The Clock

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Fabrice Leyne
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1 year ago
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10.15 or later
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User Reviews for The Clock

0 out of 5
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7 years ago, Aaron_Imbrock
Making OS X great again
What everyone else has written is true - it’s perfect - wanting for nothing yet not pushing too many options at you either. For me what makes this app go from really good to perfect are two things. One, the search function for city or time zone just works the way you think it should. But two is really what makes me love it: you pick the city or time zone that matches your time needs and then you can give it a nickname that is more meaningful to you. I’ve yet to find another time application that gives you that feature. For example, if your small city or town isn’t listed but another large city is and you know that the large city’s time matches your needs choose the large city and then rename it and you’re done. Rename the city to match your company’s datacenter names, time zone, corporate locations, warehouses, people times, what ever you need. Thank you to the developer for making this great app.
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3 years ago, srmarco
Great App! The Best Clock App I've Found!
I've used The Clock for a few years now and never took the time to review it (shame on me). But I'm motivated to do so now because the developer has been amazing at resolving a problem I had—in under and hour! Now for the rest of the review. I've used several different clock apps through the years. The Clock is very professional looking, offers dozens of customizable options, and lets me display all my world clocks in one, nice, neat place. When someone is in my office, they often ask about the app because of how impressive it looks. Some of my favorite features: renaming a location with a more obscure city or town name, night/day clock faces at a glance, and syncing the app between my work and home computers. I definitely recommend it!
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6 years ago, TerryConverse
Best Clock
There are an overwhelming number of clocks available, and I have surveyed many of them. This one is by the best. I like that it keels a low profile on the menu bar, but when it’s opened it has a very well designed, easy to read, expansive view. The calendar is a also nice feature to have along with the clocks, although if a calendar view is not wanted, it’s easy to toggle it off. Probably my favorite feature is the “meeting planner slider.” This feature makes it very easy to time differences as times are agreed on for a meeting. All in all, a fantastic app.
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4 years ago, MOT_from_ATL
Love this app!
The Clock has all of the features I was looking for in a world clock - and THEN SOME! I can keep track of multiple time zones that I do business in and quickly schedule worldwide meetings! Having a built-in break-timer is icing on the cake! Some features take a momen or two to locate - my only minor gripe - but once learned, I LIKE how everything works and is organized! I feel the same way about the iOS app and will post these same comments there! NICE WORK by Fabrice Leyne! Buy it!
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4 years ago, CrimsonCrow
Sad Moon
I love this app. I have used it for as long as I can remember. The primary reason I got The Clock was so I could have the -moon phase- in my menu bar but because of how the moon is displayed, I have it turned off. I would swear The Clock used to have a function that allowed one to choose the display of the moon so that when the moon was FULL is showed as a WHITE circle outlined in black: which is how moons are shown on -every- calendar I have ever owned. DARK of the moon, or NEW MOON showed in BLACK. The current iteration of this app has it just the opposite. I take 2-stars off for that. Also, almost a year ago I emailed the developer about this and never even got a response. :-(
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8 years ago, brian.diman
Elegance and Flexibility
I use The Clock both as an engineer working with teams across multiple time zones, and as an amateur radio operator. In ham radio we record many events by UTC as 24-hour display, and The Clock makes it extremely easy to setup a mixed timezone display with some timezone clocks as normal 12-hour AM/PM, and “zulu time” as 24-hour. It’s pretty hard to find a clock app that will actually do that in the first place. On top of that, it’s the best looking clock/calendar I’ve found on any platform. Just fantastic.
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6 years ago, T Daw
It's the simplest there is.
The only thing I don't understand is the slider for me to adjust the time. I mean, once a time is set relative to mine, the only thing that's going to change is daylight savings. Why do I have the option of adjusting it? I accidentally adjusted it and had to look up the correct time. Obviously I don't mean this as a major inconvenience, but with 5 clocks showing, I'm now wondering if it's ever going to randomly adjust on its own and show the incorrect time.
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6 years ago, Classic-Style
This Clock App Rocks!! Absolutely Fantastic!! Does Everything..
I was looking for something to help me coordinate with my colleages overseas, multiple time zones, multiple appointments through out the month. This clock app does it all. Time zones, no problem, city names, no problem, Am/Pm or Military time, no problem, and it coordinates with my calender.. I make an appointment in Paris and it shows me the time to show up in Chicago.. totally cool. Very happy with this and well worth the $5.00.
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6 years ago, kennethben
A very clever, and helpful, app
I love the app, and it does what I licensed it for about as well as one could ask. I have only one issue that keeps this from being a 5-star app - the addition of an unavoidable “Take a break”, where the app all of a sudden puts the machine to sleep for 2 minutes. I use the app at work, and can’t afford to have my screen become all of a sudden inaccessible (even if I can Cancel out of it). I can not find any ability to turn this behavior off, and that’s a very disconcerting omission.
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8 years ago, flix4u2
I started with a free version and switched to the paid version years ago, but only after I was sure the free version was stable. Wanting greater functionality, which I have been receiving via the paid version for more than 2-3 years, it is everything I hoped for and more. I can’t wait to try out some of the newest features, but suggest that you look no further for a similar app as THIS IS THE ONE!
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6 years ago, TJApps
Superbly useful
Exactly what I wanted to handle meeting requests from various time zones: - “pin” various cities to a dashboard - pick a city, pick a date from the calendar (do they have daylight savings, etc? when? no need to know - the app knows) - slide to the time they’re requesting (use their local time for that date) - instantly see my corresponding local time - customize the look (time/date formats and such) for readability You can even show whether or not it’s the “same day” as yours in their time zone. I NEVER know who might be on the other side of the date line, so that mystery solved too. It took about three minutes to set up The Clock just how I wanted it, and I’ll be using it many times per week. Great work, guys.
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3 years ago, deema0310
So far, I'm loving it
I just downloaded this app today (Sep. 17, 2021), after realizing I need time conversion often because I work on a distributed team of people in many U.S. itme zones. This app is simple to use, looks great, and functions well. Additionally, there is great documentation available. I was able to set it up and customize it to my needs in around 10-15 minutes.
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5 years ago, ScottMacNickname
Great Clock
I'm a Sr. Manager at an international business. Teams and Clients are all over the world. This thing is exactly what I didn't even know what I was looking for. What I mean is, I knew I needed something with easy time zone visuals, but the slider to quickly just move the time and see where everyone is has been super useful. And it's just really nice looking as well. Definitely a solid app.
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5 years ago, desiwizkid
great piece of software
I have to travel quite a bit for work and i also have meetings across different time zones across the world. The Clock has been very helpful in tracking time both when i'm away and also with different meetings. I've pretty much disabled the default time clock on the task bar and only use The Clock as my time instrument on my mac
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6 years ago, cjcope
Needs Better Calendar Integration
I like the app and think that it is very useful and has some great features. I wish you could sync to external calendars such as Outlook, Gmail, etc., without having to utilize the native calendar app, but that is just being a bit picky Viewing the next upcoming event is good but would like to see the option to see more days worth of upcoming events, possibly up to one week.
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4 years ago, yonington
I manage global teams and this is critical...
This is a key tool to schedule meetings with my global team. Absolutely critical. One note for the developers: it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get the big meeting planner (the clock needs to be in Dock mode), the slider is a litte too sensitive and it would be great to have a reset button (back to your local time). Other than that, the app is fantastic.
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3 years ago, mister zed
I love it! It's got ALMOST everything. The things I would add are: • horizontal arrangement of clocks (to match geography, so we can have locations further to the west on the left, and locations further to the east on the right) • a globe face for the analog clocks where the city chosen is at the center of the globe, rather than a generic image that's the same for every clock.
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5 years ago, Hkgweilo
Perfect and getting better
Holy crap. I've been using this product for years and it just gets better and better. If you work with multiple time zones and value ease of use, this is the product for you. As someone who works with remote teams, travels a bunch, and schedules calls in different time zones, this is a game changer.
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4 years ago, saguaro737
Everything you want - and much more
This is one of the best applications on my Mac. I have had it for many years. Recently I needed a world wide scheduler. The Clock has the best. Customer support can't ne better. I had a question and got a reply in about 15 minutes. Fabrice remembered me when I had another query two or tgree years ago. You can't go wrong
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2 years ago, vadimas83
Very helpful utility
I use The Clock daily for my work and it's a great and very helpful utility. Would like to ask developer to provide an update to support macOS Ventura - have to click twice on the menu bar to view The Clock window (shows and disappers on the first attempt).
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2 years ago, BrianAtTheBeach
Close to great, but major issues
For an app like this to be valuable, the time in a city you select must be correct. However, the time in the city I am in is one hour off. There's no way to correct this. The "Extended Planner" is nowhere to be found. The user interface is extremely difficult to use - it took me a lot of poking around to figure out how to add a world clock. The help documentation is extremely difficult to go through. It's a single page with no search function. If you want to contact support, the only option is to use the default mail app (I only use gmail through a browser). I want to love this app and I need its functionalilty for the work I do, but it's just too difficult to use and buggy.
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3 years ago, LastSlash
Essential for anyone working across a time zone
I work on both U.S. east coast time and Gulf Standard time. This program keeps you from making errors on meetings and will quickly pay for itself in avoiding embarassment (wait, what time is it there?) and getting work completed efficiently.
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8 years ago, Kcjconsult
Beautiful and Functional
As a global PM I need to schedule meetings across time zones and this app does it for me. It is a great looking app…convienient access on my bar and I am looking forward to using the break feature to get me up out of my chair more regularly. This app is full of features. Well done!
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8 years ago, Tightredcorset
I deal with companies all over the world. Never can keep track of the time. I have turned off the apple clock and use The clock full time. easy to set up and gives options that are not just bells and whistles. Well worth the money.
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5 years ago, daDAD4
Great customer support
I had been travling in China and inadvertentley made HK my home base so when i got back to the States the time was right but off by 12 hours (showing AM when should have been PM). I had this for a few weeks until finally with an airport delay mI researched problem and sent Fabrice support request... literally 3 minutes later was contacted back by email and problem resolved a few screen shots later. Great App I have across many MACs. First app to get transferred when i upgrade machines. Recommend it highly. Thanks Fabrice!
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1 year ago, egorFiNE
It's beautiful
I am using this app for about four years as I constantly have communications with people in different timezones. This app is an excellent helper to take a glance of different time around my cities of interest.
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2 years ago, dsflkjhaoihwoihsadlkjfas
As part of a distributed team, spread across the world, I use this litterally every hour or so. It just sits there in the menu bar ready to use when you need it and it is dead simple to use.
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6 years ago, Lecter
My favorite menu bar clock!
I love that I can format the menu bar clock to my specific preferences! Plus, having a mini calendar and my desired list of timezones in the menu is great. The developer is responsive and a hell of a nice guy. Kudos!
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6 years ago, KWLan
Excellent for working across time zones
Excellent for working across time zones, would like to see an easier add for additional cities but once the cities are in, coupled with the slider for setting meetings across multiple timezones it’s an excellent tool.
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8 years ago, editviz1
Convient Clock
The most important world clock. This App is not tided to the cloud where sensitive data is volnurable. The most important clock I have seen.. I have not used the new version but if it is as useful as the previous it s a winner.
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1 year ago, Suzanne H 2022
Excellent App
I have had this for years, and I find it so helpful. I constantly use this for the calendar and the world clock. Very simple to use.
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3 years ago, NMBob
Have used it for a long time.
Really good menu bar clock, except for the Moon depiction. Go outside and look at the Moon. The black and white sections are backwards. I don't know why every program and calendar insists on getting that wrong.
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7 years ago, pick1out
The best clock app I have found.
Great application for keeping track of multiple time zones. I really like the break feature as well. Well thought out clock app. Great job!!!
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8 years ago, polson99
Excellent Clock-Calendar
I was searching high and low to find an El Capitan replacement for the old wClock menu bar tool, one which would easily toggle between time and calendar. I found it with The Clock. Bravo for a fine, elegant, easy-to-use app.
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8 years ago, gwcali
Quick and Easy Interface and features
This is exactly my goto tool for scheduling meetings across regions. It has a simple but powerful interface and enables fast timezone scheduling.
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2 months ago, WestOfHouse
Customizable, useful, simple
Excellent example of an app that is well designed. This end-user is very happy.
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1 year ago, JeffWagg
Can't find a way to display the map
The Contact Us button doesn't work, and I can't find a way to display the map, which was the only reason I bought this program.
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4 years ago, JT in PDX
Lives up to Expectations
Clean, flexible; shrinks or expands according to your needs. I rarely buy extra apps but this was more than worth every penny.
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2 years ago, TRAVIS46801
Truly fantastic
A beautiful design all the features you could possibly want = the perfect clock app for Mac
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5 years ago, thelt
The Clock is The Best
Excellent app. A massive improvement over bumbling through website converters and calendar apps to plan meetings across time zones.
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6 years ago, You’re Standing Too Close.
Cannot add event from this app.
So this app does a lot that should be built into the OS or the native calendar app from apple. But the lack of adding or editing events makes this not worth the payment and certainly not worth more than 1 star. It’s just like any other app out there and many of those are free for the same lack of integration.
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6 years ago, SFMike
most excelent
I use it several times a day. The most useful menu bar app on my Mac
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6 years ago, danielivdp
Replaces and enhances your built in clock
Only thing missing is iCloud sync accross devices
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3 years ago, Travyy47
Best on the market
Excellent clock, only feauture I would suggest (which I am sure will come in a later updates), is enabling dark mode for the M1 Mac's widgets as advertised.
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9 months ago, cephalopodski
Completely unintuitive UI
Bought it because I saw some screen shots I wanted. Installed it, and can't make it do a thing I'd like. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, wlkjwoieur poiuw
Can't change cities?!
There is no intuitive way to change the cities in this time zone clock...I don't get it...shouldn't personalizing the cities be easy? That's the whole point of having a time zone clock. *shrug*
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8 years ago, miriya
Amazingly great.
better than I expected. very stable, high customizable.
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2 years ago, Climbbike
Cool app but totally not intuitive to use
Once you finally figure it all out, it's pretty good but it's not intuitive to use whatsoever.
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8 years ago, mvdalton
Well Done
Rich in function. Thank you.
Show more
12 months ago, geekof974
I can't setup my time zone anymoer since I've been installing it and even afte having removing it but also after having reinstalling Mac OS. I've been chattting with Apple Support and nobody knows what to do to solve this problem.
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