The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

4.6 (16K)
244 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

4.65 out of 5
16K Ratings
4 years ago, Matt Flanagan
Be Prepared to No Longer have A Life
Once you start playing this story, it’s addicting and immersive. For the next month or so, at least, it’s all you’ll think about. “Oh have my keys regenerated?” “Time for heart hunter!” and “I can’t wait for the next book to come out!” will be frequent thoughts. The diversity of the characters, their dialogue, and personalities are amazing. Even though they’re fictional, it’s easy to fall in love with one or more of them. The inclusivity of everything is to die for. The plot is really good at incorporating romance as well as developing an adventure. I absolutely adore the soundtrack. There’s only a few complaints that I have, and seemingly enough others as well. The paid scenes- way too expensive. The price either needs to be knocked down or coins need to be able to be acquired easier in game. The time needed for keys to regenerate should be less. Waiting three hours for one key??? It’s a bit infuriating to be honest. My last “complaint” is more of a concern. I hope the devs aren’t rushing or overworking themselves to release new books, most of the fan base would rather wait a little longer than having a thrown together chapter. :) Personally, those are the only areas I feel that need improvement. The art style is gorgeous and I really enjoy learning about Tarot cards as well as magic. I’d definitely recommend playing this, I don’t normally play games such as these but I really enjoy The Arcana.
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3 years ago, Taco bout awesome
my absolute favorite.
i usually have a hard time putting my feelings into words but i could talk about this game forever. the plot is so so good and interesting aswell as the character interactions. i love that its not the exact same story for each character, but instead different stories catered to your choice. the interactions we have with the love interest of choice always makes me smile, it doesnt falter your relationship if you dont pay to kiss them or things like that, in fact it doesnt ruin anything. AND the game has 2 endings for each character!!!! the writing is magnificent and the characters are so unique and truly are written so so well. ive gotten attached to all of them so so quickly and im excited to see the endings of my favorite two after they are released. lucio and muriel are characters that i connected with immediately. lucio seems like a jerk in everyone elses route but you see how good of a guy he is and that hes trying to change once you play his route. you can really feel like they care about us as they speak, the nicknames, the detailed responses, its amazing. i feel like characters who dont know who i actually am care about me and thats a comfort for me. muriels route has to be my favorite though, im so excited for the next update of his. muriel is a big comfort for me because i understand how he feels. sorry for going so into detail about this, i just genuinely love this game and its writing is perfect. i 100% recommend to anyone contemplating.
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5 years ago, HeyPlsListen
Here’s an Idea for you
I Love this game. It is endlessly amazing, very fun, well made, and well directed. The story is captivating, the writing is outstanding, and despite how much reading is involved, I never find myself bored when going through routes. I absolutely adore how open the game is, since most romance-themed visual novels tend to lean more towards females and females alone. Generally heterosexual ones. It’s really nice to see the female routes, and the intwining relationships between the different characters. Along with how carefully you made it to where your Mc can be anything and anyone you want. You can pick pronouns, and decide their personality, and that’s probably one of the best parts. However, as thousands of people have said, the coins are an issue. You get thirty per week, I’m sure nobody wants to wait for over a month to do one singular option. I wonkt ask for you to make anything cheaper, I know it costs a lot to run something like this, and that you all need to eat. My suggestion is simple. Make the daily coins go up in intervals of five. Day one should have 5 coins. Day two should have 10. etc. Day six could end wit 30. This way, not only will you cut down on all the complaints about money and improve play, but people will feel rewarded for keeping up a streak through an entire week. It also, hopefully, won’t hinder your money-making. It doesn’t have to be five, it could be two. Just increase the amount of coins you get per day.
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3 years ago, 11111pinkamenadianepie
I hope that you will read this because it is important
This app is seriously one of the best rpg romance games that I have ever played and I have played so many, online and app wise. This app lets you choose and change your name and pronouns whenever you like which is great because I am gender fluid and it upsets me sometimes that I can’t change my name or gender on others or I am stuck with this main character that I care nothing about. This game lets you choose to be you and I think that is the best part about this game. It makes you feel important when you aren’t so important in the real world and for once, I actually felt loved even though I knew it was just a game. I guess it’s the storyline that just leaves you craving more and the mini games are cute and fun! The characters are so diverse it’s wonderful!!! I hope that you will go far with this game as I have been showing it off to my friends, I convinced five of my friends to play it and they love and simp for at least one of your characters now. However, I want to ask you this, could you if not make a whole story, maybe make a little tidbit of a story for those who like Valdemar, Vladimir, Volta, Valerius and Volga? I know it seems silly but I am on an amino page and I’ve noticed that more people that you think really enjoy and love those characters! Please consider this at least. I hope I am no trouble to you when I write this, I don’t mean to sound demanding or anything.
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5 years ago, ExoticZest
The coins....
I really do like this game it has an amazing story I’ve read through almost all of them completely and it just amazes me, the art, the story is so good, it’s LGBTQ+ friendly but the bad part of it all is that any good choice that you want to make in the game has to be purchased by coins which when you try to earn, you don’t receive nearly enough to make even one choice throughout one chapter with the spin wheel. You have to spend a crazy amount of money on app this just to read a bolder choice. There are times that I have spent money on this game because I want to read the bold choice, I want to be able to kiss or do something with the character that I’m reading about that isn’t a lame, boring choice that leads to nothing more and makes the story quite lackluster in the fact that it’s supposed to be a romance story but you really feel like there’s no romance involved because you have to pay money to make a good choice. I’m still going to keep up with this game and I’m so going to read new chapters that come out and what-not but I just feel like it would be better if you gave people the opportunity to earn more coins, lower the price that you have to pay for coins or lower the amount of coins you have to pay to make a good choice because they get quite pricey for the little amount of coins that you do receive from the free spins. Other than the coin issue, this is an amazing game and I really do love it and I can’t wait to see what else you guys come out with.
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5 years ago, Hannah0421
I love this game so far!! The art and story are wonderful though there seems to be a gap in time once you chose a path to follow (character to romance). Also!! Can Muriel and Valerius (the judge with the braid and wine) be romance options?! Oh!! Lucio too!! Lucio would be an interesting option. I’ve caught up on the Asra romance and started Julians and just 😍 I love them both!! I would love to see more games like this by you guys!! I haven’t played a game like this that I’ve loved more!! Also I think a lot of the issues people are giving with the coins could be resolved if everyday we login the coin amount is increased instead of just 5 everytime. It would also give more incentive to keep logging in while waiting for more chapters to come out. I feel like even while playing without spending coins the story progresses rather quickly; so they don’t take long to finish and collecting everything from the minigames seems a tad pointless. If you guys decide to keep making more games like this (Which I hope you do because I have loved this game soooo much) maybe try to beef up the stories a bit so they drag out longer. Like add romantic conflict maybe?? Cause I feel like if some of the other characters are interested in the hero, they wouldn’t just stand aside once the hero has chosen a specific character to pursue. Or maybe there’s other characters interested in the character that the hero chooses to pursue so there’s conflict there.
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3 years ago, real hunger games 101
I love this game so much I download games like this all the time(episode, choices, Lovestruck) but this one is DEFINITELY my favorite. I have spent SO MUCH money on this app it’s not even funny. I’m so hooked I can’t stop reading and will do ANYTHING to get those choices!! I could go on for hours about how much I love it and I have recommended it to soooo many of my friends that like games like this and they all love it to. I love how they give you different routes and options on who you can be with instead of choosing for you. One thing I will say is the game isn’t to good at saving your progress and if you leave in the middle you might have to go back through the whole chapter but other then that i REALLY love this game. The options they give you and the story is just great. Mysterious but not to mysterious ya know? And they still give you all the sappy fluff that you would want which I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF. I’m sooo excited to read all of there stories and reread them again and again! I literally wake up and immediately start playing this or casually play it in class cause its just do good. AND its lgbtq+ friendly I love that you can pick pronouns because I’m non-binary and often struggle with that so it just makes the whole thing better. All in all if your looking for a good roleplay romance game GET THIS ON but be prepared to spend cause you’ll run out of coins quick it’s worth it tho!
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5 years ago, windsocktier
Love this VN
I’m not normally a fan of visual novels, particularly romance ones, but this one is amazing—the story, the visuals, the music all really make this game stand out. In addition to being LGBTQ+ friendly with an intriguing cast of characters, the game doesn’t just focus on the romance (the number one failing in a vast majority of romance stories, I feel), but brings in a number of different story elements that help weave this story together. This is a worthy example of what a romance story should be—about the characters, first and foremost. If I don’t become invested in the cast of characters and the individual and/or overarching plights they face, what makes you think I’d believe my MC is invested? I definitely don’t have that problem here, of course—the entire cast is well-fleshed out and the character designs are on point! As for the coin issue—I absolutely agree that that has been the only downside to this game since its launch (I’ve been playing since then, off and on, yes). But, ever since they added in an option to watch up to... I think three?? advertisements per day to earn 15 coins each ad in addition to the 5 free coins for logging in, I’ve enjoyed this game far more! I’m totally down to opting into watching an ad for some coins—I feel like I’m helping the team earn some extra cash without having to stress over not being able to afford spending my own monies! Saving up for some merch at some point, though... 👀
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6 years ago, NekoKashu
Beautiful, luxurious, but would rather pay for it in one fell swoop than have it be pay to play.
This game is stunning, and admittedly has become something of a guilty pleasure. The characters, even the non-romanceable ones, are fascinating and enjoyable to interact with. Having the mini games available to unlock special storylines is a nice challenge as well. To top it off, the online store has some adorable phone charms (I predict a chibi Faust in my future!) and character wall art from the game itself. The Arcana richly deserves five stars. My only complaint, though, is that the price to unlock individual scenes to delve deeper into the story, whether that be for romance or to further the plot, is daunting once one has done the math. The only in-game options to get coins are daily spin or checking in for a tarot reading, and even those are unlikely to yield significant results. Yes, the game is still enjoyable without the added depth, but for those who wish to do more, perhaps a tiered system might be in order? Free but with in-game purchases, then a couple of price points above that unlocking a certain number of scenes per chapter? I’m certainly not wealthy by any stretch. I have to pick and choose my entertainment very carefully each month, but I would happily pay $25 for The Arcana up front to unlock all the scenes, even if I had to wait the allotted time to refill keys and mini games. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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6 years ago, 😜King Skate👑1⃣st
I have a few problems...
Though I have major issues with a few things, I love the game much to much to give it anything lower than a perfect grade. I was led to believe that it would not be pay to win, or pay to love as it were, but in order to use most of the romantic options you must spend anywhere between 100 to 200 coins, and there is no free way to earn them other than daily spins of the wheel. This obviously isn't huge and probably isn't even an issue for most people, but I have no disposable income. I'm to disabled to work, but no longer disabled enough to receive a check for it. When I was receiving disability benefits I had insurance and thus could get my medicine, but that improved my condition enough to the point where I no longer qualified for the disability. After I lost the benefits my health deteriorated and now I'm usually bedridden for fear of having a cataplectic attack and concussing myself again. All I do to pass time until my disability matter is resolved is play games and read, and thus I am in need of free games such as this to quite literally stay sane and moderately healthy. If I have nothing to do and become overcome with boredom or any strong emotion or stress I will have narcoleptic and cataplectic episodes and lose consciousness and/or injure myself. I'm not sure if these are issues you can remedy, but these are issues I would like to bring to your attention nonetheless.
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5 years ago, Ashy Potato
I was scrolling through some of the reviews and noticed that a lot of people, like myself, had an issue with the coin system. Getting coins is really hard to get, especially if you only get five a day. I agree with one of the people on here about making the daily coins go up by fives- 5, 10, 15, 20.. etc. Also, the amount of coins you have to spend is a little ridiculous. I also would recommend adding a choice to watch ads to get coins. I think you can get paid to advertise other apps and stuff. That would be a perk. Also, maybe the lowering the time your keys replenish. Instead of eight hours, it could be shortened down to three or something. It’s just, waiting that long to play just one chapter is a bit agitating. I also kind of wish that we could maybe design our own character? Just a suggestion. Besides those few things, I love the game overall. The art is just outstanding and the colours blend well together. The characters are just amazing. I love the story lines and how everything just melts together easily. The art matches the story and it’s satisfying. The writing is also outstanding. I love how it’s detailed and easy to follow. The mini game is also really fun to play, Heart Hunter. I love how it’s enjoyable and how you get postcards at the end if you win. Kudos to the developers, authors, artists, and everyone else who pitched into creating this game.
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5 years ago, Lumanens
Used to be good but now is PERFECT!!!!!!
Ok, so I have never felt the need to revise a review before, because it never seems like the creators actually read or give a crap about what the consumer is saying. But that is surprisingly not the case with this little gem of an app. When I first found this game I was completely taken by the artwork and story telling, but was disappointed by the fact that there was no way to get the full story without having to pay an overpriced fee. I am happy to say that that has changed! Not only have the creators continued to present us with beautifully told stories, but they have updated the way you earn coins. So now, as long as you don't mind playing the games that they provide, you can earn the coins yourself! PLUS, they have started to release new character routes and I am totally excited! I now have only three things to say to the creators. First, THANK YOU! Your work is beautiful, and I look forward to every update that you make! Second, never change the way you write! Your stories are exciting, and magical, with breathtaking romance that doesn't feel the need to push itself too far into the adult section of the genre. Which is VERY hard to find nowadays. Third, I know it takes time to create greatness, but I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for new updates!!! I screamed into my pillow when you released Muriel, I was so excited! 😉
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2 years ago, Elliots_World
A great game, however a few issues.
Overall, the game is absolutely amazing! I have fallen in love with it and it’s characters, however there are multiple issues I’ve run into. The first one I want to point out is the coin system, we just don’t get enough coins and spend too many when choosing special options. It’d be very much appreciable if we could get something such as a daily free pass or enough coins daily to unlock one of these options. The system is just quite honestly frustrating, especially for someone who doesn’t have the money to pay. And this leads into my second point of my own personal issue with the game, when I discovered I didn’t have enough coins to pay for a special option I decided to be petty and just delete my account and restart, considering I’d be back at the beginning and could make a wiser use of my coins. However, upon disconnecting my account from Facebook and then deleting it, I re-opened the app for it not to load. I decided to completely delete the app and reinstall it, however every time I open the app the “something went wrong” screen pops up and I am unsure what to do. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it twice for the same occurrence. It’s very infuriating seeing that I really would like to play this game and get further into it making my own decisions rather then watching a gameplay. If any of this can be fixed, I believe it’d be wonderful improvement and very much appreciated. Thank you!
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6 years ago, nacreousnereid
Beautiful, but Expensive
I love this story with all my heart. The characters are beautifully fleshed out, the artwork is immaculate, and the story and world building is absolutely wonderful. It’s also super open with LGBTQ+ characters and plot lines so horray for that!!! Now for the downside: the 3 keys every 24 hours isn’t enough. If it were 4, or even 5, that would be amazing. Then the micro transactions to get more coins.. You only get the juicy scenes if you pay, and I think that’s what the majority of us are here for. The Juicy Scenes. (I’m here for Julian, and only Julian, am I right ladies??) I don’t know if it’s just me, but it also seems quite impossible to win the mini game, unless you pay for boosts. I understand the artists need to be paid and the developers need to have some money go back into their pockets. Nothing good in life is ever free, right? I have purchased gold quite a few times to get the juicy scenes, but it adds up and and can be very expensive. Especially when you have to drop 150 or 250 gold for only 1 juicy scene. If they lowered the amount of gold needed for a “juicy” scene, I wouldn’t have as many complaints. The developers are great and very responsive and listen to us peoples, which is extremely refreshing to experience. I will keep reading and supporting this series until the very end. But if you want the fullest experience, you’re going to have to pay. Otherwise, sit back and relax and enjoy the ride! It’s a great one!
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6 years ago, pandara77
wonderful game, surrounded by paywall
I love this game! The story and the art and the interactions are all wonderful, it’s pro-LGBTQ+, the world is so well developed, and I love every character. But the paywall is definitely real. I’m patient, so I’m always willing to trudge through a game slower if it means I don’t need to pay but the amount of time it takes to collect enough coins to pick the good option is long enough for me to start forgetting what was happening anyway. After playing some of the game I’d be happy to lay down some bucks so I could play through the rest of the storyline I’m on right now, but the prices really are quite high. The highest tier you can get, which is 2000 coins for almost $40, is maybe enough to get you through one of the characters’ bonus options (6 books at the time of this review). With that amount of money, I’d expect to be able to get through most of the game! Clearly it seems like we’re intended to wait between books, which makes sense of course, but still. Even with the wheel, the daily 5 coins, and whatever else, I still have to play the story in small fragments, making the flow much less smooth. Fortunately, each choice you pay coins for offers enough good content to make the wait worth it, but even so. TL;DR It feels bad to have to wait so long to play, but paying for coins doesn’t seem worth it.
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6 years ago, TheSparkShark
Costs way too much to play
Look, this game has a great story, gorgeous art, and all the characters are lovable, but the coin system is absolutely ridiculous. Every bold decision that gets you towards the juicy parts of the story or furthers your relationship with the character you chose cost money that is basically impossible to get without spending your ACTUAL cash unless you want to play one chapter every 3 months. And, to top it off, you’re going to need more than 2,000 coins to even get through one character’s story, which’ll cost you 40 bucks, real life money. On a romance phone game. If you want to EARN those coins through gameplay, good luck; you’ll either have to hope that you get a coin roll every day which usually gives you 5 to 20 coins, or wait more than a year to stack up on tarot card coins. If you don’t get what you want the first wheel spin, don’t worry, just spend 20 coins and risk losing the few you already have if you get a trinket instead of cash, which by the way, you ALSO have to pay for. That’s the only way to get money in this game. So, I’m sorry, taking away the coin system this game is spectacular, especially for basically a dating sim, but I’m gonna have to give it 3 stars. And as a little kinda unimportant side note, if you’re gonna put extra characters in that AREN’T the six main but still show up every so often, why don’t you just spend a little extra time to draw them, too? It’d make the game more immersive and visual.
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4 years ago, gaylecouldbegayer
Devs, listen to these reviews
I am a big fan of this game. Have been for years. I've even recommended it to my friends. I watch the ads, play heart Hunter, basically do whatever I can to save up coins and keys and stuff when I wanna and it's not super hard. But, I do agree with a lot of people that the amount of coins behind a lot choices is ridiculous. I wish the 7-day daily check-in gave you something other than a free reading for those who aren't interested in that or at least make the amounts go up each day like most daily check-in systems in games. I wish lives for heart hunter refilled more quickly. I wish keys refilled more quickly. A lot of the bonus content is not worth the paywall. I do like that they don't make you pay to get the good ending tho. One new feature that just shows how much they want you to buy coins is the ability to sell trinkets. Since I've had the game for so long, I've already played through all the storeis, including the ones you get from the trinkets, making them useless to me. I like that you can sell them for coins. However, I don't like that you can only sell 10+ at a time and only get 50 coins from doing so when 50 coins is what it costs to buy one. Not to mention you can only spin the wheel once a day and it hardly ever lands on the coin slots but once it does it never will again. As much as I love this game, I agree with everyone who says that it makes you pay an unnecessary amount.
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2 years ago, Best fairytail game every!!!
Please make it easier to get coins!!
I’ve been playing this game since 2018 and it’s been my absolute favorite romance game to play. I mean it’s literally perfect!! The art is flawless, the story telling is so unique bc it’s written so well and the background art is amazing!! I really feel like I’m in the game when I’m playing arcana. I grow so attached to the characters and I want to get the full experience of each route. It just gets frustrating when you have to wait each day to get a small amount of coins than you spend on one coin decision. I take breaks from the game bc the only way to grind for coins is to login everyday and watch the adds that gives you 10 coins. It’s possible if you have patience to still have interest and consistency with that but for me it gets annoying and it makes me want to stop playing. I’ll get 1000 coins from grinding for week and spend all of it in one day. Then the cycle continues and it’s just annoying. So if you can please make getting coins more easier. Maybe in that postcard game you could win a small amount of coins just for playing, or in the daily spin make the percentage higher to get coins. I understand their trying to make money but a lot of adolescents and teenagers (like myself) don’t have their own money to spend like that.
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5 years ago, 포니안녕
I hate this.
I hate this, right. I do. I hate that i can’t function when i play this game! Seriously, I cannot concentrate on the dialogue when the art is so PERFECT. Then we have the minor changes in the character’s face that makes it even harder to concentrate! Now, I am not huge on games like this one... but I can’t have enough. I want to have more content from the characters, their adventures, their interactions not only with our own character but each other because it is so addictive... listen. I’m a college student. I’m broke. I work four days a week but you know what I’ve done? Gone right ahead and bought coins. Yes, lots of them. Oh, I don’t regret. Not with goat man, or masochist plague doctor, Wolfie and even less mystics traveling master are all so fun to read! So, heed my words. Be ready to go down an endless hole of obsession and inspiration and to crave more than just a game. Guys, ever thought of making “The Arcana” an actual series? Cuz you should. Each plot is just amazing. Now, I’ll go and play a little more since my keys refilled and brainstorm on drawing my own OC because yes, I am a that obsessed. Congratulations, you made someone who refused to play these types of games and use their money for stories go down an endless rabbit hole. >:( now give my babies the happiness they deserve and give me coins for that juicy extra content.
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6 years ago, Lady_Orpheus
A work of art
Best thing by far about this game is the astonishingly beautiful artwork. I’d seen a few screenshots online and was immediately captivated—I had to find where they came from! The music too is gorgeous, I’d highly recommend playing with the sound on even if the story really is descriptive enough to set the mood on its own. I’d also like to applaud the developers for their responsiveness and a few key changes. They’ve always insisted that the paid choices, while juicy, would not effect whether one got a good or bad ending, but nevertheless all the best romance scenes are behind a pay wall. I was happy enough to buy a few of the books and support what I thought was a worthy endeavor, but it just wasn’t feasible to spend over and over. I just didn’t have that kind of cash. I think this has long been a complaint for these kinds of apps but it’s refreshing to have someone actually listen. There are now a number of ways to collect coins for free through a daily spin, selling extras of collectible items, and a small mini game. With at least a month between chapter updates there’s time to rack up enough coins to at least purchase the options for your favorite character if not more. Honestly for me all other visual novels have paled in comparison to this one ever since and I haven’t even mentioned the intriguing plot!
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10 months ago, :~Hazel~:
This is my life now
This NEEDS a sequel I STRIVE for more. The game has they/them pronouns options which is way more than 90% of romance games have considering they cater to mostly afab (assigned female at birth) folx and just all around those with she/her pronouns. So already really great there, but you also get some amazing angst! Due to this you have to do all of their routes to really get the full story and uncover the mystery. My advice is that you should play Asra’s LAST otherwise you’ll be devastated. This is a really good game for those who want a gender, sexuality, race, and culturally diverse romance game that doesn’t prioritize the diversity over the actual storyline. It does get a little annoying when you run out of keys by they thankfully replenish fairly quickly and infinikey weekends are like the best thing ever. Getting coins can be a bit of a pain in the but especially when the options you want to choose cost more than you have but thankfully you can still get the final ending you want without paying any. All in all an amazing game I’m super addicted to all of the fluff angst and borderline steamy moments. PS. You won’t like Lucio but once you play his route you might hate him a tad bit less. (Just a tad tho) Love ya Dorian for this game! Have a wonderful day/night! <3
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4 years ago, OvertheMire
Beautiful and compelling, but the coin system is insane
I’ve had this game downloaded for a while, but I’ve hardly gotten to play it due to the high demand of coin costs for better routes. It’s insane that each book in a character’s menu costs five hundred coins, yet hardly any mini game or check in or spin you do yields any reward. You could spend a hundred real life dollars and still not even fully unlock one character’s path. For such an interesting and beautiful game, it’s disappointing. I’d gladly pay a reasonable dollar amount to unlock the entire game. I understand that it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to make games and art, and I am grateful for such a compelling story being provided. The low reward, high cost, and demand of so much time will just keep me from ever completing the story. Maybe if the coin/key system/cost improves, or the game is released as a fully purchasable product, I’ll try again some day. Edit: With the introduction of optional ad watching, it is a little easier to gain coins. It still pales in comparison to the amount needed to play the main story or partake in tales, but it does make me want to pick it up again. The cost of coin bundles is still outrageous, but, as I’ve said before, if the game is ever fully completed and offered for full purchase, I would be happy to own it. Thank you to the developers for listening and trying to make improvements.
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6 years ago, Kaidakimura
Can be pricey, but characters and story are worth it
I’ve come to really adore the story. I love everything about it. It’s funny, romantic, tragic, thrilling, and sexy. I just finished the latest book that came out for Asra and wow! What a cliffhanger! I never leave reviews for app but just had to. I’m still coming down from the high of Asra’s route. And now I’m hungry for Julian! On my way to do it now. I actually adore Julian as well. Asra and Julian are romantic and sexy in their own way. I really recommend this game. I personally don’t mind dishing out the money to quickly go through the story. For such a good game, it’s no issue. Plus I get that it costs money to make games like this. And honestly, it’s cheaper to just buy the whole book instead of constantly spending money and buying the choices separately. I guess one issue is that I was going through Julian’s route that way, chapter by chapter, instead of getting the whole book and when I tried to reread, I found I’d had to pay again for choices I already made. So that was an issue. So I just ended up buying the whole book and now I don’t have to do that. Unfortunate to notice after spending all that money, but too late now! Don’t let my misfortune deter you. The mini game and the routes are all wonderful and definitely worth experiencing!
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5 years ago, Madslovessinging
Amazing game! but a few problems
I am extremely intrigued by this story and I don't say that about many romance apps. The love, drama, and humor in this really draws me in. But I do have a few concerns that I hope to be fixed in the near future. As many in the comments say, the pay is way to high and the coin demand for the best options is rather ridiculous. Considering you only get 5 coins a day and the free spin usually ends with a trinket, it will take you a lot of patience to earn enough coins for all the good choices. Paying 200 coins to play with bubbles on Asra's route is nearly impossible to get without forgetting half the story while waiting to get that certain amount of coins. I for one am not willing to pay 40$ for the 2000 coins I need for one route mostly because I don't have that kind of money to spare. As for the other problem, I can't seem to link my google account which really frustrates me because I want to be able to save my game and get the 100 coins that it says I will get. Now I hate complaining especially about a game as fantastic as this but it seems fairly reasonable. I still give this game 5 stars because I feel it deserves that rating for its beautiful art, capturing story, and amazing characters. I hope that you make more games like this ^-^
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4 years ago, fragileclouds
100% Worth Your Time
(This is a real review by a real person! I know, unbelievable right?) I'm a sucker for visual novels, and let me tell you, this by far takes the cake out of all of them. The graphics, the storytelling, how YOUR choices actually affect the story, and the little extra touches are all what makes this app perfect. Another big thing that I absolutely love is the gender-neutral story and ability to choose your pronouns. It's definitely something that all apps/games should do. I've had this game for over a year now (Yes, a whole 365 days.), and I'm still addicted to it. The characters are lovable and Vesuvia is enchanting. So enchanting, in fact, I've spent a good thirty dollars on this game. Let me tell you as a person who barely buys anything in-app, these purchases were WORTH IT. It's so cool to see the story become so vibrant and at the same time, support some amazing creators. They're also a big part of it too. Their passion is really felt through the app and it shows. I couldn't ask for a better app, the way it just wraps you in the story and makes you feel like you're in Vesuvia along with the characters is really charming. Please, I beg of you, get this app. The creators are absolutely wonderful and I appreciate their hard work so much, you should too.
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4 years ago, youllneverguessmyname
#saveportia !
I love this game so much! I think every romance road deserves its full story!! The writing is so interesting as well as the certain twists and turns. The different choices you make that determine your ending are both so thoughtful! If you choose the reversed (“bad”) choice, the dialogue is different and not immediately like “you made the wrong choice” or something. The reversed ending isn’t the happy sweet heroic ending but it isn’t the BAD ending. It’s simply different than the upright ending. Some people may be content with getting a reversed ending or find it more satisfying than the upright ending. There is no “good vs bad ending”, they’re simply just different outcomes which I really appreciate. Also the diversity and inclusion in these stories without forcing as many as possible into a story as you can. Instead, it’s natural and simply another part of their lives. Some characters use they/them pronouns and it isn’t made a big deal or anything to agonize over. These things don’t affect the narrative and overall storyline. I’m so glad I discovered this game! A big thank you to all of the writers, artists, directors, and other staff who worked on this! We really appreciate the work you all put in!
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4 years ago, na_marie
I’m at the end of my rope
I don’t do reviews, but I love this game and it’s killing me that the terrible coin system is what’s making me delete it after having it for 2+ years. The art is gorgeous, the storyline is intriguing, the characters are complex and unique, the universe is whimsical and fantastic. However, the coin system is absolutely abysmal. It was way worse earlier on but even with heart hunters and the 5 coin daily readings it isn’t enough. You don’t always win coins on the wheel, and heart hunters rarely puts out coins. The exchange rate of money for coins is outrageous and if you’re like me and you can’t shell out money for each update, whether you’re doing one route or multiple, this is a near impossible hurdle. If you solely use the mini-games and the daily 5 coins from the tarot reading it still takes weeks to get enough coins for ONE book that is a couple minutes play-through. And sure, you COULD just do the unpaid options with keys but it’s just bland and in most cases a completely different story because chunks of vital information are just missing. It’s so frustrating and I don’t want to hate this game just because the pay wall is so ridiculous. I hope the devs do something about this because I know for a fact that a lot of us share the same frustration and I’d hate to see other people get rid of the game for the same reason.
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5 years ago, Lillafee
Here’s my issue
I LOVE this game. Like, with every inch of my being. But there’s a few problems. *First, the keys. I believe 8 hours for ONE key is a bit much. Either 8 hours for all thre keys or something like 3 hours per key would be more reasonable. I’ve never played an otome that makes you wait EIGHT ENTIRE HOURS between sessions. It’s just too long and you risk the reader loosing interest. *Second, the coins. Listen, I play a lot of otomes, and I understand the appeal of coins. Helps you earn from a game without ads. Which I appreciate, by the way. I hate ads. But perhaps make coins a bit easier to obtain. Say, 5 coins every time you win at that heart mini game. And log ins should increase in value everyday. Because a simple 5 coins everyday really doesn’t inspire me at all. That would take me FORTY DAYS to get ONE of your more expensive scenes. And SEVENTY DAYS to get ONE of the expensive tarot readings. And considering there are three tarot readings, and a paid scene in nearly every session unlocked with a key, the player would have to log in EVERY DAY for OVER a YEAR just to unlock the MAJORITY of this game’s paid content. Here’s the truth. Yes, you’ll earn money from having paid products. But the key is to make the player WANT to buy some to speed things along, not NEED to because there’s no other way to get them. Especially when EVERYTHING costs coins. I mean seriously? Not cool.
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5 years ago, katiefrierson
I LOVE this game, but...
I genuinely really love this game it’s so immersive and amazing! But I can’t give it five stars bc I have a couple mohair complaints. 1. It should not take almost 8 hours for ONE key. That’s my biggest issue with the entire thing. Playing through is incredibly difficult with how long it takes to get your freaking keys. I think it should be like some other games where you could have all your keys refilled in like two hours. That would honestly improve game play a TON. 2. Everything. Costs. Money. It’s supposed to be a romance game and it feels like there’s hardly any interesting options in game play unless you wanna spend $10 or more buying coins. It feels like I’m having to pay for something at every turn and it is beyond frustrating. 3. If I’ve already played through a characters whole story once I don’t think it’s cool that I have to use keys to replay it. If a characters story would remain unlocked once you completely played through it I would actually wanna play through again. This last but isn’t a complaint, but I think it would be really cool if we could actually see the character we play as and maybe personalize it. It would make it just a little bit more immersive. Like I said I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game and the story line but until a couple things change I’m just not comfortable giving it five stars.
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3 years ago, Squares12345
Wonderful story but..
I absolutely fell in love with this game! The story is very well done and pretty addicting. I love how lgbtq+ friendly it is! Certain characters use they/them pronouns and you can see love blooming between characters regardless of gender. Being part of the community, I absolutely enjoy the support! The only downside is how little coins you get compared to the ridiculous amount you need to unlock certain choices. You get coins for logging in but they range up from I believe something like 10 coins to maybe 25 coins for the 7th day in a row. You can also watch ads for 10 coins each but choices in the stories will be 150 or even 350 coins. There are multiple of these per book you read which makes it even pricier.. you have to constantly purchase coins and you only get 375 for 4.99 which is pricy to me especially when they almost all disappear on one choice during the story. Let’s not forget we have to purchase keys to unlock stories too. That just adds to how expensive it really turns out. That being said I do recommend this app but if you know you won’t be spending money (you’ll be racking up a bill if you do) then maybe skip out because it’ll be frustrating to have to pick a choice in the story that you don’t want, over and over again to save coins.
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5 years ago, Justanothergirl44
Lovely, but not perfect
I’ve been following the arcana since about its release, and I love the growth that the app has been through. The addition of the tarot, tales, and the increased depth I’ve seen out of all the main characters is phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve come across another otome game that has enticed me for as long as the Arcana has. Of course, it’s not perfect, but our lovely devs do a good job looking out for us players, so I have full confidence the game will continue to improve. I’m not going to complain about coins since every review under the sun does (though it is still an issue), but about heart hunter. It’s an adorable feature that I like, but am constantly frustrated with. Ever since the past 2 updates I’ve been experiencing character simply staying out of reach, unable for me to land on them without using one of the power ups. The majority of the time I can’t get a postcard, meaning that there’s no way for me to restore those power ups. This of course is more of a personal problem I guess and is minor at best, but heart hunter is the one thing up to date players get to experience everyday, so it leaves an impact. By no means does this deter from the overall wonderful experience in the story, so keep up the good work!!
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5 years ago, S0langel0
Really fun, but we need a better way to get more coins!!
This is one of the most fun RP games I’ve come across. It’s a riveting tale, with endless opportunities and much LGBTQ+ inclusion, which is amazing. You can choose from he/him, she/her, AND they/them pronouns, and choose who you fall in love with. My only issue with this game is that there aren’t many ways to get a lot of coins. You get five for coming back daily, but it takes months to get enough coins to unlock just one premium choice, and even longer to unlock a book (meaning the premium choices are all covered for). It’s frustrating to wait so long. For any of the developers looking at this, please note this issue, and that it’s driven customers away. You might consider a more rigorous reward system, increasing the amount you get daily for playing, and for the seventh day in a row, include a free reading AND an immediate fifty coins, or lower the premium choice cost. And you might have coin rewards for playing Heart Hunters, or allow us to watch adds for 20 coins per add, limited to 5 adds per day. These are my personal suggestions, but I can assure you, the other players will want this, too. It’s not worth the month long wait for one choice; I would rather turn to the other RP apps like Choices, Episode, Moments, and/or Chapters.
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4 years ago, ~CinnaMonToastCRUNCH~
I would give full stars but...
Okay so everything about this game is good. The art, storyline, and characters and the format. All those things aren’t the problem that’s not the reason why I’m not giving full starts the reason why I’m not giving full stars is because this game (I’m sorry that this is mean but I’m gonna be brutally honest) money hungry and ISNT fair when it comes to options in the storyline and the game itself with money and coins. C’mon I mean- You have to wait 24 hours to spin a wheel??? And even then with the wheel when you do spend it’s freaking IMPOSSIBLE and I mean IMPOSSIBLE to get 1,000 coins on that wheel. Money in games can make the actual storylines in story games go downhill because you can never ever pick the good or interesting options because it always costs money and too much money at that so the development of the story just becomes non enjoyable and just...bland. Just think about lowering prices and making it fair for everyone to get loads of coins for the game for free. Like I keep deleting this game for like 2 months just because I can’t enjoy the game just because of the money hungry-ness and I just come back whenever I get bored or to see if you guys improved in any way shape and form with this game I want to keep this game and finish it fully but you guys make it hard to do so. I hope you guys can fix it
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6 years ago, sara_renx
I love this game so much, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve fallen for Julien! However, like the multitude of reviews that have already been written about this game, I have a few similar concerns. The ratio of coins and keys you earn every eight hours and from the free spin to the amount of coins you can spend is ridiculously disproportionate. At the rate of how many coins I would like to spend on spending on an option, I should be earning 500+ from each of the slots on the free spin especially since it’s only a daily spin. If I was allowed a free spin every two or three hours, then I can see how the amount of coins earned would be slightly less. I applaud the development that has gone into this app, but I also wish that for each character’s romantic story it was similar to the original story plot in which the player can go back and replay the entire story without having to wait for a key every eight hours. This way, I could replay the game, and still have to pay for the options that I didn’t try in the previous gameplay. Side note: I would love to be able to see even more of Muriel and Lucio’s story separate from the other characters’ stories! Other than that, I love this game and the characters and the pro-LGBTQA capabilities! I hope to see more of these games in the future!
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4 years ago, walking dictionarie
I Have No Life Now! 😁
And I glad about that! Who needs the sunshine on their face when there’s suns shining in here (preferably Asra 🥰) I don’t need to talk to people other than the characters. Okay that all is a joke, besides Asra being a sun, I do like being in the sun and....briefly talking to others, but when it come to The Arcana, I simply am lost in the world of romance and mystery. I’m on Asra’s story and honestly, I’M IN LOVE!!!!! He’s super charming and handsome, and incredibly sweet. He’s my favorite out of all of them. But, when I finish with him I’m moving onto Julian, cause why not. Anywho, I’ve seen people complaining about the money and gems and honestly, none of that fazes me one bit. The story is still amazing whether I choose the only affordable answer or not. Who cares! Well, obviously some people. But don’t listen to them, this game is amazing and I can’t stop playing. Hence the reason why I no longer have a life. I’m in love with the Arcana and its characters. The design is amazing, their personalities are different from each others, the music is just so vivacious, and the mystery incasing my character.......I simply cannot stop playing because of the romance, thrills, mystery, and twists and turns! I love The Arcana!
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6 years ago, MishanAngel
Good Story, but the Pay To Win is strong...
I found this game and I love story games. I’m pretty patience since I know these types of games you need to wait for things to refresh. The storyline is refreshing and the artwork is stunning. It’s a beautiful game and while I have not actually finished it, I am still trying to make my way through the story. That being said, there is a HUGE pay issue. You could probably make it through the story without using coins but you wouldn’t get to see some of the better storylines. But the only way to earn coins is either buy them, which at the rate that are being sold for, there is no way I could or would pay. Or the free daily spin. Now the spin gives you coin options or trinkets. Trinkets give you a way to get extra scenes. However. There is an option to win 1000 coins. But it’s not possible. I’ve spun probably over 150 times. I’ve gotten two of the three scenes. And I will say, the wheel is rigged. I’ve seen it get close and then bounce back hard so you receive the trinket next to it. And that frustrates me the most. Because 1000 might get you five choices? Maybe. But for the story and the art I keep trying to spin but I don’t do the story for months while I grind for the 200 coins every day. It’s rough.
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7 years ago, NeonDragoness
Loving it so far
The story isn't finished yet but the graphic novel is still extremely well written. I like the very subtle mix of occult knowledge, mysterious pasts, a feeling that it's all a big magical puzzle full of hidden messages... just the artwork in itself is dreamy. It reminds me of Arabia but it's clearly a world of fantasy inspired by Western magic traditions. The imagery really speaks to me. The story itself is revolved around the murder of a count, and the ghost still lingers in the castle. The protagonist has to do a few different things simultaneously; solve mysteries, figure out the general past from clues and other people, and romance a character. It is supposed to be an interactive romance novel and it's one of the few I've seen where you have a non-binary gender option (for pronouns; she, he or they). You can romance three people so far (regardless of your character's gender) and it looks like they're planning three more romances. So this is really pro LGBT+, which I'm happy to see. You can also switch between romances if you like to experience each choice, and the nice thing is that you don't have to wait until a certain point before you do that. My favorite so far is Julian. :) Great game guys! Keep it up!
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6 years ago, charleysept
I love this game but
This is my favorite game, I just don't like how the characters' storylines are so separate from each other after book 4. From the beginning I was really struggling between picking between my two favorite characters and once I did pick one to go for, I kept playing through a lot and didn't really see the other character, and kind of felt like I was missing out on something. But then I played the other character and all of the sudden I get all this new content that I didn't even know existed, and storylines that I didn't get but felt like I deserved with the other character were advanced on. This is cool and all but the problem is that it's like my interactions with the other character never even existed and it feels wrong to me, lol.. I'm sorry that I can't really put it into words well, I just wish everything was connected without having to play different characyers and everything being all separate cause I kind of suffer when I have to pretend like I didn't even experience anythingwith the other characters.. I like the layout of book 1-4 :) yea that's it thanks for making such a great game I love it so much and yea I spent money lol
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5 years ago, notieGirlXiX
There are some problems, still good though
I love this game so much, it’s LGBTQ+ friendly, and has characters and stories that will amaze you, and whenever you get close to a character, you feel as if your in the story. This app has so many good qualities, but like everything, it has its flaws too. First of all you have to wait around 7 to 8 hours just to get ONE KEY. I do suppose you can buy keys for a dollar, not pricey at all, but you have to agree not everyone will do it. I suggest having someone wait either less time, or if they still have to wait 7 hours, give them 3/3 keys, it gets extremely annoying counting your hours and all for one key that unlocks such short chapters. Next problem I find with this app is whenever you get a really good option, it always cost coins and no one gets coins quick enough to follow through with more than one option, yes, you can buy coins, but along with keys, a lot of people are not willing to buy them, you can spin the wheel with a chance to win some coins, but you can only spin once, then you have to wait a whole day to spin again. You could use coins to spin, but what’s the point when you don’t even know if your gonna get some or not. I hope you understand my review, and try to take a little action on it.
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3 years ago, BetaBot101
Lovely game! But coins. . .
The Arcana is such a lovely and stunningly beautiful game with each character having their own unique way to romance and a dashing story that makes one want to continue till the night passes for day to break. I myself had so much fun and much enjoyment going through each character’s story, but one thing that didn’t really make me TRULY love this game was the coins. To unlock all the art you would need more than 5k of coins.. which is a lot in my opinion, but understandable that routes are optional and they don’t affect the player really if they can’t afford it, but one thing that truly made me peeved about the coin system in the game abit was the spinner mini game. One big thing people have talked about was the chances of winning the 1k winnings on the spinner. I myself must have spent more than 1.5k to win the prize and never win it. If one could win the 1k in the spinner minor game more often than I would’ve gave this game 5 stars. Sadly this game wants you to spend more money on buying the in game currency than the prizes they seem to offer up in the spinner. At least you can unlock coins through the daily heart hunter, but only if you had won a consistent amount of times to get all their postcards in certain areas of the board to win a measly 20 coins.
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6 years ago, Lovely awesomeness greatness
Pay wall is too high!!
The game is beautiful, engaging, and very much worth paying for... but really...nearly $10 a BOOK of a story, for every story (there are 9 books for each three characters currently.) It would improve sales tremendously if you decided making a $15 option for coins and then making the amount equal to that of the whole story and future chapters of that story permanent for the player. If someone bought all 3 books that way that would equal a hefty amount of $45 for the developers! Many more people would spend this amount, and the demographic would widen significantly. The prices are just abhorrent. Most games of this type although less in depth go for much less, around $5-$7. Also, an 8 hour waiting period for EACH key with a max of 3 keys? Maybe 2 or even 3 hours would make it more tolerable and still would allow for a refill of keys to be thought of and purchased. I love this game and it’s story but I, and many other people are not willing to pay the amount that they are asking. Please rethink the coin amounts, purchase rates, and time waiting periods of certain items. This would not only make the players (payers, if you will) happier, it would also increase the number of sales, ultimately earning you more money.
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6 years ago, Ajhds7333
I’m totally in love
So I’ve only played for like twenty minutes but I’m loving it so much I had to review. The art is gorgeous, every character and all the backgrounds are visually stunning, the music is lovely, and the tarot readings scare me because they’re way more accurate then they have the right to be. I’m actually a witch and it was the tarot feature that got me to try the app in the first place and the reading was so spot on I almost felt sick. Just like my real cards, the reading called me out with things I didn’t want to hear but know are true.. I’ve only done two of the general readings and I’m looking forward to saving some coins and getting one of their specialized readings. I also really enjoy the portrayal of magic and being a witch in the story, it’s obviously a bit fantastical compared to actual magic and results, but overall it feels like I’m being accurately portrayed lol. Really the main thing I’d say is pushing it is the player characters tarot readings because the cards don’t actually talk to people so clearly, but I know plenty of experienced card readers who can feel the meaning of a card with intuition so I can’t even say that’s pushing it ridiculously far.
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5 years ago, Tyler The Soupyy
Absolutely love it!! But...
So, I started this game because I saw it often in my feed online, I got curious and downloaded it and feel in love with the art, story, and most importantly, Julian—I mean... the characters. The story telling and characterizing is wonderful and I do say the game is definitely a unique one, it’s possibly the first of its kind! However, while I like the idea of special scenes you can purchase, I’m not so much of a fan of how hard it is to get coins without paying. I do admit, I did the stupid change time to get spins and have to wait almost 2 months until the next... but that’s because I don’t yet want to blow my savings on getting the chance to kiss my favorite character. I’ve seen people talk about having ads, but I don’t seem to have any. If you could give the option for advertisements on everyone’s game, and possibly another kind of coin grab chance, then it’d be more opportunity to users who can’t or don’t wish to pay, over being more “cash grab” about it. I know I don’t need to buy the paid scenes and they don’t affect the gameplay, but it’s unfair to not be able to gain more insight on the character I’m playing.
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6 years ago, LoffCakes
Enchanting and Inspiring
Beautiful artwork, wonderful storyline, fun side features and great music! Each character has so much detail in their design and turn out absolutely amazing and interesting. I always look forward to meeting someone new so that I can see these wonderful works. None of the three love interest options disappoint. Each delivers a story that drains my keys in a single sitting. It is probably a good thing that there is a timed key refill otherwise I would never take a break. Of course, there’s the age old problem of having to save up or spend money on coins but I can definitely say that it’s a lot easier in this game to get them than in others; you can visit the tarot (which gives you five daily and if you visit seven days in a row you get a free reading) or spin the wheel that renews every twenty four hours. There is also kore of a long term way to get them too; there is a fun little side game called Heart Hunter and if you unlock all post cards of a certain type then you will receive coins and various prizes (I have not done this yet) I very much look forward to more chapters being released and much thanks to the makers of the game.
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5 years ago, Zorokoronoro
Good but so frustrating
I have been following the art for this game for a while on tumblr, and after finally playing the game, I can gladly say that the art is as stunning as expected, and more importantly, the story is well written. I love the characters, dialogue, and setting. However, I have quickly grown frustrated at the coin system. The game barely tries to offer extra coins, and it certainly doesn’t give enough intentionally so people will buy them with real money. I don’t have a problem with paying for some quality art, but that said, I wish there was a more up-front way to just pay for chapters or the game itself instead of having to get coins. Just let me buy the game. If this was on the App Store for like $10+, or offered a price to get all the chapters, I would definitely buy it. You can buy a chapter for 500 coins, but that’s pretty hefty for what little content it actually gets you. I think if either there were easier ways (such as rewarding players for making a right choice or improving existing free coin systems) to get free coins or a way to, you know, just buy the game, it would be much better. As of now, there’s no way to tell just how much coin you’ll end up having to buy to get the route you actually want.
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6 years ago, personovertherainbow
Love it but...
Okay, I will admit it, it’s been about a year now and I finally have 2,000+ coins. But that was through logging in daily(Okay sometimes I missed some days) and not reading a single chapter until today. Now I have to be honest, I really missed the story and the further I get into Julian’s story the happier I am. But this coin situation... I literally chose 2 choices and now have 2,000 exactly, my heart plummeted into my stomach when I saw that. I wouldn’t mind having to watch ads or something to gain more coins, I love the game, I love the music, and I absolutely adore the character’s designs. Everything is amazing! Well, cept’ for that coin situation. As you can see, I am willing to wait, and with each update everything gets better and better! (Away from the negative and now on to what I am loving about this app) I love the new feature with you getting to gain “hearts” and getting little side stories! Plus if you gain enough pictures you get more prizes! - - along with that you can exchange the stuff you gain in the wheel now! I had so much stuff(100+) and didn’t have any idea on what to do with them haha, so I’m happy we can exchange them.
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4 years ago, BlindBatArt
I’m in love with this game!!!
The art work is absolutely breathtaking, the storyline is well written and cohesive, and the characters are unique and very well developed!!! The only thing that I could want to change, is the coin system. On average I spend a MONTH saving up to make a choice for a dialogue option, and I religiously check in and play the mini games. I think it could work out well if you could sell your trinkets for so many coins, because there are only so many scenes to unlock with them, and I’ll have ten or so of one trinket and one or two of another. It would be nice if you could cash in the extra trinkets. I also read another review that recommended upping the daily rewards in increments of five, and while I like the idea, I think that would take too much away from the developers even if it had a cap. I think a better option would be to have a weekly reward, that say, starts at twenty coins and goes up throughout the month, then resets at twenty at the beginning of the next month. Other than the coin problem, this is my absolute favorite game to play, and I’d love to see it become more accessible.
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6 years ago, ComputerGirl02
Great game; not so great wait time.
I love this game to death; it has amazing storyline, characters, and writing; its artwork is detailed, lovely, and consistent; and it uses background music to its greatest advance! I really do love it in all of these areas, and I’m even convinced spare a few dollars to make a coin choice here and there (even though some of them are pretty high considering it’s so hard to get coins in the first place). These things, regardless of them being perfect or not, are not as big of issues as the thing I dislike most about this game—the amount of keys you get for the time you have to wait. I would be okay with waiting 8 hours to read on, sure! I just don’t understand why you’re only awarded one key every 8 hours? When I first got the game, I was under the impression that it would refill totally every 8 hours—three keys. One key every 8 hours is absurd, though; the chapters are too short for just one! If adding more keys for an 8 hour wait isn’t what you guys want to do, I really suggest lowering the wait time for one key instead. For now, I can only give this app four stars, but I really can’t wait to see where it goes in the future; hopefully it’ll be a five later!!
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5 years ago, falcon3817
Boring unless you spend money
This game forces you to spend money on coins otherwise it’s completely boring. You barely get any choices to choose from and when you do you have to spend 150+ coins if you want to pick the best choice. It’s basically “do you want to do this fun thing for 150 coins?” Or “do you want to turn back and have this entire conversation be a complete waste of your time?” I’ve been playing for about a week now and I feel like I’ve gone nowhere and I can’t even get into the story because it’s so passive and boring when you can’t choose to do anything fun. This game does give you 5 coins every day you return and you’re allowed to spin a prize wheel once everyday for the possibly of winning coins but it never lands on coins and at this point it’ll take me like 750 days just to work up to getting to make one choice. They do give you 200 coins to start with but it’ll all be gone in 1-2 choices and then if you don’t spent money after that this game really holds no interest. I don’t even feel like you can develop the romance in the story because you can’t pick any romantic options. Beautiful art, interesting characters, but no way to actually enjoy it all in this game without spending lots of money. I doubt I’ll even bother playing this game much longer.
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5 years ago, ~~Sherl~~
There Must Be Some Misunderstanding
I love this game, though I’ve only played one route, it’s very interesting and fun. I was always VERY excited to see what happened next in the story and was actually a little glad that there was a key system involved so that I didn’t just plow through the entire story in one day. I see people complaining about having to “pay” to make certain decisions and people who don’t like the keys. First of all, if you really don’t like that you have to be patient to refill the keys, change the day in your settings 😂 Its a little much but don’t complain if there are options available. Second of all, the parts of the game that you have to “pay” for don’t count towards your ending. PLUS you are given free coins. It may take some time for them to build up to be enough to unlock these extra little bits of story but come on not everything can be handed to you. The developers of this game work hard to bring you this amazing content AND they have every bit of the game available to you in some way. You do not have to pay for anything if you don’t want to, just be a little patient!
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