The Idiot Test: Ultimate - Funny and Impossible Stupidness Test and Quiz Game

3.3 (469)
42 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metin Yucel
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later

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User Reviews for The Idiot Test: Ultimate - Funny and Impossible Stupidness Test and Quiz Game

3.32 out of 5
469 Ratings
8 years ago, Megagamergal66
Unreasonable problems and called me a moron
There are some problems that are so hard that most people playing don't know and when you get it wrong it calls you a moron! That is so rude! Any other way it's fine but being called a moron can really hurt someone! Over all I would recommend this but if your sensitive you don't want this.
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7 years ago, DocWizzard868
Not worth the download
Really wanted something that would occupy my time but this is so short that even this review is taking longer than this app.
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8 years ago, Figgy456
Just why?🙄
I think that this could be a good game, if it didn't call you mean things. I thought it would be fun to install this because I saw a Youtuber do it. So I wanted to check it out, but that was a mistake. Calling people morons and an "Idiot as hell" in an app is not right. A game saying things like that should not be here. Especially because sensitive people could be getting this game. So seriously why would anyone make a game like this?😑
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1 year ago, l3riii
Needs an update
Still and will always love this game but it’s barely compatible for my phone 😭
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8 years ago, DerpDaDerpyDerp
If your colorblind don't get this.
Other than that, it's pretty good. And if you like many people say this game is stupid rather than you, just be reminded that you failed an idiot test that a four year old could complete.
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8 years ago, PopperNme
I'm not stupid, just color blind
Way to go! What an insult to be tested on stupidity based on picking the right color. I guess this game was not meant for the colorblind folks that can't see the difference between yellow and green. I thought this would of been fun but the color questions keeps coming up early on. Don't use this app if you are colorblind. I guess if you do, after reading this, your are an idiot.
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8 years ago, HeidiHu65
Definitely tricky, but fun😀
Great game. Makes you feel like an idiot but it just "reels" you in to keep playing more and more. Only negative is there are waaay to many "pop-up" ads.
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7 years ago, anonomous 12!
Why can't I do 0 stars???
Seriously, I mean I'm trying to be honest here they need the option of 0 stars. Here's the real moron test: did u notice that the developer called u stupid as hell??? I don't know if they're cursing at u or what if ur sensitive and u know it, don't download it. If not, knock urself out but I'm not sensitive, I just thought it was a waste of storage space, time, and effort.
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8 years ago, Ashy🤗
To be honest when I read other reviews I thought people were over reacting. So I ignored them and tried anyway. It is the most stupid, point less app I've ever played. I may sound like I'm over reacting but maybe you should take my word for it. I learned my lesson😉 Signed, Upset Customer
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7 years ago, Łùżįø
Like it
It seems easy, but then it gets you confused about some parts, but this is fun
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8 years ago, Girls rock👸
It is pretty fun when you first start playing it, but once you have lost like two times it gets really boring, come out with a better version, PLeASE!!
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8 years ago, Rwpirani
The Idiot Test
It's very tricky. Which can be frustrating. It would be better if it would replay my mistakes, to see where I screwed up. That way I can improve.
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8 years ago, 90Clues
It's fun,
but the fact that you lose then you go back to idiot as hell makes me frustrated
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7 years ago, pikachu lover 246
I love this game! It's so fun! I've completed "The Moron Test" and I loved that too. If you want something like that, download this game.
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7 years ago, Logic4me2day123456789
Pop up adds disruptive
The pop up adds are very frequent and quite disruptive to the experience overall. This could be a fun experience otherwise.
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7 years ago, Sdk222
This Game Is Idiotic
Dumbest game ever. I will never get those 5 minutes of my life back. Seriously, don't waste your time. You will get all the answers right and it will still call you a moron. If I could give it less than one star, I would.
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6 years ago, fgbdvebd
Not only does this app wreck peoples self confidence by calling them a moron when they get a really hard question wrong, it doesnt know that all squares are recrangles! It is probably dumber than a lot of the people it calls morons. I would rate it 0 stars if I could.
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7 years ago, Chlomazing
This game would be so fun if it would call you well not a moron it could at least just say you failed not your a MORON this is not a go to game or a good game either I have it a 2 star rate but all I really have to say is HOW RUDE!!!!!
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8 years ago, Ella😎😜😍
It is pretty fun but there are way too many pop up ads 😡and it makes me get angry but it is fun
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8 years ago, Ava soule
This he is so voodoo hard to do but it is great for party's and waiting in line at a ride in Disneyland...still sooooooo fun🤓🤓🤓🤓😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄
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8 years ago, Bnb29
Pop ups👎
Cute little game but the ad pop ups keep making me loose. Loose the pop ups or put them in when it won't cause you to loose the game.
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7 years ago, I am so awaome😀!!!!!
Hate it 👎👎
I hate this game it is so mean and rude and it calls you a moron for tapping the wrong thing no one should get this it is so boring. It's a test for 4 year olds and is just mean if a sensitive person played this they would cry!😡😡👎😡👎😡👎😡👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
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8 years ago, Binny2008
It is fun but hard to
I like it but it is still hard
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8 years ago, starfire__9_
Moron test is better
It's annoying how how you keep going back to idiot as hell when you fail. Moron test is better with the apple thing.
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7 years ago, Gdjdjcgsg
The creators of this game are dumb as hell
When I got to normal I got a virus the game calls you insulting names I already deleted the app if you want an app like this get a different one out of the 50 others.
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8 years ago, Ashley Weiss
I didn't think I was so dumb until I took this test!!!
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7 years ago, Jjjhjfhvg
This app makes you so mad but it's entertaining at the same time it's got me really mad really happy it's IMPOSSIBLE
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8 years ago, Piggy lover 63
Love it
Love the game so fun really addicting to!!!.………you should make more games like this!!😍
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7 years ago, leelee831
It only gives you one test unlike the other test games I play
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8 years ago, Butter Girl 3
This is the app to get to see if your a idiot lol I'm a idiot let's have a idiot party!!!
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7 years ago, Nikko's Ipad
This is crap
When I keep trying to press the button twice it gets an ad so it says I'm a moron but I'm not I get really stressed out and I rage quit it really is crap
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8 years ago, Tigerlilycuteness123
Annoying, but somehow fun
Note: do not get if color blind Ok, so this app has all the great parts of a app. It is addicting, challenging, and fun. The only con is there are too many pop up ads!!! If you are bored, get this app. 🔴🔵🔹🔺▪️🎈📱📱📱📱📱📱📱
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7 years ago, roomlovers
So cool
This help u a lot!!!! This says 3x + y and more at normal and over awesomeness amazingly coooocococlcocl (cool) 🎃🙀👹😈😵😵😵🤡🤑🤡Killer clown
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7 years ago, Kaisermommy105
New download
Fun game really worth the download
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2 years ago, Oplervmjaa
It told me. That I am smart
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6 years ago, MomVenter
Fun game. If I pass, does it mean I’m an idiot
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7 years ago, Nana/tori
This isn't fun, isn't smart it's the worst I might had won but it's the worst game I had EVER played, If I could I would rate this game 0 stars!!!!
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8 years ago, Jacob washerrelol70716
Its awful
I cant win or achieve anything it sets you up to fail so why bother playing.
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7 years ago, Cooly girl
When I did not fail it said I failed so I deleted the game and I'm never going to get it again.🙄👎
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8 years ago, STARWARS🙃
Don't download
It was fun, but then it was just stupid. When you loose, it says way to go moron. Then you have to restart. Not fun.
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8 years ago, VaperSlake
I don't like it Don't get this please
This games call u like dumb as hell and I am a moron if I failed why would a game be this be mean!
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7 years ago, Viveronic
The creator is an idiot!
Mean! Even if you pass, they fail you. It's a stupid waste of time and effort. Getting rid of it.
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8 years ago, Cursive girl
This game has the silliest tricks, for me it is so addicting!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Rockstar 😊
Easy funny goody😊
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8 years ago, Bobby101910
It is soo stupid
You can't even press the small blue button!
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7 years ago, SpaceExplorer31
Don’t bother
Waste of time. Nothing but ads
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8 years ago, Natalia 8
This game is so easy I passed it all and is tooooo short I will not play it again
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7 years ago, Nicebadalex
To continue, give us five stars
I don't love me this app
Show more
8 years ago, Koffebean
Need update
This game is dumb i want to kill the people that made this❗️😡
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7 years ago, I love all games sometimes
I hate this game
This game makes no sense and calling people morons is really mean
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