The Battle Cats

4.5 (36.5K)
208.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
ponos corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Battle Cats

4.51 out of 5
36.5K Ratings
2 years ago, GamerLucario
If I’m being honest this game is great. I always end up overlooking this game when I really shouldn’t. It’s amazing. It’s simple but very difficult when you first start but when you finally develop your own strategy for the game a whole new world appears. Different cats for different strengths and strategies. But one thing that would really be cool would be if this game had PvP. I feel like this might be a difficult task to do though. All the cats have strengths and weaknesses and having to add these to the plentiful of cats would definitely be really difficult. The only reason why these cats are so strong is because of there strength and having apply these to the cats would be extremely difficult. Trying to make a Rock Paper Scissor kinda thing to these cats would definitely be a lot. I still love the game and the absence of PvP doesn’t make it worse I just feel it’d be really cool to have. Being able to fight against people with different cats although the people who spend a ton of money would definitely have an immediate advantage. As well as people who played this game from the beginning but it’d still be great. Just a fun little mode. Nothing competitive but there could be an option for those who have really great cats. Oh well it’s just a fun idea that would add a lot to the game. As long as people don’t complain about other people who have really strong cats or something
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2 months ago, HarrisonII
Hands down, The Battle Cats is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I downloaded it 4 years ago but didn’t really start playing until 3 years ago when one of my cats was dying :( It was easy to spend time with him in bed while also playing the game. After he died, I just didn’t stop. The game evolves so much as you move through the different worlds, it almost becomes something else entirely! I had no idea how expansive it was when I started. It’s actually really impressive how the dev team has built a game that’s not only this big but is still growing! They’re constantly adding new content so even when you “beat it” (which I have), there’s a consistent stream of events and collaborations that cycle throughout the year which always give me something new to play every couple of weeks. And the game isn’t just playing the levels and killing the enemies, it’s also upgrading the cats or grinding for items to make my cat army just a little bit better. And honestly, the best feature is that you don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. If you’re patient enough you’ll find that it gives you plenty of opportunities to collect the “paid” content for free. Of course spending a few bucks to support the developers is never a bad idea! If you like games from the tower defense genre, you’ll love The Battle Cats!! MEOW
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3 years ago, Bot: PoatatoL
My personal favorite game, just minor inconveniences.
So when I started playing this game 6 years ago, I sucked at it so I stopped. Then I came back to it 3 months ago and started doing well. I beat into the future for the first time, got holy Valkyrie, awakened bahamut, ururun wolf as well as lil nyandam, and I’m 1 sub-chapter from red riding Mina. While I’ve enjoyed this game, I had 2 concerns, 1 being why I go through lots of grinding to get to 150 catfood by doing stories of legend and zombie outbreaks, then have to get that 9 more times, only to have a %55 chance to get an Uber? While that doesn’t sound bad, and epic/uber fest gives me a %99 chance, I have a friend who just did an 11 draw today, a.k.a. epicfest, as well as 3 tickets so basically a %126 for an uber, and got 13 rares and 1 super rare… HOW?! While he already has 2 great ubers (Amaterasu and lufilan), I still think it’s kinda unfair how that didn’t happen. As for me, I haven’t gotten an Uber in 37 rare tickets. Epic/Uber fest or not, that should be almost 2 ubers/ on my way to 4! I mean can the luck be a litter better here? I’m trying, I really am, but I can only go so far without being Uber carried once in a while, I’m not a god at this game, and I know that because he sits above me waiting for me to spend my precious catfood. Thank you for letting me voice my concern and continue developing this wonderful game!
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4 years ago, Sea dolphin1
What to expect as a beginner
First of all, let me just start off by saying that this is one of my all-time favorite games. Cat food is plentiful, stages are engaging, and the rare cat capsule system is one of the fairest out there... well, as long as you have the time and patience to make it to mid-game and onward. Lots of new players get drived away and complain because they can’t get enough cat food or they get stuck on a stage (specifically the elephant stage, you know what I’m talking about). And these nitpicks are understandable. This game isn’t just for little kids; Battle Cats requires intense strategy to conquer some stages. If you’re a new and/or young player and are hoping to play this game a lot, just be prepared because you can get shot down again and again. You’re not meant to grind for xp, and there are many strategies or guides you can follow online if you are desperate, lots specifically designed for beginners. Battle Cats is a difficult game to engage in, but if you endure through those tough stages and make it through Legends and other challenges (because there is A LOT to do in this game, much more at first glance) it will be a decision you won’t regret. And when I say you have to play a good amount, I mean it. The game requires real effort in order to get to the real meat of the game. So, do you think you can take on the challenge?
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5 years ago, 𝔡𝔰𝓀𝔲𝔩𝔩𝓏
Pretty fun game at the least
I’m just going to go ahead and get straight to the point with my review. (Keep in mind this is also the first time I’ve typed up a review for a mobile game.)Don’t get me wrong, this game is actually REALLY fun and can be addicting as well a great way to pass time. My main problem is treasures, however, because I can spend all my energy on one level and still won’t get the superior treasure for said level. The reason why this is such a problem is because treasures are vital to being able to pass all the levels, (specifically Moon levels). As you progress through the stories, it gets tougher and tougher without at least 30-40 superior treasures, to the point where it’ll actually be impossible to beat the last level. It gets to around that point whenever you reach Moon Chapter 3, which is the Bun Bun one, when it becomes nearly impossible to beat if you have little to no superior treasures for that chapter. All I ask is if it’s possible to increase the rate of superior treasure drops (although there are days when drops are more common) so that I can actually progress through the levels with a little more ease. Thanks for your time if one of the staff members from PONOS actually took the time to go ahead and read through all this, because like I said already, I’ve never done a game review before. Overall the game is really great besides everything I’ve already talked about. :)
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3 years ago, cat ticket theif
It’s fun but has a few problems
I get that it is supposed to be a gotcha game but some ubers make the game to easy and if you are stuck you have to gamble in hopes of getting something good and every thing is a little overpriced. If ponos ether made it so you could just by cats you want with cat food it would make the game a lot less annoying but other than that battle cats changed my life and I’m hoping they could ether do one of these or decrees the difficulty of some levels but if your stuck in eoc or into the future early it makes the game uber dependent and that is why I recommend allowing your players to buy the cats they want instead of gambling and sometimes not getting an Uber or even a good rare or super rare. Now I go back to the over priced part. I say this because a normal 11 draw is 1500 cat food which can be equal to 50 dollars and not everyone has that money and there are a lot of people who get stuck and even getting treasures won’t help they only think that getting a good cat from again gambling with the rare cat capsules. My last issue is that you shouldn’t need to again gamble with the normal cat capsules to get ten of the same cat. It would make more sense to allow you to upgrade your normal cats to 30 by getting a certain user rank but that’s just my opinion. So now I’m done and ponos is going to do nothing about this but it was worth the effort.
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3 years ago, drake/dragon
very attractive to play but two problems
throughout all of my games I think this one is the most attractive but any long day and night, ok, hear this out. This is my favorite game although there are a couple problems that you should keep in mind with updates in early progress for the game itself. #1 is treasures. Spending all of your remaining energy for a single superior treasure is the best known thing in battle cats known history. It should be part of the update that you are planning to add to the game because it does cause some frustration with players and makes the game more likely not enjoyable for the people who experience things like that. and me, who finished cats of the cosmos 2 hours ago agrees with the online players. I feel like the treasure thing persuades people and think they are useful throughout the game. Although they are useful in a way that most people already know. #2 is the rarity of Ubers.I have once done 3 eleven draws with rare cat capsules and didn’t get a single Uber. Because of that I stopped playing for about a month but when I came back my whole life changed. I tried 3 more times for the draws and the whole time I was saving up for cat food while I was gone. And on each 11 drawer I got three Uber’s and were most worldwide players experience, they become undefeated. Thanks for reading this and please fix these problems :)
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5 years ago, ljjgfbhgf
Well usually I play different kinds of tower games like metal slug attack and I heard that there was cat units in this game that are from metal slug like the Jupiter king and the helicopter. But this game is SOO AWESOME!!! I started playing this game myself when I wanted a challenge and I saw this game which looks cool and it was TOTALLY worth! But there are two things that concern me. There not bad things but I’m just saying this because I think it might be a good idea to do or just a brainstorm but here are my concerns. The first one is to buff Hayabusa because he really feels like he does zero damage to enemy’s like I was fighting the robot Hippoe and Haya just kept on getting knocked back and I watched videos where even if Hayabusa is evolved and is level 30 he still gets knocked back even from the weakest enemy. Concern number two. Maybe after you finish your daily log in rewards there should be another one with XP and cat food. Because I finished my daily log in and I’ve been struggling with out it. All my XP was counted on the daily log in. Now I only have a little XP left and I have to do legend challenges to get some if there is XP for the reward. And that’s all my concerns remember nothing bad I’m just saying them like an idea but this game is Awesome and I recommend you give it a try. Keep up the good work Ponos! ;)
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6 years ago, Xyg yuerg
The elephant is OP nerf it plz
It is an amazing game and I love it but I can’t get past the levels that u need to pass to progress in the game I can’t kill the elephants and I can’t because they do so so so so so so so much damage and none of my cats can hit him/her except for my mythic titan cat but the elephant has so much health and titan cat doesn’t have an overly hard hit and the elephant kills them in around four hits to kill witch is good but again crappy damage vs. amazing damage and amazing health the that equals death and defeat also why in chapter three in the empire rises or something like that on I think Jamaica level TWO OP elephants! That is too stinking many elephants just all I’m asking is to nerf the elephant oh and plz while u umm maybe nerf that also the aliens moth is also op because I used wrath of god on him and It only did drumroll please 4% of his/her health and the alien hippo with it is just that means I’m going to die and I cant get xp because well I can’t complete any levels and if u think like stories of a legend levels or event levels or whatever the other ones are called I can complete some of them but they give you as much xp as gamatoto gives u every expedition he does with two lackeys and one silver helmet assistants and two white helmet assistants on dusty desert and at level 10 so yeah plz nerf them plz plz plz!
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3 years ago, FORTNITE Y
Almost perfect mobile game
This game is like selling your soul to satan himself, once you start playing, you can’t stop, I can go all day mentioning the good points of this game, simple to understand, very, VERY long gameplay, quick grinding (with proving grounds) and plenty of strategies to use. Obviously, no game is perfect, np grinding is rough, only reliable way is to grind cat tickets by doing siege of hippoe or facing danger, but you barely get any by doing facing danger once, but the game makes up with its plentyful of discounts and free rare tickets to use up, heck they even added a system to grind platinum tickets for free (although it does take a while) There is also the gacha system which is basically gambling, and of course that relys to rng, which no one likes, but PONOS does make up by doing EPIC/SUPERFEST that increases chances and does guarentee uber sometimes, difficulty in some levels are also very extreme such as Daboo 3rd stage which requires stupid crazy rng, and there are plenty, PLENTY of terrible useless cats out there Even though the article is plenty of cons, there are so many pros to make up for it and it will take forever mentioning all of them, so I recommend you download this game and find all of the pros yourself! Just beware, don’t get too addicted
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4 years ago, Monster849389397192827919
Rare Capsule Machine
This game is so much fun! I’ve played for over 5 years and still play to this day. Everything about it is great and I love it all and how they always add new stages and events every update. It’s not a money hungry cash grab as you can get Uber rares just by playing the game because they always have events and updates and give you free rare tickets and cat food and a normal silver ticket every day. On that note tho one thing I would love to see is a open 10 rare capsules at once. Now I already know about the 11 draw for cat food but I mean you can save up to 10 rare tickets and open all 10 at once. It would have the same effect as opening 1 at a time it wouldn’t give a boost to chances or anything it would just be more convenient to people who save up rare tickets till like 400 and want to open them, if you’ve ever done that you know it takes forever. This game is great and I can’t stress that point enough I just feel that this addition would be great in the next update or even the next few updates. Kind of like the return to map button this would be a very nice little addition. Thank you for reading my review and I hope you add this in the future. Best of luck ponos!
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2 years ago, NexussSky
One of the best mobile games out there!
I’ve been playing battle cats for YEARS now, ever since I was in elementary school, and I can say that this is one of the best mobile games out there and is super underrated. It has an insane amount of fun content that you can play through for hours with very minimal amounts of annoying grinding you might see in other games, and it also has tons of different game modes. It has the story mode which consists of Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Cats of the Cosmos, and The Aku Realms if you can count that. Once you beat story mode, you still have the legend stages and event stages, not to mention the collaboration events that happen pretty frequently. Although this game is a gacha game, you won’t fall behind for not getting Uber super rares or anything. You can literally only have rares and super rares and still be able to beat the game, Uber rares are not even required, they simply make the game easier for you. Honestly there’s so much good about this game that I can’t even put all my ideas on it into this little review, so if you’re reading this, I HIGHLY recommend you download this game and check it out, and PONOS, if you’re reading this, thank you for making such an amazing game!
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4 years ago, Vance3647
Love it, but caution long time players
I’ve been playing this game for about 4 years now and absolutely LOVE IT!!! Although getting Ubers is rough without paying money (I have maybe 17 in 4 yrs) the thrill of getting one wouldn’t be the same without their rare chances. Because you hardly get one, it can actually be exciting to see that red icon pop up on the top of the capsule draw and the moment of “OH My gOSh” is sooo worth it. Although I did give it 5 stars, I’m more on the side of 4 and 1/2 only because now that I’ve beat Stories of Legend and moved to Uncanny Legends, I’m kind of stuck. I don’t have catman, and can’t true form him (cause... don’t have him) but he is kind of vital to passing “A New Legend.” I’ve been stuck on this level, which introduces the relic kind of enemy, for the past 9 months, even though I have Mitama the Oracle at level 39 +1, Cat Eastwood at level 36 +5, Cyberpunk Cat at level 38 +7 and Slapstick Cats at level 39 +2. It’s annoying because even though they all help, I still need some anti relic units. They should for sure add Anti-Relic treasures and a new anti-relic Uber set in the near future. All in all, it’s a great game though. Looking forward to future updates, new treasures, Uber sets, story mode chapters, and more!!!
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1 year ago, coolTanQr
My favorite game out of all
This is honestly one of the best games i played in my life using cats with strategy fighting different animals and destroying there base is different out of any game. Also you can even get cats with capsules it’s pretty cool and with cat food you can ask the cat god to help you with cat food, buy XP and even open capsules using cat food and buying units in the special cats section. This could be the best game i played in my life. But also it’s also a very unique and different defense game protecting your base using hundreds of different types of cats and also the cat cannon is awesome and is a helping hand in battle. Also to mention the events are amazing and you even get special cats for clearing chapters I already got Moneko and I am trying to get Valkyrie cat. Upgrading cats and evolving them is amazing. And treasures make the game easier because when you collect a amount of treasure required for the buff it will give you makes the game easier. The game even has different types of enemies and reds are my favorite type of enemy. And I gotta mention Gomatoto lol great for scavenging some rewards. And like I said amazing game and my most favorite game out of all the games in the world.
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7 years ago, super galaxy cosmo
Amazing stands out and definitely needs more recognition
I’ve been playing for a year now and I’m only at chapter 6 which is half way and I’m not saying the challenge is bad I’m calling the challenge good you have to bad Cats in your loadout either upgrade or remove and to people that say you don’t get ubers so the rate of ubers should be raised your spending your cat food wrong “oh I have to buy Cat food “ no you don’t this game is actually one of the very few games that puts its gameplay before money it’s extremely easy to get Cat food something they flat out give you cat food so that issue out of the way once you got a tin of cat food you think your good right? No go the the rare cat capsule machine and use the starter sales they give you at the beginning get atleast 780 cat food it’ll take a long time but it’ll pay out now when I’m telling you to farm cat food still play the game enjoy it but use the 30 draw which is just on sale it’ll go back to a 150 draw then use the 750 draw NOW wait till a uber/epic fest or get a event with 100%chance of uber rare cats then boom boom boom your ubers or with you ( the chance of not getting it from uber/epic fest is possible but chances are raised so take ya chance
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2 years ago, OTrasen
Well Done Ponos
I have played this game for several years and I have a frankly embarrassing amount of play time in this game. Whenever I want to play a mobile game, this is the one I immediately open. I get the whole downside to the treasure grinding in the early to mid game, but the overall fun and design of this game is amazing. The first thing is that once you beat the battle cats rising, you have so many different options of stages to play. The sheer number of possible stages that the developers went through the process of designing and play testing is quite staggering. Another fantastic thing about this game is that you can play most stages offline so when on a road trip or flight you don’t have to worry about that. Finally this game has essentially 0 advertisements. The only occasional ads you get are for other Ponos games or for in game purchases but they never push you to pay or make you sit through video ads. Definitely my favorite mobile game, if you have a phone you should have this game. Thank you Ponos for the years of great design, and I am excited to see what you have in store for the future of The Battle Cats!
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10 months ago, your last braincell
Amazing game. I reccomend.
This game has changed my life for the better. As soon as I downloaded this game, my ex-wife came back to me, my kids loved me again, I got a massive raise in my company, my landlord was more nice to me and didn't wanna kick me out, girls swarm around me whenever they see me, my friend count increased 10-fold, my food increased in quality, my parents turned out to be playing dead in the hospital and came back to life when they saw that I was playing battle cats. All of these happened instantly as my life flipped upside-down. I also got to see cats with super-duper sexy legs as a added bonus, which was on my bucket-list before I die. I love sacrificing cats for my own personal gain as I watch them float up to heaven after they do absolutely nothing but make room for my valued ones, which also die within the next few seconds. There has never been a day where I didn't play battle cats, and a day where girls never swarmed to watch me play battle cats, and a day where I wasn't praying to the cat gods 10 times a day. Thank you battle cats for making my life amazing again. Sexy legs cat for president 2024.
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4 years ago, michael dickheiser
A review on reviews... because this game is too good to get reviews
So. This is a great game! Really fun and has so much content it hurts my mind. But what is worse are all of the people complaining how hard this game is. It really is more skill based than luck based, it is just that people aren’t good enough to understand. For example, Nothing needs nerfs. All stages are balanced, and if you think you NEED ubers, well, I’m in Cats of the cosmos chapter 1 with only THREE ubers. And no, they aren’t OP. I have lufalan, ultralan, and dartanyan. The only reason you would have bad reviews are for literal bugs, everything else are just impatient people that think they are “so good” at everything and think they should be able to speed through the game. So many people want nerds or say it is rigged when it is not. You are most likely lying about your situation, or just are impatient and don’t wait for a 100% uber chance. Also most reviews are from little kids complaining that don’t know crap on how to play. the summarize: most bad reviews are stupid and crap and should not be taken seriously.
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7 years ago, Mz.KrazyPantz
Great game but needs a few things
This game is extremely addictive. Once you start figuring out an effective battle strategy, you find yourself beating multiple levels and progressing rather quickly. However, no matter how addictive this game is, I feel like it still needs a few more aspects in order to make my review 5 stars. 1. For starters, I think there should be a stat bar for both the cats and the enemies fought. A few stats that could be included in this would be their attack power, the speed of attack, and you could still keep the type of attack and what type of enemy those attacks affect the most. 2. I also think there should be an easier way to get cat food because you get a tiny amount of cat food for doing long offers or for spending money. 3. I also think there should be a multiplayer mode where you can battle other players for prizes, based off of the power level of their cats. That way, players can get bragging rights and prizes when evenly matched with players that are around their level. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing about the game. I would definitely recommend playing this game because of the different attributes the game has to offer. 4/5 stars 🙂
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Few problems but the game is great
I’ve played this game for a long long time and it’s great! There are only some few problems I hope PONOS will fix. First are the treasures some treasures you have to spend ALL of your energy trying to get a superior treasure which is kinda unfair since the energy takes so long to max out. I know that you could just get a inferior or a normal treasure but that’s not the point I have ocd and want everything to be perfect so I hope ponos will increase the drop rates on the superior treasures. There’s also a problem about how EXPENSIVE and OVERPRICED the 11 draws and 1 draws are the 11 draws should at least be 900 cat food or 1000 not 1500. The 1 draws are a little overpriced too because cat food isn’t easy to get the missions start to get pretty hard after you beat chapter 3. I also hope PONOS will make “INTO THE FUTURE” a little easier because after you beat chapter 3 you still won’t have a lot of good Ubers some people might still only have 1 to 2 Ubers that aren’t very strong. This is the end thanks for reading if your seeing this PONOS I’m not trying to be rude just stating some problems I hope you can fix.
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2 years ago, Graysteel5
What people want in a mobile game
This game is so much more than funny cats taking over the universe. The game has a very fun premise that will make you want to keep playing through the early game, and rotating event schedules to keep you coming back in the end game. The soundtrack is also just incredible. The fun tunes of the normal stage songs are fun and never get old. They’re all nice chill tunes, and then the game surprises you with something as mature (in musical production, not profanity or anything like that) as cat gods theme. Also, the feature of having to roll for the best cats in the cat capsules may sound like a cheap way for the game to make you spend money, but it’s not. You have enough resources to make it through the first few chapters of the game without broken units, so it doesn’t matter if you have to roll for good units. People who don’t like the game quit before that point, and the people who make it there have an easier time collecting cat food to spend on cat capsules. Overall 9.6/10, I can’t put the game down for more than a day, feels like more than a mobile game.
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4 years ago, granttheecamelcat
This game is amazing (for some people)
I’ve played this game for a few years after my friend introduced it to me, and I’ve loved it since, there are many fun points of the game like rolling getting a Uber rare cat in the gacha system, or beating tough stages, but many people get turned off from this game because they don’t understand the deeper parts of the game. There are treasures in the game that you can collect in the stages to help you along the way, and those treasures are vital when completing tough stages (like the infamous elephant stage), and it takes a lot of time to collect these treasures because you might have to complete those stages several times to collect the best treasure. Many players get stuck on stages because they don’t realize the amazing effects of the treasures. Now when I started the game I didn’t realize that too, but I ended up still playing the game because I rolled an Uber on my first try, so it really helped me. But this is just a notice to new players because it takes a lot of grinding to beat this game, but it is worth it because the middle part of this game is really fun. 5/5
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2 years ago, Sightfigures
Oh for cryin’ out loud
No, reviewers, the elephant does not need to be nerfed! Neither do Bun Bun or whatever EoC enemy you’re stuck on. They are incredibly balanced and just need the correct strategy to beat it. And your favorite uber does NOT need to be buffed. Super Galaxy Cosmo does not need more damage because he’s not the main damager! He serves as chip damage when your frontlines are in a stalemate because of his ridiculous range, much like Cyberpunk or Li’l Nyandam. Meanwhile, there are ubers that actually need a buff, like Papaluga. This game is not pay-to-win and treasures aren’t difficult, just tedious. This is coming from someone who hasn’t spent a penny, is two sub-chapters away from Mina, with Awakened Bahamut and every manic excluding Manic Dark, and also has mediocre ubers (I wish Sodom and Mighty Kat-A-Pult could do more). I’ve also beaten four deadly advents (Cruel Angel Cli-one, Daboo of the Dead, Bakoo, and Hannya) You have to be dedicated to grind Catfruit and XP, as well as superior treasures. Also, since it seems necessary, mini guide for those moderately difficult levels that everyone’s stuck on!
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5 years ago, Jruskey1
Great game, but has some flaws.
I started playing The Battle Cats a while ago in Version 1. It is a strategy game about destroying an enemy’s base with cats. The game has changed a lot, and it is still one of my favorite mobile games. However, there are a few issues I have with the game. First of all, it takes a long time to collect treasures. Treasures are upgrades you can find in every story stage. There are three ranks, and the best rank can sometimes be hard to get. It is completely random, as far as I know. I tend to try to get the best treasure before moving onto the next stage, and it can take over a day to get it. There is also a shortage of cat food, the “premium currency” of the game. Even though I have played for a long time, I am in the middle of the story, and have not begun to scratch the surface of the stages after. Cat food is required to get new cats, but the only way other than the post-story stages to get cat food is to complete certain milestones. Even then, you only get around 30 cat food, when to have a chance of getting one new cat, you need 150 cat food. Otherwise, this game is great. The flaws don’t detract from how fun the game is.
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6 years ago, BrendenDanielA
One of my favorite games ever!
Battle cats is such an amazing game there is so many things you can do in this game. Obviously there are some things I don’t like but it’s 95% love for this game I’ve played it like 5 times cuz I keep losing my saves lol but my most recent one I’ve had for a while and I’ve gotten super lucky with Uber’s and I’ve gotten really far. I am absolutely addicted to this game. There are 4 different things do do in this game with sub things in them and they are empire of cats into the future cats of the cosmos and “battle cats” with all of them having even more within like the first 2 have three sub chapters with 48 stages and cats of the cosmos recently added has 1 with 48 stages and the battle cats has stories of legends with many many “chapters like 40-50 and 6-8 in each. Now some of the things I don’t like about the game which is literally just me being picky is the rare tickets are a little to rare to get and the cat food is way to hard to get as well I think there should be a way to get cat food from xo or something but other than that a completely amazing game!!
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5 years ago, 88837374743833
For the (Cat) developers...
The Battle Cats is probably my favorite game on mobile and I love how there are easy levels and hard ones. If it was only easy it would get boring and if it was too hard it would be pay to win. It is pretty hard to get cat food which is essential in this game so I ask of you to make it a bit easier to get it. There are also two more things that I wanted to discuss. The reason why I gave this game a 4/5 ⭐️s was because of energy... energy in this game and like any other game that has it is like the most annoying thing. Other than that, the game is awesome 😎. I also suggest that you could make an a thing in games like clash of clans where you can friend each other, battle your friends and be able to give/donate things like xp or cat food or energy to your friends and make groups or clans so that the game is a bit more fun. A lot more people would probably join if they knew that they could play with their friends and get a little help if you are stuck on a level. That was all I had to say... thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, TheShadowKnight // TSK YT
Amazing, but...
This game is truly amazing and should be more popular than fOrTNiTe, however there may be some console and pc players who don’t have mobile devices missing out on the fun. If there were versions on consoles like Xbox, and PCs, than the player base might be even larger! On the switch version (I don’t have), the game is only available in Japanese and could confuse people who don’t understand Japanese, which can lead to problems. The game should honestly have a multiplayer like co-op or PvP which could get you some XP for winning. There should also be a custom unit which you could design and give it preset stats (but not op for starting stats), and you could name it, give it forms, and upgrade it to earn new stats, you could also share it and download other custom units for free or for cat food, depending on what the creator set it to. One final thing... ...NERF BUN BUN LE’BOIN AND TEACHER BEAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD (Le’boin is the worst to be honest). Anyway that’s it. Hopefully some of this will become a thing.
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6 years ago, veetGY
I would like my cat food.
For a while now I have been doing things to get cat food like download games or apps that can give me it, but so far every time I download the games and do what they want me to do I get nothing in return. If you are going to make it an option to get cat food by doing something through another app the you should program it to give the cat food. Now don’t get me wrong this is a great game and I love it so much but my time has been waisted on what is basically you guys trying to promote other adds to get more money. I got so many apps and games that you guys owe me over 15k+ but still haven’t gotten anything. Please fix this or at least give me my cat food. This is a problem with the game because I have tried deleting the game and reinstalling it multiple times but it didn’t work. If you ever get to reading this I beg that you don’t just blow it off as just another person that wants cat food for without doing anything at all. This game is truly special to me and I hope that this game stays popular for decades to come. #LONGLIVETHEBATTLECATS
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3 years ago, Legeluga
(550+ Hours) By far the best mobile game I have ever played
This is an amazing mobile game, there is so much depth beyond what beginners see, at the beginning it might take some work grinding for treasures, but after that there is nothing but fun content, from advent stages, to cats of the cosmos, to into their future I can guarantee you will waste hours having fun while improving you’re skill in the game and unlocking new cats The gacha system in this game is much more fair then other and perfectly balanced the rarity for ubers so that it isn’t too hard to get them, but you still get really exited when you roll the gacha and get a new one + all the ubers have really cool designs and unique abilities that make them even more interesting. Overall this is a great game that you should get, it has frequent updates that put out more content and overall it just never gets boring, so after completing the game after spending 550 hours I can confidently say this is the best mobile game ever added to the App Store
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6 years ago, Cactus elly
Buff the attack speed of super galaxy cosmos
This is the best game I have ever played in my life, but the first Uber I ever got was Super Galaxy Cosmos and I look up his stat on the battle cats wiki and I look at the attack speed and I start to moan because the attack speed is over 20 seconds, and to me game that is super slow now I wouldn’t mine that attack speed is super slow if Super Galaxy Cosmos did very high damage but Super Galaxy Cosmos only does 39,000 damage which make is one of the weaker uber actually that would make around in my calculations it is around the fifth worst uber but if you raised the attack speed of Super Galaxy Cosmos and raised the damage of the cat it would make it so much better and easier for newbie players that get the grateful crane (first form of cosmos) and think hmm oh wait isn’t that the Uber that is very good for destroying floating and that would conclude my request but another thing you might want to add to Super Galaxy Cosmos is a true form that is just a thought by now that concludes my request to make the attack speed of Super Galaxy Cosmos faster.
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5 years ago, DogeRamen
Really great game
Battle Cats is a strategic tower defense game that is free to play. While there are in-app purchases for cat food, a rare currency in the game, it is honestly super easy to get cat food, especially in the beginning. Your job is to collect cats, level them up, and defeat tons of wacky enemies that are just as derpy as the cats, and rule the world. This is a short review and I don’t have any demands other than more cats, levels, and FUN!! Now, I have read some reviews and some say you will hit a “wall”. Trust me, you won’t. Even when you become the best of the best, new cats and new forms are constantly being added, as well as more levels. You can even challenge yourself to do certain levels in a certain amount of time! Do NOT listen to people who say that the game takes a long time to load, or is just plain stupid. If you just try and look for the beauty in this game, you will find it. Overall the concept and art style is interesting and fun, and if you love strategy, silliness, and of course, cats, then this game is for you.
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4 months ago, Dana The Cat
Fun Game. No Forced Ads. Tons to do
This is a fun game. There is so much to do and so many new levels and events to play. NO FORCED ADs!!!. There are Ads you can pick to watch or not and if you do it’s beneficial to you and if you don’t you are not stuck or trap behind any kind of pay to win or pay to level up. You can play this game 100% with out ever having to pay IRL money. I’ve been playing this game since May 15th 2015. It’s fun to unwind and play while I’m on break. I like cats. I like Battle Cats. 10/10 would recommend. Idea for the game. A medic Cat. First stage would be a cat with a first aid kit with the Red Cross patch. It would do the similar action as a wave attack but it would heal the cats around. 2nd form would be 2 cats carrying a stretcher. True form would be an ambulance and it would until wave protection/protect cats behind it. It would not deal any damage to enemy’s just give health to cats around it. But it would travel like nerd cat so it hangs kinda in the back healing who is in front.
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10 months ago, Elojahn C.
Evangelion Please Big Cats
I played battle cats 8 years ago. I wasn’t the best since I was a kid then but since I’ve re-download i years later, it has been an exceptional experience. I love and enjoy the grinding and the experience and the daily login bonuses. The evangelion collaboration is probably my favorite collab with Battle cats and evangelion ever. Both of these really cool ideas and companies came together and I understand that this collaboration happened two years ago but I missed it. I would like to request that you guys bring back Evangelion collaboration again obviously that might take years again, but if so, that would be awesome. First time I ever spent money on the game and it was to get an Eva very cool when I did get it even though I missed the guaranteed a Uber day I was still happy to still get any Eva. still playing every day after the collab but I do want to see evangelion again please Battle cats bosses so I can spend more money. One eyed asuka I need.
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4 years ago, djeosheisbdlauhwkdicuudr
Good but..
Hey ponos, I really love your game a lot,but here is the thing, you really gotta nerf Jackie peng a bit,cause everytime I would try to waste cat food using the wrath of god on Jackie peng,like even on chapter 1 I was struggling,not anymore though,but still just nerf him a bit,he is like a full auto attacking enemy,but anyways next is the other problem le boin, aka the elephant, here the thing about him,everytime he survives critical hits,when he attacks he can kill an entire army cause of his area damage,Can you please nerf le boin in empire of cats,and finally in chapter 2 is lord nyandam,like he is op,the area damage is even worse than teacher bear and le boin,maybe just lower his health or nerf his damage in the moon please,he is really hard to beat and I wasted so much cat food on continues trying to beat him, I had all these Uber’s, ganglion,kyoko Sakura,and voli,even with all that I can’t beat him without wasting cat food on continues,please nerf lord nyandam on chapter 2 moon,he is so god annoying, also please make easier missions for more stuff,that is all I need for better updates in battle cats, thank you
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5 years ago, Hartville mom
This game is crazy good
The system works well but, cat food is hard to get. Collabs and events fix this in many ways. Events do give you daily cat food. And it gives you rare cat tickets every update. They also kinda works like badge arcade. The game gives you a daily training sequence where you can get fake badges and some have little targets that give you chances to get a real badge. Blue targets give you one and red targets give you 5 to 10. I can’t remember. Except you can play it more often. There was a flaw that made it so that you can’t store cat energy by completing a upgrade reward or completing a story or special mode for energy. This was fixed later in the game. They used cat flags instead of instantly giving you energy. They also made it faster to get to try again by giving a map button. Thanks developers and all your collabs and everything you do. You have made a completely weird game where everything has a cat face somewhere on them except for collab “cats”.
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2 years ago, A Battle Cats Enjoyer
Great game but…
Now I love battle cats this game is super addictive and fun. With the endless amount of cats you can play this game however you want but after Chapter 3 Moon the game becomes really grind irritating you have to log in every single day so you can accumulate large amounts of do and cat food so you can increase your user rank. Don’t let me get started with treasure grinding. My main problem is that it takes such a long time to gather enough cat food for eleven draws. I understand PONOS doesn’t want it too be easy to get cat food so other will be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on cat food but I think Battlecats should become less PAID TO WIN and more FREE TO PLAY. I would love it if every month or so players would be given 750 or 1500 cat food for one 11 draw which would make the game more exciting and give the player more opportunity’s to get a brand new UBER. I hope you put my requests into consideration PONOS and I would REALLY appreciate it.
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6 years ago, AlpenWolfer
Best Mobile Game
I play a lot of video games, most on computer. I find mobile games to be awful and just a waste of space. However, Battle Cats is an actual game and not just some boring moneymaking phone game. I have played it since December 28, 2012 when Normal and Special cats were all you had and Stories of Legends didn't exist. I will continue to play this game until the end of time. Even though it is a mobile game, it is one of my all time favorite games. Every update has so far made this game better. I can't wait to see what this game is like in 5 years. PS, For those who are saying you need to pay, you are honestly just impatient. Ponos gives out cat food for celebrations all the time. Gamatoto, completing chapters and timed events, and unlocking new cats also gives you cat food. Not to mention rare tickets are also easy to get for free. Ponos gives them away every holiday and the game let's you convert 5 normal tickets to 1 rare ticket after you complete all non-cat upgrades.
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2 years ago, JOSinfinity
This game can really use some PvP, multiplayer, and trading.
This game is very good, I have been playing for months. However it kind of felt lonely since you couldn’t play with others. It would be nice if PVP, multiplayer, and trading were added, perhaps with these features the game can get more attention than it used to get. I also have been thinking about the mechanics for these 3 new possible features that might be added: PvP: PvP will appear next to the Legend Stages thingy, when you join in, you have the Start, Upgrade, and Equip. When you press Start, a screen will say “Join battle” or “Create Battle” and then the fight happens. To make this fair, you will be fighting another player that has the same user rank amount as you. Multiplayer: Multiplayer will work similar to playing like single-player except that you have another person with you to team up in some stages, in Multiplayer, stages are 2x harder but they give 2x the amount of XP and resources. Trading: In multiplayer, there can be a button that says “Trade” and you can find players around and send them a request for trading. This way, a person with tons of uber super rare can trade their beginner friend a few strong cats so that he/she can get an advantage for the beginning of the game. Overall, this game is awesome, and it will alway be, I hope Ponos sees this, as I wish to help this game gain more attention.
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11 months ago, TheiPadOwner
God Of All Games
This game is THE LORD of all mobile games, especially because I’m a cat person, but I think dog people can clearly enjoy the game just as much as me! It takes quite some grinding to easily beat the games but I love the game because it’s just great with all the cat capsules and things like that, and overall the game is just FIRE, but I think some others may have not agreed because they didn’t get as lucky in Ubers as I did, since I got the OP Momotaro (evolved) and Princess Kaguya (non-evolved), but otherwise the game is really good and I recommend the game. Some problems, (although still rating 5 stars) is of how overly expensive getting rare cat capsules with cat food. C’mon, 750?! It’s not a BIG deal, but I just want a better chance of being able to beat aliens in Into The Future better with different cats and being able to beat the boss on the OG chapters, more specifically the Chapter 3 (sorry, I forgot the series name btw).
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2 years ago, goooood game goooood
Five star game grrrrrrreat
How cats is my favorite game is five stars because of its funny demeanor and that the feeling that I’m making progress is so nice it’s just beautiful and also I get to destroy my enemies! Like teacher bun bun I love this game because you start off with nothing from one basic cat… then a few months later a whole army. And getting xp and cat food is Super fun heh heh yeah…oh! And I almost forgot to tell you that during the tales of Necaluga I really want three cats just three the mustache Luga papaLuga and tecaLuga those are the ones I want and I’m trying I’ve tried and tried and tried but I can never seem to get one Luga so if you want to I would be most grateful if you can please I beg of you please I will tell everyone that I know to download this game if you do this one favor could you please give me the Lugas I request thank you for making this game plleeeaaase get me those lugas. P.S what do you call a fish with no eyes a fsh
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4 years ago, Manic Eraser
My personal favorite
This game is amazing! I can’t think of a single flaw. First off, when you start on EoC (Empire of Cats) it gives you very good gameplay. Pretty easy, but not to the point where it isn’t fun. Once you beat chapter 1 and chapter 2 and move on to chapter 3 moon, this game starts getting pretty hard. You have to find the right strategy. Into the future introduces aliens, a new trait commonly found on enemies. It is smooth sailing until you hit Floating Continent and the Moon. This is when you need to focus on collecting treasures to make it easier for you. Once you beat that, you are at my point. I am currently collecting the “crazed cats” which are usually improved versions of normal cats. For example, increased movement speed, range, health, attack, or even decreased cost. That isn’t even it. Ahead of where I’m at there is Cats of the Cosmos, Stories of legend, and finally, uncanny legends (basically ancient times) To sum it up, Battle cats is a spectacular game.
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7 years ago, OwlCat89
Used to be great..
I really loved the game. I had it on my old iPod (Which was 6 iOS. I got the game before it became 7 iOS.) I had a lot of progress on it, and one day, it said I had to update it. But of course, that was the day it became 7 iOS.. So I had to play on it without opening any cat capsules or completing any limited time things on stories of legends.. But when I got my new iPod (Which is 7 iOS) I was excited because I can transfer all of my progress and I could also play does limited time things.. I transferred my progress, and I was so happy because I could open my cat capsules and do other stuff! But I was wrong. I got all the new features like zombies and GAMATO (Sorry if I spelt it incorrectly) but I couldn't open my cat capsules. Also my energy won't restore over time. GAMATO doesn't work either. I also can't play any limited time things on stories of legends! I also don't get any cat food from any events ( Like say it's Christmas. If you get on the game that day you might get 20 cat food. I'm not sure if you stopped doing this, or my game is broken.) Please fix these!
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5 years ago, idkandlcns
Great game, but not perfect.
Battle Cats is probably the best iOS game I’ve ever played, and it’s far more in-depth and extensive than most other games on this platform. The designs of the cats range from simple, cute doodles to really well-drawn units, and the Gacha system works well. It also is very easy to play without using in-app purchases; I’ve had it since 2016 and have never had to spend a dime to continue playing. That being said, it is easy to hit a wall in this game. Despite having over 140 hours in this game, I have not yet beat the Into the Future levels all the way, mainly because I simply don’t have the best cats for the job. It is not uncommon to run out of resources and have to wait to get something good. For example, I could not get past a certain point in the Alien stages, but as soon as I got a good anti-Alien cat, they were a breeze. A lot of this game is luck, but it is also a great game and a better waste of time than most phone games.
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12 months ago, Doctor8400
The best game ever!!!!!!
I love this game so does my brother but it is pretty hard to get Ubers and stuff. So maybe lower the chance or something. I really wish that there was a Bahamut cat Uber and it is 10x more powerful. I also wish that you can have friends and stuff to fight each other and you bet how much cat food that if you win you get the cat food your friend bet. Maybe add another like grade i guess like something bigger and better than legendrares maybe maybe like specialrares Bahamut in that one ya. Maybe something like stronger than a crazed cat on a normal scale like crazed cat to super crazed cat or super buff cat. Again love this game. But it is pretty hard to get lots of cat food. Thanks for making this game. I just thought maybe when you finish battle cat you should make them download the battle dogs and you fight cats instead of doges and stuff. Thanks for making this game. Again the best game ever. Thanks
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2 years ago, Pine4756
Terrific customer service!
This game is the best, tons of cats to guide you to victory, and tons of fun to keep you guiding them. I can not stress how good this game, but even better is the customer service! I recently deleted battle cats on accident while trying to free up some space. I was so upset, immediately emailed PONOS and they got back to me in less then 6 hours, all i had to was answer a couple of questions and voilà! In about day they emailed me again i got my account back. Apart from amazing customer service the game is super fun, and if you like ruthlessly murdering tons of enemies while leveling up your cats this game is for you! This game is super strategic and can be frustrating at points but its all worth it to finally see the Victory!!! screen pop up. Overall amazing game and VERY addictive. If I could I would give this 10 stars, but sadly that is not the case. Definitely recommend downloading.
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5 years ago, micspankies
The most fun game I have played but
I have been playing this for 4 years and I still love this game playing it is fun and its a challenge the events are fun and the heavenly tower but I have been having sone problems with it such as the cat capsules the uber rares are so hard to get yeah it’s a 5% chance to get it but I have opened 10 capsules at a time during uber feast and epic fest only got rares I have gotten more legend rares then Uber’s and the thing that made me mad was when I opened my first 11 capsules drop on an epic fest to increase my chances to get 2 Uber’s but once I opened all of then I didn’t get any Uber’s at all and that got me mad so I bought more cat food opened another 11 still got nothing only rares not even a super rare and the game has been crashing randomly sometimes i has on the moon for future ch2 almost beating it then the game crashed got back on then had to restart it why cant we win rare tickets in the missions
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6 years ago, Speedy-9000
Ok listen up ponos I love battle cats but don’t make it to where it is almost impossible to complete one level. I’m on chapter 2 almost about to finish that chapter. When I played one of these levels the elephant spawned I was ok with it because I have cats stronger than him, but for some reason after defeat him another one spawn with the same set of enemies. Look I love this game but stop spawning the same enemies over and over because when that happen I couldn’t even complete the level it takes so long. Also stop giving the AI the advantage all the time plz. All I’m trying to do is finish chapter 2 stop making the AI WAY TOO HARD TO BEAT I know that’s the point each chapter they get stronger but don’t make them over powered. Sometimes it would have 2 main enemies and I would kill them both then two more come out and wipe all of my cats its unfair that I have to use up my cat food just to try an beat the level plz change this only give one or two strongest enemies if I beat them I should go on and complete the level
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6 years ago, jyfjyfuyf
11/10 game, but one thing to make it better!
Firstly, let me just say that I freaking LOVE this game. I've been playing since I was 8 and I'm 14 going on 15 over the summer, but I've had to restart a bunch of times. I admire every aspect of it from the funny characters to the gameplay itself, and most importantly it's one of the few games that doesn't need you to make an in app purchase to continue the story! Literally the one and only thing that will make this game a god compared to everything else is HP bars on your cats and your enemies. It would really give hope to anyone who is fighting a difficult boss for a long time. They'll stop questioning whether it's even worth it to send more cats and encourage them to keep up pace if they are close to beating a boss. Like I said, I absolutely love this game, but PONOS, if you add this one thing I guarantee that you'll top any competition. Thanks for the great game, I enjoy it a lot!
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5 years ago, Bananasauros128
Great game though I have some event ideas
This game is fantastic. It keeps u hooked from the beginning with the daily rewards and keeping the levels just hard enough. And later in the game when ur stuck on one level in the future and finally u beat it and play more until u find another level ur stuck on. There r so many fun events for legend levels but there is lots of potential too. I feel like u could make the chances of getting an Uber u already have lower than getting a new one because I have one Uber and got the same one 2 times after that and it really gets on my nerves. Second, I think that a black clover event would be cool, with lil asta and lil yuno as a cat combo against midnight sun enemies. You could make the magic knight captains the Uber’s. That being said this is my opinion and I realize that no one is gonna see this and my opinion doesn’t affect the world but if u do see this please consider
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4 years ago, AndiR308
5 STARS! But...
I would like to say I love this game. I’ve played it for a couple years now and I’m about midway through the game. ITS SO FUN AND ADDICTING! I would recommend it 100%! The characters you get are fun, and there are absolutely 0 forced ads, which is rare to come by nowadays. However, you can watch an ad for only one cat food. I feel like watching ads for 1 cat food each isn’t rewarding enough. I find myself needing fifteen cat food, and having to watch fifteen ads to get it. While there are many other ways to get cat food, I find this to be the easiest way. It’s annoying doing this for a single cat food, and I was wondering if the developers would be willing to, please, increase the amount of cat food you get for each ad. I would greatly appreciate it if you would. Other than that, I have no issues with the game. Events are frequent, and the game is fun to play! Thanks for reading, I give this five stars!
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