The League: Intelligent Dating

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User Reviews for The League: Intelligent Dating

4.11 out of 5
36.7K Ratings
4 years ago, macbook pro UT yr 2
Lack of communication
I have to say I’m disappointed by this app. I feel like I’m right i the group this app is targeting and it’s even impossible to get them to answer a question about becoming a subscriber. I’ve been on their waitlist for a while and decided I really did want to start dating seriously so I reached out to their ‘Concierge’ over a week ago with questions about membership and the differences between the different plans and have been totally ignored. I completely understand that they want to prioritize their current subscribers when responding to messages but over a week is unacceptable especially when someone is trying to pay you. Either this nameless 36 year old concierge is just flat out terrible, mostly a bot or they just don’t care about earning or keeping paying clients. I don’t think right now it would be easy to convince me to subscribe since there has literally been NO response to either of my two inquiry’s in the last 8 days.
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7 months ago, 4evrL_Only
Pay or wait
Are there really people on this app? Cuz ive done everything needed to be verified. Seems like a money scheme to make a waiting list of 1million for those who really are looking for a connection and convince them to pay instead of waiting. So this is my piece. I think that might seem like a “good” tactic, but it really drives a lot of people away from your app, and Im not referring to those who are just looking for a one time thing, Im talking about the genuine people. There are a lot of reasons for someone to seek online dating more than those quick fixes. The appeal that your app had in its introduction about being an intellectual place where you can meet like minded people is what brought me here, but i have to wait for almost 3k people to be “verified” after a process in which your app already allows you to verify yourself, to even be able to make connections. I checked after 4 days and I only moved up 1 slot! Also, No one talks in the “waiting room”. Its filled with people saying where they are from and then they never respond again. Like i said before, i cant knock off that it was a good strategy to convince people to purchase membership instead of waiting, but literally, that is not a good way to go about it. Instead, you should keep those special features locked for members but allow people to make connections or Let your members see their matches from the algorithm. Thats all I have to say. Anyways, thanks but no thanks.
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2 years ago, DaBigDickedPlaya
Good in theory, not in practice
I think this is a cool concept in general and have definitely think this app tends to attract a higher tier. But at the same time this app compared to others has a very low response rate, in my experience. Because you’re only looking at 3 profiles a day you’re just going to be matching with less people. And I think the impact of matching with less people is that people, myself included, just don’t check the app as frequently for existing matches. Overall, cool concept but the idea that being shown less people necessitates a focus on quality feels like it makes more sense in theory than in practice. On top of that, given that most matches are just not going to lead to anything, even if this app had a higher response rate I don’t think it would lead to much. If your match rate is 5%, which is substantially higher than the average for guys on other apps, that means you’re going to get a match about every week, and if 20% of your matches lead to dates, that means you’re getting a date from this app a little less frequently than once a month. And the reality is most dates don’t lead to anything. This app could work, but they would have to significantly increase the number of people you’re shown per day. Getting shown 3 people per day just doesn’t make sense given the economics of dating apps.
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4 years ago, alyson4444
Not what they claim to be
First of all, they make you wait to be let into the app to make it look “exclusive”, claiming you’re #7,304 on the wait list, but the numbers don’t mean anything. A friend of mine was approved before I was even though I was technically ahead of her on the queue. I mentioned this in the wait room chat and was suddenly approved. Now that I’m in, there no search functions, so you’re limited to the ppl they assign you “based on your preferences”. It took me three refreshes to get any matches which were actually within my preferences (I only limited the ethnicities). Since then, I get half within my preferences and half not. They give you a concierge who is supposedly a “real person here to address any questions or concerns” but when I brought up the matching outside my preferences issue with my concierge, the message was marked as “read” but answered days later with another automated “hey just checking it, let me know if you have questions or concerns” message. There are also chat group by interest, which they encourage you to join. I joined a few and noticed that no one actually uses them actively - I scrolled up and within seconds was looking a two year old messages. It seems like they have a good pool of singles - a lot of degrees and great careers and travelers etc- but I haven’t been able to connect with a single one and I’m not sure how long that will take given the above
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5 years ago, Docmom21
Exceeding my expectations
I have read many reviews here stating this is a scam, that you never meet anyone, etc. and this is NOT at all true. What is true is that this isn’t your average dating app. This actually has been what is missing from the world of dating in the modern era, a site where the instant gratification society is lessened and a more meaningful match is sought. If you are looking for a hook up or a series of single dates, then this would not be a place that you would find your needs being met. If you are seeking someone of similar educational level, values, interests, and a more meaningful potential at a relationship then this is absolutely a great start. No, you will not see hundreds of matches, but you will see quality matches. The algorithm is quite impressive in pairing matches that I actually am interested in. I will see 3-5 people at a time and thus far, each one has been someone that I am interested to get to know better. If you are looking to swipe right (or left or whatever it is) and meet that night, then again, not for you. Not a hook up site. Thankfully, for those of us who have been uncomfortable on quick match dating sites, the League is here.
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4 years ago, lv07311976
Thanks for matching me with the guy who is in the office next to mine.
Absolutely horrified. They claim that they will block your profile from colleagues yet the day I signed up, they showed me 5 potential matches and one of them was my DIRECT COUNTERPART, as in we are one of three people reporting into the VP. How horribly embarrassing for both of us. And of course, there is no refund of the $250 I paid for the upgraded subscription. Terrible experience within the first 10 minutes of joining. I really do hope they at least refund me the $250 since I didn’t meet anyone except the guy who literally has the office next to mine. 24 hours later....Was told that 1st degree connections on LinkedIn are blocked. They aren’t! I’m a first degree connection with the guy who sat next to me and worked on my team for two years! And that’s who they matched me with. I asked for a refund and was told “there’s a no refund policy”. They told me to follow up with Apple to get my $250 back, which was futile. This app is a total scam and rip off. I was also told to help them resolve the issue for their company by working with their customer service. They basically told me the same thing...sorry, no refund. Ask Apple for your money back. They have no interest in working through the issue. For someone like myself who is paid to diagnose challenges, solve problems and improve the customer experience, I can say this company has a LOT to learn.
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3 years ago, 12.yhgsk
I don’t know who these people at that are reviewing. I think they are plants. These are not real reviews. If you read them they are so rehearsed and not from a customer perspective but a corporate one. They are written by a corporate plant. This is truly the most disappointing app. Why the waitlist? Is it supposed to make you feel important? Not me that makes me feel unimportant. I spent money I should have access. Maybe it’s my job that gives me perspective on this. I work in investments. If I had a client give me 200k to purchase an investment. Ya know get it going... and then I said to them hey... by the way... your investment application will be on a wait list and you may not get in and the 200k would be for nothing. How do you think that would go down? You like the client would like that? I can say with my experience. No they definitely wouldn’t. And then there is period guarantee. So if you don’t like it, they are so not confident in delivering a good application to give you a money back guarantee. Not to mention my first match was with a guy looking for a sugar mama and it was a good laugh but are those the people that go on a waitlist? Gold diggers? And they pass the waitlist? Wow. So excited to see all the “diversity” so far I have yet to see anyone with melanin in their skin or someone from other religious backgrounds. Match did that. Match. With no waitlist. With more diversity. Really?
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3 years ago, Strong 98919485
No way these reviews are real
I don’t buy any of these positive reviews of people saying The League’s claims about their product are true. They are definitely plants. This is worse than anything else out there, absolute trash. If you do end up trying it out because you actually believe what they’re selling like I did, absolutely DO NOT pay for anything. I have not paid and there is no reason to, nothing will improve. The entire experience is shadily designed for you to pay their exorbitant prices, I mean hundreds per week. This app is a master class in dark design patterns that preys on human desire, they should honestly be ashamed. The waitlist is a scam, they just wait to see if you will pay and eventually let you in, I was “30,000th” in line... They give you three people a day to have a chance at matching because they believe in “quality not quantity”. More BS, I’ve seen plenty of the same people on this app as I’ve seen on all the others. Ones without degrees and working retail jobs or even unemployed, far from their promise of quality matches which was the whole appeal to find someone equally ambitious and successful. By the way, if you want a whopping 5 people per day, no problem, just pay $200/month. 7? $400/month. 9??? $1000/month. Ridiculous. I’ve been on plenty of quality dates on other apps and have had only a few *conversations* on league.
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3 years ago, Acceberinor
Horrible Signup Process
You get the app, you start to make an account. Your account is put on a waitlist for review until it is approved by the The League team. Your account will only be considered for review if you put education and professional information. You can only put that info by connecting the account to your LinkedIn OR paying for a premium account (which costs an ASTRONOMICAL amount - ranging from $67 to $200/mo...what hot nonsense is that?). Once you connect your account to LinkedIn, there is no way to edit the education or professional info, nor, again, can you even submit your profile for review without that info. I get WHY they do it this way, but it is not very considerate of people’s privacy. I work at a very specific place with very few employees and I do not want some rando to be able to literally find me in person based off of my online dating profile, but there is no way around divulging that kind of specific private information without paying for a premium account. This is hella flawed and kept me from being able to even make an account. Do better. Not everyone wants to give all their personal private details out on an online dating site without having spoken to the prospective partner a few times first. Take this into consideration when designing the app and you may have more success.
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8 months ago, anbpeanut
Waste of time
Terrible. They tout this idea of exclusivity and yet this is making me want to leave. I refuse to pay the ridiculous price to “jump” to the front of the line. So now you’re stuck in waiting limbo and having to cater to some ridiculous practice to prove you’re worthy of being on the dating app. From what I’ve seen they’re weeding out those that they deem as less attractive or who don’t have high paying jobs. This is why no one wants to be on dating apps. At the end of the day they can take their “exclusivity” and shove it. This is a waste of time and effort for no pay off. Editing to add- total rip off and if I could give zero stars I would. Since my last review I’m pretty sure they’ve black balled me on the app. No improvement in standings and the concierge messages stopped after I said the app was terrible. This is a scam and continues to prove they only want skinny attractive wealthy people on the app. They don’t want “normal” every day people. Would NEVER recommend this app to anyone. They just want money and to see how long it will take you to wait for them. Don’t waste your time or money. You’re better off with tinder or bumble since you can actually use the app instead of jumping through hoops to prove your intentions and want to actually date. All lies.
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3 years ago, Garbage App - Not worth it.
Garbage. Total Waste of Time.
I never take the time to write a review but felt I had to about this app. I waited about a week for my profile to be approve as a non-paying member. Realized minutes in the app that you will only see who “likes” you if you pay $400/mo to see them. The only other way to match is to wait for one of those likes to show up in your daily batch of 3 people and vice versa. Three batches in, I’ve reported one profile for blatantly racist pictures including a white guy dressed as a caricature of a Native American including feather headdress. Another I reported for offensive images of half naked women, clearly a spammer. Out of 9, 5 profiles were not even in English and all had education for places like Spain, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. Sure is it possible these globe traveling men are in my teeny Midwest town, possible, but highly unlikely. The rest were average guys, nothing remarkable about career or education. Like one was a sales rep for a snack company. Not at all an elite dating app. Finally, the customer service aka concierge never responded to a single one of my messages, only continued to send me templates responses and suggestions about how to use the app that had literally nothing to do with my questions or comments. Pure garbage. Totally waste of time, I’m so glad I did not spend any money because it’s a scam.
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3 years ago, o f p
I joined the league hoping it lived up to the reputation of high quality matches among professionals. After about a week on the waiting list, a gimmick used to make it feel exclusive, I had my account and was ready to go. The only problem, they choose three people for you to say if you’re interested...or not. My potential matches were, and continue to be, about 3 hours from where I live. I have checked my setting multiple times to ensure the app has me in the correct location (it does) but still I get women in NYC. I live near Philly. It’s annoying. I’ve gone on two dates with women in my area in the months I’ve been in this app (prior to COVID). As strange as it feels to say, tinder and bumble offer much better services. Year update: Potential matches have gotten closer, usually within an hour drive, but pairings have become nonexistent. I don’t know if it’s Covid or the preselected matches just aren’t vibing, but one this site I haven’t matched with someone in months. I would chalk it up to me being the issue if it weren’t for the number of matches and dates I’ve had stem from other sites (again Bumble and even tinder, I’ve gone on at least a dozen dates from these sites in the same time period). Something is just off with this league site so I would approach this with skepticism.
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4 years ago, Lizardbrain90
Nothing special to see here
As a long-time user of other dating and apps, and someone who is looking for a real relationship, I am underwhelmed with The League. Most users haven’t written anything on their profile, and you get minimal information to make a swiping decision. I don’t care if you’re an “analyst at Goldman Sachs”; if you have low quality photos and can’t be bothered to write anything about yourself, you’re not that serious about dating. Over the course of a month, I matched with two guys - one turned out to have three kids in high school (that should be front and center on your profile, pal), and the other guy I canceled on because he shifted the time of our date about ten times in the same day. Not great. To top it off, after a couple of weeks of logging in religiously but not swiping right on anyone, I got a message from the app chastising me for being “too picky” and taking away my ability to see people for several days. What the hell?? Don’t you specifically *want* to attract users who are selective? When I researched out to my “concierge,” as the message suggested I do if I found it in error, I heard nothing back. Use this as a toolkit in your dating toolbox if you so choose, but don’t go in with heightened expectations.
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3 years ago, Dteller85
McDonald’s telling you it’s Wagyu beef
Initially this was a better dating app, as they held themselves to their standards. Now it’s just like every other app. Lately, I’ll be lucky if one person a week meets my set criteria. I’ve been sent people with no profile pictures of themselves (though they claim upon joining when I signed up- the concierge message said that they that they review each profile - and prioritize people with 6 fully clear pictures and fully filled out profiles -that’s what the wait time is for). That may have changed but originally that was stated in the first message from tour concierge when you’re signed up and accepted. Again, it seems they’ve lowered their standards: people who are openly homosexual (I am clearly seeking hetero) people who have pictures of 2 different people in their profile(clear catfish), people with few pictures and incomplete profiles. A daily batch with no one who meet my criteria- ive even opened up my preferences significantly and this hasn’t changed. These used to be the old standards: 6 legitimate, clear photos, must have filled out profile, meets criteria. None of this happens anymore. It’s gone way downhill and is just like every other app.
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5 years ago, dlozano457
Use other more popular dating apps/sites
I’ve used a lot of dating apps and this is actually the worst of them all I literally log in see some pics of people say yes or no and try again in 24 hours it’s getting tiresome. I’m not a “member” because I can’t afford to have a large subscription for 25 pictures of people I may not even like that’s basically what it is. If you want to try just for a month it will cost you a whopping $99 just for the month. If you have a membership as if you won’t ever be found by someone you can get a cheaper price but for the year it’s $250 which is actually ridiculous in terms of all other dating apps that I can actually TALK to people on. I have been a user since I turned 23 in March but this apps notifications don’t mean anything they are usually just the concierge to tell me nothing important spend money etc or just that I have been given 5 people to look at today. I will probably be leaving this app soon because nothing happens in the app but what fun was it to wait to get out of the waitlist to do absolutely nothing and even if you get through the “waitlist” you still aren’t a member you have to buy a membership or you are basically irrelevant to them.
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2 years ago, ollg
0 diversity.
I’m very disappointed in the lack of diversity on this dating app. I’ve been on it for several days and have only been shown white people. I don’t even get a full 5 people each day. I haven’t gotten a single like, probably because white men are extremely biased against black women. I’m 25, have my car paid off, own a house, my student loans are almost paid off, I enjoy my career and I’m ready to be in a serious relationship thinking about a family. The League sounded like a good option since other dating apps I only find people who aren’t serious. The fact that they are clearly targeting to a specific demographic (based on who I am shown during happy hour) is gross. If they think I am paying their ridiculous prices to further be scammed or to try to see if there is /maybe/ some diversity out there, that is racist. They need to diversify and/or fix their algorithm. Something is very wrong. Not a single person of color. Telling me you cannot control who signs up for your app is not saying you will do better to fix the algorithm or that you will attempt to diversify through targeting more people of color. That is a lazy response. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO SEE POC THAT IS RACIST AND BIASED. WHAT A GROSS RESPONSE 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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3 years ago, maemaw425
Crazy High Prices
I was hopeful about this app, but have since been very disappointed. First of all, with the free version, you get a total of 3 swipes per day, and since being active on this app for a week I’ve already gotten several repeats of the same people. Second, the membership prices to do literally anything more are crazy high, ranging from $67 a month (if you pay $399 for 6 months), to $199 a month for one month. Also, the “waiting list” seemed very off to me. I got a notification that if I checked every day then I would move up on the waiting list, but after four consecutive days my spot on the waiting list stayed the same. During this time they constantly tried to sell me on the several hundred dollar membership packages, then, all of a sudden, after being several HUNDRED THOUSAND spots down on the waiting list I got randomly approved the next day 🤔 I’m fairly certain they just keep you waiting in a hope that you’ll spend money, and when you don’t after awhile they just let you in. I found it all very shady and disappointing. Maybe if you spend the money you’d have a better experience, but personally with the free version being so sketchy I wouldn’t trust them with a few hundred of my dollars.
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5 years ago, Littlewolfie83
Great concept, needs work.
I love the concept. It’s nice to meet professionals and well-educated individuals seeking someone who is also driven. Unfortunately, this app has yet to develop basic search criteria you’d find on almost any other dating app (political affiliation, whether one has/wants kids, if you drink, if you smoke, etc). To compound that problem of constantly getting suggestions for people with whom you would then want to un-match, the section to write a bio is ridiculously limited. And most members, I’ve found, don’t write anything. I’ve tried to suggest these changes to the concierge and nothing has come of it. I’m getting incredibly frustrated at having paid for a service that has led to no real potential matches. Because of this, the boosts you can purchase in-app prove useless. And I’ve tried them. I just want this app to improve so that everyone can get more out of it! It just makes sense that these added search criteria finally be added now that the app is more popular. Until this happens, I wouldn’t recommend it any longer to my large network of single friends and colleagues.
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4 years ago, Viajeroweb
The best app!
If you complain about “not having enough humans” to choose from, this app is not for you. The bulk - full time jobs - hook up - other apps out there have no selection or screening mechanisms. In the league your concierge always replies to your questions and will even go as far as giving you some great life advice. From the moment I was approved the matches I would get during happy hour where super HIGH quality. Very happy to report that the ONE person I did decide to go on date with, him and I are still going strong. Maybe he is the one, maybe he is not, however it’s been an awesome experience and this happened a week after I started using the app. He had been in it for 6 months and had nothing but good things to say about it too. Love the League, love the concierge, have not tried the video speed dating but seems like a good feature. The female CEO really had career oriented women in mind that do not have time for games. I love it and would not change it for anything!
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3 years ago, sleepersoles
Can’t Get Past Adding Photos—UPDATED REVIEW
This app has some major issues. It wouldn’t allow me to select photos from my phone. I ended up allowing a Facebook photo sink, but then instead of letting me select which Facebook photos, it simply used all of my profile pictures, some being of images that are of other things or people—such as a sibling or parent. Tried to delete those images and replace with appropriate ones from my phone, but it still will not add those, then ends up requiring me to start the sign-up process all over again. Disappointing, to say the least. Waste of an hour of my time! UPDATE: The developers did reach out to me; however, after looking back at the app, I realized I had reviewed the wrong app! The app I intended to review was Luxy. I will change my stars to two star rating, as it seems that there are still more than 10,000 matches ahead of me until I am able to match up with someone in the freebie version — I’d like to see how the app actually works before forking out $300! It would be nice if they gave you at least a week to try it out!
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5 years ago, didididi8888
So far so good. I think I waited about 24 hours before getting drafted. Maybe it’s because I have some good LinkedIn contacts or maybe it’s because they thought I was pretty. Idk. I think the premise with this is that they’re assuming you’re a business professional with a well-rounded life and, as such, you don’t have time for endless, meaningless swipes and games (or in my case, heavily debating whether I should swipe right because the guy was medium cute but had a questionable job). Three people to consider per day, and then you can get back to your busy and fulfilling life while you wait for a match. Personally, I was extremely jaded after a handful of stints on Bumble (tinder was an absolute joke to me after a week). I even swore off app-dating for good. I heard this app casually mentioned on a podcast and I decided to try it on a whim because I figured there would be a crazy waiting period or I wouldn’t get picked at all. But honestly, this seems like a refreshing change to me.
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7 months ago, As Seen By Seda
Scam app / don’t waste your time
You will be added to the ‘waitlist’ to supposedly vet out people. In reality, they just want you to pay a lot of money. It plays on the fear of missing out and faux exclusivity as a business model. The problem with them trying to court ‘High value’ people is that we can spot a scam / waste of time when we see it. They give you a ‘concierge’ to introduce you to the ropes. All guys get Connie; all girls get Connor. You will receive auto messages every few days but no response to actual questions you ask. Maybe this used to be a real app, but it’s just not what it advertises. Do not waste your time. Do not waste your money. You’ll find better value elsewhere. — Update: Two months without paying and still on the ‘waitlist.’ My profile is 100% completed which claims to increase the likelihood of being reviewed. Perhaps this app used to be something. But maybe being bought out negatively impacted it. 300/month to just *see* if the app would be worthwhile in my location. My position in the waitlist is going down one day at a time. In 250+ days, if I haven’t deleted it by then, I’ll give another updated review.
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2 years ago, AlisoGamer
No results and very expensive
Update, in response to the developers: You are right that it is optional to pay for the premium services. However: When I did, nothing changed. I got no increase in matches and I got the same lack of response to most of my match requests. In other words: It was absolutely NOT worth the money to use the premium services The League gets very very expensive if you want to use any of their premium services. The company gladly took the several hundreds of dollars I paid them, and provided indifferent customer service in return. When I went to cancel my account, after having spent hundreds of dollars to get more matches, to be able to “power move” etc and had seen no results, I tried using the “#saveme” hash tag as the app itself suggests. I shortly thereafter got a brief response saying that they don’t honor that hashtag any more. When I pressed for *some* kind of help, discount or extension of my membership, all I got from The League was “Thanks for letting me know” It’s been my experience that The League doesn’t deliver anything and yet are perfectly happy taking your money. Stay away.
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4 years ago, KerraMichele
I wanted to love it :(
I’m so disappointed in this app. The League tours themselves as having a higher caliber of matches, but my experience over the past 60 days has been mainly a disappointment. When I do come across someone I’m interested in — which is only a few people per week, I either don’t get a match or he never responds to my messages! I paid a LOT of money for this app and it’s absolutely it worth it. For anyone wondering if I’m just looking to match with tons of people, I’m not. I also pay for one other dating app and strictly filter what I’m looking for, so because of my filters I only have a few men pop up per day — and it’s always less than 5 options per day, which is what The League shows me. Those men answer promptly (because that app only gives them 24 hours to do so, not 14 days), and are excited to meet for a date. I’ve gone out with 5 men from the other app and only 1 from The League in the past 2 months since I signed up, and my the other app’s dates have been a far better experience overall. Don’t waste your money on The League!! I wish I could get my money back and quit :( If they would do that I would delete this review.
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3 weeks ago, Maribelle32
Good concept, terrible execution
This idea behind this app is good but there are not enough users for it to work. The waitlist seems falsely inflated. I was matched with a “barge supervisor” with no college education within the first couple weeks of being on the app. As someone with an Ivy League education and an advanced degree, this was insulting. Seems to me they started allowing anyone into the app because they got desperate for members. I tried the live virtual speed dating once and that was more than enough. After a disheartening 45 minutes of waiting for potential matches to come up, I was finally matched w someone in another state who told me his last 3 virtual dates that same evening were all from my state which we both found odd. My friend who referred me deleted the app after less than a month because it was so bad. I decided to give it some more time because I figured it can’t hurt to keep it as a backup app but it is one of the worst dating apps I’ve tried. I’m just glad I used the free version and didn’t pay for it (especially after reading the reviews for people who did pay to use it!)
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2 years ago, Darkmage
I found “My Person” on The League
I have to admit, I was skeptical of The League and its marketing plan as a dating app for busy professionals. Despite my reservations, I decided to sign up. The process was simple and the verifications added to the overall appeal of making sure the people on the app were serious. Literally on my FIRST day using the app, I liked one profile and the rest really was an amazing blur. As a picky person, I never thought I’d meet anyone with similar interests but I met the most AMAZING girl ever with the best smile and we connect on soo many levels. What followed was endless phone and video calls hours at a time with never a boring moment between us. Because of The League I found an amazing girl that I connect with in tons of ways and can’t wait to meet. We are both so satisfied that we ended up deleting the app! Thanks League Team :)
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5 years ago, Cassandra Veronica
WARNING: TONS of spam in my email and limited city availability
After downloading this app and making an account, I have been receiving TONS of spam and malware emails, 26 in less than 24 hrs. I never received any junk or spam before signing up and haven’t signed up for anything, not even a single newsletter, for 4 months. Also, it is only available in a couple handfuls of cities, which isn’t disclosed until you already completed an account. You need a FB or a LinkedIn to sign up. I don’t have FB so I used LinkedIn and I’m worried what crap it could do to that. Disappointed, was hoping it was legit. SLC is not available. BEWARE DOWNLOADING Edit: Developer responded that The League is in SLC. While there is a sign up roster for The League, it is at less than 4,000 people, and 5,000 need to sign up before a city is actually active where you can meet people. Also regarding the spam... There is not a chance my info was supplied for spam by anyone else. The timing is not a coincidence and, like previously stated, I have not given my email to anyone in over 4 months. AND, if you want to not use your LinkedIn, to be a paid member is several hundred dollars. That is insane.
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5 years ago, Idontwantanicknameforreals
Not worth most people’s time
This app is designed terribly to make it less probable that you’ll find someone you like, for most people. They see how many people have liked you, and based on your perceived attractiveness, will show you only to people of a similar perceived attractiveness. Since you only get to see five people a day, and so does everyone else, they are literally dictating the limits on how attractive a person you can match with, for every single person in their app, with no way for you to do anything to change this With other apps, at least you can keep swiping or looking and see everyone. The league actually just says “no, these people are off limits to you”. It also doesn’t matter if you update your photos later. Your limits are set forever. This is like real life gattaca Also, the app is poorly built. They log you out randomly every few days. And they release new batches of people to see at 5pm every day, but don’t have the ability to handle the load of everyone using it at the same time, so it basically stops working at 5pm every day
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3 years ago, bga15
Total Waste of Time and Money
This App is infuriating. Overhyped, overpriced, complete waste of time and money. I made the absolutely horrific mistake of falling for the manipulative sales strategy to pay for a membership. Whatever happens in your life, DO NOT PAY TO JOiN THIS APP- The disappointment and frustration of the experience will be exponentially increased. I’ve been on the APP for a few months and I’ve rejected 99% of the matches sent in my queue, which are billed as “potential soulmates.” And there’s no screening for distance- Im a successful busy professional, that’s part of the reason I was lured to the site. It’s not reasonable or acceptable for the vast majority of matches in my queue to live distances 4 hour+ drives from my house- sometimes farther. I’m in the heart of a vibrant city and this App can’t match me with any local matches? Absurd. I’ve had zero success on this platform, for a higher price than I’ve paid for any dating service, ever, and it’s been a disastrous waste of effort. 0 stars not possible so this gets a 1 by default. If you still want to try it out, absolutely don’t pay, so when you want to delete the app, which you will, it’s less painful.
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4 years ago, Denice1122
Love The League!
How anyone could say this dating site is a scam is beyond me! I have been a member for several months now and my experience with them has been stellar! The concierge is an absolutely delightful as well as incredibly helpful person answering all of my communications in a timely manner and giving very thorough and serious insight into whatever my question may be. I am highly selective as far as who I want to see and I have to say that I have only met lovely people here and that includes also meeting new girlfriends to attend their various events with as well! I certainly haven’t seen any other sites that offer fantastic, exciting and creative opportunities for socializing. Those can be great as it takes a lot of pressure off of dating for those who prefer a more casual approach to seeking a perfect match. Bravo to The League!
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2 years ago, @Timbo_Slice148
Ground Breaking concept in Beta, Same o’l pool of fish to choose from
I’ll start off by saying I love the concept of this app, and as of June 2021 they’ve introduced a system for punishing people who don’t respond to matches, rarely login or just have poor dating etiquette and are inactive. Thank you for doing this League because frankly the lack of response from matches is extremely discouraging. Overall, I think the app reduces the amount of people who spam likes, only 3 matches a day and if you want more the prices are absurd, so most people stick with the basic service, which is totally adequate. This makes matching with someone feel more targeted or special I guess. I see many of the same people on the league as on hinge and bumble which doesn’t exactly make you feel elite however, the matches do seem to be higher quality, working professionals, doctors, lawyers etc. There’s this social feature too that allows you to join groups which are essentially chat rooms with people just saying hello mostly, the interface is clunky and it’s hard to engage in conversation. The live league is digital speed dating Wednesday and Sunday night and I think it’s a great concept. Overall, even though none of my matches are responding I do feel more optimistic with the league than I do with any of the other apps, I’ll stick with it for now, hoping they crack down on all these people who swipe and never respond.
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4 years ago, plrdd67
An absolute waste and money scam
This app is appalling on every level. Expensive , with useless ad ons that cost a fortune, about $30 each time to do anything other than look at 5 matches a day that never fall within your preferences, are in totally different states or distant cities, and to make matters worse, the app will scam you. It often freezes, fails to load, and if you happen to click the app to change anywhere from $30 to $500 (yes options run that high) it won’t go through because the feature you purchased isn’t up and running. But your card is charged!!! Then you’re left with the option of communicating to some bot they call a concierge , who will respond every 3 days. I got a small token of a refund in the form of 2 tickets for a failed purchase. The app judges you, rates you a “flake” or “picky” when they keep sending you quote creepy if not totally off the mark matches. I cancelled and had time to spare on this but had to deactivate and delete because it’s infuriating how someone may think a quality person can stand for throwing money down the tubes for zero return.
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4 years ago, kittylifts
Meh all around
I initially started this as a paid member and the concierge actually responded to my questions and the matches weren’t unreasonable. But the membership price seemed a ridiculous amount to pay when I’d see all the same guys on Bumble, CMB, etc., and the app didn’t seem to offer much more than they do. So I canceled my membership and went to guest. Wow, did the quality go to zero. The concierge no longer responds to questions at all and you just get pre-packaged messages. And I’ve started seeing the same profiles over and over, even people I met up with and I explained in the app that we met up and it wasn’t a match. When I emailed about getting the same profiles over and over, no response whatsoever. So I would NEVER pay for this app again and I would warn people on the free side, you get what you pay for on here. I think they’re trying to make the free side so crappy that we’ll pay for it but that’s a terrible strategy. So when you sign up to wait months to get on for free, just know what to expect at the end of that period.
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1 year ago, ….Leah
This app is so BORING
To developer response: false. I’ve hearted 4 people, and there was no indication that we matched nor do they appear in the Matches list. 3 matches a day. You can’t see any of your received likes unless you pay an audaciously obscene amount of money or wait who knows how long for them to pop up in happy hour. Anybody you like may not even see your like for days at a time. Forget about using a Power Move; it puts your profile in the next batch, but who’s to say the person is going to log in that very next day and see you before you disappear? I consider myself a patient person, but who has time for any of this?? I’d rather meet people on bumble and hinge and make instant connections. Matter of fact, I found 2 guys on bumble the same day I signed up, and we’re having great conversations. This app is nothing but a glorified, elitist app trying to justify its high price tag, and I won’t fall for it. I feel bad for anyone actually spending car payments on this thing.
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5 years ago, JennW21
Old Hinge with an Entitlement Complex
I rejoined after a 2 year hiatus (not sure how long I lasted initially) and so far all I’ve seen is most of the same people I’ve already swiped left or right on from another app. I also feel way more pressure to interact for fear of being kicked off which is a bit anxiety inducing. I find myself saying yes to people I don’t really think are more interesting than they weren’t on Bumble, Hinge, CMB, etc.... Another fun addition is that preferences don’t seem to matter at all to whatever algorithm selects my whopping 3 matches a day, so why even ask what I’m looking for? Most dealbreakers aren’t even touched on or displayed. Do they have kids? Want kids? Divorced? Widowed? Smoke? Conservative? Moderate? Liberal? Almost all the free apps have those options. Not everyone chooses to display all of them, but the majority of people do because we all realize these are important things to most of us in the dating world. Bottom line, I’ll probably stick to getting carpal tunnel swiping left on an app with more potential matches and less elitist bs.
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1 year ago, besiendodnsns
Glitchy and just stopped working
My friend who got married after meeting a guy on this app recommended I use it. I signed up, and got approved the next day. I got a set of three matches and liked 2 of them. The next day I got another set and liked one. Then, for the next week I didn’t get anything. The same three people were on my Home Screen each day despite the app saying “it’s happy hour go get ‘em!” There was nobody to get. I reached out to the concierge and got an automated response saying they’re backed up and can’t respond and to contact support. Too much work and the app is too glitchy for what they’re charging for it. Glad I didn’t pay. Ended up deleting the app because it simply does not work. I have an iPhone 13 and good service/wifi so I’m sure it’s not an issue with my phone. Oh well, back to the drawing board. In response to the developer response: I did vote on the batch the first day I saw them. I rejected the ones I didn’t want at the same time I liked the ones I did. Then they never disappeared. This app is glitchy, it’s not user error.
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3 years ago, yesimanalyzingyou
All about the benjamins
Everything about this app costs money. I’m writing this as a “guest” member, who was on the wait list for months before getting invited as a non-member (non-paying). During the time the app was trying to get me to pay, the concierge sent lots of messages and claimed to be treating me like a member...but I sent him the same question 3 times and never got a response. The first couple of weeks, the prospects were ok, but I never matched with any of the ones I was really interested in. And the algorithm indicates I’m only really shown users at my same level, and guess what it takes to rise levels? You probably guessed: $$. So now, 6 months later, I like maybe one prospect out of 20. And it’s super glitchy. I often see a banner on my lock screen saying I have a match or a message, but there’s nothing in the app. All-in-all, if you want to spend hundreds of dollars a month to maybe meet someone, then maybe this will work better for you, but I’m definitely not willing to based on the dismal experience as a non-paying member.
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4 years ago, eb.bug
Potential but has not lived up to the marketing
7/9/19 **just as an update to the below response. Yes, you are not required to be a member but it is marketed to get you to become one. My recommendation is that you stay a guest for sometime before you invest in becoming a member. Make sure it is the dating app that is for you. It’s interface is much like Coffee meets Bagel, so If you like that you may like this one. In terms of “exclusivity” the profiles are not any better then Hinge. I have not found the response rate or quality of profiles to be better than Hinge. In other words I have not found it that “exclusive” as it is marketed. Overall make sure this is the best app for you before you invest in it. Thanks ——————————————————- 7/3/19 This app had a lot of potential. It has a great interface and seems wonderful when you are first looking at it, as it seems exclusive etc. I’ve been trying to find something that was of a higher caliber than other dating apps and it is definitely marketed as such. Unfortunately it does not live up to that. I would recommend not spending money on this app. If you are interested in trying it just stay as a guest. Most of the profiles I’ve seen on other apps including Hinge, Bumble and Tinder. And those I have matched with have not messaged back though I’ve been the first to message every time (something I’m use to as a user of bumble). I think there are many apps like this that are free that you have just as much luck with.
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1 year ago, Anairda198
Not worth it
This app is literally milking its customers. You cannot even message someone without paying $5 per person. If someone appears as a match, you should be able to contact them freely. If they reply, good. If not, that’s fine too. Also, the app doesn’t allow people to post more photos or to write more in depth about themselves and what they are looking for. Often times I read 3 lines of people’s education and zero info about themselves and I truly wonder why they are on the app. This app is full of them! I’m not an employer, I’m trying to date. Then there are 50 lines of the clubs those people participate in. It still doesn’t say anything about their character. This app looks like Indeed and Tinder got together. Swiping left and right faces and their education is shallow. You might as well join the real Tinder, OKC or POF for a lot less. At least people there can write a paragraph about themselves. $300/month is definitely not worth for what The League is offering.
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2 years ago, NewYorleanian
Homogeneous pool of people, terrible algorithm and ridiculously expensive
This app is terrible. I’ve used the free version for about two years (after waiting months for them to let me in) and not met a single person. I have probably only “liked” a profile a total of three times. The worst part, it rarely even shows people near me, they are mostly in other states. There isn’t even a support feature to get help with that issue. There’s nothing to entice me to spend the absurd cost of upgrading with this track record and they tell you that you have to upgrade to do almost anything. You can see three potential matches a day. The one time that I actually was really interested in a profile, it told me I was in a long cue for him to see my profile and if I wanted to be seen sooner I’d have to pony up a stupid amount of money. The only thing I can say good for it is that it certainly isn’t a hookup app. If you’re looking for an average white guy this app is for you.
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9 months ago, Musiclava
Is there less than a star available?
Incredibly disappointing experience with this app. I paid $400 earlier today and received 5 potential matches none of which are in driving distance to my city (I live in a major metro area). I provided feedback within the app about the lack of ability to see people who are in the app and the response was that the developers are considering my feedback. Who has time to sit every day and look at this app? Particularly given the fact that supposedly it caters to successful professionals. I then paid another $60 a few minutes ago to “boost my profile” so others can see it. So apparently I received a lot of likes in a few minutes… but surprisingly I’m not able to see who liked me unless … you guessed it: I have to pay another fee. This is a total scam and rip off. I have cancelled my subscription and have requested a full refund since I have not yet spent 24 hours on this app. I am currently waiting to hear back with the refund or will reach out to American Express about it.
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1 year ago, beleaguered by the league
A worthless rip off- sickeningly greedy developers
The exorbitant cost to show five of the same people I have seen on any other dating app. Exclusive? Maybe at one point. Having had Raya for free the quality is far and away better and doesn’t charge a fortune. The only reason I signed up again, having had a scary experience the one time I met someone off a dating app, was to see if two guys I had interest in reciprocated that interest. They are also Facebook friends of mine. Nowhere I could find did it state that you were automatically hidden from Facebook friends; there’s not an option to change that. Having paid about 300 dollars, I then realized this was the case. When I wrote a friendly message to the developers asking for a refund as this service was of no use to me- also, I hadn’t used it at all to correspond with anyone, so it clearly wasn’t a lie- they refused. Don’t waste your money, you’ll find the same people elsewhere for free or a fraction of the cost. The league? You’ll meet better dudes in a bowling league
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4 years ago, Julzz7777777
Huge waste of money in KCMO
This very expensive dating app obviously does not have enough participants from my area within my age range. I’ve been on this app 4 days. The first day I was able to view five potential matches from around my area. Days 2-4 I was only shown people from several states away that also did not fit my age, ethnicity or height preferences (like nowhere close). I should not have been charged over $250 if there weren’t an adequate number of participants in my city. I wanted to try this app because they claim to have higher quality, educated and successful participants. I would not have bothered if The League would’ve been transparent stating the only people they have to offer require air travel to meet. I’m a very attractive woman and am certain if there were enough participants from my area I would have zero difficulty making a connection. Perhaps this company should offer their free memberships in cities they where they are trying to become established instead of ripping people off. I asked for a refund but have yet to receive a response.
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3 months ago, william carmouche
My honest experience (read before downloading)
First of all, if you want to use the free version, get ready to wait a few MONTHS before you can swipe on the first person from your area. If you choose to skip the line (I did) and pay $100 a week to become a member, you get to see 5 profiles a day. According to the advertisements, these profiles are supposed to be high quality. In reality, the quality they’re showing me is very poor. In addition, I’m getting shown old, recycled profiles. I just saw a girl’s profile of whom I know. She moved far away from my area (across the country) THREE years ago, and is now married! I know for a fact she is no longer active on this app, yet I was shown her profile as one of the few profiles that I get to see. Which makes me wonder, how many of the FEW people I’m swiping on are actually active on here, and how many are old profiles like the one I saw. I had the premium membership for 2 weeks before canceling it. It’s not worth it at all. On apps like tinder, if you’re a premium subscriber you get superswipes and boost. They have something similar on this app, but it’s an expensive upsell, even though I was already paying $100 a WEEK for membership. I wanted this app to be everything they advertise it to be, but in the end, I’m walking away feeling like I’ve been scammed. My recommendation: just save yourself the time and don’t even download this app. Not worth it
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5 years ago, NatSaxk
Just stick with tinder or bumble
So I got this app because I was sick of the “f boys” on tinder and bumble. Well once a day I have 3-5 guys pop up on my profile, none of them are the kind of guys “I’m in to”, I don’t find them attractive and still haven’t gotten any matches where on other apps I’m getting several. It’s just not worth the time of day with this app. I understand the angle where it is focusing more on Relationship as opposed to hook ups but how are you suppose to find the relationship aspect when you can only choose between 3 guys a day (keep in mind I don’t find them attractive)... in addition to that they also run the angle of “exclusive” meaning you have to be a professional to get on this app yet I’m seeing guys who work at 5 and Below or are Pet groomers at petsmart. That’s not exactly what I think of when I see “exclusive”. Now you may think I’m upset because I haven’t had a match and haven’t explored the idea that I’m ugly. But the truth is I’m average and actually do pretty well on other apps. Which is why I'm telling you to stick with those apps.
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4 years ago, leaguelove!
I’m pretty new to the app but enjoying it so far. I see some complaints that it is a money scam... Although more features would open up to me if I did pay, i am currently getting good use out of the app as an unpaid guest. Most guys that I am matched with are cute and have a good education and job like myself. Much better than what you find on other dating apps. I see people complaining that the matching process is too slow.. It took me 6 days to get my first match. I think that’s great! I would expect the process to be slower. You’re not on tinder swiping right on 20 people a day.. so you get less matches. But the trade off is that the matches are quality. Keep up the good work!! Update: I met my current boyfriend on this app! I am so thankful for this app. It did a phenomenal job of matching the two of us up ❤️
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5 years ago, keithdbrooks
Works, but can take some time
Speaking as a queer, male-identified person in NYC and from my experience. Operationally, I have not had any issues. I like that age, some physical attributes, location, work and education are required as part of someone’s profile. The app is pretty easy to use, the interface is sleek and the Concierge seems to be quite responsive when there are issues. I wish there were a way to turn off notifications from them, however. As for outcomes, I’ve been using this for about a year, and it took several months before I could be approved to use the app. I seem to only match with people once a month or couple of months, and usually I initiate the conversations, but seldom hear back from other matches and sometimes they expire. I would say the quality of matches is fine, but I tend to find the same ones on Tinder, and they are prone to being more responsive there.
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3 years ago, swiss alps dreamer
I'm so glad the reviews here confirm I'm not alone - I've been on this app about 3 years, was taken off the waitlist less than 24 hours after applying (is the waiting time fake as an attempt to get people to pay the $99 option to "skip the line"?), and I haven't been on a single date. In fact, I don't think any of my matches have ever even messaged me. I laugh to myself on occasion when I sign in and will often swipe "yes" on each of the 3 in my batch, not because I'm interested but because I'm testing to see if anyone will ever actually match AND message. I don't know if they're decoy profiles, super outdated ones, or what, but I question if any men are active on this app in my city. One thing is for sure - I'd never pay $99/month for this garbage. Also, Concierge is extremely spotty with responding. This app is great in concept but horrible in reality. The coworkers and friends I've talked to that have also tried The League all have had the same experience. Try Bumble instead... not that it's great, but your odds are better.
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4 years ago, TAS51
Fraudulent membership fees
I downloaded the app and signed up for an annual membership back in February 2019- at the time they advertised 5 tickets / month as included with the Member status. I purchased the annual membership believing the tickets would be valuable to access premium features of the app. Nearly a 1.5 months later and no tickets issued per month. I contacted the League and now they claim those 5 tickets are only issued once per year...this company is fraudulent- do not give them a dime. Without the tickets- which of course they offer for additional purchase within the app- the dating service fails to provide any value over the free dating apps out there. I read the developer response below, and I’m not surprised they’re lying. I literally have screenshots of their promotional material at the time of entering into the membership- which clearly stated 5/tickets per MONTH. If it hadn’t been so clearly fraudulent, why did Apple immediately refund the annual charge in full?!? This company is a scam, and Apple needs to bar it from the marketplace!
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3 years ago, Nioama28
Waste of time
The app is unable to convert preferences into reliable algorithms and hence I kept getting prospects that don’t fit my preference on a daily basis. Since you only get to see 5 prospects per day and 4 out of 5 wouldn’t match my preference, it turned out to be a waste of time for me. I reached out to their concierge who told me I should widen my preferences. 3 out of their 6 preferences were set at ‘completely open’: distance, education, religion. I also set the age preference pretty wide at 39-55. The only 2 preferences that are non-negotiable for me are gender and ethnicity. In my case widening my preferences would mean to be open to same sex dating or dating people of a different ethnicity. Cultural background and cultural understanding is important for me, so if the app can’t select a daily batch of only 5 prospects based on that criteria, it should hire a developer from Hinge or other dating apps that understand how to take basic preferences and algorithms into consideration. I don’t understand why an app that costs $100 can’t do what an app that costs $10 can do.
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