the Clave

4.7 (167)
21.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Drew Milloy
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for the Clave

4.72 out of 5
167 Ratings
2 years ago, tensai_gyu
Simple but perfect!!!
This app is everything to me. You can switch from 2/3 or 3/2 clave as well as having control over the bpm. There are 4 clave patterns on there but it shows you the notation as it goes which is super helpful for a beginner. There are no ads so i can practice forever without getting disrupted by an obnoxious ad. Truly great app, Bravo. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Vibe Caliente
I Live this app, but...
I love this app and wish I could give it five stars. But I recently started noticing the battery on my iPhone 8 draining much more quickly than usual. When checking battery usage in settings I discovered that the Clave app was for some reason using 51% of my battery! I only used it 15 or 20 minutes at a time for a couple of days. Something appears to be running in the background that’s causing a problem. I wanted to contact the developer before writing this review but could not find any way to do that, in part because his website seems to have disappeared.
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7 years ago, TLOBongo
Clave App an Excellent Tool, whose time has come!
Practice can now be even more involved with the clave app! Fantastic tool enabling the musician to do so much more with internalizing the clave while also revolving rhythmic synergistic patterns around the clave. Can also serve as the time keeper to your Bembe or Descarga ensemble! Get it and explore it for yourself!
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8 years ago, Justin272727
Great App!
This app does exactly what you need it to do. It works well and isn't overly complicated. It has improved my practice routine and my playing overall. Couldn't be without it.
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5 years ago, Marv III
Battery Hog
While I like the function of this app - it plays the basic claves and their configuration at any tempo - the app uses most of my iphone and ipad power I think while running in the background. So far, I haven’t found any fixes for this. The first day I ran through most of my battery in12 hours. The Clave was by far the main culprit although it had only been in use for a few minutes.
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7 years ago, jake-zilla
Helpful practicing and learning tool.
As a guitarist, this a is a fantastic tool, and as someone learning percussion it's a great way to practice. I really love its minimalist design, but I would love the added feature of a shaker. Still a perfect app.
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8 years ago, WhiteFlowerPerc
Invaluable Practice tool
Very simple to use with a great new look. Would like to see some more 6/8 variations. As-is, this app has become an everyday practice tool.
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2 years ago, Killer Dinosaur
Awesome tool
Thank you so much for making this wonderful easy to use tool!
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7 years ago, Congazo
Excellent tool!
Simple and straight forward. My only request is to also include a downbeat tone (1,2,3,4;1,2,3;1,2,3,4,5,6) as an added tool for a more in depth experience.
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2 years ago, clem-c-rock
Love this app
My only complaint is it doesn’t have a 2:3 Son Clave. Can this be added?
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5 years ago, Tito Romero
Great app! I use it to practice and warm up all the time. If your a musician it’s a most have!
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7 years ago, cocou
Fantastically simple
What a great app! I love the interface. So simple. Exactly what I needed.
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4 years ago, Birbonio
Need 6/8 bell and Afrobeat clave
I like this app but would love it if the 6/8 bell pattern and Afrobeat clave were added for even more options!
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6 years ago, zapatasghost
Dopest app!
The digital age has gone Latino. Or Latino has gone digital! Either way this is a dope app for practice!
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8 years ago, Funky Col' Medina
Perfect free practice tool
It's free, clave sounds legit, switches from 2:3 to 3:2 easily, has Bossa Nova which is nice, and oh yeah, it's free.
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9 months ago, QTM70
Perfect for what it does!
Great for practicing Afro-Cuban percussion over the constant rhythm.
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7 years ago, Wingzzz123
Thumbs up!
Simple, easy, works great. What's not to like?
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9 months ago, You yo I oguo
Were I i
You das ezf8? You are in a very uiLolorh g u this u
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4 years ago, Drakoo01
Easy to use excellent
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6 years ago, Very g000d
Awesome for Jazz Studies!!!
I use this all the time for my classes!
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8 years ago, thunder.drummer
Great practice tool, get to work!
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7 years ago, Latin newbie
Clickers clack
New to Latin Rhythm this app is awesome.
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8 years ago, Steve Elegba
Great tool
I could use it with abilities to co faster and a traditional 6/8 Afro Cuban pattern.
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8 years ago, Christosaaron
Awesomely awesome!
Awesomeness!!! That is all!
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8 years ago, Rick8199
Great tool!
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15 years ago, Music This!
Perfectly Educational
For salseros and others who want to know what the real claves are... I actually had forgotten the Afro(-Cuban) clave, but thanks to Andrew's program I remember it. Perfect UI, not to mention the great picture of NYC (where the clave was reborn). Thanks for this free App!
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14 years ago, Jazzsammich
Great app, but room for improvement...
I was thrilled to find this app, and it doesn't disappoint. A few suggestions, however, to take it to the next level and make it indispensable: 1) As others have mentioned, having a 2/3 option is important. 2) I find the tempo slider difficult to work with when I need precision. There must be better ways to dial in the tempo: a) A scroll mechanism similar to iTick, perhaps combined with the ability to type in numbers directly. b) A tap tempo option in-app would be extremely useful. c) It would also be helpful to be able to use finer gradations of tempo, at the very least half-BPMs. (Incidentally, I've yet to encounter ANY metronome app that allows for this. Why???) 3) The ability to set how many measures to play for. 4) It would be a nice touch (but IMHO less important) to have other instrument samples available, like woodblock, cowbell, agogo, etc. 5) To keep the UI uncluttered, perhaps pattern, tempo, and instrument could be controlled from different screens. Thank you so much for developing this app!
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14 years ago, Thommy420
A few issues
When I try to adjust the volume either by side rocker or program screen the program shuts down. When I reopen it the volume is set higher or lower depending on what I was doing. Annoying but not a fatal flaw for me. I realize this program is made to be a clave metronome but I got it to start learning clave rhythms. In order to do that I need to have a metronome that would keep quarters or 2 and 4.
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9 years ago, Donnyboom
Love it
Love the new version. Simplified look and fixed a couple minor grumbles I had with the last version. great for conga practice and drum set practice. Nice work!
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15 years ago, pyramiddigprod
Nicely done
In fact I was literally in the process of building this app when I did one more search. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have it since I've wanted this kind of metronome for years. Nicely done.
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13 years ago, Porchglider
Thank you for making this
This is a great app ..... BUT.. I'm not so sure u got the boss's nova clave perfect... (please fix this) I'd like to see the ability to accent the first beat or turn on a click track in the background. More Clave patterns would be great too. (yes there are more out there !!) How about an agogo bell, that would be sweet .
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14 years ago, JasonConBongos
Just the Clave Run-Offs Us Musicians Need!
Great job on this one. Thanks a bunch for this ever so useful app. The clave is indeed the basis of all Latin rhythms. It must never be violated or played against.. JasonConBongos
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14 years ago, BX329
I've been looking for a clave metronome for a while and this one is absolutely perfect.
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15 years ago, Shawnuff
Good beginning
Putting in 2-3 clave would be simple and should be included. Otherwise it's a simple app that works well.
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11 years ago, Jazmnky
Handy App
Good app. Great practice alternative to standard metronome. Only criticism is 6/8 clave should have rhumba option or just move that last eighth note to beat 6 instead of beat 5.
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14 years ago, DannyD76
Perfect to learn how to find the "2"
I dance Mambo on2 & this helps find the second beat.
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11 years ago, Doggymary
Very basic but has everything you need it's pretty cool
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14 years ago, RayFel
No room for improvement
It's perfect! Me Gusta.
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12 years ago, pthyalo
Much needed
Thanks for creating this! Would love to see Abakua & 6/8 clave variations someday.
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9 years ago, Ear-Worm
Good app
I would love for the app to have the app play a kick on beat one of the measure.
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15 years ago, Madhumati
It would be nice if there was a 2/3 Clave too.
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13 years ago, jpag57
the Clave
This is a cool tool and it's free! Now that my appetite's been whet... ¡Mas por favor!
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