The Jackbox Party Pack 3

3.3 (92)
851.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jackbox Games, Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Jackbox Party Pack 3

3.25 out of 5
92 Ratings
11 months ago, tocoapuffs
Games are great. Pairing to the TV, bad
This is a game that you want to stream to the TV and play in a room of people. For some reason almost every time I try to pair to a TV, only half of the TV is displayed. The games are great, but buy on a different system so you can stream them to the TV more easily.
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5 years ago, Evan_13
Teachers and Youth Organizers... this is worth every penny!
Jackbox Games allow me to “host” a game party without the stress of teaching everyone the new rules. It’s always fun to play a new board game for a couple hours, but this always the humor of the group and the simplicity of the game to really come together. The games all have differing reviews, but I find that what Jackbox does well is that the games can reach many different personality types. Patently Stupid was a real winner for one of my friends, while Drawful was a great way to slowly introduce the concept of play on your phone, watch it on the screen. In all the reviews I’ve seen online, the best part is that the top 10 stay the same, but people rank them differently. While the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased not the App Store, the fact that it is optimized for AirPlay to my AppleTV (and can be downloaded separately to the AppleTV) makes the purchase a winner, especially when hosting a student event.
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3 years ago, can't see eachother
very unique
your game are very creative who would have thought of some voodoo dolls fighting for their lives in a trivia game also the sound tracks are AMAZING these games hit different the artstyle in some games are also so adorable like tee ko keep uo the good work sincerely -a jackbox fan
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4 years ago, AmandaMermaid
Reviews said to get this version
And they were right! Play each game more than once and you'll see why. My favorites right now are Quiplash and TEE KO. But the kid loves Guesspionage so...We have already played on Zoom for a few coronavirus parties and its a hit! Well worth the money!
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7 months ago, Get serious, Jackbox
Over a year and still not playable?!
I’m not sure what the developer is thinking, but to know there is an issue with a party game where only half the screen will display when shared on a tv screen and still not to have fixed it after a year is completely ridiculous. Either fix the issue so the game is playable or apologize profusely and refund people their money.
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2 years ago, lizsake
So fun!
My friends and I discovered this game pack during the stay at home period in recent history. We still love playing on zoom. We especially like visiting T-Shirt Island. 5 stars
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5 years ago, Lindsey Lindsey
No Sound
There is no sound when I open up the application or the individual games. My other party pack works but not this one.
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3 years ago, Razisama
Zoom game of the year
Just screenshare the iPad running this game and you can now play remotely. The system audio even pushes to everyone else. Just what we were looking for.
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1 year ago, my review is correct 😌
Very disappointed.
Super fun games, but when screen shared to the TV, it only shows on half of the screen. Since it only shows on half of the screen, only 1 of the games can actually be seen due to the codes being covered. If I am paying $25 to play a game, the least it could do is play properly.
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4 years ago, MessieJ
No sound
As mentioned by many others, there’s no sound on the app. I gave two stars because I already have this game on fire stick and know what a fabulous product it is! Just wish I could get it on my iPad so I can share the fun with my friends virtually! I’ve already submitted a request on the help site
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2 years ago, Bbastedo
Wonderful game!
I love Murder Trivia. And the TKO T-Shirt game is very fun. This game creates fun and long lasting memories, I think it’s one of the best in the series. Partypack 3 is worth every penny and should be in everyone’s game night!
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4 years ago, ddflowersss
Worth it
I bought it scared due to some bad reviews however, it worked fine with my iPad Pro through mirroring the TV. Really fun!
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3 years ago, MightyE
What is this, a console port?
Press (A) to continue (where you have to touch the on-screen A button)? Most of the mini games lock up randomly. Having to constantly restart the game because it's just sitting on a screen with a spinner forever gets real old. Utter junk, can't believe you try to charge $25 for this!
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8 months ago, Screen mirror issues
Cannot screen share
I've tried on a number of different TVs, and it will only show half the screen. They know about this, they should have resolve this by now.
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5 years ago, Matt dub in sav
No sound
Would give it 5 stars but there’s no sound
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2 years ago, backles
Does not support External display
Plugged in to external display it moves the game to the TV. But it cuts the game to be only on the right side of the screen which then only shows the left half the game. Making the game useless and wish I could get a refund.
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4 years ago, BoBo Biwa
This game of games is one of the best things a purchased and is a blessing
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1 year ago, AshleeZivvy
Not compatible with airplay
Unfortunately, when trying to play with a group of friends and using airplay, the game is cut off and only the right side of the game shows, rendering it useless. Upset I spent $25 on this.
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6 months ago, Mrs455
Airplay doesn’t work
Airplay doesn’t work properly. After reading support site, it appears this has been a known issue more sometime with out resolution.
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6 months ago, JI310
Doesn’t work on an iPad.
If your planning on having it displayed on a tv screen from an iPad don’t get it bc it only shows half of the screen.
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5 years ago, thefishfoto
No Sound
It would be a great pack if there was sound. Seems like I’m not the only one who is having this problem...
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4 years ago, laurievmckenna
Sound doesn’t work
The sound doesn’t work and I have my iPad with the volume all of the way up and the settings in the game all of the way up. Totally makes it not fun. Would like a refund
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4 years ago, riahashley
Good fun
Good fun. Sometimes it crashes, and some of the games are eh. But overall irs great. Perfect for quarantined family time.
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4 years ago, On2flight
No sound, high latency, and disappointing
Even with reinstalling, rebooting, and testing for other causes of sound issues, there is no sound. Multiplayer has high latency, and users miss out on their turns.
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7 months ago, Khgst
Games are great, mirroring does not work
Can only get a partial screen when mirroring from iPad. Games are not playable.
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4 years ago, BugMeSteph
Family loves it
We love games night family and friends... It’s def fun!
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7 months ago, LumberjackZach99
give the people what they want
Plz update this so i can cast my iPad on the tv again. Reddit is well aware of this problem so why aren’t you??? Disrespectful! :(
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1 year ago, jsnow33
External display doesn’t work
Half the display is cut off when casting via AirPlay or HDMI. Tested with multiple TVs. This game is not playable for my needs.
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4 years ago, Cheeky Little Monkey
Sound doesn’t work on iPad 13.4
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5 months ago, Gmlpink
Sound doesn’t work
I can’t get the sound to come on but It does on other jackbox apps I have.
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4 years ago, Yeorgia#55
No sound
Unfortunately I do not have sound and tried to uninstall and rest all it with no luck
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3 years ago, lululululullu192846447197
GREAT! My favorite game. Idk why the other reviews say what they do. Buy!!
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1 year ago, WilsoD93
No Sound
Paid 25$, downloaded onto my iPad, and the sound is not working.
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1 year ago, Agent Green Fox
No sound
Like the post says, there isn’t sound.
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9 months ago, I c e s t a r
Game won’t start
I’m trying to host a game, but it won’t even start.
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4 years ago, Hellothere8809080830
No sound
I just got this and it has no sound!
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5 years ago, Circachef
Some of the games are good but this pack has no sound. PLEASE FIX THE SOUND ISSUE!!
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4 years ago, ddgiggs31
Fun game
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4 years ago, A.J. Berg
NO SOUND!! Very upset. On other platforms it’s great
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7 months ago, Werben1717
Sound no bueno
Yo no soy hearo the gameo
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6 months ago, Swee'pea50
Pairing to TV Bad
Somebody wrote on Jul 18 2023 that it only shows half the screen on the TV screen when you pair it to the TV. It’s now the Holiday season and you still haven’t fixed it!!!
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1 year ago, Awesomeddc
Don’t buy
Screen share doesn’t work, only displays half of the screen!!! 02/18/23
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