The Family Handyman

4.1 (328)
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Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Family Handyman

4.07 out of 5
328 Ratings
2 years ago, Simi Dave
Dropped to 1 star
The magazine itself is great. That’s why I’ve been a subscriber for over 20 years. But, no matter how long you’ve subscribed, you can’t access issues older than 2021(!) and customer support doesn’t even try to help you get those issues you paid for. Also, the app should allow you to zoom into pictures.
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3 years ago, Justagolfer
Tired of fighting for my subscriptions
I’ve subscribed by print, through the Apple store and from the app itself. I’ve lost access to all of my past issues (I had purchased every one back to the beginning of digital issues). Support was no help at all, refusing to look at my address and recognize that I have been a subscriber forever. I waited a year, then re-subscribed, hoping I could use my print subscription to access back issues. Nope! I can’t even access current issues! Once again, I have absolutely no subscription and the app refuses to accept my print subscription number. I’m done. You’ve completely destroyed my faith in my favorite magazine. If you could give zero stars, I would.
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5 years ago, Borcarl
Best How-To Magazine on the market
I’ve been reading this magazine for forty years. Times have changed but their home improvement technology has kept up. Countless easy to understand articles and useful knowledge packed into each month. You will find something informative even when your not interested in that subject. I’ve learned so much from reading it cover to cover. Recommended for all ages, young and old, truly an outstanding read.
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4 years ago, Gordongal
Tech issues STILL a problem!
I am a long time subscriber, paid up thru next year & am happy with the digital edition usually - UNTIL last month when the last issue available is the July issue. Have tried signing in/out, deleting/reinstalling the app, contacting customer support - only to be told that there is a tech issue & we’re working to resolve it. For 2 MONTHS?!
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4 years ago, Blkout60
Lousy App after update!!!!
Since the last update I have lost all of my 2012, 2013 and 2014 issues. I have sent emails through App and have not had a single response. Terrible customer service. Update; 2012, 2013 and 2014 issues have been restored. Still a one star app. Who ever came up with the idea of an article base magazine should be force to read this magazine!!
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7 years ago, debtfree
Like it..
Easy to use and nice to read!
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2 years ago, AAC1040
Family Handyman
I have always been able to read current and past issues on my iPad. My subscription expires in June, 2024. in the past week I cannot even open the app. It says I am an unauthorized user. Called customer service, and after long waits the agent could not help. I deleted and re-installed the app. When I try to open it, it shows up for a few seconds and then disappears. Tired of messing with it. Will unsubscribe as soon as I can. Don’t waste your time or money.
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3 years ago, nopatiencedad
Terrible app and support
Love the magazine, it the new issues show up 1 to 2 months late. Contacted support and they say online issues are released about 2 weeks prior to print issues so it must be an issue with my iPad. I then update the version of the app and the article based update is worthless..every time you swipe to the next page you have to wait until the page loads..will be going back to print version when this subscription is over,
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3 years ago, BadKarma779904
Inconsistent app and horrible for subscription!
The app is inconsistent at best. The keep changing formats and it freezes frequently. Why provide feedback if the never respond or make changes? I’ve emailed at least a dozen times as I keep getting charged for new releases WHEN I HAVE HAD A SUBSCRIPTION SINCE IT STARTED! No response... ever. luckily Apple takes care of it. Still hate the hassle enough that I will unsubscribe tonight.
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2 years ago, 1936fordtrk
The app is Terrible! Do not waste your money! It will be nothing but frustrating!
The magazine is great, but I have had nothing but trouble with this app. I have subscribed to the digital issues almost since the beginning. I have lost years of subscriptions and customer service is non existent. Now I cannot even open the app. What a joke! Do no subscribe with this app. You will be wasting your money.
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3 years ago, Spiff26
Terrible App and subscription support
App keeps getting updated and requires login again only to get a message that it cannot find my account. Support is non-existent and will not reply about problems, just a redirect to common support issues. I renewed my subscription since November 2020 and haven’t red any magazines since January 2021. I cancelled my subscription today am giving up on this app and magazine.
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12 months ago, R2dillon
Magazine must want to go out of business
As with the other subscribers, I have had a subscription for over 20 years. They have been print, digital, and apple subscription. It has continued to be a fight to access anything. The company has sold me magazines that I cannot access. I recommend that apple discontinue this app as a selection and cease selling the subscription.
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4 years ago, Duke's Dad
Latest issue not showing up on iPad
I’m a long time subscriber and have an active subscription paid until July 2021. The latest issue July/August 2020 is not showing up in the iPad app. It’s been out for a while and promoted on the Family Handyman website.
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1 year ago, MI Surfer
Where are the magazine?
Went from around 9 issues to one so far this year, they turned it into a seasonal magazine. Right now winter 2023 replaced December/January and of course there’s is never a February issue. Let’s see what they do for spring, summer and fall or if they’ll actually produce monthly issues. If is is seasonal I’m cancelling my subscription.
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4 years ago, ¥¥¥¥ou
Downloading issue on my iPad
I have downloaded the Oct/Nov issue some time back. Now it seems after you changed the App recently, I can not access the same Oct/ Nov issue and it shows “nothing here”. Please note that my subscription is still valid until November and will renew one month before it is due. Just because you changed your icon recently, should not have affected my “already downloaded” issue. Please let me have access to this issue and enjoy it. Thanks Satish
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3 years ago, poolbug
Can’t Access
I subscribed for 1 year in May, was able to view 1st magazine fine, and now it tells me I have to purchase the July/August for $3.99. I tried restoring purchases with no luck. No idea how to get resolved. Next step, I’m calling Apple support to report this magazine a scam.
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7 years ago, NomadPgmr
It has easily fixable issues
1. Constantly says cannot connect to App Store. 2. Requires login every time you open it. For many years applications have been able to store login credentials. These two major, but easily fixable annoyances drove me to uninstall it. Let me know when you get your act together and I’ll give it another try.
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4 years ago, Packfan73
No new issues show, no response from support
The last issue I have is June 2020. The July/August issue has been out for at least a month and till doesn’t show up in the store. Subscription renewed and they took the money, but no issues. Emailed the support link and hav not received a response in over two weeks.
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3 years ago, THMstarr
Can’t Download Entire Magazine Pdf
This app will not allow you to download an entire magazine, in PDF format, onto your iPad to read offline. In fact, you have to download a page at a time while connected to the internet. Disgusting! Do not subscribe to the digital magazine with this app.
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4 years ago, Htwelve
Have to continuously reload the magazines.
Downloaded issues day before flight and they were gone the next day on flight. Continuous to happen.
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4 years ago, DD$Rob
Paid for and can’t get
I have had this app for years. Enjoyed the app. One day I couldn’t log in. Called in and they could not find me. Everything was paid up to date. Told me to call Apple and wasn’t there fault. Kept my money though. Will be canceling after many years of use.
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4 years ago, AR9761
Useless !!!!!!!!!
After update the App does not recognize my subscription and does not recognize my account after registering it!! Purchased AGAIN and same issues. Still says I have to pay for the magazines even thought I paid a whole years subscription TWICE!!!
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6 years ago, Retro Fan
Print Subscriber
Subscribed to the print version strictly because it cost less and included a digital subscription but good luck getting it to work with the app. I was chatting with support tonight who gave me an alternate way to set up my account to work with digital but even that did not work. So frustrating.
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3 years ago, Ryan11112222
After last app update, issues are harder to read and that’s if I get new issues at all. I basically threw away a year’s worth of subscription. It used to be great. Customer service is nonexistent and worthless. Obviously, they don’t really want online subscriptions.
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6 years ago, Sambojobo
Without zooming app is not good
For some reason the removed the zoom function a while back and now you can’t read the text on most articles. Otherwise it was a decent app. Whoever made that decision has cost them many subscribers including me since I won’t renew.
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5 years ago, j1234566789000
Late issues
So far this year I have not received one issue and another was three weeks late. I get printed issues in the mail and like to read on my iPad so I know they are available
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7 years ago, idwtdmn
Bring back zoom
This app is totally worthless without the ability to zoom in to text and photos. Bring back the zoom or lose subscriptions.
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10 months ago, Dtdarby
Was great while it worked.
I still have issues left on my subscription. However, the app tells me I must pay for the current issues. Reloading, resetting, etc does no good.
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5 years ago, jrdizzle
Zoom feature please!
Had to go to use another app (Zunio)for my family handyman subscription because it doesn’t have a zoom in function. Pathetic! Leave a bad review here and head over to Zunio it’s free
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4 years ago, Frankec0207
Was good
This app used to be good. Cannot get the latest issue, last one was June 2020. Subscription paid through April 2021......this is theft! Cannot get any answers to emails from app developer. Has turned to garbage. Have since moved on to getting mag through Zinio.
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4 years ago, Dale1964
App issues
I have been trying to access my paid subscription for several months. I contacted Family handyman and they tell me it’s an iTunes problem. Please fix so I can use what I paid for.
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4 years ago, Jec2345
Not updated
They do not upload the issues regularly. It is August and the most recent issue is June. July has been out for over a month. No response from customer support.
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3 years ago, reebeebeebee
I subscribed but can’t get in.
I subscribed and get an error message so can’t get in. The FH customer service people are no help at all. So I am out what I paid. Don’t waste your money on this app.
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4 years ago, Sen89
Can’t access issues
Can’t access any issues on the current subscription period. All prior issues are there but the app won’t let me log in.
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4 years ago, Rchristn
Totally busted
App is totally busted. I am a long time, current subscriber. This app has gradually become worse and worse. Issues show up but when clicked on “nothing here“ message appears.
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4 years ago, Will Siderys
New issues are few and far between .
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4 years ago, tecuexe9
Something’s wrong with this App
I paid for a whole year and can’t download the March issue. I wrote to the App support and never got a response. I subscribed through iTunes so I am going to ask for a refund!
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6 years ago, Spataman
No zoom feature
Then reason i like reading magazines on my i pad is so i can zoom in so reading and pictures are easier to see. Without it, this app is worthless to me.
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4 years ago, cpettis1980
New App
Now instead of downloading the whole issue, you have to download 1 page at a time. This is the worst magazine app I have. What a shame that one of the best written magazines has the worst magazine app in the App Store.
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5 years ago, Duff1856
Doesn’t work at all
Simple. Won’t let me read any issues with my paper subscription that has digital access. Fix it!
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4 years ago, jimcon218
Article based and there are no articles or anyway to get an article
Don’t waste your money, this has gone from the best to the worst and there is no support or anyone answering how to solve.
Show more
4 years ago, Noremac55x
Buggy app that doesn’t download issues
This app basically doesn’t work for those with print subscriptions.
Show more
7 years ago, Freddieanto
Almost impossible to download your magazine. Constant "unable to connect to the App Store" error. I will not re subscribe to this magazine if I can't read it on my iPad.
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3 years ago, Sam76559
No acces
Such a great magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since 2014. But I can no longer access the newest issue in the a— and customer support is nonexistent.
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3 years ago, Rtnoftheyodi
Horrible customer service.
Unable to open the March addition and customer support does not reply back. What is going on?
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5 years ago, Soreal
Does not work in 13
Immediately crashes. Have deleted and re-installed a number of times. Next is cancellation.
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6 years ago, funtimeinfunkytown
They charge for everything
I like the magazine. I have an active yearly subscription and the app wants to charge for each new issue. It’s worthless.
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5 years ago, ^SlipKnot^
App is no good , printed issues come on a regular basis. With options to buy hardback of tips and plans.
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3 years ago, JimTietjen7373
New Issues will not download
Tried to reinstall app but no luck
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4 years ago, Tom Gruszka
Downloading to my iPad app
IHave not been able to download the magazine to my iPad app since the June 2020 issue. Can anyone help me.
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