The Crypto Games: Get Bitcoin

4.6 (2.3K)
68.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Crypto Games: Get Bitcoin

4.61 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, ksavvy27
Confused but great game
I thought this game was real like the crypto idle game where I can withdraw my HORA tokens but the pretend mining bitcoin game is fun but if you guys are expecting a real reward for pretend mining this game is not it maybe in the future but so far definitely not what you are looking for the pool league is a great way to earn the credit cards other wise you have to purchase them but I don’t recommend be they are over priced and just face why spend so much money on these credit cards and you getting nothing but a fun play that’s just not worth it except continue the free pretend mining don’t waste your bucks join a pool if you can and earn the credit cards over all I do love the game to pass time but crypto idle is the game everyone is looking for it works I withdraw a few time to tron wallet maybe this game will catch up and allow the users/players get rewarded as well in real currency
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3 years ago, jeribird🥳
HEART BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢😥😞
🙇🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️ just learned what I was literally hoping and praying that I would not learn and that is that this app is not scammers they just simply have made a very fun platform for people to enjoy what it’s like to dream and fantasize about the blessed life that cryptocurrency would bring usAnd I just wish that I had read reviews first about it because I put so much money into it truly believing in my heart of hearts that it was real and that I was going to be lavished with blessings and would have made hundreds of prayers that I have lifted up to the Lord for many many years for him to make the way for me to know what it feels like to live at least a little bit like he does in paradise in heaven but I just stupidly put the last bit of money that I had to my name into this platform with so many hopes and dreams connected to letting go of that money thinking that it was going to come back to meMultiplied be on my wildest dreams but it’s my own fault and please everybody I know it’s a lot of fun and I’m even gonna keep on playing it just for that so entertainment purposes but don’t put any money into it my friends, God bless you and stay safe
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1 year ago, Caseclosed1
Awesome w/a question? Love this app. Need to try. For definite for all. Real sense of.
Great interface with game play, I find it unique in my own little ways. Almost as if you were mayor or something. Build your account and be great. A lot like all people should aspire for. Well another thing is I had once downloaded the app and played for a good solid year not sure how to recover my original account? Figured it stays attached to the info structure that is app based maybe you can answer? And misleading none the least does infact state of the mimic of mining but it’s actually building up for the app and host developers. Which I’m curious about as well? Where is the boat load at?
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3 years ago, Brian ZL1
Almost 24hrs game play
Good time waster. Ads help upgrade that become far too expensive otherwise to upgrade. I typically have 5-6 buildings that’s impossible to upgrade until you unlock the next 5-6 houses which I use ads to do maybe 2-3 times a day off and on. The rankings are based on the trade from mined bitcoins to cash. The rewards are really much based on the amount you mine per second. The rankings help me get 3 cards per rank up. Probably not worth spending real money on this with the amount of ads you can watch for rewards/spins. I’ve enjoyed the game so far, it’s repetitive at some point. I’ve made a switch control recording to manipulate taps.. lol one click for 5 fast taps, just be careful to not have it tap where u would purchase the cards on here/use them by accident.
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2 years ago, WILLxLOVE
Borderline bad biz practices
Everything about how this game is described presented and displayed gives you the impression that you are investing in cryptocurrency via spending your real money as an in app transactions. Read the comments. They must be doing some heavy, heavy cleanup of this reviews section because if you actually read what these kids are saying they all thought The large amount of money they poured into the app was some form of an investment. The developers comment was simply something of a can statement something like “thank you so much for your response, we are looking into these exciting upcoming features and when we have an idea when they’ll be released we will let you know!“ Their description told us their app already did. Don’t do it. You may have a day of fun with the app because boredom games take away boredom, but you’ll spend an ungodly amount of money for what you’re getting out of it.
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3 years ago, needwiderdoors
Good game play
It is refreshing to play a game that doesn’t promise anything but fun. I have tried playing well over 100 games that promise you money for watching all of the ads and you can’t withdraw anything. That or you have to pay real money to play against other players. You might win or lose but of course they don’t say that you could lose a lot of money. At least this game is kind of cool in that you don’t have to pay to play. You can make purchases in the game, but so far I haven’t had to. Great game guys if you do read this.
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11 months ago, acapanther
This is academy acapanther my other iPhone was hacked
Please reinstate acapanther and now you get to see what happens every time I try to make anything happen for my self and I know exactly who done it and I’m going after him period. I need to be back on it now and I’m tired of doing all this and I guess he stole my bitcoins I had earned I hate killough for what he’s doing to me and no one is bothering to help me at all however I think the tides are about to change in my favor Guys I’m being warned by the Army Corp Of Engineers so I need to make a withdrawal yall
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5 years ago, Brian Redell
Excellent Game To... you stay indirectly focused on the fact that there truly are rewards for investing in bitcoin. Of course you can’t exchange those in the game for real income, and I can’t help but feel like maybe we all are being used to mine real bitcoin for someone else with every tap... wouldn’t that be the most clever heist ever!!!😂😂😂 But for real, the game is strangely addictive, and I enjoy playing it in my downtime. Great execution! I don’t mind spending a little money to support the developer, but for long term, I’m better off investing my REAL money in REAL bitcoin. 😉
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3 years ago, Momofhalah
What is wrong with sharing the wealth?
Because playing this game adds to the real processing of Bitcoin and I would guess all who play help add to your stack, why don’t you offer a gift card reward system for players to have a incentive to keep playing. I’m not suggesting you have mega payouts just some gift cards with reasonable cash out levels. Make the game more rewarding for your players. We are helping you make money why wouldn’t you want to incentivize it and gain more players?
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6 years ago, Rockitten33
Very Addicting
Tap to gain money, and build a whole city to help make that money turn big. Exchange bitcoins to US dollars, and the spin for fortune( my favorite when the x100 comes in) which makes you stay on that extra bit of time to make that money pile up faster. All and all very good game. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖
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6 years ago, Rottenweiler
It’s a decent idle game. I like the art style. This guy or team seems to actually care about the titles put out and isn’t just re skinning existing games like the bulk of idle games released in the last few months just to cash grab ads. I’m going to check out the other games he’s done now but so far I’m impressed until the first time a forced video ad plays.
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3 years ago, check your wallet
I love the game and think they did a great job. But the thing that confuses me is the exchange like why have an exchange button but can't do anything with it is say use the money to buy more credits but I know they need the money
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5 years ago, Someonerandomoutofthisworld
Great game but needs to be refined
Great game, weirdly engaging and a lot more fun when you work with your clan. My only gripe about this game is the ads popping up at the most inconvenient time. Say you spin the wheel prize, and you get a 100x bonus on your taps. The bonus only last for 10 sec, but an ad would pop up and waste 5 sec.
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11 months ago, Oweluv
Crypto is so awesome! You can earn and have fun at the same time. This game keeps you awake and excited! You earn bitcoins and the game is pretty good with sharing the wealth. So be ready to enjoy the best Bitcoin game I have ever played. Enjoyable! This game is so good.
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3 years ago, krozv
Constantly showing a pop up window for ads! App worth using for 10 minutes, then delete. Every time you buy a building or auto bitcoin you’re bombarded with an ad even if you have money to keep buying .can only buy one item at a time. Developers/project owner, it’s 21st century learn from real apps and get with the program. Great apps don’t spam 90% of game play with ads! Don’t recommend this app and should be removed from the App Store.
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1 year ago, Blahsq.
Kinda Glitchy
It’s fun enough but it’s so slow on the phone. Much better to use the computer version if you really want to practice your mining technique
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4 years ago, xX_GameCritic_Xx
It’s a good game. My only issue with it is that I can’t upgrade anything without a new screen coming up asking me if I want to upgrade it again by watching an ad, even tho I can easily afford to upgrade it without the ad. I’ve literally had to press no at least 50 times while I was trying to upgrade one of buildings that hardly costed anything to upgrade. Please fix, please.
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5 years ago, bitcoin game
Fun and addicting
It is fun and addicting cause you wanna make more money so my advice is tap tap tap away to buy buildings and artifacts and always spin so you can pay off hackers and win things. Good luck and have fun making it rain that Bitcoin
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2 years ago, Ligma balls in your mouth
This is a story to the Crypto Games
Your game is so fun that if I didn’t have any electronics but I saw it I would get electronic and download it now because you guys I am I make $200 million a second
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2 years ago, the real tap dancer
Pool rankings
The pool I’m in is ranked #2 when in fact the actual numbers should have it ranked at #1 this problem has been reported to game owner, but has never been corrected.
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2 years ago, Anna8Marie
Will I actually be able to cash out
I love this game but I do wish you can cash out our some bitcoin or switch out for cash out for money.
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6 years ago, B3arPaw
GREAT game has BIG problems
GREAT game to pass the time as I pass the.... well I’ll leave that out. I lost my first account due to a glitch in the game. I spent around $80 and I had to start over again. Easy enough to play could use a few things like a “world chat” to find a pool or maybe a way to upgrade to protect yourself against the hacker besides paying for their membership... and A WAY TO EASILY CONTACT SUPPORT PLEASE.
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3 years ago, table16here
Great App. This is the future!
This app works wonderfully when you’re trying to mine bitcoin from the lower level never underestimate your potential in bitcoin mining. philosopher’s says it best in comparison to today’s currency.
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4 years ago, Waylon C.
Good game
This is a good game but I have only one problem with it and that problem is ever time a ad pops up and I have to watch at the e d of it my screen just goes black and then I have to exit the app and start it back up but other than that it a good and fun game!
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2 years ago, lekemanuel
Can’t seems to cash out the coins
Actually when I saw the advert of the game I loved it hoping I’ll be able to cash out the coin but unfortunately I was unable to and I was thinking is there a way I could do that if yes then kindly help me out anticipating your reply.
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3 years ago, person226
Game review
I love playing this game and the set up is awesome. But when I try to join a pool it says error joining pool, and yes I make sure it is not at max capacity. What should I do? Prob just make my own 😂
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4 years ago, dik wank
I’m still having fun learning.
I’m not really making myself money here. More or less making these guys some good cash. I can’t hate. I should build such an app myself.
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2 years ago, JCironman777
Earn Real Bitcoin
This game is not what you think. Take your time and get to know it before you judge it. It might just be worth a lot…
Show more
2 years ago, Dickylew
Fun game
It makes lots of coins but I haven’t tried to cash out so I presume it will be like all the other games that do not pay
Show more
3 years ago, OG mfr
Easy game, worth trying.
Nice n easy, not overcomplicated. HONEST Games like this deserve to make money so I watch the ads and sometimes sign up for stuff.
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4 years ago, JustinPublix
Bitcoin mine
Each tap gives you a chance to earn sweat coins! Build your world and cash in on every opportunity! See if you can catch me!
Show more
2 years ago, Onyinyr
I thought this the crypto game rewards is real and someone can cash out bitcoin buy nothing like that no sign of redeeming rewards for cash. Shame
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3 years ago, Zac Bitter
It’s Fun but there has to be away to get some real dividends
Improve to wear we can make money or send coding directions
Show more
2 years ago, beerfestchamp
I mean
I haven’t been doing much internet stuff lately when your locked up you don’t get that option lol will update if needed rock on
Show more
6 years ago, Fricklesticks
I like how this game uses the cryptocurrency transfer to compare ranking between players. The only problem is the sorting of the ranks for players. Still a good game though.
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2 years ago, mikewears
Addictive but fun
Download this game with my daughter and we stayed up for hours mining. A lot of fun and we got to lime together also
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3 years ago, cowboyup458256
Done with this junk.
I only post 1 star because it’s the lowest. Worthless bugged game. Don’t waste your time. For the devs: every time I get a spin and land on 10x or 100x before I can tap, an advertisement pops up. Once the add is finished, so is my supposedly bonus. I thought we were actually going to earn something? Cannot count how many times I get to “activate” the next building for watching a add. I watch the add and no reward. Fix your game. Too many bugs and be clear to people that there is no linked crypto coins of ANY kind. Devs get adds money and hope for players to buy in game purchases - players get NADA
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2 years ago, Cheri JW
Making money
I find this game really fun. It says you can make real money at some point. I have just got started so we shall see. But I do love working to make money. Lol
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4 years ago, Collin_raig98
Gets to a grind quickly but can’t complain
Good grind after first few fast level ups it slows down a bit more like an idle game but the clicking is a good way to keep it going.
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2 years ago, Gonzalo Huarcaya
Great Game.
Great game . It’s a fun simulator, you get to join a clan and play as a team. Weekly incentives. It’s fun trying to get all the buildings and saving more and more bitcoins.
Show more
2 years ago, 649284749283
Won’t load unless you allow ads…
The game was great until it tried to load an ad every time I tried to buy anything with in-game currency. As soon as I enabled my ad blocked, the game stated that I didn’t have an internet connection. What a shame, would have been a great game otherwise.
Show more
4 years ago, SirGodSpeed
Plethora of adds...
This game has a plethora of adds that pop up like every 15 taps.. this game could be a lot more fun if you were not constantly interrupted with adds... if I could I would buy the one time purchase to remove adds but I am not going to support paying the dev 9.99 a month..
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5 years ago, dubbed999
You should make it collect as currency that converts into actual usd to process as data, currency amount collection, and statistics be recorded off of observation
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3 years ago, Octo/Wuigi
Good concept, ads everywhere.
I like how you can exchange Bitcoin to dollars, it’s just there are ads everywhere, and sometimes they glitch out and randomly appear for a few seconds and then disappear. I know that ads make IRL money, it’s just that they’re usually repetitive and unexpected.
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6 years ago, XxBOSSOFNERDSxX
Great Game! Easy to Get Started
This game is a very great tapping game, mixed with leagues (leaderboards) and pools (clans/guilds). Also very simple and fun. But there should be a better way to deal with hackers, maybe a minigame or something.
Show more
7 months ago, Steelerboy53
David Laughlin
This is a great way to start your weekend with a good time and enjoy your time together with friends.
Show more
2 years ago, Brazilian Chicagoan
I like the concept
Not sure if this ir paid to earn or not but it sure is addicting
Show more
3 years ago, Petey0912
Not to bad
I love it I just need to know how to take the Bitcoin from this game and put it into the Bitcoin app that I have so I can use my card
Show more
2 years ago, cashincrypto.day2dayoptions@
Stacking the assets Bitcoin
Going great got a lot of people hashing generously. So 50 people keep the count low abc you can hash more get a DeFi account
Show more
1 year ago, jamesbondlives
Me he
Very fun to build and experience team work we need more incentives hook us up
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