The Classical Station

4.8 (167)
27.3 MB
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WCPE The Classical Station
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Classical Station

4.84 out of 5
167 Ratings
3 years ago, let the mudic play on
BEST Classical station ever
LOVE, LOVE this station! Been listening for 20 years, since first moving to Apex, NC. I think it was the first radio station I found! Up until discovering this station, in all the previous places I lived the classical stations were only part-time classical music. To have one to listen day or night, anywhere I am, is absolutely wonderful! I love the music selections, even compared to the classical station on Sirius XM. WCPE is outstanding and I’ve experienced no issues at all with the app in the year or so I’ve been using it. Thank you, WCPE!
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5 years ago, Mark from nc
I Grew Up 2 Miles From WCPE
We lived so close to the tower that the speaker wires would pick up the signal, and you could hear it faintly with the volume turned all the way up but no input. It was always a joy to tune my radio in to listen to WCPE when I lived in Wake Forest, and now that I no longer live in the area, I don’t need to go without it. It’s wonderful that this app has brought us the great classical music we know and love, and in my case grew up with, and for free. Now I can listen to Dvorak from my hometown radio station whenever I want.
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5 years ago, terrilee_nc
App has greatly improved!
Proud to say that WCPE is my local Classical Station, and proud to share it with the world! The app was nearly unusable when first launched, but it’s improved, likely because of listener feedback. I mainly use the app to find out what’s playing, and the new prominent right up front “what’s playing now” feature is great. I wish the chart listing the programs & pieces for the day was more mobile friendly. It’s hard to see even in landscape mode! Here’s hoping you’ll continue with the improvements to the app as you have to the station, taking it from hyper local to worldwide!
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4 years ago, Kcar
Fantastic radio station, great app
WCPE is my all-time favorite classical station. The staff's dedication to classical music shines through on a daily basis. I've heard unfamiliar pieces composed by old familiars like Beethoven, works by 18th Century composers I'd never heard of and new music from these times. WGBH in Boston used to my favorite decades ago. I was shocked at how superficial and repetitive its programming had become when I tuned in recently. That will never happen with WCPE!
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6 years ago, Mulsar2
I found it a little confusing when I first started using the app (and even now after using it many months) finding where to start playing the stream, as it is not prominently placed, I mean that is what you use the app for playing the music right?!? The play button just blends in with it's gray color with the rest of the site. Why isn’t the play button on the top of the page and in a contrasting color. I am afraid I have little interest in the rest of the web contents, so 95% of the page is a waste of screen space for me. Other than that WCPE is GREAT!
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5 years ago, PMCalamy
Simply the best...
Growing up in North Carolina, it wasn’t until I moved out of state that I realized what a fantastic station WCPE is. Wherever I lived, none of the local stations could compete. They either had too much news or non-classical programming or oddly avoided many of the great composers. How fortunate that this fantastic app makes WCPE available anywhere. It’s stable and effective and I’m thrilled that it’s available!
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1 year ago, azurealone
Lifelong Listener
I’ve been loving this radio station since I was small, and now I get to carry it everywhere! They’ve consistently improved the app and website to be more user friendly and provide all kinds of programming to every taste. I am a forever fan 💜
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5 years ago, PancakeLover1229
Very relaxing and perfect for travel
With a pair of earbuds and my phone I can basically turn anyplace into a little musical show and I love it, I love listening to classical music when writing and doing homework assignments, it really stirs up the ideas in my head and keeps me focused. Don’t know what I do without it.
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7 months ago, budgiegirl
Great discovery!
I found this station when we were in NC visiting in February. Such a great range of programs and highly enjoyable. I am back in the DC area which has a great classical station but I still still listen to your app.
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3 years ago, "O'Ma"
Happy w/app!
Have been a long time WCPE listener (1981) & had it preset in my car & home, since. Now living in Forsyth County, your app has become my “go to”, since the radio signal is so weak, this close to WDAV. With my IPhone, your music goes with me now! So happy w/app!
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3 years ago, obxseas
Carolina on my radio
Because I started listening to this station when I lived in Manteo. Use the ap so I can get classical when my station in SF plays opera or modern music that I don’t appreciate. Get my dose of Carolina music. Enjoy the new announcers.
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3 years ago, jcsmooth2004
Consistently Classical
Since becoming a music educator in 2004, WCPE has been a beacon of consistent exposure to great classical music. As I enter my 17th year as a music educator I’m ever appreciative of this nonprofit organization. Thank you to the staff, announcers and sponsors of the greatest classical station worldwide.
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4 years ago, KCA12
Favorite radio station
WCPE has been my favorite radio station for years, and the app makes listening so convenient. I appreciate the recent addition of currently playing titles on the app. Also, shout out to Rob Kennedy, the favorite announcer in our house.
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5 months ago, M Trost
So happy!
Moved from N Carolina and listened online. But the app is perfect, very functional, user-friendly and YOU! Use it on the phone for my car and bluetooth speaker at home. Thank you
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2 years ago, makindem
Best Classical Station for past 30 Years
Ive been listening since elementary school, and have yet to find a better classical listening experience. Thank you WCPE!
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5 years ago, merocam
Big change
What a difference. At last an app you can use easily to find out what great music you are listening to. Easy and helpful for purchasing as well.
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2 years ago, THubert formerly of Cary
Classic classical station
Excellent variety of popular classical music. I started listening to WCPE on the radio in 1993, moved away from Raleigh and am so glad to have found this app!
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4 years ago, cathyearnshaw
Best station ever
We love WCPE and are Sustaining Supports. Such friendly voices to hear and knowledgeable. Particularly now that we are limited in where and what we can do, the station is a welcoming voice in our home. Merci Mille fois for enriching our lives.
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10 months ago, Bajatrvlr
Great station
I actually stumbled upon this station blindly and have become devoted listener ever since. If you’re into classical music, this is the one for you.
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3 years ago, Lynn Davies
Love this station!
We moved from New England last month, where we had a wonderful classical station. It was such a pleasure and relief to discover that North Carolina has an equally wonderful station! Thank you!
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1 month ago, RobWargo
Top notch station!
Loved listening to WCPE when I was an undergrad at Duke University in the mid-80s and it is a real treat to be able to listen again whenever I want.
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3 years ago, Dr. Jeffery Smith
Go-to for work
My local classical station is now all NPR talk. I missed the music. Thankfully I found WCPE. It is now streaming all day at work! Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping the music alive.
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6 years ago, Nettzoo
Great music, great station
It’s hard to find good music the station. This is one of the few reliable places to hear real music. It’s the only one I can listen to!
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6 years ago, Brown-eyed Susan
A Treasured Friend
Love taking WCPE with me wherever I go. Can’t imagine life without your wonderful station and the dedicated staff who truly feel like family. The skies may be grey, but WCPE makes my life bright day and night.
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4 years ago, EmilyILM
Great app for classical music
Good music, interesting podcast segments and interviews with artists. Very impressed. Would expect nothing less from WCPE; they always produce quality content.
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5 years ago, cantonello2
Great music in a well built app
There is no station quite like WCPE. How many classical stations are human-curated 24/7? And it’s 100% listener supported. Not to mention the music itself is beautiful.
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5 years ago, llyfr
Best. Classical. Station. Ever.
Great variety of music - been listening to WCPE for over 20 years and I’m so glad they are available no matter where I travel!
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1 year ago, Mississippi Rev
Love this app!
WCPE is the one radio station I miss since leaving the Triangle and I’m so glad I can listen here. It’s so clear and such great music
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4 years ago, Hilal'sG
Non-stop lovely!
This station is a wonderful resource and I often use the app to see what’s playing! Many thanks!
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6 years ago, Me333777
Love having classical music—and nothing else—at the touch of a finger!
I lived in North Carolina and enjoyed WCPE. One of the best parts to return visits was picking it up on the radio dial. Now I don’t have to do that!
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12 months ago, MorticiaBabyGirl
Helps me in my office!
It really takes the stress out of my day having WCEP playing in my desk. Thank you!
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1 year ago, emmalouhalu
Great classical music
The knowledge and selection blows standard streaming services out of the water.
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5 years ago, RobtWhit
Years of Enjoyment
I have been listening to WCPE for over a decade on my computer at my work desk. I am so pleased WCPE has its own app for me to carry around with me.
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6 years ago, JellyBooBoo44
Great app for any music lover
I used to live in Raleigh, but I moved to Wilmington, and WCPE wasn’t available there. When I found this app, boy was I happy. Now I use it all the time.
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2 years ago, bwsrms
Really love this station, highly recommended selections of music. The app UX is decent, could be refined, but hard to argue with the material.
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11 months ago, mal1987345
Great app!
I listen to this app constantly. Works flawlessly, no crashes
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6 years ago, LYNYNC
Great Station!
Happy to find this app especially. I switched to this one from the WQXR app. NC is my home now and I wanted to listen to the hometown classical station.
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5 years ago, ginaing
Convenient, excellent quality
Love this app. Well-designed and easy to use. Great sound quality.
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6 years ago, c3erge
Love this station
WCPE is the background music to my life. Work, home, busy, relaxing, it’s on. So glad to have this app available to me.
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4 years ago, LetGo143
Excellent all around
Great. Works well. Easy to use. Has interviewers with composers. A great station. Love their request shows, too.
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1 year ago, Eluzabet.
Good for the spirit
I especially enjoy the app telling me what’s playing. Beautiful…. a necessity in these turbulent days. Deep appreciation!
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2 years ago, Mark919
Great station, Great app!
I listen to WCPE on my car radio and this is my go-to app for classical music.
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4 years ago, Thubert57
Excellent Station for the Beginner or Aficionado
Great website and even better source of classical music.
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5 years ago, ajoy117
I love this app and the music it provides me all day long. No issues, just excellent music!
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3 years ago, Bobsgoodlife
To have access to this wonderful station!🌟
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4 years ago, Salrsam
Classical Music Anytime
I love that I can hear my favorite station anywhere I go!
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3 years ago, Nickname7010
The Best Classical Music App
Great station which can now be heard online around the world!
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5 years ago, Tespen
Great station
App is pretty swell too. I listen every day, no matter where I am.
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6 years ago, hansellt
Best Live Radio App in the app store
Best way to listen to classical music. The best radio station app I’ve ever used.
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3 years ago, TheRealMattTheMage
World’s Best
I’ve listened to this station all my life. Lived in several countries outside the US. Best classical station (ever). App is great.
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