The Battle of Polytopia

4.6 (13.9K)
153.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Midjiwan AB
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Battle of Polytopia

4.6 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
7 months ago, Odjdhdudnssidibwidhcebbd
Your Enjoyment is Inevitable (Edit: New Update)
Who every develops and takes care of this game, round of applause for you. This game is one the best strategy based games I have experienced. With the range of troops, Tribes, difficulties and play-styles this will keep you entertained for weeks on end. Thank you and keep up the good work. I have enjoyed this game so much I actually bought tribes and I usually never spend money on apps. REVIEW ON UPDATE: I’ve played this game for quite a some time, since high school and I come back time to time and it was always fun. I’m looking at other reviews and they seem to hate the new update but I love it. The bridges and ranges on the new ships are nice as a scout ship is a nice touch, them giant ships do a little to much damage, I don’t like that you removed whales… but besides that the new ships are nice, it just seems like the “custom house” and “Elyrion whales” where the biggest reason people where upset, the ships are actually better people will get use to them. The roads being 3 stars now is irritating because you need to build so many, but maybe they were undervalued, removing the whales for elyrion should give them a equal replacement. And that one review had a good idea to have options for the market or custom houses. My review will go to 4 stars until some replacement is made for the whales or if you add a new troop or map size
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5 years ago, Vdyvdrjbfrugf
Great game, some room for improvement
Firstly, let me just say that I can’t wait for the PC version of this. You can take my ten dollars for that. Anyways, back to the mobile version. It’s really good, but as of now, there is a lot that could be added since really the only way to win is to take over everything and that gets repetitive after a while. A diplomacy system of some sort would really help in that arena. Second, I keep getting the Luxidoor in my game even though I haven’t bought them. Another thing I don’t like (I don’t know if this is a bug or not) is that you can upgrade a city, choose to get a giant, and if your city is being invaded it will simply push the invading unit out of the way. It’s very annoying when the AI does this constantly. Also, I think it would provide more variety for those who don’t want to buy tribes if you included Kickoo in the free tribes, because it starts at the base level of the tech tree as well. Now, onto some suggestions. Perhaps a separate branch of the tech tree for diplomacy would definitely provide more depth. Another thing to add could be ‘dissent’ in recently taken over cities. It would impair the production and max troops of that city over time, and eventually lead to rebellion. This would make it harder to win by simply killing everything, because it would make it necessary to secure captured cities before moving on to the next. Finally, it would be nice to have an upgraded version of the Archer, maybe a Crossbowman?
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2 years ago, momoffour84332
Great game! Only one suggestion
This game is amazing, and if you are looking for a strategy game with great graphics and online matches this is the game for you. One complaint I do have is about the recent need to luxidor. While I do agree luxidor was unbalanced, it is now one of the worst tribes in the game. It now only makes three stars instead of four and this changed it a lot. It takes usually until you find another village or ruin before you can start getting economy going and this sets it back majorly especially considering you have to buy the tech which costs at least five stars. Luxidor is the most expensive tribe and it is honestly a disappointment of a once great tribe. Some suggestions I have to fix this are maybe giving luxidor a starting amount of stars of 7 instead of five. This would help to get early economy going quickly and would make it unique as it would be the only tribe to start with seven stars. Another thing if you don’t like starting with seven stars is increasing the amount of animals or fruit that spawn around the luxidor. This could also help economy to get going and would make it so instead of having to buy two techs to upgrade your capitol to only one. Otherwise this game is great and definitely would recommend playing. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, abarnert
This game is a few years old, and the regular updates don’t add that much replayability. But still, if you haven’t played it, and you’re at all interested in turn based strategy, seriously, play it. It’s free, it’s fun, it doesn’t do anything to annoy you or to try to be more addictive than fun or any of the other nonsense you find in every other mobile game. In fact, the worst thing you can say about Polytopia is that it will make you depressed about the horrible state of mobile gaming in general. A small studio could pull this off years ago, and yet still, every good idea that anyone comes up with is ruined behind horrible monetization schemes that make the game no fun. Polytopia proves that you can do better, but nobody is bothering to do better. So, we’re all carrying around what should be an amazing gaming device but isn’t, just because nobody can think of any way to make money besides bombarding you with a storm of deceptive ads or manipulating you into paying to unlock the “free” content. But at least there’s always Polytopia to come back to whenever you get frustrated about the latest game that advertises that it’s not like all the other garbage and then turns out to be exactly what the ads say it isn’t…
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5 years ago, hhhhhhhhakkf
So close to greatness
I’ve been playing Polytopia (supertribes) on and off for a couple of years now, there is just something that keep bringing me back. Every time I play I always dream of crushing my friends in a match to show off my skill, but that fact is I simply can’t do that. Multiplayer in this game is blocked behind a pay wall, yes there is the free “pass and play” but that just slows down the experience and isn’t very enjoyable when your trying to hide your position from your friends. I would love to see multiplayer became a free feature, and I do understand the reason it may be blocked is because you guys are a small company and you need some type of income, but still I feel that doing this would help the community out a lot. Multiplayer in general dealing with any turn based game always takes time. Now I am not sure how the online multiplayer in Polytopia works having never played it, but I feel like there is an easy solution to a more exciting fast paced experience. Adding a timer to every players turn; let’s say 5sec early on and progressively gets longer, would really add fast thinking and excitement to this already intense game. This is just some things I think you guys should improve on, I myself am a design freak and I have many other ideas, but in the end it’s your game and I really want you guys to succeed.
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6 years ago, JoeJoe 2
Great game
Hello, I like to start just by saying what a great game. This game is packed with hours of fun. I would like to make a recommendation for the third Special Tribe: The Engineers. Like in the Alien movies the engineers should be master creators. I will go over each special tab and then I will recommend some units. The hunting and fishing research tabs should enable the consumption and convert into a little amount of stars instead of xp so that you can create more units. You should be able to now farm these animals or upgrade them like the second special tribe, but no dragons. The riding tab should be a cloning tab so instead of more quality you get more quantity. Though the clone will be weaker and you can’t clone a clone. The engineer tab should give you something cool and the sailing tab enables ports. You should be able to upgrade a battleship to an airship. Everything else is up to the developer(s) for the tabs. Some units I recommend are healer and builder. The healer is obvious, but the builder should be able to construct walls that act like mountains and can construct bridges to go over water. The art for the temples should be exclusive. I know it’s a young idea, but I think it has potential. I understand the dev(s) might not even read this, but personally think something like this would be awesome.
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3 years ago, PixelPeopleWarrior
Best mobile game ever
As someone with an infinite thirst to improve my strategy skills, I have searched for forever to find that perfect game. Very few have stuck with me. This, however, has to be the best mobile game in the history of mobile games. Because of the differing looks and terrain for each tribe, each tribe feels special and unique, not to mention the tribes that are actually unique. It’s quite amazing how easily I got sucked into this beautiful, low poly world. This game is truly a masterpiece and I would absolutely love to see what the developers have in store. If, like me, you love strategy, conquest, and simplicity (while also retaining a decent complexity), this is the game for you. The devs are quick to respond to the bad review to fix the problems someone has reported, the devs are great at fixing bugs, this game has very few bugs (I have encountered only 1, and it barely affected anything. It was more like an easter egg than a bug), the game is simple but not too simple, has great graphics over a beautiful low poly design, and the gameplay is great overall. This is one of the greatest games I have ever played, and I really suggest it to anyone, even for a quick pastime. The game is truly amazing.
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4 years ago, LowPolyChicken
This Game Is AMAZING
First of all, you guys are the best. A lot of people complain about the paid tribes, but I understand where you’re coming from. You’re an indie company, and hosting online servers isn’t free. So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, time to write an actual review. I love this game! It may or may not be my favorite RTS on the App Store. That graphics are simplistic but gorgeous. All of the tribes are unique and have something new to bring to the table. The game is balanced, something that a lot of Real Time Strategy games can’t manage. And there are NO ADS. ZERO. NADA. I really respect that you guys are trying to make a playable game instead of a blatant cash grab. The RTS style here is done very well. I actually feel like I am commanding an army and going to war. All of the units have something new to offer, and there are a plethora of strategies you can make with all of the units. If there is one thing I would suggest, it would be diplomacy. Trading and making alliances would be pretty cool to add to the game. And that’s about all I have to say. The game is GREAT, and you guys have made something truly amazing! Keep on trucking! Also congrats on getting your game to Steam! (Sorry for potential typos)
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5 years ago, BrycesBasement08
Regions and construction of the map
I understand I am probably not gonna be read but I do have a few suggestions that would make the game quite interesting. What I really find fun in these civilization games is the creation of the gameplay itself. So something like team play with bots or online players. Ex: 2 v 2 battles where the teammates will share the same boarder color but have their unique tribal looks and color on buildings and characters. Another thing I suggest is being able to set the map size or the amount of water tiles produced in a game, while this can be randomized I’d think it would be a great add to the game if we could make our own maps and use them for online or bots, you could even put a price figure on that. When I first started playing them game I could barely beat a normal, now I go against 9 crazy’s and beat all of them no problem, so in consideration I hope you guys could make a harder difficulty for the bots maybe giving them a boost to their economy. In all of this I love this game and will continue to play for years on, you guys are doing awesome with your tribes and I am ready and excited to see more updates and changes, hopefully some of them I mentioned. Thank You.
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5 years ago, I AM THE ONE!!!
Some Suggestions
Playing almost everyday including when I travel, flying, driving, even walking whatever I’m doing and I have time to pass this is the game to play, but I have some suggestion to help make it more fun! First, there should be more terrain such as valleys that take up to a max of 4-8 squares and if you level up passed the knowledge of roads you can purchase the knowledge of bridges and they can be upgraded because they can be attacked! To add on, small rivers can also form now and the new bridges can be built over the rivers and can be built on big lager rivers that have a max of only one square. Next, a new unit should be added, and they can be new boats (the tech splits off from the boats tree). The new boats can include ram boats that ram into other boats and units that are in a coast, another boat unit can be like the philosopher they take over an enemy boat by boarding the other boat, but can only take it over if it has less health or even health with each other, and finally the last unit is the ironclad a brute like ship the does a medium amount of damage but has a ton of health maybe 40 or so. Thank you for reading my suggestions and of course keep working on this addicting game!
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6 years ago, I'm just a reviewer
Overall a great game
Polytopia is very innovative, being able to be a civilization game that has a clean user interface (without the over detailed and overwhelming amount of actions that other games sport). It is also very engaging, locking the player into a sense of worry as their empire falls to one city, or a sense of victory as they devastate 2-3 civilizations. The reason I find Polytopia different than other civilization games, is that Polytopia doesn't push in game purchases, every time you quit to the menu or start a new game; this factor alone is extremely strong, since other civilization games make you miserable with the amount they MAKE you pay to continue. Along with this review, I have a few suggestions that I will detail in the next sentence. The world generation of Polytopia isn’t something for me to question, however I think users should be able to set guidelines for their world generations, such as the amount of water or the distance between capital cities. Another suggestion that I have is that it should take units a turn to convert to the enemy; this would allow the player to make a counter-unit to reverse the process ( you might require to raise the health of the converter to 15).
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2 years ago, ScreamingBear759
Have never enjoyed a game more
This is undoubtedly one of, if not THE best iOS game I’ve ever played. It is incredibly strategic and appeals to the scheming plotter inside of me. Every game I’ve played has been ridiculously interesting and diverse with seemingly no absolute meta or best strategy which keeps every game even. I love that the game completely resolves around whatever a persons favorite play style is. I would like to highly recommend some form of messaging feature between friends however. Being able to communicate with the people you play against would actually be amazing because it introduces a social sphere into the game which would consequently make it more competitive. I personally found myself a rival who I’ve played countless rounds with trying completely different strategies and it would be fun to actually communicate with them. But anyway, yeah this game is not at all money hungry and supports one of the most entertaining and upscaled versions of a chess match that I have ever indulged in. It has easily been my guilty pleasure for endless hours of enjoyment, I would highly recommend this game as the number one best strategy game on the App Store.
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3 years ago, Ddogthe1stbooha
A Wonderfull Game
This Game is great, I would compare to a slimmed down cig game and not in a bad way, I find over complicated mobile games are unappealing and too much at times and Regis gave the perfect amount of strategy and fun into the experience. But I do have a few concerns, first of all I have played and kept a close attention to updates to this game and I think they could be produced perhaps faster and of better quality, I enjoyed the creative tab being able to customize the type of world you play in, and I realize that they just came out with another special tribe, but I think that there should be a more customized experience that could be implemented. First of all, I think the community has some great tribe ideas and maybe you listen to them and make more tribes that appeal to the community, that would benefit the both of us, a cool new tribe and profit. Second of all I wish there was a little more to the diplomatics in the game. South as alliances and declaring wars, not too much more, but enough so that boundaries are clear and it would diversify the game more. Those are my main concerns and I hope this message teaches people looking into the game. Thanks!!! -A dedicated fan
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2 years ago, ImNotUltraw
A really great game
I truly enjoy this game for numerous reasons. The first one is that you can play real time multiplayer with your friends, and unlike in similar games such as Civilization 6, you don't have to play out a match for hours and days and weeks. You can just make a quick match against friends or computers. Another thing I would like to state is that I've seen some people complain about how the game is pay-to-win and how you have to buy a tribe to actually play with friends... if you're one of those people, I just wanna say, $0.99 isn't exactly a king's ransom for a tribe, and guess what! Developers are human, and therefore they have to pay their bills too! And it's not even pay to win, such as with Bardur (a free tribe) having the best economy in the entire game. Anyways, to the point, this game is actually really great to play, and really convinient if you just want a quick match, unlike in other games where you have to play for days. And either way, you CAN play reasonably long games if you really want to, and contains pretty interesting lore... if that's also your thing. Overall, great game, 5/5.
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7 years ago, GoMadMama
Easily a five if...
The game has a lot of great things I've been playing for a long time off and on I'll download it play it for a while delete and download it again. Polytopia really hits the spot in a lot of ways as the only consistent thing game to game is the player and the tribe you choose to play. It has a great level of randomness making the game, to a degree, new each time I really enjoy discovering the maps and the Conquest Mode on Pass and Play is my favorite. You can't ever tackle one round of this game the same way you did the last one. Each map brings new challenges and can force you out of your comfort zone so you never actually get to reach some of your favorite techs or do your favorite strategies. One round you need to rush your opponent while the next you need to be patient and ready to strike. That being said there is a reason I'll delete the game. After a while it gets boring you can buy another tribe to spice it up, which is only $.99, but after a while it just won't be as fun because you've done everything you can do. Sure you can start a new game with a new map and new enemies to conquer but after you've done that a few hundred times it feels like the same thing over and over.
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6 years ago, izjosh
Midjiwan I have ideas
Midjiwan I love this game it’s the best game ever but I have some ideas to make it better for example three new tech branches one a radioactive tech tree it would have chlorine gases in the first in the second masked soldiers and in the last ( I know this sounds crazy) nukes I don’t want this game to be complicated so to keep it simple launching a nuke you need a place to launch it and that would cost stars and to launch it would cost stars too but a lot and you could only launch a nuke 1 every 2 turns the second tech tree would be airborne there would be a makeshift plane a better plane and then the best plan. And also maybe add a communication branch in this branch there would be letters radios and more and maybe a troop that sends messages that can boost other troops. And there would also be new tribes three for each tech like one that starts off with masked soldiers and no other one with airborne planes ( that aren’t overpowered) and one that starts with communication. I know this seems a lot but I think it would make the game better and more action packed but simple too that’s why I love your game and please if you are reading this please try and do this
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3 years ago, candorista
One of the Best Games for Mobile but…
The Battle for Polytopia is a brilliant game full of adorable characters blended into an accessible strategy game that players who are new to the genre will enjoy from the start. It’s very fun, I could go on about everything I love in this game for a hours. Polytopia is my most played mobile game and definitely my favorite. But for all its glory it leaves something desired. I think what’s missing from this game is any ability for cooperative play. Winning strategies in The Battle of Polytopia are often brutish and compulsory. Players are essentially required to adopt a ruthless military strategy to win games. Because this strategy can be applied to either of the two multiplayer game modes, Glory and Might, the feel of both are strikingly similar. A lack of diversity in gameplay stunts the replay-ability value of this game. I think a way to add a significant amount of replay-ability would be to add more opportunities for cooperative play. This could take form as a trading system or a way for players to communicate indirectly, such as declaring war or creating alliances. Team based game modes could be an interesting idea. Something that would add more human interactions in the game.
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5 years ago, celticjenn25
My favorite app in the world!
I am a long time fan of Polytopia and have seen all of its changes and advances, and I have put in more hours than I care to say. Anyone who I have shown it to has instantly lived it and will play whenever we have time. I cannot recommend this game more! It beautiful mixes strategy, skill, and simplicity all in one. Polytopia is also easy to pick up and takes a while to master it, but when you do it only becomes more fun. However there are two simple changes to the game that should be reversed to how they used to be. Firstly you should be able to name the worlds like you used to. It’s can sometimes be trying to scroll though six games before you find the one your looking for. Another more significant change is the addition of more water tiles when the world is generated. Many games are very one sided as other players more often are restricted to small islands until they can research the navigation tech. This can be quite frustrating when you just want a good match. As I already said this is my favorite game in the App Store and I cannot recommend it enough! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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1 year ago, Terrariawizz
The worst update of this game to date
The cloak is one of the worst editions to this game, a hidden troop that can summon multiple troops all with the stupidest ability known to man (surprise). These troops so annoying to deal with since all you can really do is spam troops and move them across your land praying they find one of these cloaks before they unleash 10 daggers staring down your capital, even when you find one most troops can’t even kill them in one shot so you still get destroyed anyways. This game used to be a game where every strategy can work, you could rush chivalry and bum rush opponents, make the biggest navy army known to man, convert your enemy teams strongest units to your side. But now it’s resorted to spamming Cloaks and Daggers, I don’t think the dev team has ever played a game with bots all on crazy and it shows. Edit: no having a walled city with defenders won’t stop anything as the whole point using of defenders are their insane counter attack and daggers have surprise so defenders do nothing, you can’t even attack with the defenders because they literally do 2 damage to daggers. All you do is delay the inevitable, while one of your cities is overrun with daggers and you start getting a knight army to deal with them the other two tribes already started riots on all your cities. This game used to be fun, what happened?
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5 years ago, affrtvb
This gaming app is on my top 3 favorites to play!!!
I am so addicted to this game! I am a huge fan of the civilization games and this is definitely 1 thousand times better then the mobile versions of civilization! I probably even prefer this over the pc version counterparts. There literally is no reason why you shouldn’t get this game it’s free. Although if you wanted to play online you can only match up with other friends and not random people and you’d have to pay for one of the tribes (civilizations basically just in this game they are called tribes) in order to play online with your friends but it isn’t that expensive and they don’t overprice any of them. There are 4 free tribes to choose from and most of the other ones cost about a dollar and there are 3 special tribes that are 2 dollars. Before you buy a tribe I’d read what each tribe is capable of because every tribe has their own perks and that way you don’t buy one you don’t like. So even tho theirs like 1 or 2 flaws don’t let that stop you from getting this game there is no reason not to especially if you are a fan of the civilization games.
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5 years ago, JustANormalDude
Man why are so many ppl hating on this game?
I was just scrolling through the “Most Critical” comments and dang, there were a lot of them lol. Some were saying the graphics were bad, but they’re not. Just look at the pictures of the game or download it yourself! Other people were saying that the AI cheated, but (no offense) those people probably weren’t the best players. Some were saying how they took away pass and play and domination (which they didn’t) or maybe they put them back in bcuz ima new player. The only thing I agree with (and I’m pretty sure anyone who’s reading this agrees too) is how you have to pay for 8 other tribes, 99 cents each. (which is cheap tho). I mean, after playing all the four default tribes (my favorite being the desert rider guys) it gets kinda boring, even with the random maps. Another thing is that you have to sign in to Game Center to play multiplayer. (Its probably not a problem for other people, but for some reason I’m not allowed to sign in to Game Center cuz of my over protective parents.) Other multiplayer games don’t require it! Take clash of clans for example. And that’s it. Thx for reading, random person! Can’t believe you made it! 😂
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4 months ago, bbarr93
Bot Decision-Making Sabotages Games
I hardly ever write reviews, but I believe this could be a game and company where it’s worth it to - hope I’m right: Anyways, in single player games with several crazy bots, sometimes one of the bots will pull ahead while another bot (not at peace with me nor the other leading bot) will get stuck repeating the same game-sabotaging moves endlessly until the other leading bot eventually takes over both of us. In my most recent and very frustrating game, a bot had only 1 city left with a catapult parked on it that would constantly attack anything I spawned on 1 of my adjacent cities (just 2 tiles away). This happened without fail for about 6 turns. Why would it not spawn more units or at least perform any different type of action? Eventually, the other bot took over that bot’s last city and the city of mine that kept repeatedly being attacked by the catapult. The leading bot was clearly ahead while the “sabotaging bot” did nothing but pointlessly bombard me, thus making it a certain win for the other leading bot. Something definitely seems flawed here in the bot logic. I hope this company can give the appropriate attention and time needed to improve the issue.
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7 years ago, Caloak999
Great game with great potential
It was honestly a relief to find this game. In my view, this is one of the few actual mobile "games." This is a game because it does not fit into the mold of the majority of mobile games these days. No endless tapping for coins. No energy bars to limit your gameplay. And no repetitive tasks that you are forced to complete. This game is its own adventure. It is a Civilization type game and if you love Civilization, then you will love The Battle for Polytopia because while it is obviously smaller, it has its own unique charm and still holds the core of the game strongly. With varied gameplay and a certain amount of freedom in your choices that makes you feel no match is the same. This game was built with care from the ground up. Now, what might be most impressive of all is despite being such a great and solid game already, it has so much room to grow. From online multiplayer to more technology to even greater freedom in map size and variety. It's a well built game every step of the way and just has more to offer in the future. With very recent and active updates to boot! I love this game.
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4 years ago, Electro Junky
A Perfect Strategy Game
Turn based strategy is a standalone genre, not to be compared with any other gameplay belonging to any other game. So how do you stand out from all the rest? This neatly folded, crunchy 8 bit war game is a masterpiece. Although the AI opponents could benefit from a slightly higher IQ, I find it to be uniquely challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. The battle can be whatever you want it to be, whether that’s a fast paced juggle between multiple fronts and enemies, or a slow and carefully balanced string of moves that result in the perfect hammer fall into victory. Customize the map with different environments, build your army with multiple units with individual strengths and weaknesses, dual with your friends or conquer massive battlefields against overwhelming odds. The choice is yours in this wonderful mobile strategy game that everyone with a mind for the genre should play. This is a game that stands out amongst so many others in its territory, and as a player for many years I cannot give it enough praise. Thank you for bringing back the massive maps by the way, I missed them very much so.
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7 years ago, slimeysimon6028363910
This game is a MASTERPIECE
I’ve been playing this game since April of 2017. My friend showed it to me while we were on the bus to a school tournament. I instantly admired the art style; all of its colors and textures. From the startup screen to the actual gameplay. The next thing was everything else about the game. This is a game where you must experiment, and develop strategies, especially when playing with the Crazy AI or a friend. This is what kept me addicted to the game, and what made it fun for me. Even now, 7 1/2 months later, I haven’t grown tired of this game, and if you like unique, fun, difficult strategy games , this game is perfect for you. This game has room for so many new concepts and features that could make it so much better than it already is, like online multiplayer and new unit types, maybe even completely different kinds of tech trees for certain groups of tribes, the list goes on. This game, at this stage, definitely needs to cost more than it currently does, because it would be worth it. I absolutely love this game, I cannot imagine deleting it anytime soon.
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5 years ago, Megacomet
AWESOME STRATEGY GAME Could be improved.
This game is amazing and I’ve been playing for a long time. I like how you can make a strategy game and make the game a little sand-boxy. One thing I’ve noticed as I got a lot better at the game and I started beating 9 crazy A.I. tribes in games, that even in crazy mode the AI is HORRIBLE! They make stupid decisions that make games WAY to easy. Example: I was playing a game with nine tribes, crazy A I and I was not doing very well. I only had like two cities and the aquarion was the most powerful tribe by far. I had been barely defending against the aquarion for the entire game, and the aquarion was starting to finish off the other tribes. After a while, I had only one city left. But after the last tribe left fell to the aquarion, the A I just stared producing mindbenders. That is all they produced and eventually I was able to get a knight out and kill all of them. The A I did not adapt, and just kept spamming. I beat a 10 city tribe with only one city. I’ve also noticed that when the A I produces battleships ( which is rare even if they could totally afford it) they just put the battle ship back on land, a total waste of stars.
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3 years ago, Hikermrsblood
Very good
Ok now I LOVE THIS GAME and really think it should be more popular but my problem is you pay for tribes but well it’s all cheap and fun I love the tech tree idea. I do have an idea for the game I think the hoodrick should get crossbows because that would make them better and also I thought of a custom tribe the Powderion tribe they have a blue and white style of buildings and they have explosive archers and to explain it shortly arrow go boom and also instead of sword men they get musketeers and instead of the forge they get the powder storage and also they have that sorta colonial feel to them and there super unit should have a big cannon on his back. EDIT Ok now I thought of a solution to the problem of buying tribes and that is that Maybe you could have a feature where you could like watch a certain number of ads to unlock a tribe so it makes up in ad money I really think that would be great and it’s just a double win thx SECOND EDIT (I’m making a lot of edits) balance pass HMM 4 DOLLARS FOR LUXIDOOR ITS STUPID AND DON’T PUNISH ALL THE TRIBES BECAUSE BARDUR AND KICKO ARE OP AND YOU NERF CLEAR FOREST BECAUSE YOU CAN GET KNIGHTS EARLY 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡🤬
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6 years ago, Funturtleguy123
Great game but some suggestions
This is probably hands down one of the best games I have but I have some suggestions for an update I would like to see. Firstly I think it would be amazing if yon could fix land generation so that you don't spawn on island half the time and have to remake the game again with all your friends. Secondly I think that diplomacy would be the best update ever. There are endless possibilities of the ways of diplomacy and then you make peace with the ai while you could focus your troops on your war with a different ai. Maybe if you had peace you could trade troops for stars or something like that Thirdly this one is small but I think necessary why can't you build docks for five stars instead of ten because there way overpriced and even more if you don't fix my idea for number one. If it cost ten stars it almost takes ten years to save up the stars to get it if you only have two cities on your island and if you do save up all the mainland cities are taken thank you for reading this developers I hope you implement at least one idea but overall it's an amazing game that I play all the time with my friends.
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7 years ago, 420 p in Pepe
I found the bug
On the forums, I read that Midjiwan himself was confused on how people got 100k+ scores. I think I found out how they did that. I have a really old iPhone 4s, so ALL of my games crash from time to time, but once when I was playing Polytopia, it crashed at the end of my turn during perfection mode. When I reloaded the game, it was as if I had clicked next turn (I could move all my guys and I got new stars) but it was still the turn I was in when it crashed. I basically got to do a turn twice in one turn. However, it crashed again at the end of that turn (don't stop yourself from getting this game because mine crashed twice. Really old iPhone 4s remember?) and the cycle repeated. At this point I was getting bored because I had destroyed the opposing tribe, so I spammed next turn until it was over. I think if you could force the game to crash, you could keep doing infinite turns until you have 100k+ points. Overall on the game, it's a great game like nothing I have ever seen and has a lot of potential. I love it a lot.
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3 months ago, Wow, a good game? Amazing.
Polytopia: a good turned based game
This game is simply fun. The chess-like moves with historical type empires that you can build with near infinite replay ability is something very hard to make good, but this game did just that. I had gotten this game a while ago and couldn’t quite understand it, so I deleted it. Now, I regret losing all that time I could’ve had with this game. From the aquatic features, to the happiness of discovering that Super Units actually exists, you never know what might happen next. I do sometimes wish that you could have all the tribes unlocked instantly, or in creative have the round finish after you have conquered everything and gotten everything. I also wish that you could request a merge with another kingdom. Like in single player you’ll control all merged forces, but in multiplayer you play with your forces and they play with theirs. But besides that, this game is perfect and fun to play with addicting and simply fun gameplay.
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4 years ago, Nathan, M
Tribe balancing
I love the new update including the multiplayer but there’s one thing that’s a problem and that’s the ice tribe being WAYYYYYY too op, every game I play there’s someone using the ice tribe and I have the vengir tribe so my troops are vastly out matched when they constantly get frozen and you say well why don’t you switch tribes, it wouldn’t do any good because the troops don’t get any special. The ice tribe super unit is especially OP and there’s nothing much you can do to stop it. I wish the devs could balance the game in a way that would allow the basic tribes to be on an even playing field with the purchasable tribes, I would feel much better getting out matched by a basic tribe than with the most over powered tribe that doesn’t need a navy, can render your troops useless for a turn, and can dominate everything about the basic tribes. I hope the devs will please balance out all the tribes so everyone can have a fun but fair experience, I have hope seeing this is the first multiplayer update and they have done nothing but exceed expectations on their updates through the years keeping the game fresh and fun
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6 years ago, AnonymousLewi
Great! But needs more
I am giving this a 5 Star review because it is definitely worth the cost and time to play. The controls and gameplay are easy to learn with a little bit of time. A few of the tutorials could be a little better (does the park upgrade only give you score?) This game requires no purchase to play, and is fun and addicting I play online with friends and play 1-2 solo matches every single day. My only suggestion is to add more customization options for single player, including larger maps, customized AI numbers and difficulties. The ability to add 1 computer player at easy and 1 computer player at hard is only available online. So in order to play it I have to end my turn. Back out. Get a notification and come back in. It happens within a few seconds but it doesn’t provide a smooth gameplay. I would also be willing to pay for a campaign of some sort. It could be a different campaign for every race to explain who they are. I’d probably buy them all.
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3 months ago, Surfermike123
Favorite mobile game - with a suggestion
Love the look and feel of this game! Very fun to play with friends or by yourself, especially challenging when you choose to unlock all civilizations and put them on a tiny map. So many ways to play all of which you can’t go wrong if you like strategy. Suggestion: I mainly play on Massive maps with all civilizations. The continuous tapping of members to move them up one step at a time, turn by turn from the back line / already secured region gets quite tedious and leads me to turn my screen off and save for later rather than doing the round. I suggest to add a waypoint type movement, where you can select a member to go across the board and they will move turn by turn to the waypoint without user interaction(similar to civ). Maybe highlight a different color to note they have a waypoint // no need to manually move. Would make it a lot more fun and faster paced in my book. Thanks Polytopia team, love the game!
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6 years ago, TheGre-
I really enjoy this game, I do hope to see further updates in the future, my cousin and I go back and fourth playing this game, I always have to have all the new tribes and know exactly how to use them, just so I can beat her (we both enjoy and play this game a lot) If I could ask for one thing, I’d ask for the option of even larger maps, so that the games could last longer, have more to explore, more villages under my control, more treasures to find, and more enemies to kill Again I can’t wait for future updates, and future tribes in this game, I remember when I first downloaded it, it was called “tribes of war” and I could never wait to make war with another tribe, domination is the only way I play, this option was much appreciated when it came out, Polytopia is by far one of my favorite games to play while on the go, or even just sitting down, and definitely one of my favorite pass and play games Do still hope for larger maps, other then that 5 of 5 stars from me 👍
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1 year ago, Capt_Dan79AB
Formerly Great Multiplayer Now hopelessly broken
I really used to love this game, it was interesting and complex despite its small size. You could have some great one-on-one matches, to any parameters; small maps, huge maps, all land, all water, everything in-between. You could try different factions under different conditions and if you didn’t like a bad match-up you could choose to ignore it. You could also do all of that against multiple opponents up to 15. It was great. Now, not so much. Small games, limited parameters, and if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, play as Bardur. I’ve tried playing it since the update, it’s okay, the game is still _there_; it’s just limited, and I now have an almost 100% loss rate against any opponent playing Bardur if I’m not, and the opposite against any other faction. It’s tedious and essentially solved. It’s still a pretty defent single player game and there’s value to be had from mastering that, but as someone who’s been playing almost daily for two years, and bought all factions (yes, even Luxidor!) I am done. They broke it, it’s over, and for the life of me I don’t even know why.
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7 years ago, Samnucci
Best game on the App Store
I'm writing this review because this is one of the best games I've found on the App Store although it is a small game it is very fun to play and there's a couple things that they could add. They should allow all tribes to be unlock buy paying one price instead of having to pay .99 cents for each tribe except for one that cost 2.99 and another thing they should add is multiplayer so u can play with friends when your not right near them because so far they have just pass and play and each game take hours so it's really hard to give your phone to people for a long time. Another thing is bigger maps and more technology you can unlock with your tribe. So far the tech tree it pretty good but it has potential to be better. They could also add more units and instead you should have to build boats instead of moving a troop on to a port and having more than one troop that can fit on a boat. Overall though this game is super good and has a lot of potential
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5 years ago, General ghost 9999
IAP are cool and all...
This game is great and it’s one of the few games I’d spend money on. I’m not here to complain about the “paywall to get tribes”. I completely understand you guys need to make money to keep the game running, which is why multiplayer is locked until you buy a tribe. But I have a good idea, what if, instead of buying each individual tribe, you could get a like, tribe subscription. This would cost about what, $10-$15 dollars, and it unlikes all existing tribes, and auto unlocks any tribes to be added in the future. The reason I say this is, I (until recently) had every tribe bought, and I had a great time messing with their features and such. When Polaris came out, I was so used to having every tribe, I forgot I needed to pay, and was kinda disappointed when I couldn’t play it. Which is why their needs to be a tribe subscription thingy type. If you don’t like that idea, you could just give like, 1 free trial on each tribe, to test it out before someone decides to buy it.
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6 years ago, Unswaying Pickle
Suggestion and Praise
I’ve been coming back to and following this game for over a year now and love every second I play. The simple yet complex tactics and strategy both challenge the mind and give you a game to relax to, exemplified by the cutesy art form of this wondrous game. This game will always have five stars all the way from me, and I love watching the game improve over time. I’m getting ready to finally shuck our some money on some of the newer tribes in the game because I know it is updated frequently enough and will continue to grow and get better. A simple suggestion for the future development though is the integration of an option to maybe battle against or with your friend or friends online through a multiplayer style gameplay. This is by no means essential, but I’d love to be able to connect with my buddies in other states and relax with a nice game of Polytopia every now and then. I’m giddy for what the future of this game holds, and will continue to follow it all the way!
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4 years ago, austro14147
Problems w Update
This has been one of my favorite mobile games for years, and I was super excited to see multiplayer introduced. However I think multiplayer is VERY BROKEN right now. For over 90% of my games, the game hasn’t even gotten past the pick a tribe stage. And at any point in the game, if you take longer than a certain amount of time to play your turn, another player will kick you from the game. I didn’t mind spending $1 to try out multiplayer bc I have loved this game for so long. It’s only $1, but when the game requires you to pay to play online, I expected a little bit more from the new game mode. I understand it’s in very early stages, but I think there is a lot of work to do. In most of my games I just end up getting kicked by some random player from the game bc I took 1 minute too long to play my turn. Extremely frustrating especially considering there is a skip turn option instead of kicking from the game outright. Like I said, a lot of things to work on to make multiplayer even playable
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6 years ago, Brocaesar
Excellent for all the reasons I thought it’d underwhelm
So I got this when there was a promo day and it was free - I thought heck I’ve gotten bored with my current games even though I don’t play often. At first I thought the Minecraft-y graphics and limited turn count would leave me wanting in an iOS Civ-type game but they didn’t! I used to own CivRev before it stopped being supported and I could sit, staring at my phone for HOURS playing that (sometimes when I should’ve been more - ahem - productive). The turn limit not only forces shorter games but it also changes strategy greatly since you must economize your actions to achieve the highest score in a rather limited number of turns. Furthermore, the graphics work really well with the simple soundtrack/effects. Lastly, the gameplay is SUPER simple and intuitive so you aren’t bogged down with instructions and can pick it up in the first turn or two. I rarely write reviews but for me, this game totally earned one from me.
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7 years ago, Swagbot111
This game has really affected me in a good way. Starting in early 2016, i saw this game on the app store's city builder list. I downloaded because i really like the graphic style. At that point, not many people knew about it and i was eager to spread the word. I told all my friends about it and they loved it too. Soon after that i made a move to Chicago. In my confusion, i deleted this app thinking it was another one. I took a break from it for a while. Then, in May 2017 i re-downloaded it. It strives to deliver quality content like any paid game would, although, this game is free. Unlike supercell or some other freemium tycoon, this one man crew delivers a level of excellence that can only be found in a few free games. All paid purchases are optional, and are sheerly for the enjoyment of the user. What's even better is that there s no 'in game currency' that provokes more spending on in app purchases. Everything about this game is perfect, and i look forward to what's next.
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6 years ago, DjGabeGhost
Easy Indie Top Seller.
This game is totally wow for mobile. The art style is pleasing to look at and it is neither too dull or too all over the place. Almost everything in this game hits the sweet spot. Every game feels like you have a new chance to try new things. Approach everything differently. It’s urges you to play more as you can face new foes and new tactics. It’s astonishing to see this on mobile. This would easily compete with top selling strategy games like Civilization. The developers are a prime example of perfection when it comes to working. Great concept, great execution. Ads aren’t even seen ever from my experience which is extremely good as ads are just a pain to see as they stick out. But one thing doesn’t exactly seem to be the most appealing to some. Paying for tribes. I know that the developers need to make some sort of money. But it would be respectable to have some open to achievement or some sort. But otherwise no other complaint. Great game. Great work.
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5 years ago, ushdyejs
Tribes need to be fixed
I’ve been playing Polytopia for a while now, and something that’s annoying is the fact that there’s not an even amount of tribes to start off with. All the basic ones, like Kickoo and Luxidoor, should be unlocked when you first get the game. Also Luxidoor needs to be cheaper! It’s the most expensive tribe and it’s not even that good. I’ve played against the A.I when i play, and it’s so upsetting to think that it could’ve been having all the first tribes to start off for 3$. Also have a tutorial set up and have them fight against the A.I’s so they can understand how to play, and this should also be in for when playing with others who have never played this game. A.I’s also need to be nerfed because of how unfair they can be. I’ve spawned so many times surrounded by water and all the tribes can just easily get to me and kill me with no hesitation since they’ll work together! You should also add a team option so people can team with A.I’s and have a new mode to play with. Would’ve given it five stars but these need to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Rotten24
This game is truly a mobile masterpiece. The simple graphics are attractive yet clear to read. The gameplay ranges from extremely easy for beginners to difficult for even the most advanced players. The Battle of Polytopia also includes strategy that is so often lost in mobile games. Winning on more difficult settings requires one to out-think their enemy rather than relying on shear force. The random generation of maps and ability to choose one of multiple tribes gives the game a replay value that has kept me playing for over a year. With the addition of multiplayer, the game is just as good, though requiring one to purchase a tribe ($0.99) to access it. However these purchases are fairly priced for the most part and the aspects of the new tribes do not leave you feeling cheated out of your money. I’d list some downsides, but there really aren’t any glaring flaws. A mentioned above, Polytopia is a sincere strategic masterpiece. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, hdiejjedueh
Very Fun!
Great single player or multiplayer game! Turn based, and fun to pass the phone around or to play online with friends. It’s always fun and there’s always new strategies to learn! A few things I would love to see in the future: 1.) No expiration on games played with friends. 24 hours is usually not long enough, especially when playing with friends on different schedules or in different time zones. 2.) Images of maps that have already been played before. It is hard to remember which maps I like to play by just the names. 3.) Different game modes!! Glory is fun, but often the games are very short. I would love a version where points needed to win can be adjusted to the size of the maps. Also glory should end when the points are met OR when all enemies are destroyed. It doesn’t make much sense to continue playing when there are no enemies left. 4.) Even out the spawn points. Sometimes you get stuck on an island with only one or two available villages/cities to capture. It is impossible to beat your opponent(s) because they simply end up making way more stars than you and you cannot progress. 5.) You should be able to ‘poke’ people after a certain amount of hours so that they won’t forget to play you back! Overall a very fun game. There’s always a different map or a different race to play with. Similar strategy to games like command and conquer or uniwar. 10/10 would recommend.
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1 year ago, LoLEdiarai
Pocket civ!
It's basically a simplified version of civ–not to say that it isn't good. It's really fun to find out how to win with each civ; the main barriers for each are their different ways of getting through the early-mid game. Once you're able to consolidate to like five cities with a bunch of ports + customs houses for income, the game is pretty solved from there. With the addition of cloaks and alliances, victory comes a bit slower and it can get pretty annoying to have enemies start riots in your cities like every other turn, but it's more a hindrance than a legitimate threat. The more recently released civs have a lot more variation in playstyles and are pretty cool, which is understandable. The dev needed to get his foot off the ground first, so of course the starter civs are gonna be more straightforward. Really, my main complaint with this game is that, as I mentioned, once you survive the early game there's really nothing stopping you from completely taking over. Beyond figuring out how to get to that point with every civ, this game's relayability comes down to getting three stars in domination, and shooting for the leaderboards in perfection (which is fairly rng-dependent). Otherwise, any enjoyer of the Civ series will really enjoy this game. I've sunk quite a lot of hours into this, and though I play it a lot less nowadays, it's one of the best mobile strategy games out there. :)
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5 months ago, Starman6
Still one of the most engaging strategy games
Been playing this game for years and it’s still very enjoyable. Great combination of strategy, range of tribes and weapons. The cartoonish style and sound effects also make for a lot of fun. I like to play by myself against the AI and I have to say it is quite capable of giving you a challenging run for your money time after time. Mostly, very intelligently programmed! The many different sizes and terrain of the maps give you endless possibilities of challenge as well as length of game. My only complaint is that with the last couple of major upgrades, the Devs have programmed the AI to cheat! Persistently! I understand they’re trying to add more variety and challenge to the game but it’s been done in an unbalanced manner. This is generally in the longer custom games. Keeping all the other variables the same, some games are downright easy and others are an hours long grind. Only reason I gave it 4 stars. Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke ;)
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6 years ago, Deggiedodar
Amazing Game but...
I love this game! It’s a great activity when you are bored with a friend, as I just found out on a road trip. It reminds me of a unique version of risk, but more complicated and simplified in different ways. I love how the AI’s can be both friendly, hostile, or neutral, but I would like the game more if you had more diplomatic options, that might not mean going to war. This could lead to a whole new branch of tech in commerce with the both the players and the AIs. Perhaps, a player could send a message asking for peace or submission, or even notifying the AI of something, but it could be taken so much further then that. Another thing that I would like to be added to the game are nature like obstacles, such as seasons, droughts, or good weather that allows you to prosper. Maybe even waves to sink ships, or a sea monster. This game has been one of my favorites and I cherish it deeply, but I do hope that more is added other than in terms of tribes. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Erisedilla
Stellar on iPad. Not optimized for iPhone.
This game gets 10 stars on the iPad, but I was disappointed when I left my iPad at work and tried to play it on my phone tonight. I have the new iPhone 12, but I’m pretty sure it would have been a problem on the older ones too — the menu at the top is cut off by the speaker/camera cutout at the top of the screen. Nbd just use it in landscape mode right? Wrong. That way, the menu at the bottom is cut off by the home “button” (the slider that gives you your home/you app switcher). Anyway, I’m completely hooked on this game and annoyed I missed an evening of good quality gaming because it really is that good. The gameplay is varied, interesting, and the procedurally generated maps make it fascinating to play and replay. I’m super satisfied with the 4 different gameplay styles in the basic pack but won’t hesitate at All to buy the IAPs when I’ve played through these. Will happily give these folks money... especially if they can fix the iPhone compatibility issues 😁
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2 years ago, MobileGameGuru
New Update is Bad
As stated before, there is no reason an invisible unit that can move 4 with roads and attack in the same turn should be able to spawn 2-4 10 health attackers around a city who 1) Don’t take damage when they attack 2) Can’t be taken out by a knight in succession 3) Have the attack power of a warrior Individually if spawnable, a dagger would probably cost 4 stars, so why should a whole hoard of them be able to have a 5 square attack range with roads and move invisibly through the board, it’s so unbalanced. Recommendation: Make it so you can fight back if the daggers attack, make it so cloaks can’t move and attack in one turn, or make it so cloaks only spawn 2 daggers, or reduce the health of daggers, or give us the option to actually play a fair game by turning them off. Update: I played a game without using cloaks against 2 computers on crazy dry land and lost within 30 turns. I then played the same game where my only strategy was to upgrade and use cloaks as soon as possible and I won in 20 turns without using any other unit besides the initial warrior.
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