The Blockheads

4.3 (8.6K)
90.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Majic Jungle Software
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Blockheads

4.33 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Lego Vip
BEST game but, one problem
I loved this game so much, it was my favorite game EVER. I started playing since close to the beginning, and every update excited me, except for one thing in 1.7. It was a great update except for the fact you had to pay to keep your multiplayer world running. I loved to play and show what I made, with my friends and family. We even had “blockhead parties”, on some special days. I made friends and had a good time until that update. I hated that you had to pay. Now on blockheads there are a ton more abandoned servers, including mine. When I play, the very few times I do, I remember all the fun I had. I remember how it all changed on one day. Other than that, the game is great! I really recommend it for anyone who is new. There is one option to day multiplayer for free but it is definitely NOT the same. It is still my FAVORITE game, but not how it used to be. If you get the blockheads, please enjoy!
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6 years ago, NanoGaming247
New update is fair... for a solo world
Playing the new update for about a day has really caught my attention. The HD textures are now available for everyone to use. I guess it is kind of fair for it to be free since now owners have to pay for servers. I can see why they wanted people to pay for these servers and I believe it was very smart. Money doesn't come from the sky, and the developer probably didn't receive enough money to fund for this game anyways, since this time crystal hack was creating to many unused worlds. The pricing for a world is not that bad. Just add Blockheads to your monthly tax, and everyone will have fun. This new expert mode is super challenging, unlike vanilla survival. Now, you must upgrade the workbench for 1 single craftable table to use for survival. It's pretty harsh, but silly since there is a total of 29 total upgrades to craft all the benches. New food items and ingredients really brought this game to life now that there is a variety of choices you can mix together. Still trying to figure out how to obtain a pet. Still, this is all from a days worth of experience. You can find more things to like in game that I haven't explained. All in all, blockheads has really pulled off this update in a successful way, for the developer of course. I hope to see the blockheads community expand their creativity with this new and amazing update. 9.5/10
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2 years ago, CubicGaming
The Blockheads is AMAZING!!!
I’ve been playing this game since 2015 and always enjoyed playing it, the option where you can choose clastic looks brings back so many happy memories. The music is that kind music that sticks to you your whole life. My favorite things in the game are the Tin Foil Hat, Sunset Hat of Fullness, Trains, Gems, and the most awesome thing in the game… JETPACKS!!! The jetpack is the most nostalgic in game item I’ve ever used (second being the tin foil hat which is my favorite hat). I redownloaded the game and found out that I had to pay $8 for each old map to play in again Including my favorite map “Carrot Canyon” but no big deal, I still love this game. Some might call this game dead, but even though I played it when it was very popular, I always thought this game was one of THE BEST mobile games in the history of mobile games. Thank you guys so much for making such an awesome game, I guarantee that those other OG players would STRONGLY agree with you guys!!! There is a whole lot more reasons that this game deserves MORE than 5 stars, so just pretend I gave you a nice big 100 star review (20 of my reviews). Keep up the good work and you will be even more better coming with even more stars. That’s all I have for this review, if anyone who doesn’t own this game, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. Thanks 🙂.
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4 years ago, StLyra33K
Long Time Player
Greetings reader 👽🖖🏽 . I am writing this message at 2:09 AM, on October 22nd, 2020. I have been playing this game since about 2013, and this game has been a great impact in my life. When I lived in an apartment, I felt trapped not being able to go into nature and use its resources to create homes, and campsites. I have always wanted to go camping in my life, and when I was unable, I played this game. This game introduced me to a world 🗺. One in which no other people could restrict my freedom. If the developer acquires an opportunity to read through this entire message, thank you. And I will not give up on this game to receive an update. The topic of the update has the possibility of expansion into the true outer space that our universe contains. A stargate would be necessary, as well as a new technology tree into spiritual and metaphysical sciences/technologies. Full disclosure is arriving soon, and I would like to see this game incorporate concepts of advanced technology suppressed by mainstream media and world governments. You should also get creative with this game, it can be an amazing opportunity at business. A new avenue of income perhaps? Or a step into a life of world-renown fame🧐🧐👽🦾 I have finished writing this message at 2:18AM, on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020.
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6 years ago, Blockheads Player
Dead game and Major bug
So, I guess this game is officially dead... The developers quit, the servers are deserted, and there are very few downloads.... The latest update really killed it for as good as it was. If you are fine with just single player sandbox that will never be updated again, this game is for you... For anyone else, I strongly suggest you either don't get this game, or get boatload of people to get it to encourage the developers that the game has hope. I'm sad to say this after 5 years of playing, goodbye Blockheads... I've had a lot of fun with this game. The update made it even better. I've finally got myself a really advanced world with nothing like hacks or custom mode. One day, I'm playing as normal, I place a boat down then suddenly, a shark jumps out of the water and kills me even though I had full health. I suddenly notice that the sun got brighter. Then, it hit me: my world migrated to custom rules without me doing anything. "It's ok," I thought then I noticed my work bench was dirt instead of steel, "that's weird..." My world also somehow became an expert world while I was playing it. I now have an expert custom world that I intended to be a normal world. The size changed to 16x too and all of my world exploration went down the drain. Any explanations for this? Is this a bug? Is it a prank? Or is there something else that I don't know about? Please fix this soon. I really like this game and I really worked hard on that world.
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7 years ago, :))))):):):):):)
the following things would Make this game playable for years without eating food irl. More wildlife birds (that fly) hostile mobs such as mountain lions in mountains. Actual bears in forests. Maybe more common sharks. Spiders underground. Snakes underground and above ground but maybe snakes above ground do less damage then underground ones. And we need more building options! Suxh as stilts. Slabs. Slanted blocks. shingles for roofs. And a way to change how tired you character gets and how fast in the world options. LOCKABLE CHESTS/doors please! Theft is all too common on servers and greifing is way to common ik there is ownership signs but they are hard to make! Gold is rare. Please make ownership signs not take gold just a sign at the portal. And please make normal players able to place them, but not make them. Or make it so unadmined people can have one ownership sign and no more! If theres no active/good admins on a server its a free for all of greifers and thieves. Please make seasons more obvious and long and make freezing to death more dangerous and maybe make a way to see non custom seeds for worlds. I think this is all the stuff that needs to be added big time. Good game though just gets boreing after to small of a time
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4 years ago, StormedUndyne91
What a masterpiece, but I feel bad.
I can’t believe I didn’t realize that “Free TC” was pirated and made my boy Dave lose everything. I admit, I hauled a BUNCH of free tc to me and my friends. I’m sorry for not realizing, but hands down, The Blockheads is one of the best games I have ever played. I’m not one for mobile games, but when I started playing back in 2013, boy I had some fun. Almost everything about this game is absolutely perfect, but there’s a few small things I don’t fully agree with. I like how the trade portal is realistic but if I find an extra diamond and want to sell it, I can’t even get a platinum coin? Also, if I wanted to buy a diamond, if costs 3 platinum coins+? I’d love it if we could get more money from selling. The only other minor complaint I have, is that this game would be the best game ever if it had more updates. The last update that added stuff was 2 years ago, but it did have a LOT of content in it, which I’m glad! But the last update we got was almost a year ago and it was only some minor bug fixes. Well, this concludes my review on your amazing game. Keep working hard! 9.9/10 -Lawson (Storm)
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6 years ago, Olivia faith burgess
Aaa blockheads finally made a new update!! When I saw the tweet saying that big things were coming to the game, I was awfully excited. I love the new update and all the new things that were added! I like the idea of having to discover things instead of going the easy route and buying them straight from the trade portal. Though, I must say, I do have different thoughts on the whole "pay to add credit and create a server" kind of thing. But I do admit, it was a good idea and a fair one due to all the hacks and wasted servers from hacked time crystals. I understand that blockheads needs to find a new way to bring in more money from the game, but i must ask, is it really beneficial? We all know that blockheads is a game directly for anyone whom would like to play it and that includes children as well. Mostly children. Now, I don't necessarily agree with the prices for credit and worlds either. One US dollar for seven days of credit is a little too much. Now, seeing this in the eyes of a child who would play this game, or anyone else really, this might just be the death of blockheads. I myself would not pay a whole dollar for just seven days of credit. I'm not saying it's better to get rid of the whole idea, what I mean is that there are better ways to do it than to pay actual cash. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Eroness2
I tried... but nobody listened, so here we are.
I used to play this game everyday, and visit my friends and build amazing cities. Then I thought, I'm running low on time crystals! So I went to a "Free TC" world, not knowing how evil and destructive TC could be. After a while I started to run my own TC world, then someone left a note and link to the website on my welcome message, "TIME CRYSTAL PIRATING! TC IS BAD!" And a link that led me to a website that explained how TC was a hack and glitch at the same time, and how it raised the price to support all cloud servers on blockheads. I never went to another TC world again, except for a few times, when I tried to warn the owner that TC would end blockheads. They didn't listen, so now it cost money to get servers to pay back for all the years of TC that lost poor Dave all his money. I can't play anymore either, nobody has a server, and I can't find any of my friends. Some might say it was Dave's fault that he didn't put that message on every TC server, but I'm pretty sure that there was just to many for him to do. Others might say they had nothing to do with it. In truth, it's my fault and the other million players that used TC, and as I predicted, blockheads lost population and most of its amazing servers. All I can say is, nobody listened.
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6 years ago, McKenzie!🐶
Pretty fair, I guess
So I love the new update, some of it anyways. I like the ability to customize myself and I love the pizza. Although there's one concern. I dislike that you have to PAY MONEY to create a server. It makes me mad because that basically means that the TCs are useless. Yes, they're handy to have so you may speed through the process of crafting something, or when you're too far from spawn you may teleport, otherwise, yes they are useless. I understand that the creators didn't make a lot of money during this game because of hacking, two things about that. So the first thing is that the creators should take care of the hacking and look into it more. Second thing is that the creators shouldn't be concerned about not making enough money, because as long as the kids are having fun playing the game that should make the creators happy. Also, instead of CHARGING KIDS TO CREATE A SERVER, the creators can make them charge for other things. Like if a kid wanted a super over-powered weapon that no one can craft, just make them pay! Obviously not twenty dollars, but maybe 2-3 dollars because let me tell ya, I'm not rich nor are a lot of other kids. Just sayin! Now whomst created this game, pls read this and take it into concern. ;p
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1 year ago, Cj and Dj
The Blockheads
This game really entertains me a lot, I’ve played it since I was 6 years old, for now I’m 13, but the updates of this game really got in mi nerves, I will tell you this: when a new update is launched to the community, I turn on mi iPad, put the password, open App Store, search Blockheads, and update it, Blockheads is the first game I’ve ever played in my life, well, actually, the second, first it was Geometry Dash, but that is not the point, the point is, this game is very fun, searching for amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, Ruby’s and diamonds, that searching really get you underground for minutes, even hours like me, and when I found mi first diamond, I got so happy that I even place i5 down in my house of gold, in fact, my world has 6 years old, is really advanced, a lot of new food, mechanics, functions, tutorials, servers, local, and a lot more updates, the other point is, download this game, within the time, this game will be your favorite, and even #1 favorite, I’m fact, I love this game, and maybe you will too, I recommend this game, 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, fcbnfchfjfjgfcngfcng
Please don’t die, blockheads!
When I was little, I played this game a lot. It was so fun to explore and craft in this blocky world. When I turned 11, my parents let me play online. I was so excited! I met a lot of great people on there, who got me through the highs and lows of life. But a few years later, the game started the lonely road to death. It started losing players, all because some random dude thought it would be fun to hack and get free tc. Then, everyone started getting servers, for free. That was bad news for Dave, so me made you pay for servers. It cost him players though. The tc glitch was gone, and people left. I left, too. But only for a few years. I came back, only to find a barren wasteland full of hackers and dead servers. I still check it everyday on the AppStore, just waiting for it to get deleted and be gone from it completely. I hope that never happens, but you can’t always get what you want in life. We can always say, though, that it was a blocky road! (I thought that sarcastic joke was funny, so deal with it.) -Kirby^-^
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4 years ago, Theamaznjlo
Good game but problems
I’ve been looking for a cave troll for A long time I have had no luck and you should make the cave troll more common they are so incredibly rare that the chances of you finding one seem like zero and you should make it easier to make a jet pack they are the most useful item in the game and the most expensive item in the game this game can be fun if you’re really really really really really really really really really really good at it but you really need to make it easier to get electricity for your furnaces and stuff and all the electric things like the electric press all those things that are super Duper useful and there’s one that I forgot the name of but you need it to make the jet pack and you need electricity for it and I cannot make a solar panel I have a huge base but I just cannot get enough resources and you should make the character swim faster in water because there is some really really really really really really really really really long oceans there’s one that took me like three hours to swim across and I forgot my boat and I had to waste 50 time crystals because I needed a workbench and I couldn’t find any flax to make Taylor‘s bench and make a boat
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9 months ago, The oncler is back
The BlockHeads
Oh what would I have done if I had ent downloaded this game and gave it a chance. This game was truly hall of fame worthy and I really believe that it changed my life for the better. I got to make very long railroads and big houses and I actually learned some cool skills from this game. If I had one wish it would be to bring this game back and keep it alive forever. So that everyone could have the experience of playing this game I have spent not much money if any on this game. I used a app called lucky patcher to get free unlimited tc and free online worlds but little did I know stuff like that would be why Dave the creator of this game would no longer be able to support this game. Now I have deep regret in life because I feel that I have lost a very crucial part of me. At times I think back at playing this game with my older brother and I get happy and I download the game again hoping it’s got players once again. But sadly it never does I really truly wish it would become popular once again. Maybe someday 😔
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10 months ago, javfne
What an app.
I played this app for a good 5 years of my life. at first i downloaded it as a minecraft replacement. boy, it became so much more than that. i started playing online and made so many friends that i still think about to this day. I was sad to learn that the update meant you couldn’t use time crystals to keep worlds alive anymore or even make new ones. i watched as the app slowly died after that. it was sad to see that all my friends had left and i realized that i took all those amazing years and all those amazing friends for granted. so many memories made on this app that i’ll remember forever. people that i will always think about from time to time. anime rp was the best. i definitely hurt some people along the way and i wanna take this space to say i’m sorry. i don’t really have a way to contact any of them anymore but for what it’s worth i recognize my own fault in all of this. the love and support given to me from y’all was a blessing. rest in peace blockheads. ❤️
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6 years ago, CryonicCord6
Childhood Memories
As the title says, when I was young, at the age of 7, I used to play blockheads every single day, back then I had many iPads and each time I would get a new account and just play with myself mind games and such. It was so fun, I remember building a hotel out of dirt and then leaving for a while and then coming back to find stuff like glass and limestone came out, I actually hacked the game too haha, I got this iPad online from eBay that had this hacked client on it and I got so many of those timestone thingys lol, of course now that iPad is broken, old, gone now. Then things like those on the game page came out, the steam age and the sky islands, I loved those days. But then I was introduced to Minecraft and blockheads was just another dream. I just bought a new iPad and now I can’t wait to play blockheads again. To be honest I can’t believe I still remember the game, I have the memory of a goldfish. I can’t wait to start again. A new year a new day. I wonder if anything changed from when I last played.
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7 years ago, Luna 😼
Nostalgic game
Downloaded this game two years ago and didn't think much of it until I really started to play it. I loved it. But unfortunately I had to get rid of it and haven't re-installed it until now. Boy, I was just hit with a wave of nostalgia. The music is so calming and I love the peaceful ambiance. Unlike other games similar to this, Minecraft, Terraria, ect. This game focuses more on the crafting and exploring aspect versus something like Minecraft whereas you are constantly worrying about mobs and defeating bosses. All you have to worry about in this game is the baboons in the trees and sharks. And you can avoid those easily. Not a fan of online servers, like many other people in the reviews have stated, you get banned for no apparent reason in some cases. Also not a fan of portals. But I don't really care much for those aspects of this game. I play single player and am perfectly happy with it. Overall, this game was very enjoyable to play and I am glad I came back to it. Will definitely be playing in the foreseeable future.
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5 years ago, The100thAnonymousName
Old times
I remember when I first downloaded this game six years ago, and I liked it but not so much that I felt happy thinking about it. Then, I saw the servers, and my eventual friends. It was a great time, building skyscrapers and role playing. I was so glad I ever came across this game in my lifetime. Of course that didn’t stay. I still miss them, and what do I do when I miss them? I go on their servers. What do I do when there’s no credit? I add more credit, at least just one day to remember old things, using my time crystals I got from videos. Or at least, I used to before the credit started costing money. This game was like an escape from the world and now money has to be dragged into this escape. There’s not really any use for playing anymore unless on a single player world by yourself. But I’ve heard from other reviews that even single player worlds are starting to have bugs. If money to keep this game is the problem, I guess all we can accept is that good things don’t last. I will always remember back when this game was full of life and for that I thank you, but it’s time I find something different.
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6 years ago, Future Game Dev
Best game ever
The Blockheads is the only game I play, it is similar to Minecraft and Terraria but much, much better. You can mine, explore, gather supplies, craft, hunt, fight, play on your own, play with friends, random people over the net, and build very amazing things. Did I mention pets and breeding? I've been playing this game for over three years now and I never had to spend a thing, however I did buy HD textures back in 2015, and now they're free for those lucky new users. It's a great game that you can play without paying anything and the timeless gameplay captures people of very young ages to older adults. The multiplayer community has some fantastic worlds to play on, I just love seeing what people come up with and creating amazing things myself. The forums community is great if you ever have a question and want it answered, they are super friendly. Support's email always responds to your issues very quickly, not like I have many issues on this game anyway.
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6 years ago, Jj2.0.1
How to save the blockheads.
The new Update makes a lot of sense. Developers need a way to get cash to keep servers or programs running. In app buying to start up servers really helps with this. However limiting multiplayer to only servers or local play is a big mistake. Everyone should be able to play this game with their friends and this game in the future could be extended to Xbox, switch and PS4 councils if you the developers want it. Not everyone wants a sever world and taking away servers from so many people wanting more a personal just friend to friend world will be this games end. Look at Minecraft your competition and watch how they meet ends with everyone on multiplayer both with personal worlds and online servers. Minecraft is so old now and still many people are playing it together. If the blockheads can’t improve then it probably can’t stay for long. Regression instead of improving is how good ideas like these die. If the developers want the game to be better it needs to offer what other games don’t. Being a free download is not gonna be enough.
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2 years ago, By Your #1!! Fan
Deleted my worlds
Actual game? Amazing, 10/10. I’ve been playing for maybe 5 - 7 years and I still have worlds from when I first started. That is, I used to have them until I logged on for the first time in months to discover ALL NON SERVER WORLDS WERE GONE! The only single player one left was a brand new world (it didn’t even have a character yet) that I don’t even remember making. I’d spent dozens if not hundreds of hours over the years on these worlds, and now they’re just gone?! A world I’d spent many hours in making pixel art type creations? Deleted. The world I spent days on to finally get unicorns? Nothing. Without a message, or warning, or anything? The normal gameplay is the ONLY reason this is not a 1 star review. Sure I could hypothetically play on server worlds, but the game is basically dead at this point and the only way to play without paying tons of money to keep a world running not to mention the headaches that come with multiplayer is solo play. Also yes, if you’re wondering I AM still signed into my account and no, I did not delete them and then forget.
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6 years ago, MisterSirCode
I’ve been enjoying blockheads for almost 3 years now, and yes they have been many times of sorrow. As at times the game seemed to run dry of players, hacking, tc piracy, glitching, server crashing, and much more were all devastating to the games reputation, and I see low rating on here by people who admit to being hackers!!!! And the only reason they get angry is because they can’t abuse they’re money hacks and buy free servers or credit anymore, and I’m thankful for the payment, I’m sick of players like them ruining the lifestyle for game developers. They worked hard on this game, and what do they get in return? Hate, abuse, exploiting, and they get no cash or expense back from all of it. If I could I would rate this game 10 stars. I feel bad of what has succumb of todays society. Though the game may be dying... I believe in the devs of blockheads, I do hope that one day... people will remember this game and it will rise in popularity. Good luck to you blockheads developers. -Skyler
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7 years ago, Packerman120203
Greatest game ever... update maybe
This game is one of my favorite, I have had it on 3 of my devices, the gen 1 iPad, iPhone 4s and my current iPhone 6s and they work perfectly on all of them. I love this game and I don't hack which makes it even better (I have never even heard about the hacks until I read some reviews just now) I have made my way across the world on all world sizes and played a number of custom worlds but they said they were working on a huge update in September of 2016... its February 2017, where is this big update PLEASE!!! I love this game and I want lots of new fun stuff to do like more minerals or animals or tools or misc. items like....... something better than an empty mind like mine. If you somehow see all the bad reviews first they may just be trying to hate the game so don't let them make the game seem bad when it's amazing. 6/2 IGN wood play again. Thank you for making an amazing game for everyone majic, thank you very much
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5 years ago, BobistheLob37
Plz read I have amazing suggestions for this amazing game
This game is amazing one of my favorite games but great games have suggestions all the time first I feel you should add backgrounds instead of just having clouds and the sun what if you also had trees and plants that aren't interactive but spice up the game second more biomes there should be jungles, forsts, and swamps. Third more mobs / animals right now we only have about ten mobs but what if you added new mobs like dogs pigs cows. There should also be more hostile mobs in caves it is sometimes boring because there is like no action adding skeletons or goblins would really spice up the game. Another thing is campfires they should be able to cook meat. A last thing is if you made crafting take less time that would be cool. Thanks for reading. This game is amazing if you add these things it would take it to the next level though. This game is amazing though you don't have to add these :)
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2 years ago, Kerina1989
Amazing game
I love this game so much! It's the reason I got an iPad. I started playing when this game first came out, and I even purchased the updated version even when I never pay for any other apps. This game is so refreshing and relaxing, I love to play it before I go to bed. It's in my list of my all time favorite games. I love the graphics with the stars in the sky, and when it turns morning in the game, the sky is a pretty purple pink with orange. I also love how the leaves of the trees show up as little dots when they fall, like the wind is blowing them. It's a beautiful stimulating game, I really enjoy looking for and collecting, and crafting items. I even tried playing minecraft because I thought it would be similar to this game and I was so disappointed, this game is 100 times better. I love the complexity of this game, 5/5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️please add more updates because I love this game:)
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2 years ago, its noxic
The update to leave buying and selling options through the trade portal as unknown until discovered is basically a new-player repellent. The way I was introduced into blockheads was directly intertwined with the cool items that I never knew would be so fun and imaginative to interact with. Being present in the game and being able to play with these items made it so life like and enjoyable to see for myself what I could do with it. I myself was able to come across these items through other players and through the trade portal. However, unless new players discover these items themselves in their own worlds through discovery or someone with all the items in their inventory hands it to them one by one, they will never be able to experience the unique discovery gameplay that comes with blockheads until hours of playtime later. By then, most new players would have written off the game as boring and dead, as there is not much to do otherwise.
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5 years ago, MikeDoesGames on YouTube
I loved this game and it’s still good I played since I was 7 and is now 13 I remember the first day I got it and it was still of updates and I didn’t have my own phone so every time I got out of school all I thought about were three things... eat dinner, finish homework and then marathon of playing blockheads. So many memories such a good game this should be number 1 on App Store it’s a more advanced 2d version of Minecraft and by advanced I don’t mean harder I mean more things to do and I should mention the fact that it’s free if people are annoyed cause you have to pay for servers then... why the developers have to make money some how anyways I might get this game again but highly unlikely it’s so rare to see people in servers anymore the community is dying and lets be honest single player isn’t to fun... by blockheads I’ll miss you so much and thank you Magik for creating an amazing game 😀 😓
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5 years ago, Kevin T. Rocks!!!!!!! :):):
A visual masterpiece
The Blockheads combines elements of other popular games, similar to Minecraft and Terraria and puts in a 2-D aesthetic to it. It uses commonly known soundtracks to make you commonly stop and listen to the worlds of music geniuses and yet combines it with the feel of the game. When you plop into your little world, everything is quick to get and fun to work towards. Materials are common everywhere if you know where to look, achievements are common, the world is massive for exploration, containing forests, deserts, mountains, and groves of trees usually containing fruit. The underground, especially the caves, are massively long and contain treasures, ores, and a knack of “I gotta go back down that path after this one” even though your current path will lead you to even more caves. The game can be rough on you and relaxing at any time. The grind begins somewhat slow, but once you get some electrical tools you’ll be fine.
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5 years ago, Daniel J. Griffin
Hello, I have some recommendations
I have played this in the past on many other devices, this game is honestly a lot more realistic than Minecraft, things in my opinion go much slower so you have to work really hard, I love it! But some features could be added and taken out. Here’s the first. Trees: trees, we all know trees are needed in survival games such as this, but it’s kinda odd, there should be variations of the wood, and logs, so when you break a tree you get log blocks and then you can make planks through the workbench, then the planks would have different colors, and your sounds all sound like they are breaking wood and stone, add more block breaking sounds like with grass blocks, dirt blocks. More animals: maybe add lynx cats and wolves, and then breeding variations, bird types and maybe even big rideable birds like gryphons. That’s all, bye! Hope more wonderful features are brought to this great game!
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6 years ago, Tillsiii
Really good
I usually play single player and right now I’m starting a project to create a train station/system that travels around the world underground. In the other sandbox games this wouldn’t be possible. I would like for there to be a hold and swipe option for getting a lot of blocks or resources in one go instead of having to tap every single block. I do like how there is a d-pad for the characters now and all the new stuff like how you need to FIND the items to trade for it in the trade portal and the resource eggs. I would and have recommended this game to anyone who likes games that are more realistic and will allow the player to have a variety of options in the game. But sometimes the game does get slow when you’ve done almost everything and have almost everything, maybe a little more content would be nice. Anyways, this is an amazing game and I would recommend this to sandbox gamers.
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8 years ago, Thatgirlperson
Where'd all the Bad NPCs go?
Ever since the custom mode update I haven't seen a single bad Mob. The lack of drop bears makes getting fur nearly impossible, I miss the rewards that come with cave trolls, and I can't get poison from scorpions. This wouldn't be so bothersome if the only other way to get these things wasn't meditating for endless amounts of time or spending a multitude of TC to make a trade portal. This lack of bad NPCs kinda ruins the game taking away that slight fear factor while walking around in the dark and chopping down certain trees. Before I finish, I would like to make it clear that the neutral mobs are still there such as the dodo and the donkey however those are the only creatures I have seen other than my character. I would also like you to know even without these mobs it's still a good game, and I hope that this problem is fixed soon so it can be the amazing game I have come to know and love for the four years I have had it in total both on my old phone and my new one.
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3 years ago, Lou Dorn
Ads won’t work sometimes, but game is fantastic.
Dear Majic Jungle, When I try watching an ad for free time crystals, it just kicks me out of the ad and gives no reward. I don’t get how or why it works like that, but other than that, phenomenal game. I first played this when voice chat was a thing in multiplayer worlds. It’s always had a special place in my mind since then. I recently downloaded this again to try and relive some good memories, and I was surprised to find some amazing new content. Great work with this game, it’s so underrated with the gaming community and deserves so much more recognition than it has currently. I will never forget about this masterpiece, and I hope nobody else does either; the quality of this game is way too good. I hope one day that it’ll finally get the attention that it deserves. - Sincerely, Colin
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6 years ago, LexLudo
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
I used to love The Blockheads before the new update. I still love The Blockheads now, but not as much as I used to. The new update is cool, but it makes the game a lot less fun. I hate that you have to discover every single item, when before you used to have it in the trade portals automatically. I hate that you have to pay for server credit directly now instead of using time crystals to pay for server credit. This change does save an extra step in the adding server credit process, but the ratio of cost to the amount of credit you get just doesn’t add up. You end up paying a lot of money for a very small amount of server credit. Also, this update has killed the multiplayer feature in this game. Servers are now much less active then they used to be and the servers are not around as long anymore because of the change in purchasing server credit. Not to mention you have to discover everything again on every different world you join. So here’s a tip to the developers of this game: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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5 years ago, HairyCheetos
Very amazing game!
Blockheads, one of the best games I’ve ever played that’s similar too Minecraft pe or mobile version, but this has more creativity you can play with your friends from anywhere if you get a server for actually cheap and you can have the same WiFi and play there’s some hacks with WiFi things that can work which is cool but I think it’s better to get servers for the developer to make this game better I really like it and wanna day thanks for making it. This has wowed me when I first ever got it which was in 2015 and it was absolutely fun and I’d try to finish but it’s hard for me somehow I like how you can customize your character and name and it’s like a 90 game that’s a simulation in life or cave men time. A thank you developer for making this amazing game and I hope to see more come in the future for more people to enjoy.
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12 months ago, yari🤤
Pls come back!
I used to love this game a lot when I was like 12 and I had the best time playing this game. It was very addicting and easy to play. You could make friends there and chat. I had tons of friends and if I was lucky enough, I would become admin or mod. It was like minecraft but 2 dimensional. The music was always so calming when you would buy your house, buy blocks/resources and chill to. I wish this game wasn’t dead because I honestly do miss everything. The downside of the game was banning. People would ban people for no reason sometimes, and you couldn’t do anything about it unless you had an admin friend to unban you. Also the Crystal update was HUGE. It changed everything, and they were very unnecessary. But other than that I love everything about Blockheads.
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7 years ago, Devon Sinitiere
Can You Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee Add These Items.
Can you add Scuba Gear with upgradeable oxygen tanks, because I hate dying under water, Submarines, to explore the deep oceans, and get ready, my favorite machine ever, Exosuits (A Mech), because they're a beast, also to explore the water floor more easily and to get extremely close to lava, also put weapons and mining equipment on it. Also, make the Submarines where you can dock/undock the Exosuit. Also put weapons on the Submarines. Put Jetpacks on the Exosuits. The Submarines and Exosuits have upgradeable inventory storage. Also, when you need to go up or down in the Submarine, instead of tapping where above or below it, put a up arrow and a down arrow on the left side of the screen, and to go left and right you just do the normal thing, tilt, also do that with the Exosuits too. Please add these. I would love that soooooo Much.
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7 years ago, PeriwinkleLara
Mail and names
I go eat really love this game, and I've met some amazing friends on it. But I did notice something that needs to be fixed and that is- mail. Sometimes me and my friends aren't on at the same time due to time zone differences, so if I have something important to say to them they can't get the message. I think it'd be cool if you guys added PO boxes, and parchment for writing letters. That way, the person who placed it gains ownership of it and people can place their mail inside of it giving them messages. It should also have a built in chest for packages. Next is something to go along with the mail thing- renaming items. That way you can name it "gift from bob to Elliot" or something. I think it'd be really convenient for players if they were able to rename things. Thanks for reading and PLEASE fix these errors!
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3 years ago, Elekkitty
Always a Highlight of the App Store
I remember playing this game on my mom’s phone back in 2013, and I have to say that it aged great. While it’s advertised more as a Minecraft ripoff, it plays more as a combination of the Sims and Terraria, but it is so much more than a “ripoff.” It’s very much its own game. You can also play with people, which is a big plus! If you’re tired of all those stupid games from ads that have been popping up recently, this is the game for you! I can’t remember getting an ad unprompted, but you can watch ads to get free time crystals often. There’s no gritty graphics, no lag, great mechanics, and, ofc, it’s FREE. I highly suggest you try this game out if you haven’t. This game has gone under the radar for far too long, and it holds a dear place in my heart.
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6 years ago, A person.............
Blockheads used to be good.
I've been playing this game for four years and I have had the time of my life meeting all these cool people on all these servers but now this new update comes along and they charge you real money for such a short amount of time being able to put a server up. They're just trying to milk money off of us now. You think you're going to become all rich by charging everyone and you think they're still going to play regardless of the cost to HAVE FUN. You're so deeply wrong. Almost everyone I meet on blockheads tells me they're poor or they barely have enough money in life and that's why they play this game so that they can meet people who can genuinely make them happy and are interested in the same things that they are. So all in all, this game took a turn for the worst because they're money hungry and don't bother to give a glance at other people and how they feel about the update. I know it's just a game but the fact that you think it's "just a game" to some people makes you disgusting.
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4 years ago, ilovegames34
Pls someone respond
I love this game to bits (lol pun) and like playing it but servers are being destroyed by a globx group(I don’t know how to spell name) and they are destroying servers banning admins and unbanning hackers basically destroying servers and basically making every ones hard work go down the drain and they did it to a server I like to go to. They like to do this to servers and it seams like this has been going on for awhile destroying servers and making money that people put into the game get wasted as the place they put it into is destroyed I would like the blockheads owners and such to help put a stop to this and implement more protection for there game I love the game but if servers keep getting hacked then people will be willing to play the game less and less as it isnt worth putting in the work and getting attached to something that will eventually get destroyed if you are currently working on this then thank you for looking out for your game.
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6 years ago, CaramelCandilyn
Thank you
So....where do i even begin, thank you, developers, for making this joy of a game, even if this review will never be read and lost in the sea of plenty more, i felt as if i had to, this game let me gather friends in a time i really couldnt, people who can support me in all, with the entire during thing, we really only used it to keep the server going, to stay together and talk and enjoy ourselves, but thats not the point. This game was a dream, i talked to so many amazing people, built up worlds from scratch and kept on moving to new ones helping out and building, eventually everyone moved on and left but i still keep the fond memories, while it lasted it had its own light, and i just wanted to stop by and thank whoever worked to keep it going. Have a nice day to whoever read this.
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5 years ago, €£APOLLO€£
Do not go gentle into that goodnight
I used too play this game alot back when i was younger, i have so many good memories of this game and i met a bunch of awesome friends on here,and we were united for years.....this game will hold a special place in my heart i was attached too two of my servers sadly time changes and we all must move on eventually, to the people who helped me build the incredible worlds and to that special somoene who gave me theirs and i turned it into something awesome i thank you so much for the oppurtunity......i feel this game is a hollow shell of what it used too be havent played it sonce the update came out , i just came back to write this review of the awesome experince i had in this game , long live dreamer palace !! Goodnight everyone and it was a pleasure building with yall !
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4 years ago, 100% totally recommend
“Searching, please wait”
Me and my brother always want to play this game together, but it hardly ever works. I try to join one of his worlds (yes, we are doing it right, it works sometimes), and all it says is “searching, please wait”. I am writing this review after having quite a long time where it did work and I played with him. Why did I decide to write this review right after that? Because it keeps losing connection. It lost connection, so I tried to rejoin, and it said “searching please wait”. It worked after a while of doing that, but it lost connection again a few minutes later. Then what? “Searching, please wait”. I decided to give up and write this after trying many times to play. I really wish I could give this game 5 stars and say something like “BEST GAME EVER!”, but I can’t. I’ll keep trying. Please fix this, -Ella
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6 years ago, Pyb6
Not Too Fond of The Latest update.
Right, so I've been playing this game for years and I've never actually gotten to writing a review on it. Now is pretty much the best time. Though it added some quite nice features, the new update in my opinion ruins the game. I know you need money to run a mobile game and servers especially, but was it really necessary to load the game with ads? You already made it cost extra to run a server. Maybe even given us a warning in advance? Personally, I will admit. I did partake in the duping todo about three years back. Making cost actual money was clever, but only to an extent. It takes away the entire concept and purpose on earning time crystals to make a little server hub for friends. Basically making the online aspect of the game quite difficult to enjoy. With that out of a way, HD textures aren't my forte. It was generous of you to give them to everyone for free, but it's almost impossible to switch them off. The game itself just feels dull, and bland now. Especially referring to the new trade portal interface. Don't even get me started on the added lag if I'd try playing on my cellphone. I'm now trying to sound rude, but you definitely need to find a way to try balancing things out... Or this game will most likely leave the devices of many old owners.
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3 years ago, lilygurlll
Thank you <3
I just wanted to write this for the developers or anyone else like me who played this game years ago and came back to check in on it. I remember playing this game as a kid when it all first started. I come back here with nostalgic hopes that it might one day get revived. It’s almost 2022 and I still think about it from time to time. Rather than regretting the situation of tc dupping, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who took part in the making of this game and to the people who played it. Blockheads was ahead of its time and introduced gaming to a lot of kids who didn’t have the money to pay for games. It was the first game I ever loved and will always remember. Back in the day, there weren’t many apps that caught my attention. I, like many people were obsessed. I couldn’t wait to get back online after school to see my friends on our server and see how the world developed while I was gone. I look back with found memories. Now I realize it is apparent how much love, time and dedication it took to bring this game to life. I hope everyone reading this is well. It was a blast. Till next time ;) Thank you <3
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5 years ago, TheUnicornSavar
The New Update is fun but...
I’ve been playing Block heads for over a year now and I was super excited about this new update that was coming out. After I updated my app and went in my multiplayer world that I’ve worked every hard on with no cheats. I wanted to discover everything that was new. But then I found out that you have to spend money to keep your world going instead of Time Crystals. I knew no body would spend their money to keep my world going so I took all the important stuff out of my world and into my friend’s multiplayer world. I knew I had about a week till that world ran out of money so I decided to leave for a couple days. I come back and everything is gone. My world had ran out of money. And so did my friends. I’m very angry about this update. Only playing solo is fair anymore and that’s why I deleted this app. DONT GET THIS APP for the people who are reading this. Thank you and have a good rest of your day/night.
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5 years ago, Daniel Stilen
I love this game more than any of game
I’ve never found a game I’m liked more than this one here, I’ve showed this game to a lot of my friends and we all play it and see how far we can get in multiple worlds, I’ve been playing since the game came out and I’ve never gotten board of it and I find myself looking for more games just like this one but no matter how hard I try I can’t find anything. I’ve tried looking on other platforms such as Xbox, Ps4, Pc, and the switch but with no luck. I hope the developers haven’t deserted this game because it’s by far the best game I’ve played and I hope there are more updates. I’d love to give any idea and help in any way that I can. The developers made an amazing game and I hope you keep pushing for updates.
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7 years ago, Ms Math
First of all, this game is incredible. Me and my brothers are completely hooked, but before I continue about how amazing this game is...I'd like to share some suggestions. 1. NPC Game Rules: I honestly love the idea of custom game rules, however I don't think there's enough of them. For example, controlled mob spawn. Everyone loves fighting off a cave troll or scorpion sometimes, but when it gets to the point where you can't even leave your shelter because of them, it gets pretty irritating. Or sometimes you can't find enough food like fish, or dodo birds. NPC game rules can help with that too. 2. 12+ ?? Why is this game 12+ ? That honestly makes no sense to me, and since my friend has restrictions, she can't get it, so is there maybe a way you can change that?
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6 years ago, Ramlall
Encountered a few glitches, and hackers adding tc credit for free.
To start off, this update is great. Love the focus on the animals and a few new items. However, there are a few slight problems that I've encountered. For one, when you go to hit someone with a razor, you crash. This has happened to me and multiple people. Secondly, after watching a video for tc, the screen goes completely white, and I have to exit the app and return to retrieve my gems. Thirdly, major lag, and crashes randomly throughout the game. I'm on iPad 2 and I thought this problem was due to my old iPad, however I've heard lots of people complain on servers. Please fix, thank you. Edit: Dave, hackers are adding tc to servers for free without paying. Please look into this.
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1 year ago, Rachow22
iPad crashed
I used to play this game all the time on my moms old iPad so I decided that since I have my own iPad now that I’ll redownload it. But shortly after playing I accidentally rotated my iPad and it charge orientations while the game was open, my iPad completely froze so I hit the power button and it turned the ipad back on. Everything seemed fine so I continued playing. A little while later I accidentally tilted the iPad again and the app obviously froze again, so I hit the power button again and decided to “fix” it that was. Well, this time my iPad was completely unresponsive for at least 5 minutes straight. I tried to hold the power button, nothing, I tried to plug the ipad in, nothing, I even tried to hard reset the ipad, again nothing, eventually my ipad turned back on, and I immediately deleted this app. This is extremely disappointing because while I was able to actually play this game, I had fun playing.
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