The Creeps!

4.4 (277)
133.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Super Squawk Software LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Creeps!

4.44 out of 5
277 Ratings
5 years ago, Double Ivy
Problems are not fixed
I love this game but can’t give it 5 stars in it’s current form - since I cannot play it due to the various problems. Too many issues, including the level scrolling, still not fixed. Also, it keeps offering me the Easter pack which I’ve already purchased and played. Way too many bugs, please fix.
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7 years ago, mojo 9
awesome TD game!
This is one of the best TD games out there. There's great re-play value because there's so many maps and levels and types. They had some issues with games not saving but they fixed it. Another thing I loved is that their 'in app' purchase are actually worth the money! Unlike other games, the extra level packs contain *several* maps and two modes to play those maps. It's like getting a new game! I hate those other games where just to get even one map is 99 cents! Update: still one of the best! Where other games are switching to the build your own city to defend, log in daily to harvest food for your soldiers or pay $2.99 to feed your army for a whole month and get a chance to get a unique weapon, or pay $5.99 to buy the unique weapon. Ugh! I love The Creeps for not doing this.
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9 years ago, Deathrite
Good but one breaking point
While the game is over all good it has one game breaking feature. The amount you get per kill does not increase. I can't find a way to get an increase. This makes upgrading and buying towers to a level needed impossible. There are items to destroy for money but once they are gone you have nothing. A piggy bank that you have to upgrade (which cost money) is very limited help. By the time it maxes out you don't need it. It takes 20+ levels to max the bank at tier one. And cost 400 to upgrade it. That is over 30 kills. Oh and kills are a flat rate of $12. Lowest tower is $100. Either scale the reward with the difficulty of the creeps or remain a broken game. Update: the last level is impossible. At level 45 and 20 normal creeps and 4 bosses. Wish I could give negative stars.
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5 years ago, Grok9
I love this game
I was so sad when there were no more levels for a while. This was my first tower defense game and it set the standard for me. After I had gone through (not always successfully) the first levels I had wanted more. I was afraid for a while that they wouldn’t develop more levels for the first version but I am so happy that they did. I tried other TD games but they weren’t as smooth and as entertaining as this one. It’s one of my favorites. I would actually avoid updating my phone if it meant this app would be deleted....
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4 years ago, Pman0929
I got this game back when you paid for it
and I would buy it all over again thanks for such a great game and not turning it into a terrible "freemium" game. Thanks for supporting it after all this time. If you ever make "creeps 2" I'll gladly pay for a quality game again. Years later, still enjoy :) there’s a bug where I can’t complete one of the valentines heart levels though. There’s a piece outside the field of play.
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8 years ago, BPhilip0906
Love the game; maybe more options?
I love this game and have played it ever since I had my first 2nd gen touch. I just wanted to say I think I cool option could be maybe the chance to repeat a wave instead of repeating the full round again. Like an "undo" button. I'd even pay extra for that option haha. Game is very addicting though. Hopefully I'll collect all my stars one day. But some levels are quite difficult to even finish!
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7 years ago, Gjshd47582846674356
This used to be a great game
This used to be a great game, I played through it several times and even bought all of the additional levels. Now however every time you open it or finish a level it plays a 30 second ad for some other game that you can't skip. Every. Time. Incredibly annoying and takes up extra space on my phone. Pretty pathetic and underhanded, especially when you've already spent money on the game. They must be pretty desperate to make extra cash, it's really sad to see what was once an awesome game ruined by greed and spam. Deleting now and won't be downloading any games made by them in the future.
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9 years ago, Kboris73
Thanks! Plus a "reset" request
Thanks for the wonderful update! Well worth the wait!!! Tons of levels. Easy to play but challenging. Beautiful, drawn grafics. Even the sounds are well thought out. This is, hands down, the best tower defense game on the Iphone. I would love for there to be a reset button so you can erase your progress and start from scratch. A third, super fast speed would be nice and make some levels less tedious.
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9 years ago, Martian Fusion
Great game
It's a great game, with great graphics, good mechanics, & lots of room to advance. One of the reviews I saw called it a "money grab". Well, how else are the devs supposed to eat? I'd much rather have the option to pay in game (which, while it'll take longer, it's not impossible to get expansion packs & play free), then deal with constant ads.
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8 years ago, Marygoldjustice
Can't find better
I keep trying to find a game I like better, but still haven't. I also look for similar games and am constantly disappointed. Nice work on this one, and thanks for not turning it into something with tons of pop ups and premium features.
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10 months ago, Furrawn
Still playing it all these years later...
Every year or two, I start playing through all the maps again. I love this original Creeps app best. I wish y’all would offer some new maps for this original Creeps app. I’d happily pay $5.
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5 years ago, Norse mom
Previous purchases lost with update
First off, I love The Creeps and have been playing it for a while. However, with the last update, the game was no longer scrolling properly and I had to delete the game and download it again. When I did this, the level packs that I had previously purchased are gone and they won’t restore. I’ve reached out to the developer but they haven’t responded. Very disappointed as we did support the developer through these purchases. Can only give this one star now.
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8 years ago, RayOLR
Best game in the store
I absolutely love this game. I've tried all kinds of tower defense games by now, but this one continues to be the best. It's challenging but not impossible. It looks good, the sounds are enjoyable and the gameplay is pretty straightforward while still requiring attention and strategy sometimes. Overall really great game!
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7 years ago, Shickamaru'sgirl1234587
This game is amazing and it never gets old, I’ve been playing it for years now and it’s still the best. I highly recommend people to get this game because it has such good quality and it is very addicting. Thanks to the creators for making such an awesome game!!!!
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9 years ago, shingofan
Good, but...
I love this game ever since my sister introduced it as a nonwifi game for the airplane! But there's one issue I've been having, the game keeps crashing at the Super Squawk startup screen! It always only happens the first time I try, but it's irritating enough. Please fix! Running iOS 9.2 on an iPhone 5
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5 years ago, thegoodsites
Best game ever
Few glitches after the most recent update. When I play the new pack, it doesn’t register my completion...also acts like there is endurance in the new pack, but the page is blank. Please fix, so excited for the update!
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9 years ago, effzilla
Really good
Enjoying the game. Wish the towers on the maps were more useful. I just turn them in at the beginning for extra money.
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8 years ago, GNHL
Nice Game Until it Crashed
The Creeps is a nice tower defense game that has different ways to play. But one day, the Resume button stopped working. It just clicks. So the only option is to start over, losing over fifty levels of solved progress. Company does not answer emails even though they encourage you to report problems.
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5 years ago, Suhrenitynow
Used to Love the creeps!
Have played this for a few years. Loved this game. But no updates?? No updates or new levels. Dropped another star for my rating. You do bug fixes but no new levels? Who even plays anymore. Probably only new downloads. 👎🏼 April 2019 Update - you did an app update!! Added a ⭐️
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4 years ago, MusicPerson72
One of the best iPhone games, ever.
I’ve played this since 2009. This is one of the only games that I still play through few times a few times a year.
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8 years ago, Becstunna
Love it
This my all time favorite towers defense game I love all the variety levels you get to play it keeps it interesting thank you so much for this game the only thing I miss is the secret hint thing with doodle jump
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6 months ago, Best free pregnancy app!
Would love an update!
Love this game so much but there hasn’t been updated levels in years. Will there ever be any updated levels?
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7 years ago, katastrophik
one of my favorites
this one is definitely one of my favorites. I love everything about it. I just hope they add some new levels at some point.
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8 months ago, Artomoz
Still a Great Game
This game is definitely still fun. Not sure if the Devs would be interested in rebooting this game with updated animations. 3D was great but there’s something about the 2D charm.
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4 years ago, AlejandroPapita
Awesome tower-defense game
This is one of the first iPhone games I ever got (like 12 years ago or something like that). Still very impressive. Worked great then, works great now. No in-app purchases, no ads. Perfect!
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5 years ago, Sophia1911
Please just fix scrolling
Actually no, this time you did not fix the scrolling. After the second attempt to fix scrolling and stating in your update that scrolling is fixed (for real this time), it’s not. Haven’t been able to play game for almost a month. This is a great game but please fix glitches and add new levels.
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7 years ago, Metri8
A classic
Used to be 5 stars, down to 1 as they've put ads in that make the game unplayable. After many years this app will be uninstalled. I've been playing this game for many years and it never gets old. Some of the levels are pretty tough but so far I haven't found one I couldn't beat with a perfect score on normal. Most on hard.
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8 years ago, SmokeypHd™
Great game!
One of best games I got in last few years. But they need more levels!! I've finished it an redownloaded it an deleted it 5xs now. Getting boring. New levels!!!!
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3 years ago, jcdanielswv
Never gets old.
I’ve been playing this game since 2008? when I first got my iPod touch. Love it.
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3 years ago, thespaciousmind
Where my total cookie count?
Good game BUT ADD our total cookie count somewhere! If its hidden in a screen somewhere, I havent seen it. Ooops!!
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8 years ago, huggy bear
Best Game!
Best game on the App Store! Been playing this for 5+ years and I still come back to it. Hope we keep new levels soon!!!
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9 years ago, Cant_type
Still a favorite
I've been playing this and the HD version for a long time. It's still a favorite.
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2 years ago, Brianrw00
Needs improvement
When you have “too many” towers, much of the map is obscured by their firing at creeps. Should be an easy fix.
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8 years ago, Trickat0
I've had it for a while and its probably my favorite tower defense games and one of my favorite apps on my phone.
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7 years ago, cdonnellytx
Ad problem fixed; great game!
This continues to be one of my favorite iOS games!
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8 years ago, Snuggled McGee
This is one of the first games I ever downloaded and I would love to see more. No other tower game is as fun! Please update!
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7 years ago, muffin0710
Always go back to this one :)
I love the style, more updates please!
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3 years ago, The Bull Of The Woods
The creeps is the best tower defense in the app store and thats the bottom line cause the tower defense god said so!
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9 years ago, Alclis
I'm liking the new levels so far!
Thanks for the long awaited update!!
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8 years ago, Gugoleta
Among the very few best
This great game, amazing. I have been playing for years and it is good still. Amazing value.
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2 months ago, Samuel . X . Conte
Don’t even tell me to explain why I gave 5 stars
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5 years ago, Me90876
Great game
Please fix scrolling issue. After latest update that said you guys fixed it for real this time I still can’t scroll over to pick other games on an iPhone 8 Plus.
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6 years ago, Sestephy
Need new levels
Can we get new levels please? It’s been forever.
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7 years ago, Davarsk
This game Is really fun! Will you ever update this app? What happened to the studio? This game is FOREVER, endless! So much to do.
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7 years ago, Miss Ex
Why are there ads now??
I used to love this app. I have paid for the full version and played for years. They haven't done any game upgrades in almost two years except to put in annoying ads!
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9 years ago, Vivelee
One of my most favorite games! Great balance between opponents vs player :)
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7 years ago, Alvarine
Worth it
Favorite mobile TD game of all time.
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5 years ago, isabelle308
Bad Purchasing
I love this game have been playing for years, but it’s not letting me purchase any in app things. I’ve been trying to buy the packages the have for more levels and it will not let me
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8 years ago, Got bored
Love the graphics and the animations. Good tower defense game, but I hate the gyro weapons. The last thing I want to do it have to tilt my phone around like an idiot. Game got deleted because this doesn't belong in a tower defense game.
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5 years ago, Someone18361
So buggy now
Every update breaks something new. Cookies can’t be picked up, can’t scroll through levels, this is ridiculous!
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