The Metronome by Soundbrenner

4.7 (41.7K)
240.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Metronome by Soundbrenner

4.71 out of 5
41.7K Ratings
6 years ago, catpetter2001
Best metronome app ever
This is not one of those apps that makes you buy their stuff to get to use more on this is one of the apps that is actually on the market free to use and isn’t trying to scam you into buying a lot of stuff just to use a metronome. They do have a wearable device that cost about $100 that’s can link directly to the app but it is not needed to use the app. I haven’t bought in the Yum wearable part of it yet, But with all of those apps that I’ve wasted money Paying for extra content I could’ve use that money to buy the wearable device. So I suggest you check this app out if you’re looking for a Metronome that’s easy to use it has many different features you easily get overwhelmed but that’s the point when it does have some cool options like you can tap a button over and over and over to set your own tempo . if you’re going to download a metronome stop wasting money and download this one if you want to use money not wasted because this is not a waste by the actual device I’m going to do that resume or update this review on without the app and tracks with the device one side by the device but for now it’s five stars
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5 years ago, Mindwess Wetad
Edit: Klopfgeist and other sounds stutters at higher tempos and while using different subdivisions.
Edit: Be careful which sound you choose for the metronome, as they sometimes stutter and change the downbeat. In my initial review I forgot that I had changed the sound to Klopfgeist. There are some other sounds that act funny at higher tempos and different subdivisions, but some of them work fine. And the fact that you can change sounds, subdivisions, and time signatures is great. (Pre-edited review): I’ll preface by saying the interface is easy to use and I like that it is one of the few free metronome apps that allows you to customize time signature, subdivisions, and click sounds. I am a drummer, and having a tool to help lock in more difficult patterns, grooves, and rudiments is wonderful. However, whenever the audible beats are at highish tempos/actual playing speeds (noticed it starting with quarter notes above 120bpm, eighth notes at 64bpm, triplets at 84bpm), there are clicks that sound like digital clipping distortion, sometimes blended with the chosen click sound, sometimes swinging on offbeats. Occasionally, the metronome will stutter off-tempo and change the downbeat, halting practice, defeating the purpose of using a metronome. I only use the standalone app as a practice tool. Be wary if you are thinking about using it in a gigging scenario or spending money on it or its affiliated products.
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4 weeks ago, shanewilson88
I've looked
There's no better metronome app available; I've looked! This metronome is fully adjustable in pretty much every way I have needed, & as much as I use it I'm sure everyone will feel the same way. Here you can change the tone of accent and every other beat. Set your feel to swing or "play it straight." Once you have the tones you like you can adjust the volume of each beat as well as overall (a new add). I use the app for everyday practice, but I also use it in lessons w my teacher via Skype. This is the only app I've found that cuts through & has the volume/adjustability to be heard w my piano while streaming on Skype. I seldom write reviews, only doing so when I sincerely believe in a product. But who am I? Check it out for yourself! I bet it becomes your go-to metronome app. Next perhaps I'll order myself a metronome smartwatch that can connect w the app. Check it!
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3 years ago, kaos_k13
The app was awesome but now
When I first started using Soundbrenner I loved it. I had the pulse then bought the core steel. The app was awesome to. Then they started the subscription thing which for what they offered was a good idea. Except that before it started I was able to put as many songs as I wanted (so far , had 65) but then with the subscription it is only allowing 10 unless you subscribe. I get why with the other features like cloud service and all. But when my songs where on my app and iPad only I don’t understand why I had to subscribe. Being a drummer for a church I’m playing different songs every week so I needed to have a long list of songs. I went to add a song and they made me subscribe. So unless you only have 10 songs or want to pay either $60 or 8$ after their new launch promo is over . You may want to find a different way of using a metronome. As for myself and the members of the band who are using this with me I think we may find another way. Don’t get me wrong , if you want the cloud ability or the videos this is the way to go but if you were just wanting to do the app metronome or something similar then find something else. Thank you Soundbrenner for the few years of use though. I really did like the metronome.
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3 years ago, freerangecitizen
I get it!
Took a few weeks of using the soundbrenner in different positions to find the right spot. I’m playing Bass so I settled on the chest rig between me and the instrument. I was mildly frustrated at first because I couldn’t enjoy playing to the pulse right off the bat. Had to use the audible click to get new material into the ballpark of being able to play with the pulse. Kept at it, all the while moving with the beat. Eventually the time just popped out like one of those 3d illusions you stare at long enough. Best way I can explain it is your more feeling like being next to a kick drum than landing on an audible click. Your body just absorbs the time and synchronizes. Further into it the pulse disappears. So neat! Thanks soundbrenner crew. Your gizmo has poked all kinda holes in my time and I’m better for it. Worth the money, worth the time. Do the work, move with it, level up.
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6 years ago, chirotay
Great app. Maybe over kill for an old guy.
I didn’t use a metronome for many many years and didn’t record my self either. Finally another musician suggested that I meter myself. So I started with an external metronome drum box that cost about $80 bucks. But then I found a few met apps and they helped but would shut of if I opened a recording app. So I tried this vibrating met. And it didn’t work for me but this metering app is way good. I am able to record my self while the app stays on and it doesn’t time out part way through. And it can store the names of songs and their timing and which key and has really helped me improve my singing and playing. People don’t get up and leave because I have great timing now, even when I forget the words. I don’t lose them. The price is worth a good product.
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7 years ago, cvoyiatt
Love the pulse and app BUT.....
Since receiving the body band the pulse works great for me as a drummer. As I have used the app more and more in rehearsal and gig settings, some things I would love to see improved for practicality and ease of use. The ability to modify your own main screen with some options would be great. For example, when a setlist is loaded in the player, it would be nice to see five or six songs in the box i/o just one, to be able to scroll and identify tunes quickly in the case where the band goes away from the original plan. Realistically as well, for an old guy like me, the font is pretty small when using an iphone especially to see in low light settings. Like other metronomes I have used the primary button dial (watch face in your case) could be a little smaller to allow for more space above. Thanks and keep the improvements coming.
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4 years ago, majikgal
Great app and device!
I play multiple instruments and multiple styles of music. I love how versatile and easy to use the app and wearable devices are. Especially when playing different genres if music, it’s so helpful to have subdivision of beats, and customizable colors (and vibration strength) assigned to different beats within the measure. I own a Soundbrenner Pulse, which is great, and I can’t say enough good things about the new Core as well! The app is also easy to use and totally functional without the metronome watch, so it’s good even if you don’t own one yet (but trust me, you want to buy the wearable as well. It’s AWESOME!) Keep up the great work, Soundbrenner! I’ve recommended your products to my friends in the past, and will continue to do so. Definitely a fan for life!
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5 years ago, PatrickSMcKinnis
Best Metronome App Out There
I love using Soundbrenner as my go to metronome. There are so many things you can do with the app. Overall the experience is great. The only suggestion I have (and maybe it’s already a thing and I just don’t know how to do it) is that you are given the capability to create your own “song” per say. What I mean is that a musician would be able to take a piece he or she is working on and replicate it as a saved file. You would be able to put in the number of measures and customize it with the correct time signatures as well as beats per measure as they change throughout the piece. Other than that, this is a fantastic app and I would recommend it to any beginner and or professional.
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4 years ago, thisnicknameislareadytacken
University Musician
I find that often use of the metronome betters a musicians skill to determine tempo for a given piece of music or composition and is a crucial and key element to any aspiring musician, however, this apps’ metronome seems to go back 1 beat when left on for long periods of time (I use the metronome often when practicing and I usually practice 2-3 hours/day). I set the tempo at 100 bpm with triplets every downbeat and after a minute or so, the downbeat for 1 moved over to the second triplet of the first beat triplet, and after another minute, the downbeat landed on the 3rd triplet of the first beats’ triplet. Decent app if you’re in middle school, but if you’re in high-school thinking about majoring in any subfield of music or a musician yourself in college or university, I highly suggest you use another metronome. I know this is not crucial to the majority of the audience, but for professionally trained musicians it is easy for us to tell when the downbeat is off, and completely messes us up in our practice.
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5 years ago, Bumptious B
So close to awesome yet so far... 1 year later
First, I want to commend these folks for offering a free metronome with all the subdividing bells and whistles. That is mighty, mighty cool and I’m a fan on that basis alone. That said, the swing beat setting is so glitchy it is absolutely unusable at any tempo -it is, sadly, the worst I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t had it very long and haven’t explored the other subdivisions but it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. On a less dismal note, it would be great if, in the wide variety of sounds offered, there was an actual, simple metronome click. Tough one to rate star-wise as it is almost an incredible app but it fails on its most elementary mandate. A fix of these tempo glitches would warrant so many stars. I wish the developers well... 1 YEAR LATER After posting my review, the developers were quick to reach out - much appreciated! The only recommendation I got was to update my iOS and app regularly - already do that. Not only did that not fix the problem, in the past weeks, the problem has gotten worse. Now, not only is the swing feature useless due to dropped beats, now the triplet feature drops beats and bounces the “1” around randomly - even at slow BPM. Again, I love the concept but the product has moved from one setting being unusable to two. Sorry to see this great idea get worse. So many awesome options don’t mean much when the central function fails.
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4 years ago, D>
Glad I didn’t buy hardware yet
I was planning to purchase the pulse or core at guitar center this morning. I decided to use the app by itself for a while to make sure of the functions in the app. Well I’m glad I didn’t buy the hardware yet. The timing in the app seems to stray rather quickly. The 1 beat seems to move around to other beats or it skips a beat. Also the time seems not to be steady, like a metronome is supposed to be. I’m on the latest app version and latest iOS 14 build. I restarted my iPhone 11 and same issues. Weird. Also when trying other subdivisions, the 1 seemed to skip randomly. Sometimes it was fine but the longer it played the beat seemed to shift or timing slightly strayed. I’m so glad I didn’t shell out money for the core hardware. Also the app dark mode display is a bit difficult to read and see in low light (like when performing on stage). The blinks are good, just the contrast of the interface should be improved. Would also be nice to adjust the color of blinks for better viewing depending on the room environment. It is good as-is, colors is just a suggestion. The app has much potential but doesn’t seem like there has been much improvements judging by prior reviews. I hope there are improvements - I would buy if I knew the system was more dependable.
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4 years ago, Kimmy smiles
Add this please
So I love your app but some of my music I have to play in band has a dotted quarter note subdivision and I noticed that your app doesn’t have that. I would appreciate it if you would add this Edit: Also, I noticed that in the compose section of the app, you can add how much measures the metronome will play. I think you should add this feature to the song creation part of the app so if your making a set list with multiple tempos subdivisions and time signatures. It would automatically switch to the next song so you won’t have to switch in the middle of playing. This would be really helpful if your setlist one piece of music with tempo changed and time signature changes. It’s really hard to practice a full run through of something when you have to tap the play next button.
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4 years ago, jmcguire
Beautifully functional app... but no Watch support??
I want to use Soundbrenner for all my production and live work. I really do. But the need to purchase a separate piece of hardware (that is a direct replacement for my Apple Watch - for my use case) is a non-starter. If an “in-app upgrade,” or “pro” version existed which included Watch pulse functionality, I’d be all in. It may even lead to purchasing the proprietary device... I have no doubt it’s a better experience when you’re controlling the UEX end to end. I’d love to see some middle ground for someone like myself, who is faced with many alternate options - some new and some I’ve used for years. Really great and beautifully built app (completely unexpected for a metronome!) but for the full “body tempo” functionality, I’m going to keep looking.
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6 years ago, MatthewEBauer
Powerful app and easy to use
I love what the Soundbrenner team is up to. I have been familiar with the product since it’s release and have tried the pulse metronome a number of times including at NAMM. I personally don’t use the vibrating bands as I like my IEMs but that mean I discredit that part of the technology. Forerunners in the field and quite a different tactile sense. The stand alone app is simple to create songs, edit playlists, add subdivisions, count ins, and more! Lighting options, light pulsing, and Bluetooth are all other useful tools as well. I have tried numerous metronome apps before the Soundbrenner team released this app and product and I have to say this is still the best hands down. Nothing negative to say.
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2 years ago, musicgirlgwyn
Music’s best Metronome
This is seriously my absolute favorite metronome app. It’s so easy to use, and is perfectly customizable to fit any tempo, time signature, and subdivision. It’s the only metronome app I use. The only thing I would love to see included in this app would be a tuner function. I mainly am a percussionist, but I also have some gigs as a woodwind player, and it would be super helpful to only have to have this one app on my phone. This is already my favorite app for musicians, and adding a tuner function would just push it above and beyond. Thank you so much soundbrenner community for creating an incredible tool for musicians to use.
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2 years ago, Missus Gustafson
Exceeds my expectations
I was just looking for a simple metronome. Happily, this app offers much more. I enjoy tracking my practice habit, setting goals, and rating each session when finished. It has made my practice time much more productive and goal oriented. Highly recommend. I recently discovered a love for the kalimba. I downloaded a simulation app so I could try it out, because our local music store does not carry them, and I downloaded Soundbrenner for the metronome. I will soon have my own actual instrument to practice and will delete the simulation app, but I will be keeping Soundbrenner for the long haul.
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2 years ago, MythingLynx
Is this malware or just bugged?
I just downloaded this app for the 1st time and opening the app it asked me to create an account in order to access full free content. When I clicked on the button to log in with my Apple ID it gave me an error saying the email was already in use and that I needed to log in instead of create new account. The scary thing is when I went to try to log in it had a different user ID pasted into the email area. I don’t know who’s ID that was but that is very concerning. I tried doing it again but got the same result. So then I tried creating a new account using a standard email address and after entering in my name, email, and a password, it said there was an error for that. This app is either malware, or it has been hacked, or severely broken. Do not trust!
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4 years ago, C Stromwall
Close to a perfect metronome
I really love the features of this free metronome app. It provides 99% of my subdivision needs, many options for the sounds, and reliably stays on when I lock my phone or record a long video. However, there are a few minor issues that hold it back. With subdivisions on there is a tendency for the downbeat click to move around, especially at higher tempos. This can be really frustrating when trying to work through a longer piece with a metronome, as I have to stop and regroup every time. It's a minor issue, but I am often annoyed at how small the arrow buttons are for changing the tempo up or down one click. I use them a lot and almost every time I end up hitting the number itself and the keyboard pops up for me to type in the tempo, then I have to close it. The extra few seconds just to bump the tempo once really add up. I wish I could quickly tap the screen and reliably change the tempo without pausing to make sure I'm right in the tiny hitbox. If these two problems were both fixed, this would be the best free metronome app available by far.
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4 years ago, A Mercer
Landscape mode for iPad
This app is useless to me without Landscape mode for iPad. Most people have an iPad case and i have the Logitech Combo Touch with keyboard and trackpad. It’s like a mini laptop and props itself up on a side table next to my kit or anywhere. The app is probably fine on the phone but I don’t want to learn two separate apps for lack of a LANDSCAPE feature missing. The audio out plug and lightning power cord are on opposite sides of the 7th Gen iPad. Which end should I prop it up on to use? Oh, yeah it won’t work unless it’s unplugged from the audio or the power. Did anyone making this app ever use an iPad? I’ve never seen an iPad case that props it up in portrait configuration. I Googled to fine “best metronome app FOR iPad”. Your marketing team will be happy to know your app shows up first in the search. It may be the best in function, but without Landscape mode, it’s the WORST in the real world for iPad.
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5 years ago, Jacob Rhymes
This app is amazing, but please add this one feature and it’s a done deal. Add custom MEASURES within songs to have an easy flow of songs and tempo changes after a certain amount of measures!! (EVEN MORE IMPORTANT)! Also, the transition between songs in a set list MUST be seamless. Meaning when I click the next button, and I still have 2 or 3 beats left in that measure, it should WAIT UNTIL the downbeat of the NEXT MEASURE in order to change. If you do this, things like Rush will be a drummers dream with this metronome, and I will be able to calculate measures in order to help with my practice for my WGI independent group I am in, for seamless movement transitions.
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6 years ago, NY Denizen
Elegant but Confusing
Sleek design, but a little bulky for wrist wear. However there are other body-position options. But since there seems no way to stop the metronome from flashing brightly to each beat, you may end up having a distracting light emanating from your chest, arm, foot! I also couldn’t find how to set a vibrational accent on the first beat of each measure. Designers seem to think that anyone using the device is an experienced musician! The basic function of a metronome is to measure time by communicating beats, according to the user’s requirements. Introducing non intuitive concepts such as ‘Compose’, ‘Songs’ and ‘Playlists’ in a metronome is just confusing, and to this user, probably unnecessary. Also, for some unspecified reason, there is but a single default setting, 4/4 at 120bpm when you shake your device. Cool idea, but useless if you’re wanting another setting. App froze on me while doing required firmware update. Undocumented fix required from tech support took overnight since they are 12 time zones away. Conclusion: I’d gladly take a slimmed down, single purpose vibrating, body-attaching, metronome, for less money and easier learning curve.
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7 months ago, jgscroggins
Lacks basic user functionality
Screen orientation is locked to portrait. Requests for orientation functionality have fallen on deaf ears. I have sent suggestions to the developers to no avail. (Minus one star for this…) Other user functionality that is not addressed is the use of bluetooth pedals. I use AirTurn bluetooth pedals and they work on EVERY OTHER metronome app. Pedals work for a moment, and then it places a cursor in the BPM number on the metronome page. No way to get this “out” of the “edit” mode without touching the screen with your finger; hence, totally negating the reason for the pedals. (Minus one star for this…) The good is: it is a plan, so multiple users can use it to practice without passing a device around. Our church uses this for all drummers and all services. It has a great count in (although, it sometimes glitches), multiple time signature options, and easy recall from songs already in your “master” list (finally). Would I recommend it? Short answer: no. Long answer: if you don’t care about screen orientation or inability to use bluetooth pedals, yes. Good luck, and happy drumming!
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3 months ago, Murdock Scott
Nope. Maybe If You Want the Hardware…
I understand that this is the software front end for a hardware device but I downloaded it based on a review that claimed it worked great as a standalone. If that is also what you are looking for I would pass on this one. It is a maze to get to use just the basic features of a modern metronome. The make you create an account and start trying to sell you a “plus” subscription before you even hear the first click. The whole thing is an ad for the hardware which is understandable, but not what I was looking for. I really hope you get the “plus” features for free if you buy the hardware! That would be kinda strange if you buy an expensive metronome and then also have to pay a monthly fee… yikes.
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5 years ago, rogerw
Love the device, the app leaves something to be desired
I really love the device. I play drums and this device really helps keep me on the beat. My problem is with the application. Occasionally when the application updates it deletes my song library, and there is no way to backup the library. I had a song library with about 200 songs in it, and after an update the library is gone. Really a pain to have to re-enter all my songs. Update October 2019 With help of support, there is a hidden menu that can restore your music library, but in my experience it only brings back about half of my songs. In my conversation with support they promised that iCloud backup of the music library was coming. This week, my music library disappeared again, and of the 200+ songs I had in the library only 90 songs restored. From what I can see there is still no iCloud backup, so I am done re-entering my songs library by hand. I love the device but the app leaves a lot to be desired. Update December 2019 The app now deletes my song library every day, and the restore functionality no longer restores anything. Emailing support is basically useless as they have no answers, and no ideas when the library issues will be fixed.
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8 months ago, Explorer 512
Great little app with lots of features
I love this app. I’m sure I will never use half of the capabilities it has, but it has the features I need and much more. You can choose the speed, just like any other metronome, but you can also choose what beat gets the accent, what sound is played for each tick of the metronome, & whether a drum or a cymbal taps out your beat. As I said earlier, I won’t use many of the functions, but it’s much better to have extra functionality that you don’t need or want than not to have enough. Thanks for a great little app.
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6 years ago,
This is the best one I’ve found
As a musician, there’s hundreds of options when looking for a metronome app. I’ve heard of this company but thought you could only use the app if you had the wearable metronome,but when I first installed the app and it gave me the option to just use it as a metronome, I was blown away! I just recently set up my account, which wasn’t an option with the other apps out there. the way you can change the time signatures and everything is truly remarkable! I am giving it a five star rating because that is what it deserves!
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2 years ago, Jamaica Blue
Check out the data it collects on you
Bought the Pulse wrist metronome. It looked really good until I see I need to register my Pulse wrist metronome with this app, either with my Apple ID or email. I am not comfortable with what information it datamines. The agreement seems a little bit — cart blanche. Not so sure I want to sign over all sorts of access, including passwords. The Pulse may be going back. “ The Company may collect personal information and/or data about the User, such as his or her name, login ID and password, address, email address, phone number, age, sex, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, education level, and work experience that is not otherwise publicly available.”
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9 months ago, skatbord
Would be 5 Stars
I downloaded this app a while ago, but never used, it so i deleted it. Just a few days ago, I downloaded it again, and I realized how amazing this app is. The metronome is easy to use, I love how practice sessions start when the metronome starts, and I love how your streak is the first thing you see. I play alto saxophone, and I downloaded this all because I was looking for a metronome and tuner combination for when I don't have my tuner with me, and I loved the metronome, but there isn't a tuning option for saxophones. This is the only reason that I wouldn't give 5 stars (and maybe a woodblock option for the metronome :P).
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2 years ago, Icopelli
You’re gonna have to keep paying
I’ve been using Soundbrenner for almost 3 years and I was a very happy costumer... until the company decided to charge me for using the app that it used to be free. Luckily the songs I had saved before were not lost after the update. But from now on, I have to pay the app to add more songs. What I do is, I keep renaming the songs I don’t use anymore, but I refuse to pay, since I’ve paid a good money for the actual wearable device. Unless you’re willing to pay for the device AND keep paying for a metronome app, I don’t recommend this app nor the device. There are other metronome apps in the market that you pay only once and have many more features. In Summary, if you buy the Soundbrenner wearable, you’re falling into a trap. Run from it!
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2 years ago, Barry Manembu
I never actually used a metronome before my new piano teacher, but this was SO easy to use. I’d been suggested a “real” metronome and I had gotten one. It was so hard to use and it ended up breaking. When my new piano teacher told me about this app it was AMAZING! I thought at first I’d need some kind of video or tutorial, but I didn’t! The sliders and settings were super easy to use. What I would recommend is a tutorial video for how to work the music to connect to the metronome. I still got it easily though. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!
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6 years ago, Dreamscapelove
Just a Minor Issue
So far I have been using this app as my metronome for 3-4 years. This app is amazing and I use it every time I practice on my clarinet, but one issue seems to always come up. Every time I am practicing, the met just suddenly stops for a second or two and then it starts again. Sadly this has been going on for a while and although the app is getting more improvements, this one problem just isn’t getting improved on. Not only does this happen once, but during my time of practicing it keeps happening on and off, a handful of time every time I use it. Other than that, this is app is great.
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4 years ago, #.%.^.€.£
i’ve used this app for almost a year but around a week or so ago the metronome stopped working? it worked perfectly fine before, and then i didn’t use it for a month, but it was still downloaded in my phone the whole time, now, it doesn’t make any noise. I can still change the tempo and all the settings but i no longer hear the beep. what metronome doesn’t make any noise? I’m unsure if this is just a glitch but i hope it gets fixed soon. update: i got it to work again, i’m not sure what i did but now it works!!
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4 years ago, Yeadude207
Best with the Soundbrenner core
I just had some sort of glitch with the new update where I needed a third party app after being stuck in recovery mode, for anyone who gets this problem immediately contact services, they got back to me within the next day, and boom problem solved. As a drummer this is pretty helpful with the wearables due to the practicality of them. I wear mine all day and don’t really have any problems with battery power at all. But amazing customer services are very helpful when needed.
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4 years ago, n1ckyboy
This is just not a good metronome app at all. When I try and use the triplet subdivision on any tempo, it will be normal for a bit, but then it will become delayed by a single triplet partial, only to get back on track on a different beat, thus throwing me off completely. It’s not just the triplet subdivision either, it’s every one of them. It’s just an inconsistent met that sometime won’t even do what I’m telling it to do. If I want sixteenth note subdivision, it will stay normal for a bit, then it will just stop and go into some unidentifiable rhythm pattern, which from there I just have to close the app and reopen it. And it’s not like I have an outdated iPhone, I have an iPhone 8 with the latest IOS update. This app is just terrible, by far the worst on the App Store. If I could give it zero stars I would.
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5 years ago, Agile_GSD
Even a child can use it!
My 10yo is toward the end if her first year of piano lessons. She has been struggling with speed and accuracy together. She was dreading practice and classes. I thought a metronome would help her increase speed incrementally, but am frankly running out of space! So, I looked in the App Store and found this app. It’s absolutely perfect! It was up and running instantly — even with a middle-aged mom at the controls. ;-) We started her exercise at 100bpm and increased it by 5bpm at a time. In less than an hour, she was accurately performing the piece at 230bpm!!! She’s once again excited about practice and classes. Her metronome app is her constant companion at the piano now. I’m sure there are plenty of great features that will be useful one day. But those extra features often make it difficult for newbies to do the basics. Not here! The basic stuff is intuitive and simple. Love it! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Viunasoltani
I am a part of a colorguard team. I often use this to understand the tempo of music that is hard to understand. Sometimes I even edit the music with the metronome in the background. It really helps when I’m trying to hit something sharp. I also love how you can still play outside of the app. I have to often record videos of myself to my coaches over the break but also to improve. My fellow guardians know this helps with rifle and saber. Any ways not gonna get too in detail but I love the app and it has truly helped me. X
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7 months ago, KPPhoenix
Best metronome I can find — and that is for the FREE version!!!
I have still so far only used the free version —- and this is _already_ the best metronome app I can find. (I think I will buy the full version — but only to thank the developer for making such a good app in the free version.) To get a better metronome than this, I would have to turn on LogicPro and play in a loop the first 4 bars of an 8-bar AI-drummer segment —- which, needless to say, is an overkill. If I do not want to do such an overkill, this app is the best metronome I can find.
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4 years ago, the blobfish god 97
Great App
I've been playing music for about 4 years now and this app is by far the best metronome app i've come across. it features a wide variety of features such as count in, tapping to set the bpm, and many other things. they also have wrist watches and chest bands available for purchase if you really wanna get the full experience with the vibrations in time with the met. Overall this app is a must-have for any serious musicians who don't want to spend a lot of money on an actual metronome or an expensive "pro" app.
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4 years ago, knightvid
Set lists and songs deleted every time it’s updated
This is the second time I have updated the app, in the past year, to find my entire song and set library and lists deleted!! And thus hours of work! This is intolerable and I am extremely annoyed that Soundbrenner has not corrected this problem. The Core and Pulse are great conceptually and are hard to beat because there is nothing else like it on the market. Yet the implementation of the Core and this app are less than par. Not a good job here Soundbrenner. I am a real fan, but the reduction in ease of use from the Pulse to the Core, and this continuing app saga is loosing my support, if there was another competing product, you’d be in danger of loosing my business.
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5 years ago, Micah210
Best Metronome App TO DATE!!!!!
The fact that you can use different sounds for the actual metronome itself is pretty impressive; but when you factor in the fact that you can pair wearables with this app is ALL THE RAGE! I’m on the worship team at my church and as a drummer, whenever I have to washout on the cymbals it’s difficult to actually change the Click while still drumming, only with the Soundbrenner Pulse I can change the Click and/or stop it entirely with the flick of a finger! 10/10 Would Recommend!!
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4 years ago, black_mystery
Decent as a simple metronome
Decent if you want a metronome that you turn on and off. Doesn’t work well if you want it for predetermined songs with specific bar speeds/ length. Tried to create a song so I could specify how many bars I needed (about 230 for a warm up) but when you create a song there was no option for length, the set info would play until stopped. When you’re “composing” you can select the length, but there’s no option to go past 100 bars and there’s no way to add that 100 bars to a song and keep adding as many as you need until you get your desired amount of bars.
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4 years ago, victim of soundbrenner rip off
Do not buy this product!!!!!!
I have had my soundbrenner for about 4 weeks and it has already mysteriously died and not been able to be turned back on 4 times!!! Each time this happens I’m left with no watch for the day and frustrated! Just today I unplugged my watch and left for work and it DIED ON THE WAY IN with full battery! What good is a cool smart watch if you can’t trust it to not spontaneously die in you and leave you without that resource for the day! I also was told mine was made in their Chinese factory rather than the normal warehouse. I suspect this is the cause for the lack of quality. I asked for an explanation or a refund and have been ignored by the “support” team. Al in all this is a cool but cheaply made piece of crap.
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1 week ago, 2011370Z
Review of Soundbrenner App
So far, I’m liking this app a lot! Very easy to use and it makes using a metronome so much easier. I’m enjoying practicing Bach Inventions so much more with this app. I like being able to change the tempo to a specific speed as well as the volume and sound. I’m even going to use it with some of my running drills that suggest using a metronome. I’m considering purchasing the vibration device, but I want to use this app for the sort time.
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6 years ago, morrrie
Literally perfect, just one thing I’m looking for..
Practiced with it for a day and I’m already over my old metronome app. It’s great. I am definitely switching over to this one, however, I just have one thing I would like added in to it. All the tempo sounds just aren’t doing it for me. I’m marching corps this summer and I guess I’m really looking for that particular high pitched, ear aching, digital sound. I just like for my metronome to pierce through whatever I’m playing, and none of these sounds do that. If a sound like this could be added in that’d be amazing, 12/10!
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4 years ago, reidjazz
A Really Great Metronome
I use this app along with the Soundbrenner Pulse haptic (or vibrating) metronome. The so alone is easily my favorite metronome app but paired with the Pulse makes for an amazing tool for my own practice as well as for use on our worship team at our church...I feed everyone the sound of the click and I feel the click via the Pulse. Really helps my situation with severe tinnitus. I also use the two when I'm performing with Ableton Live, as Metronome supports Ableton Link, allowing me to have the Pulse perfectly in sync with Live.
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6 years ago, MaybeMilo
Quality App; Re-Install Cured Issue
This has always been a quality app (especially for free use), but I find the new version no longer remembers the preference settings I had prior to my last exit. It’s a minor annoyance (though still an annoyance) to have to set everything back again if I’m still working on the same piece. Not a fatal flaw, though, and I do appreciate the application. Thanks! EDIT: Re-Install fixed issue — I should have tried that right off the bat.
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7 years ago, Davidslee101
If this is a marketing ploy, it worked!
I'm a worship leader and at a medium sized church and we play to a click for our worship sets.I have downloaded EVERY metronome app possible. I've bought Dr. Betotti, Tempo Advanced, and tried all the free ones. This app is free and it's the best for live settings. It's so well designed that I'm going to buy their product because I think it's going to be amazing based in how well this app is made. I'm also a web developer, so if this company is hiring, I'd love to interview with them!!!
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4 years ago, Soundbrenner?
Just downloaded and uninstalled
I had this set to 20bpm and was going through every rhythm to see how it worked. After the 16th notes it started to count in a way I couldn't figure out or adjust in settings. This app would count "one" then count the beats per measure. For example when set to 1/4 notes it would count "one" 4 times starting one the first beat of the measure. When I set it to the 1/16th note rhythms with rests, it would count "one" then count "one" for the first beat of the measure. The flashing bars were also out of sync. I figured I could adjust it for my preferences but could not find many useful settings. My Ipad is a 7th Gen and 3 weeks old. It was throwing me off so I just uninstalled it.
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5 years ago, JDTuck
Really solid app!
This is my go to metronome whenever I'm on stage. Easy to run and reliable. Only criticisms are… 1. I wish it had a simplified stage mode with just songs and start/stop buttons that were bigger for when your playing and running click. 2. When you exit the app to go to another app and come back to it, it defaults back to the start screen and you have to set the entire set up again from your saved library. Other than those, I absolutely love Soundbrenner and will continue to use it.
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