The Enthusiast

2.7 (103)
22.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Enthusiast

2.7 out of 5
103 Ratings
4 years ago, part of the throbbing brain
Great, but feature request:
Great app, love the content, but would be nice to support landscape mode since my iPad is in that orientation most of the time. Keep up the great work on the content, just a few app improvements and you’ll get 5 stars.
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3 years ago, wyodave
Displays all languages in latest update (not good)
Happy to see the latest issue show up in the iOS app but not happy to see all 12 language versions. The badge icon indicates 12 new issues but what it really means is there 12 different language versions available and they all show up in the app. Not a good experience. I only want to see the language I’m using. App should provide a feedback mechanism to report problems. You have to search through the issue to find a general email address and even then it is not a link or something you can copy and paste. Agree with others that landscape mode should be supported.
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6 years ago, mc052518
I have left several bad reviews in the past, and always come back to try again. I’m a life member and love the magazine. Just got a new iPad and after a quick spin in the app, it seems to work great. I’ve tried before on an iPad that is 3 yrs old and could never get it to reliably work. Tried it on a Samsung LG Gpad, no dice. Tried a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and had a little better luck, but ultimately, not reliable. I think they have it right this time, at least on the new iPad.
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7 years ago, Ladywolf779
Does not work
I have attempted to follow the instructions as written on both the HOG website and the APP store. First of all there is no way to search for the HOG magazine in the NEWS STAND app. Um. Ok. SO i looked at a few other harley websites. Eureka! I found a link to the app in the APP store. so i downloaded it. and there is no way to now activate the app with my HOG membership number... seriously guys this should not be this difficult! there should be the option to input your number in the settings gear in the app. alas no... please update your page and magazine to reflect correct download and installation instructions, because this is silly. it should not be this hard to fix.
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6 years ago, RodS57
Love the E-mag!
I love the mag and look forward to reading it every month. I usually read everything. Every word of every article especially the $100 rides and rider stories. I would have given this 5 stars except that I can’t read it on my iPhone. In this day and age of smart phones with larger screens why are you limiting us to just an iPad? I always have my phone with me but rarely take my iPad. Give us the app on our iPhones and make it even more convenient for all of us.
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11 months ago, Guy named Larry
Print too small
I was happy to get the app, but it needs some serious refinement. You should be able to view it in landscape format, because the print is so small to read on a Smartphone. It should have the option to change the font size. Also, why is there a gap in issues? I have issue 01, but then it goes to issue 09. What happened to 02-08? You can do better. If you’re going offer the app, at least make it user friendly. God knows, Harley-Davidson makes enough money off us to afford it.
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4 years ago, xmetallibabex
Pretty Good, Not Perfect
First...hallelujah for digital content! I’m excited to support sustainability. We receive 2 copies monthly of HOG/Enthusiast magazine, one for each HOG member in our household. Save a tree and postage fees, H-D! Ok, it’s really good for reading content. I do like the user experience on iPhone...scrolling and swiping is easy. I like the cover preview for the editions. OK the bad part...App did crash while downloading content. No big deal...restarted. Also crashed when trying to share content. Booo. User experience feedback...The library is kind of clunky...Enthusiast 01, HOG 057?? C’mon guys we’re humans! If we want to share something we remember the publish month or what the cover looked like, not the edition. Add publish date to library title.
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4 years ago, Deathmechanic
Love the new Enthusiast!
I love the look and format of the Enthusiast. In the early 1900s, there was a female columnist that wrote about riding cross country with her mom in a sidecar. All sorts of different subjects and contributions from so many. Just reading those old issues makes me want to ride more. The new Enthusiasts seems to be trying to get back to that. I think it’s great.
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5 months ago, MAJMiller1963
Not a good magazine app…
I’m really disappointed that I no longer get the print version of the magazine, and now HD seems to think their customers will want to just flip through this app without ever going back to the index! It’s not laid out like a magazine, once you start reading an article you have to scroll forward and backward from that point. I haven’t figured out how to get back to the index, so it just leaves me frustrated! 😖
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4 years ago, kslisle
Nice having digital version of HOG
Love convenience of having my issues available on my iPad Pro, works fine but wish it rotated landscape to read like open book, plus work with iPhones & iPod touch like any other ebook reader. Would also be nice to have all issues available before 17 which are available online on HOG website as PDF, and other HD literature including sales brochures, P&A product bulletins, recalls, & installation instructions...
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3 years ago, Zash86
The new magazine is awesome!
I was just checking out the app for first time and is awesome, number 05 is a master piece, the transactions between pages, the design, the photography, and the content is amazing. Keep the hard work going 💪.
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2 years ago, m8-107
Such awesome content. But can’t read it on an iPhone
I’m sure Harley is hard at work transitioning to digital, and I can’t wait until they update the app to actually be legible on an iPhone. I know this work takes time. I have to biggest iPhone and still cannot read it. Thanks for the awesome content. Fingers crossed on that app update coming soon. I’ll read every page.
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7 years ago, canyonrun
Where is the FIX?
I'm a full member and along with the other reviews here, there isn't a way to enter membership info on the iPhone app to recieve magizine issues. Apple couldn't support my left nut, they don't fix anything they don't sell and I have a defective laptop in the closet they won't even support! I paid Hog for this membership, they should handle backing up their product or why join it!
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4 years ago, NWHD-1
Good reading
Great issue, especially like the article about “how to pack for an off-grid camping trip”, look forward to watching Long Way Up!
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4 years ago, BuellerWI
Awesome Updates
Love that Harley-Davidson has brought back The Enthusiast and allows us to read the magazine for free. The first issue is packed full of great stories and epic photos!
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7 years ago, B1953
Come on HOG ... Fix this !!!
As with all the other reviews there is no way to get the subscription info on this App. for Iphone. Works great on my I-pad, but I-phone is another story. Downloaded, deleated and downloaded it again, still the same problem. Why is it taking so long to give this a fix ?????
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5 years ago, HOG Benelux NCO
Great app to stay connected
Love the app, and possibility to keep my favourite magazine on hand. Only one issue: on my iPad all back issues are readily available, on my iPhone I only find the last two...
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3 years ago, Shawn-22
Increase font size
I just downloaded The Enthusiast app, and the font size is very small on an iPhone X. Please add the ability to pinch and expand to increase the font to a more readable size. Thank you
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3 years ago, mcstretch
Where Are They?
Got the latest issue but it appears that almost all of my previous electronic issues going back to the beginning have disappeared. At least I still have my hard copies but they cannot accompany me on my travels.
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5 years ago, Eric FLT
H.O.G. Mag
It works on my iPad Air. Goes back to issue 017 as described. Only thing I’ve experienced negative is viewing full pics don’t download. Video add ons and other extra pics work though.
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1 year ago, Bdub63
Feature Request
The content is great, but the APP should support landscape mode on iPad. I use a Magic Keyboard and my iPad is landscape virtually all the time. Thanks.
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4 years ago, MillennialHarleyRider
Complete Refresh - Great Direction
Love the new direction of The Enthusiast! Way to modernize and keep up with the riders of today and tomorrow.
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7 years ago, Vampiretoad
Can't get any issues
Along with everyone else you can't download any issues on the iPhone app. You guys might as well just remove the app from the store since no one is fixing it. Glad I paid for a subscription I can't use.
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7 years ago, OggyDoggy78
Does not work
Tried to follow the directions on the web site to no avail. Went into App store and found the App and downloaded it. However, there is no way to enter my info to subscribe. This should not be so difficult!!
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5 years ago, ajt812
Lost issue access and can’t reload
What a pain. There is no way to login. I’m a full HOG member, had access to all the magazines, and now there is now way to login and get access. What’s more, there is no way to request app support. Very frustrating
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1 year ago, Cpt him
Still no landscape mode
Why would you make a magazine app that doesn’t lay like a magazine? How many years has it been now and STILL no update for it. You know that the ipad sits in landscape mode on most stands, right? Dumb.
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5 years ago, 007Galt
Unfortunately only issue is 46 through 49 are available on an iPhone. As far as the app is concerned I’m not a hog member even though I’ve been a hog member for the last three years. Doesn’t seem to be anyway to fix.
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3 years ago, rfrski
Very poor design.
The app can’t be rotated. The font size cannot be adjusted. To go to the next page you have to scroll through a whole article first. Basically, skip this app and beg H-D to put it back into print form. Garbage. Just like Harley Davidson—too many flaws. I love my bike but only because I did to it what needed to be done—not because H-D got it right. The App Store forced one to give it at least one star. I would give it no stars but it won’t let me.
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3 years ago, Refund Dave
This is crap!
I am a life time member and have been a member since 2003. I have access to 8 issues of HOG and 3 issues of Enthusiast. I have every printed copy of HOG and Enthusiast so I know there are more available. Why can’t you get this app to show them?
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6 years ago, JR-JR-JR
Does not work
It works great, as it should on IPad but not at all on phone.
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7 years ago, tropicdiver
Try Again
I downloaded the app, which when opened brought me to a dark screen that says, “Try Again”. I do see a Hog symbol in the upper left corner, when I click on the index indicator. Everything else DOA.
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2 years ago, Phil A Peens
I downloaded this app only to find it available in four languages which I don’t speak. Where’s the English version it promises?
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7 years ago, 50milkman
How can Harley let this App go unfixed! I paid way to much for my Harley to have an App that has never worked! If you don't care to fixit delete the frickin App from the App Store. I can't even give Harley a rating on the App.
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6 years ago, TwoWheelRamblin
It’s been years since this app has actually worked yet they still advertise it in the magazine. What gives HOG? I guess no one over at HOG actually uses the app or tests it??
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7 years ago, anagliph
iPad App only
HD does call it a tablet app, not a phone app.
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7 years ago, Capt. Bly
Not working
App is not allowing subscription information to be entered and so wait until HOG programmers to fix issue.
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2 years ago, jenksycat33
Cool app
It’s really cool, not perfect but the layout and content are great.
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3 years ago, bc6767
Simply Unbelievable!
OK, I understand the current movement to online pubs but at least make the app usable on all of our devices. Shame on HOG for this mess!!
Show more
6 years ago, Viva13
Doesn’t work
There is no place in the app to input HOG information. The app will not load any magazines. Horrible and a waste.
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6 years ago, royce45895
Does not work
Not able to log in to view magazines
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5 years ago, JonBurson
Never works!
This app hasn’t worked in years! Literally YEARS! Doesn’t ever get fixed.
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10 years ago, CIGARMAN68
Needs Improvement but nice!
Would like to see the option to save every issue onto my Ipad, when i download an issue the other issue i had downloaded goes away? Can i fix this or is it in the App? Also, a few times i entered my H.O.G. member number and couldnt log in.
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7 years ago, Dhcyvkdiskmchvif
Does not work
I paid for full life membership, now how about HOG magazine fulfilling its end of the agreement?
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7 years ago, 4times
Nothing there.
Simply doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, txchief
HOG Mag App
No place to subscribe. Can only read current magazine
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7 years ago, renegade187
App does not work.
This app simply does not work.
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6 years ago, fblevins
No good
Don’t work! I deleted this junky app.
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7 years ago, LittleWing64
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11 years ago, HarleyToday
I think a number of us have been waiting for this for a long time and I for one have to say 'Great Job'. I see a lot of potential with the digital version, which I hope we will see in a future version; such as publishing URLs to destinations / sites presented in the articles, or rating an article and or submitting comments back. Thanks Again!!
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7 years ago, Storm_Cat
How is this possible???
Edit* Just opened the app and it works again. Not sure how or why but thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------- Release an update to the app and you broke it. This subscription is pretty much the only perk for my continued HOG membership. So many complaints and I haven't seen a response from any developers. Pitiful - honestly, for a company that boasts American pride...their lack of interest in fixing this issue speaks volumes.
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