The Life Simulator

4.5 (19.2K)
204.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mind Vacation Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Life Simulator

4.5 out of 5
19.2K Ratings
5 years ago, 'Nate'
Could be the next bitlife
The game has so much potential and i can see how many people will see this as similar to bot life. The main thing i would suggest is that we either need less notifications in the center telling us we’re sad or got injured while i’m pressing the button to work 1000 times just so that i can get a promotion. Also the side hustles are a much better source of income than actual work because you make passive income and can actually experiment with the game instead of spending 2 hours pressing work and vacation till you die. As well the college and paths similar take too long to complete and you need to get a side hustle going to really do the college paths productively and by that time the side hustles will be making you more money than the career you wanted. The relationship in the game i have found to do nothing except cost you time and money and are not worth pursuing. Back to my point about the notifications in the center of the screen, if we are still going to have so many at least don’t make me tap the okay button because that just messes up my tap flow and annoys me, i want to just be able to keep tapping the button without any interruption or i would like to be able to just hold down the button and it would do it automatically . I can see how this game could be the better bitlife but we need some quality of life changes before anything else because the game is sometimes a pain to play but i still enjoy it.
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5 years ago, alexdagoagychfhjxhk
Good Potential!
The game can become way more better but colleges take way more time to complete in real life, I stayed 6 years to get my degree. The major problem that you guys can upgrade are just how the job system works. Things take to long and you get depressed quickly if you don’t go to the park or take a week off your job, and why do you have to pay to play video games...? Once you buy the console it should be free cause there is nothing else for you to buy or if there is, thats your choice. But the jobs take too long period. I have noticed that in the military when you enlist you become a private for about 2-3 years and that is very unrealistic cause in real life you would get promoted like every year until you reach E3 or E4, Please change that. The second major problem with the game is why do I ALWAYS have to spend time with my family? You can spend time with your family and take one day off but not lose much money, instead you have to spend time with your family for a whole week! I don’t know a way to fix that but, give it a try or at least make it so we don’t lose many money. Overall if I want to go to the doctor, the duration is ONE week, if I want to play video games, the duration is ONE week. (Which is not healthy and you should get some sleep lol.) so change that. Thank you for a good enough game with serious amount of potential. Please change these things!
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3 years ago, is name NOT taken?!?
Great app
Great because I can’t have bitlife and this is just as good. There is a few things as that could use some work. For one, and this is the biggest thing, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO REJECT THE DAILY REWARD!!! I personally hate using the elixir of youth, because I just don’t want to reset my progress, I want to live a life that’s possible. Live a good life and die at the right time. About that, it is a little to easy to get your life under control, and once that happens, well, you can’t really die without it WARNING you that it is happening and you just being able to fix it. Maybe make it a little harder? Another thing is that you should be able to have grandparents or grandkids at some point. It would be nice to see them there. Next, your job should matter a bit more. Like, for instance, if you work in the army, you should have the risk of getting deployed and possibly getting hurt or dying. Just a little pop-up that says something like you have been deployed to ______ for ___ weeks and then your options change to something like work, write letter home, etc. Finally, I wish that you could customize sandbox mode a little more: Your looks, your three stats (Health, Sanity, and Happiness) and relationship customization. Like, for example, you should be able to start as a 50 year old man with 2 children and wife who YOU should choose in the sandbox mode. Other than that, it’s perfect.
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4 years ago, Al-Cat 😻
First off let me say that I’m on my phone in the majority of my free time. Whether it’s texting and other forms of social media or small video games like this one, it’s the most relaxing and mind diverting part of my life. This game offers much that Bitlife does, and I refer it to being the appropriate version of Bitlife. Life Simulator is a way to waste time in the best way possible and it’s overall a fun and entertaining game. But there are a few problems. The levels of difficulty in the game, just balancing everything from food to family to work and your home and money... is all that really necessary? I’d say that the game would be a heck of a lot more enjoyable if it was a bit easier. Granted, I have had a few games where I was extremely successful and rose out of nothing into a millionaire, but I’d prefer if the higher difficulty levels were the only ones that made you do that. Now for some suggestions. 1. Is like to see how my kids’ family lives go after they move out. I want to be able to interact with my grandchildren, or at least know they’re there. Another thing is I’d prefer if getting married and purposing wasn’t quite so expensive. I’d also like to see more housing options. Besides these, this is an amazing app and I hope you take it into further development.
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4 years ago,
Has So Much Potential
Let me start out by saying I love this game and I love playing it. I also think this game has so much potential. So I have some suggestions. maybe instead of the only way you can date/love is dating app, club, or local event maybe you have a crush and you have to work up your “courage” to ask them out. also maybe add a way you can be a really young child like start out as a baby and grow up from the beginning without having sandbox mode. and have elementary school and have a bunch of events that can happen during each form of school (elementary,middle,high, college) maybe when you’re 12 you could have the option to be a babysitter. sometimes i get really frustrated when i can’t get money because my “weekly cash flow” is too little it doesn’t make sense that it goes down because you need money to survive maybe you could fix this by making sure you ALWAYS get money like you could still get in debt but you would still get money. I think this could be the next BitLife and I would love it if it was I wish it was more like bitlife and you could choose when you “age up” and you could choose if it was a week, a day, a month or a year. I know this is a lot but it would mean a lot if you would add some of my suggestions.
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5 years ago, radar m
Good-ish game
I have a few suggestions. 1) Family is overrated and it costs way too much. You shouldn’t have to spend $500 per week for +1 child relationship. There should be some unconditional love. And from your parents. 2) The trait “stupid” takes away 20% of all degree and skill progress when you log off. It’s so annoying when your high up the pro mossion chain and it takes you four years to get all of it back and it takes like 300k on average and if you have kids or a partner or anything else it cost like 3 or 4 times as much. 3) You should be able too do multiple actions per week because why would someone spend a whole week in college classes or having dinner or going to a playground? 4) Parents shouldn’t kick you out on your 18th birthday. Again, where’s the unconditional love? 5) Pets (sadly) should still die at some point. I had a goldfish for 87 years (13 to 100) before I died. 6) You should be able to give money to family members and charities. 7) Some life goals are impossible like the have 50 children or get one trillion dollars. Well, there at least impossible without the sandbox mode. Which makes sense. I don’t even see how this is a complaint but I don’t know how to erase words so I’ll just leave it.
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5 years ago, TheRevoew
Great but can be better
This game looks great but has bugs and issues that make it feel unfinished. like when i bought a laptop the game charged me $45,000 for a $5,000 laptop or $35,000 recording equipment just to find that the game is going to charge me 200,000 instead( very infuriating). other things like the childhood scenario where you are kicked out of your parents house before you graduate high school. speaking of scenarios some of them seem impossible like the educated and in debt like 200,000 in debt. That can’t be entertaining to play through just working until your debt is gone. Or the software studio like there is no way to get out of paying for a software company and a huge loan on 1 $800 a week job. another example of unfinished ness is the $100 internet pop up that tells you that you closed the pop up after you close it. That literally serves no purpose at all. Finally, I’m not sure if this is what happens all the time but why have I only inherited $1 dollar from a dead family member like that is again literally pointless. But in all I literally think this game is amazing and just need a good update to fix everything. Plus I will continue to play it anyways.
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4 years ago, lojejel263
Great game but seems repetitive
Overall I think Life Simulator is an amazing game. You get to test different life styles and there are a lot of options to choose from (a career, sports, side hustle, crime, love life/family, business, etc.) But there only seems to be one way to become super rich in the game. The career option may get you money for the first part of the game but after that it’s the side hustle (usually app developer or Youtuber) and then buying and renting out big buildings. After that you just upgrade your business until level 12. But again, there’s only one way to get there. Of course that’s only if you want to become really rich. Another thing to add is the sports section. It’s really great but it seems to be small. There’s only 15 teams for the MLB. You only get 3 invited from certain selected teams (I’ve never seen an invite to the New Orlean Saints, LA Rams, Tampa Bay Bucs, Jacksonville Jags, Green Bay Packers, SF 49ers, Golden State Warriors, SA Spurs, OKC, Toronto Raptors, [the 15 other MLB teams that aren’t even there], and more that I don’t remember). But still it’s a great way to experiment with life and see where it goes.
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5 years ago, Wolfie Wolfington
This game is almost perfect...
First of all, this is a great game. Lots of choices, no random pop up ads, and unlike BitLife you don’t need to wait years to get the right college major or job. With the new update I love everything about it- except the money. I know it isn’t a regular or particularly important problem, but I have lived an extremely successful life, and am far past the game counting my finances. At this point there are no more units, and the numbers go off the screen. I can’t do anything without it dramatically increasing, and there is nothing to buy. This is one of the main reasons I propose: gifts. Similar to BitLife you should be able to give relatives and charities money. The philanthropy update was a step in the right direction, but I believe you should be able to give as much as you want to different charities. There is one more thing- pets. I loved the pet update and consecutively bought multiple cats, but now I am stuck with them forever. Like everything else they have to die someday (as sad as I am to say it). Even though it is only a game I don’t have the heart to abandon them, but no longer want them. Thank you for your time and hopefully your consideration.
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6 years ago, CJW8
Follow up to AMAZING GAME review
I’m happy that you responded to my suggestion, and I understand that it might be a difficult and/or risky addition to the game. For this reason, I am adding a second suggestion (in the case that you decide not to try the first one). My suggestion is that you make a perk costing a given amount of money, that makes your happiness, sanity, and health infinite. The purpose of this would be to make people who are more interested in the money aspect of the game (college, occupation, etc.) enjoy it more. Now, this would probably cause other aspects like family to be pointless, therefore having to be removed, but I assure you people would love this. And I’m not talking about people who are just trying to get the easy way out, I’m talking about the people who genuinely like the business aspect. A way to enforce this idea could be to title the perk something having to do with business. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know exactly how perks work (temporary or permanent?) because I’ve never bought one, but you could make this one where when you buy it, you unlock a permanent game mode which you can decide whether you want to play before you chose the scenario
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4 years ago, Doubletap2008
Fun, but ridiculously hard and frustrating
Now, I don't usually complain because games seem too hard, because there is no fun in a game if it is too easy. But this game is a little too hard. What makes it difficult is that you have to juggle so many things in the game and everything you do has negative consequences in some way. Yes, yes, I understand that this is a lot like real life, and this game is supposed to be REALISTIC. But it should NOT take away some of your sanity, happiness, or health every single time you go to work. Believe me, if that was the case in real life everybody would either be broke without a job, or depressed, insane, and ill from working too much. I played eight lives so far, the day after I got this game. In each of them, I did not survive to be older than 35. It's a fun game, but so hard that it is not realistic. It almost always ends in the same way. My health, happiness, or sanity level is too low. I take a week or two off from work to preserve it, but that causes me to be in debt from the money I have to pay between my child, my house, and the things I do to try to make myself healthier. Then, I get stuck, unable to earn enough money to cure myself because each time I work I get sicker and sicker until I only have 5 weeks left to live.
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5 years ago, vyrlia
decent game
It’s a good game overall, but there are a few things I would suggest. The scenario where you start as a private, you should not require a military school as well as working. If you didn’t have military school, the military would not of let you in. It just doesn’t make much sense to me, and that goes for any other scenarios that require college degrees before starting the game. Second, relationships are really clunky in the game. I have to repeat something 15 or 16 times just to get my relationship up to 500 or so. That’s not how real life works, you don’t spend 16 weeks trying to get a relationship up with someone. Who knows, perhaps I am missing something vital. I just feel like I have to spend every single week working, or else I won’t have the money to spend to improve those relationships that I need to improve. It makes the game more automated than fun for me. I click work like 20 times, have my happiness go down, hit vacation 20 times, lose money, rinse and repeat. Otherwise, I think it’s a great game and has great potential. I’m going to keep it on my phone because I love the way you can regenerate money without even being on it. Good work!
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3 years ago, MacAstronomer
A very very great game but needs somthing...
Hello everyone I’m gonna talk about this awesome game that I want to play on my iPad every single day! But it is missing some stuff... 1. What do you have to do to like get to the sandbox mode? Do you have to pay $500 like every single other game in life! Because if that’s the case then I will literally delete this app because I wanted to get the sandbox mode like so much and I have this app on like almost all of my devices. So I wouldn’t like to do that so if you would kindly put how to get sandbox mode in the game I would love it but it better not cost any money like $3000 so yeah that was all I’m sorry it was kinda long kinda short but that’s all. LOL JK THATS NOT ALL ONE MORE THING LOLLLLL. So they other thing is 2. How do you get the app purchase? Again it better not cost $1500 otherwise I will delete they app. And I would like it if you would like put it somewhere in they app like what it is like is it an app or something? Like seriously why doesn’t anybody understand and do the same exact review as mine like then when I would of got it it would be fixed and now finally that’s all.
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4 years ago, 694928595732
I don’t know...
I was very excited to see this game. It looked like a lot of fun. Turns out, it’s just pressing buttons until you die. First you have to work hard and start you business, get through college, etc. Then once you have everything worked out, it gets kind of boring. If you’re married with kids and a job, then there’s nowhere else to go. You just press the work button until you develop a bunch of health problems, then spend all your money trying to fix those problems. Also, I feel like there’s a big jump in cost. If you become rich and have 100 million dollars, then it’s really hard to move up. The houses go from 1.25 billion to 10 billion. It seems impossible to get that much money. And funding charities is hard too. The minimum to fund a charity is 1 billion ... PER DONATION! It requires 100 donations to discover a cure for a disease. And 1 billion is the minimum. It goes into numbers that are so high I’ve literally never even heard of them... I have no idea how anyone could earn that much money. So if you can’t make it that far, then you’re stuck. It kept me entertained for about 2 days before I got bored with it. I gave it three stars because it is kind of fun, but I honestly don’t recommend it.
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5 years ago, MarzPlay
This game is just awesome. But I just have a few suggestions. First the stock thingy, I have no idea how it work. I think you should make a graph and add more options of stocks for us can buy. Next the real estate, it pretty good, I think it even better if it increase appreciated value over time. And can set your own price. Like for example: if the house cost 500k and that house can hold 2 families. If the users set the rent $500 per month or week then there will be 2 families move in. However if the users set the rent to $1,000,000 per month then there will be no families move in. And they will lost some money because there will be land tax etc ..... Finally, I think you should add more business like oil company, supermarket etc... I think there will make the game more fun. In the game I am not die yet while I still have children. But I think it would be cool if after you die, you let your children have all your assets/ money. Then you can “revive” and play in your children character. It just my opinion, I would be great if I saw any of this ideas in the game. Thank you for make such a great game.
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5 years ago, DearConnorMurphy...
Follow up to Very good
Hi everybody! So awhile ago, I put in a review titled “Very good”. I would like to follow up to that review with some concerns/glitches/ideas. First off, I love this game! Don’t think I’m giving it hate! It’s constructive criticism! Ok, so my first idea would be to be born at zero, not come into the game as an 18 yr old. Second, there should be more things to do! I once had all careers maxed out, all my college degrees so the game seemed very pointless after the point, so I turned to crime. Another suggestion is that the jail time is shorter! I got busted and was sentenced to like 30 years in jail for a simple house break in (not sure if this is a glitch or not). It was very frustrating! Also, maybe add the ability to have children as a teen without getting married? This was in my last review but I thought I should mention it again. Also, there should be divorce settlement. For example, “You owe Ron (your ex-husband) 322,874 dollars for getting a divorce”. Also, you should be able to have a side fling in a relationship too! People do and will cheat! Thank you :)
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1 year ago, Invester Dave
Life simulator is great
This game is fun I recommend it if you are bored of the usual games you play this will get you addicted and will want you to play I have spent so much time in on this game you will need to use a whole lot of the minus ten years potion if you want an extremely wealthy life but the relationship are a waste of time the only thing they are good for is the generation and that helps so you can keep the money I have been playing the same game for 2 months and I have over 14 generations! But there is something I wish for is that I could have more stuff to use my money on because I have a problem and I have made over 100 sextillion dollars I would invest if you have 1k because you can keep investing for over 20 years and get so much and I would put a bunch of money into business because you can max it out and make bank buy I wish there were more levels on the businesses, and that is a big thing of thoughts and unnecessary talk and help in the game, thank you
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2 years ago, dauntlesstermination72
Awesome but could be better
Let me just start out by saying this is a really fun and enjoyable game. I have tons of free time so this can consume it. I also love how there is still so much to do on the free version of it. However, I wish that you could have kids before you get married. That happens a lot in life and it would be easier to have a family life. There have been many times when I have been trying to save up to propose to my partner and the deny my proposal and by the time when I finally marry them I can only have a couple kids if any. Also there should be the option to adopt kids no matter who your married to or your age. Especially if you or your wife is over the age of 55 and you can no longer have kids. I would also like it if you spend time with grandchildren. As a kid, if your grandparents are alive you can spend time with them. Why can’t you do it as a grandparent. Over all this is a great game and I would love it even more if these changes were made.
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5 years ago, horse.music16
Horse review
I realize that not everything is fare but I think it is not fare for the people who can’t afford to buy in store app purchases so they can’t play half of the game. Like they can’t travel to half of the country’s or they can’t create there own person. You can also learn French and it says that it makes it so you can travel but it actually does not let you travel. Also I don’t like how when I click on the work button that every two clicks it has a pop saying something too or bad happened. This can get really annoying. Also the one dollar thing after my parents died is really pointless too. I also think that you should add some more animals that we can buy. When we turn eighteen you could make it so we can vote. I like the idea of that because it is actually a really big life step in becoming an adult. I love this game but there are just some things that could be better with the game. I will continue playing this game though because it is my favorite.
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5 years ago, buuuro77
Great game buuuut
So like my title says this really is a great game. Honestly I spend more time on it than BitLife. Which is why I’m sure you’re here. It’s more in depth and just feels like more time went into it. Buuuut there’s a couple things I’d change or need fixing. One... the stocks. I need a tutorial or something on it. I feel like it’d be a good way to earn more money if I knew what I was doing. Second the price of keeping a relationship good is far too expensive and with little to gain. That could use some tweaking. Also the philanthropy part. Who can make enough money for that? If you can please let me know how. I’m currently at 1.80 trillion dollars. (Don’t ask how long that took) and I feel stuck. I shouldn’t feel stuck. I should continue to feel growth. So things need to be cheaper. This is the only game on the App Store I’ve ever spent money on. The 4.99 to reset to 18 years old seemed like a good deal. And it would be if I was able to continue to progress. So again. Great game. Great time waster. But definitely could use some tweaking
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4 years ago, LiytleL
Great game! Just some things you can implement in game
I love the game, i play it so often, and it’s pretty similar to life. One thing I think you should add in the game is adopting. You can mess around with this idea, for example you can have a 50% chance of finding a child and they can be a wide variety of ages (under 18 or course). Another example you can do is the player has to fill out a form (ex: what gender, age, etc.) and there can be a list of adopted kids they could get. Also for the escape prison part, I feel like instead of writing 15% chance of getting out, you should make people play a hard game and if they win they get to escape. Last idea, maybe less diseases, one game I had diabetes, 3 different types of cancer, and a bunch of other curable diseases like crabs, harpies, etc. I could not cure the other curable diseases because I was too poor, and I was on level Medium. I also think instead of all those diseases, you should add breaking bones. I’ve broken 2 bones in my life. That’s it!
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4 years ago, Puddums314
Great game but it’s clear there was little to no research when this was made
Well ultimately the game is great but it falls flat on the realism aspect since there a lot of things that don’t make any sense for one example in the game there is a criminal record system which is great but the way it works makes no sense how it works is the more crimes you have been caught in the less likely you are to get accepted into a job which sounds good on paper but in practice it just feels like a slap in the face if you don’t understand the mechanic ( the tutorial doesn’t teach it to you) so now you have to either commit more crimes or become a slave to a side hassle as the game calls it to make money each week so yea it has interesting mechanics as well but none of them really interact with each others o it’s just a bunch of standalone mechanics and to top it all of nearly everything relies completely on luck I mean sure some chance and random events are fine but at least have say a mini game for important things like crime or getting a job So in all it’s not all that great I wouldn’t recommend this unless an update that fixes these things comes up
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5 years ago, itw1220
Okay, devs. I love that you added parents and side-hustle. However, the crime tab is too pointless to even use. You don’t get that much money, and you get imprisoned for too long for that small amount of money to be worth it. I think you should either get more money for crime, or go to jail for a shorter time. What might make it worth it is after you get to a certain Notoriety, a new career in crime would be unlocked, such as hitman. Maybe we could join the mob or a gang? Also, can you add the possibility of earning college credits in high school? This happens all the time in real life. How about a new game mode where we can begin the game with being born? Then we could go to elementary school. I’m sorry for making this drag on so long, 😂 I just have so many suggestions! My final request is the ability to hold down a button to perform that action until we release the button. That would be absolutely AMAZING. Thanks for reading, love you guys! 😘
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2 years ago, stopstopstopplease
Love this game! Couple of things to make it better!
Awesome game, I love how many routes you can take. However I’ve noticed a couple of things that could make the game both more realistic and more enjoyable. Firstly, I would like to see the ability to have kids before getting married. It wouldn’t be a big issue if it didn’t cost 130k total to get married before you could even start trying. Second, I love that you get bonuses for logging in every day, it’s awesome. However, I wish the youth elixirs could be saved for another time. I just got one, and lost my wife because I aged down to 13 years old! It also takes way too long to establish a sports career, the pop up that tells you whether or not you won is very inconvenient and I wish it could be done a different way. Thank you for all your hard work on this game, I can’t wait to see what else ya’ll do!
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4 years ago, Lego Logo Mike
fantastic game!
I really enjoy this game because it is a good strategy game, but I think the elixir of youth shouldn’t be as expensive. I also think that you should add an oil company that is $100 million to incorporate, as well as... maybe a car dealership that is $50 million to found. Also it would be really cool if there was an option to make a lemonade stand if one is younger than 14. It could be an idle business like the companies, but only makes, I don’t know... $200 tops. Also there should be a feature where you can move into skyscrapers and apartment complexes, that give a lot of happiness and sanity, because I see a move in button, but I can’t tap it no matter what I do. Also, one more thing. I think you should add more buildings to buy and more philanthropy projects to fund. Overall, its a very good game. I play it night and day and I absolutely LOVE it, so if you could please complete my requests that would be absolutely AMAZING!!! thank you for reading my review.
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5 months ago, Flirt 101
Severely Needs an Update
I played this game about a year ago and stopped because of the cash grab. How is this still the same stale gameplay from when I started? Devs need to inject life into this game. It shouldn’t take my player 101 years into his death to build his wealth especially if all the investments are in the right place. Sandbox mode needs to be a complete sandbox and not a mode of more financial limitations. Also they need to find a way to minimize the annoying notifications at the bottom. If I play sandbox and don’t immediately have trillions from the beginning then was it ever really a sandbox? How can they only give us 200mil for that mode it’s kind of pathetic? This game needs some serious re-balancing. I should be earning more money with 10 fully upgraded skyscrapers and I shouldn’t be getting sick every week with Malaria and Zika especially if I have all the perks that we start with and the ones unlocked during the game. Perks in the game are useless and weak and they need a re-vamp as well. The devs need to pay more attention to this game. It has potential for sure, but truly feels outdated.
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5 years ago, ^-^)^ {'ello!)
This is the most addicting game I have ever played.
So one day I was just playing bit life (another game in the App Store you can check it out if you like) and then was going to the App Store to see the ratings for whatever reason and saw that it said, “life simulator” next to ‘bit life’ so I searched up life simulator and this was the result I tried it out thinking it would be a replica of bit life but oh I was wrong. It was so much better and addicting I LOVE this. I have one Suggestion to make to improve this game. So I really focus on the business and cash aspect of this game I think you should have a holding area so instead of repeated clicking you can hold down the button. I don’t know how fast or slow to make it though just a thought since my fingers we’re straining. Other than that I really like this game and if you are a random person checking out the reviews on this app I say give it a shot. -5 stars <3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, the real hobo
Great game but...
The only bad experience ive had with this game was when i was very rich. Max level on crime, many skills learned, all businesses bought and almost level 7. I had around 3 billion dollars and was making almost 10 million a week and growing. Then i saw the rocket and decided to buy it and then i saw the space hotel and thought hey that would be nice to have. Little did i know it would plunge me 30 billion dollars in debt which i had no way of getting back in the 5 weeks. I quickly sold it and my rocket but still i was in incredible amounts of debt. Yeah i made enough to buy a rocket but it took me about 10 minutes to get enough to afford 2 billion dollars. And so all my progress was gone because i bought something that i didn't know would plunge me in debt and i ended up panic buying a revive thinking it would get rid of my debt. Which it didn't. Its a great game but ever since that happened i kinda don't wanna play anymore. And quick note to anyone playing this DONT BUY THE SPACE HOTEL UNLESS YOU HAVE ATLEAST 50 BILLION DOLLARS!
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5 years ago, Jejdjdndns
I was really into BitLife, so I got this game because it seems similar and after reading the reviews, I was impressed that the developers were so responsive. I've only had the game for a day but I've already spent $4. It is fun and challenging but only up to a point. Eventually all of my people have all of their needs completely met and I'm rich and I have everything I want and need with another 30 or so years left to do....what? I wish there were more incentives to reach certain milestones, or more goals. And more events happening that can affect things and change course or make it more interesting. And I wish there was more interaction with the romantic partner. And that you could have kids. And one last thing, the in game notification pop up is centered, while all the buttons I am pushing are to the right, and if I am continuously clicking on one thing to finish it, the pop ups keep coming up and it's a small but annoying thing to adjust my hand to reach over and click it and then go back so many times (and for the same notifications like, "the show wasn't up to the hype" over and over. Overall this game is pretty cool and I enjoy it a lot still, just thought I would share my constructive criticism since the developers seem to be so responsive. I really look forward to new updates and seeing how this game grows. Great job so far.
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4 years ago, 2019 is gone😭
Soooooooo many bugs
Ok I like the game although I’m not good at it but there are so many bugs like first of all I’ll tap on something in the game that’s 0$ like sleeping or spending time with my family but when I tap it I LOSE MONEY another thing is that I’ll be working my but off then I start losing money like I did 5 minutes ago so and I don’t think this is a bug but I can’t figer out how to stop it so doing something then it’ll say the bank called and I have 5 weaks to. Pay off my dept? And it always happens if I don’t die from something and also I was play 5 minutes ago and I presses have a baby and it MY HUSBEND WAS PRENGNET LOL I dont know if it’s because I made my gender male but my (you know what) female but even my mom laughed so yeah many bugs but can you add some new sanaryos (I’m 10 so sorry for bad spelling) but there Undertale theme I can’t think of any off the top of my head right this second but can you if it’s not to much trouble?
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5 years ago, 77bloodbane77
Great game!
First of all Sry this review is so long! Best sim game in the App Store for sure! You can do almost anything you want in this game including building a business having 2000 kids going to college and learning everything and even live forever (as long as you are rich) and last but not least SAVE HUMANITY! Great game spend so much time on it I suggest if you are a person you download it. Now suggestion time pls fix this new bug in the update it says I don’t have any perks that I have unlocked it shows them all locked but when u start the game it gives me all the ones I have unlocked. Which is annoying because I don’t want every perk on every play through so pls fix that. Also it would be neat in businesses that like if you are a YouTuber the more subscribers you have the more money you make on vids also same as apps on so forth the more followers the more money! Great game keep it coming
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4 years ago, i dont want to give info
The best simulator game ive ever played
I was just looking for simulator games to play when im board, and I found this one! I went in and expected loads of adds like the last one i tried... but there are NONE unless you want to get a booster (i think its 10x multiplier for 1 year and a potion that makes you 2 years younger), THEN you get an add. But the only downside is that every now and then, the game will ask you if you want a booster... but that is the only way to get a booster unless i am just dumb. I wouldnt buy the in app purchases but they are really cool and you can do a lot of stuff with them. The one that i would want to get most is the “youth elixer” which makes you go back to 18 years old! But if you get 20 mil, then you can get the youth potion that makes you 10 years younger. But also you can buy the youth potion from the in app purchases too! Welcome to the new bit life!
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5 years ago, Dee9An
Life Simulator Suggestions
I like the game a lot but there are some things that’s should change, like the fact that 1 click on anything is a week passed which makes it hard to accomplish anything or make a lot of money before getting old. More choices within the game would be fun to and for things to happen to our characters, like if bit life and this game were put together it would be perfect. Having an avatar that you can shop buy clothes or get hair done your children and yourself can interact literally instead of only paying for college and trying to keep the closeness levels up. Interactions between family, spouse, and children would be great. As far as something like an actor if there was paparazzi added, someone burglarizing your home, the choice of vehicles, something going on while your at a club, just more options period would make the game sooooo amazing it would be unbelievably awesome.
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3 years ago, five stars for expresos
Well the game is amazing its all in all really good but i feel like the sandbox mode should be more interactive like you should be able to customize if you have parents or not you should also be able to customize your icon and your stats since you’ve paid for this service i would also like it if you could add the scenarios to sandbox mode and also it would be nice if instead a weeks lived it was days I would make it a bit easier to survive and keep a healthy relationship and if it would take to long to complete the game you could add a skip week button that way it goes faster anyway i think thats it the game overall is fun nice and much kid friendlyer than bitlife thank you for taking your time and reading this i hope you can take my suggestions into consideration and I’ll hopefully see them in game one day
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3 years ago, 13and12
I don’t know anymore
I have been a fan for a long time now but this new house flipping update just screwed me over so bad. Having a limit on the amount of homes you can have a terrible especially because that was the only fairly easy way of gaining wealth. I just liked the older system for it aloud better. I realize things need to be relatively realistic after all it’s a life simulator but come on it was fun to own two hundred quadrillion mansions or three hundred sextillion homes. So I just feel stuck and unsure how to make my trillions my sextillions all that. Also I don’t have any clue on how many people are working to develop this game but updates just feel dry and I thought of not adding lots and taking months. I understand if this game is like a part time in my free time idea and truly I applaud if it is but if not and there are multiple people working on it I just don’t know. Anyway have a good day and night and hopefully you take some thought about what I’m saying!
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4 years ago, This Cool Dude lives
Great app, just want a few things
I know that the creators and developers on tuis app are working very hard to make this app, and i appreciate it. I just think that some things can be better. First, an update to the workplace. I wish we had more options for working, deadlines for projects, reasons to be fired, bribery to promotions, team projects (like automatic promotion progress), Also, more personal business options, like statuses for employees (pay, profits, expenses), ability to toy around with paycheck, more business types, offers from “other” companies to buy out you business, and more. Of course, I have a lot more ideas, but this is a review. Great gameplay, 10/10, would recommend and have recommended to family, i just wanted to get my ideas out to you for the small chance of you reading it and thinking about it. Thanks
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4 years ago, helllloooothere121212121
Please Read
This is a very fun an addictive but I have a few minor suggestions. Sometimes when u get something that u have to get experimental treatment, such as aids, cancer, etc, it is very difficult to move forward. It often times doesn’t work and u have to pay many times which isn’t an easy repetitive payment. And for sports I also have ideas. Winning games should add happiness points and losing should subtract. As my current character I’m supposed to get him in the hall of fame. I’m required to work a ton which is making me less happy so I’m having to pay for happiness boosters a lot, then I’m having to play basketball which cost a lot of money and pay for a gym membership. These things make certain parts of the game nearly impossible so if u could just change it a little bit that would make the game much more enjoyable and less frustrating.
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4 years ago, ParryThePlatepuss
This game is very difficult and annoying.
You can start off any way, but the moment you start the game, you are in debt, depressed enough to die, and are the unhealthiest you will ever be. You can get a job flipping burgers, be a data entry clerk, a pan handler, or an Uber driver. The moment you start working is the moment you start losing health and happiness. Then, when you go to take a vacation to bring your happiness up, you start losing money. You can take anti depressants but they make your health worse. While we’re on the topic, it’s $1000 to go to the doctor. It’s $3000 to stay in a hospital. It’s $50 to self treat, and that only gives you 8 hearts. I don’t recommend this game unless you are totally sure you are capable of living this way. There is an option where you can place in-game purchases, but I wouldn’t invest any money in this app. I am terribly disappointed, and think everyone should consider reading the reviews, because I sure didn’t, and I have realized that’s where I went wrong.
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5 years ago, Mynamejeff666
Better than Bitlife! Could be More Interactive
I’ve been getting bored of Bitlife and been playing this game for a while, I sucked at my first life but got WAY better with my second. I have a few suggestions 1. More interactivity. Bitlife is sort of interactive but it makes you do those stupid almost impossible mini-games. You can’t really be interactive in this game. You can’t control your job, i.e Police Officer, Sports Star. Maybe you can make things interactive. 2. Relationships. I find relationships really hard to keep with girlfriends and family but way easier with children or pets. Can you have relationships not go down when you do nothing? 3. Confirmation. When you accidentally press on something, it does t give you a double check in case you pressed it on accident, can you add that? Thanks for making this amazing game!
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5 years ago, Gamer089636810
My best life just ended because of a glitch
I have been working on that particular life for a LONG time. Hours a day. Perhaps a silly use of time, but I loved the game and it was something to do when I had free moments here and there. The reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because it is a good game as long as you don’t run into this glitch. This glitch is completely game breaking (hence the low score). This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it in my games, but the other time it happened I had not invested much in the game so it didn’t bother me as much. So the glitch is as follows 1) something happens that dramatically reduces happiness to 0 (i don’t know if this is needed or if it was coincidence this happened in my games right before the glitch) - for example: the life I lost 2 of my characters kids died within 1 or 2 turns 2) the game gives you a 5 weeks until death warning 3) you do something that increases happiness (I increased it to max both times this happened) 4) a few weeks later you get a warning you will die in one week if it’s not increased despite it being almost maxed or maxed 5) try to increase it again and die anyway the next turn from lack of happiness despite having high happiness To add insult to injury after this death the game gives you the option to revive for money. I took a screenshot of this happening but I have no idea how to submit it to the devs or if they want it.
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10 months ago, Super S 209
Fun game, big glitch
This game is a lot of fun. I believe it is the number one life simulator game. Though, I was playing and reached the second generation playing as one of my character’s children. When I was going to play with a sibling(in game) the game popped up the choose scenario screen out of no where and all of my data was deleted for the character. Also the prompts sometimes do not show up when they are supposed to. I assume what happened was one of the prompts for one of the indicators(health, happy, mental) did not show up when I had just a few weeks left which ended up ending causing my character to pass. Though the end of life screen did not pop up either. This also happened to another one of my characters though the end of life screen at least popped up so I could see the stats and accomplishments. I really like this game though this is a big downside. This did not used to happen when I played the game, it has only happened recently.
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5 years ago, bri-anne-not-neville
Life Sims be Poppin
So, I love life simulator games and I love what you have created. It’s fun and interesting and I can play multiple times without getting bored. One thing I will say is I’d prefer it if you could focus more on the family aspect? Like with your parents and eventually having kids. I know not everyone cares about this but I love it! I think it would be cool if you had a higher relationship with your parents you don’t get kicked out at 18 until you like graduate high school or something, because I always get kicked out and then go into like massive debt to finish high school. Which is fine, I love the challenge. I would also love for the option to have kids! But I know you’re working on things and only so much can be focused on at one time. So good on you, I love the app you’ve created!
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4 years ago, The rogue trader.
Good game, but...
I really do like this game, but it’s kind of aggravating sometimes. I dislike how you get depressed or go insane so easily, because I want to focus on work or school, but I can’t really do so when so much of my money and time is being spent on self treatments, doctor visits etc. It’s also a little annoying how things cost so much (e.g. basic doctor visits USUALLY don’t cost $1,000). One other main concern (last one) is how you die from going bankrupt. I mean, that’s impossible. You may want to die when you’re bankrupt, but you don’t. This bothers me because you go into debt so easily, and then if you die from going bankrupt, it’s like you’re being set up for failure. I don’t mean to insult your game when I address these concerns, because it has good potential and is very innovative, I just hope you will take it into account.
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4 years ago, GamerMom223
My love for this game is fading
I love this app and have been playing for awhile. Love the scenarios and the different mechanics that make it really unique from other like apps. I think it’s phenomenal that sex and gender are classified differently. What I HATE is that no matter what gender you choose, your avatar is always of your sex. That seems to defeat the purpose of introducing transness. It would be great if you were able to pick the avatar from different choices (gender, race/ethnicity, etc). The way it is now just feels like a disingenuous ploy to seem inclusive without actually being so. Update: I’ve pretty much stopped playing this game entirely. It will cater just fine to the folks who think having anyone other than the cast of every hallmark movie ever is “forced diversity”. I wouldn’t even mind the fact that you always start in America if it weren’t for the fact that America has more than one shade of person. I feel sorry that I ever wasted money to unlock so much stuff.
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4 years ago, zoeyds
Good game but...
Let me start this off by saying I do enjoy playing this game. It’s fun and a great idld game, behind only games such as BitLife. That being said, I noticed something playing this game that bothered me a lot. When it said I contracted a disease, specifically “an anxiety disorder” (which I have an anxiety Disorder, GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder), I was beyond shocked. Firstly, you cannot “develop” an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders, in their true form, are there from birth. Secondly, calling it a disease is absolutely awful. Do I think you meant harm by it? No. However, someone may have taken it that way. That’s why the term is often disorder or, as we prefer, disability. All in all the game is fun and an enjoy playing it, but I’m sure quite a lot of us in the mentally disabled (for various reasons) community would appreciate it if you reworded it to disability. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, ImTheFanciestAndBest👀
There needs to be fixes!
I love this game and it’s very entertaining but everything is SO expensive... I go in debt a lot bc my scenario was that I didn’t go to high school... And high school cost a lot of money and when my person got into a relationship, it cost a lot of money to get their relationship well and when they got engaged 30k or 50k (I don’t remember) and I thought wow this is so pricy and is going to cost me a fortune and then I saw I had to get MARRIED. Oh my goodness it cost a 100k!!! What the-... Too over pricy. Then I went to high school to get a better job but then I was in debt and everything was going crazy to the point it wasn’t fun anymore, instead stressful... And college costs so much when I make so little money... Please make this game easier to play for people. This is stressful to me so if you could, thanks!!! Besides that, love it!!!
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5 years ago, lailamoonwalker1.0
Get it
Is a great way to teach your kids how to do things in the world in the real world teach them about life and if you look at it I know it says 12 and up but really the only two things that are wrong with it is it has the option to have a child and the option to be straight bisexual or gay which I personally don’t think it’s that bad because they don’t understand it so I say if you think the same as me then you should totally get this for your kid Maybe not too young because they won’t be able to read it or understand what a loan into positives but that’s kind of what it’s teaching them so I say it’s perfect for ages nine and up this would also be a great game for adults because they get to relive their life and find new ways to help themselves.
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5 years ago, READ m3
Really amazing, but getting boring
So I think it is an amazing and well thought out game. So great job! But I’ve finished most of the life goals, and that is making the game a bit boring. In the next update it would be awesome if you added some more life goals and perks. But please don’t make them extremely hard. Also you should add swimming as a sport. The champion thing for swimming could be the olympics or something like that. Also you should make a few more crimes, and jobs. But other than that keep doing the great work. Btw this game is awesome I got so many of my friends playing it LOL. Also you should make like a portal or something that cost like 10 billion dollars that takes you to an advanced civilization that has like another world. Also what is your Twitter?
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2 years ago, CPC316
Erased Progress
I really used to love this game; I had unlocked almost all the achievements, all of the save slots, and even made in-app purchases. One of my special accounts I have been holding onto to for about a year and a half now used to have well over 2 sextillion dollars, and I worked really hard on all my businesses (maxing every one out), and started numerous philanthropy projects as well. However, I logged into the app one day to find all of my progress deleted and gone. There was no trace of anything I did on the app. Every one of my achievements, life goals, perks, scenarios, and purchases were lost. All I was left with was one account in the High School Dropout scenario and nothing else. I have no clue how to get my progress back; I probably never will. Please fix this bug before it ruins another person’s save data, otherwise I only advise playing this game if you like having the risk of all your data being lost.
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9 months ago, IsaacMan6
I love this game and I play it all the time, very fun, not pay to win (although I have purchased the sandbox mode which makes it very fun) and can be played by anyone with any play style. I like how you are able to have different pets, but I think they should add more and variations of each (I would like tortoises and turtles the most). I think this game could be a extremely successful life simulator with some major and minor updates, but still fun now. I play this game for a while and it’s fun but when it’s get boring I still come back again because this game will still always be fun. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more updates! Thank You! Bob Ross
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