The Check Cashing Store

2.4 (212)
71.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
DFC Global Corp
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Check Cashing Store

2.36 out of 5
212 Ratings
4 years ago, kenzie_819
Should be any age friendly
The concept of the app is great, although i am 17 y.o and have a job and would like to be able to deposit my checks on the go and yhe app requires you to be 18+
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3 years ago, LaShayQueenTrucker
I wish there was a rating for zero. This app need to be reported and investigated. I’m a truck driver and also a full time online student. I met my son to pickup my check along delivering a load bc I will not be home for about 2mos from now. The online school only distribute paper checks for financial aid. My online banking did not approve the check so I downloaded this app. The app ask for all my info including my ss# just to decline my check and also locked me out of my account. I’ve tried calling several times. Either I was hung up on when suppose to get transferred to another representative or just put on hold until the phone hung up on its on. I was on break in my truck at a truck stop and found one of the banks nearby. Thank goodness I was able to Uber to the bank that my school deal with and got my check cashed with no problem. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! I TRULY BELIEVE ITS A SCAM!!!
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4 years ago, Scamming mfs!
I used this for the first time and after I cashed my check it was being reviewed. Then my account disabled. I tried to call them but couldn’t even understand anyone that I spoke to. I spoke to a guy at first, we could not understand each other so he said someone will call me back in 5 minutes. then a female called me back it was hard understanding her also. She kept asking for my ssn and I asked is there anything else they could use besides my ssn. I asked her to cancel my order and my account she kept asking me for my ssn so I just hung up. She called me back about 10 times before I answered. I screamed through the phone please just cancel my account and my check. She said ok. Now I tried cashing my check somewhere else and it will not go through.. this company is a scam and should be shut down. I am very upset because I had to pay my rent that I am behind on! This is a disgrace!
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2 years ago, AshDeborah
Well as of today I signed up for this app with all of my information including the last 4 of my SSN I uploaded a check of mine and when I did not to long of the checking in review they lock me out of the account so I call them and the first guy I spoke to wasn’t very specific on anything just by telling me the check was cashed and I said that’s impossible because I uploaded the back of the check with my signature and I’d and when all said he then hung up on me then I call back the 2nd time and he hangs up on me again so I call back the 3rd time spoke to someone else and this guy wants to verify my information so I provide it to me and regarding my check he tells me it’s a bad check which it’s not they are SCAMMING PEOPLE DO GO WITH THIS APP BECAUSE IN ALL REALITY THEY DO NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AND SHUT DOWN.
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4 years ago, OnlyReviewCrap
Phishing Company (scam) Do not use
This company, if it even is real is just scumming and phishing for information. My account was disabled immediately after I set it up. I contact support and the guy didn’t know anything. I had a very strange feeling after talking to him. I called back later in the day (same issue) a lady, I assume it’s the guys wife started asking the answer to my security question, when I answered I was told I was incorrect and what another answer. I asked when the account was opened because i did not recognize the question being asked. I was told they could not look at my account without answer personal questions from my credit report. Either the are phishing for information or...nope there is no either. It’s a scam to steal people’s identity. Don’t download.
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4 years ago, tezbandz
This has to be a scam or something
My account got disable for no reason and I call there “customer services which nobody answered a few times and when I finally got someone they couldn’t even help me reset my account something is off about this. Then I email there customer service and they took 5 days to reply back the first time then the second time they did reply back at and it been 14 days what company take almost 21 days to email back there customers yeah don’t download this it’s something every wrong with this. Either this is a scam or they need better waaaaaay better service !!!
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4 years ago, RodeoKai
Really Great App!
Because Ingo likes to block accounts for no reason, I’ve had to substitute my check cashing needs and this app is great! They are very proficient, you understand what’s going on and what they need, and it’s quick! If it’s having technical issues, that happens, just reach out to them. I had none and I will continue to use them!
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2 years ago, geeDee3
Is this real
Is this a legitimate app because I gave them all my info for them to say it was a problem with verification and give me a number to call that rings 2 times and says no voicemail. I visit website to find another number and some guy answers sounds like he’s in a sweat shop music blasting unbelievable I am for sure contacting bbb tomorrow.
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4 years ago, keiehxu
Not worth the hassle
Went through the entire process to cash my check since I didn’t want to go out during this pandemic. They promoted me al the way to the final step where it had me wringing “VOID” across the check🤦🏾‍♀️ now suddenly they are experiencing technical difficulties and can’t process my check. Of course no one is going to accept it now with void on it. Don’t waste your time!!!
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6 months ago, PamelaGarcia16
Now known as just “Store”
Downloaded this app because it doesn’t use Ingo only to find out that the check cashing feature isn’t available. How can you be called The CHECK CASHING Store when there is no check cashing? Just change your name to Store and be done with it or offer what you’re supposed to offer.
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3 years ago, Diddy89
This app is a scam. As soon as I uploaded my check and all of my personal information they disabled my account. The number they have listed for customer service does not work it just says leaves message and they never return the call . This app just fished for information and should be banned from the App Store z
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3 years ago, Elpoyoloco_95
Downloaded the app and thought it was legit. As soon as I took a picture of the check and answered a few questions, it logged me out and told me that the account was disabled! I tried to call but no one was answering and the automated system kept taking me in a loop. This is definitely a scam! This app needs to be down!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, RoxySan
Bad Customer Service
If you have any issues with the app you are pretty much screwed getting help. The “customer service” is a joke. Don’t even bother with this app until they stop using some call center that has no idea what they are doing or how to help the people that are calling in.
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6 years ago, 44Sk8orDie
Check cashing service
I am unable to cash any checks with this service all I get is were having technical issues with your request and the same goes for logging in to my account. This is broken by design so don’t use this service unless you like the frustration that comes along with it.
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2 years ago, Khopwood96
This app takes all your personal information and waits until you try to cash a check. Once they have all that you’re locked out and told to call a customer service which nobody answers
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3 years ago, Shortyshy
Don’t ever use again
The customer service on Email is bad they where telling me that they see lots of people names that has my phone number and that’s not true they wouldn’t give me the names so I had them close my account never ever going to trust those things ever again.
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4 years ago, Demonvial
They accept your check and then tell you to write and send a photo of your check with VOID written on it and once you do the app then tells you they’re having technical difficulties and can’t cash your check and you’re stuck with an uncashed check that says VOID on it.
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4 years ago, Frankmazza
Fast & Easy
Fast and easy solution to cashing checks on the go!
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2 years ago, Keeefe
If scammed,then follows law suit
Soon as I put down my last bit of information personal information it just said my account got closed so I’m waiting to be scam so I can follow a lawsuit and have the application store committee pursue a investigation
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4 years ago, Grvbrg
Loaded my own debit card 👍
Very helpful as a small business owner
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9 years ago, Glow Jdm
Can you use any visa or has to be momentum
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2 years ago, Idance4menu
Another Scam, just like IngoMoney!
they dont work; your account WILL get disabled after you submit the images for your check. no live phone support
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4 years ago, childofwaterrrr
If I could put no stars I would! The service is terrible as well as the app. How can you tell me my own registered phone number can’t be used?! And that you can’t help me fix the issue with YOUR app. Just no.
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4 years ago, boncheeckway
Cashed my check & few minutes later my account disables. I called too see why that happened & he never answered my question. My money never came on my card.
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4 years ago, ___Apple_12_5
The app is basically a browser that goes on your website and nothing more. It never stays signed in or the app crashes.
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2 years ago, cawley23
They steal your personal info then tell you. You can’t use their mobile deposit system.
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3 years ago, Imadealfinder
Total Crap
I had a similar experience as the other reviewer and I completely agree this site Shiite shut down!!
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2 years ago, loud118
Do not download. .. wish I would read the comments
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2 years ago, ezrdrdr
Scam Fraud
Do not use this App, If you do it's at you're own risk. To all the other people who have used this App and you've been scamed or had a problem when trying to cash your check. Please people go to the bottom of the screen directly before where it shows other Apps by this Group. Directly above those Apps there is a place that says Report Problem, it will take you Directly to Apple and you have the option to Report what type of problem Hit Scam/Fraud. Then it gives you a place to write your problem that you encountered with this App and if you tried calling to get help and had no luck because you keep being transferred like you were playing on a Merry Go Round and no-one would answer your questions and would keep saying you did not have an account with them. Even though you know that you actually really did sign up with all your confidential personal information and created your account with this App. The Company or Person responsible for this App needs to be held accountable for their actions for all the people who downloaded this App and trusted that giving their personal confidential information to create an account to be able to cash checks and do what the App says it does but instead this App is getting access to our personal confidential information and information about checks and the amounts of the check the company who issued the check end the Bank associated with the Check the account number and routing number and all of our confidential personal information to go with the check trying to be cashed. We become there Valuable Prey as they have everything they need to basically take our Identity, to have access to pretty much everything in our name. They could drain our Bank Checking, Saving, Accounts, Credit, Debit, Cards Information go on shopping spree. They could be using a fake address, providing fake Information moving around place to place. If they are smart enough to create this App, Approoved to get it authorization to be allowed on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store who else knows where. Then what's to say that they are as well, Smart enough to take our Personal Confidential Information to Commit Fraudulent Charge's, Unauthorized Activity with our Personal Confidential Information to use to Apply for Personal, or Bussiness Loans, Apply for multiple high limit access Credit Cards, Buy things using Financing, Etc Then we could be caught up in an awful Legal Battle situation that could take years to try to get our Money Back, our Credit Limit Back, our Credit Scores Fixed, Claim Identity Theft, and Fraud, Which could take's year's some time's to get Fixed. In the Possibility of 1. Of Our Worst Case Cenarios, It Could Lead to Us being Put into the Situation where We would have to Spend a Large Amount of Money to Get a Bankruptcy Lawyer to File Joint Bankruptcy if Married. Also we would have to Hire an Identity Theft Lawyer To Clean Up and Wipe Off All the Thing's That Were Done In Our Name, That Was Not Actually Done By Us. If Single there are So Many Different Situations that Could Put Certain of Us in an Even Worse Situation,. Because we could not Financially Afford To Hire A Lawyer To Help Clean Thing's Up. Then Certain of Us in a Place Where We Would be In a Different Situation Where We Were Able to Financialy Able To Afford to Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer, and Identity Theft Team.
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3 years ago, dragon friut
Don’t bother trying
It will make u create a account And ask for all of ur personal info And then deactivate ur account and say to call a number, But by all means go ahead and waste ur time Ur better off going to the store to cash it
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2 years ago, Fredmacktheman
wont let me create an account
keeps saying passwords needs this and that, and i do as asked and still get same notification
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2 years ago, 1xnm
If youre reading this youre in the right place. Do Not Download This APP! Just Do Not.
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3 years ago, OPtimist Pee
Identity theft and money thieves !!!!!
Zero rating for this app.? They steal identity and deny checks anyways.
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4 years ago, Plantliver
Don’t use this app
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3 years ago, gvcccvbh
Scam mfs
Scam mfs don’t waste your time with these dummy’s
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3 years ago, SenpaiiYaoii
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3 years ago, jeffi111
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2 years ago, James Hanford
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8 years ago, Big SUR drew
Only use if you want to wait 3 days to cash check.
The process to authorize my check took nearly 8 hours. After wondering why no funds have shown up in my bank account after everything checked out I decided to give them a call. They told me it takes up to 72 hours for the check to post to my account. It's been nearly 24 hours now and still the funds have not shown up. If u want to pay someone 10% to cash a check at hold onto it for a couple days then this is the app for you. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!
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9 years ago, Hennybabyy
You could check up on all transactions you've done tells you how much your balance is its just perfect I love the check cashing store ❤️❤️
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8 years ago, Pic-asso
Idea is good. Execution not so much
The concept of this app is great for people who don't live in the same city as their bank. App does take an unacceptable amount of time to review information & execute deposit
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3 years ago, j16_._
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12 months ago, Weirdyougetthat
Do not download this app
I was thinking I could take a picture of a check. Company said not doing online anymore. Now they have my information and I ask to delete the account. They said don’t worry about it. Today is 6/26/23 if anything of mine gets hacked you can rest assured it’s related to this app provider.
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2 years ago, dontdoitNay
I got a check for my refund and my bank only does automatic deposits and mine needed to verified and they don’t have authorization to do manual checks so I tried this app and after asking for ALL of my info, it rejected my check and also disabled my entire account. After calling the toll free number online it only gave two prompts and neither worked. I found a headquarters number online & agent 1 xferred me back into the system, second agent put me hold and when u he came back to the phone his phone was breaking up so I couldn’t hear him, another agent had me on hold and the phone hung up and the last agent told me there was no account but how can my account be disabled without there being an account in the first place. Definitely seems like a SCAM. No one I spoke to could give me any verification on my info and it was lil confusing but if ur going to definitely enter at your own risk smh 3/22/22
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2 years ago, pist off mom
I trying to cash my son ssa check for him and they lock me out n tried to call them many times I pray my son can cash his check at the bank n cancel my card they want all ur information don’t use this app and had to add a star to send this message plz read before u use this
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3 years ago, dhdhhhdhdhhffhfh
Complete Fraud operating as a front for child rapists. Stole 15000$ from me.
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4 years ago, colton12st
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4 years ago, Wasabicrunchroll
Awesome! They don’t use INGO!
When INGO closed my account for no reason I looked for a alternative method for cashing my check. I haven’t even tried to cash a check with Ingo for about 6 years so they had absolutely zero reasons for making it seem like something shady was going on. I get direct deposit normally but for some reason the company I work for decides to send me a check in the amount of $12.64 and Ingo has a problem with this? Wow, I used to cash my checks 6 years ago all the time with no issues. I did a google search on check cashing apps that do not use Ingo. This was the first listed so I tried it out and I am so happy I did. I made a account quickly and I was able to link my chime debit card and chime bank account with zero issues. I proceeded to cash my check. They ask for a picture of the front and back of the check, which was very easy to take, again with zero issue. Next, they ask you to confirm you identity by answering a few questions, adding you ss #, and taking a picture of your drivers license. After that the check was pending approval. Shortly after I received a phone call from ft. Lauderdale fl. The representative was very polite and asked me if I would please write on the back of the check “for mobile deposit only” and take another picture of the check with my license on top of it. After I did that a few minutes later I was prompted to take one more picture of the front of the check saying void. Once that was finished in about 15 minutes the money was in my account. The fee was 35 cents which I thought was very reasonable. Overall I am 100% satisfied using this app. I found the check cashing process very fast and very easy. I highly recommend this app, especially if you are having issues cashing checks with Ingo.
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