The Jackbox Party Pack

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1179.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jackbox Games, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.11 or later
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User Reviews for The Jackbox Party Pack

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6 years ago, FPM
Awesome game but the software is a bit unstable. Still worth it!
This is an awesome collection of trivia-type games and it’s sick that people can use their phones or tablets as buzzers. Only issue I’ve had with it is the Lie Swatter game locking up and having to force quit the application. Still totally worth it, will be getting v2 and 3 as well.
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9 years ago, MikelPernisco
No Regrets On This Purchase
Seriously, buy this game! I bought it out of whim, really just to play You Don’t Know Jack, but ended up falling in love with Fibbage and Drawful. Those three games alone made purchasing this pack worthwhile. Wordspud and Lie Swatter were just ‘meh'. I ended up playing those two only a couple of times and then switched back over to Drawful and Fibbage. It’s so fun to have a game night and encourage the family to get on their phones. I’ve been recruiting friends and family to buy this only because it really has brought back game night for my close ones and I. The greatest thing about this game is that you only need to purchase and play on one device and everyone can connect with their mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) for free and play along. For those complaining about the lack of fullscreen, heads up, there is a fullscreen mode but you have to go into the Help & Options mode in the game to enable it. Game on!
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8 years ago, Afrancis77
I have really enjoyed this game every time we have played. I was the first of who I know to get this game, but now has spread like wildfire amongst my friends and family. If I were to follow the chain of friends that told friends, I bet there is at least 10 people that have bought this in the last 2 months. I did have to give it only 4 stars though. It pained me to do that since I love it, BUT we only play Fibbage and Drawful. The other games aren’t very fun and the You don’t know Jack trivia has changed from fun somewhat challenging questions to trival pursuit type questions. Not that I don’t love hard trivia, but it isn’t for everyone. So, for $25 and only 2 games are worth it, I just can’t give it 5 stars. If you are on the fence and can afford the price, its absolutely worth it! (I can’t wait to try the new party pack!)
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4 years ago, Eric Summers
Please add Apple Universal Purchase!
I've always loved the Jackbox games, but I'd really like to see universal purchase! I saw it was added to Party Pack 7. Could it be added to the other games? I know Apple makes this difficult, but other apps have merged by changing one platform to a "Legacy Version" and add a bundle (with legacy and universal versions included) to allow free upgrades to the universal game for existing users. I really want to use my Mac to play with family over Zoom and my Apple TV to play in my living room. With COVID, this is important! Thanks!
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4 years ago, HobieC913
Got old fast
I purchased this game to play with family members during the pandemic. We really enjoyed playing Fibbage. Now it's no fun because we know the answers to all the prompts. Isn't there a way to update the game? I, too, get a weak connection signal while playing the game. Frequently, during the game, someone gets booted out and has to quicky refresh to get back in...and half the time it's too late to submit their answer. One last others, it kills my battery so fast. I have to play the game with my Mac plugged in so that my battery doesn't die...even though I started at 100% charged.
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9 years ago, Chris McDonough
Great fun!
Loved this, used my Mac as the main device on my TV and then others just connected through web browsers on the phones and iPads. Most of these game are much better with at least three players but they are great fun. Also must mention that depending on the speed of your device can affect answer times and how quick your response is registered. Seriously though, can't go wrong with this party set!
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6 years ago, webslinger18
Constant Connection Issues
My internet connection is awesome to every other website (including the one to type this review). Despite that we were able to play 2 games and since then and we keep getting a ‘cannot connect to server’ message. Yes I tried restarting, different computers, and different networks to no avail. They were fun for the brief moment I could play them. Now I’ve wasted $50 buying a version for the Mac and Apple TV and neither works regardless of being at home, work, Starbucks. That leads me to conclude (based on mine and several other reviews) that the issue is Jackbox servers. Get it to work and I’ll redo this review.
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9 years ago, jloloew
Worst-written app on my Mac, but still pretty fun
The only two games we really play are Fibbage and Drawful. The rest aren’t that great, but those two are really fun. It’s a shame this app is so inconvenient to use. This game really kills my battery. I never bring my charger anywhere, but I have to remember to bring it if I’m going to be playing these games. My battery life is literally 75% shorter as soon as I open this app (12 hours -> 3 hours). It also doesn’t go full screen. This app really doesn’t feel like a Mac app at all. I’d say it’s worth a buy if your Mac is always plugged into your TV.
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4 years ago, JMLfilm
Entertaining but Get A Newer Version
I know this is one of their older games, but this version is super clunky and I deeply regret spending $25 on it. The interface feels ten years out of date, and 3 of the 5 games are pretty fun, but easy to wear out of quickly and I can't imagine we'll ever play it again after one evening. Also, it totally overwhelmed my 2019 top-of-the-line Mac laptop and zapped the battery in less than 40 minutes with nothing else running! It's a great idea, but don't bother with this version, it's not worth the money.
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8 years ago, angironi
I played Fibbage at a friend’s house recently so I decided to purchase the pack. First, we had no idea how to play Word Spud and found it quite boring. Second, some of the games were glitchy and wouldn’t let people join. You Don’t Know Jack wouldn’t work AT ALL. We tried refreshing, reloading and still wouldn’t let us actually play the game. Lastly, it’s a fun game pack but not worth $25 unless some of the glitches are fixed, and even then I wish it was cheaper. Willy happily update review if fixed!
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8 years ago, Korean machine
Almost 5 stars
It is really fun and entertaining.I would upgrade it to a 5 star review if 8 players were able to play drawful. It says that the room is full after 4 players have logged in. It clearly shows that it is capable of having 8 players.
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7 years ago, Deelite3
Doesn’t Work
I’ve played these games with others on their computers and loved it so I thought I’d buy it for myself. I bought the party pack and then when I click on any of the games in the pack it goes to load but then says it cant connect to the server and that I should check my internet connection. Ever other game and thing involving the internet works fine. I sent a email to them asking for help and they have yet to respond...
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7 years ago, Stev-o911
Fun when it works
Games are fun. The problem is their servers decide to stop communicating with our phones towards the end. So, we are left with the points everyone had before it stops working. Very annoying, but we restart everything and keep playing. Wish they would fix this.
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8 years ago, VMLoVe
Drawful is not working
It won't let me add more than 4 people, and then the four people also can't play because the webpage is not loading in order to start the game. Please fix asap!
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8 years ago, NIVless
It won’t connect to the server
I run the game and it just never connects to the server. I’ve even gone and turned off my firewall, and still nothing. Buyer beware until they get this fixed.
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7 years ago, LaneMc1
needs family friendly filter
Love playing these games. Great fun and the more prople the better. One game has a family friendly setting. Some questiokns are inappropiate for playing with kids. Please add a family steeing on all games!!!!
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9 years ago, J.Lev
Great new game - needs full screen
I love the new games! I’ve run into some issues where the points don’t update in fibbage (which is, by far, the best game) and I wish it would go full screen. But besides that, seriously fun!
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9 years ago, GJSchaller
Great game, but needs Full Screen
The game(s) itself is great - I’ve played it across multiple platforms. My only regret is that the Mac version does not do Full Screen - that would make this 5/5 Stars.
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5 years ago, davidmc11794
Great Fun But...
I just wish Fibbage XL was more...XL. After just a few rounds with family (4 or 5) we kept getting repeated prompts which ruins tha game for anyone new you play with. :/
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9 years ago, kainichiwa
Saw a few episodes of Drawlful on Roosterteeth’s Let’s Play and decided to purchase. Can’t wait to share the amazingness with Friends and Family!
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9 years ago, jimmynotebook
Problems Fixed, Wonderful Game
I wrote a review previously that Drawful was not working. I’m happy to report that it is now! Highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Ew85284
They did the 64-bit update!!!
They had told me they wouldn't and now they did! My purchase is not lost!!!!
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9 years ago, kipbowes
Lots of fun for a party...
This is a good group of games - epecially if you have an ATV to AirPlay to. Good games, and the phone and tablet connectivity seems to work well.
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3 years ago, ayers1971
No Regrets
This Game is AMAZING! its very fun my dad told me about it and we decided to buy it i didn't play it yet but my dad says it's AWESOME!!!
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6 years ago, dogeymon
Same questions every time we play
Every SINGLE TIME we start a game of You Don’t Know Jack, it’s the same questions every time that we’ve answered several times in other games…….what’s the point of this game if the questions never change?? It’s like it’s a free demo version or something.
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9 years ago, greggretsch
Great party games!
These games are great for parties! Players using their mobile phones as controllers works well.
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9 years ago, Gabchs
Awesome with Apple TV
Just a great game and recommended with the Apple TV. A must to have!
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7 years ago, Love it but fix Drawful
Love this Game! But my Drawful mini game isn’t working :(
I love Jackbox! I first played it during my game design class and I loved playing Drawful especially. I have since played all the different Jackbox versions and love them all. I decided to buy Jackbox 1 because I loved Drawful, but this game just has a white blank screen after everyone enters the room code then we can’t continue the game. Please fix this bug!!!
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6 years ago, Crock of Jack
Doesn’t work
I bought the party pack and the games don’t work at all
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9 years ago, Joe_n_Kitty
Can’t get it to load.
Latest OS version. More than capable hardware. Good internet connection. Ticket submitted. I will update my review if corrected in a timely manner.
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7 years ago, CavemanEmpire
Program crashes on High Sierra
Game is usless on High Sierra. Don’t buy.
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