suddenly it's not a fun game, it's pure online toxic complaint-fest... Play in a bubble: Enjoy the game for what it is and avoid the community discussion and it is 100% worth your time and spending some cash in the shop.
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4 years ago, JessyClone
I’m literally addicted to Teamfight Tactics. I played it a lot on PC, but when Riot released it for mobile, I found myself constantly loading one game after another because of how easy it is to just lay in bed and play. It would be nice to be able to buy little legends eggs straight from the mobile app instead of having to log onto League on my PC, pay for the RP, and then buy the eggs. Legends of Runeterra has in-app purchases, so I don’t see why having it for TFT would be a problem. Other than that, the mobile version of this game has exceeded my expectations. Aside from a few bugs here and there, the game has been amazing. Can’t wait to see what else is to come.
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