The Bank of Princeton

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Bank of Princeton
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User Reviews for The Bank of Princeton

4.55 out of 5
429 Ratings
11 months ago, RraNaledi
I have been a client with the Bank of Princeton since 2005, here in Philadelphia, when it was called MORE Bank. Throughout the 17 years as a client with the Bank of Princeton, I was never offered a loan of any kind. Quick to charge me $30 for being overdrawn by $5, as an African American, living in Philadelphia, where the population is more than 50% Black, I have never seen another Black client in the Bank of Princeton. I have, in fact, faced situations where the Bank of Princeton literally turned my cashiers check down for thousands of dollars, and sent it back to the bank of origin, when I was traveling overseas. On other occasions the staff on Arch street has been rude, impertinent, and snidely to me as a Senior citizen, while placing severe impediments to simple bank transfers, both within the USA and abroad. Frankly, the Bank of Princeton, and in particular the center city Philadelphia branch on Arch Street, under its current management, has shown itself to be incompetent to handle my banking requirements, and I shall be withdrawing all my funds from the bank as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, $927
No interaction yet
I join this bank because I moved to Browns Mills New Jersey and it’s the closest bank to my house. So far I have had very little interaction with tellers in the nine months I’ve had it due to Covid. Hopefully things will be back to normal. The only negative thing so far is that I don’t see any other Bank Of Princeton‘s near my house
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4 years ago, eight accounts Joe
Poorly planed
You close down beneficial bank on Friday 5/7 and opened on Monday 5/20 as The Bank of Princeton. Friday, May 31 was the first time that I could pay bills from my five different personal accounts and as of today June 1 I still cannot use any of my business accounts online. No common courtesy notifications about what was going on phone calls that were never returned and people in the branch that I deal with that didn’t have the answers. Very poor representation and Service from your bank considering pulling everything and going to another bank thank you for all the problems you’ve caused me these last two weeks.
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3 years ago, Nrchandelsmeid
You don’t even have to log in to check your balance and you can transfer funds between your accounts in as much time as it takes to punch in the numbers
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4 years ago, ZippyBlonde
Best Bank Ever
I love using the app for checking my balances, doing transfers, and the ease of it all.
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6 months ago, iDontWantaNicknameYouStoleMine
Worst app
Something is always broken. For the last month the app would just crash on launch. Now I can finally open the app I’m not allowed to log in because they turned off mobile banking(apparently also means mobile browsers too). So I now have to go to my desktop to login turn on whatever setting that got reset. Rinse repeat.
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2 years ago, snivelingmess
App no longer works, is it just me??
I’ve had this app for over a year, and everything worked perfectly up until about a month ago! The app no longer lets me login; when I enter my user info, a pop up comes up and says, “we are working to make mobile banking available ASAP blah blah blah”. When trying to get app support, it says not available, please fix this!!
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1 year ago, DolosC
Doesn’t work
Terrible and doesn’t work, The bank of Princeton is a scam to those who are financially illiterate. The staff are prone to many mistakes that they refuse to fix leaving YOU to deal with the mess. Do NOT open an account with The Bank of Princeton, worst mistake I never made.
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3 years ago, Monica Lesinski
Convient, nurse friendly
Very easy for a nurse to use!
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4 years ago, Broken App 3500
App appears broken
Can’t log in due to continual error message that I don’t have “connectivity” in spite of perfect internet for everything else. Deleted app and reinstalled to no avail. Updated IOS and repeated to no avail. A non-working app should get zero stars.
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4 years ago, Pokefab
Very frustrating to transfer money. I have to go to a physical bank just to move money from one account to another. Might as well not have an app
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10 years ago, Waffleburn
Nowhere *near* as bad as trying to use the website--especially on a mobile device!
Not sized for the iPhone 5, and with limited functionality--e.g., no check images or camera-based deposits--but still: a big step in the right direction!
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1 year ago, Laurenrose181
It’s been 3 days for the app to be “worked on”….
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2 years ago, drizzydrerogerz
App is old
The app feels so outdated compared to these other banks.
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4 years ago, CroLun
Keep telling me bad connection but my Moble and Wi-Fi connection is perfect
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